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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 13, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> health officials are scrambling this noon to figure out exactly how a nurse in texas contracted ebola. >> she treated thomas eric duncan before he died last week. now everyone that nurse came in contact with is at risk. scott feldman is in the abc 7 newsroom with the very latest on the investigation into how this could have happened. scott? >> yeah, that's what they're trying to figure out right now. in fact, the c.d.c. has a top team of people on the ground in dallas trying to figure out how
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this nurse was exposed while wearing all the protective gear, and, of course, what they need to do in the future to make sure that it does not continue to spread via those methods. that was the fail-safe system. it was, if you were protected, if you took precaution, there wouldn't be a spread. that's the big question. we are awaiting a presser right now from a doctor from the c.d.c. to explain where we are in that investigation and how to prevent any further spread. keep in mind, while they're calling this a breach of protocol, it sounds like there are a lot of question marks out there. some studies show one in 20 ebola patients are healthcare workers who are exposed trying to treat those. so that's going to be the big question mark today. in the meantime, there's also a debate over whether or not patients who do exhibit ebola-like symptoms should be sent to a special facility, one of four or five hospitals around the country that are better equipped, that are trained to handle this particular scenario. that's another discussion. we're going to monitor this news conference, and as soon as it begins, we'll bring it to
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you. >> scott, thank you. 7 is on your side this noon with more on the symptoms of ebola. here's what to look for -- according to the centers for disease control and prevention, patients usually have a fever greater than 101.5, severe headaches, muscle pain and weakness, as well as diarrhea and vomiting. symptoms start anywhere from two to 21 days after exposure. >> we want to switch gears now and turn to those midterm elections. only a few weeks away from now, one big race is right here in maryland. >> the two demand dates for governor squared off this morning on our sister station. brianne carter has highlights. >> 10 days before early voting begins, a showdown between the candidates vying for maryland's top job. during this morning's debate on news channel 8, democrat anthony brown and republican larry hogan continued the negative tone that we've seen on the campaign trail over the past few weeks. , immediately disagreeing when it comes to taxes and the economy.
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>> mr. hogan would start by giving tax relief to the smallest group of the largest, wealthiest corporations. many of them are located outside of maryland. whereas my tax relief starts with small entrepreneurial businesses, middle-class families. >> last week he completely changed his entire position. now he's trying to adopt my position saying he's for cutting taxes for the middle class. you've been squeezing the middle class. >> in a state where democrats outnumber republicans 2-1, polls show this is an increasingly tight race. and each of the candidates continues to attack the other. one big issue we heard about this morning, healthcare. lieutenant governor brown was in charge of the rollout. this morning hogan said brown didn't have enough leadership when it came to fixing the problems. >> we wasted $288 million on a website that doesn't work. as tens of thousands of marylanders lost their healthcare coverage and the costs went up for everybody else, the lieutenant governor is one of the few real responsibilities he had over the past eight years, and he failed miserably. we're the first state in the nation to abandon our entire
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site, and it's been a debacle. >> misleading again the voters with large, million dollar numbers about the costs of the exchange. it would be more costly not to launch the exchange in maryland. >> another big issue between both candidates, gun laws in maryland. >> we're last in the nation in reporting mental illness, which is a huge problem with some of these cases that prompted the bill in the first place, that we're not doing enough to keep hands out of the guns of criminals, we're not doing background checks. i want more background checks. i want things to be tougher to keep guns out of the hands of people. >> larry, you just described the dysfunction in washington, d.c. a bill doesn't go far enough, so i'm not going support it. larry, the bill made progress. >> in arlington, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thousands of people are gathering at the national mall this noon. >> just less than an hour from now, people from churches all across the district will gather at the lincoln memorial to pray for the future of the district. >> our john gonzalez is there now ahead of this first-ever event, and he has more. john?
