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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  October 16, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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she will be coming in on a phoenix air charter plane. live in frederick, roz plater, abc 7 news. >> the news of the transfer comes the same day that more u.s. airport start screening. people are having their temperatures taken in atlanta and newark as well as chicago o'hare, new york jfk, and dulles. that is where we are tonight with a look at how things are going there. heard from a couple passengers today who have been asked additional questions as part of the new screening measures at dulles international airport area and most of them say they were ok with it but others say they did not think it would help out all. today is the first day they've been implemented here at dulles international. between 15-55 people arrived from the west african countries every day.
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one from only johannesburg that made a stop in senegal. they already started the screening at jfk this past weekend. health officials at the airports are screening airport passengers using no touch thermometers to screen for fevers, one of the first symptoms of ebola. >> describe what you saw. they asked if we were feeling sick like we had the flu. >> if a passenger rest and -- registers an unusually high temperature, the most drastic measure would be to place them in a koran teen area for the
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21-day incubation. reporting -- placed them in quarantine for 21 days. >> a loudoun county inmate was taken to the hospital after visiting west africa. they were taken in with a low-grade fever. we will continue to monitor this case and bring you many any developments as soon as we have them. on theebola death is mind of lawmakers now. they found themselves in the hot seat on capitol hill today. greta kreuz is now alive and she has more from today's hearing. they grilled health officials for hours about what has gone wrong citing failures in the government's response that americans are losing confidence every day in the government's ability to keep them safe. cdc and health officials trying to reassure lawmakers that things are under control and the texas hospital where the patient
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died in two nurses were infected admitted to making mistakes. several house panel members called for travel restrictions into the u.s. but the cdc director says that's a bad idea. >> right now, we know who's coming in. we try to eliminate travel, the possibility that some will travel over land, we will not be able to check them for fever when they leave or arrive. not know how do those two nurses in texas contracted ebola. coming up, more on today's explosive hearing as well as how the ebola angst is now causing some schools to close. ouroday's hearing is question of the day. what kind of job do you think the agency's handling ebola and america are doing? log on to the wjla facebook page
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and we will share your responses later in the program. >> let's talk about the weather. cloudy but comfortable. >> it's mid-october but it is still short sleeves letter. doug hill is in the belfort furniture weather center with more. from our looking live rooftop camera. you can see some patches of blue still. northwest of the metro area, more clouds and scattered showers. this is an upper-level low finally moving in bringing a few coming across the potomac and western montgomery county. there will be a few more showers in the evening that they will come to an end late tonight. enough.ures comfortable 71 now in fredericksburg and through the evening isolated showers for the metro area. overnight thomas a showers will eventually come to an end. overnight, showers will
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eventually come to an end. we will give you the details on those in a few minutes, leon. doctor accused of taking advantage of some patients now has lost his license. the doctor's license was suspended for sexual misconduct and new documents we dug up show he's in even more trouble for allegedly fudging qualifications on a public website meant for patients. listed atnly position the medical spot but even he cannot work there right now as a doctor because his license was pulled in an emergency action oft week by maryland board physicians. public health and safety warranted the emergency suspension. i documented allegations that he was involved in a sexual relationship with one of his patients and accused of sexually assaulting two others in the office. personre trusting the
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taking care of you. the bars record shows raphael has denied the applications through his attorney. we could not reach him when we reached out for comment. he has to answer another charge because one of the websites listed as board-certified in plastic surgery, something the maryland board of physicians says is just not true. much more on his case coming up at 5:00. josie sturman, abc 7 news. >> a blow today to some montgomery county residents trying to keep pepco off their lawns. they do have the right to go on the people's properties to trim trees that threaten power lines. they will have to stop preventable outages. reactions from people in the neighborhood coming up at 5:00. supportng some notable as he tries to become the next
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governor. chris christie will be headlining a fundraiser for his fellow republican next week at a private home in potomac. he attended another fundraiser last month to help bring in more than $400,000. democratic lieutenant governor anthony brown is the opponent in the race. virginia republican senate candidate ed gillespie is dropping political ads. he sharply reduced his ad and does not have anymore booked. he is not saying exactly why he's doing so but that the campaign will have enough resources to finish the race. polls show him trailing behind senator mark warner. >> talk about a typo. wass picture right here making the rounds. if you look closely, you will see the flag is actually upside down.
