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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  September 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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,hen the discovery of that body 2:40 4, 1 mile apart, one minute apart. are stunned by two bodies in such close proximity. sad. is really nothing happens around this area. >> now, investigators tell us they expect to have more and especially a determination about if they are in some way linked. the expect to have information very soon, maybe in the next hour or two. we will certainly be updating you on what officials have to say. reporting live, stephen tschida. >> thank you so much. as we mentioned, just blocks from that car crash site, fire officials decided -- discovered
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a body inside a home on great drive, and there are investigators at both scenes, and we will bring you the latest on abc seven news at 11:00. gordon? what the cdc confirms that a patient has tested positive for the ebola virus, the first case of ebola virus in the united states. treatedent is being right now at texas presbyterian hospital. we will have more on abc seven news at 11:00. >> the man caught jumping the fence at the white house is before a grand jury. he allegedly overpowered a secret service officer and made it all of the way to the east room before he was tackled. at incident has put the director of the secret service on the hot seat. scott thuman is live on capitol hill. scott, what did she say on capitol hill today? maureen, the house oversight
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committee went after her on every angle, and there was a question about why the white house is like this, when it should be the safest house in the country. he went through the east room, and all of that with a nice, and all of that to be tackled by an off-duty agent. it disgraceful. and i wish to god you protected the white house like you're protecting your reputation today. for the secret service director today, a brutal round of questioning with a bit of mocking. >> have you ever heard of these guys? costly, but that could be something. >> how did the jumper get inside and not stopped until the east room, despite agents, dogs, and topers question my >> i want
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be crystal clear. if you make a dash at the white house, we are going to take you down. >> outrage about what happened. howe are all outraged about this incident came to pass. >> if this does not change, you're going to see more of this. >> one person spent years protecting presidents. in 2011, a gunman successfully shot the white house several times. initially, they thought it was a car backfiring and days later realized their mistake. elite group of insulated management that just don't see what is going on on the ground or ignore it. big questions, like is there possibly an element of cover up. servicethe secret implied he did not get inside the door when he made it to the east wing?
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they were initially saying he was completely unarmed. others say he had a knife on him. live on capitol hill tonight, scott thuman, abc seven news. >> scott, thank you very much. stay with abc seven for more on the omar gonzalez case. we will be out there afternoon and evening. >> new at 6:00, a new look about fighting isis. the center for strategic and budgetary issues, the first wave u.s. military attacks has cost nearly $1 billion according to a think tank, and it could be as much as $1.8 billion a month if it was to grow to 25,000 ground troops. u.s. airstrikes in iraq again last month and expanded to syria last week. >> we have new details in the search for hannah grant. the man charged, jesse matthew,
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will appear in court or the first time on thursday. he was arrested around galveston, texas. they say he was the last person to see heather graham. they also established a forensic link between matthew and a virginia tech student who was abducted and murdered in 2009, morgan harrington. stay with abc seven for complete coverage of the hannah graham case. we will have updates, and you can go to our online forms,, and on facebook and twitter. tomorrow, easy police will be recording with new body cameras. police chief cathy lanier unveiled new body style cameras which can be worn on eyeglasses or the chest. or than 100 60 officers will take part in a six-month pilot program, and achieve says it will benefit both officers and the general public.
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>> sometimes it is a he said/she said, and people get frustrated on both sides. >> they will not be the first to wear body mounted cameras. the d.c. six-month program will cost about $1 million. >> and if you are planning on driving on 16th street in washington, ddot will begin closures between colorado avenue and 17th, and they will be paving. this will be fine. the work is scheduled to be complete by saturday, october 11. >> new at 6:00, a mother speaks. hear her story, only on abc 7. what she says happened to her daughter and the man arrested. >> and a lot in the market for now. >> and i am doug hill in the
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belfort furniture weather center. partly cloudy. to the northwest, pretty heavy thunderstorms right now.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. captioned by the national captioning institute 7 news at 6:00, on
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your side. >> a teacher is in custody tonight, accused of having a relationship with a teacher -- student. mesa works at colonial forge high school, and the victim is a 17-year-old male, and she is being held without bond. a woman speaks exclusively to abc 7 about being fondled while getting a tattoo. mark matthews was rearrested on charges in september, and the victim's mother, who does not want to be identified, has said her daughter is still suffering deep emotional pain. >> you're going to a tattoo parlor. it is an expression of art. it is not supposed to be an expression of pain. >> mother and daughter are now considering having the tattoo
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and the painful memory removed. a plastic surgeon says laser treatment will cost around $10,000. >> seven is on your side with a consumer alert tonight. we have some discouraging news if you are trying to sell your home. standard & poor's said home prices increased at their lowest pace in months. 19 of 20 cities in the index reported lower annual gains in july. however, analysts say these lower-priced gains should make homes more affordable for potential buyers. >> and next at 6:00 -- fall is settling into our area. what you need to know about tomorrow. is next.ast >> and fans will be watching the forecast very closely to see how it affects the national league division series, with the redskins trying to put the giants behind them.
