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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 2, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news. two major health emergencies. that first patient diagnosed with ebola in america fighting for his life. more than a dozen others being watched closely. parents warned, schools scrubbed down. and the new concerns about the enterovirus spreading rapidly around the u.s. paralysis, and now at least four deaths linked to it. including this 10-year-old girl. dr. besser and the abc news health team on the scene for both stories. >> i'm going to ask to give her a hug. and found, this girl missing for more than a decade. taken by her mother. the anonymous tip that helped find her. the father's worldwid search over now. breaking now, prince william
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fighting against the paparazzi to protect baby george. he's been hounded on walks, nan nanny. and the original blond bombshell, to bring back a virtual marilyn monroe using technology. will fans get to offer their applause once again? and good morning, america. let's get right to the two crisis in public health. we are learning a lot more about the ebola patient in dallas. fears there the virus has spread. as we mentioned, several schools, scrubbed down. alerting the family of the patient to stay home. so many parents worried right now. >> rightfully so. and also a 10-year-old girl, the newest victim of the vier vients rapidly spre lly spreading. cases in almost every state now.
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>> our abc news medical team is covering it all. begin with dallas where ebola has the city on edge this morning as we learn more about the man infected. how he entered america. liberia to brussel and to dallas. and cecil vega has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. as the first patient ever diagnosed with ebola in the united states remains in serious condition at this hospital, dallas is a city in fear. overnight, new details about the ebola patient thomas eric dun n duncan, a father and former chauffeur from liberia. he prayed by phone with family members from the confines of his quarantined room. his nephew speaking overnight, expressing concern for his uncle. >> we're hoping and praying that eric survives the night. and we have our hopes up for him. >> reporter: this morning as
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investigators race to stop this deadly disease from spreading, serious questions for texas health presbyterian hospital. the sick patient was allowed to leave the e.r. despite telling the nurse he'd come from a stricken african country. he went back to the community before being admitted two days later. >> regretfully, that information was not fully communicate the throughout the full team. >> reporter: up to 18 people with close contact with duncan now under medical observation, including five children receiving regular checks for fever. a symptom of ebola. even local schools scrubbed down and alerted. the children and the adults live in the apartment complex where duncan visited all ordered to keep away from work and school for 21 days. a disease with no vaccine, ebola has an incubation period of up to three weeks. humans are not infectious until
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they develop symptoms. t"the new york timesthe new yor reporting that he contracted it just four days before he traveled to the u.s. after helping a woman to the hospital. and there are new worries there could be a second ebola patient in hawaii. the virus has not been confirmed. but that patient is being held in isolation. >> all right, thank you. we're going to bring in abc's dr. richard besser now. on the front lines in the battle against ebola. he is in liberia for us again this morning. explain the tag that you have on, what does that mean? >> in liberia, they're focused on prevention. to get into the compound, they took my temperature and put this tag on to show i don't have fever. you know you're safe. >> and what are the conditions on the ground right now? >> reporter: it's much better than a month ago. there's a lot more international relief people here. they're scaling up the response.
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there's more treatment available. but so many more units that are needed. and that's part of what the u.s. is trying to provide here. >> so many people are asking what exactly is ebola and why is it considered so dangerous? >> yeah, i mean, this is the most deadly virus that we know of. and outbreaks in the past were limited. they never left the village. this one is spreading wildly here in west africa. and as we're seeing with the person in texas, a big disease outbreak, an epidemic anywhere in the world puts people in america at risk too. so stopping it here is so critically important. >> and frankly, are you concerned? i mean, you have been right there on the front lines. you will be returning here to the u.s. is there concern where you are? >> reporter: well, yeah. going into the places that i have been going into, an ebola isolation unit. i went in because i'm an infectious disease specialist, i know what i'm doing. i'm totally protected.
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so many people don't have access to the gear. when i come back to the united states, i will be monitoring my temperature twice a day to make sure i don't develop a fever. that's a very important thing to do. but i was not exposed to ebola that i know of. but i'll be checking the fever curve just to be sure. >> we know you're taking every precaution. all the best to you and everyone that is there. and dr. besser is answering your questions throughout the morning. tweet him a at dr. richard besser. and the other health scare scaring parents. it's in 47 states and washington, d.c. linked to four deaths. and lindsey davis has more on that. >> reporter: good morning. just six weeks after the virus was detected in kansas city, the outbreak has spread to just about every state in the country. until now it was causing a massive number of sick children. this morning we are learning more about the first deaths
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associated with enterovirus 68. this morning, new concern that the respiratory illness striking children may be deadlier than first thought. officials revealing that four patient who is died tested positive for enterovirus d-68. though the role the virus played is unclear. among the victims, emily ortran doe fromm rhode island, a girl scout. >> her parents took her to the hospital, and by the time she was there, it fell apart. >> reporter: her condition deteriorating in 24 hours. she had it and a staph infection. a rare combination. now to get the word out. parts who were initially told that the death was not related to evd-68, they received an e-mail saying that all
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classrooms and buildings are cleaned. >> make sure your kids are washing their hands five or six times a day. make sure that anyone with asthma has it under control. >> reporter: the cdc confirmed it in 42 states and the district of columbia. doctors in colorado trying to determine if d-68 is to blame for the ten cases of paralysis in young patients with respiratory illnesses there. and four patients with polio-like symptoms are being tested. and overnight, brand new cases of partial paralysis reported in michigan too. the cdc says these complications are rare. emily was a big center who loved animals, writing and playing withleg goes. doctors say no other underlying health issues. >> so unimaginable. but the cdc is not saying anything about the other three deaths. >> not where or when.
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they'd like the states to take the lead in making the announcement. >> thank you very much. now to the latest on the turmoil in the secret service. julia pierson is out, resigning after coming under fire for a series of breaches. including the fence jumper who made it into the white house. pierre thomas has been tracking the story since the beginning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. her appearance before congressional was a disaster by most accounts. the secret service had been keeping secrets from the white house. that sealed her fate. julia pierson offered her resignation wednesday afternoon in a private meeting with her boss, homeland security secretary jay johnson. sources say a frustrated johnson and the president agreed, she had to go. she became secret service director in the wake of a sordid prostitution scandal. now a series of security fiascos have forced her out of office.