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>> good afternoon, ladies. conviction, hope, and unity, that is the message here on the steps of the lincoln memorial this afternoon, as the national mall is essentially transformed into a giant church today. thousands are expected to gather today. you can see some of those folks have already, well, got their places there. the seats have been set up on the foot of the reflecting pool. this is the first-ever washington prayer gathering. thousands from churches from all over d.c., maryland, and virginia, it is a huge production. i think you can see the seats down there. you see all of the lights and speakers and the cameras here getting ready for this event that kicks off at 1:00. among the pastors and bishops that will be speaking today will be lon solomon with mclean bible church, and bishop granger with mount cavalry holy church. we had the pleasure this afternoon to have lon solomon with us. you're a bit of a local celebrity here with your not sermons, but thoughts on the radio. >> well, yeah, whatever. >> what is today ball?
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>> well, really, today is about two things. today is about -- this is not a political gathering. it's a spiritual gathering. today is about us coming tork as you said, for every racial group, every ethnic group, every denomination all over washington, and praying for our city. we believe the bible calls us as christians in this city to pray for our city, and so we're not here to pass judgment on our city. we are here to beg the mercy of god on our city, which is what the bible tells us to do. and we're also here as i said from every race and creed and ethnic group to try to show people that there's a unity in jesus christ we have, that supersedes all of those human differences. man, our world really needs to see that right now. >> thank you, lon, very much. again, it gets going at 1:00. the prayer card has been handed out that says rain or shine, and the cushions for kneelers. so come on out. the rain is not going to stop these folks. reporting live on the national mall, john gone dallas --
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>> you're sticking around? >> absolutely. >> ok. >> back to you. >> all right, johnny g., thanks for that. stick around. in the meantime, today, of course, columbus day. this morning there was a celebration at columbus park, located in front of union station t. included music from the united states marine band, as well as speeches about the significance of columbus and voyages. the celebration was sponsored by the national christopher columbus association. >> well, you can see there from all the umbrellas out there, taking a live look outside on this holiday, it has been a dreary columbus day. meteorologist jackie jeras joins us with the forecast and how much longer we're going to see the umbrellas. >> not much longer. a lot of us are starting to ditch the umbrellas for drier conditions entering the area this afternoon. let's take a lock at live super top her 7 radar and show you where the steadier rain is at this time. notice it's already pulling out of parts of montgomery and prince george's county. it's all pushing off to the east-northeast at this time. we'll zoom in and give you a closer look here. you can see it's heavier just
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to the east of upper marlboro. annapolis, you're about to get wet here, as well as severna park. it's starting to dry up. we're reporting cloudy conditions in washington, d.c., with 64 degrees. now that the rain is pulling out, that should allow temperatures to warm up a little bit, and we'll be waiting for the next storm system to push on through here. notice all of the wicked weather across the nation's midsection, severe storms in parts of texas, moving into louisiana and arkansas. that will be on our doorstep come late wednesday and into thursday. season joy the calmer conditions now this afternoon. 68 at 3:00. 69 at 5:00. 67 at 7:00. down to 66 at 9:00 tonight. 11:00, patchy fog will start to two across the region. we'll talk about a warm-up and what time the storms are headed our way, that's your seven-day forecast. back to you. >> all right. jacqui, thank you so much. we are still waiting to hear exactly what caused a fire inside a charles county store.
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news chopper 7 flew over fred's sporting goods on waldorf. there's an indoor gun range at that store. investigators still trying to determine if any ammunition went off. and we've got some new information this noon in a deadly crash in prince george's county overnight. police tell us a man was crossing the street at greenbelt road near lanham severn road in bowie when he was struck by a car. he was taken to the hospital, where he later died. this afternoon police identified him as 41-year-old victor ramos of lanham. police say the driver is cooperating. the road was shut down overnight t. has since opened back up, and that investigation still ongoing. today marks one month since hannah graham disappeared, and still there is no trace of the university of virginia student. jesse matthews, a suspect in graham's disappearance, is still behind bars today. investigators are also looking for any connection between graham's disappearance and the 2009 death of virginia tech student morgan harrington.
