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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  September 26, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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right now. the individuals are flying him back. you now videoshow from ktrk, the abc affiliate in houston, texas. they put a chopper in the air to try and locate matthew. it was unclear as to whether he airport to the local here in galveston, hobby airport, or whether he would go flownto houston and be out of there. authorities are still looking to see exactly where he is right now, at one of the two of those airports. authoritieslle telling us that indeed he has been transported from this jail. they say only that he will be returned to virginia at some point this weekend. they aren't saying anything due to security reasons, but it is safe to say that fugitive from justice jesse in the will be back commonwealth within 24 hours. reporting live in galveston, texas, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> thank you, suzanne. as police extradite jesse matthew from texas to
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theinia, they're expanding area they're searching for hannah graham. >> the missing student weekseared exactly two ago today. kevin continues our live team coverage from charlottesville the latest on the investigation now. >> well, alison, news of imminent return to really starting to percolate across the fine dining restaurants and also the boutique shops here on the downtown mall. there's definitely a sense of also disappointment that hannah graham remains missing. now, this, of course, the black white video that started this entire incident, showing nursew, a 32-year-old assistant at the uva medical center, interacting with graham disappeared. citizens have provided police 1500 tips. one told us she saw hannah graham and jesse matthew hanging and restaurant the night she vanished. that makes her one of the last people to have ever seen the 18-year-old. >> i felt bad for not going up
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her and asking her if she needed help. that really didn't know she wasn't with him. i totally thought they were together. >> and that woman went on to say that hannah did not appear saw herwhen she interacting with jesse matthew. but she also said she looked very highly intoxicated. now, coming up on the news at 5:00, i'll tell you why police are now reaching out to real and hunters in the charlottesville area. for now, we are are live in charlottesville. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> okay, kevin. thank you. tonight we are also hearing more who firstexas woman recognized jesse matthew on a beach there in texas. >> hmm. it was that woman's call to 911 that ended the manhunt. was ine matthew , adcuffs, under arrest nationwide manhunt over. but this is the woman who says
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she told them where to find matthew. car came by, you know, in front of me, between me and the water, kind of fast. >> karen asked that her last name not be used. gone to the beach to relax. she was sitting on the tailgate sped by,v when the car and then -- doubleooked and did a take and slammed on his brakes into the sand. he was very close and looked right at me. it was very scary. recognized him instantly as the man she had seen on tv and the internet. and she says he stared at her for what seemed like minutes. at a glance, i think i resemble hannah. know that's why he double-took at me. i do. knowhat's what made me that was him. >> matthew drove off, going, she says, to a blue tent he had pitched on the beach. she called the sheriff's office later, directing a deputy to
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where he was. by the evening, a fugitive was in custody. and now karen says she knows why she felt compelled to be at that at that exact >> oh, absolutely. everything is wanting to do everything. you just have to listen, right? >> that was debra reporting. karen gave sheriff's deputies a statement yesterday morning. >> stay with abc 7 and details on the hannah graham case. also, look for any updates on platform, ondia twitter and facebook. >> we'll talk about the weather now. again, beautiful outside today. >> fantastic! is it gonna stick around for the weekend? brian van de graaff has an early look. >> a million-dollar forecast. we are in the weather center. gorgeous out there. we started with a little bit of fog. sunshine.looking at spectacular. blue skies. a few clouds streaming across area, as you look at the bridge there, people making
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their exodus home. 78 currently downtown. a little bit of a cool breeze out of the north at about 7 miles per hour. temperatures in the 70's all the area right now, definitely where they should be for this time of year. satellite picture not picking up on much, because we do have so much in the way of sunshine. thrieghtful, but -- delightful. we'll talk about how long we can hang on to this beautiful minutes.n just a few >> all right. fairfax county police are woman wasing how a struck and killed by a connector bus. she was out walking at the metro when she was hit late last night. we've got the latest and what about thening weekend. >> leon, we learned her name is lorena jimenez, 42 years old. and we learned she lived just about a block from here. there's a whole lot going on here at this huntington metro station. we've got park and ride. we've got cars coming over from
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and parking, buses like this one, people coming out of the metro station. was a county connector bus like this one that struck and last night.ez let's talk about and let you see pictures from the scene, from 11:00 last night, when this accident occurred. the people we've talked with say it's pretty dark out here, but they were surprised about this accident. let's hear from some of the commuters that we talked to today. >> i mean, that's gotta be -- i like i said,at -- i've never seen anything like that before. >> hearing this gives you chills. >> it gives me the chills, yeah. >> so like i said, there's a lot going on here within a small space. lot of people who are walking through, even at the 11:00 hour at night, along with the buses and the metro here behind me. coming up at 5:00, we'll hear we'llrom commuters and tell you a little bit more about jimenez.
