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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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has symptoms that could be associated with ebola. -- >> the patient was isolated and monitoring his symptoms. a statementreleased saying at this time there are no confirmed cases of ebola in the district of columbia. they were all keeping it in perspective. >> we know about this confirmed case of ebola in doubt -- in palestine texas. people are trying not to make those same mistakes. there has been a dozen cases
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where patients exhibited ebola like symptoms within the district of columbia. in connection with this , that is not a hot spot for ebola at this point in time. i am jennifer donelan, back to you. more one going to get that possible ebola case in montgomery county. at ave breaking news response case in dallas. we go to ross live in the abc 7 news room. >> the possibility of others -- the administration announced it is ramping up efforts to help stem the crisis in west africa and stop a virus in its tracks. critics say that response has been slow getting off the ground. the pentagon announced it is sending additional troops to make that number as far as west africa.
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they will provide logistics support. every effort will be made to keep him from getting exposed and treatment if indeed they are exposed. the cdc has established 14 labs around the country that could test blood samples for ebola. our partners thinks more needs to be done. >> you'd basically need somebody who can coordinate this. look at some of the top people this- people that can do first we said there was no problem. now it is up to 100 people. >> only about 10 people is at
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risk. had had taken -- they trouble finding a crew. another company do not have the right credentials to do the job. there is still a briefing going on at top white house officials. they are treating this as a .ational security priority we will have more as this comes out later. abc 7 news. we will have continuing coverage on the u.s. response to ebola as well as the cautions being taken. you can also get the most up-to-date information on that case in dallas and the worldwide response in the outbreak to >> unfolding right now in
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southeast washington, taking their first step to the world series. >> we have team coverage of the game and fans reactions let's begin with robert burton with what is happening. >> if this gives you any hope he just calls the first hit. right after that it was a double play. aresan francisco giants still in control of this one. two rbis. there is still a lot to go. about four innings left. we can get some things going
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because there is time left in this one. bottom of the eighth, aces loaded. clears the basis, makes a nice slide to avoid the tag. this one of a -- this one with a final of 726. fun times here. we could have a good outcome. talk to you guys later. back to you. the next big question is will the weather cooperate? >> doug hill has the latest on potential rain.
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a look ative you reagan international airport? between winchester, that area of rain is moving to the northeast. there is more and movement to the north and then there is to the east. some of those showers will move in. we will keep an eye on that. no thunderstorms, nothing violent. 70 in annapolis. showers will be moving from west to east. to all be off and running very nice weekend for the first weekend in october. >> sounds good.
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the preparation got underway hours before the sun came up. fans have been prepared -- been preparing and reacting. >> lining up over nats park. there i'm going to go crazy. >> by midday the whole area around the stadium -- they had a chance to watch the orioles and their playoff game. >> i have been a fan since 1962. and a nats fan forever. >> today it is all about the nationals. i have a yearbook that says not
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-- that says washington nationals. are custom-made gnomes. my friend has a curly w on there. ladies are different. you have this action going on here. >> the hope is that those gnomes will bring some late inning magic for the nationals and all of these fans will file out these gates in about 45 minutes to an hour. abc 7 news. >> keeping on top of today's playoff game we will hear from more fans later on. >> we have some breaking news in the fight against iso.
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hostage -- the video shows 47-year-old alan henning. he was abducted while delivering relief supplies in syria. the man in the video threatens to kill in other american hostage. fbi agents and local law enforcement officials and residents are holding an emergency meeting to discuss a string of hate crimes. acts of trying to end vandalism targeting the hindu community. uptickave been an involving graffiti messages. we will have details on those crimes coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. the race to, protect women on college campuses using high-tech and low-tech approaches. how a local company fits into it all.
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>> plenty of nats fans could not get tickets to the game. stopping then from celebrating. a live report next on abc seven news. >> what may be to blame for a crash involving a montgo
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>> montgomery county police say they will not know what caused this crash until they get a report back on monday. investigators told abc 7 news it appears the driver fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed into a car, then driving into the wood. mid county highway in gaithersburg. >> if you are guilty of texting while driving, this may be what you need to stop. virginia state police using a system where troopers will find a person texting behind the wheel and take a picture. then they pass the information make a stop and issue a ticket to the person who was texting while driving.
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>> the first of what national fans hope will be many more playoff games, game one of the division series. >> rebecca cooper is live in arlington with fans who couldn't or didn't want to get tickets. hello. >> trust me, they all wanted to get tickets. you can see, lots of fans here. everybody wanting to be at the game. they have been here since 3:00 today. >> the family grew up loving the nats. not come down a couple of years ago. i am making it happen. >> the fan -- the stands were often empty.