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john clancy is now the acting director. he was in charge of the president's security detail from 2009 to 2011. >> over the last several days, we have recent and accumulating reports raising the question about the performance of the agency. and the president concluded that new leadership was required. >> reporter: in the end, she could not survive the two breaches. a man with a knife piercing white house security, walking through an unlocked door. and this weeke learned a security contractor with a criminal record and carrying a gun was allowed to stand next to the president in an elevator. the secret service did not tell the white house about the breach until two weeks later. >> the white house first learned of that incident yesterday afternoon shortly before it was publicly reported by a news organization. >> reporter: not telling the president, sources say, was a fatal below. and her resignation came as members of congress, republicans
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and democrats, gave her a vote of no confidence. no confidence from congress and the white house was a deadly combination for a once-proud government career. robin. >> thank you. now to amy with the other top stories developing. good morning. >> good morning. and a tragic story adding to the concerns about head injuries in youth sports. a high school football player on long island, new york, has died after colliding with another player and then collapsing on the field during a game on wednesday. doctors say the 17-year-old suffered a head injury and was rushed into surgery, but he died a short time later. according to espn, he is the third high school football player in the united states to die in just the past week. an explosive new allegation out of ferguson, missouri. a possible leak from the grand jury investigating the shooting of the unarmed teenager, michael brown. a twitter user claimed to know one of the juries and wrote there isn't enough evidence to
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arrest darren wilson. if the investigation reveals that a juror discussed the case, they will to startover. and the search is on for a u.s. marine missing in the persian gulf. he bailed out of a helicopter that lost power. a second crewman also bailed and was rescued. the helicopter was landed safely. and china's government is promising serious consequences if they follow through on the threat to occupy government buildings. they are demanding that the hong kong city leader step down by the end of the day. military special forces in mexico say they have captured a notorious drug lord. the u.s. government offered $5 million for hector. eight cartel leaders have been captured orb killed since 2009. but the heroin crisis in the
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u.s. is getting worse, overdose deaths have doubled in two years. prince william is threatening legal action against the paparazzi this morning. he says they are hounding his young son george. lama hasan has the details. >> reporter: good morning. this morning kensington palace confirms that prince william will take legal action against a couple of photographers. the prince is launching a legal crackdown on photographers to protect his son, prince george, from being harassed bit paparazzi by sending final legal letters to two freelance photographers. he believes they are pursuing him during walks with his nanny. they want him to be a normal kid as much as possible and experience normal childhood activities. both william and kate and prince harry feel a red line is being
7:14 am
crossed which needs to be dealt with now to protect george and future royal children as well. >> thanks so much for the latest from london. and finally, i think we're long overdue, actually, for out report from the stupid criminals file. they're being called the beer run bandits. but they don't have much street credit. here's why. two run into the florida convenience store, grab three cases of beer. their hands are so full with beer, they can't open the door. you see this one guy, he finally has to put the beers down, kicks the door. then they run, and they have trouble walking. maybe already had some beer. fell and tripped, dropped most of the cans of beer. good luck opening those they got. >> the keystone cops -- >> that's so funny. >> i have a feeling they'll catch them. that guy looked at the camera, gave the name, social security
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number. >> just follow the beer. >> so you have an interesting story, michael. yes, i do. we have seen many celebrities who have been brought back to life thanks to hollywood magic, and it's big business for the estates. and now there's a legal battle over marilyn monroe. one company wants to create a virtual marilyn. good morning, t.j. >> stay with me. >> i'm with you. >> you can buy a concert ticket to see a dead musician perform live. >> yeah. >> yeah. we actually have technology out there that exists that will allow this. question now is, will the courts allow it? ♪ from the king of pop -- to the revolution rapper. technology breathing new life into celebrities long gone. dazzling fans and raki in big business. but this morning, the fight over
7:16 am
a digital marilyn monroe may be headed to a real life courtroom. >> it's the same thing all over again. see what i mean? not very bright. >> reporter: the california company virtual marilyn suing the monroe estate to reanimate the original blond bombshell who died in 1962. the lawsuit concerns whether the company has the right to market a virtual marilyn character, an impersonator. at stake, big bucks. monroe's estate earning $30 million a year in licensing fees. virtual versions could add to that. >> concerts, appearances, you can make money off the virtual version of a dead movie star. >> what is this? are you trying to kid me? >> reporter: now it's up to the courts to determine if she will be joining the others on center
7:17 am
stage. >> it's acquit all right. i'm enjoying my own company. >> reporter: abc news reached out to the lawyer for the monroe estate, they don't comment on litigation matters. who would you want to see. this is cool technology. i would want to see elvis. but we all know he's still alive. but who would you want to see in concert? >> i don't think there's anybody -- i'd create one of myself and take a few days off a week. >> that's smart. >> why not? the only way i'd be here live if you really need me. but the other days, let it be a hologram. >> it's a live. >> a weird one. do you wonder, is the character allowed to do new things? can they make them speak new lines? >> it's like what we saw with michael jackson which was really cool but kind of creepy. >> do you have a vote, t.j.? >> i would to want see elvis dance. but the question, george, they do.
7:18 am
it's new technology. they use an actor's body to move around. it's new movement. it's a thing. that's creepy. yeah, you have one sitting right here. >> for all the wrong reasons. go now to the severe weather in the midwest. damaging hail, torrential rain, powerful wind and more in the forecast, ginger. >> yes, there is. and i'm with t.j., by the way. i would see the king. be a fan girl of elvis. talk about the mid south and beyond. in parts of the midwest, 60 plus mile per hour winds. this building wrecked here. more than 60 severe storm reports including hail. and right here from parts of kansas. so what happens today? severe storms to the east, and a broader area included. look for potential damaging winds from south of chicago to austin. right there through the ozarks. you could see a brief tornado and large hail. that's the big picture. let's get your local forecast
7:19 am
after this message brought to you by walgreens. >> good morning, washington. dealing with the foggy, hazy conditions again this morning. visibility inside the beltway is not restricting your travel. temperature wise it is pretty comfortable. 64 degrees in washington, d.c., but some of the suburbs are cooler, upper 50's in winchester, frederick at 57 degrees. the fog should give way by the middle of the morning. takes of sunshine, especially this afternoon, 70 degrees at
7:20 am
>> that cold front hasn't only produced severe weather, but flooding rains right here in this area. we're watching for it. >> we know you will. and coming up on "gma," the dramatic fbi rescue of a girl missing more than a decade. ending the search. and alerting her high school teacher and husband, why she's walking free for now. and on the lookout. how to protect your home from invaders. we put one family to the test.
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good thursday morning. i am autria godfrey. your timer now is 7:26. we want to get a check of your morning commute with jack taylor traffic
7:27 am
>> things have changed a since we last talked. plan for extra time. this crash at 95 has two lanes getting by, far right and right shoulder getting by. 202 toward a route 50. dupont circle, top part of the circle is closed. a crash and authorities are on the scene. by, a third lane getting the activity remains in the right lane. 50 westbound, the crash has been contained to the shoulder. our crews are on scene blocking the left hov lane. the forecast sounds a little better than this. >> yeah, we will get there this afternoon, but we have the fog to contend with. it has been so variable. we have been in and out in terms of visibility across the region. it dropped down to two miles in dulles. quantico and culpeper, you have gone downhill, too, less than .1 miles.
