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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 8, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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had reported that they initially had been in the of the initial ebola patient in dallas and had some contact with family members. at this time, hour and permission is that they had not had contact with the patient, but family members. and they had also been inside the apartment. >> just to we cap, that patient has been identified as a deputy who accompanied to county health officials into the apartment where thomas eric duncan was staying in dallas. the deputy had to get inside to get a quarantine order signed by but no one he went into the apartment had protective gear on that day. days after receiving an experimental drug that has not been tested on humans, 42-year-old thomas eric duncan lost his fight against ebola. news for alld involved. we will continue to do everything we can possible with our partners at the county to protect the public health. >> duncan had been in isolation
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september 28 after he was suspected that he contracted the deadly disease, even though he saw treatment at the hospital a few days prior. >> the hospital did not detect this right away, and that means he did not get the benefit of early treatment. and he was sent into a community where he could spread the disease more. >> according to his family, he was getting advanced care dialysis to treat kidney failure and was on a breathing machine when he died. ais comes on the heels of phone conversation his girlfriend had with a bc news, expressing her concern. >> at a big americans, they are doing enough to save him. -- the ebolalla outbreak has claimed the lives of the 400 people in west africa and infected nearly twice that many. it can only be spread through the contact with bodily fluids of an already sick person. secretary of state john kerry made an urgent plea to other countries to step up their response. >> while we are making progress,
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we are not where we can say that we need to be. >> and regarding the deputy that is now meeting -- being monitored in texas, we are told that patient at the facility where he went are now being isolated. visual -- -- a prayer a prayer vigil for duncan tonight has since been turned into a memorial. >> dulles international airport of five airports that will start screening passengers coming from any ebola stricken country. our team coverage is now live from dallas with what the screening will entail. majority of passengers to arrive here at dulles international will not experience the screenings. it will take place right below where i'm standing right now. that is where some members of to be stationed come saturday and i will be the front line in the battle against ebola here in america. >> before they can exit these
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doors or enter the arms of love once, there will be screenings for some international passengers. u.s.s is one of five airports where come saturday, the government plans to test the temperatures of passengers that flew through west african countries. -- >> we want to be safe, like what happened to that guy from liberia. that guy was thomas duncan, and he entered the u.s. late last month by passing through customs at dulles. as do hundreds of thousands of other passengers each year with itineraries that originated in west africa. >> do you think that is a good idea? make thenything to disease not come to this country. >> the airport only has one direct flight to and web -- to and from west africa, south african flights to hundred eight. flighth african airlines 208.
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many criticize the u.s. for being slow to act. passengers area just returning from a pilgrimage to mecca, where for the first time, members of the faith were blocked from attending because of the scare. did not issue us visas this year. the visas they issued, they were limited. customs and border patrol agent plan to be on standby. they will be interrogating passengers a little bit more to make sure they will -- they are not lying about their exposure to ebola, similar to what thomas duncan did. dulles, kendis gibson come abc 7 news. >> thank you. more details on the nbc canvas -- cameraman treated in nevada. the disease in west africa when he contracted
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the disease. and word came today that kent brenly donated blood to them. it could have antibodies to help boost his immune system. he did the same thing for another ebola patient, who in the end also survived. team coverage of the ebola outbreak continues. we will take a look at how d.c. emergency crews are preparing to deal with any patients that may come their way. >> what a grim subject. little sunshine in here. the weather turned into a nice, sunny day in the metro area. >> doug hill is in the weather center with the first check of the forecast. >> plenty of sunshine outside the weather center. 77 degrees now. after the sun goes down, cool in a hurry. let's give you a live look from the weather camera in alexandria. a gorgeous afternoon. the few fairweather clouds we have right now are going to dissipate. the winds are going to die down.
