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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 19, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. right now the ship is in. the carnival "magic" docking in galveston hours after the coast guard flies in to collect a blood sample from a passenger in quarantine who handled blood specimens from ebola patient thomas duncan. is this justified caution or simply overkill? breaking overnight, out of control. a seemingly innocent pumpkin festival turning into chaos. riot police moving in firing off tear gas making dozens of arrests. grim discovery. police believe they found the body of missing university of virginia student hannah graham. >> this sadly is now a death investigation. >> where the body was found may have a connection to the suspect jailed in her disappearance. caught on camera.
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look at this dramatic rescue. a daughter crying out for somebody to save her dad as a house goes up in flames. >> get my dad! >> we got to get him out of there. oh, thank god. >> the life-saving hero who emerges from the inferno. why did he vanish afterwards? hey, good morning, everybody. let's get straight to the breaking news in the ebola story. we have a live picture this morning from the port of galveston where just a short time ago a carnival cruise ship arrived carrying that health care worker self-quarantined for a possible, possible ebola exposure. the ship was turned away by two countries during its journey at sea. >> and just hours earlier, an incredible scene on board the carnival "magic." look at this. a coast guard helicopter receiving cheers when it came to collect a blood sample from that worker. abc's tom llamas has been
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following the story and has the very latest from dallas this morning. good morning, tom. >> reporter: paula, good morning to you. and several agencies including the cdc will meet that passenger when she disembarks from the cruise ship. now, the lab technician has shown no symptoms and the last time she handled thomas eric duncan's blood was 21 days ago. still a clear sign that the hypervigilance over ebola is far from over. with music playing in the background and passengers drinking and sunbathing, a coast guard helicopter hovers over the ship making an emergency pickup. the package, a blood sample from the dallas lab technician on board who handled specimens from ebola victim thomas eric duncan. denver abc station kmgh's eric loofer is a passenger on board. >> the chopper was circling the ship. it never landed, it dropped off supplies for the blood sample. came back about 30 minutes later and got the sample, and it was successful.
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>> reporter: the blood transfer coming after both mexico and belize refused to let the lab technician disembark in their countries despite being classified low risk by the cdc and exhibiting no symptoms. carnival said once the ship arrives in galveston, passengers can disembark. >> we were told the cdc cleared us to disembark the ship itself but people are still wondering once we're off the ship once we're on land, then what's going to happen and none of us know. >> reporter: in ohio, health officials aren't taking any chances now requiring self-monitoring for more than 100 people who may have had contact with nurse amber vinson during her cleveland visit just days before being diagnosed with ebola. >> the bottom line is everyone is being checked. >> reporter: at the hospital where vinson and fellow nurse nina pham treated duncan, 75 staffers are still in a monitoring phase barred from seeing patients. >> we're right in the middle of hot zone. >> reporter: texas presbyterian
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now releasing videos like this one. >> my name is amy mccarthy. >> reporter: trying to win back its reputation after admitting it improperly trained staff to handle ebola patients. and just moments ago, the ap reporting that lab technician's blood sample tested negative for ebola, again, she has never shown any symptoms. quick update now on nurse nina pham and amber vinson. nina pham is still in fair condition. and amber vinson is in stable and the 48 people that were close to thomas eric duncan at the end of the day, they will be outside of their 21-day window. that does include his fiancee. >> thanks for that. >> let's bring in dr. richard besser and george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later this morning and, rich, dr. besser, let's start with you. what should happen next with the lab technician that's on board of that cruise ship? is the caution warranted? >> i think that whathey should do is leave that person ale. and here's the reason. she never had contact with eric duncan. she never had physical contact with any of his body fluids. i'm not sure why they were watching her. and i'm not sure why they tested her blood because for ebola your blood test is only positive if you have
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symptoms. she's 21 days out. let her go, let her alone. she's not a risk. >> 21 days is that incue base period and speaking of as of today, family members of thomas eric duncan, the ebola patient who died, are no longer under quarantine. what does that tell us? >> this is good news and hopefully for a lot of people it's reassuring. these are the people that had the closest contact. some were living with him in the house. his fiancee who was in the house for four days after he was in the hospital, negative. this shows how difficult it is actually to get ebola if you're not that health care worker handling the fluids. and i think for many people it should be very reassuring. >> it's such an important point to hammer home. but, george, let me bring you in here. there was a late night meeting at the white house last night. the president has now convened his top officials to start talking about this crisis. he also appointed an ebola czar who is under fire, however, from some republicans in congress for the man he appointed, ron klain, who's got a political background and not a medical one. do the republicans have a point
