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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 26, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> right now, jesse matthew remains inside a texas jail. he is the abduction of hannah graham. backcan we expect him in virginia? suzanne kennedy is live outside the jail with some answers. >> matthew is in his second day jail.t the galveston he remains in administrative
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segregation, where he has been since wednesday. we understand from authorities and the district attorneys office here in texas that the paperwork has been handed off to the texas governor and signed off on. all that is awaiting us now is final arrangements to be made by the folks in charlottesville to transport jesse matthew back to virginia. he made two court appearances yesterday. one in the morning, a second later in the day. it was at the second appearance that he waived extradition. he said he did not want to talk with the virginia authorities here in town. there were three investigators down here yesterday. he said he did not want local counsel. fugitive wasld arrested on a beach wednesday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. he had pitched a tent. his car was pulled over on the side of the road. it was only because of the awareness of a woman from beaumont, texas, who said he was
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acting suspiciously that authorities were able to arrest him. she called the authorities and they went down there and arrested him. the jail, we are finding out from authorities inside the jail that it is unlikely the extradition will take place today. it is likely to take face over the weekend. reporting live in galveston, texas, suzanne kennedy, abc seven news. localanne is the only reporter to visit the remote beachwear jesse hit it out. he built a camp site and stay there for possibly two days spotted. was >> he did a double take and slammed on his breaks into the sand. he was very close and looked right at me and it was very scary. >> abc seven has team coverage throughout the day on air and on mine. suzanne is monitoring
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developments in texas and kevin in virginia for when matthew returns. clear skies and sunshine on the last friday of the month. what is really on our mind is the weekend weather. we have a look at the first forecast. >> it is gorgeous and the great news is it is going to last throughout the entire weekend. it is the last weekend of september, if you can believe it. let's focus on this fabulous friday forecast. 73 at reagan national. look at the sunshine from our rooftop camera. 69 in bwi. 70 degrees at washington dulles as well as in manassas. degrees by 3 to 77 p.m. i think our high will be 78. also, exactly 12 hours of daylight and darkness today. and if you are heading to the park later on this evening, make
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sure you bring a sweater. temperatures will be falling into the 60's. the travel forecast is much improved compared to yesterday. no delays expected for the remainder of the afternoon. what will temperatures be like for the upcoming weekend? i will break it down for you. chicago lead to a ground stop at o'hare and midway airports and that is causing hundreds of flights to be canceled around the nation. we spoke to affected passengers here at reagan national. >> a deliberately set fire halted all flights at chicago o'hare, the busiest airport in the world. you can see a giant gap over illinois. those traveling out of the windy city today are feeling the
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ripple effect. >> i had a 10 a.m. flight. it looks like it was rescheduled for several hours later. >> a man with self-inflicted wounds was found in the basement of the facility that was set fire. no planes would be allowed to take off from o'hare or midway and till this afternoon. >> there appears to be a fire set by a contract employee. this is not a terrorist act. airport -- the facility that caught fire directs hundreds of flights each day. some of those flights have been handed over to other centers. investigators are still trying to figure out the official cause at the fire -- of the fire. this couple drove to reagan on time this morning even though they were well aware they would on theceled flights
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monitors. >> we were on our way to the airport when i checked my text messages to discover that united had sent me several this morning to inform me of the problem and to delay our flight. we decided to come here anyway. the only airline problem this afternoon. discovering why the landing system was turned off last night, forcing two planes to abort their landings. the runway at the airport was supposed to be closed for construction after midnight at the system used to guide planes into the runway was shut off an hour early. this forced the pilots of both planes to turn around and go back to their original destinations. >> somebody went in and shut down everything that had to do with landing at the airport. they shut down the lights and the instrument systems.
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there was nobody to talk to. >> fortunately, both flights were able to safely return to their departure airports. new batman, right now, the intersection of mountain laurel now, the noon, right intersection of mountain laurel shut down because of a man with life ending injuries. just now identifying the pedestrian hit and killed by a fairfax connector bus at the huntington metro station this morning. >> flashing lights filled the parking lot early this morning after a woman was fatally struck by a county connector bus. police tell abc seven news the woman, identified as 41-year-old lorraine a gehman as was -- giminez was struck.
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on the hall and speed were not factors in the crash. how that alcohol were notl and speed factors in the crash. >> i could see how it would happen. >> some people who walk in the area say at times buses pulling in and out of the lot may be going too fast. >> they go too quickly. just driving by. we have seen that before. , i feeleneral, walking like they are at least trying to make an effort to put in enough sidewalks for us. chargesis point, no have been filed against the bus driver. the investigation is ongoing. against ithe fight
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sil. british lawmakers are expected to vote to approve joining forces with the coalition. this comes just days after iraq's prime minister requested .elp airstrikes destroyed for tanks belonging to islamic militants in syria today. up, disturbing video shows a traffic stop in south ends with an unarmed man shot by a state trooper. now that officer is the one in trouble. plus, headaches of heartbreaks. we have the highlights and low lights of the reds can-giants primetime game. ad a farewell fit for baseball legend. we take a look at derek deiters last game. the nationals will -- derek g
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>> more protest last night in ferguson, missouri. assureef wanted to protesters there would be changes in the wake of michael brown's death. thatrotester claims officer started the fight. now to a disturbing traffic stop caught on camera. a state trooper shot an unarmed man earlier this month. he the 31-year-old officer has been fired and faces felony charges. >> watch lavar jones standing seconds afterr
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being pulled over for a seat belt violation. the trooper asked jones for his license, but when jones reaches into his vehicle, the officer fires four shots, hitting jones in the head. >> i can't feel my legs. why would you shoot me? right -- noauthorities say jones had guns in his car and the trooper had no justification for shooting him. the trooper is being charged with assault and battery. >> the video is critical in terms of being able to make a decisive decision that the officer was in the wrong. >> in 2012, he was involved in another shooting where the suspect fired first. >> any officer who has been
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involved in a shooting is acutely aware that it can happen again and it may not turn out as well the second time. keeping that in mind, the focus still has to be is it reasonable to use deadly force. in this case, it wasn't. jones cause lawyers as he was not aggressively reaching for his license. he hopes his story can you bring about change. >> there is new evidence about when the nfl received evidence of ray rice knocking out his then fiancee. the video from the elevator was sent to nfl headquarters in april, sent to the attention of the lead security chief. nfl said repeatedly no one saw the video until tmz released at this month.