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reporting live, abc 7 news. >> horace, thank you very much. meanwhile, fire forced a family in northwesthome washington. we're told five people were inside that house on sheridan saw smoke thisy morning. one woman taking to the hospital for breathing problems but she is expected to be okay. the fireers say started in the garage, but they are looking into now what caused it. >> all right. now, let's turn to sports. tocould use a lot of words describe what we saw last night with the redskins game against the giants but we're gonna stick with just one. ugly. >> yeah. people are using a lot of words, stronger than that, i think. so what went wrong exactly? here's the breakdown of the ugly. >> ugly? yeah. deplorable? >> keep going. fun for the skins last night. a 45-14 lost. iii, not griffin deangelo hall. when eli isn't enough manning goes 28-of-39 with four
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touchdowns. and how about this? giants go 11-of-16 on third-down conversions. skins go 1-for-8. quarter.e third three interceptions. talk about a mental and physical beatdown. jay gruden says that was needed. were abysmal and it showed. you know, sometimes, a good slap face, wake-up call is what you need. hopefully our guys respond. i know the coaches will and i will. we just gotta make sure we get our players to respond from a type of game like this. i'll have more on kirk cousins's performance, not a good one. >> then again, it could be because you brought him bad luck. >> i was hoping -- i was hoping -- i need to get out of here, huh? him.n't blame >> i got ya. hopefully i'm not -- >> welcome aboard, man. thanks. >> thanks, robert. >> folks, the redskins are the
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focus of our question of the day. want to know, what did you think of the redskins performance? our your thoughts on facebook page. we will share some of the comments later. >> we also want to know what you think about this. know, the daily show obviously is known for poking everything. >> last night they took issue name.he redskins >> that's controversial to tackle. the show reporter talked with a of native americans and also redskins fans. interviewed also fans at a game. the debate was lively. denigrates that it native americans. fans disagree and argue that the name is part of a rich tradition. asking you if the daily show unfairly made fun of the team's name. and you responded. our facebook page, jack says it's comedy. take it too seriously and you're america.em with and i am a redskins fan. and another says, this was not satire. they used real people who were
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publicly. and another says, it was fair. we'd like you to join the conversation. our wjla facebook page and tell us what you think. >> a disclaimer at the beginning of it too. >> and i love the part, that said, we'll keep watching. completely irreverent, isn't he? >> somehow they're able to put their finger on the issue. >> you know what? for some reason or another, i comedians have an ability to do that. those of us perhaps in this not have anht opportunity to do that. they have artistic license we can't take too, you know. >> keeping the debate going. >> all right. still to come here on abc 7 news 4:00, learn how you can get rid of unused prescription weekend.this >> plus, travel troubles for passengers all across the country. how it stemmed from an incident in chicago. [screaming and gunfire]
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>> and caught on dash cam, a trooper shoots an unarmed man. why that trooper says he was forced to open fire.