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low to mid 70's from frederick to germantown and leesburg to gainesville. 75 atfrederick, and dulles. 79 at reagan national. temperatures in the 70's early this evening. overnight tonight, chile one. 38-52 is the range of temperatures. more changes tomorrow. looking at the weekend in a few minutes. >> thank you, doug. search teams are looking for uva student hannah graham by air, ground, and now horseback. today, searchers used horses to move around the rural terrain outside of charlottesville to look for any trace of the teenager. and analysts are reviewing aerial pictures taken over the weekend by plane.
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and dozens of people are still on the ground searching for the 18-year-old student. jesse matthew junior has been charged in the alleged abduction of graham. she was last seen on september 13. >> a former baltimore police officer will soon be behind bars for beating and strangling his then girlfriend puppy. he will spend one year in jail, five years probation. pleaded guilty earlier this year to one count of aggravated animal cruelty. the state attorney said it was important that taylor was held responsible. going to be sentenced and is going to do his time. his career is over. but what you put out in life is what you get back. >> taylor is on probation. the judge ordered him not to live with or own any animals.
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take a look at this surveillance picture. this is from prince george's county. halloween is a few weeks away, but that did not stop this armed robbery suspect from wearing a werewolf mask and robbing two convenience stores sunday morning. investigators say the suspect and an accomplice targeted a store on allentown road in port washington. and another on old branch avenue in clinton. >> nationals fans, it was a long night, wasn't it? unfortunately, did not end the way the nats fans wanted it to. >> the nationals we did this today -- not -- tweeted this today. >> here is tim brant to tell us what went wrong. we know the other team scored more runs. that's how it works. >> it was a great year, and the nationals are saying we will eventually get to that point, but the bottom line is that they lost three out of four to the giant. there were multiple problems,
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because washington has more talent than san francisco. there is no question in my mind about that. and it was not just one thing. matt williams was making mistakes, especially with the pitching. i know hindsight is 2020, but the nats lost three games. zimmerman got lifted throughout the night. he was pitching a gem. young aaron barrett was over his head last night, rookie. that's not the way you win a season game was a bit senate -- in ais not how you do season game. this is an elimination game. the defense broke down. they lost three games, and now the season is over. but it sure was a great ride through the regular season. >> losing to the giant step hurts. -- to the giants definitely hurts.
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i'm sure we will try to get going again and hopefully get back to where we were. >> he had a great series, to fulfill legal and 21 years old. for the second time in three years, the nats one the national league and then quickly exited the playoffs. while the window was not close on its roster of players, there will be some eye-opening off-season transactions. that to the bank. >> for sure. >> we know the nationals season is over. the redskins, not going so well. lost, d.c. fans. because the capitals get into regular season action tomorrow. their first game is at home against the montréal canadiens. in the wizards preseason begins today. be on the wizards after making the playoffs last season. their regular season kicks off october 3 night in miami. >> even though the nationals are overbaseball is far from four local fans.
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we'll you now be rooting for the orioles? we are live with a tale of two cities. >> often frustrating interstate 66. >> often frustrating interstate 66. >> adrian
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>> there was gridlock in washington, d.c. this afternoon, but not because of the game or presidential motorcade. >> it was because of a taxi protest. drivers are upset about the growing presence of uber in the district. >> jennifer has more with what happened in today's protest. horns blaring in my head right now. these taxi are angry because is skipping. regulations. if this few seconds of sound makes you want to turn on your volume -- [horns honking] -- imagine being there.
