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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  October 18, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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to help people achieve. >> chris: the 'noles 22-game streak, they had to get by clemson in overtime here without winston. had to come from 17 down early to win at nc state. brindza to punt after kelly has to burn a timeout. potentially costly in the final minutes here. high punt is downed by notre dame. can jameis winston and the 'noles seal this game? >> herb: he's been on fire in the second half. jimbo fisher is pretty happy with what he's seen, 15 of 16, 181 yards and a touchdown and more than that just in complete command. he's been in rhythm and command and really has notre dame more on their heels in his second half. now the question is with 5:12 to
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go in the lead, does jameis winston and in offense going to run the football and get a little more conservative or continue to attack. they've been throwing the ball vertically downfield quite a bit. >> chris: cooke is in the game. he's got him in the back field as sheldon day hammered him at the two yard line. >> herb: this notre dame defense is in a different mind-set, not only because of the time of the game but also because of where the football is. sheldon day right over here does a good job of getting through, just shooting a gap with his quickness. the center slow to be able to pick him up. hoefeld again, sheldon day is the leader for notre dame. he's not made a ton of plays tonight but comes up with a big one late in the game. >> chris: how does that influence the play calling. now flags come in.
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>> herb: 12 men on the field for notre dame. >> chris: you're right. >> referee: illegal substitution on the defense, second down. >> chris: kelly is irate. he's screaming at the linebacker. >> herb: composure late in the game, avoiding mental mistakes. there they are. add them up. >> chris: second and ten as they get back the five yards they lost on the carry. cooke once again stacked up and dropped for a loss. jaylon smith got there in a hurry as that irish front is flying downhill. >> herb: again, it's a different mind-set from notre dame's defense right now because jimbo fisher knows he's going to have to try to work a little bit of
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clock. they're not in attack mode anymore. they're more work the clock, be a little more conservative, jaylon smith and athat notre dame frame of mind, they're pinning their ears back and have winston to third and long. >> chris: i formation in third and 13. they hand it off. dropped at the ten as a flag comes in. joe schmidt on the tackle. >> herb: tre jackson there. sheldon day had such quick penetration. he kind of tackled him in the back field. >> chris: a hold is the preliminary signal. >> referee: holding on the offense, number 5. that penalty is declined, fourth down. >> herb: let's give sheldon day a lot of credit for that series for the notre dame defense. came up with some big plays,
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this time again just the penetration. tre jackson is one of the best offensive linemen in the acc could not handle the speed and quickness but day took the field with a purpose on that series. >> chris: day and jaylon smith and the irish defense forcing the three and out. kelly's decision to punt it down there deep looking good now. 3:09 to go. beatty to kick it to cody riggs. can the former gator make a play against the seminoles? fair catch. the irish down by four will start this drive inside seminoles territory. >> herb: this is what everett golson, when he sat out last year and he had to sit and watch his team play when he worked through that, this is what he thought about. playing in a game like this against florida state, against
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jameis winston who won the heisman trophy, the team that won the national championship. people questioning him. this is what he wanted, the ball in his hands with 2:53 to go, down four. he's living a dream. let's see what he does. >> chris: good protection. thrown into traffic. deflected and almost picked off. that was dangerous. terrance smith, the linebacker, tipped it. >> herb: he's talking to koyack because he wanted him to get to the outside. he stared down koyack the entire time. he's done that a few times tonight. terrance smith came close to intercepting the ball and tyler hunter nearly comes up with it. >> chris: pressure up the middle. fuller in motion to the left
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side has got it but the 'noles are all over him and number 7. this time he cannot escape. it's a loss. >> herb: too slow developing. he catches the football outside against an inside blitz. but once he catches it he just looks at it. this defense moves too quickly to hesitate and decide, well, i might go left, i might go right. you've got to go now. there's no time to wait. fuller that time really had nowhere to go. hesitating he made it worse. >> chris: two plays to make 12 yards. pressure again, golson hit, drops. smith got him. >> herb: folston right here has to pick up the blitz from
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terrance smith. his head gets down, he whiffs and terrance smith who's known as taking over for tell vin smith, the leader at the linebacker spot, athletic enough to close in on golson. >> chris: fourth and 18. golson fires, catch made, first down. corey robinson inside the 40. wow. >> herb: unbelievable patience. you talk about improvising with the game on the line. i don't know how florida state lost. they're in man-to-man coverage. robinson has had the best night of all the receivers. nobody saw him dragging underneath from the left to the right. >> chris: what a night for the 6'4" sophomore corey robinson, two touchdowns but his 8th catch
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might be the biggest of the night, keep's notre dame's hopes alive. with 1:09, timeout is taken. you thought there's no way golson is going to find anybody downfield. >> herb: he's going to work his way across the field and watch the coverage. he's got deep safety coverage. he works his way across and right here the defensive backs are running deep, but this defensive back, p.j. williams, does not continue across. he's late in getting over there, gets lost in coverage and give everett golson a lot of credit for waiting and waiting and waiting. demarcus walker gets a hit on him late, but robinson makes eye contact with the quarterback golson and somehow they deliver on fourth down to keep golson's dream alive.
