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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> a man in court in texas, charged with abduction. desperation from police. >> we have no idea whatsoever where she is. >> live team coverage from galveston, texas, and charlottesville, virginia. terrifying moments of an area highway. >> he lost control. wall.e and he flipped over four times. this man did next makes
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him a hero. and the night gladiators have for.d scandal is back! >> every episode is ending with shock and awe. it's going to be a really fun ride this season. scoop from kerry washington herself, next. abc 7e, from the broadcast centers, this is abc 7 11:00. on your side. >> the mystery surrounding the disappearance of hannah graham to galveston, texas tonight. and there, jesse matthew, the abduction, isth in jail at this hour. we will bring you live team forrage in the search hannah, stretching from texas to virginia. >> in charlottesville, police idea wherey have no hannah is, but they will leave no stone unturned. live there tonight. tom, what is next for the search? the search first started two weekends ago, they concentrated on this area of virginia university of
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part of town. then the search moved about a mile half east when they realized hannah graham had walked that way. but now it's moving outside of charlottesville. here are trying to remind everyone that while texas is making a lot of news, they still hannah graham will be found somewhere in this region here. as we approach two weeks since graham vanished, police still have to say this. >> we have no idea whatsoever is.e she >> today crews with dogs courters -- carter mountain. police say this is part of their their searchand into rural areas, areas police believe jesse matthew knows well. longtime charlottesville attorney scot goodman says where matthew was caught makes a tough tougher.tion >> the officers now have 1500 if they really want to do a thorough job. >> we're also hearing new hannah about the night disappeared.
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>> he left and he came back. >> the owner of the restaurant downtown charlottesville says jesse matthew came in and bought drinks twice that night. second time,e the the underage hannah was with him. one there saw her inside. see heremployee did walking away outside with matthew. >> she said he was holding her, his arm around her, and she did look drunk. seennnah hasn't been since. but matthew's capture is giving her classmates hope. there's definitely hope that we will find justice in this. >> and the police chief says he's not ruling out the grahamlity that hannah could be somewhere between here and charlottesville and texas. now, theys for right are going to concentrate their search on areas just outside of the city of charlottesville. charlottesville, i'm tom rousey, abc 7 news. charged in the man
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hannah's abduction is in custody thanks in galveston, all to a woman who spotted himedz -- him on a beach and then called police. suzanne kennedy is outside the jail where matthew is staying tonight. they know why he was in texas? >> at this point, they're not saying, alison. is right behind me in the jail here at the law enforcement texas.y in galveston, meanwhile, three investigators from virginia came down here any cluesearch for into the disappearance of hannah graham, as jesse matthew is poised to be expedited to virginia. this remote beach in texas that jesse matthew hid as justice.e from authorities say the 32-year-old wanted man built a camp site and for possibly up to two days before spotted by this ultimately called police. >> he looked -- i did a double
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take. he slammed on his brakes, into the sand. he was very close and looked me.t at it was very scary. >> in the days leading up to his also seentthew was down the road in crystal beach, where a surveillance camera at spotted him buying bug repellent. locals think he may have been mexico.o >> i'm glad they caught him. the only thing i hate is that still haven't found her, as far as i know. so that's the thing. she's hope and pray alive. >> today matthew appeared twice in court. the second time he waived extradition, paving the way for him to be brought back to charlottesville. galveston sheriff said investigators hit the ground running today, searching for matthew's car and tent. >> i'm glad this individual is off the streets. wrong to done anything her or anyone else. i want to thank the individual who called us. and god speed to the young lady's family. investigators that flew
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down here today will not be the men who will be bringing jesse back to virginia. once the details of his extradition are worked out, he plane and flown back to virginia. that's expected to happen within the next two days. reporting live in galveston, texas, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. you, suzanne. >> now, abc 7 news is also investigating the possibility matthew was involved in a rape case at liberty university in 2002. commonwealth attorney in lynchburg, virginia, responded to our inquiry about this. that the suspect in the 2002 case had the same name as jesseame nickname matthew. he also says the woman in the not case said that she had consented to sex but did not pursue the case. now, it's important to note that was charged with rape in that case. commonwealth attorney tells us in his words, based on information released by liberty university today, i am confident the same guy.