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here? >> i think the white house knew they would get this criticism. you have a lot of medical experts working on ebola but to the extent there is a crisis there's a communications crisis and a management crisis inside the government. ron klain is an expert in communications, he's an expert in management. that's what the government needs right now. >> dr. besser has talked about some of the unnecessary fear abroad in the country right now over ebola. and it's been reported that the president is very unhappy with his own team. can't we say that some of the mismanagement and miscommunication from the government has created an atmosphere where this fear has been allowed to grow? >> sure, absolutely. first of all, the big mistake, you have to go back to texas presbyterian hospital. the fact that thomas duncan was not identified quickly as an ebola patient, so many of the problems cascade from there. and also the fact that the cdc came out early and was so confident about stopping ebola in its tracks, i think made people feel unnecessarily overconfident so then when you have two more infections people get really, really scared.
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but let's have some perspective here as rich was just pointing out, it looks like those first 48 will get through the 21-day period. most likely that other group of people being watched will get through their period. there have only been two infections here in the united states. with any luck it'll stay that way. >> all right, george. we agree, with any luck it'll stay that way. george will have a big show this morning. dr. besser will be on with much more on the ebola scare here in america. george will question dr. anthony fauci, the head of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, that is all coming up on "this week" right here on abc. george and rich, thank you once again. we appreciate it. we do move on to another breaking story overnight. a sad discovery in the case of the missing college student hannah graham. police say they believe that hannah's body has been found and found less than ten miles where she was last seen not far from the university of virginia and abc's bazi kanani is on the story this morning in charlottesville, virginia. bazi, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, there is
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heartache in this community this morning so dearly hoping for a different outcome. this was part of the vast search area for the missing teen but now the roads are closed. police sealing off what is now a crime scene. this morning, virginia police announcing the intensive five-week search for 18-year-old hannah graham is over. >> this sadly is now a death investigation. >> reporter: officials confirming to abc news the disturbing discovery of human remains saturday afternoon included a skull and bones as well as a pair of tight fitting dark colored pants similar to the ones graham is seen wearing in this surveillance video. the remains found on an abandoned property deep in the woods along a road key suspect jesse matthew allegedly walked frequently eight miles from where graham was last seen. >> today's discovery is a significant development and we have a great deal of work ahead of us. >> reporter: investigators stressing that the identity of the remains cannot be confirmed without more testing but
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thanking the volunteer searchers for their efforts. >> i want to thank everyone who gave up their days, their nights, their weekends. >> reporter: the final images captured of the straight "a" student in this surveillance video are with 32-year-old matthew seen walking right beside her. now in jail for the alleged abduction. and police say forensic evidence links him to the 2009 death of another college student, morgan harrington, whose body was found three months after she disappeared near charlottesville. overnight harrington's father reflecting on the graham family's loss. >> i think when you don't know there's still part of you that is hoping. >> reporter: police are now asking residents in this area where the remains were found to call them if they believe they may have seen jesse matthew here and investigators in virginia are now looking into whether there are forensic links between matthew and at least four other
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unsolved cases of missing women. paula. >> if true, a sad ending to this story. bazi kanani, thank you. and now to the dramatic rescue caught on camera, a daughter crying for someone to help save her father from their burning home and miraculously someone came out of nowhere to help. abc's michelle franzen has more on this amazing story. good morning, michelle. >> paula, the video lasts just five minutes but in those few moments we see the drama lay out. a daughter pleading to help save her father trapped inside a pla out. a daughter pleading to help save her father trapped inside a burning house and the brave rescue that almost seemed impossible. a frantic scene at a home just east of fresno, california. huge flames and thick smoke shooting out of this duplex. all as neighbors desperately try to find a way in after a woman screamed that her father was trapped inside. >> your dad is still in there? your dad is in there? >> i called 911.