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>> chris: if the irish come back and win it, that play becomes part of notre dame lore. golson firing over the head of his intended receiver, prosise. 1:05 to play. >> herb: interesting call going over the top of the safeties. these safeties are starting to kind of close in on those 15 to 20-yard routs. brian kelly decides to take a shot to c.j. prosise, a big body receiver with good speed. he good behind him. the ball is thrown a little beyond the intended target. >> chris: golson steps up, delivers. near side catch made, shoved out of bounds at the 20 yard line is fuller by darby but with a
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second inside of the one minute mark, the irish are getting closer. >> herb: look at the placement of that ball. allows him to come back to the ball and work to the boundary to get out of bounds and stop this clock. perfect anticipation and accuracy there by golson. >> chris: can brian kelly really be as calm as he appears calling plays right now. here comes pressure. golson fires to the end zone. inkploo et. why not look for big corey robinson. darby, one of two defenders right there. >> herb: robinson has a reputation for going up and making plays in the red zone. he's 6'4". obviously his father, david
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robinson, he has great hops. but how about the work there by ronald darby, 5'11" and he gets not only his hands on the football but does a great job of locating the ball and going up to knock it away. >> chris: rookie of the year a year ago. >> herb: fuller up here. >> chris: pressure again. golson steps up, has room, takes off to the ten. first and goal, irish. >> herb: this kid is showing a lot of heart. amazing composure on this drive right now. saves the timeout. clock stops with a first down. they're going to hold onto that timeout as long as they can here. again, with brian kelly, the experience and the quarterback everett golson come into play and give them the advantage. >> chris: 33 and counting left in regulation. prosise cannot shake free.
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drops at the nine. >> herb: use their last timeout right here. >> chris: marcus brutus stopped him. the perfect record for either team. the 'noles school record win streak. playoff hopes on the line in the final seconds. notre dame beat stanford a few games ago. >> herb: you're going to see corey robinson working left to right. look at the quarterback golson, he's trying to do anything. he looks out and somehow sees one of his favorite targets alone standing there, nobody covering him. he looked left, was about to go back to the left but continues to his right and corey robinson works there with him. p.j. williams just did not follow him across the field, left him wide open. golson was able to find him.
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>> chris: they've been excellent in games like this under kelly but so have the 'noles when pou forced to make a play to save the gave. >> herb: out of timeouts. now it's about throwing incompletions or getting the ball into the end zone or getting out of bounds. they cannot afford to take a sack right here. >> chris: golson fires slant, incomplete. he tried to rifle the pass in there to prosise. jalen ramsey has been all over the place in the second half. >> herb: he sure has. they've blitzed him, put him back in coverage. he's a corner who can play safety, who has moved to nickel back as a guy who has blitzed a lot tonight but also outstanding in coverage. he does look very calm here making these decisions.
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>> chris: third and goal. fuller at the bottom. 'noles show pressure. golson gets it out, complete, inside the five. short of the goal line. again it's ramsey stopping prosise, fourth down. comes down to one play. 17 seconds left. >> herb: ten seconds on the play clock. >> chris: golson rolls, fires, touchdown! a flag is down.