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bad blowout for the burgundy and gold in their primetime showdown against the giants. it was not pretty. the reds gens had six turnovers, a lost fumble and interceptions. loss makes the skins 1-3 for the season. some happy news here, and ending jeterr a king as derek played his final game in new york. the yankee shortstop for 20 years had to fight the tears as he stepped into the batters boxes in the bottom of the ninth and then hit the game-winning walkoff single to beat the orioles. >> i have lived the dream. since i was four or five years old. part of the dream is over now. >> what a way to go out.
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his teammates past and present met him as he walked off the field one last time. he says he is done playing shortstop and will serve as the designated hitter against the red sox. daynationals have to play a night doubleheader again, this time against the miami marlins. game one is set for just after 1:00 this afternoon. game two is set for 7:00 tonight. the last dayit night doubleheader, winning the first and losing the night cap. geo gonzalez struck out 12 batters and only allowed one hit. hoping for a replay of that. >> it is perfect baseball weather. it is gorgeous. the great news is that the weather is going to be nice. temperatures are going to be falling but the weekend looks perfect as well.
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>> you cannot be mad at the weather. >> you can't. some folks woke up to this, and it took a while, probably until about 8:00, for a lot of that fog to lift. you can see now that current conditions are beautiful. .5 degrees at reagan national crystal clear skies and a comfortable air mass in place with high-pressure overhead. one more stop we go to frederick, maryland, where we have lots of sunshine. week of september. i am sure you have noticed that some of the leaves are starting to change. it is still 68 degrees in gaithersburg. 73 in the district as well as in frederick. 73 in quantico. i will climb another five degrees through the rest of the afternoon. between of the north
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5-15 miles per hour. we finally get to say goodbye to the pesky coastal low that brought us some clouds and rain yesterday. now we will have a nice northerly breeze for the rest of the day. high-pressure through the rest of the weekend. otherwise, really delightful. for the rest of the day today, temperatures climbing between 70 3-79. heading out tonight for the the nationals taking on the marlins, temperatures falling into the lower 60's by the end of the game, so bring a sweater. tonight, maybe a little patchy fog to the west. temperatures between 50-59. looking ahead, plenty of sunshine. our next chance for rain .vernight monday into tuesday >> you cannot be mad about
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friday afternoon. perfect. your side with a consumer alert, speaking of fall. shoppers are expected to spend billions of dollars on halloween this year. spending is likely to reach seven point $4 billion, up more than 3% from last year. is 2.8k of the spending billion dollars on costumes. candy comes in next at two billion dollars. crime up, a disturbing has the world asking who is slender man.
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>> a horrific crime left people in shock. 212-year-old girls attempted to kill a classmate by stabbing her 19 times. now the family of the victim is speaking out tonight exclusively on 2020. david meer is live in new york with a preview. the young girl made a remarkable recovery, but i think the question everybody had when we heard the story is who is slender man? >> that is the question. this shocked parents not only in this country but around the world. this family has heard from people around the world with messages of hope that have been incredible. we asked adults who is slender man. the children tonight -- but children across the country knew did.before their parents it is eye-opening and we will take you through this. we have journeyed with this family for many months. you will meet this 12-year-old girl. she is smiling again.
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she is brave. the parents are courageous and they get into the details of what happened in the words -- in the woods, what her friends did to her even though she thought she was just walking into a friday night sleepover party with her friends. it's extraordinary to learn how she crawled out of the woods and about the hero passing by on his bike. >> the parents have a message for other parents tonight. >> they do. they have a message for parents around the world about a conversation that we can all have. with these parents, they were very involved in their children's lives. they still are. i got to know them and this is an incredible family. when you hear their message, not only will it comfort you, but it will remind us all that we have to open up a conversation with our kids because there are a lot more connected than we think
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they are. >> a riveting interview. thank you so much. watch tonight's new episode of 20/20 at 10:00 followed by abc 7
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>> if you decide you want to hit the movies this weekend, there is something new for adults and teenagers. in the equalizer, done so
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washington tries to put a mysterious past behind him. and meets the box trolls. the animated movie tells the boy raised an orphan by underworld boxes. it is rated pg. that i woulrecommend going to a movie this weekend because it is too beautiful. >> save that for later in the fall. yesterday was a great movie day. but today, 70 degrees is the high. perfect if you are heading to the nationals game this evening even this afternoon. overnight, cool. 81 on saturday. 83 on sunday. enjoy the last weekend of september. gorgeous.
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