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slimmer michael phelps is
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apologizing after being charged with a dui overnight -- swimmer michael phelps is apologizing. they say he was driving in a 45 mile per hour zone. says phelps was not able to pass a field sobriety test. second dui. he says he understands the gravity of his actions and that he is deeply sorry. and police were looking at stabbing customers at a local bar. man tried to stab three people at the first bar in boston. when offices showed up, they tried to run towards the metro. they try to stop him. and another man was also taken into custody.
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tonight, a just in juvenile arrest in a high school shooting. was shortly after reports came about shots being fired inside. this was at a nearby softball field. this hour, it is not known whether the suspect is a student. ebay and paypal are breaking up, in a matter of speaking. asy are spinning off paypal a separate company. it comes as the number of people growing.ile devices is they expect mobile payments could grow from $1 billion to more than $85 billion by 2017. 6:00, a campaign event. and being a new grandmother, clinton was scheduled to a drive
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-- to be at a fundraiser. instead, former president bill clinton will attend in place. home, an evente is expected to raise a lot of money. >> taking care of the baby. >> yes. >> that will do it. >> with the local metro area. big storms and thunderstorms. and this is gorgeous. the class you are looking at are over the chesapeake bay. and as far as numbers go, 78 and 67, the high and the low, and the average is 57 and 74.
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be quite a while before get in that territory again. this is below average autumnal temperatures. high pressure building into the area. this is a lot of sunshine, but we are not quite there yet. the cold front is pushing showers and thunderstorms north and west. and here are some heavy ones. they definitely have developed just ahead of the front. hour, i do not think we will see any thunderstorm activity. and that will be the exception, not the rule. there is a chance of some dense fog. and we will start the day tomorrow. there may be an isolated shower.
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and there are temperatures very similar to this. ,verybody else is much cooler lower to middle 70's. there is plenty of late-season heat. and there will be cooler air by the weekend. with the water vapor, you can also see this. west, we can out keep all of the warm air in place. tomorrow, mid 70's. and the cold front will make a move on us. an isolated showers and patchy fog. otherwise clearing. very pleasant.
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and clearing saturday. the weekend looks great. it will look and feel like early october. >> and now, the toyota sports desk. rock you by your local toyota dealers. >> you know, anybody can lead with a winning team. >> how about your redskins? >> the redskins were back on the field. and this is despite the fact that the game was here at fedex field. why not? and this was embarrassing. the passing game was terrible. the defense made eli manning look like a leader. heck happened? >> i think i kind of took it for granted.
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and this showed. we have to step it up. >> we should not take anybody for granted. let's get underway. the oakland a's and the american league wild card game. the giants or the pirates. they play wild card tomorrow. they are getting really excited. just trying to keep his guys sharp. 19 games. and then they ended the regular season. so how does he keep them sharp? ? talking a little trash. said, it is going to be good to have a little bit of a break. >> with your own draft? >> yes.
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>> and, of course, the nationals are favored. all right, the terrapins are out to an impressive start. there are consecutive wins. saturday afternoon at the stadium, competition plays. this goes to the ohio state buckeyes. and this has been the achilles' heel. team, 50 points on cincinnati over the weekend. they put on their pants just like we do, and it is another team we are looking forward to playing. we know the history. there is another game to get a win. >> all right, for basketball fans, open, and the regular season is getting close. and a long-time veteran was
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already icing his ankle. counted on to be one of the leaders this year. way, they saye they are definitely in. and other say they are the best. the very first day.
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>> give us the latest. showersis isolated north and west of the city. there could be a shower early in the morning, and then mid-70's, a nice afternoon, and then as we sunshine, and then friday, sometime in the somenoon or evening, at time, showers will be likely, and it will cool off. >> stephen strasburg wants to know. >> see you at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking right now, the first confirmed case of ebola, right here in the united states. ththe american who had been to africa, home here for some time and then the symptoms. how many people did he come in contact with? dr. richard besser and what we're learning as we come on the air. also breaking tonight, the widening secret service scandal at the white house. how far did that armed intruder get? and the new development here, the one person who stopped him and how. also, the major break just coming in after a shooting at this american high school. the real scare inside. what happened? and tonight, what authorities have just revealed. and, in hot water. america's olympic hero, michael fell list phelps, and that new controversy. and what he's saying tonight.


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