7:28 am
temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. thunderstorms late tomorrow night. >> thank you, jacqui. the former chairman of the democratic committee in falls church is under arrest again this morning on child molestation charges. police say a relative of michael gardner reported that he sexually abused her back in 2009 when she was under the age of 13. gardner was released from prison over the summer after the state supreme court overturned previous chocolate station convictions. we will have another update
7:29 am
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♪ story of my life ♪ i'd drive all night to keep you warm inside ♪ one direction, story of my life and they gave one young fan the story of his life last night. it's trending on twitter right now. helped make a dream come true. and we're going to tell you about it on "good morning america." >> can't wait to share that with you. and also this morning, an incredible story of a father who never gave up hope of finding his daughter. she was just found by the fbi more than a decade after allegedly being kidnapped by her mother. more on that dramatic rescue ahead. and on the lookout, how you can prevent an intruder from getting into your home. one family put to the test, how they failed. but we can learn from it. >> as long as we're learning.
7:31 am
and a paralyzed woman's miracle recovery. cheered on by the love of her life. what she's doing now. defying the odds. >> that's an alert, do not put on your makeup at home until after this story. tears of joy. but begin with the dramatic rescue of a texas girl missing for a decade. finally found across the border in mexico. the girl's mother has been charged in her kidnapping. paula faris is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning. and after 12 years, a confidential informant helped them break the case, leading a team of authorities to a small apartment just outside mexico city. this is 17-year-old sabrina allen today. this is her more than ha decade ago. the last time her father saw her. >> sabrina, i've been looking for you. you don't know how hard. >> reporter: the saga began in austin, texas, in 2002. greg allen had custody of a then
7:32 am
4-year-old sabrina when her mother, dara allegedly kidnapped her during a custody battle. >> when you're in that place, the whole world is black. >> reporter: her disappearance setting off a worldwide search. her story featured twice on america's most wanted. she was added to the most wanted kidnappers list. and then allen hired philip klein. it was klein who received an anonymous tip last month that they were in mexico. >> we were able to bring in federal and state authorities to get confirmation on facial recognition. >> reporter: they watched for two weeks until they swooped into llorens apartment. >> she put up a fight. minor injuries to the agent who took her into cuss di. >> reporter: she had plastic
7:33 am
surgery and moved several times over the years. >> that's no way for a child to live their life. overseas, constantly on the run. >> reporter: brought back in handcuffs, sabrina flew back. klein by her side. >> she has goals and dreams. she wants to be a ballerina. >> she's alive. has a lot of work to do. but she's physically okay. that's a good starting point. >> reporter: but after years, she is not quite ready to see her father. the man who searched for 12 years says he's willing to wait. hopeful they'll be reunited soon. >> i just to want know her. please, please, open up yourself to come home. >> reporter: the mother has been booked on aggravated kidnapping and held on bail. the father took multiple trips to mexico over the years searching for his daughter, vowing to never stop. as for sabrina, she is getting
7:34 am
therapy. she needs emotional help. >> and physically, she's doing well. he's grateful for that. and hopefully a full recovery. >> reporter: never stopped. >> never did. thanks very much. and the murder trial to the california mother accused of killing her school teacher husband. she was found not guilty, but could face other charges. >> reporter: this morning california mom julie harper is a free woman. >> not guilty. >> reporter: for now. a jury acquitting her of first-degree murder in the death of her husband, high school teacher jason hafrper. prosecutors argued the 41-year-old shot and killed her husband in the bedroom, and then took off with the kids and a getaway bag. >> they're downstairs watching cartoons when they heard a thud. and they heard their dad yell, ah. >> reporter: prosecutors saying the couple argued frequently
7:35 am
about her weight gain and finances. five days before the killing, prosecutors say she filed for divorce and withdrew nearly $20,000 in savings. she said it was self-defense. maintaining she was a victim of domestic abuse. >> he was in an absolute furry. yelling and screaming. >> reporter: and also heard recordings she made during the alleged rants. >> you're putting our kid in day cake and making me pay for it and you claim you're taking care of them. >> reporter: on the lesser charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter, the jury deadlocked. the judge declaring a mistrial. now they can retry the case on those charges. for "good morning america," tom llamas, abc news, new york. and now the weather from ginger. >> new cool look. the mountain and the santa ana
7:36 am
winds off shore. 95 in los angeles. we were talking about the heat headed to the southwest. that's why. the air comes down, compresses, and the molecules move faster and you get hot. up to 45 miles an hour. that's the west. but, of course, right in the middle, we're talking snow. isn't it funny to see that already? yeah. snow right there in rocky mountain national park. not so funny, lara says. how about this? chilly air. whether you like it or not, it's way. indianapolis, just above freezing. chicago, the >> good morning, washington. here we go again. another gloomy start across our nation's capital. 64 right now in the city, 59 at dulles, 61 >> all that weather brought to
7:37 am
you by vasiline intensive care. >> it's hysterical, right? thank you, ginger. coming up, do you know how to protect your home from an invasion? we put one family to the test. what you can learn. and a health warning you don't to want miss. the new study linking stress and alzheimer's disease. >> how one woman defied the odds after being paralyzed. you will not believe what she's doing now. the only lotion with healing micro-droplets of vaseline jelly, new vaseline intensive care relieves very dry skin from the first application and deeply moisturizes to heal it in just 5 days. clinically proven. skin healed in just 5 days. that's the healing power of vaseline.
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and we're back now. 7:40 with "gma" on the lookout. and this morning, how to keep your family safe from a home invasion. gio benitez explains. >> reporte ♪ >> reporter: violent attacks, forced entry, and intruders lurking in your home. home invasions are what some of us fear the most. home robberies happening nearly 60,000 times a year. men dressed up like ninjas breaking into a central florida home earlier this year, tying up the homeowner and his friend. >> it was horrible. i've never had a gun pointed at me. >> reporter: so how can you protect your family? don't answer the door for strangers. it's straight-forward. but have you drilled it into your kids? "gma" on the lookout putting them to the test. mom knows we're coming, but her
7:42 am
8-year-old son doesn't. watch as i walk up to the house. hi, is your mom home? yeah? can i talk to her? he answers the door, and the child leaving it wide open. for tiffany, the results are scary. we have never met, i'm a total stranger to you and your family. he answered the door. what do you think? >> makes me second guess everything. >> reporter: she needs a security makeover. we're bringing in former detective, nick. first order of business, a security mirror. when you open the door, immediately you can see if there's somebody standing there. >> exactly. the more you can see, the safer you are. >> reporter: and the flood lights -- >> the sensor may date back to moses and the ark. nick says exterior lights are key. >> the key to security is to keep the outside illuminated and the inside dark.