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hold on. there's a flag on the field. >> herb: they might call an offensive pick here. it might have been offensive interference with a pick. >> referee: pass interference on the offense, number 7, 15 yard line penalty. replace fourth down. >> chris: the robinson touchdown taken off the board. a flag fuller. head sets, stuff went flying on that notre dame sideline after the call. >> herb: i think it's prosise, he's just blocking, that's what jalen ramsey puts his arms in the air. c.j. prosise is just blocking. >> chris: now florida state spends a timeout. fourth down again, but the ball is all the way back at the 17.
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they converted a fourth and 18. can they convert a fourth and goal from the 17 for the win. >> herb: brian kelly is fired up. when he sees it on film, he'll realize that was the right call. took guts to call it in this environment and with everything going on and with the game on the line, looks like notre dame delivers and potentially wins the game but it's the right call with c.j. prosise just trying to do it job and trying to create -- it's called a rub if you're an offensive player. if you're a defensive player, it's a pick. >> chris: here's one more look. >> herb: the front player against jalen ramsey. he's really not making an effort. usually a receiver will raise his arms even though he's doing the same thing. >> chris: you got to act better than that. >> herb: yeah. he'll raise his arms a little bit. >> chris: you're almost daring an official to make the call, but the correct one was made. the ball is spotted back at the
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18. the irish have another fourth and 18 in them to bust this florida state streak? >> herb: empty which means the 'noles will try to bring pressure, try to bring one more than notre dame can handle. >> chris: golson steps up, loops to the end zone. intercepted in the back line. jacob pugh, the freshman ends notre dame's threat and the seminoles are going to survive again. >> herb: you know who made the play. jalen ramsey. >> chris: a flag is down after
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the play. >> referee: after the play unsportsmanlike conduct on the defense number 24, half the distance to the goal. first down. >> chris: it will be victory formation for the seminoles. >> herb: here's the blitz from hunter and here's the guy who ends up eventually getting in. jalen ramsey, he comes. remember they're going to bring one more than they can handle. he gets a hand on the football which affected the ball and made it go up in the air. >> chris: the kneeldown and the 'noles who trayed five times tonight answered every time, took their first lead deep in the fourth quarter. and the win streak is at 23. irish gave it everything they had and more than most thought they could bring.
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>> chris: 21 years ago, the game of the century, similar score here tonight, but the verdict is reversed. >> chris, thank you very much.
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>> jimbo, how do you describe what you were going through during the last snap that fourth down? >> you hope you got the right call. our guys made the play and we executed. the kids know how to win. >> you looked at me and you said never count us out. you can dislike us but don't count us out. why? >> this team has heart, soul and it's a family. there's something special in this group of guys. >> how do you describe these 60 minutes? >> pure joy, zub rags. it's what you play for, practice for, it's what we live for. it's not what we do, it's who we are. >> you know the perception. you're the one out in front of it outside this program and outside this locker room. what do you want to share to those people who might have those perception? >> the haefeart and discipline.
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this is a high character program run the right way, on class and dignity, in the classroom, off the field and on the field and this team shows it. >> for the third time this season you trailed at halftime. i know you almost lost your voice talking to this group. what was your message to them? >> they outplayed us in this first half. i don't have no magic formula. we got to line up, make your mind up you're going to block the guy, tackle the guy, whatever you got to do, take care of business. >> what was your message to jameis in understanding that moment? >> to understand what he did, how special he is and the relationship that he and i have and what he represents and carry himself with class and dignity. >> congratulations. >> heather: this is a team that has won 23 in a row but it wasn't easy. you were tested. how did you guys pull this off? >> we stayed together, stayed
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with our game plan. we never got down, never thought we were out of it. we had each other's back. >> you are usually pretty quiet and reserved but rumor has it you gave your team an impassioned speech. what did you tell them? >> to go out there and give it your all, man. this is an opportunity that a lot of people don't get. you got to embrace it. you got to have a passion for it and be determined. we fought together hard. >> how did this team as a group have a laser-like focus in a week when the spotlight was shining brightly on your team? >> for us it starts in practice. we take it very seriously. before the game i can sense the tension in the air that we was ready. we had to come over some adversity but that's part of football and that's why we come to florida state. >> your team didn't take the lead until your touchdown in the middle of the fourth quarter. how did you guys keep believing?