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>> it's been going on for four hours. >> they have the right to do it. >> it is a huge noise violation. right outside my office. >> it's a great way to get attention. they converged on what might felt like an internment he for workers -- an eternity for workers in the area. the taxis honked in opposition of new rules that just received 10-2 support from the city council allowing car companies like uber and lift. becauseare protesting those companies have something they don't. >> i think the voters of the district of columbia should listen to their concerns. some members argued taxis
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require more regulation. >> when you call one, you know what you're getting. the drivers have been prescreened. >> but they said that's not fair to the taxis. >> their business is being sucked off by folks who don't have to be set up to the same regulation. -- subject to the same regulation. honking -- [orin's honking >> right now, and feel like i'm inside a library compared to what it sounded like earlier. there will be another vote at the end of the month. and i spoke to councilwoman mary j, cosponsor of the legislation. she is open to possibly relaxing some of the regulations for taxidrivers. >> thank you, jennifer. supreme court justice anthony
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kennedy has temporarily blocked an appeals court ruling that declared gay marriage legal in the state of iowa low -- of idaho. iss came minutes after this requestce kennedy's must be answered by tomorrow. that same-sex marriage was scheduled to begin at the same time. >> let's talk about the weather. >> it started out with the beauty of the blood moon, the lunar eclipse. a nice shot of that, courtesy of caroline angelo. it looks like mars got closer to earth. it's a beautiful image. there are many others at our website we put together a gathering of these photos for you. this is great falls, virginia. a little bit of fog before sunset.
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-- before sunrise. but look out quickly that cleared up. and cool night ahead. 75 right now in arlington. a high of 77 with a westerly breeze that seven miles per hour. sweetman, 75 degrees and a light rays out of the southwest. reagan national. mid 70's and upper 70's in the metro area. a bit cooler northwest. lower 70's are just about average for this time of october. tonight with clear skies and dry air and light wind, a very rapid cooling. 38 degrees by the morning and 52 even in downtown washington. for our other temperatures, there is still late summer heat hanging on, but you have to go well to the southwest. dallas, 99 -- 91 degrees.
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thisll get a taste of cooler air moving into the weekend. not so much from the induction and pull of the cool air, but because of the states allowing the pileup of cooler air overhead. sunshine tomorrow. clouds tomorrow afternoon. then friday, we start to pick up some moisture. it looks like friday will be a cloudy and cooler day with mid 60's and times of rain. and just to the south, high pressure will build in. we will have the effect of the cool air pulling over the top of us and then moisture riding over the back of the top of the front. and that combination in november right here -- in october and november, cloudy with light rain and drizzle. tonight, partly cloudy. 40% chance of rain on friday.
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keeping in a 30% chance on saturday, but i do maintain and hold onto the power to change that sometime tomorrow. we will see what happens. it will not be a stormy weekend. it might just be a drab weekend. >> it doesn't really feel like the holidays just yet. a little warm for that. but we will tell you this. a date is set for this year's national christmas tree lighting. the d.c. tradition will take thursday, december 4, at 5:00 p.m. free tickets for the online lottery, which starts next friday. winners will be notified through e-mail. >> and coming up, allegations of favoritism affecting metro access.
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>> it is a tale of two cities in our area tonight. >> that's right. the nationals are headed back to d.c. after last nights loss to the giants. and while nightstands -- nats fans have to wait to see their team again, orioles fans will be celebrating, moving one step closer to the world series. >> which side will you be on? robert is out talking about the magic of the mound. >> the boys of the navy yard attitude,"hrase "n game, ar last night's new one "sattitude."
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ditude." >> until the seventh inning wild pitch slade nattitude. crushing little league dreamers and leaving stadium workers picking up the pieces of what could have been for the clicks i don't know what happened. >> cheers were replaced by the harsh sounds of d.c. excepting cleveland park. magic belt it out of the speakers. and now the o's are battling for an alcs pendant on friday. the question -- will the fans
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from navy yard get over their heartburn and get behind the boys of camden yards? even the diehard nats fans that we talked to today acknowledge that long before the nats mated was the d.c. baseball orioles. they argued that if they make the world series, you could see a lot of d.c. folks on 95 headed up to baltimore. >> thank you. far, far better thing. >> we will see what happens. switching gears and coming up, a story's getting a lot of attention. a terminally ill cancer patient chooses her death eight. the debate is on. -- her death date. the debate is on.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. congestion -- there is no plan to deal with congestion on highway 66, but it could cost you. >> that is right. will drivers get on board with this plan? live alongdberg is 66 tonight.