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it started showing up in mailboxes yesterday but the city says in fact it's not a typo. it's not a mistake. the flagsman says were printed that way on purpose in an effort to engage voters after record low turnout in the d.c. primary. >> it got our attention. >> maybe they will vote. >> a project to make a bridge something beautiful. the future for the 11th street bridge park. >> there is a new ipad out there. >> grab those bottles of wine. ahead of tonight's episode. carryingotball players a
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>> welcome back. we're just a few hours away from tonight's town hall meeting on the isis threat. join us for your voice, your future. leon and i will be heading the forum and you can still be in the audience. go to and click on "
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town hall forum." you can watch it live on our sister station, news channel 8 or streaming on >> football players like to look intimidating when they're on the field but one coaches plan for some pint-size players might be crossing the line. we have a closer look at a story right now. this next order will probably strike a chord with any parent who has a daughter or son in youth sports. there can be those moms and dads and coaches that even take wings too far. an evente you are at and getting ready to watch them play and you see this being paraded along the sidelines. this is exactly what happened that miami gardens florida. a team was getting ready to take the field and a coffin was paraded along by a group of girls. you can imagine it did not sit too well with parents watching
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the game. >> the coach or use the tactic said he brought it out there to butmidate the other team not all the parents who were at the field are happy about that. >> the coach has now been suspended and parents are saying this is an area that has a very high crime rate and has a lot of violence. as young mom put it the reason she got her son into the youth league was to take him away from a life of crime. not well received there. >> it's the talk of social media today. we posted it on our facebook page anti-jackson joins us now with what some of you are saying about it. now.d kai jackson joins us >> there were people gasping when it was brought onto the field. they were stunned. was this appropriate? tacky and tasteless.
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no place in sportsmanship for this time of action. was grossly inappropriate and unsportsmanlike. it's a real problem in sports, the idea of playing hard, playing fair is gone. now it's do what you've got to do to win and rub it in the other guys knows. what you think by going to our wjla facebook page. we should point out that they are part of the florida youth football league. we checked the website and there was no mention of this incident on any site directly connected to the team. in trafficre stuck this morning, cowboys and m be to blame. along route 29d imprints williams county. they can only go about 10 miles an hour. they traveled all the way from california to protest federal
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regulations which they say take away their grazing rights on public land. hopefully it's a little faster than 10 miles per hour this afternoon. in some areas, not so much. quite slow leaving the beltway towards centreville in east and into falls church. a crash on the outer loop after 66 but some lingering delays in tysons up to 270 in standard delays there. east down southeast freeway with a crash of but 95 southbound heaviest across and south of dale city getting past the express lane merge. nothing along the way let's take a look at some cameras to see how it looks on 270. a rain shower heading north through germantown and off and on through clarksburg. generally pretty good shape on 390 five just volume delays headed south. i'm in the wtop traffic
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center. >> it's been looking like it's going to rain all day outside. in the metro and here in arlington that's good. more sunshine will pull out of this pattern here. a nice time lapse here in ashburn. this is what the sky looked like all across the area. cloudy and going to clear up and then we saw some blue sky, clouds, and then a few showers moving through the area right now. inluster of showers mostly extreme loudoun and montgomery counties. find of a downpour and everything moving northeast and a few more. this is all due to the upper level low that was actually going to slow down the cold air from coming in. below low is now on the move to the northeast. as that continues, we will keep that in the forecast but
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overnight tonight, all of that will come to an end. comfortable in the 60's and those temperatures will only drop a few degrees this evening but late tonight and overnight the showers come to an end. there will be a more noticeable drop by tomorrow in most areas will wake up to some sunshine on friday morning. temperatures across the mid-atlantic ridge comfortable but no real chilly area. that's developing across southern canada and this will be delivered here late saturday night. the storm from yesterday, the cold front down the rain off shore. the upper level low moving around and you can see the circulation and the showers that will get the clearing tonight. this will really change the pattern. sunshine around here tomorrow and then we start pick up a few clouds. and then we will be in good shape right after that.