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>> oh, my god. >> get dad. >> reporter: beth lederac hchh captured the frantic moments on her cell phone. >> get my dad. >> we got to get him out of there. >> reporter: agonizing minutes and precious time, the fire intensifying and setting off explosions. making it difficult and dangerous for anyone to go in. >> is everybody out? >> no, there's a man in there, she said. >> reporter: then an unknown rescuer races out. >> i notice then that there was a guy in a cap that just started walking toward the house very calmly, just walked in there and then the next thing i see, he's coming out with this man over his shoulder. >> oh, thank god. >> reporter: pulled out in the nick of time. the unidentified man in shock and weak is helped to the sidewalk waiting for fire and paramedics to arrive a few minutes later. officials say he was transported to the hospital to be examined. this morning, the man who
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bravely rushed in is being called a hero risking his life to save another. officials say the man suffered from smoke inhalation and he is expected to recover. meanwhile, the investigation continues into the exact cause of the fire and this neighborhood, of course, thankful and inspired by this hero's brave act. >> brave and strong. carried out another human being. >> quietly goes in there. >> that video was extraordinary, too, just shot on a cell phone. >> cell phone video. >> all right. we are in the age of that, michelle, thank you very much. a lot of other news overnight and for that let's get it over to matt gutman in for ron claiborne this morning and a crazy scene in new hampshire. >> absolutely, something that is going to stun. a lot of video there. violence breaking out and that's where the annual keane state pumpkin festival erupts in pandemonium. hundreds of people clash with police in riot gear sent in to try to bring the violence under control. overnight anarchy playing out at keane state college in new
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hampshire after a notoriously boozy halloween festival turned violent. >> ridiculous. >> reporter: the annual pumpkin fest is notorious for drawing rowdy college parties but saturday a pair of riots, swarms of college students and tourists filled the streets throwing bottles. >> i got hit with a jack daniels bottle like across the face. >> reporter: overnight rioters filled the streets again jumping on cars and setting fires. s.w.a.t. units moved in. officers formed a barricade and warned people to leave. when they didn't officers set off tear gas. police made dozen of arrests of during both incidents and say several injuries were also reported. and there will be heavy police presence again in keane this morning and more college chaos. watch this. a wild night at west virginia university campus, a college football celebration involving students got out of control. police firing rubber bullets and spraying tear gas to try to
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disperse the crowd gathered for a house party. students were partying after west virginia's big win against fourth ranked baylor. and new fallout in the sayreville high school football case this morning. five coaches at the school have now been suspended with pay. the coaches at the new jersey hool have also been suspended from their teaching duties coming after seven football players were criminally charged last week for their alleged involvement in a string of sexual hazing incidents involving fellow teammates. the coaches' suspension will be discussed during a school board meeting scheduled for tuesday. and a chemistry experiment goes horribly wrong at the university of rochester in new york. university officials say the explosion was caused by a combustive cocktail of dangerous chemicals. school officials say three grad students may have suffered acid burns and had to be decontaminated by emergency crews. and how's this for a saturday pastime. hundreds of b.a.s.e. jumpers took turns hurling themselves off the new river bridge in
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fayetteville, west virginia. wow! festival is known as one of the largest extreme sports events in the word. now some video shows why this may not be the best idea right there. some jumpers missed their target. this man had to be hospitalized after landing on a nearby street. another man left hanging and hanging and hanging in the trees. >> no thank you. >> no, that's probably not the best thing to do. >> not going to do it. and a thrilling end in college football. we talked about this game yesterday. with just 12 seconds left to go notre dame pulling off the upset but a flag on the play. last second penalty snapping defeat from the jaws of victory, the touchdown was called back. jameis winston and the florida state seminoles sealing a huge come from behind win over the fighting irish. a thrilling game. some are calling the best of the year. fsu still undefeated extending its jaw-dropping 23-game winning streak. >> all those notre dame fighting irish fans are so depressed. >> so heartbreaking for them.