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>> this weekend marks the ninth national prescription drug
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takeback day. >> thousands of sites will serve takecations where you can unused medications. we're live in college park to works. how this program >> well, alison and leon, we're here at the state police barracks in college park, is one of the places you can drop off those prescription drugs. being asked tore do it is because prescription drugs, we're told, have more than heroin, cocaine, ecstasy combined. a huge issue across the country. the dea says that 21,000 people died of prescription drug problems in one year alone, so they want you to go into that medicine cabinet, find drugs using, drugsot that are out of date, and simply tomorrow.rop them off they don't want you to send them to the landfill, because they become an environmental hazard at that point.,u go to
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we'll hook you up with a link that will tell you exactly where go, closest to where you live tomorrow., again, from 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. coming up at 5:00, we'll have thison this, including why is the last time they're doing one of these takeback initiatives. back to you. >> thank you very much. well, it appears the final for good onlosing the old town theater in alexandria. >> aw. >> kimberly explains. >> every seat, every light, is up for in here auction. the theater is up for sale. i'm kimberly with whether old is going to lose a 100-year-old landmark. under the spotlight there. that's such a special place. is.eally they've had so many efforts to try to save that place. out more at 5:00. >> it could be the leon harris
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theater. closing. why it's >> ha ha! >> oh, man. well, you know, it was kind of gorgeous out there this afternoon. of gorgeous? you little bit foggy, if were up early with kids. i don't know why we're having a little issue. beautiful shot. notice all the fog. it says national harbor. it's not the harbor. even on the water. the banner is being a little bit difficult this morning, this the afternoon. not the picture there. but you can see the blue skies. a little bit of a breeze as well. winds out of the north. with all the sunshine, feeling pretty good out there. 51 in get down to frederick. 52.hester got down to low 50's here. low to mid-70's now. feeling great. 75, 76.high is we're right there. 78 right now in the district. picture,t the overall not really much to see. high pressure is parked overhead. moved has we're warming up nicely. to the south and west, there's
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more heat, more warmth. that warmth is making a beeline for our area. we head through the day tomorrow, i think it will be even warmer. clouds,uld be a few fog, but a very nice-looking afternoon. even nicer on sunday. long, looking superb. nats, for the game, temperatures slipping down to the 60's. a bit cooler tonight but not frigid. of red fortra layer our champs. both saturday and sunday, equally pleasant. a ton of feature sunshine. and temperatures well above average. i mean, this is just a great the sports.d for dare i say good for the yard work? but it's so nice, maybe you should wait for less of a nice day. >> this is really nice. >> the weather is going to be rake yet.o leaves to yet. >> we'll get there. >> coming up on abc 7 news at a state trooper is behind bars after he is caught on unarmed an
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what he's saying in his defense now. >> and we have a preview of an see only anu'll 20/20. familiesaring from the of a person stabbed nearly two
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>> now we turn to the video that has a lot of people talking today. carolina stateh trooper shooting an unarmed man.
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allfrightening moments, caught right on therooper's dash cam in his car. reports, the trooper has been fired and is now facing felony charges. >> watch levar jones standing outside his car, seconds after pulled over by a south carolina state trooper for a seat belt violation. [screaming and gunfire] >> the trooper, sean groubert, asked jones for his license. when jones reaches into his vehicle, the officer fires at least four shots, hitting jones the hip. >> get on the ground! [inaudible] me?hy did you shoot >> authorities say jones had no no in his car and groubert, justification for shooting him. the trooper fired from the south nowlina highway patrol is being criminally charged with assault and battery.
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>> video, i think, is critical case, as far as being able to make a very decisive decision that the officer was in the wrong. >> back in t -- 2012, groubert s involved in another shooting during a traffic stop, where the first. fired >> any officer that has been involved inning a shooting is acutely aware that it could and it may not turn out as well the second time. but keeping that in mind, the still has to be on, is it reasonable to use deadly force? it wasn't.e, >> the trooper has pled not guilty to the charges, his jones wasing aggressively reaching for his license. jones, who is recovering, says hopes his story can bring about change. >> wow. >> as you can imagine, that video has got people all across the country talking now. is here with what people are saying on social media about this case. >> yes. firestorm of comments, as you can imagine, because we've seen
