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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 6, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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six. afternoon county =ourts began issuing marriage licenses for same-sex couples, whether they agree with the policy or not. the judges are comfortable with same-sex marriage moving forward in states deemed legal, including virginia. >> erica turner and jennifer have been together for 10 years. when they heard the decision today they left their home straight for arlington. a few miles south in old town alexandria, two people from to tieield moved fast the knot. supporters are celebrating the supreme court's decision not to review rulings that would allow
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same-sex marriage in virginia and four other states. wisconsin, oklahoma, and utopian opponents are slamming the court for issuing the ruling without comment, explanation, or argument. >> i find it reprehensible. >> the battle will continue against gay marriage. law. goes against natural with same-sex marriage now legal in 30 states, many believe the fight is already older. and it is only a matter of time before it is the law of the land. >> we move closer to fulfilling the promise of equality. >> the attorney general saying he and the governor have already started working on implementing the insurance benefits and other to same-sexed couples and the wheels have already begun moving on that front. the attorney general saying virginia will recognize same-sex
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performed and approved in other states. abc 7 news. virginia tech is strengthening its ban on discrimination to include transgender students. they will structure their diversity image. saidirginia tech president he wants the university to send a message of an inclusive campus. the washington nationals are battling the san francisco giants on the giants home turf. while lots of you are cheering him on from home and at the game, suzanne kennedy is live in san francisco with the throngs. >> we are still scoreless in the third inning. me you can see the error people milling about outside at&t park. we can hear fans cheering.
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we are keeping an eye on things very closely. this has been quite a day. it has been a carnivallike atmosphere throughout the day. part of what happened here is batting practice pre-at a lot of national fans came out and decided they want to check it out. they had that voluntary practice here at at&t park. having lunch with his siblings. their son and brother -- >> he always tries to stay not high and not low. you start worrying about things and that takes your mind off of
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what you have to do. they just stay even, pitch by pitch. >> it is exciting. it is his job. that is what he gets paid to do. it is much more than a general and rush for the -- then for the rest of the him. >> just his job. parents were telling me he was around the stadium. -- he went around the stadium once. you take a look over here, you can see the national teams buses have rolled in for the end of this game. ,ho knows when that will be given that saturday night's game went for 18 innings. reporting live at at&t park, .uzanne kennedy, i abc 7 news
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>> we will catch up with horace holmes coming up in sports. stay to to live team coverage tonight on abc seven news at 11. for theso a big night washington redskins, taking on the seattle seahawks here at home. kickoff is at 8:30 at fedex field. we will have complete coverage and highlights tonight the support for muriel bowser -- the -- d.c. mayoral candidate got an endorsement from president obama today. bowser's challengers includes former councilmember carol schwartz. polls show a tight race. for the first time since the ebola outbreak started the
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deadly virus has been transmitted to someone living outside of west africa. and a local family under the microsoft after a 10 month old passes away.
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>> new information on the ebola outbreak. apparently the deadly virus has been transmitted outside of western africa. a nurse's assistant in spain treated a spanish priesin madrid who worked in sierra leone. and ebola patient in dallas texas is under a new experimental drug. live in the newsroom with more, greta. confirmed that nurses assistant does have ebola. her early that her only symptom was -- her only symptom was a fever. >> freelance cameraman -- is back from liberia. in omaha nebraska and
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is now in a hospital. he may have contracted ebola while hoping to clear a car. >> we saw him from a distance. >> he is enormously relieved. it is still quite frightening. >> quite a contrast to the thomas duncan in dallas texas. they are increasingly frustrated by his worsening condition. officials got emergency fda approval and started treating duncan with an experimental drug, the third such drug to treat a bullet. >> hopefully his body will be able to fight this out. >> duncan is now in critical but unconscioustion,
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and on dialysis. nine family members are in quarantine. ebola at obama called national top security priority. dallas officials also announced they had finished cleaning his apartment. was an outcry of soiled sheets that was left on his bed for days. there has been a call for screenings at borders to help prevent an outbreak here. >> thank you, greta. the president has said some countries are not doing enough to confront the ebola crisis in west africa. -- to puto push pressure on other heads of state to do what they can to join the effort. announcement, olympic gold medalist michael phelps is suspended for six months. the suspension follows eight the ui charge in baltimore last week.
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it is a violation of his code of --of its cold of conduct follows a dui charge in baltimore last week. the organization says it violates the code of conduct. and how long will this cool sunny weather last? gorgeous day for postseason baseball in san francisco. how are the nationals responding? we have the latest.