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our forecast looks good. partially cloudy and comfortable. 70-75 degrees. the hurricane that's a major threat to bermuda and the latest on that coming up in 10 minutes or so. with a your side consumer alert. mortgage levels drop to the lowest level in one year and this is for a 30-year alone, the lowest rate since last june. amazon says they will higher 80,000 seasonal employees. in000 more than they hired 2013. the company says they are fulfill up so they can orders. police pop thee, tires and then draw their guns as those inside get out of the vehicle. >> find out why they loaded
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their weapons again. ahead in my family for one, how an outdoor school
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>> this afternoon, we have found that when the 11th street bridge is going to look like.
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have designed the anacostia river crossing to be the first elevated park. more on that project coming up on abc seven news at 5:00 p.m. stevey have heard that jobs was a low-tech parent. his kids have never used the ipad. >> a growing trend is ditching the technology and heading outside. sheila gray shows us how it's working in one ohio community. aboutot of schools boast their ipad then computer labs but forests and farms? >> that's a funny one. >> they are picking gourds from their garden. these schools all over the world teach through experiences. many of them outdoors. the concept started in europe and it's growing in the u.s..
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mother a single living -- single mother living in the city and wished she had more outside time. >> i hiked in the woods. i fed the cat. >> it's a predictable routine but it's not always busy. learning through nature can come through just listening. you get whenling you are taking a walk outside and that sense of calm? maybe you think more clearly? the same is true for kids. lots of studies have shown more outdoor time equals less anxiety for children. the national wildlife federation says exposure to nature reduces adhd symptoms and schools with scores better. are very calm, very
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centered. a lot of times, our world can be so frenetic and the children go from one thing to another so quickly. >> even on the busiest days, parents can keep their -- teach their kids. >> there's no bad weather, just bad gear. >> it teaches them to solve problems. it is so funny and they are just always coming up with great ideas and discoveries. >> simple discoveries nothing short of thrilling. the schools in ohio believes so strongly in getting kids outside they do not assign any homework until middle school. benefits are the not just intellectual but outdoor play is better for their health and fitness. >> let's get the some breaking news for montgomery county.
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transporteds been to the hospital following a crash in rockville. this is over the scene on aspen hill road. police tell us that a fire engine collided with an ems unit. the injuries are serious but not life-threatening. you're urged to avoid the area for the time being. stay with us here on abc seven and not many people get so upset about getting something free. >> still ahead, a look at why singer is apologizing to stand in critics for doing just that. >> tracking a hurricane bearing down on bermuda. sera ebola is gripping the country. in a moment, what some people are doing to try and protect them selves f
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>> we have breaking news with ebola in america. thepresident authorized calling up of national guard units should they be needed to address the illness. this comes as u.s. officials defended their response to the illness. >> at a hearing on capitol hill today, officials from the cdc and the nih trying to reassure members of congress that they can stop the spread. i came as we learned is one of
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the nurses who contracted the illness in dallas is being brought to nih in bethesda. she will be flying into frederick airport tonight. they do not know how she contracted the a list but they are doing what they can to ensure their own safety. stephen tschida takes a look at the growing popularity of protect it suits. suits.ective >> a lot of people are looking at ways to protect themselves. as we are talking to people today, a lot of people are bringing of the subject of a ebola and how to avoid it. one of the things we found is that hazmat suits are a hot item. selling very quickly not only to medical professionals and law justcement but also to everyday people who are already coming in or going online trying to protect himself from ebola. travelingcerned about