7:43 am
>> reporter: low basement windows could be an easy access point for an intruder. go right into the finished basement. this is where the kids play. >> i think they should be replaced and a bar across them. >> reporter: next tip, always run from dirganger. but have a safe room. >> we recommend an outdated cell phone that can get 911. >> reporter: and keep your car keys right by your bed. that's because if you hear an intruder in the house, set off that car alarm. now tiffany promises to upgrade her security and make sure her kids don't open that door for strangers again. hi, and your hom homom home? >> i think we're going to have a very large stranger danger talk tonight. >> reporter: an important talk indeed. and one more tip, keep your house key on a separate key from
7:44 am
the car key. allowing a parking valet to take a picture of the house key and order a duplicate within a matter of minutes. >> never heard of that. >> it's out there. >> you heard it here first on "gma." that's unbelievable. also coming up on "good morning america," inside the divorce hotel. where couples check in married and check out split up. yikes. and those celebrities victimized by a hacker stealing their photos, threat tong sue google for $100 million, claiming the company is benefitting from the scandal. and one woman who defied the odds after she was paralyzed. doing what doctors said was impossible.
7:45 am
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♪ if you're lost and alone busted. >> there we go. everybody, have a seat. now to that incredible story of this texas woman who has to overcome so much. she was paralyzed after a disastrous fall. and it looked like she would never walk again. now she's walking. and that was just her first mirac miracle. take a look at this. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is the moment liz mitchell defied the odds. >> i'm moving my legs. >> i'm so proud of you, baby.
7:49 am
i love you so much. >> reporter: the 32-year-old moving her legs for the first time since a freak accident left her quad plea jik, paralyzed from the chest down. a moving moment. literally. it would also be the turning point in an incredible story of hope and of love. a story that began with tragedy. >> one day you make up and you have a breathing tube in. and you realize the body that you thought defined who you were is useless. >> reporter: it was a horrific morning in 2012 when, out on her balcony playing with her dog, liz leaned back too far and fell 16 feet, landing directly on her head. when she woke from a medically-induced coma, her then-boyfriend, brian, broke the news.
7:50 am
>> he didn't just say you are paralyzed and can't walk, he said we will get married. >> reporter: brian was her rock. it's his voice in the video. >> go. >> reporter: pushing her to wiggle her toes. and in a series of extraordinary moments. her first steps in a pool, and on a treadmill, and on her own, up the stairs and finally down the aisle. >> seeing the person that she became reaffirmed to me that i'm in love with this girl. >> reporter: then one more miracle, liz, who doctors thought couldn't have children, is now pregnant. >> it is such a miracle. it seems like a dream. but i'm ready. >> what an amazing story. >> and it gets better. initially the doctor said she would not be able to feel contractions or fetal movement, and she felt the baby kick. the baby is going to be named dorothy marie, which means "gift
7:51 am
of god." so love those two. >> thank you. that's incredible. >> fantastic. wow. we have a lot coming up -- >> don't cry on me, george. >> we are going to be back. . coming up, "gma's" pink deals and steals. charlie, the demand on this network, it is increasing by the second. it's crazy, huh? and people are relying on it more than ever. we cover more than 99% of all americans. i know, i can't imagine living without it. it's a place where people can come share knowledge and ideas. it's beautiful. that's deep charlie. my selfie just hit a hundred likes...(gasps) a hundred! at&t is building you a better network. how did it become absent-mindedly to snacking? eating one after the next?
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7:56 am
>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is now 7:56 will stop i am autria godfrey. the morning commute has not been pretty on the roadways. jack taylor has been keeping an eye on it for you. >> dupont circle remains close to the outer traffic. you have the lane on the inside. those two lanes are fine but the northern part of the circle is closed at this point. all traffic diverted to new hampshire avenue. 02,tway after 2 everything has been cleared to the shoulder.
7:57 am
50 west, the crash in the left hov lane and the shoulder still slowdowns. every day is gone at ethel road, but it is jammed headed north from springfield into the landmark area. not good. the forecast seems better. >> yeah, and unlike yesterday, minus the rainfall. we have the fog that has been in place all week and today is no different. 54 degrees is our current temperature. visibility is still a problem in 270, especially along winchester, along i-81 and culpeper less than a 10th of a mile right now. fog should be breaking late this morning giving way to partly sunny skies. temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. thunderstorms late friday night into saturday morning and breezy and cooler for the weekend, autria. >> thank you, jacqui. new information by the teen injured during a big brawl at six flags in maryland. he remains in a coma after brain surgery but there is no
7:58 am
information about the fact that he should not have been there in the first place. a source tells our news partners banned that the teen was from all six flags locations in the united states back in july and therefore was trespassin
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. on thursday, and the new research revealing that the stress you're under could put you on the path to alzheimer's. should you change your lifestyle starting now? and a new way for married couples to save time and money if they're breaking up an exclusive look inside the divorce hotel. and trending big overnight, one direction makes dreams come true. the fan who reached out to the band to help him pull off the proposal of a lifetime. and wait until you see what happened. all that and jennifer garner and emma thompson here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. and right out there in times
8:01 am
square right now, ty pennington, our buddy. getting everyone revved up. here with emeril, trying to set a guinness world record. the world's tallest pancake stack. >> move that pancake. >> emeril is with the guinness official who will be making the final measurement. the stack will have to be more than two feet, five inches high. got a lot of cooking to do and get out there. >> i love it. going to be eating -- >> i want that. and tory johnson is here for a very special pink edition of deals and steals. and a percentage of each purchase going to breast cancer charities. love that. >> you got to love that. great deals. starting at just under $10. up to 79% off. how does she do it? and just for the "gma" viewers. we're talking about bracelets, bags, so much more.
