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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  October 19, 2014 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. isit] >> the u.s. military is stepping up to help in the fight against the ebola virus. a 30-person medical support team is now being trained to provide short notice assistance to health care workers in the u.s. in texas the quarantine ends for many people who had contact with the first ebola victim in the states. we have those developments and more on a cruise ship ebola
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scare. >> back at court today 3600 passengers on the carnival magic disembarking back in texas, their vacations taking an unexpected turn after learning a fellow passenger is a lab technician who handled specimens from ebola victim thomas duncan. >> we were -- >> though she showed no symptoms the lab supervisor was quarantined and before the ship could return to the u.s. a coast guard helicopter was sent to pick up a blood sample which tested negative for ebola. >> the blood test only works when someone has symptoms. i think that the spread of disease is under control. what i worry about is that the spread of fear of the disease is not under control. >> in ohio, more than a hundred people also believed to be at very low risk are being monitored including passengers on the two flights nurse amber vinson took between dallas and cleveland in the days before she was diagnosed. today her treatment continues at emory university hospital in atlanta.
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her colleague nina foreman is battling the virus at the national institutes of health in maryland. >> they are both able to converse with family and do the kind of things i'd like to see family members able to do. >> 75 other health care workers involved with duncan's treatment continue to be monitored for symptoms, a major turning point for others here in dallas. the 21-day watch period for the nearly 50 people who had contact with duncan before he was hospitalized ending and for the four people who lived with him tonight the quarantine being lifted. included in the group duncan's fiance who released a statement today saying she is thankful for all the support, adding her prayers are now with those two nurses battling ebola. marci gonzalez, abc news, dallas. >> government officials and doctors say the general public is not at risk from ebola but despite the assurances some people aren't taking any chances.
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steven tschida shows us the precautions some in our area are taking. >> images of medical personnel enclosed in protective gear left some wondering whether they should start preparing for ebola themselves. >> looking for hazmat suits. >> we spent the morning browsing online. >> i'm scared to travel without the protection. >> some people are heading to stores which carry protective gear. >> this is an official hazmat suit >> we checked out a couple dealers around the area. they've seen a spike in demand from medical personnel and just regular folks. neil kraemer attributes his increased business to fear. >> i guess a scare like this everybody buys something they think is going to protect them. i don't know. >> at granger which supplies an array of equipment they say they've had people coming in asking for masks, not surprising since some people say they expect to be wearing masks soon when they head to a train or a plane. >> i just told my co-worker i'm going to start wearing a mask. you got to be safe.
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>> one other note. we talked with some of the dealers in the hazmat suits. they say some people are actually purchasing these suits not to protect themselves but for halloween costumes. steven tschida, abc 7 news. >> a local couple claimed they're discriminated against by a publicly owned golf course in prince george's county. they say it is all because of a wheelchair. this is a story you'll see only on 7. >> in golf you've got no choice but to face the tee alone. on the fairway here at the eisenhower golf course, it's support along for the ride. >> a beautiful day. >> her husband dean is a quadraplegic but it doesn't keep him off the course. >> probably 135. >> the couple has golfed together for more than a decade. 70 plus courses two times a week and never a problem, they say, until about a month ago.
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>> great job. this is the first course that ever made me feel disabled. >> dean ordakowski is talking about another course, enterprise in mitchelville publicly owned by prince george's county parks and rec. >> i walked in with him and they said, sir, he's not going out on the course is he? i said yeah he's going to ride with me. oh, he can't do that. >> they claim club management had a host of reasons why -- that doesn't allow dean would have to use a golf cart which is something he can't do. >> it was humiliating to sit in the pro shop while he came up with excuse after excuse. >> they consider what happened to them discrimination and filed a complaint with the department of justice claiming enterprise violated the americans with disabilities act. parks and rec says this is an issue of liability not disability. all dean oral cowsky had to do was pay some greens fees and take a few clubs and he'd have been good to go. >> we have a policy that says
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we do not allow spectators on any of our golf courses. >> but this representative of parks and rec says if dean had simply acted as a player by paying to play he would have waived the club of liability. >> this man has to basically tell a lie to be able to golf with his wife according to the policy as it stands. >> we're not asking him to lie. but the point is that we are not allowing spectators on the course. >> that policy is clearly stated in the club house but as for liability, players don't sign anything before they take the course. >> nothing surprises me anymore, unfortunately. >> mark perielo of the american association for people with disabilities isn't shocked by what happened to the couple but says if enterprise employs a standard policy for all there is no a.d.a. violation. >> this man just wants to enjoy the day. it's as simple as that. >> but they say they felt treated differently, something they never expected on the course.
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abc 7 news. >> still ahead here on "washington weekly" if you want a ticket to the national christmas tree lighting, time is running out. learn how to submit your name. phase two of the silver line isn't scheduled to open until 2018 but like phase one is already behind schedule. we'll explain. >> and heading out the door for your monday morning, grab the layers. it is going to be cold. frost advisorys in effect for parts of
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>> looking at the week ahead now, early voting begins tomorrow in the district and voters can cast their ballots at one judiciary square starting at 308 in the morning. the eight other early voting locations open up next saturday. absentee voting by mail in the district also starts tomorrow and ballots must be postmarked by election day, november 4. on tuesday, a judge in south africa is expected to announce the sentence of oscar pistorius. last week's sentencing hearing featured emotional testimony from both sides. the judge found pistorius guilty of culpable homicide in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. pistorius faces up to 15 years in prison but is also eligible for a suspended sentence. back here in the states a local tradition begins this friday. the national zoo is hosting its annual do at the zoo halloween event.