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this often. case at least by all appearances may be a little more clear-cut. it happened in columbia, south carolina. in this case, viewers can see the story unfolding and they can it as well. i want to reiterate, trooper sean groubert pulled over levar belt for a reported seat violation on september 4. groubert asked jones for his license. to comply and turns back to the car to get it. groubert is heard shouting, get car!f the then trooper groubert can be atrd firing four shots jones, including one shot fired while jones had his hands in the air. sounding off on this one. erin says, i think it is great are police officers starting to wear cameras. i think it will protect both sides. we heard that, of course, with the metro police, as an experiment coming up. do asays we have got to better job of training our police officers training. aat's a refrain i heard quite bit today. nicole says problems with police
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protocol. very interesting. to hear what you think as well. please go to our and -- facebook page. it's a range of comments. we, of course, want people to be respectful. officers of the law have a very difficult job. but this, of course, is going to be a case reviewed by a lot of experts. >> and people should know that man was shot, only one time, in hip, it turns out. fatal.necessarily >> absolutely. very interesting case. >> thank you. >> all right. here on abc 7ead news at 4:00, we have an update institution.d.c. it was destroyed by fire about a year ago. why customers won't have to go the new location. >> and there's still time for you to weigh in on our question of the day. you think of the redskins performance last night? post your thoughts on our page.ok keep them clean! and we'll share some of the comments later in the newscast. news at
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00, on your side. >> we want to get back to the breaking news we brought you at of the hour. the extradition process begins for jesse matthew, the man abducting uva student hannah graham in charlottesville. >> matthew is being transported from texas back to virginia. crews are live in the newsroom tonight. >> here's what we know at this point. law enforcement officials in
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texas picked up 32-year-old over twothew just hours ago from the galveston county jail. a black suv. of you see it here, taking matthew away from the jail. point, we are waiting to find out whether matthew's plane has taken off and just when it's expected to arrive in virginia. obviously sometime this weekend. you may recall matthew was arrested in galveston tuesday night after a woman on an him.ted beach recognized she told us his car sped by her. suddenly stopped. just kept staring at her. she said it was scary. she called 911 and told authorities where they were. now, matthew is charged in the disappearance of 18-year-old uva sophomore and fairfax county native, hannah graham. two weeks agoared today after having dinner with friends. leaving a bareen with matthew. one witness told us that hannah but not intoxicated distress.
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meantime, the search continues charlottesville for hannah graham. and we will, of course, keep you posted on every development in this story. that's it for right now. live in the newsroom, gretta cruz, abc 7 news. >> gretta, thank you very much for that. stay with abc 7 as we follow these breaking developments in the hannah graham case. d.c.'s onlyennedy, tv reporter in texas, will have the latest from galveston. live inn lewis is charlottesville. that's all coming up, new at 5:00. >> it was destroyed by a fire, seen in the district of maryland and virginia. institution says it's coming home. >> late today, a hardware store a staple on capitol hill, of course. they announced they will move back to pennsylvania avenue. we're live with more on when store could return. sam? >> well, alison, i spoke with a developer this afternoon, who said that it could be back as
4:30 pm
after the8 months work actually begins here, although it could take longer than that. recall, in june of last year, the big fire that consumed the capitol hill institution. dormantdings have sat ever sense, because of fear of structural collapse. the owner opened other facilities all over, a paint garden store there. under this deal, they will sell to roadsidety development and then rent. >> they've done great work in neighborhoods, and i think it's going to be a really fantastic fit for us as well. to come back into the building as tenants, a whole new site for us, developed from get-go for our needs. but we'll be back, right here where we belong, finally! >> and so roadside will do the thoselifting, clean out buildings.
4:31 pm
and the spokesperson said they sure theyhard to make actually preserve this facade, so that this can look as much as possible as the old store did. roadside has done other projects here. they've gotten a lot of attention, the old street market on the edge of downtown and also project. so the next project will be here capitol hill. >> thank you, sam. on theave more details history of the hardware store. this is a picture from 2006, then-president george w. bush hosted an event on the economy. the business has made a impact on capitol hill. some even call it the cheers of stores, referencing that 1980's comedy series. >> flights have started taking at chicago's two airports again, after a fire forced today.s of cancellations police believe an employee set fire to a radar facility in aurora. and that employee was later
4:32 pm