8:02 am
>> bargains every thursday. that's coming up. first the news. good morning, everyone. and begin with new details about the first ebola patient on u.s. soil. this morning the family of thomas eric duncan has been ordered to stay at home and not have any visitors as duncan fights for his life. 80 people may are have had contact with duncan, that's up from 12 to 18 people yesterday. that includes five children. local schools have been scrubbed down. but no one monitored is showing any symptoms right now. meanwhile, the virus continues to spread in west africa. an average of five people are infected every hour in sierra lyonne. and now enterovirus which starts like the common cold but can turn series. a 10-year-old rhode island girl is the fourth death linked to the virus nationwide. but officials are not sure what
8:03 am
role that virus played in three of the deaths. and past allegations against a man charged with kidnapping university of virginia student hannah graham. jesse matthew was twice accused of assault when he was a student at two colleges. they have linked his dna to a 20-year-old student murdered in 2009. he is awaiting his court date. a police officer in tallahassee, florida, has been placed on leave after tasing a 62-year-old woman in the back as she was walking away. the woman fell face first on to the street and charged with resisting arrest. she approached the officers to ask about someone who had just been arrested. a lawyer representing more than a dozen female celebrities who's nude images were hacked is threatening to sue google for $100 million. it's the biggest celebrity hacking in history, with
8:04 am
jennifer lawrence, selena gomez, and they are accusing the internet giant from removing them from youtube and blogspot. no word from google. when you have an intch, you have to scratch it. this black bear has all the moves. he's enjoying himself. that sturdy tree, the best back scratcher in the woods. they posted this on facebook, and it's already gotten a million shares by people watching it. >> he's getting after it. >> got an itch. >> and in human world, we can just do this. when you're a bear, you have to rely on -- >> i was looking at the bear going, "magic mike" moves. watch that video and steal a little something. >> the back scratch. >> the back scratch. that's my new movie. >> signature movie, michael. i like it. >> eye on the prize. >> it's a long few months until
8:05 am
that movie comes out. >> sure is. switch gears to health news. stress is tied to increased alzheimer's later in life. mara schiavocampo has the details. >> i can't believe ridiculous people -- >> reporter: stress for so many of us and for "modern family's" claire dempsey, part of life. >> who would take the kids to practice and recitals and keep them from burning the house down? >> reporter: but more than just an annoyance? a new study finds increased stress for middle-aged women is associated with increased risk of alzheimer's disease. following 800 women between the ages of 38 and 54 for almost four decades. overall, 104 women developed alzheimer's disease. but the rate was much higher for women who were stressed out. of the 63 with the highest levels of stress, 16 eventually
8:06 am
developed al swriemers. in the more laid back group, half that number. eight women developed the disease. >> they're just looking at this association between it and alzheimer alzheimer's. it is not causation. we need more studies to look at risk factors. >> reporter: rearchers note that personality could affect exercise, nutrition and social interactions and may lead to alzheimer alzheimer's. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> a lot to think about there. "pop news" and weather coming up. but robin is in the social square. >> here's a look at what's coming up on the morning menu. how one direction, i'm telling you, the story of one young man's life. the video trending big right now. and the divorce hotel. how couples are saving big on splitting up. and deals and steals going pink. a good cause, going to breast
8:07 am
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8:11 am
♪ . okay. bradley. we would like to -- we would like for your girlfriend -- go ahead. [ cheering ] >> i love that, everybody. there's one direction, harry styles. he stepped up to help one lucky guy propose to his girlfriend. and this video is trending big online right now. it's fans watching bradley pop the question at the concert wednesday, and she said yes. yes. good job, bradley. he got the ball rolling tuesday.
8:12 am
he tweeted the band to help him out. then he posted this photo after the show. there he is with his new fiance, his sister and harry styles. the man who helped them. he popped that question. and i'm asking you -- >> i like that. that transition was lovely. i'll tell you what's popping. here we go. some very exciting baby news to report this morning. ashton kutcher and mila kunis popped out a baby girl. welcoming her on tuesday. people magazine confirming the wonderful news that the little girl is here and healthy. that's a quote from the parents. the former "that '70s show" co-stars are engaged. kunis planning to scale back on work once the little one arrived and planning to be a full-time m mom. no word on the name. but a loly young couple. but in pop news, a case of lost
8:13 am
and not yet found. they found an engagement ring in melbourne, australia. if you were in melbourne, please listen up. an engagement ring found. nobody has claimed it. no one's come back looking for it. so the airline took to social media, asking their 150,000 twitter followers if they had lost anything. they're not sharing a picture of the sparkler. a good thing. the unlucky passenger has not been found. one twitter follower found an idea for a script. now writing a romantic comedy called "terminal love." if you know the ownering with contact virgin australia on social media. >> maybe they lost it on purpose. >> i was going to say that. >> why bring that up, michael? why you of all people? >> i look at everything. i'm a full-circle thinker.
8:14 am
>> this is an investigative reporter. looks at the facts. >> yes. this one's for you, strahan. and joe, tough enough to get the blocking, hands so soft, he can catch the ball and take a all the way. but that's not sidelined mr. fauria last weekend. he has a soft heart. he was taken down chasing his puppy. when the team doctor was not able to come to the house, he went to the engineer, and the cat was out of the bag. there's the culprit. he said the pomeranian and husky up couldn't hold it. he said come here, you little nugget. and he did not come ply. he fumbled, down the stairs. he's got a hurt ankle. the up has an instagram page. my popularity was inevitable, just wish it wasn't because i
8:15 am
peeed in theo house. >> my daughters wanted one of those. >> any time you get hurt and not on the football field, go to work and act like you got hurt there. walk in like it's normal, whatever pain. oh, my ankle. do it at work. >> that would not make a better story. >> yeah, the little four-pound puppy. >> and on the field, it got escalated. you got hurt by a puppy? come on, man. >> inside picture. >> lie. >> heat index coming up. ginger has a check of the weather right now. >> i do. and great lakes coming on this morning. i found ladies from isconsin from what part? >> veroqua. >> oh, i thought you were going to say green bay. that's a suburb of it. check on downtown dallas. go south.
8:16 am
and this morning, the temperatures in the upper 70s, the dew points are in the upper 70s. dallas is included in the severe storm threat risk area today. going up to chicago. and as far east as memphis. that's an area that you want to watch out for. someone just tweeted me and said i'm in boston, i want to take my dog out, when is it going to >> good morning, washington. another cloudy, foggy start. here we go, but improvements gradually through the morning. 57 in gaithersburg and a 62 in annapolis. fog and clouds, partly sunny this afternoon. temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. for tomorrow, watch for increasing clouds but not until late into the day. most of the clouds hold off until you go to sleep overnight and >> you know one of my favorite
8:17 am
things out here is birthdays, of course. but she has the statue of liberty on her nails. >> nice touch. thank you. kicking off the heat index. the best job perk you have never heard of. i never heard of it, a pre-ca trt ion. offering new hires before starting the job. >> a start date -- >> got to like that. >> you get paid. >> that was the big difference. slate, breaking it down, one ceo says it helps new employees feel refreshed and ready to get to work. americans work longer days and take less vacation than anyone in the industrialized world. >> management. >> but the ceo finds his employees are more productive when they feel their boss cares about their well-being. it is a little bit different than starting your start date a little bit different. but to have vacation, and your boss says glad to have you here.
8:18 am
>> nice bonus. >> wonderful bonus. >> i would be happy. >> one month in, then doing it. just to regroup and assess what you needed to focus on. i don't know. whnc >> when you go from one job to another, you need the transition time. >> exactly. >> lara is asking for a vacation a month. also this morning, turns out being creative up against the clock is not a good combo. new research to be published in the journal of personality and social psychology. those who work under a time crunch are less creative and happy. people with strict schedules were more efficient, but felt the clock was external, making them feel less in control. even the presence of a clock at the office can get in the way of creative thinking. that's interesting. i feel like i'm always with the phones, i'm always looking at the time. i always feels that puts me in control.