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12 seconds. i mean how close can you get? and it's been a long time since they've -- >> how is your michigan team doing? >> yeah, how is the michigan -- >> we're not talking about michigan anymore. didn't we establish this last week? >> they didn't play yesterday. >> can you give me a little break? >> i just like to -- >> they didn't have a chance to lose. >> he likes to tease me any chance he can get. thank you, matt. a new lead in the intensive search for cop killer eric frein. pennsylvania police say that he's been spotted again in the pocono mountains where he's been hiding out for more than five weeks now. this as the tab for the massive manhunt mounts well into the millions. abc's linzie janis has the latest. >> reporter: overnight we had a sighting for which we're assigning a high level of credibility. >> reporter: this morning, police say one of the fbi's most wanted men accused cop killer eric frein has been spotted near his old high school. >> the individual's description was consistent with frein and he was observed carrying a rifle. the individual's face was covered with mud. >> reporter: the witness says she was less than 15 feet from
8:17 am
the armed man when he emerged from the woods at about 9:00 p.m. friday night just outside of pocono mountain east high school. >> we know that frein is familiar with this area. >> reporter: his school which frein once attended is right across the street from a pennsylvania state police barracks just like the one he allegedly ambushed 37 days ago. killing state trooper brian dixon and wounding another officer who was released from the hospital on thursday. officials say it's been several days since the manhunt turned up any more handwritten notes, handmade bombs or other signs of frein. now that search which has cost an estimated $7 million will have to expand over 12 miles south from the rugged terrain outside barrack township where officers first began tracking the accused killer. just to give you an idea what these searchers are up against, that police officer is roughly 75 yards away from me. i can hardly see him and getting to him quickly through these
8:18 am
trees would be even harder. now investigators are looking into blood found outside the homes of nearby residents trying to determine if it can get them one step closer to frein. >> nobody is going to stop until we find this individual and he's apprehended. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> linzie, thank you. to the vatican now where hours ago pope francis discussed a controversial meeting of bishops that just wrapped up. the meeting ended without consensus on what the church should say about gays or whether to give communion to divorced and remarried catholics so was this a setback for the popular pope or simply the start of a larger discussion? abc's david wright is here. david, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. clearly a 2,000-year-old church doesn't change overnight even when the pope clearly wants to welcome back what he calls the lost sheep of his flock, gays and lesbians and divorced catholics were hoping for more. in his closing speech to the synod of bishops,
8:19 am
pope francis exhorted them once again to welcome the lost sheep. go find them, he said. the bishops gave him a standing ovation. but the final document they approved after two weeks of debate toned down the tone of acceptance of previous drafts. in the first draft paragraph 55 was titled, welcoming homosexual persons. it noted that gays and lesbians have gifts and qualities to offer the christian community. that phrase is out of the final document. the word welcoming changed to giving pastoral attention. the final report reaffirms the church's opposition to same-sex marriage and notes simply that discrimination against gays is to be avoided. even that much was controversial. the vatican took the unusual step of revealing the vote count for every paragraph. >> in the name of transparency we wanted you to see everything. >> reporter: paragraph 55, one of three that fell short of the 2/3 majority normally required. the other two dealt with
8:20 am
catholics who have been divorced and remarried. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: pope francis has been pushing the boundaries on these issues. a few weeks back he married couples who have been living out of wedlock and on one of his first papal flights, a reporter asked about gay catholics, he replied, who am i to judge? >> even if not all the bishops are on his page right now, i think that over time he's going to gain support. >> reporter: the vast majority of these bishops were appointed by pope benedict or pope john paul. next year when this synod reconvenes, it's likely that many more of them will have been appointed by pope francis. >> so change could be coming. >> slowly but surely. >> yes, it's an old institution. david, thanks. now bringing in rob marciano. so hurricane ana. did i get that right. >> hurricana. >> hurricana. >> we can joke because it is dangerous close to the hawaiian islands but it doesn't look like it will make a direct impact.