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these days especially after hearing that the cdc may have potentially put several hundred people at risk by putting a nurse with ebola symptoms on a plane. >> they've been selling quickly at a number of places and also online. number of people have come inside saying they don't want them to protect themselves from ebola but to wear on halloween. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> investigators are trying to figure out how exactly nina pham contracted ebola. as brianne carter reports, what more can be done to protect its members and other health-care care workers on the front lines? >> a call to action for the workers on the front line of ebola in the u.s. >> there should be a wake-up
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call. >> members of the second largest nurses union demanded protocol safeep nurses and patients after three confirmed cases of ebola in the united states. the director of the union says three things need to be done. infection control protocol needs to be in place at all health facilities. dedicated teams treating patients need to be identified at all hospitals. and the front line responders like nurses must be involved in hospital plans. we do need those clear cdc guidelines so that we can perform our jobs and a safeway. we know how to take care of patients. we need the additional training. we need that equipment. have been safety concerns raised by another union, national nurses united, about what happened when thomas admitted towas
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texas health presbyterian. nurses claim duncan was not immediately isolated and nurses were not given enough protective gear around their next. new today, texas health resources says those allegations don't reflect the fact adding "mr. duncan was moved directly to a private room and placed in isolation. all cdc guidelines were followed. of the institute this morning said that they are waiting to see what happens on capitol hill. a hearing held today discussing exactly what's been happening with the response to the ebola out rake. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> d.c. health officials are also wondering what to do to keep everyone safe. directorc. health asked if the current situation is about science or fear. i'm sam ford and that's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. and 70onfirmed dead
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others are still missing in nepal after an unseasonable blizzard and avalanche. search teams and army avalanche searchingters are along the popular trail. this time of year is trekking season because it's usually clear and cool. they're bracing for hurricane as a major category four storm. tropical storm damaging homes and knocking down trees and power lines. the center will be near bermuda and evening.oon chief meteorologist doug hill is keeping his eye on that hurricane. >> where is it right now? >> several hundred miles due south of bermuda. we just saw a live webcam from the northwest corner of bermuda at a marina and it's partially
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sunny and breezy but they are rushing to complete all of their safety matters because they are under a hurricane warning and for good reason. let's jump right in. the systemt eye on and it's moving to the north right now, a high-end category four with sustained winds at 145 --es per hour south west of southeastern cape hatteras. theill come very close and i will be very close to the island. it will be in a bad situation. it's been changing back and forth as it keeps replacing itself. it will have a major impact in bermuda and rapidly diminish as it races across. a few showers up there and an upper-level low. this will all be over with a few
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showers pinning clouds overnight. they will clear and through the day tomorrow, we will be in fine shape with plenty of sunshine and temperatures into the low 70's. in the meantime, 7 is on your side with a health alert. if you want to stay healthy, one thing you have to do is get more sleep. according to researchers at carnegie mellon, people who sleep less than seven hours a night are three times as likely to catch a cold than those who get eight hours. they also recommend meditation and taking supplements. >> thematic dash cam video explain what starts a violent police chase in iowa and why the driver and passenger ended up in the hospital but not in trouble. >> we are heading to the hospital. >> for what reason? >> we are having a baby.
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it's coming out. over was driving 30 miles the speed limit trying to get his pregnant wife to the hospital early tuesday morning. they saw we were pregnant and very much in labor and they responded in kind. police ended up escorting them to the hospital where they give birth to their fourth child, a healthy baby girl named hazel. >> she's going to be a fast walker. [laughter] raising money for laughs. a look at how it's about to get easier for the candidates who can make you smile. councilmembers and supporters in opponents of gun control talk about concealed carry permits. >> how do you think the cdc
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>> this grainy video is actually erykah badu.