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>> stay with abc 7 and for the latest on the search for hannah. live coverage from charlottesville and galveston the day onhroughout friday. alison? in tol, leon, this just the newsroom tonight. new evidence about when the nfl showing rayt video rice knocking out his then-fiancee. tonight, a law enforcement official says the surveillance tape from inside a casino sent to nfl headquarters in april. now, that video was sent to the attention of league security chief, jeffrey miller. no one said repeatedly with the league saw that video until it was released by tmz this month. statement released through the nfl tonight, miller insists he never received the tape. >> well, changes tonight among circle.t obama's inner attorney general eric holder is resigning. holder, the nation's first african-american attorney with the obamaen
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administration from the beginning. he has made civil rights and criminal justice reform his signature issues. holder came under fire when lawmakers held him in contempt for refusing to turn over documents related to the and furious gun-running scandal when 14,000 weapons went in mexico. >> the rain moved out of town and the cool weather is about to follow it in. meteorologist brian van de graaff now has a look at your weekend warm-up. >> just in time. like it's going to be good for friday, into saturday and sunday as well. the last of the drizzle moving here. it will be one more cool evening. then warmer air moving in. across thes outside area, 60's right now. but i think overnight we'll slip into the 50's. at the busrning stop, riding out to work, mostly a cool patchy fog, start. but much milder weather in store just -- just how warm, i'll let you know, coming up. are your jaws off
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the floor yet? in honor of the season premiere scandal, abc 7 spoke with the woman at the from of the action, washington. what's in store this season. and i hear, folks, you're gonna wanna buckle up. >> now it's time for me to stand in my truce. kerry washington's time, as scandal, blasted back on the television sets across the country. the question burned, what will the edge of your seat ride have for us this season? >> we'll get in so much trouble anything. you and we don't want to get fired xnd. >> no. please not that. the world might literally stop spinning. what can you say about long-awaited season four? >> we're so excited that people are tuning in to watch the show. per usual, every episode is ending with a lot of shock and awe. and it's going to be a really fun ride this season. frenzy navigator olivia
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pope herself would have been that answer. washington returns to the show after having her first child, a baby girl. such a blessing. i'm really lucky that my mom was a working mom. show andfamily on the we all have family. >> you can't talk about scandal and not talk fashion. along washington was her costume designer. >> what's it like working with star that washington is? >> she's horrible! knew it. i knew it. >> we have the best time together. a lot. laugh >> the duo spent quite a bit of limited stores, because yes, scandal now has its cape and all,ine, meant to capture any and all pope. olivia >> a confident, powerful, feminine woman, who is not afraid to break rules. how you can be the gladiator of your own life. >> a gladiator in a new suit,
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now more accessible than ever. but keeping secrets close to the vest. gonna be good. i promise. >> i bet a lot of people did watch. >> oh, well... i know one at least. >> i know you do. all right. on, criticism tonight from the fbi towards smartphone makers. >> why the bureau says why a feature meant to keep your information safe could put your life at risk.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at leon harris, alison starling, chief meteorologist and timl, weather, brant, sports. 11:00, onc 7 news at your side. >> a good samaritan was at the right time,at the just seconds after a driver lost over.l and flipped louise was pulling her out to safety. >> live in our satellite center, story.e
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>> a witness saw this and sent picture, she says, because this good samaritan act anyically and without hesitation. traveling on the freeway, on his way to his next assignment, when the driver in got into trouble. >> she lost control. hit the wall. then, she started flipping over, three, four times. witnessed it, who all, sent us this picture of the small red car turned upside down. been trappedd inside. that's when lorenzo says he help. out to >> broke the window. removed it. pulled her out. carried her, because she was kind of a short lady. and i carried her on my shoulder side of theon the road. >> he said the woman was dazed and a bit shaken. attendedther drivers to her while they waited for help. the whole time, lorenzo says, he never thought about his own safety but knew he had to do
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something. oil,e car was dripping gas. at all thet think car could blow up, any moment, so i didn't think about that. >> instead, he just followed his heart. >> it could have happened to me. could have been one of my my four kids.e, i said, no, this is my chance. >> well, because he was on lorenzo left just as the balance was arriving -- arriving.was he told us he wishes her well. >> good for him. thank you so much for bringing us the story. >> well, 7 is on your side tonight with a consumer alert about security concerns from the fbi about a new function on smartphones. apple and google said they would no longer unlock phones at the request of police. meant to calm your nerves about da da security -- data security. they say the security could put lives in danger. so far, neither company has policy following fbi demands.
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>> education for disadvantaged very was the focus of a special gathering in the district tonight. of catholic business network d.c. held their first annual gala. honored father john. selected as clergy of the year. both men have been working hard funds to help youngsters attend catholic schools. great surprise there. a student was actually given a job by the school there tonight. >> wow! >> great crowd, raises good money for a great cause, putting kids through some good schools. >> good work! >> you know how these things go. >> everything comes up to leon. all right. weather-wise, is it going to get better? >> a little bit damp but i do morning, thew sunshine will break out.
