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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> a man charged with her abduction returns to virginia. live coverage just ahead. >> massive flight delays and cancellations all across the country sparked by arson at an faa facility. >> new information about the man in custody at this hour. he's known as the mayor and he plays a key role at home
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depames. >> a lot of confidence in these guys. >> how bob earned his title next. >> this is abc7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> we've got breaking news tonight in the search for hanna graham. jesse matthew, jr. is back in virginia. he arrived tonight to answer the charges of abduction. his return comes days after he was spotted on a south texas beach and arrested there. he's in jail where we join kevin lewis live tonight. what happens next? >> i can tell you matthew will remain behind bars here until he attends a court hearing most likely on thursday. today's extra diction was very elaborate and kept private and secret from the public. >> virginia's most wanted man in ng a bullet proof vest
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jail. behind these fences, guards formally booked jesse matthew for the alleged abduction of hanna graham but getting here wasn't easy. >> around 1:00 today a black s.u.v. with maththue from a texas lockup taking him to the airport. while business men and families boarded commercial jet liners f.b.i. agents escorted him on to a private charter jet which touched down around 6:00 this evening. >> she's partially relieved by today's extra diction. after all she saw jesse and hanna together at this bar the night hanna disappeared. >> looked like they knew each other. he would come up and talk to her and she responded. >> she just wishes she had been
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more observant saying she could have prevented a national mystery. >> i feel bad for not asking if she needed help. i didn't know she wasn't with him. i thought they were together. >> and to no surprise, matthew being held without bond here at the county lockup, back in texas jailers kept him in solitary confinement. it's not clear if virginia authorities are doing the same. >> thank you. stay with abc7 throughout the weekend for updates on the search for graham. we'll bring you new information as soon as we get it. >> police tell us a person died and two others are in the hospital after a head on collision. it happened at the intersection of ridge road and gail town drive. the victim a 29-year-old male was hit by a car that failed to
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make a right turn correctly. the driver and passenger of the other car suffered non-life threatening injuries. >> chicago police released the name of a man that lit a fire leading to chaos for air travel letters across the country. he was charged with a felony tonight. it led to hundreds of cancellations and delays throughout the evening. are flights finally getting in and out of chicago now? >> flights are taking off from chicago. but as you are about to see, those who got seats made some serious sacrifices to do so. meanwhile the suspect behind from ar traffic misry is up scale suburb and he's disgruntled that his job was being transferred. >> 786 is not a flight number tonight. it's instead the number of
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american flights cancelled out of o'hare. greg howard is booked on one of 900 delayed flights. >> almost three hour delay. >> authorities say 36-year-old brian howard is behind 1900 flights being cancelled nationwide. he's a communications contractor. he allegedly used gasoline to set fire to the basement of the radar center 40 miles outside chicago. in fact firefighters fought with him before fighting the blaze. >> there was some degree of effort on their part to drag him out of the building. >> officially it was believed he stabbed himself prompted terrorist worries. now those cuts and burns were from him burning the fiber optic equipment that allows controlers to talk with pilots. >> a contract employee and nothing else. >> there is no terrorist act.
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>> as cancellation misery spreads they are not out of the woods because flights resume at a reduced rate meaning saturday is no guarantee. so howard is giving up luxury just to take off tonight. >> we were in first class and got down agreeded but it doesn't matter we get to make it to l.a. tonight. >> brian howard, the suspect has been hospitalized tonight. he is expected to make a full recovery. the f.b.i. on the other shand not waiting for him to recovery. they've charged him with a felony destruction of an aircraft facility. >> the u.s. has new allies in its fight against the islamic state terror group. belgium and denmark agreed to join the fight against isil. the white house says they are
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working on explosives designed to elude airport security. >> unrepublican presidential candidate today blasted president obama for ordering the attacks. >> the constitution says only congress may declare war yet this president has in ub libya and this week in syria committed our sons and daughters to a war that is not authorized by congress. >> the white house says it does not need congressional approval. >> the world health organization says the death toll from the ebola outbreak is over 3,000. in liberia more than 150 people died in just two days. death versus been reported in nigeria and guinea. more than 6500 people are believed to be infected with the ebola virus a landmark will return in the when i will area. the store was destroyed by a fire more than a year ago.