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>> good things are coming. the washington area, just about everyone is cheering on the hometown team. the principal and assistant principal and kurdish all kids to wear red. >> we are ready to win and we want to go all the way. >> these kids are diehard fans. >> i hope they win the playoffs. i just want him to win. >> you have to have faith in your home team. underway, t's got were not ready to celebrate. they say there were lots of reasons they love their nats.
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>> here we are back in the cafe. all kinds of national pride. are we going to go this time around? >> so deep. >> they say they will take it all the way to the world series. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> our coverage of the nationals playoff run continues ahead. we will introduce you to the women who keep the team running. >> we have some bright skies metaphorically for these nats. >> that is what we are paying for. still about four and a half to get that done. started.he way it
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break early in the clouds. a couple of sprinkles on the lens there. remains cloudy, breezy, and comfortable throughout the afternoon. thisain has remained for hour. the motion is moving more to the north than it is to the east toward the washington area. rain are further south in virginia. certainly the steadier shower is holding off until later on this friday night. temperatures are not an issue. cooler and
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wake up in foreign in the morning it might be raining. we even should you video of it earlier. a power plant has shifted rapidly into canada. it has lost a lot of its energy. this is the batch that is likely to pull through our area later tonight. in the meantime it is just a waiting game. give it a good kick in the pans and pushed out by tomorrow. definitely a gusty breeze pre-look a much cooler it is the west. look at these dramatic drops in
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24 hour temperatures. cooler in chicago than it was this time yesterday. tomorrow skies will brighten. late tomorrow afternoon it will only be 62 or 64 for game number two and nationals park. partly sunny and: the morning. as we head through the next seven days we will see a nice change here. back in the 70's if you like those kind of numbers. it will be through the next week.
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>> coming up on abc seven news at 5:00, we are going to take another trip to national where game one has come under way. nat-itude is in full force. people showing full symptoms of ebola into area hospitals. -- in two area hospitals. >> they're all kinds of tools to keep students state that students safe on college campuses.
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>> tonight marks three weeks as the last time anyone has seen hannah graham. >> the 18-year-old damaged after a night out at charlottesville -- 18-year-old vanished after a night out at charlottesville. >> combine that with a survey who says one in five women will be sexually assaulted while in college, it combines for a growing market for safety devices. kimberly takes a look. am he was at school. andracking her teenage son daughter at penn state through cell phones. >> especially with all the events happening, it is all moms
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are talking about. whistle to save lives. >> that is the concept. a gal should not be a loan. that should not be alone. -- a gal should not be alone. they have cadets that can drive us around. i always called him no matter what. this university host a campuswide sexual assault awareness event next week. an app thatd connects students with police. most of these are gps tracking. this one allows you to set off alarm bells to a network of friends. even with the growing number of apps, we did not find any who used then. >> i have heard about then.
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>> just knowing you have an app keeps you aware of the situation around you. >> why haven't you downloaded one yet? >> that is a good question. kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. >> i never would have taken that trip. i realized what the risk was. >> the scenic to her of the capital that went from a segue to the er to the courtroom. >> as the washington nationals make their playoffs, we will introduce you to the working women behind the boys of summer. >> ebola in montgomery county. one >> to are on full
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alert when two people came and showing signs of the ebola virus. >> these cases involve people who recently returned from west africa. reporter kevinty lewis is outside shady grove tonight with what we know about this potential case. >> they received that patient within the last 24 hours. not only does that individual display signs of flulike
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symptoms but the hospital says his or her travel history supports the potential for an -- the bulletn infection. >> that is scary. to learnrs are shocked a patient and shady grove hospital may have ebola. >> it is scary knowing it is so close to home. you wouldn't think that would happen in montgomery county. >> the hospital has not revealed what country that patient has recently visited. it is also withholding the age, sex, and town he or she lives in. havethought they would really good measures. that's scary. doctors ran a variety of tests on the unidentified patient.