8:21 am
we'll show you some out of there, about 125 miles southwest, west-southwest of honolulu. it has caused some flooding especially on the big island. we've had a record rainfall there, 4 1/2 inches in hilo. almost a foot of rainfall in other parts of the big island and now it's heading towards kauai and we have tropical storm warnings that are posted for the island of kauai as it heads in that direction. waves, wind and obviously some heavy rain, tropical storm watches remain posted for honolulu. here is the forecast track. as we push it out to sea, it will affect some of the more remote aisles obviously as we go throughout the day today. let's take a look at what's going on a little bit closer to home. that cold blast of air. you felt it last night driving down across the south. this morning it's chilly out there. tomorrow morning it's going to be five, maybe ten degrees cooler than this. so get the kids' winter clothing out. why pot? just break it out because tomorrow morning you may at least need it in the a.m. 70 for a high today in atlanta. that cool front passes to the south. so, yeah, some southern comfort today. it'll feel a little more like fall.
8:22 am
>> winds gusting to 30 mile per hour. no rain whatsoever. it will be cooler tonight for a freeze watch out to the west. tomorrow milder commandment rain >> that is your latest hurricana update. i pictured the entire show to be broadcast from hawaii this morning but that fell on deaf ears. >> quit trying to make hurricana happen. coming up on "gma" -- the prosecution's problem in a palm beach polo mogul. the key piece of evidence the jurors will not see this time around. plus, is this model behavior? what were these women doing riding around national guard tanks during a swimsuit calendar
8:23 am
shoot? the investigation is under way. as you might imagine, this has produced a little bit of a military hurricana this morning. >> that last headed looked like paula. >> that was not me. a guest host coming to "dancing with the stars" tomorrow night. who it is coming up in "pop news." >> breaking "pop news" -- >> no joke, paula. that face looks like yours. >> don't start rumors. do not start those rumors. i don't belong in a swimsuit. or a tank. "good morning america" brought to you by the hotel search, hotel, trivago ♪ motion on the ocean trivago. ♪ motion on the ocean [ male announcer ] lowe's presents
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>> good morning. the time now is 8:27 a.m.. our of the stories topping region today. break in the search
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for missing student hannah graham. gravity jacket, hold onto your hat. winds of to 25 miles per hour. temperatures in the 40's today. temperatures only in the upper 60's for the high. tonight look for a freeze watch. we will follow tomorrow.
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♪ well i don't know how you do it to me ♪ that's sadie robertson and her charleston got rave reviews on "dancing with the stars." of course, she's the star of -- one of the stars of "duck dynasty" and this week a familiar face is dancing back into the picture. that hurt my back. >> we got to practice that one. >> yes. well, coming up the former contestant who is making an appearance as a co-host for tomorrow night's "dancing with the stars." >> the big reveal coming up in "pop news" with sara haines in just a few minutes. also coming up this morning, check this out. models running wild in what appears to be a national guard training center. so now the investigation into who gave the green light for this. some people in the brass are not so happy. >> i can imagine. >> yes. but we're going to start here, the national guard not happy about this. but we're going to start with the polo mogul accused of killing a young man with his car
8:31 am
after a night of drinking. >> jurors are hearing testimony in the retrial of john goodman but will a crucial piece of evidence that's missing this time around make a conviction more difficult? abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more. good morning, mara. >> paula, good morning. that piece of evidence is the defendant's car. it was destroyed after the first trial but that conviction was later thrown out due to juror misconduct. and now prosecutors are relying on testimony to help make their case. >> had it been more than a year since anyone had asked to look at the cars? >> to my knowledge, yes. >> reporter: palm beach homicide detective troy snelgrove friday, a key piece of evidence in the trial is missing. unlike john goodman's first trial, jurors won't have the opportunity this time to examine the $200,000 bentley he was driving the night it bulldozed into 23-year-old scott wilson's hyundai ultimately killing him. >> have you now been told that
8:32 am
