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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 21, 2014 8:00am-8:12am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, double manhunt. the search for dangerous fugitives on both coasts. five violent offenders stage a daring jail break taking off in all directions terrifying residents. >> it's kind of scary knowing that. meantime, in pennsylvania a suspected cop killer playing a twisted game of hide-and-seek. people warned to stay inside. how long can he survive in the wilderness? fires and floods, raging infernos threatening thousands of homes. more people forced to evacuate overnight. can firefighters stop the flames? and in the midwest, heavy rains swallowing up cars and trucks and making a mess out of football games. what more can we expect for the start of fall? >> jump.
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lifesavers. an suv with three teens in it plunges into a river. bystanders spring into action. >> oh, my god. they just lifted that car. >> how they managed to lift the huge vehicle to make an amazing rescue. and royal replacement. prince william standing in for his wife duchess kate on an international visit right now. what he is saying about his pregnant wife, too sick to make the trip this morning. hey, good morning. we're going to begin with police out in force on both coasts right now searching for dangerous fugitives. in california, five violent offenders, these men breaking out of a county jail and there's a lot of questions about why there was a troubling delay before anybody started looking for them. >> troubling to say the least. then in pennsylvania the manhunt is entering its second week. a survivalist and suspected cop killer managing to elude
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the hundreds of officers out looking for him. this morning, new insight into how he might be keeping under the radar. we have team coverage of these twin searches and we start with brandi hitt in our l.a. bureau on the prison break. >> good morning. after an intense manhunt four of the escapees are back in custody, a fifth still on the loose this morning. now, investigators say these are dangerous men, in fact, one is accused of shooting at a police officer and no one noticed they were missing for at least an hour. this morning, the hunt for one of five runaway inmates in madera, california, continues while overnight four prisoners were apprehended. >> this was not a violent escape. this was a breach. >> reporter: authorities say it took them an hour before realizing the inmates had escaped the jail on foot and after scouring the heavily wooded area near the detention center for more than 24 hours, the sheriff's office says the four most dangerous men have been captured. 25-year-old abel ramos was in custody for attempted murder of
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a police officer. ramos fired as many as 40 shots at a madera county sheriff's deputy during a high-speed chase that ended in his arrest. juan lopez and ricardo cendejas also charged with attempted murderer and jorge lopez-diaz accused of strong-armed robbery escaped wtih roel soliz for burglary and gun possession. soliz is still on the loose making residents uneasy. >> a lot of kids come out, run around on the streets of the my neighbors, they have kids so it's scary knowing that. >> reporter: officials believe the inmates are involved in local gangs. officials did not say how they escaped or where they were apprehended. >> what they did once they got out, whether they stuck togeth, split apart, i have no way of knowing. how they made the escape or broke out is under investigation. >> reporter: roel soliz still at large should be considered armed and dangerous. it is unclear if the five men worked as a team to escape
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or if anyone helped them inside or outside the jail to get beyond those barbed wire fences. dan. >> a lot of questions especially that delay. brandi, thank you. and now to the east coast and the other manhunt playing out right now. the search intensifying for a suspected cop killer. a survivalist believed to be hiding out in pennsylvania's rugged pocono mountains. people living in towns nearby have been on lockdown and abc's linzie janis is in barrett, pennsylvania, with the very latest. linzie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. overnight dashed hopes and increased frustrations as another intense night of searching for eric frein apparently coming up cold. police even lifting their shelter in place order but still urging the 7,000 people who live here to lock their doors, stay away from windows and do not go into the woods. this morning the massive manhunt for eric frein focused in the fugitive's own backyard. tactical teams racing to the scene of potential sightings.
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police using everything in their arsenal from helicopters to thermal cameras and on foot, officers in full camouflage proceeding with extreme caution. >> the main thing he has in his favor is it's his backyard, not the police's backyard. >> reporter: cody lundin teaches outdoor survival skills and says there's no telling how long he'll be able to keep this up. >> i don't think anyone knows how this guy is feeding himself but clearly if this was a premeditated shooting, then he probably has food stashed out there. >> reporter: as frein evades capture for a ninth day, a reminder of how long others have lasted before him like fellow alleged cop killer, christopher dorner, the ex-lapd officer using his inside knowledge to stay on the run for ten days. police eventually finding him in an empty cabin. dorner shooting himself once surrounded. and eric rudolph wanted for a string of bombings across the south on the run for five years hiding out in empty houses in the mountains of his native
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north carolina. police eventually capturing him in 2003 near the grocery store dumpster he had been using to feed himself. lundin says frein's chances of lasting that long are slim because pennsylvania's pocono mountains are more heavily populated. still, he says, the vacation homes could provide the ideal refuge. >> the roles that the homes in the area can play are they're transitory, they're vacation homes so they're locked and loaded with food, with gear, with fuel, probably with firearms, with ammunition. >> reporter: local residents say they can't imagine living under siege for much longer and want frein caught. now, the frein family home is about a mile from where i'm standing that way. police this morning reassuring residents they are determined to find him and bring him to justice. their focus on this area, a strong indication they believe he's still in those woods. paula.