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all thenny and low 80's way through. all throw a little bit of drizzle in. much on the it is such a fine mist, really hard to be picked up by the radar. but there could be a little bit of dampness out there. definitely seeing cooling. definitely there will be clouds out there. a little bit see of fog developing, late tonight or early tomorrow morning. 67 currently right now. 69 today. not a big range there. low was 63. winds out of the north-northeast at 10. cloudsd of see those low hanging tough. winchester. isrgztown is -- hagerstown 63. at this hour, 85 right now. 86 in jackson. air downking at milder to the south and west. this milder air will be building to north and east over the coming days. we'll be back in the low 80's.
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just keep in mind, our average of year now is the mid-70's. we're heading into fall. it's a little bit unsettled. as this low lifts out, warmer air will start to nudge on in. it will set the stage for a nice stretch as we head into the upcoming weekend. and cool tonight. drying out a little bit. but there could be a little bit developing early tomorrow morning. watch out for that in the way work. mid- to upper 70's likely through the afternoon with sunshine finally returning. gorgeous sunshine saturday and sunday. 80's for highs. 60's for lows at night. pleasant enough, warm enough. don't need any ac on. comfortable.tty there may be rain by the middle of next week. until that point, a pretty good-looking forecast. >> a lot to enjoy this weekend. thank you, brian. enjoy out ofo fedex? , sir. the nationals get a step closer
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> derek jeter night in new york into derek jeter night. if you missed it, the orioles were part of history, but they side, playingher the yankees in derek jeter's last home game of his career. back to yankee stadium. the game on the line. tied at 5. up! who is you bet! takes it the other way. richardson will try to score from second. here comes a throw! here is the run! a walk-off for derek jeter in ls -- last at-bat in new york. let the celebration, the adoration, and the coronation continue! >> i want to thank everyone
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here. said this time and time again. everybody -- [applause] to myself, thank you for what? i'm just trying to do my job. so thank you guys! >> oh, what a night in new york. hey, on a soggy cool afternoon here in washington, the nationals rested a lot of their veterans in the afternoon against the mets. made them pay, winning 7-4. zimmerman did play seven innings. then this season, gio gonzalez hill, threw a strikeouts.with 12 he was in world series form. the nationals got all they needed in the bottom of the 4th, three runs on only three hits. manufacturing runs. the nats win 3-0 on a long day at the ballpark. doubleheader tomorrow. >> i wanted to give the bullpen as much rest tomorrow.
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i was just trying to go out there and attack the strike zone and try to last as long as i can in the game. due to matt williams for giving me a chance to go out there and compete and stay aggressive. >> gio gonzalez. to golf. the ryder cup gets underway tomorrow. europe has beaten the united states the last two cups. as a matter of fact, the europeans have taken 7 of the 9.t hunter mahan says it's about time. >> we just have to put our that we're good enough to win this and we know we are. there andve to go out play and enjoy the experience. >> the redskins are getting it handed to them tonight by the giants at fedex field. kirk cousins has turned the ball over five times, including three interceptions in the third quarter. they are in the fourth now. 45-14.nts lead it big, but it's more the defense than it is kirk cousins.
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>> it is. >> those interceptions, sometimes those blue jerseys are the only one open. ha!a >> how's that? so much for the quarterback controversy in this town. >> this is more about the defense. to giveett really has some pressure. >> good point. >> boston, a town filled with history, but there's a piece that experts say has been hiding there for decades, until now. capsule that was found, coming up next.
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>> a man charged with abduction in connection with the disappearance of hannah graham appears in court. our top trending story tonight on removes fan petition to phil simmons from thursday night football broadcasts. and brian's forecast for the rest of the week. all that available for you right now on alison? >> well, leon, if you've been to boston, you've probably walked house.e old state you may not know it's hiding a secret.-- built in 1713, it is the oldest public building in the country. 1901, a time capsule was statueg inside a copper of a lion right there. statue was removed for restoration. the lion, we are told, could be opened as soon as next week. we will keep you posted on what
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they fine. notenna bet there's a inside that says yankees stink the
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>> well, we're ready to talk about that weekend weather. >> tomorrow, saturday, sunday, row, low 80's, a sunshine, nice, pleasant. tomorrow a few clouds morning. but once those clouds burn off, should be pretty pleasant. -- change after the cool, damp stretch. it continues until the first week.f next i don't think we'll see rain until next tuesday or wednesday. weekend!n, have a nice >> all right. >> thank you. >> final word on the skins? >> ha ha! >> speechless. it here first. thanks for joining us. jimmy
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- denzel washington. from "scandal," darby stanchfield. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from the script. with cleto and the cletones. and now, from here on out, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you very much. appreciate it. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming to say hello. well, that's very kind of you. i'm --


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