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>> most people are fully with the way hot lanes work. you have the easy pass and then you can get into lanes where there is presumably less traffic. on i-66, drivers know they will have to pay for it more likely in more ways than one. it is a highway so synonymous with traffic, many drivers don't even bother. >> not if i can help it. >> i avoided at all costs. >> it is almost impassable. >> marriott -- larry likes the idea of expanding it to six lanes despite the cost of construction. but in the long hot -- in the long -- >> in the long haul, it is a good idea. >> they're looking at building to express lanes on the inside of 60 in both directions and having three general use lanes on the outside. from thecover the area beltway and haymarket. >> it seems like a good idea.
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they will be blocked off with plastic balance and require an easy path for drivers. are unders consideration. one to allow a metro line to be built in the median and one that would not. >> both are congested eastbound and westbound in the score doors. they are congested during peak hours and off-peak hours. >> adam mitchell agrees, but he wants more trains and buses, not more pavement. >> adding more lanes to highways doesn't necessarily improve traffic conditions. it just means there are more cause -- cars causing more traffic. construction is not set to begin until 2017. and completion in 2021 at a cost of $2 billion. as for that section of highway
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66, vdot knows that it is bad when it comes to traffic, but there are no plans on the table to make changes yet. that is the traffic we have to fight now going back to the station. back to you. >> we will see you in a couple of hours. helpu think hot mains can with the busy interstate 66? tell us what you think. go to our facebook page and join in the conversation. deputy withs ebola-like symptoms will be taken to a hospital in texas, hours after the first person diagnosed in the united states, thomas duncan, died from the disease. he had been kept in isolation. dulles international start to to passengers coming from ebola stricken countries. >> and the police officer will stand -- will spend a year in jail for beating and strengthening his girlfriend happy.
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a montgomery county -- his girlfriend's puppy. judgegomery county sentenced him today. he pleaded guilty and will spend one year in jail and five years probation. >> hundreds of drivers of taxis protested against rideshare drivers of uber and they say lyft. -- of uber and and they say those companies do not face of matriculation as they do. >> traffic north of the dulles toll road. also north bend road partington parkway. -- north george washington parkway. spur earlier last hour there was a crash. that has cleared. the pace has improved to rockville, but the usual stretch is slow up in montgomery county toward clarksburg.
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getting back to the commonwealth, i-66, what else is new? westbound is heavy. those are the pictures on the left side of the picture. heading south on i-95, a lot of truck traffic mix with the computers -- commuters. that is the way it looks from the tropics enter. >> at texas judge has decided to set the first trial date for minnesota vikings player adrian peterson. he is facing a felony charge of abuse, charged to distant -- to the use of using a switch to discipline his four-year-old son. carriescted, the charge a penalty of up to two years in prison. right now, peterson is on paid leave from the vikings. and this is a sad story that is having a lot of attention online and on tv as well. >> a 29-year-old woman diagnosed with stage for brain cancer says she wants to die with dignity. britney maynard launched a video
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campaign monday to advocate for ill to allow terminally people to end their own lives. of fives in oregon, one states to allow that practice, and on november 1, she plans to commit suicide. >> i will die of stairs in my bedroom that i share with my husband. -- upstairs in my bedroom that i share with my husband and with my husband at my side, and pass peacefully. i can't tell you the amount of relief that it provides me to know that i don't have to die the way that it has been described to me that my brain tumor would take me on its own. >> and she says she hopes to enjoy the last days as much as possible. >> coming up on abc 7 news at terror graffiti in d.c.. what the feds are saying about it tonight. >> and remote site how today's
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heroes are helping young ballplayers on and off the field. >> but first, david miller has a review of world news tonight. >> more on the breaking news of the first ebola death in america, and in dallas, another possible patient rush to the hospital. he was part of emergency team that went to the apartment in the first place. also, breaking development on the manhunt on the east coast for one of america's most wanted. what we have just learned from authorities.