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damage was so extensive there insurance won't cover it all. now road side development plans to purchase the dropt, rehab it and lease it back. that is good news to the retailers that has been doing business out of several temporary store fronts. >> one place, no more scavejerthount get your shopping list done. back home where we belong. >> road side will do all they can to preserve the building's facade. >> to the weather now, sunny and temperatures in the 80's. not the kind of thing we usually hear at the end of september. brian here with the good word for us. >> no someone complaining. going to be gorgeous as we head into a fall weekend with summer like weather. fairly clear, temperatures dropping back out there.
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67 degrees downtown with a light breeze. when you wake up tomorrow, clear and cool, could be patchy fog. should be quite warm by tomorrow afternoon. i'll give you the seven-day out look in just a bit. >> next time you are out at nats park try and is it in section 100. that's where bob the mayor sits. fans tell us he is legendary. how did bob earn the title of mayor? richard now live in southeast washington to tell us all about it. what's the story? >> bob has been a season ticket holder since 2007. he's done it all. he's helped kids lead those cheers. he's caught balls for them in the stands and he may well be the nats number one fan. >> and then you got to yell real loud and hopefully he'll toss the ball up to you. >> for bob, this winning nats season is a time of joy.
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>> are you living the dream right now? >> oh god, yeah. >> number 14, that's his seat number. isn't any ordinary fan. >> he is the mayor. >> bob is our mayor. >> nats fans call him the mayor of the red porch, section 100. >> that ball is hit. >> red hot real estate at nats park, almost like a ball magnet. >> the fans, the environment, it's exciting. >> a season ticket holder since 2007, 52 games this year. we try and make sure that kid get balls that get tossed up there. >> is a true cheerleader. special nard span, a friend to those on the red porch. >> i'll hold up the sign, blow a kiss, he'll catch it and throw it in his pocket. >> nats fever yes, but friendship too.
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>> it's a little family. we come from all over different walks of life. >> the best team in baseball now, bob is savoring every moment. >> to have a good baseball family out there is really nice. >> and despite tonight's loss he is an optimist. he hopes to see 81 games before the season ends. abc7 news. >> the movie froze season wildly popular. but is it hiding a secret. the lawsuit disney is facing about it and claims that it stole the story. >> struck and killed a woman at
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this. are not surprised
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happened at the huntington metro station late thursday night. the victim lived just a block away from the station. what do we know? >> we know she's a wife and a mother and she would have had a birthday today. in light of this tragedy folks tell us there should be changes, perhaps warning signs and better lighting. we're going to step out of the way and turn our tv lights off so you get an idea of how dark this intersection normally is. >> we spotted dozens of passengers walking in this entrance way to the huntington metro, a dimly lit entry for cars and buses even after a pedestrian was struck and killed here thursday night. >> what a shame. >> it happened around 11:00 a woman was hit and killed by a connector bus. she's identified as a
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42-year-old, a wife and mother. her husband declined to speak to us about it but he was at the scene taking pictures trying to understand how it happened. the buses come downhill from the station headed to the intersection and for pedestrians there is a ramp and a set of stairs to the sidewalk which leads to a crosswalk at the intersection. but riders say most opt for the short cut. >> there are apartments over there and a path they can take. >> i've seen people dart across and slam on my brakes. >> the tragedy is making some pedestrians think twice. this woman says her sister warned her to be careful. >> she called me and told me what happened. >> my thoughts and prayers go out to the lady's family. >> the investigation is ongoing. so far no charges for that bus driver. >> 7 on your side now with a consumer alert. ford is recalling 850,000 cars
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because of an air bag problem. a short circuit could prevent the air bags from deploying during a crash. affected models including clu the 2013, 2014 fusion, c max and mkz. no recalls at this point. >> a lute against disney tonight for $250 million claiming that the hit frozen is her life story. she says that the animated film autoelements from her 2010 buying fi. twow sisters, open doors or gates, moon setting in addition to the cash she wants them to sees and desist from sales and marketing. a spokesperson for disney calls the suit ridiculous and the woman needs to let it go. >> that's a good one.