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>> investigators are calling the death of a baby girl suspicious. family members say they took to the test took a girl to the hospital last week because she was ill. alertedal worker
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authorities. she was declared brain dead yesterday and taken off life support. the news came as a shock to the residents of the neighborhood. >> a lot of kids were playing around. >> leesburg police refused to comment on the nature of the baby's and are awaiting the result of an opt -- of an autopsy before deciding whether or not to file charges. group isic terrorists threatening to kill an american captive. the 26-year-old indiana man was taken captive while doing work in syria a year ago. abc 7 and our sister seats -- sister station is hosting a special town hall on the eye
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foot trip. it is called your voice, your future town hall. you can see it on news channel eight and on the b.j. outweigh -- and on is october 6. nothing close to winter. the gaylord national resort is getting ready for christmas. the first delivery of 400 pound ice blocks came today. each will be carved into a winter attraction. it is a steady nine degrees inside. carversrsday the ice will spend about 30 days sculpting this year's theme, frosty the snowman. >> it is that time of year. frosty ready but
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we are not ready. >> we are in good shape. a beautiful afternoon. clear skies at our weight -- at our hd weather camera. if you look on the right-hand side of the screen, you see the moon. the moon is up. here in the metro area, clouds have already started moving in. winds out of the south southeast. a breezy evening. 77 is the highest reagan international. our average low as 54. tomorrow will be cool but not as clouds ande we have the possibility of a few showers. some the one right now. 73 is the high temperature there. a light southwesterly breeze. in frederick.
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78 in quantico. 67 on the shores of the day and annapolis. this frontal system is coming to the west. that is just a sign the front is on the move. the question at hand is will the showers make it to fedex field? i do not think so. we will see said he increasing cloudiness. upper 60's at the kickoff. mid 60's later in the game. most of the activity is pushed into pennsylvania. additional showers downstream. tomorrow we will get into sunshine pretty quickly. here is one of the computer .odels we use this shows more showers in the area around midnight.
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it will clear up a bit before sunrise. through the day tomorrow we get sunshine and then the clouds are packed, the showers are back. finally clearing on wednesday. mostly cloudy, showers possible. tomorrow, cloudy with a little bit of sun in between and more late day showers. 72 to 77 degrees. samiti five, a beautiful wednesday. thursday, sunshine, cool. a friday, the next system moves through and a good chance of showers. the weekend looks pleasant with partly sunny skies and highs close to 70 degrees. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the nationals are playing the giants, game three of a best-of-five series be of the giants lead the nationals t-1 -- 2-1. one inucci is eight in
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elimination games. willie mays plaza at the park, horace what is the latest? >> here is a statistic. the nationals are one for 16. i told you they were coming. is 0-0.e other big story tonight is out of fedex field. the redskins play host to the seattle seahawks. all eyes are focused on kirk cousins and how he responds of a turnover game in primetime. the best approach against that defense has been a strong and game.
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the spotlight is on kirk cousins tonight. about himwant to talk earlier, i had a chance to go with -- what do you tell him, especially before the giants game? -- against jacksonville he was also kirk cousins. against the giants, not so much. he is going to have to be kirk tonight against richard sherman. nature would say you are going to be more careful. if you do that you get in trouble before for you -- get in trouble more than you help yourself. i need to trust my reads, trust my instincts, and just play the game. if i let previous performances affect the next game in a negative way i'm not going to be in this league for very long. >> hopefully he can go 100 percent tonight.
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as for kirk cousins, he is going to have to step it up a time. we all know the situation about that. live at fedex, abc 7 sports. >> before we wrap it up, how about the orioles? they are heading to the american league championship series. the birds will take on the kansas city royals on friday. how about doug? great job, never underestimate the managers in the postseason. the nba has extended its television contract with espn and tnt for nine years. nbaeans we will have the finals right here on abc seven for years to come. still scoreless, math and giants. >> lots of time to go.
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>> good weather here, good weather in san francisco. >> possibly a few showers later. one batch to the west and another patch west to the mountains. a chance of a few showers overnight. more showers tomorrow night. very pleasant conditions. >> thank you.
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welcome to "world news tonight." developing right now. what we just learned about the ebola patient in dallas. what they're giving to him. the american journalist with ebola coming home, suited up in the heartland. able to get on that stretcher. and we ask dr. besser, who is protecting the homeland? are authorities asking any questions at the airports? also, breaking, the first picture of the american son arrested, authorities say he was boarding a flight to join the terror group isis. how they say they knew. paving the way to the altar. the historic day at the supreme court. and what it means already. breaking late today, the urgent manhunt. one of america's most wanted, the letter just discovered. and what it reveals. and the crash seen around the world. a miracle no one was killed and what we've now learned about that place on the track.


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