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>> despite the nationals lost last night, the d.c. -- some d.c. kids still have a lot of attitude -- now attitude. they are helping to inspire a lot of baseball for local kids in a safe environment. that makes this academy this week's harris's heroes. dwayne is on ad mission. >> when i get older, i'm going
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to play for the nationals. >> and he says he's well on the way. not only do the infielders back up, but the outfielders, too. >> he attends the washington nationals youth baseball academy other kids age seven and eight. the students learn all the basics about baseball and softball. >> baseball strategy, pop-ups, how to hit the bat correctly, leveling the bat. >> i want to be a pitcher. and a catcher. pitcher or catcher. mentoring,o get other support, and equipment free of charge. to be strong and eat healthy and do good things. >> the coach says he feels like an activist in a way. >> given the kids to care about baseball, for me to be a part of
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why it's becoming more attractive to them is great. >> and with their success this it's reallyand i >> motivating the kids. they see that baseball is popular. the kid theodore with a great attitude. a the kids here go out with great attitude for the >> fantastic, and it looks like they are building their confidence as well. it to thes to expand sixth, seventh, and eighth graders in the future as well as the current third through fifth graders. >> next, how we have warned you about all the illnesses.
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>> allegations of favoritism within the highest ranks of romanov. >> this after a gaithersburg transportation companies -- company claims it lost a multimillion dollar contract to a company with the ties to the
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board chairman. >> kevin has more on how the company is taking actions. >> the company has filed two civil lawsuits against the public transit agency. once the velocities with her motto withholding -- over withholding -- with ramada over withholding public documents. the other is accusations that the board chairman gave jobs to those he had ties to that others did not. in 2012, ramada requested a new 10 year contract. homeenger, however, went in d handed and crying foul. handed ande in d crying foul -- empty handed and crying foul. bid 730 $6 million. that is $161 million less than veolia.
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even though, that even so, veolia landed lucrative deal. pay millionsana more he echo -- millions more? he claims it is because of this man. he serves on the board for veolia north america, the same company that metro access picked for the contract. >> he owns his own transportation company and is in charge of transit authority. this is truly conflict of interest. to talk onefused camera, but said this. >> it's crazy.
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it's unfair. it's sad, and it's favoritism. romana wrote challenging -- wrote challenger, problems with had its record as well a sexual assault allegations. >> if you see government waste or a problem in your community and want us to look into it, send us an e-mail to at -- send us an e-mail to w >> if you are traveling, you can look at them national map and spreading and
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moving over time with what they call a sick radar. it gets its information from andal media and cdc data allows you to anonymously report your own illness to add to the database. >> how are you feeling? i would not want to report it and let everyone in the world know. >> tonight at 6:00, we are tracking all of the latest of elements in the ebola outbreak. learned about the new person in texas showing signs of the disease. plus, abc 7 exclusive. men and women who put their own lives on the line to protect the people of syria. how their courage helps to thwart the terror group isis. that is new tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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>> right now, let's take a look at doug hill's weather. still and asunshine bit of a less than an hour to go before sunset. but give you a look outside of some of the areas of cloud cover. quickly movewill out and we will be clear and cold through the nighttime hours. but still, 79 degrees at reagan national airport right now. overnight, 38-52 degrees. put on a jacket in the morning. it will be a chilly start. up into the 70's. a nice spread of temperatures over the mid-atlantic. mid 80's across most of north carolina. making progress west to east tomorrow. in the morning, clear, but high clouds by midday.
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weather pattern on friday that could bring times of rain. will climb out of the 30's and 40's into the lower 70's tomorrow with sunrise at 7:12 a.m. forecast saturday and sunday. cloudy and cooler. of light rain and drizzle. a bit of a break on monday and then another shower chance on tuesday. the weekend rain is just kind of a nuisance rain. no storming is expected. >> thank you. >> if you win more games in the regular season, does not mean you will make it. >> two out of the last three years they've done that. 96 when, the best record in the national league again, and yet a huge hangover here in washington today. down 9-2 in a limitation games. his team was much more relaxed, more confident, and more effective. still, the nats are very proud of their compliments this year. >> we all feel we've done a good
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job the past three years. we have a great team and a great organization. we play the way we wanted to play and did a lot of things right. it's tender and is bitter and all those things, but but i'm proud of them. >> and he should be proud of them. there were those in baseball today saying he was out managed. of number one topic conversation is about the skins laughing in the locker room today. seriously. there was an article written about it and i personally don't get it. i could smile on the football field, challenger guy, and hit him just as hard as if i had dread on. this is ridiculous. stay loose.