found in the basement of the self-inflicted wounds. the incident affected flight around the nation, including national airport. >> i had an a.m. flight. reschedulede it got for several hours later, luckily with a connection. it out asing to make soon as i can. >> about 30 controllers were evacuated. one of them was actually treated for smoke inhalation. the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation, so tuned for abc 7 news because robert will have more on this story, coming up in a live report. >> all right. now, let's get a look at the weather again as we head to the weekend. looking pretty good. >> looking really good! what's the latest? >> i'll take full credit for this. not so great, not so much. it is gorgeous outside, skies are clear. charge.ssure is in it will bring us a cool evening, nice evening. beautiful sunrise! now, the bay temperature will atp temperatures warmer night. but when the winds come across,
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it will keep temperatures cooler. over by the water, with that breeze coming up across the top of the water, they've been hanging tough at 69. a good 8, 10 degrees cooler at the bay. meanwhile, closer to town, 78 in city. in pageur friends county. temperatures will go from the tonight, probably 50's before it's all said and done. there could be a little bit of morning toearly start it off. but warmer air is headed our way. like a good bet for saturday and sunday. back to you. >> thanks, brian. learning of another twist in the ray rice assault case tonight. >> a law enforcement official a videotape of the entire attack was addressed nfl official.o an now, we have the details on this information. >> it's another interesting twist and a case that prompts the question, who do you believe? the associated press reports an unnamed law enforcement
4:34 pm
official claims that he sent the punching his fiancee at the time, inside an atlanta city elevator, to jeffrey miller in april. statement,issued a denying that he ever received that video. the nfl continues to insist that saw theits employees video inside the elevator, prior to the release by tmz. we know so far. of course, we are hearing comments from a number of people on this story. says, if you believe the nfl, i have some super bowl to sell you.ike back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> now, let's turn to an abc news exclusive. tonight we're hearing from the family of a teenager who was part of a friends as disturbing game called slender man. >> we talk to david about what will see tonight on 20/20. >> it's a horrific crime that has left people in shock. in wisconsin say two 12-year-old girls attempted to a classmate by stabbing her
4:35 pm
19 times. now, the family of the victim is exclusively, tonight on 20/20. david muir is in new york with a program.f tonight's david, this poor young victim was lured to what she thought was just another innocent sleepover. >> yeah. this was the extraordinary thing. it's friday night in america and send their kids on sleepovers. these parents knew the other girls. one of them was their daughter's best friend. and as you know, their little girl didn't come home the next morning. instead, she was in the woods. she somehow found the strength, 12 years old, after being stabbed 19 times and left for dead, she called out of those -- crawled out of those woods, where she collapsed. that's where we pick up the story. really steroid. really extraordinary. by chance, a man on a bicycle discovered her. get me help? you he calls 911. sequence of events.
4:36 pm
the paramedics, the hospital, the surgeon. they all worked to save this little girl's life. didthe bigger question, why these girls do it? and tonight in chilling detail, what they have to say. >> and this slender man that they wanted to try and conjure up, i think a lot of parents even heard of this before. >> all of us thought, who is this slender man? internet character. they heard from parents all over the world who said, this could have been my daughter. are doing the right things. you were involved in your daughter's life. this is really eye-opening tonight. you'll see the experiment, how many kids actually know about and knew long before their parents did. a frightening thought to think these two girls left those woods, left their friend for dead. and they were found walking along an interstate. they were asked where they were walking, they said, we're going to find the mansion in the woods. they told police they believed slender man was real and they impress him.
4:37 pm
you'll learn about this all tonight. what we want to do is start a this fromon to keep happening again. >> absolutely riveting. can's more on what you expect tonight in prime time. >> thank you so much. hard to believe that story. abc's prime time lineup begins at 8:00. tank,urs of shark followed by 20/20. then abc 7 news at 11:00. leon? >> first lady michelle obama will appear on abc's daytime show "the chew." she will appear in a taped segment that will air on friday, october 3. she will discuss nutrition and the benefits of cooking at home. >> and ahead here at 4:00, we heard of devoted sports mans, of course. coming up, we're going to to a local woman who is
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>> all right. 7 is on your side now with a health alert. you've heard of the saying, the small stuff, of course. well, there's a new study that says taking that to heart could benefit your health. >> if only you could do it. gretta is live to explain how works. >> how true that is. that's right, leon. the most stressed out people risk of highest premature death, according to a study that followed some 1300 men for years.