was a premature release? >> yes. >> reporter: the palm beach attorney's office ordered the release of the two vehicles sending them to be crushed after the multimillionaire was convicted of dui manslaughter and vehicular homicide in 2012 and sentenced to 16 years in prison. >> we find the defendant guilty of dui manslaughter. >> reporter: but that ruling was later thrown out due to juror misconduct, and now the jury unaware this is a retrial has been told the bentley was released after thorough testing. >> his car was a crucial piece of evidence in the first case. >> reporter: the bentley could hold the key to his future. he was driving twice the speed limit and had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit hours after the accident claiming the brakes on the bentley malfunctioned. he has pleaded not guilty. goodman's lawyers say he only drank after the accident to help calm his nerves. he faces 16 years if convicted,
8:33 am
that is the same sentence that he received after his first conviction which was, of course, was later thrown out. >> we will continue to cover this case right here on "gma." mara, thank you. >> thanks, mara. >> thank you. now head back over to matt gutman. you have the latest on ebola this morning. a lot of stuff on ebola this morning. good morning, everybody. we begin with that cruise ship carrying a quarantined health care worker. that ship back in the u.s. carnival "magic" docking in galveston this morning hours after the coast guard flies in to collect a blood sample from a woman who handled samples from ebola victim eric thomas duncan. and the search for missing university of virginia student hannah graham appears to be over. this after a grim discovery. police found human remains on an abandoned property along with some clothing that may match what graham was wearing the night she disappeared. and you're not going to see this often. a rare sight on the seas. two aircraft carriers maneuver right next to each other. now, in this case the turnover is between the "uss george h.w. bush" being replaced by the "uss
8:34 am
carl vinson." that's in the persian gulf. look at those behemoths. and finally this one is for my friend, rob marciano. the forecast in edmonton goes to the dogs. a weatherman had the great idea of bringing this dog to help out with the forecast. it's all part of a push to promote animal adoptions but the dog had his own plans or maybe he was just hungry. we're not sure yet. he kept chomping on the leash until finally, wait for it, he just ate right through it right there. >> nice. >> nice. >> but weatherman are consummate professionals. meteorologist mike zobel waited through the entire broadcast while still clutching that half leash. next time we're going to bring in sara's dogs, but they're chihuahuas. >> i have a baby bjorn for that. >> wait a second. you have a baby bjorn for your dogs. >> only one fits in so it's for a dog. >> a bjorn for your dog. >> in miami they push the dogs in strollers. have you seen that? >> yeah, they have them in new york city too, sure. >> they're in their twilight years, their legs respect good
8:35 am
so sometimes you need to do that. >> your chihuahuas are cutting into my weather time. thank you for that, by the way. a lesson, always get to the seven-day forecast or you will be fired. all right. we show you a live shot of boston. temperatures in the mid-50s. and you know what, you're going to stay in the mid-50s today because that wind will keep howling from the north-northwest and, yeah, fall has arrived, my friend. but it'll be kind of a brief cooldown the next two days and tomorrow morning especially will be chilly. frost advisories for boston and the surround areas. tomorrow will be a cool start. we'll trend into the more moderate or seasonal direction on tuesday, but that cold air, that trough in the jet stream may spark the development of a nor'easter later in the week, so we'll watch. more so tonight and tomorrow a wet day. 1 to 2 inches along the oregon and washington coastline, maybe pushing down as far south as redding, california. down across the socal area and desert southwest, maybe some showers today. a little bit of, not monsoon flow, but low pressure pumping
8:36 am
up moisture there. elsewhere looking at pleasant weather across much of the southeast today. temperatur >> cold and blustery. musostly sunny. tomorrow, milder. >> this weather report brought to you by listerine. i'm sorry, aunt paula -- aunt paula. paul's aunt, aunt judy in st. louis. >> waiting for st. louis to show up on the map. >> i didn't get to the seven-day forecast. >> you're fired. you're fired. actually what your penance is you have to wear -- >> the baby bjorn with a chihuahua. >> one of my chihuahuas. >> you know what, i'll take being fired. >> they're really cute chihuahuas. >> that settles that. well, coming up on "good morning america" -- call it bikinigate. who if anyone gave the okay for these models to pose with military equipment? that's legitimate military
8:37 am
equipment. and naked chef jamie oliver tries to convince taylor swift he knows something about singing. the hilarious results all up ahead in "pop news." >> she's not having it. >> nope. >> not going there. >> a good dance there. mick jagger. ere. >> a good dance there. mick jagger. one to clean your whole mouth. one for those hard to reach places. one to protect kids mouths from cavities. even one to freshen breath on-the-go. with over 100 years of innovation in oral care... there's a listerine® product for every mouth in your house. for cleaner, healthier mouths go beyond brushing alone. listerine®. power to your mouth ™.