5:52 pm
be effective. everybody handles losing differently, but i want you to listen to how ryan clark took the story. >> i had no idea how somebody was supposed to behave like that. i have no idea they can laugh, if that's the right way to handle it. i don't know if i'm pissed off and i want to talk to you, then maybe that's the way to handle it. >> i went back and watched him on tape and there was no doubt in my mind that they played their off at every snap of the game. one of them was playing on a store knee. -- on a sore knee. his effort in the game and desire to win, i will never question it. i don't have a problem with it and i don't see a problem with it. >> i don't see a problem with it either. you can see how the redskins are taking it. they are very upset that people are not taking their job seriously. to be brutally honest, i don't want to take a shot at him, but the guy who wrote it does not know if a football is stuffed or pumped.
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would it really make a difference? >> i'm just telling the facts. >> tell us how you really feel. >> the fbi- and i ofs it is aware of cases graffiti
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>> with the fbi on alert for homegrown terrorists, the bureau is monitoring cases of vandalism in northwest washington will stop in -- in northwest washington. in two locations along connecticut avenue, someone sprayed graffiti that seems to express support for so-called islamic state militants. abc trafficfiti on arabic "i'llin lock bar, followed by isis -- akbar, followed by
5:57 pm
isis. as did another set of graffiti. it has since been removed. many residents say they see all sorts of graffiti all across the city. and friendly, they don't understand arabic, so they walk right past it. but if you say that the letters isis did get attention. fbi says they are aware of the graffiti in the photos of it appearing on social media sites. we urge anyone who sees his perspective he or anyone has information, reported to the local authorities or the fbi. "allah akbar"? looking at these images, he says
5:58 pm
it was a prank or a ploy to drum up fear. seems like someone is copying it. >> regardless, the message is unsettling. >> you wanted it to be known. you don't put a piece of graffiti up somewhere so nobody sees it. >> and we want to tell you that abc 7 and our sister station news channel eight are hosting a special town hall on the isil threat. your voice, your future. the new terror threat. 8:00ll be october 16 from to 10 p.m. and that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. abc 7 news at six charts right now with breaking news. -- at 6:00 right now with breaking news. >> this is abc 7 breaking news. >> major development in the fight against ebola in america. within the past 90 minutes by
5:59 pm
officials in dallas texas have confirmed a person there is showing symptoms of the disease. a cnn reports that person is sheriff's deputy who entered the apartment of the confirmed ebola patient thomas duncan. duncan died this morning inside a dulles cost -- dallas hospital. he traveled through dulles last month on his way from liberia before he showed any symptoms of the disease. >> five international airports have been ordered to begin screening passengers arriving african origins. >> we are trying to safeguard the global transportation system at the same time that we are protecting american travelers and the public here in the united states. >> new screening procedures include taking cap -- taking passenger temperatures. they will begin this weekend. >> the spread of ebola is prompting area leaders to take a closer look at what procedures
6:00 pm
are in place around here to make sure any cases do not turn into an outbreak. >> they are also having toward addressing concerns that area emergency responders are not prepared. sam ford is live in northeast washington to explain. >> i'm outside the d.c. health department today. the city health director insisted that area health providers are on the alert for ebola and that the situation in dallas is no clause -- no cause for alarm here. of thomas came duncan's death from ebola, the d.c. health director said it is not a problem here and the medical community is prepared. >> i will tell you very simply, we will stop ebola. >> for one person, his death was very personal. she traveled to texas to assist the duncan family with the media.


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