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she was singing to try and raise money to see how much she might be able to raise. her experiment yielded $3.60. can you imagine? most people said they did not even recognize her. go toall the places you do that, new york is not where you go to get a lot of money. >> it's a good experiment there. >> how about another artist did something else gaining some attention that supposed to be an act of generosity and a great way to market a new album? giants in hotthe water with those who use apple products. >> no good deed goes unpunished and us is feeling the heat from this deal. a preview of their songs of innocence album and some were furious.
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they thought it was an intrusive use of their precious hard drive space. given it for not free, they would have found another reason to complain." i like bono but i do not like most of his music so let me pick when to buy." "turn off automatic downloads and you never have to worry about it again." if you have a comment about this, share it on my view you jail a facebook page. if this is your biggest problem, the download? i was a little frustrated because it affected those who downloaded ios 8. as the gentleman pointed out, just turn it off. not have the it was already on your phone.
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>> if they had given you a choice may be what you could have chosen, that could have been better? >> choice is important. >> they were being generous. >> obviously this is a great thing to do and they're trying to market the album and that's fine, but it surprisingly backfired. they will know next time. youpple has a new way for to listen to whatever you want on your itunes. >> eight closer look at the newest ipad. >> geari
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>> the tension is building. we have this weeks "scandal" group. -- scoop. he's taking though, on a brand-new role. he's the director of "a steady rain." his theater roots go back to high school so the new challenge
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should not be too hard for him. speaking of, did you know before 15andal" he was in the episodes of "grey's anatomy." there was a tangled web in shon da-land. she was on both "grey's" and "private practice." has directed episodes of both. they are reunited in the white house with olivia pope. >> olivia. >> melly, what are you doing here? >> i think you should discuss that with your husband. >> what are you doing here? what are you doing in my house? brought in to help
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the situation that could bring down the family. a chance to ask why she disappeared for several months. it's the episode we've been waiting for for so many weeks. tune in to see which has to say to fitz. >> you can see the new episode 9:00 on abc 7t after a new episode of "grey's anatomy" in before a new episode of "how to get away with murder." at 55.abeth pena is dead -- cuban-american activists fourss'career span decades. she played sofia vergara's mother on "modern family." joan rivers autopsy results will released -- were released.
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she died two brain damage due to lack of oxygen. it happened during a medical procedure. it was classified as a therapeutic complication. she had been sedated with the the samedrug propofol, drug linked to michael jackson's death. >> and list of comedians will be at the kennedy center. a $5 million gift will be funding a new comedy series. they will be in the 2400 seat concert hall but some free shows at millennium stage. the paid shows will start with shows by kathy griffin and jay leno. jay leno is the recipient of this year's mark twain prize for itrican comedy and will be given sunday night at the kennedy center. we will have an update to that for you monday. >> learning more about monday's
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newest ipads. they unveiled the ipad air 2 and mini 3 after accidentally leaking images of them yesterday in the apple store. thinner, faster, with the retina displays and touch id fingerprint sensors. pre-orders begin tomorrow. newacebook is launching a tool to connect users during a disaster called safety check. it lets friends and family know you are safe during a natural disaster. it uses the city listed in your profile and information on the last place you use the internet. it will send a notification asking if you are safe and will notify your friends. time now to revisit the big news that the texas nurse infected with ebola is being moved to nih in bethesda. >> it puts our region in the spotlight and brings us to the question of the day. how is the cdc handling the
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ebola crisis? >> some pretty harsh comments where this is concerned. people are fearful when they don't have information. the comments we've seen indicate a lack of information is one of the biggest frustrations people have. how is the cdc doing? we are asking you. like a kids game. they making up the rules as they go." "the government in cdc should be ashamed of themselves." 't"they don't have a handle on e situation." "there is no standardized protocol to support this outbreak." nurses one protocol, training, and equipment. we continue the conversation on our wjla tv facebook page and let us know what you think. >> what we want here is some sun. >> maybe tomorrow when the
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weekend will be ok. we will have the breaking news on hurricane gonzalo. it could do an unfortunate amount of damage to bermuda. the national weather service has issued its winter outlook. all that at 5:00 p.m. today. let's talk short term tonight in the next few days. here's a time lapse from weatherbug headquarters in germantown, montgomery county. thingsthe afternoon, brightening briefly and then all of a sudden the sun went away and more clouds moved in. showers moving through. these are fast movers coming from loudoun county. let's check out live super doppler radar. this band is moving northeast and the heavier shower coming across the potomac. and will dip to the east northeast all residing from an upper-level low west of the appellations. moving to western pennsylvania and york.