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so far the results are not back. >> everybody has to be really scared. i cannot even come close to people anymore. people hang out in restaurants. can you imagine? is in patient in question isolation. phone withoff the the hospital spokeswoman who told me his or her test results would not be back for another 24 hours. i am kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> so far the ebola virus is blamed for more than 3000 deaths in west africa. >> with the virus making its u.s.,appearance in the hospitals are taking every precaution with the disease. sam ford is outside howard university hospital with how the community is reacting to even
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the possibility of a case in d.c.. >> a man came here. i guess he must have feared he had ebola. in any event he came here to the i have spoken to several sources who said nobody in authority believe this is a case of ebola. his condition is improving. howard hospital spokeswoman said out of an abundance of caution they are keeping him in isolation for observation. they fear they have ebola but the health department says there has been no confirmed case of ebola in washington. the source tells me they believe the case here will turn out not
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to be ebola. plus the country of nigeria is now -- nigeria is not the country of liberia. thousands of deaths in nigeria. of an abundance of caution they are keeping this patient in isolation. nobody in authority believes he actually has a case of ebola. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford. abc seven to keep you up-to-date on latest concerns in ebola over america. we will have more on the situation in dallas and continue to monitor these potential cases in this area. that is ahead at 6:00. >> we want to go back to nationals park. , robert burton is there now. >> this is where nat-itude.
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shows. we have a little bit of life you have to be ready that have to be happy about that. a little bit of a slow start. stephen strasburg, he was released. he went five innings, eight hits, two runs. jerry will be relieved by someone else in the seventh inning. we can get some runs on the board here in scoring position. hopefully some better news coming up later. also we will have tigers. the news for you. act you in the studio. moving on tonight, a texas woman will spend the rest of her
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life behind bars for her role in the murders of four people in maryland. her thisentenced morning. she admitted to helping her boyfriend when he murdered don brooks, two young children, and their aunt. he believes they stole some of his marijuana. new surveillance video of a in -- of an alleged call wash flasher. to a womaned himself at the flagship carwash. he took off before police arrived there. this is where a man was charged for taking pictures of a woman's skirt over the summer. a tour turns to disaster. why the woman injured in the crash says she should have been warned. >> we are introducing you to the
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women making baseball history. >> new at six, it is a first since 2008.
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>> with the baseball playoffs underway we thought we would introduce you to the ladies part of the washington nationals. they are this week's working women. they lookme this year like dream jobs, and up close look at natta to -- at nat -itude from the front office. >> we have a great time. chieferie is the teams marketing officer. many advertisers and decision-makers -- >> they see we have a familiar face and diversity. is one of six women in senior level positions. the four major sports leagues the nationals are the that only team with
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women overseeing the functions. >> i think in this organization it is all about working hard, and going above and beyond. >> with baseball you may have rain or promotional items. there is still operational work to be done. >> they have started a new networking group to get together with other senior leaders in the region. opportunitya lot of to do things inside -- do things the right way. >> there never is a dull moment. especially now. >> absolutely. , a sudden surge in
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sickness in one area school district. we are going to show you what is being done to get ahead of it all. >> a scenic segue to her and's with a hospital stay. coming up, the woman who was injured ta >> we are keeping a close eye on
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the washington national game. down we are going to get the latest from robert burton in just a minute. talk about traffic because once the game does and it could spell some problems on area road. >> certainly hoping for the best. let they start to traffic out of the stadium they are going to set up a taper on the 11th street bridge to allow traffic to come off. this backs up the freeway really badly on the eastbound side getting to the 11th street bridge. once the game ends that will be in for sprint it will be much
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heavier than the normal westbound heading for virginity it on the into loop delays are starting at the georgetown pike from 272 bethesda and 270 north. 66 has a crash on the westbound side. very little traffic is getting by at the moment. there was a crash eastbound. on the bay bridge there was a crash. deathwere left over the left over delays stbound in these down traffic normally happening on the westbound span. on the inner loop of the beltway , that is the volume. that is what it looks like getting up to 270 now pit traveling south on i-95, not doing too badly. >> thank you. sightseeing trip ends with a hospital stay, a foot-long scar, and a medical
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bill. >> she is suing the company for millions of dollars. she tells us why she thinks the two are company should have done more to warn her about risks. >> you no longer have to hoof it around the national mall. all you need is two wheels. >> i suggested we do a tour. a the two are ended up being -- the tour ended up being a monumental disaster. andshattered her elbow spent three days at the hospital after a segway accident. for thealking about it first time, detailing what happened last fall and she was on tour. >> it does not address the fact that these machines can randomly go rogue. >> that is what she says happened.