8:19 am
>> when you have to get it done. >> we want to hear from you. working with a deadline? tweet us #socialsquare. and the heat index this morning, amal alamuddin's custom wedding down getting so much buzz. and now a version for those who want to dress like her. isabelle armstrong, featuring an off the shoulder dress called andrea. the look-alike will be available in select department stores starting saturday. that's quick work. nicely done there. her version is not cheap, guys. it's still pricey, oh, wow. it's still $7,000. who's paying $7,000? >> for a knockoff? $7,000? >> i was thinking we were going to say $700 maybe. i'm a fan of $199. you're wearing it once, people. >> my -- it's like the guy with the suit here, and it was a good idea until he said it was like
8:20 am
400 bucks. >> sir. >> it's a special one. >> oh, well. and now for the morning stir. today with an exclusive look inside the divorce hotel. exactly what it sounds like. a resort hotel for couple chores going to split. >> reporter: good morning. you check in married, and check out divorced. all for a flat fee. divorce hotel is a concept that began in the netherlands with a reality show. now it's here. and we were there for their first mediation on u.s. soil. we've seen some of hollywood's hottest married couples dissolve into hollywood's hottest uh-ohs and have lengthy divorces. demi moore and ashton kutcher, eight months to finalize. and kim kardashian's marriage.
8:21 am
and gibson losing $425 million to his ex-wife. annually it's tens of billions of dollars on divorces and takes up to a year. but does divorce need to drain so much time and money. for jonathan and katherine, married 20 years with four kids. wedded bliss. >> it was great, bought our first car and house together. >> reporter: soon led to wedded woes when he started working seven days a week. >> i wasn't happy. he's there, but he's not there. >> reporter: but instead of heading to the courtroom, they're off to the divorce hotel. the first and only in the country. call it the go-to program for quickie weekend divorces. >> we want this negative situation to be as positive as possible. so divorce hotel was just a good fit. so pretty. >> reporter: and while it may seem like the perfect couple getaway, at this hotel you check in married --
8:22 am
>> welcome to divorce hotel. >> reporter: and check out divorced. >> i want to keep the truck. >> i'm not paying for a truck i'm not driving. >> reporter: over the next two days this colorado couple will try to dissolve the marriage with the help of a mediator. just minutes before the session, i caught up with them. how did you sleep? >> really well. >> reporter: are y ready for the process emotionally? >> i don't think anyone can be ready for the process emotionally. >> sell the house and both move. >> reporter: it's off to a rocky start. >> i'm pick aupg debt on a truck that i think should be sold. >> but we didn't say you're picking it up yet. >> reporter: will this unprecedented approach have a successful ending. >> you look uncomfortable. to want take a break? >> okay. >> reporter: now the mediator navigates the process, making the decision when they can't settle. they have to agree to the process beforehand. i was in the room, a lot of tense moments. >> they are in separate rooms at
8:23 am
the hotel. >> travels together, didn't stay together. >> if they know what they want, can be a lot cheaper. >> between 3500 and $10,000. for the couple that wants to settle it amicably. >> see how it ends tonight on "nightline." and now to robin. for breast cancer awareness month, tory janiohnson is here h deals that give back. at least 15% going to cancer charities. >> at least. and all the details and the charities at >> the people you work with are wonderful. >> you're going to save a lot of money and support a great cause. this is a big assortment of pink, variety of pink, five
8:24 am
different options. depending on the style you like. and amazing prices. normally 38 to $95, these are slashed by 50 to 71%. 19 to $28. aren't they beautiful? >> they're beautiful. also a big hit. what do we have? >> another big hit. the company we love, genuine leather, buttery leather. so soft. >> like butter. >> it's all in blush. it's the big blush collection. big assortment of accessories to choose from. normally 45 to $425. these are off by 79%. $9.50 to $89. isn't that beautiful? >> great there. >> gorgeous quality. another "gma" favorite. forever princess. what i love about these, it's a little girl's outfit and the doll matching outfit. how adorable is that? it will fit your girl. the equivalent of an american
8:25 am
girl doll or a similar-sized doll. so precious, matching. there's a big, big assortment of styles to choose from from extra small to extra large. the prices on the website. huge savings. normally, $79, slashed by 75%, 20 bucks. >> and now -- >> okay. the nest fragrance. they are amazingly generous. they give 20%. this just won a prestigious award from this impressi ivive fragrance foundation. the candle or the diffuser, slashed in half, $14 to very 19. >> and before you come up there -- >> and it lasts a very long time. >> last but not least. >> delicate one there. cozy bags. these are embellished totes. you get to mix and match the color of the tote and the
8:26 am
embellishment of your choice. five options. starting at $58. isn't that one? that's a fun one. we didn't show here, but on wednesday we wear pink, but on thursdays too. normally, but slashed, so just $20 to $22 for a big assortment. >> you have done it. and you are great in pink. thank you to the companies for providing these great deals. head to coming up, we will be back.
8:27 am
>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning on this thursday. your time right now eight: 27. i autria godfrey. we want to get a check at your thursday morning commute. jack taylor in the wtop traffic center has his work cut out for him. >> everything is trying to get dragged over to the right shoulder. it will cause a late delay getting into dale city. 17 straight close between pennsylvania avenue and constitution avenue. ongoing police activity. as you see everything is closed at this point. maryland 50 westbound after the freeway airport, accident in the hov lane causing big delays. to i-97, very slow traffic because of a crash.
8:28 am
outer loop of the beltway heading north toward 50 -- all travel lanes are open, but it is jammed from an earlier crash. how about our forecast in ? >> we will get sun this afternoon were clouds and fog's linger to the middle of the day. 54 degrees is our current temperature. you can see the haze behind me. a visibility has improved in some spots. less than a mile in frederick, so use caution the next couple of hours. skies partly sunny this afternoon,-the lower to upper 70's, autria. >> jacqui, thank you. everyone is on the hunt this money because the washington nationals have placed about 100 jayson werth gnomes all over the dmv. we happen to have one. our executive producer sarah happen to find one. the fans to find the autographed ones will win tickets to saturday's playoff game. unfortunately, this one is just a gnome. unfortunately, this one is just a gnome. it is still cool to have it ♪ ♪
8:29 am
only one place helps you maximize everything in yourlife, eve. the place where you always geget more than you pay for... t.j.maxx. brands you love, prices that work for you. this fall, shop smarter. maxx first! doesn't everyone deserve a maxx life?