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yes, the images are eye popping in more ways than one. women in bikinis climbing all over tanks at a national guard training center in utah all part of a photo shoot for a swimsuit calendar. >> and now an investigation into how it was allowed to happen in the first place and what the man behind this project is saying about it. abc's brandi hitt is in our l.a. bureau with more. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. utah national guard members were spotted in uniform in this behind-the-scenes video of a controversial calendar shoot where women are wearing next to nothing firing weapons and, yes, riding around in tanks. this morning, the utah national guard is launching an internal investigation to determine whether a pair of troops broke protocol by allegedly allowing these bikini clad british models to use military equipment without the permission of commanding officers.
8:42 am
hot shots, a british swimsuit calendar, shooting a portion of the 2015 edition at camp williams national guard base in utah. the women locking and loading military style firearms, offroading with automatic weapon, even taking a few laps around the block in a tank. in a statement to abc news, the utah national guard confirms the unauthorized use of personnel, facilities and equipment but also says it did not provide weapons, ammunition nor ranges used during the live fire shots of the hot shots production. adding, no payments were received and it apologized for any embarrassment. >> tank and helicopters and, of course, loaded guns. >> reporter: the utah national guard further investigating who allowed the production of this two-piece platoon. hot shots confirming the weapons firing all happened at a range off base. now founder michael newman
8:43 am
hoping the calalendar's good cae makes up for the renegade photo shoot. >> this is not about me, it's not about the calendar. it's not about any of that. this whole project is to raise money for wounded servicemen and women. >> reporter: well, the utah national guard says once its formal investigation is complete the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, paula and dan, if anything, this calendar has a lot more publicity by doing this. >> your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen. brandi, thank you very much. coming up on "gma," he looks innocent but this scarecrow has a little trick up his sleeve. the nasty and hilarious especially if you like mean humor surprise he has for people on the street. that's coming up in "pop news" and sara haines, keep it here. a. a mouth breather! how do you sleep like that? you dry up, your cold feels even worse. well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth.
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♪ yes, we have that pavlovian response to the techno music that can mean none other than sara haines. >> thank you, dan harris. i like that intro. leah remini is coming back to "dancing with the stars" but this time she's leaving her dancing shoes at home. the "king of queens" star is filling in for erin andrews co-hosting the show with tom bergeron tomorrow night.
8:48 am
you may remember she had a rather successful season last fall coming in fifth place with tony dovolani and apparently ready to get dirt. tweeting, "help me co-host this monday night. what do you want to know about the couples?" >> what do you want to know? >> are you a big fan? >> not this -- >> of course, we are. hello. >> we love the show. >> you guys, i scripted that answer for you. can you not read the prompter? >> we dance between commercial breaks. going viral taylor swift meets the naked chef jamie oliver. the two paired up for a tan up to cancer fund-raiser in a hilarious skit with taylor at first appearing reluctant to bake it off. ♪ bake it off bake it off ♪ whoo ♪ >> come on, baby. >> that would be so hard to keep a straight face. she humorously refers to him with every "j" name but jamie. still the charity telethon in the uk raised over $23 million and if you see some of it, there's a point are he does a flip, a handstand. i don't know how she kept her game face on. >> she's a professional.
