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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 29, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> live from the abc seven broadcast center this is abc 7 news at noon on your side. >> police are announcing a break in the murder of nicole burgess. >> burgess and her dog were stat to death a year and a half ago and now police have a suspect in custody. gonzalez is live in anne arundel county headquarters with the details. >> this was a mysterious murder here. it went unsolved for a year and a half. are afternoon police
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shedding some light pre-at this was a drug deal gone bad. this woman was murdered inside her own home. this is a crime that definitely shook this community here. it was march of last year when police found 70-year-old nicole burgess stabbed inside at home in davidsonville road. both were stabbed multiple times. terrence proctor was arrested over the weekend. last month when a grand jury secured an arrest warrant. police described the crime scene as brutal. a mid-level drug dealer, police say, who was selling a lot of marijuana that morning. >> there was no intimate relationship, no personal relationship.
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their relationship was purely business. >> this arrest closes the case on all 10 homicides committed in 2013 here in anne arundel county. did ask the state's attorney and police chief about the fact the arrest made was days before marijuana penalties were soft and up a little bit. the police chief quickly said this case will have way more to marijuana.grams of there was a lot of distribution. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc seven news. >> volunteers are still searching for two children in montgomery county. they have been missing for about three weeks. their mother was arrested days after the children disappeared. she has not told police where the children was located. and news conference will be held at 2:00 this afternoon.
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>> the search also resumes today for a missing uva student. a search team is hoping to find clues into her disappearance. in texas lastd week and brought back to virginia friday night. he is being held without bond and is expected in court on thursday. we do have continuing coverage for the search on abc seven. jeff goldberg will be in today. we will have the latest. a live looko take outside. cloudy and cold temperatures. meteorologist brian van de graaff is here. it looks gloomy out there.
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take a look at our camera shot here. degrees right now. a fair amount of cloudiness across the area. this batch up near winchester continues to fizzle out as well. otherwise it is gray out there. more.l see .id-upper 70's some showers tonight at 6:54 p.m. we will have the next couple of days coming up in a bit. >> some developing news from annapolis. police are investigating a shooting -- they were
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taken with gunshot wounds. their conditions are unknown at this time. the trial for the taxicab driver accused of shooting and alexandria police officer during a traffic stop is underway. brianne carter with new details for us. >> i want to take you back to the very beginning of this where 29-year-old pleaded guilty to re--- pleaded not guilty due to reasons of insanity. shooting and of alexandria police officer in 2013. the prosecution alleges that the morning of the shooting, a cab driver was ordered by a police officer to pull over to the side of the street and alexandria. prosecutors allege he drove
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away. a lookout was put out and the officer responded. there is no question about what happened but there was no question he was insane when he did it. among those who testified, and alexandria police officer, the one who originally asked bashir to pull over. court this told the morning he saw him laying next to his police motorcycle with blood coming from his for head. he sat very still during these proceedings. we do have a reporter inside the courtroom. we will continue to follow the story and have much more at 4:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc seven news. >> the jury selection in the jody areas sentencing trial begins today.
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the court now starts the process of choosing jurors who determine her punishment. she was convicted of killing her boyfriend in 2008. at least one dozen people were arrested in ferguson missouri as protests reignited overnight. large crowds of demonstrators could be seen protesting in front of the ferguson police department. police are searching for a suspect in the shooting of an officer saturday night. he believes the incident is not connected to the protest or shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. three teenagers were injured. one of them critically on saturday night. say hundreds of people got into a melee in the parking lot. thiss the first night of halloween themed fight fest. one woman said her 15 year old nephew suffered blunt force trauma and had 32 stitches.
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>> mayhem, total mayhem. ready while the ambulance came. >> six flags says initially there is no altercation. they are now beefing up security. and its allies continued airstrikes against isil this weekend. >> president obama has acknowledged u.s. intelligence agencies under estimated isil threat by overestimating iraq army. >> overnight the airstrikes in syria continued. military and its partners settled into a regular rhythm of almost daily assault in what could be a very long campaign. >> it's going to take a long time. i don't know how long. i don't not there is a breaking
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point. a new front has opened up. >> all day long these people have been witness to a title in defense of their town. kurdish fighters trying to hold off isis surging forward. >> president obama says the u.s. got it wrong on two major issues. >> i think our head of the intelligence committee acknowledged that they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> he didn't just say we underestimated them. he said we overestimated the ability and the will of our allies, the iraqi army, to fight. >> that is true. it is absolutely true. >> airstrikes alone will not defeat isis. up a mayordy steps
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says it will have to be the u.s.. >> these are barbarians. >> the white house says there will be no american ground invasion. karen travers, abc news washington. >> we are following new details about those air travel troubles in chicago. about thealert mysterious virus and it's a link to paralysis. we will explain. >> the regular season has ended but fans are showing their nat-itude. today is not so pretty.