8:30 am
t.j.maxx. look at that. times square has been taken over by pancake stackers. emeril lagasse and ty pennington, cooking and stacking with their friends attempting to break the guinness record. >> exactly, right? >> tell about the new show which is called "on the menu." it's stacking and not taste. i did have a taste. oh. >> yum. >> it's tasty. and we also have multi-talented emma thompson in the social square. so happy to see her. the oscar winner is here to talk about her other job. he moonlights as a children's author. i love peter rabbit.
8:31 am
now bringing this character to life that we grew up. but inside to george with a special guest. actor jennifer garner, bringing a kid's classic to life. action and we were and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day on the big screen now. in this version, everyone's having a bad day. >> things were a little bad today. >> i know. what is it? >> it's marker. it's fine. how did it go? how was the reading? >> it was awful. i think i pretty much flushed by career down the potty. >> what happened? >> never mind. can i have the wipes. >> sorry. >> dad. >> sorry. >> i told you the day was cursed. >> and jennifer garner with us now, every parent watching that, i have been there. not a real stretch to play this role, right? >> no, i could so relate to the chaos of this family's lives. they're all getting ready one
8:32 am
morning, and the baby's not wearing a diep pwear ing a diaper. and the orange juice out of the fridge, and when we were shooting it. yep, i can go deep here. >> we have all read this book to our kids. it's so great. >> such a great book. i've read it to my kids. i've read it forever. and, you know, obviously it's not a tome. so you wonder how is going to be adapted? but the writers did such a great job taking the idea and expanding on it and making it something everyone can relate to. >> and you wanted that for a long time? >> i wanted to work with steve. you are going to love steve care carell. and i worked with him and he was better and more than i hoped. little he's such a nice guy. >> he is just the coolest, nicest guy. and hilarious in the movie. >> you did your best to get a rise out of him on set. you both went to dennison?
8:33 am
>> yes, in ohio at different times. i called the bookstore and had anything printed that had dennison on it and hide stuff all over the set. and steve was just -- one day i had the whole crew wearing dennison sweats, caps. he doesn't see anything. >> and what a treat to work with dick van dyke. >> such a treat. he's a legend. he sang with me between takes. which is a real highlight of my life. >> we have a lot of questions coming in on twitter. there he is right there. how do you balance work and motherhood? >> i'll let you know when i figure it out. i don't think there is such a thing as balance. you have to go easy on yourself and be where you are. today i know in my head that my kids are going to wake up soon in l.a. and start to get ready for school. but i know that they're taken care of. i'm going to be here and have a good time. >> you know they're going to be
8:34 am
okay. you're not a big fan of social media, not on twitter on instagram. but you're in another movie called "men, women and children" that looks at what's going on with that. >> it's directed by jason wrightman who did juneau and up in the air and young adult. he's such an incredible guy and great director. this movie is very different from alexander. it asks you to look at how you are relating to people and connecting to people. nowthat social media and the internet and everything else is in your life. >> i can not wait to see it. you have two movie this is month, ben has "gone girl" coming up this weekend. >> you cannot escape the afflecks right now. >> and we don't want to. and cannot wait to see this as well. alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day opens next friday. >> thank you. >> you can go to "gma" and enter the sweep stakes to win a family
8:35 am
trip to hawaii. now to ginger with a final check of the weather. >> see all of these pancakes? i have been eating the whole morning. skipping ahead. so we got people -- look down the line. how many have you made so far? at least a couple dozen. or more. they all wait in line. let's get straight to the forecast. what's happening in missouri. heavy rains and severe storms in some places. more than 60 recorports. today, the severe storm threat, and a flood threat in red or yellow. some of the storms could have rain. over 4 inches when they come through quick like that. >> i want some pancakes,, too. we have got some fog across the region. that will stick around mid to late morning. a little bit of sunshine this afternoon. temperatures in the mid to upper 70's.
8:36 am
>> now you call a flapjack or a pancake? pancake, robin. we got that settled. >> yes, we do. thank you. we appreciate that very much. the best-selling memory about surviving breast cancer, the silver lining, has a companion guide. it's free. author holly jacobs and the chairman and ceo of allstate are teaming up to give it to any person in the u.s. diagnosed with breast cancer this year. both here to tell us about it. great to see you, holly. wonderful to meet you, tom. we're talking about 250,000 people on average in the u.s. are diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and they will get this beautiful guide free. first of all, how is recovery, holly? >> thanks for asking. i'm so great. so happy to be here. >> good to have you back. you were here in the spring, and telling us what you were doing. and the beautiful book you have.
8:37 am
>> exactly. >> tell us about the companion guide here. >> the companion guide is condensed version of the original book, and it provides all of the really valuable lifelines and practical matters that anyone who is facing breast cancer will be helped by. >> and you come from, you know -- as a thriver, because you know we like to say thriver. survivor is great, but thriver. a social worker, nurse, you come at it from all different directions. and you have teamed up with allstate. you are approached all the time, what was it about holly and this in particular? >> i want us to be a different kind of company. be a force for good. help women not be alone in the cancer journey. that fits. with holly, our success is all about people. you know, she is just fabulous. she's motivated and gone from finding her own silver lining to helping other people find theirs. how can that not be a success?
8:38 am
>> i remember when she was here, she wanted to give it away. and her publisher is li, no, no, no, you have to sell. you wanted to do this because it is invaluable. it's like a work book as well, isn't it? how does it help people who are di diagnosed? >> it provides the information you don't necessarily hear about. it's kind of like your girlfriend that can be a companion with you throughout every step of the process. it includes information like the questions to ask at your doctors appointments. what to pack for chemo. how to talk to your children. what to do with hot flashes, which i might have in a minute. all of the really valuable things that you don't necessarily hear about are in this book. i use my professional experience and my personal experience to try and channel all of that information here. >> and when you read the book, it's like you're talking to holly. you're just -- you know, i've known her for a while. but you read it, and it also has
8:39 am
lessons which go well beyond brsteacancer. it's how to be the real you. how to open up to people. and i think that's applicable to all kinds of things. >> that's a really good point. and how people are not going to feel alone and neither are the people around them. tom, that was something that struck you too. it's not just for the person going through it, but those who are their support system. >> everybody. if you have a family member or friend with breast cancer, you should read the book. it's not just 250,000 people. they probably each touch 10 or 20 other people. it's available free to everybody. just get on the website and get. >> some people are saying, how do you find the silver lining? how have you done that? >> silver linings are in small or big packages. for me, it was the humming bird outside my window because i was too sick to stand. to the ultimate silver lining, being able to help people who have to follow me down this
8:40 am
path. and i think there's no better silver lining than that. but silver linings provide the balance and perspective and hope to get through some of the most difficult of circumstances. >> and we have seen that. we saw that yesterday. we had our go pink program. and it was wonderful to see all these men and women who are going through it but finding that silver lining in some kind of way. and you are going to provide that for methem. tom and holly, wonderful. >> thank you. >> and the silver lining companion guide is available on allstate's website. companion guide is available on allstate's website. coming up, oscar winner emma
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
just sitting here talking to the one and only emma thompson. the only person to win academy awards for both acting and writing. not too shabby and a different kind of writing. her third book for children about the world east most beloved bunny. the spectacular tale of peter rabbit and the one and only peter.