8:49 am
>> you got to love a song you can just keep changing the lyrics and it works even in the kitchen. >> i'm still not sick of the song yet. >> nope. >> i know -- >> i think it's still catchy. >> like the "pop news" stuff kind of. >> exactly like "pop news." >> and plus. another video getting a ton of clicks online. a halloween prankster in philadelphia with a rather dark sense of humor, he starts off as a friendly somewhat goofy scarecrow but then quickly reveals what's underneath. >> oh, my gosh. can you imagine? >> wait till you see his face. he's got blood coming out of his mouth. >> oh. >> it already has over 2.5 million views. >> oh, look at his face. >> oh, my word. >> i would not have survived that one. i get violent when i get scared. i would have swung at someone. >> that's just cruel.
8:50 am
>> beauty is on the inside said the scarecrow. >> i could watch that all day. >> i know. i don't think it's mean humor. i think it's hilarious. >> it's kind of mean humor. >> i'd be willing to subject myself if you're willing to do it yourself, it's not mean. would you go in there and let him scare you? that's what i've been justifying for years. >> plus, it's the time of year. you have to allow for some scariness. >> hello, thank you. exactly. you know the special beds they make for dogs. don't waste your time or money. buy an extra full size human bed. check out this pup who likes to sleep just like us. he's totally chillaxing and comfortable. >> come on. >> now i feel like the only thing that's not normal in this shot right now is the camera in his face while he sleeps. and if you listen closely -- >> is he snoring? >> yep. >> yes! >> yes. >> come on. >> tell me puppy snorers are not the cutest thing you've ever heard. look at him.
8:51 am
occasionally his eye opens to see what's going on. dude, get out of here. >> would he fit in your baby bjorn? your doggie bjorn. >> no, he'd be carrying as well. >> do they sleep as well in your baby -- >> you guys are having way too much fun. i don't do it for fun. >> i'm old. i haven't had a baby. my ovaries are screaming. >> subliminal message. >> an update on sara's biological clock. we'll take a quick break and be back with more "pop news." keep it here. >> wow! i'm new ensure active clear protein drink. clear huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got 8 grams of protein. twist my lid! that's three times more than me. 17 vitamins and minerals. and zero fat! hmmmm. you bring a lot to the party! yay! new ensure active clear protein. 8 grams protein. zero fat. 17 vitamins and minerals.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. start the search for your next car at carmax. start here. so, it's been a wide ranging and interesting moment. >> always. >> we've had models on tanks, we've had baby bjorns with chihuahuas in them and we've had this
8:56 am
video of a sleeping dog that i think we can agree was the best thing in the morning. >> the best thing ever. >> absolutely. >> thank you for watching, everybody. we appreciate having you with us on a weekend. be sure to keep it here for "this week with george stephanopoulos." there will be no sleeping dogs on "this week." >> but it will be a good show. >> maybe. >> it will be a great show. ofthis is an abc 7 news eight. >> good morning. the time now is 8:56 a.m. taking a look at some of the stories in our news this morning at a major break in the search for missing student hannah graham forensic testing is now underway after a body was found in an abandoned property. police trying to determine if those remains could we that of
8:57 am
grants -- could be grandpa's. raham's. a rally today place at the high school. the president's appearance comes right before early voting begins in maryland. yes will need tickets to attend the event. >> you not hold out your jacket yet season, this morning the time to do. it is a blustery morning of dramatic scalia bethesda. dramatic sky you bethesda. no problems with precipitation today. 74 yesterday, we are not coming
8:58 am
close to that today, only upper 50's and low 60's. the width will abate a bit tonight, but look at the temperatures, 34 and 40. we have freeze watches out in the shenandoah. and wednesday. >> thank you.
8:59 am
9:00 am
[captioning perfoed by the national captioning institute, ich is respoible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> business ws from the capitol region. this is "washington business report" with abc7 national correspondent rebecca cooper. >> thank you for joining us. this week in our small business spotlight, virirginia innovavats and entrtrepreneneurs pitching r prprojectsts to the governor. in the roundtable, a rouough wek the ebolarkets and ar f the national economomy and washington businesses. will have that and more coming up later in the show. this week we sat down with son of thend new, the white house chief of staff johnson and new. hisayays he got more of political skills from his mother.


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