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comfortable enough. clouds with a few showers here and there. overnight, we drop the between 53 degrees. cooler after the skies clear and we get the cooler temperatures with just a little bit of a western wind. using the water vapor image. the drier air is right here. very dry air here pushing the cold front out to sea. the spinning upper-level bringing sunshine tomorrow, but another cold front is on the way rapidly following suit saturday bringing some went. sunday.ome showers look spectacular with just a bit on the cool side. or tomorrow, lots of sun and the front sharpening out. we have a breeze and partially sunny. saturday clouds and showers late . sunday morning, a few clouds that rapidly skies will clear,
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sunny and breezy. and 51.y cloudy 60 eight at midday. partially cloud her and -- cloudy and the low 70's. the wind outlook -- the winter outlook and tons more coming up. push to make some changes to the district's gun laws. >> don't forget about tonight's town hall meeting. join us as we moderate a forum. if you cannot make it you can watch it live on her sister station news channel 8 or streaming
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holmes.orace this pool next to this elementary school in this neighborhood has people so
4:57 pm
upset. we explain coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. council is fine-tuning a bill allowing individuals to carry concealed handguns in the district but with a strict application process and several restrictions. gosome say the restrictions too far and others say not far enough. >> responding to a court ruling, the d.c. counsel pass temporary legislation allowing concealed carry. now district lawmakers are working on a permanent bill requiring gun owners to demonstrate why they need to carry a gun. threatened, the victim of stalking, domestic violence. >> once they've had training, they cannot carry near the white house or inside government buildings, schools, public transportation, other locations. some want even more restrict the sites. . >> we suggest keeping them out of churches in polling places. >> some suggest there are too
4:58 pm
many restrictions. >> we should focus on the drug dealers. they ares say concerned about language regarding motorcades. how are you supposed to know that the motorcade is in the area or approaching them? they are part of daily life in washington. it's hard for me to know what's happening in any given direction. i might not be able to avoid it. i cannot just pick all of my things up and go. >> motorcades are unique and very different. not all are the same. therefore we need to dig down a little closer. >> chief lanier says it will begin october 23. those rejected can appeal the position. in northwest, abc 7 news.
4:59 pm
>> this is abc 7 breaking news. >> multiple stories tied with ebola, news chopper 7 flying over bethesda right now. that is where the first dallas nurse confirmed to have the ebola virus will be arriving shortly for treatment. >> we have teams covering every angle of the story, good , where she will be arriving tonight. >> rebecca cooper is live outside of nih with the latest on the preparations underway. rebecca? >> the nurse arrived here at the bethesda campus at nih, and she will be treated inside building 10, which is over my shoulder. it has a highly specialized biocontainment center. they have arty treated one previous patient suspected of
5:00 pm
possibly having ebola. but i have already went through this procedure once and they are prepared. specialized clinical center inside building 10 at nih has one of the few facilities in the nation specially trained to handle it ebola. it is filled with thousands of employees working on the nih campus every day. some admit they are nervous. >> it's a little nerve-racking, but i believe they are equipped for what needs to be done. >> this person serves to positions inside building 10. most employees said they have confidence in the clinical center possibility to handle the deadly virus. the nih director told members of congress that the nurse will be isolated. limited level of capacity to do this high level of care and containment. our total right now is to beds. >>


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