8:44 am
our other special guest. i can't tell you how thrilled i was to see you brought back this character who i remember reading with my parents, and kiate and love the naughty fox. >> i know, well i know them all very well. >> yes. >> and love them so much. because my dad used to read me -- but he used to edit quite con pi conspicuously. quite wanting to get downstairs for a beer. you left out the bit about the bow. he'd go back. peter rabbit wrote to me personally. >> i was reading that you got a letter from peter, via the pub u publisher. >> it was in brown paper with half-eaten radishes. i wouldn't have dared to follow beatrix potter if i had been sent a proper letter.
8:45 am
but they were so clever and creati creative, all the correspondence i have is with peter. and i kind of think he really exists, you know. >> well, it seems -- i was a big fan of beatratrix potter. and she felt he existed and he does to so many of us. how you advance the story. with his pal, benjamin bunny, i think his cousin with, and told to go to the fair. and what does that mean? like any good child, they go. >> they wouldn't actually go, just passing it. and they go and get into terrible, terrible difficulty. >> that's what we love. and you are naughty too. you and i have spoken off camera. is that what attracts you to this character? >> yes, he's anarchy. anti-authoritarian. and so am i. >> you don't say. >> i love him. and benjamin bunny is slightly more timid and following peter. >> when you go into readings, tell everybody, you have a
8:46 am
specific question to ask children. >> what's the naughtest thing you have ever done? >> and you have great answers. >> great answers. the naughtest thing my mother did was whittle into the laundry basket once. an act of -- she was very young, obviously. she was 7 or something. i told a girl in manchester, and she said i pulled up a wall. i pulled up a wall -- i said that's more of a talent, i would have thought. how on earth did you manage that? fantastic stuff you hear. >> it is. it's magical. the other thing we to want congratulate you on is your success in "sweeney todd." we have some video. this is you with brin and you are singing at lincoln center. >> don't make me watch this. >> do you not to want to take a look at this. you're amazing. reviews were amazing. >> do it and i'll just --
8:47 am
♪ was the word ♪ yes, yes, i love ♪ we played -- >> you can sing, you can write and we know you can act. i can't wait to see what's up next. i was reading, you ever your plate is full. and thank you for bringing back one of all of our favorites. >> oh, you're so welcome. really. >> it's emma thompson. >> right. >> so joining the occupy movement. >> whatever -- >> that would be good. >> bring it out. >> i mean, -- >> we love you. >> thank you so much. >> great to see you. >> god, i'm really -- i'm so traumatized. >> stop it. the voice is incredible. everybody, emma thompson wrote the spectacular tale of peter rabbit on sale now. and up next, pancakes. emeril and ty, cooking it
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ look at this. serious pancake operation here in times square. i mean, this is big business here. pancake business. we have emeril here, he doesn't need a last anytime. emeril is just the singular. and ty pennington as well. you are stacking pancakes -- >> trying to break the record. >> all morning, trying break the guinness record for the tallest pancake stack. over two feet five inches tall. it looks like the leaning tower of pisa. >> it's tilting too much. it's scary. >> we have to get that up to the world record. do that in just a moment. you are here, you have a new show together "on the menu." tell me about it. >> it's a competition show where every day home cooks get a shot at not only a $25,000 prize, but
8:51 am
also putting their dish on the menu of america's favorite restaurants. and the cool thing is, it airs friday night, you can go to the restaurant on saturday and order it. >> that's so cool. >> you can taste what you see on a food show. it's never happened before. >> you know what i want to taste right now? what you have been making all morning. >> these are pumpkin pecan pancakes. one of my favorites. simple. all-purpose flour. you can get the recipe on "gma." >> ty is going to break the record right now. >> right now. >> we're making the pancakes. >> cinnamon, spice and brown sugar. a little bit of baking powder, baking soda. start with the dry ingredients first. okay? >> yep. >> mix all of that in there. then to two eggs. what we're going to do is whisk a little bit of melted butter. >> okay. a >> and then if you would like to
8:52 am
pour the buttermilk for me. >> i would. >> nice and rich and creamy. now we're going to add the liquid to the dry. and we're going to add our pumpkin filling in here. and that's our batter. and basically what you want to do is either on a griddle or basically in a pan with butter, yeah, we're going to start right here. look at that. there's the batter. and cook them until they're nice and golden brown on both sides. absolutely delicious. >> i have had one. you can see. "on the menu" premiers tomorrow on tnt. and get it on on yahoo!. stick around to see if they can break the world record. >> may break the record.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
all right. we're about to make pancake history. world pancake history. ty, you're going to put the final pancake. >> yes, here we go. going on right now. >> easy, easy. >> whoa. >> i think we got it. we got it? here we go. >> she is measuring the stack. >> dinner's measured. >> yes. >> that's a record. >> we broke the record?
8:56 am
>> yes. so the previous record stands at two feet ten inches. today, after much anticipation. i verified that tnt's "on the menu" team broke the record with two feet ten and a quarter inch. >> it will be donated to the soup kitchen as soon as we're done. >> thanks so much. congratulations. have a great day. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. good thursday morning. your time right now eight: 56.
8:57 am
i autria godfrey. we want to get to jack taylor in the wtop traffic center. >> still a little tough trying to move out of maryland and virginia and the local lane -- local lanes at route 1. delays back to branch avenue. metro rail the red line, single tracking between friendship heights and dan asters. newest problems in howard county. this is up near 40, southbound only has a right lane getting by. big delays in both directions. all travel on 29 and 100 being diverted different directions. better news downtown on 17th street, reopening between pennsylvania and constitution from some earlier police activity. forecast -- how is that looking? >> a lot like yesterday. to break,ouds a slow but we will get there this afternoon. kind of a cool shot, stripey in the sky.
8:58 am
64 is our current temperature, so a long sleeve start again, but temperatures will warm up and feel a little bit better. 57 in hagerstown. highs in the mid to upper 70's, becoming partly sunny this afternoon. if tomorrow we will have more sunshine with showers and thunderstorms likely tomorrow night and saturday. a big, cool change this weekend, autria. >> thank you, jacqui. a suspect is under arrest after an alleged drunk driving accident that injured a park police officer. park officials tell abc 7 news that the driver injured the officer and his car in hyattsville. the officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. we will have much more coming up for you right here on abc 7 news
8:59 am
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