4:41 pm
and it's not just major life stressors like divorce or job can kill you. it's also how you react to everyday stresses like getting getting -- stuck in a traffic dumb. be published. it found that people who perceive their daily life to be over-the-top stressful were three times more likely to die people who just roll with the punches. chronic stress increases level of unhealthy hormones. experts sayution, exercise! just 30 minutes a day will stress.elieve meditation is also a good idea. >> so when you're stuck in traffic, you meditate? what you're supposed to do? >> try it. you'll like it. >> exactly. right. we appreciate that. well, the world health
4:42 pm
says thousands of doses of experimental ebola available inld be coming months for health care workers and people who have had contact with the sick. testing is under way now toake sure they're not harmful to people. then, officials recommend operate as ifld they are not protected against ebola. up, things could get simpler for men. we'll show you how it works. >> and we're gonna share some of your commence about our question of the day, what did you think the redskins' performance last
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>> next, you just can't wait for the start of the series play-offs. them may be counting the days more than others. >> we're introduced to a d.c. team aho has made the big part of her life. >> this is a passion. i love baseball! >> anybody can be a fan, but when it comes to the nationals, is a diehard. >> i feel like i've waited my whole life to have a team to
4:46 pm
that was the nationals in 2005. when they came to town, i jumped on it! the nats built this stadium in 2008, it felt like home. smith has been a season ticket since.ever and no matter the season, she's there, decked out in a scarf, ofrting shades in the heat summer. smith doesn't want to miss a single inning. man saysn say, when a baseball is too slow, it usually means he is. baseball is just a passion. beautiful, beautiful passion. >> and smith is so passionate, froman't stand to be away the action. she even built a home within earshot of the stadium. before i see it on tv. that's love right there. >> the love affair so deep, hopes she gets lucky. on a set of bets she placed in thevegas, long before play-offs were just a dream. >> i bet that they'd win the pennant.ies and the nl i'm only sorry that i can't double down. >> but you can bet smith will be when they do, cancelling at her plans to take a seat
4:47 pm
the stadium. >> if there's a game 7, i'll be there. >> at nats park, abc 7 news. >> you know she means it. she built her house to be close to the stadium. funny in now, there's a fan for you. >> okay. you.t's move on for to our wjla question of the day. >> what do you think of the redskins' performance last night? >> we're here with some of your answers. sound anything like -- fans were not that excited. opinions from fans today, as you can imagine, regarding that game. can't blame this game only on cousins. the defense didn't show up. points.owed 45 kathleen says they looked terrible, as usual. says, very interesting comment here, #changethemascot. and all things will get better. veryof the team, passionate. let us know what you think. join the conversation. page and wjla facebook
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voice your opinion. again, as leon said earlier, be nice. ha ha! >> we're kind of asking for it with that question, though, you know? all right. you. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, team coverage on the extradition of jesse matthew continues with updates from charlottesville and galveston, texas. hear who wants to ban hotels that offer hourly rates in prince george's county and that ban could protect hundreds of women. >> and the old town theater is for sale. get atell you how you can piece of that historic theater, coming up at 5:00. right here. >> so remember those comfy footy pajamas you wore as a good? a san francisco bay area taking this is now idea to a new, interesting level. suit.e's this men's >> with a little magic up the sleeves -- shirts is a false underneath. >> stealthy stitching and a zipper, men can look like
4:49 pm
a pro in less than 30 seconds. think,francisco, i appreciates convenience and comfort. but also, a little bit of class too, and this is a combination of all those things. >> this is jesse's creation, a onesy. >> i thought, wouldn't it be great to have a way to look professional but also feel like i'm in my pajamas? >> he came up with it six months ago. like, youmstress was must be out of your mind! >> jesse got started with beta here in san francisco, which is essentially a kick-starter for fashion. most of the products start on the website's think tank. arepective designers entrepreneurs. they submit ideas, get votings, up on thepopular end production line. this is already gaining national attention. pushback.been some guys wondering, how do you use the bathroom in that thing? >> everyone has figured it out. it's solvable. >> but jesse learns the bigger debuted this at
4:50 pm
his wedding rehearsal. jesse, why hey, don't you give your wife your jacket? oh, you can't. attached! >> we're told they're also working to make prototypes. been asked to make tuxie.ersion or a >> a tuxie? >> shoppers are expected to spend billions on halloween this year. >> according to a survey, $7.4ing will reach billion. that's up more than 3% from last year. spending, $2.8 billion on costumes. and then halloween candy comes next at a little over $2 billion. >> and i guess a lot of that from is going to be coming you two, because you guys have little ones. >> that's the big thing. have those giant numbers. christmas stuff -- >> already? unbelievable. unbelievable. >> one holiday at a time. >> i'm going to get you a
4:51 pm