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she says her transporter went wild in front of the botanic gardens, reversing out of control. phil ford and quickly whipped around. >> she was knocked to the ground and badly injured. she is suing the company for more than $5 million. >> i never would have taken that trip if i realized what the risk was. >> we want to ask the company about how it wants comes -- once customers about potential risks. us to leave told the plaza, where the tour is staged. it is clear some safety steps are taken. writers get a lesson before they hit the road. attorney says the lessons and warnings were not enough. >> if you don't explain all the , reasonablyzards
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foreseeable hazards, that is a failure to warn. >> her attorney says ike and roll says -- bike and roll did not warned him -- did not warned him about something they should have. commissions safety knows of at least six injuries. >> we don't want the business to go out. we just want him to educate their people. >> whiston says bike and roll will not say if the model she was riding was part of the recall. she feels the accident could have been prevented. abc 7 news. >> d.c. bike and roll has filed a motion to dismiss that lawsuit, saying there was a waiver of liability. >> the d.c. council is criticizing two bills that is billscriticized as -- two
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that is being known as revenge pour in. during ad videos taken romantic relationship for a private use -- a person could face up to five years in prison. one maryland woman was a victim of such a crime. next day and ebay auction with 80 images of me went live. you will get through this. join 13istrict will states that already specifically ban revenge pour in. 6:00, gordonat peterson live in our newsroom with a look ahead. >> tonight we are going to continue to follow the cases of the two local patients being tested for the ebola virus. also a local community prepares
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to hold an emergency town hall. it is stemming from a growing number of crimes. we will see you in a few minutes. >> people in the south spent their friday cleaning up after a night of wild weather. took cover in 90 mile per hour winds, which ripped the roof off of a dorm. tita people are hurt by flying debris. one man died when a tree fell on his home. thousands of people are without power from texas to alabama. >> around here, a little gray. some rain is moving in. better see how soon it is getting here. >> a couple of showers developing ahead of this cold front. this is a time lapse from one of our cameras in maryland.
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look at the full color starting already. high temperatures are expected to be in the 50's. really nice weather conditions throughout the weekend. cool fall air and some very nice color. are's the first batch of rain little more to the west. there is a second line further to the west. still holding 7:00 at the earliest for scattered showers. there will be a better chance for more steady rain. there will be rain. temperatures in the upper 60's to lower 70's. the front is still well to the west. they will be gone by the
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morning. lower 60's with sunshine on saturday. here is something to remember it is autumn. back to you. >> thank you. let's get back out to nats park. robert ernest standing by. -- robert burton is standing by with the latest. loaded andses were he just struck out. the light was taken away. just about three innings left. still up two nothing. -- still up two-nothing. there is still a chance in this one. in other update coming up later in the 6:00 hour.
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camden yards. we will pick this one up. that is a three run shot. that gives a choice of four-to lead. it's a double. .hey come back from behind 7-6 is the final for this one. a big saturday coming up. against the ohio state buckeyes. they had a really good debut against indiana. >> we have to find a way to beat him. we still have to take the approach same as everyone else.
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>> just want to be able to show what you can do. really it is just another challenge and opportunity. >> you can catch that game here on abc seven. just hoping the nats can get something going before this game is over. back to you guys. >> there is time. >> keep us posted. coming up next, the reality for parents as an area school district >> you do all you can to keep
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yourself and your family healthy. sometimes germs just get the better of you. >> in loudoun county there are concerns of sicknesses. i understand it is a case of will pink off that has been discovered.
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>> whooping cough can be spread through the air, typically through coughing. there is another illness moving across the country, giving parents cause for concern. >> one student is already at home and under the weather thanks to a case of whipping cough. matter of making sure my kids are good about washing their hands. >> it is unknown when the student was affected but the district sent a letter telling him about the information, saying casual contact in school is not significant enough for routine preventative treatments. a full disclosure and heads up. >> the incident, which doctor say has become more common in the past several years, comes as cold and flu season fast
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approaches. -- the uppers respiratory illness has been found in 43 states, including virginia, maryland, and ec. >> we learn about it every day. >> parents should be vigilant about hygiene and making sure their children stay away. here we have different viruses that give us a new set of challenges. >> the virus has been around for 50 years. it treated quickly can typically lead to a full recovery. jeff goldberg abc 7 news. >> that is it for abc seven news at 5:00.
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hospitals invest getting possible cases of the ebola virus. what we are learning about the patient. and game one between the giants and the nats. at 6:00 starts right now. >> live from the abc seven broadcast center, this is abc seven news at six on your side. the giants taking a lead in game one in the national league division series. >> if you want to know where the game stands right now, robert burton begins our team coverage live from nats park. >> not good news to tell you. the giants are still in control of this one. three-nothing. stephen strasburg has been relieved. he went five innings, eight hits, two runs, and two heise -- and two strikeouts.
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there was life in the sixth later on we will have some good news for sports. back to you guys. hanson not want to miss this game. >> live at the park. fans behind me, what they need and there is a rally hope is beginning to fade as we get further and further along in this game. this day, which started with so much hope, has not gone away -- conaway the way they had planned. >>


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