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>> that's our practice habits to never stop, always keep going. we're never out until the game is over. >> congratulations. chris? >> chris: potential game-winning touchdown taken off the board by that offensive pass interference. the 'noles respond with three touchdown drives after a very sluggish first half. winston moves to 20-0 as a starter. there was coaching by fisher as the post game fireworks were going off telling him don't be overexuberant. i think there was a p.r. purpose in mind. but winston and the 'noles find a way. just like the clemson game, it was the defense having to make a stand late. >> herb: they came up and made the play late, but it watts real -- was really the florida state offense. jimbo fisher and jameis winston deserve a lot of credit because of the adjustments. jameis winston 15 of 16 in the second half for 181 yards and a
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touchdown and that got them back into the game. my impression, i walk away with somehow the 'noles find ways to win games but notre dame is a much, much better team than i think a lot of people thought. i think they raised some eyebrows across the country. it will be interesting to see what they do the rest of the way, but the 'noles are still right in position where they want to be with the rest of their acc schedule in front of them. >> chris: notre dame fans watching thought they had busted another long streak, but that touchdown for robinson taken off the board, a pretty clear case of offensive interference. >> herb: it was the right call. c.j. prosise trying to make a play to get robinson open. the pressure once again from florida state, jalen ramsey. he was the mvp of the defense, he played so many spots tonight. how fitting for him to make that play and effect the throw by
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golson and eventually led to that interception. >> golson 313 yards, three touchdowns playing through cramps but just one play short at the end for the irish who lose for the first time. look at this result though you wouldn't necessarily say that you got to knock them out of the playoff talk. they've got games like arizona state and usc and louisville coming up. when you lose by four to the 'noles there's no disgrace. >> herb: not at all, especially the way college football continues to go. teams are losing and i think all the teams with one loss are still right in the middle of things waiting for some more upsets to happen which are going to happen eventually. notre dame i think did themselves well. they would have loved to have won it but i think they impressed a lot of people tonight. >> chris: for those old enough to recall the game of 93, some echos of that classic but this time it's the seminoles on their home field to win it 31-27. what a game.
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as the 'noles perfect season dreams stay alive. tonight's game produced by bill ben nel, thanks to mike black in the booth. for kirk, heather and tom, chris fowler saying good night from tallahassee. to the ford wrap-up show and chris carter now. >> mississippi state was off. let's show you the highlights. their neighbors down in oxford were playing and playing well. though they were down early, bow wallace finds vince sanders. they remine unbeaten. they beat tennessee. baylor started the day unbeaten in the big 12 on the road at west virginia. trickett to kevin white. these two hooked up oven. they do it again.
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west virginia up 34-27 and then trickett takes it to the house. west virginia upsets day lore. the bears first loss of the year. k. state taking on oklahoma. k. state up 31-24. fourth quarter here come the sooners, trevor knight fires a bullet to neil in the back of the end zone. oklahoma within one. michael honeycutt, one of the greatest kickers in oklahoma history has his extra point blocked. he would alsmiss a short field goal in the fourth quarter. k. state wins on the road 31-30. tcu taking on oklklahoma state.
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tcu clobbers oklahoma state 42-9. texas a&m on the road taking on alabama. you think the crimson tide were angry coming into this one? maybe people doubting how good this team is or could be, look at blake sims, keeps it, make a couple of defenders miss and then outruns the rest of them. alabama absolutely lays waste to a&m 59-0. georgia second game without todd gurley. they've got nick chubb, over 200 yards rushing, 43 on this carry. georgia wins 45-32. elsewhere in the sec florida has not looked good. six turnovers on the day. missouri a couple of returns for scores. they win easily 42-13 in the swamp. pac 12 washington and oregon, oregon wearing beautiful 1994 throw backs.


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