suitsie. i think it would look great on you. >> zip it up and you're ready to go. know.t the weekend looks really nice. we'll take a look outside. camera.w you the that's engin ingenuous or crazy. of the two. you can see the blue skies out of those highw clouds. look at these cameras, all looking pretty much the same. evening, justthe so spectacular. and70's right now at dulles gaithersburg. 73 by the bay. and annapolis right now. us are pretty nice across the area. there's a bubble of warmer air. tos warmer air is going start nudging in our direction. that's why, i do think, for the weekend we'll be even warmer, with mid- to upper 70's for the highs today. we'll be looking at temperatures lower 80's. that's nice. average this time of year is about 76, 75. we're doing pretty nicely
4:52 pm
there for the upcoming weekend. the cloudiness is kept at bay. week, a frontal system will sink through by monday. that will bring extra clouds. that will bring us our next shot for showers. head through the overnight, clear, comfortably cool. a little nip in the area, but not feeling too bad. as we head through the day tomorrow, looking nice. we start cool, patchy fog. but through the afternoon, temperatures will get back into the lower 80's. high tomorrow afternoon of 81. light northerly breeze. nice.oing to be nothing more to say other than good weekend weather. >> thank you! >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00, learn which countries is now joining the u.s. and others in the
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>> lawmakers are now joining u.s. and coalition forces in an
4:56 pm
dismantle isil. >> lawmakers approved air strikes in iraq. days afteromes just iraq's prime minister requested help. beheaded oneady british hostage and has threatened to kill two more. british prime minister david asked for quick action. >> this is not the stuff of fantasy. of us.appening in front and we need to face up to it. addressotion does not any action in syria but that vote could come at a later date. >> as we monitor the situation with isil, a coalition of countries are working together terror >> christine has details on the challenges the united states and of nations may face moving forward. >> some 40 countries, including turkey, qatar, egypt, saudi canada, france and germany, are taking up arms or a hand to help the snuff out islamic extremists.
4:57 pm
>> the strength of this coalition makes it clear to the that this is not america's fight alone. topresident obama is trying persuade more countries to join anti-isis broad coalition. keeping the group cohesive and effective will fall on america's shoulders. and that won't be easy. is thatwe often forget when countries join a coalition, they're going in not because of american interests. they're going in because of their own interests. >> ruben says the options for now are stronger than the reality. we are, after all, talking about unlikely fighting force in the universe. >> every country comes into a with its caveats. it can be like herding cats. complicated it is for military advisers. complicated? consider the back-pedaling after john kerryf state said there's a role for every
4:58 pm
country to play against isil or isis,. >> we are not coordinating with iran, not sharing intelligence with iran. iran has said that isil is its enemy. by the same taken, they have supported hezbollah and the saad saudi -- saudi regime. >> most countries, he says, just the capacity to take military action. abc 7e, from the broadcast center, this is abc 7 5:00.t on your side. >> the extradition is underway. man policeew, the believe abducted hannah graham is in the process now of being to but still, there's no sign of the college student. have team coverage from charlottesville, virginia, to galveston, texas. the last couple of hours, it's been a whirlwind in this case, as jesse matthew is moved jail. the galveston >> he will soon be leaving texas to return to virginia, where he
4:59 pm
abduction charge. once he arrives, police hope he can shed light on hannah graham's whereabouts. suzanne kennedy begins our team texas.e from galveston, >> jesse matthew's time here in texas is coming to an end, as process is under way here in galveston. he will soon be back in virginia. a few minutes ago, he left the complex here in galveston. he was brought out very quickly, in a black chevy tahoe. the sheriffs here commenting on quick departure just a few minutes later. today, jesse leroy matthew was released from the galveston county jail. was booked out to be extradited back to virginia. heading to the airport right now. from the airport, the individuals are flying him back. >> this here is video from the abc affiliate in hobbychopper hovered over airport here in galveston, looking for matthew to board a
5:00 pm
plane. here, it was unclear as to whether he would fly out of a local airport here he would be or if transported about an hour north to houston and fly out of there. arelottesville authorities confirming that the extradition process is under way. backsay he is on his way to virginia. but due to security reasons, they won't say exactly when he there.rive in galveston, texas, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> okay, suzanne. now we turn to charlottesville, as the search intensifies tonight for the missing uva student at the center of this case. alexandria native hannah graham disappeared exactly two weeks ago today. and kevin lewis continues our team coverage from charlottesville. what has changed today, kevin? >> things definitely quiet before jesse matthew comes back to charlottesville. but i can tell you there's a sense of relief on the mall downtown. but also, there's concern. there's worry. and there's disappointment that hannah graham remains missi


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