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>> all right, linzie janis, thank you so much for that story and how long he can survive in those woods is the concerning factor. well, from flooding to fire those wildfires in california wreaking havoc leveling homes and closing in on thousands more. abc's aditi roy is at the one of the worst, the king fire in eldorado county where residents are hoping for the best. aditi? >> reporter: good morning, paula. we are actually at the command center for this fire. take a look at the sheer number of trucks here, all of these locked and loaded ready to go to the front lines and in between them take a look at these cots. firefighters trying to catch some rest before heading back to raging inferno. this morning, nearly 3,000 people forced from their homes marking two days since the evacuation as the king fire rages through california, growing another thousand acres in size. >> people are worried. >> reporter: wind fanning the flames along the west coast.
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more than 20 fires burning in washington, oregon and california. the king fire now burning more than 80,000 acres and is only 10% contained halting traffic, knocking down power lines and reducing these homes to ash. firefighters now attempting to redirect the expanding inferno protecting the 12,000 structures left in its path. >> we have dozer lines in place that are in front of the houses, so we have a buffer between where the fire is and where it wants to go. >> reporter: the king fire even seen from space sending plumes of smoke to the northeast. officials arresting wayne allen huntsman on suspicion of arson in connection to the blaze. huntsman pleading not guilty friday as crews continue to battle the flames with no end in sight. and those huge white trailers behind me, those are actually mobile sleeping units housing hundreds of firefighters. one thing on their side, by the way, is the weather. it rained here last night bringing clouds and humidity that all helped temper this
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blaze. dan. >> good to hear that but as you said, no end in sight at this point. aditi roy, thank you. and now from wildfires in the west to wild end of summer in the midwest. check this out. heavy rain in ann arbor delaying the michigan/utah college football game, fans evacuated from the stadium known as the big house and meteorologist rob marciano is tracking it all. of course. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning. yeah, it was a rough day across the midwest, want to show you those pictures. flooding will be at issue across parts of the desert southwest with upwards of 3 inches of rainfall in the area and more rain expected as we go through the next couple of days. off to the east where those storms roll through the pacific -- the midwest yesterday, that storm will push off to the east. but here's what it looked like across the great lakes yesterday. several states surrounded by severe weather. in michigan the heavy rains flooded the big house delaying the wolverines game versus the utah utes in the fourth quarter. look as water rushes on to the field out of the stands and then
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engulfs the entire stadium leaving debris everywhere. by the time play resumed almost all the fan has left. utah held on to win. accumulating hail in minnesota caused this tent to collapse outside a church. so much hail, storm drains clogged and this parking lot turned into an icy river. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: new mexico slammed with torrential downpours. flash floods filling streets stranding drivers. even this ambulance was nearly submerged, and this oil rig was completely flooded. all right. we're looking for that storm yesterday to reinvigorate itself with more in the way of heavy rain across the new mexico area. another 3 inches of rainfall today. but that front that brought the heavy rain to the big house in michigan today pushes off to the east. it will be strong but not quite as strong as yesterday hopefully but strong storms across the appalachian mountain chains and low across parts of the southeast that brings rain to florida.
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paula, back to you. >> rob, thanks so much for that. the latest on that missing university of virginia student and a possible huge break in the case. this as a big turnout of volunteers are now helping as the search enters its second week. abc's bazi kanani on the ground in charlottesville, virginia. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, paula. we have seen boxes of evidence carried into the police station here this weekend, but police aren't giving any indication of whether they're close to making an arrest as this community turns out for another massive search hoping to bring hannah home. this morning, a new name associated with this surveillance video. look at the man dressed in all white walking alone, then moments later, he's seen walking the other direction right beside the missing college student. police believe that man is 32-year-old jesse matthew. they have searched his car and his apartment where neighbors know little about him. >> he just seems like a nice guy. >> reporter: police say matthew was the last person seen with


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