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matthew worked as a cabdriver in the area the night that harrington vanished. authorities recently removed the taxicab from a farm outside of charlottesville. in the meantime, investigators in the graham case announced a change in strategy, but would not elaborate. >> in annapolis now, police are investigating an armed robbery. they tell us two men approached a man with a knife on melvin avenue just before 6:00 at night. they went through that man's pockets and stole his iphone, wallet, and his wedding ring set. luckily, police say the victim was not hurt. >> we have new developments this noon in the threat from isil. america's highest-ranking military leader is now admitting the air strikes against the extremist militant group are not working. this comes as isil fighters continue to make headway in iraq and syria. the fighters appear set to take the town of kobane, near the turn irborder. analysts say next they will try to take baghdad. iraqi leaders are pleading with the united states to send in ground troops, but president obama has said several times he
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does not want boots on the ground. th thunderstorms at 8:00 p.m., abc 7 and news channel will host a live national town hall on isil, the new terror threat. it will air on news channel 8 and on you can be a part of the audience. visit to sign up. >> air traffic in chicago is now finally back to normal today. the city's main air traffic control center reopened this morning more than two weeks after officials say a contract worker set a fire that led to the cancellation of thousands of flights. officials say the 36-year-old worker tried to commit suicide. he's now charged with destruction of an aircraft facility. the f.a.a. says all critical systems and equipment have now been restored for both o'hair and midway airports. >> same-sex couples in alaska are lining up to apply for marriage licenses. on sunday, a federal judge struck down the state's ban on gay marriages. last week the u.s. supreme court refused to hear appeals from several states that were pushing to keep their bans on
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same-sex marriages. that move means same-sex marriage is now effectively legal in about 30 states. >> coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- a former olympian, oscar pistorius, back in court today. a judge will soon decide how much time he'll serve for shooting his girlfriend to death. >> and it should have been a fun fall festival, but it left two toddlers in the hospital. we'll take a look at what happened and who's to blame. >> and this story, pretty low. someone stole a prosthetic leg from a veteran, and we will tell you how he got that back. >> and taking you back outside this noon, a dreary day in the nation's capital. we'll check back in with jacqui.
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>> welcome back. former olympian oscar pistorius back in court for the sentencing phase of his trial. and today, the defense called a psychologist to testify. the doctor called the blade runner "a broken man who has lost everything." it was just last month a judge found him guilty of culpable homicide, which is the equivalent to manslaughter in the death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he faces up to 15 years in prison, but is also eligible for a suspended sentence. today two toddlers are recovering after the inflatable bounce house they were in was picked up by a gust of wind and blown 50 feet. the house actually flew over a fence before crashing to the ground. the bounce house owner says it wasn't tethered or secured because it wasn't ready to be used. >> restricted area. it wasn't open. it wasn't open to the public. >> apparently, like i said, i
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asked how much was it, and they said it was free. >> well, right now the 2-year-old is hospitalized in critical condition. a 3-year-old is hospitalized, but is expected to be ok. >> here's an interesting story. two of the country's biggest banks are now using so-called voice prints to fight fraud. technology allows a customer's voice to be record when they call chase or wells fargo support numbers. then each time they call back, the vocal characteristics are compared to see if they're a match. privacy advocates and legal experts are questioning this practice. >> maryland was the only state in the midatlantic region that saw casino revenues increase significantly between 2012 and 2013, and that trend is continuing this year. the annual revenue figures were compiled by the center for gaming research at the university of nevada-las vegas. the university post reports last month maryland's five casinos generated $82 million. casino revenue in maryland increased by 32% in maryland in fiscal year 2013.
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>> all right. well, i'm sure the casinos are a place where a lot of people are going to be today, especially with this dreary weather on this monday. >> casinos, the movie theater, anywhere but outside. >> the couch for me. just letting you know, i don't like to spend my money. i'll be on the couch. >> and how long is it going to look this way? >> we're going to get sunshine here tomorrow afternoon, but i think it's still going to be more clouds, some sunshine. the good news is the rain is going to be going away, at least temporarily, but we're a little more concerned as to what comes next. that's going to be some storms late on wednesday. so here's our time lapse to kind of take you through the morning, if you go right through it. there you can see the low overcast conditions. we had some rain showers push on through, and it only amounted to .01 of an inch in washington, d.c., but it was enough to get the umbrellas out and get everything wet and damp. live super doppler 7 now is showing you all the rain has pushed off to the east.