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them a help alert about new virus concerns. nine patients are experiencing symptoms of paralysis. several patients who were having trouble moving their arms and tested's it if for de-68. health officials say the paralysis could be permanent but they do stress it is rare. the tarot virus have been confirmed in 45 states. an american doctor is being treated for the ebola virus at the national institute of health in bethesda. the doctor arrived sunday after being exposed to ebola in west africa. nih officials say the physician has been admitted to an
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isolation unit. the cause of a deadly monster truck a crash on sunday is under investigation. chilling video you see right here shows the tck with a tractor-trailer size tires falling over a row of cars and slamming right into spectators. officials say three people were killed, including a child. five others are in critical condition. police are questioning the driver and show organizers speculate the gas pedal got stuck or the brakes failed. the federal aviation administration says travelers in chicago should part ways today. >> investigators are learning more about the worker who started a fire that grounded thousands of flights.
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>> chaos and confusion in the air. anding the chicago airspace grounding 4000 flights around the country over the weekend. >> very crazy. we made it. theow an information about 36-year-old contractor technician who reportedly a key airfire at traffic control center in illinois. from -- 5:06. on a.m. on sunday he walked in with a suitcase. officials say he started and destroying that he started destroying electronic year in the basement. -- he started destroying electronic here in the basement. there was so much blood and damage the faa called it a biohazard.
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the travel disruptions could last at least two weeks, leaving many wondering how one man could cause all of this. >> this contract person who created this dilemma had the security clearance and if they are inclined to complete -- to create havoc they can. >> several members of congress are calling for an investigation. >> fbi says howard is in the hospital. if convicted he could spend up to 20 years in prison. abc news new york. >> it is nothing but october for our washington nationals and fans could not have asked for a better end to the regular season . >> sunday jordan zimmermann not pitchedged -- not only a perfect game but made franchise history.
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>> it is a no-hitter. >> would that hurt? zimmerman became the first nationals pitcher to pitch a no-hitter. moves nats fans all over the dmc. >> i saw my dad cry. he has never seen one in his whole life. >> i can't believe what i just saw. >> the playoffs start this week and the national game will be on friday against the wild-card winner of the pittsburgh giants games against san francisco. no one can take away that no-hitter. >> nobody could have written an ending to the regular season like that. then i yesterday was jeter's last game in boston. they were actually cheering for jeter in boston.
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we had a no-hitter so who cares? i talk about a few shower chances. it is just kind of grade now. i know i am going to be about 30 minutes. this is a beautiful sunrise picture. or two.n wouldnow and then the sun poke in from time to time. a little bit more oyster in the atmosphere. watching the doppler you see rain all around us.
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i will show you a little bit closer in these areas. the showers try to drift to the north and east. we will continue to punch through the day as showers lift on through the area. even that is fizzling out. they had a little shower earlier and now we get another round as we go through the midday. a fair amount of clouds around there. you can see down to the south and west, lifting to the northeast ever so slowly. temperatures are still mild in the 70's. into tomorrow i think we can get a partly sunny day between two systems. our next system comes down the pike. mild temperature. upper 70's for today.
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>> do not wash the car this week. that is all i heard. >> good take away. coming up, george clooney is off the market. he ties the knot. >> we will take a look at the >> george clooney is officially
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off the market. she -- he married a british
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rights attorney. guests include matt damon, cindy crawford. they had to city hall to make their union official. >> congratulations are in order for former president bill clinton and his wife hillary. they are grandparents. there only wife -- their only daughter chelsea gave birth. pictures of the family home and the baby and said it was one of the happiest moments of their lives. >> dens of washington has reason to celebrate for this monday. his new action thriller flick top the box office, making this washington prospered best movie -- third-best opening movie to date.
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actor kevin spacey rules the beltway on the show house of cards. to don't out a tune. it turns out he syncopated one night only gala concert back 7:30 tonight at the shakespeare theater in northwest pc. -- northwest d.c.. pam is still ahead, >> some breaking news coming out
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of charlottesville. we learned there is a forensic link between the man suspected andbducting hannah graham -- >> evidence collected matches some of the evidence collected during the investigation into morgan harrington's disappearance. is what thatt know evidence is or if it indicates what matthew may or may not have done. >> her body was found three months later. hannah graham has not been seen in two weeks. police searched his house and his car. >> we are expecting to see him in court on thursday. we will have a live report on this coming up today on abc
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seven news at five. --ends sick evidence linking forensic evidence linking the case. be a few passing showers. cooler tonight in temperatures back in the 50's pit and other dry day tomorrow. we will have an update tonight at 4:00.
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