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>> let it go. >> don't let this good weather go. >> it's going to be good all weekend long. maybe a little golf this weekend. >> we'll see. >> a beautiful shot from at the harbor. we had a few high clouds today. as we head toward the evening, a beautiful picture out there. 78 the official high, 76 the average so we're above average this afternoon and into the weekend with 80's forecast for saturday and sunday, we'll be above average for those days as well. >> currently 67 downtown. warmer in the city. warmer by the bay. pper 50's in lexington park. 55 at dulles right now. it is cooler in the mid-atlantic and northeast. off to the south and west there is milder air. that's key because that is the
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air that will be here for the weekend. the weekend will be pretty nice, that warm air nudging in from the south and west and making for a pretty good stretch. mostly sunny skies for sunday. by monday the next system will come down the pike that will bring changes. highs tomorrow low 80's. warmer air for tomorrow. also for sunday as well. back.two days back to we are wedged in between all the unsettled weather and we are in a stretch of weather that will be marvelous. early each morning or late at night there could be a little patchy fog so keep an eye out for that late tonight, early tomorrow morning. tomorrow pleasant and warm.
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tomorrow evening nats are at home again. temperatures in the 70's into the 60's. sunday and monday pretty good. monday night maybe showers rolling in for tuesday. mid 70's. no fall chill headed our way. >> the nats were out playing today, all day today. hopefully they took advantage of the weather. >> let it go. >> the nats not an issue. 4-0 over the marlins. we got action from nats park coming up in
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>> a double-header for the nats today. game one no problem. they clench home-field advantage with a 4-0 win over the marlins. game tworks bottom of the third.
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he came to ball today. that would be a solo shot. nats take a 4-2 lead. move to the seventh. justin, this one finds the gap. hat's enough to score two. 9-6. they clench home field. didn't win the battle but the war is already won. >> i think it's important to have home-field advantage if we want to get to where we want to get to, that's important. i think it's important for us to and with some enthusiasm termination because that light switch doesn't just turn on and off. >> we pick up in the top of the second. de aza smacks one to left. it looks good until that happens. he goes face first into the dirt.
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o's go down. the final 4-2. >> football now, one thing the redskins have to look forward to is a nice long 10-daybreak before they take on the defending champs. they get to shake off thursday's loss before some monday night football. when you talk about a defense like seattle, it's imperative they get rest and preparation time. >> i think we need a little time. we have so many guys on the injury report and so many guys in treatment, we wouldn't have enough guys to fill practice for a couple of days anyway. they need to get their bodies healed and minds healed. come back ready to roll for the defending champs. >> let's talk preseason hockey. ps and bruins, power play, caps tie it at 2-2. in o.t. bruins cough it up.
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clutch with the slap here. caps win this one, the final 5-4. and for a complete wrapup on all of tonight's high school football action tune into news channel 8 for high school sports final at 11:30. and we are going to need more than 10 days to get ready for a seahawks defense. >> we had payback to give seattle but it may not happen this year. >> amazing video out of australia to show you tonight. this couple was swimming when two
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>> a man charged with abduction in connection with graham's disappearance returns to virginia. that's our top trending story. a fire at an f.a.a. facility leads to massive flight cancellations for the country and brian's forecast for the weekend. you can read all about that on now a cup until australia went out for a swim they will never forget. you'll see why right here. two humpback whales inched their way up to amy and brad as they were swimming. the encounter lasted for more than an hour.
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the whales mimicked some of their moves. marine experts say an adult humpback whale weigh about 40 tons. the couple say they never felt threatened. for the whales it was like going to their version of the zoo.
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for anything ok that might not be so great. might be a little bit of fog but sleep in and you are good to go. no rain until monday or tuesday. >> we appreciate you joining us. thanks for showing up today. you survived it. >> glad to be here.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kaley cuoco-sweeting. from "black-ish," anthony anderson. "this week in n unnecessary censorship." and music from bastille. with cleto and the cletones. and now, from here on out, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. that's very nice. thank you, cleto. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. well, i apprec


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