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children can trick or treat and check out the animals. tickets are available now. boo at the zoo goes from 5:30 to 8:30 friday, saturday, and sunday. coming up, there was once a source of summer time fun. now some say this montgomery county pool is a danger and it needs to go. the debate over its future coming up next.
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>> metro is keeping a close eye on costs and schedules as work on phase two of the silver line ramps up. the extension is already six months behind schedule. phase one of the silver line opened this summer and phase two will add 11 miles of track costing $2.7 billion. service to dulles is expected to begin in 2018. a montgomery county neighborhood is wading into the debate over the long standing community pool. the swimming pool has been around for decades but now some consider it to be an eye sore. horace holmes looks at the fight over the pool's future. >> it's the grand daddy of all community pools in montgomery county built right after world war ii now crumbling, overgrown, and abandoned. oak view pool is now an eye sore and in some neighbors' eyes, a hazard. >> it is very dangerous. the problem for people who live here is this pool which for so many years served this neighborhood proudly is located
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right next to an elementary school and in an area where lots of children live. >> that's not good for the neighborhood and it is certainly not good for the school. >> that's the problem. the pool closed in september, 2013, when the nonprofit organization that operated it ran out of money. the grounds haven't been kept. rain water sits in the bott esm the pool. it was broken into and vandalized this past august. some neighbors fear children can get in and get hurt. >> get rid of the pool entirely i think. >> the oak view recreation corporation which ran the pool says it has secured the site, monitors it regularly, and some water must remain or the foundation will be ruined. the corporation says it's in the process of raising $25,000 to make the necessary repairs so the pool can reopen next may. in the meantime, this one-time gem will remain a worry for some. in silver spring, horace holmes, abc 7 news.
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>> just a few hours left to put your name in the running for a ticket to the lighting of the national christmas tree. you've got until 10:00 tomorrow morning to sign up for that online ticket lottery. for a link to the website just go to ours, this year's tree lighting is december 4th on the ellipse. always so nice out there. it's getting to be that time of the year. actually was like it tonight. >> it really does. temperatures already into the lower 40's and not even midnight. so temperatures will keep on dropping. it was kind of cool out there today especially with the brisk wind. it looked a little cloudy this morning from our chesapeake beach resort camera. as i put this time lapse into otion the clouds quickly dissipated and full sunshine through the afternoon but the sunshine didn't warm us up all that much. one of the warmer spots around the region today, right here in d.c. at 62 degrees. still below our average of 67. most locations, though, didn't
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even make it to the 60-degree mark. and now temperatures have fallen 41 in gaithersburg, 39 degrees in culpepper, virginia. 45 in quantico. we're still sitting at 51 degrees downtown. but the windy conditions that we had earlier, well, they have subsided. winds are calm now in a lot of spots. with clear skies and calm winds it's the perfect recipe for those temperatures to fall and fall pretty quickly at that. high pressure off to our south will keep us nice and dry through the overnight hours and through most of the day tomorrow. but our next weather system coming out of the great lakes, that will take this track moving farther southeast. it's actually going to merge with another little trough off to the south. we'll get a kind of upper level system spinning. all that means for you, you'll want the umbrella likely tuesday and wednesday with on and off shower chances. but we'll also start to see clouds increasing through the day tomorrow. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. maybe a few high, thin clouds out there. the clouds will thicken through
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the afternoon. but even with the clouds, temperatures will warm into the lower to middle 60's. going home tomorrow through the afternoon and evening, skies turning mostly cloudy. a few sprinkles possible through about 9:00 until midnight. but then as that weather front approaches, we'll see a few more showers i think probably pushing in on and off throughout the day tuesday. that system will keep us under the chance for some of those showers as we head through the day wednesday as well. but tonight, it is all about the cold temperatures. far north and west of d.c. we'll probably get close to 32 degrees. 42 here in town. but where we'll be flirting with the freezing mark is where the frost advisory is in effect. that includes montgomery, fairfax, prince william county, and these are forecast lows for tomorrow morning so you could be waking up to about 31 degrees tomorrow morning in manassas. after a chilly start, 64 through the afternoon, shower chances tuesday, wednesday. sunny and warmer into the next weekend. >> all right.
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get through a little bit of it here. >> yeah. little teaser. >> thanks, eileen. we all know that living in d.c. isn't cheap but the results of a new cost of living study may actually surprise you.
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>> washington is now the most expensive place in the country to live. that is according to a cost of living report by the labe department. stephen tschida will take a look at the numbers and he's ot the reaction.
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>> new buildings continue to go up across the city. despite a glut of new units hitting market, a one bedroom can run you upwards of $2600 bucks a month. >> it's tough for a kid right out of college to afford to live in the city >> check out this fixer upper in the formerly down troden shaw neighborhood. it is expected to fetch well over a million dollars. >> young people can't start families or lives in the city anymore. it just breaks my heart. >> the bureau of labor statistics broke down the cost of living in u.s. cities. the big apple didn't take the big prize. it came in third. san francisco is second. the costliest place to call home? washington, d.c. the study focused on the price of services and expenses such as trash removal, along with necessities like furniture. >> sign of a good economy.
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>> tony hutchins is a businessman and isn't thrilled about paying more to live here but says it is the price of a successful city. >> if there were bad rents and low home prices it would be -- verage as for the recent college grad he says the benefits of life in d.c. are so great he is willing to make sacrifices. >> i do have a car. i'm considering getting rid of it though just because it is so expensive to keep
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