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you're getting wet ined onenton, glen burnie. annapolis, more moderate showers pushing through. shady side, just off to the west and heading into your neighborhood. it's starting to quiet down in upper marlboro. just a little mist air still kind of lingering across the region. if you look at some of the weather bug network rainfall totals, yeah, a good third of an inch in ashburn. lesser amounts in manassas and warrenton at about .10 of an inch of rain. it's been relatively light overall. it's been enough to keep our temperatures down all morning long. 57 still at dulles airport. 59 in gaithersburg. and 64 degrees in d.c. we do expect those temperatures to go up now, especially since the rain is falling out. we still have low overcast conditions, and that's causing some disability issues. check out dulles airport, half a mile, but i just checked with the f.a.a., and there are no airport delays being reported widespread across our region, so that's good news. that's not the case across the nation's mid sex. this is our big potent cold front along with an upper level
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low that's bringing severe weather from st. louis all the way down towards the lower mississippi river valley. tornado watches in effect, and while tornadoes are possible in these areas, i think damaging winds will be a little bit more widespread. as we take a look at the travel maps today, there are some delays in dallas, as well as houston right now because of low overcast conditions and storms earlier this morning. kansas city, it is going to be a rough day. of course, you've got a big championship game coming in here for tonight. temperatures are only going to be in the 50's with rain, wind. it's going to be raw. there's a good possibility that that game may not happen. from cold rain to warm rain, we're looking at the tropics. there you see in the caribbean, that's a tropical storm, packing winds of 65 miles an hour. that is going to curve away from the coast, so that's good news. just want to let you know that that's out there. so our forecast around here for today, cloudy skies, rain coming to an end. high temperatures in the mid 60's to around 70 degrees. tonight, cloudy skies with patchy fog developing, 54 to 62. as we head into tomorrow,
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partly sunny, breezy and warmer, a stray shower possible to the west, but look at the difference in temperatures. we're talking mid to upper 70's for tomorrow. and then our next best chance of rain comes late wednesday and thursday, and that's the system in the nation's midsection right now. we could see strong, gusty winds associated with the storms, so we will be tracking it very closely over the next 24 to 48 hours before it gets here. >> ok. all right. >> looking forward to the weekend. >> yeah. >> much better by the end of the week. >> all right, well, transit police in south philadelphia found the prosthetic leg that was stolen from a veteran in a wheelchair outside sunday's eagles-giants football game. sonny forrest jr., known for singing outside the stadium during games, told police that he had taken off his prot net i can leg for a moment when an intoxicated woman took the scompleg ran off. the leg was later found on a subway train. investigators are now using surveillance individual toe possibly identify that suspect. >> all right, well, we mentioned earlier this half-hour that today marks one month since u.v.a. student
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hannah graham disappeared. her parents just issue this had tatement to abc 7 -- >> we will have the latest on the search for hannah from a ham start agent 4:00, so stay with us. >> here's a question for you -- who do you think earned more money, fathers or men without kids? the answer and the reason why, and it might surprise you, when abc 7 news
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>> good news for working dads. a new study says men with children earn 40% more than men
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without kids. researchers say part of the difference is due to the fact that fathers tend to be older and more experienced in their profession. dads also make about twice as much as mothers. >> say it ain't so. another real housewives couple headed for divorce court. real housewives of atlanta star calling it quits with her husband after nearly five years of marriage. last month, she was sentenced to eight years in a minimum security federal prison for fraud after being convicted of stealing millions from at least 50 people. >> i think the look on her face there said it all. that is not a happy-looking woman. >> we saw this coming. let's just be honest. >> look at her. she's not even blinking. >> we wish her in the best. we're coming after
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>> one final reminder -- this thursday at 8:00 p.m., abc 7 and our sister station, news channel 8, will host a live national town hall on isil. later on news channel 8 and on, if you would like to be a part of the live audience, visit to sign up. >> ok. >> get a look at the forecast. the rain is pulling out, and the clouds are going to stick around, so we're not going to get rid of that. there's live super doppler showing you the rainfall, pushing off towards the bay. better conditions. >> all right. thank you, jacqui. and thank you for joining us.
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