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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 29, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the sky.l into >> the damage is apparently not as bad as nasa expected. what happened at the launch site today? >> it is still called a danger zone. i can show you the actual launch site for miles that way. andcan see a water tower then a leaning structure. that leaning structure is what help the rocket, and as you can see, it is still standing, but you can also see those who had this vantage point had quite a view of a catastrophe. watching and taking video from a press area less than two miles from a launchpad, he knew something was wrong. >> the rocket normally extends out of the exhaust room. it did not do that, so i knew. >> the 17-story-tall two-stage antares rocket seemed to stall
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in midair. hit thehen they self-destruct button. kramer recorded the massive fireball. >> i was totally sad and depressed. i was stunned. i cannot believe i saw what i just saw. >> now the hunt for answers. fortunately, no one got hurt, but the rocket was to supply the international space station with food and the host of scientific experiments. all are lost, a major blow to northern virginia-based orbital sciences, one of two companies contracted to nasa for these missions now that the space shuttle no longer flies syria >> the investigation really has just started. >> the company was confident about this fourth space station supply mission. right up until the explosion. >> i think that is fair to say. certainly did not expect that. we expect success. that is what we expect of ourselves, but i think we turned
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immediately into professionalism. >> by that, they mean that they have immediately started to try to figure out what the cause of this explosion was. they have grounded this antares rocket. their next flight was rescheduled until they find out what happened with this one, and were told that could take days or weeks. >> thank you, brad. rain has been a nuisance. now prepare for a bit of chilliness moving in. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the weather center. >> temperatures started to fall today, so we get chiller, cooler now, and we will get cold by the weekend. let's get you started here. the sun is just breaking through of crowd layers west washington. look at that beautiful color of illumination on some of the downtown buildings on the low anger of sunshine. a red hue coming through the clouds right now. we'll see a steady cooling trend, still a couple of patches of showers behind the front south of town, but they are on their way out. we will clear out, and
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temperatures comfortably in the mid to upper 50's right now will all through the evening and overnight hours. 40 to 47 degrees overnight. we will wake up there's a partly cloudy. we will talk about trick or treat weather, have some improving news there, and the cold winter weather details in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. tonight, there is increased security at federal buildings in our area and around the country. the department of homeland security stepped up security at nearly 10,000 federal facilities nationwide. dhs secretary jeh johnson said the move is precautionary and not because of a specific threat. it comes a week after a gunman killed a guard at a war memorial and attacked the canadian parliament in ottawa. >> the u.s. military is taking a big step in the fight against this threat of ebola. defense secretary chuck hagel announcing all troops returning from ebola-stricken countries in west africa will go into quarantine. scott, how long will the
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quarantine last? >> it's going to between one days, but it heightens the argument over what is the right of forward. u.s. military deciding today all american troops returning from ebola missions in west africa will be put into isolation for that three-week incubation period. right now, that means nearly 1000 troops could face quarantine upon return, and although none of them are supposed to be in contact with ebola patience, defense secretary chuck hagel felt it was the smart, safe move. policy thatlso a was discussed in great detail by the communities, by the families of our military men and women, and they very much wanted a safety valve on this. >> president obama this afternoon passed a similar tactic being employed by governors in some states for aid workers who return from west africa. he called it unnecessary panic.
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>> when i hear people talking about american leadership and then promoting policies that would avoid leadership and have us running in the opposite direction and hiding under the , it makes me a little frustrated. >> the white house has explained in the past that it is a different scenario, though, when talking about the military since they are not there voluntarily. much closere in quarters most of the time. president obama says that the potential quarantine of aid workers upon returning will discourage doctors and nurses from going to west africa to try to contain the disease. >> thank you, scott. more students at the university have come down with viral meningitis. the campus health center reports and 19 confirmed or suspected
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cases. this cool says students received e-mail alerts about the contagious disease. it also posted information on symptoms and treatment online. viral meningitis is less severe than bacterial meningitis, but it can cause severe headaches, fevers, and nausea. >> the city of alexandria will no longer ticket people who put "for sale" signs on their cars, cars parked along city streets, at least for the time being. the change comes amid a lawsuit which accuses the city of violating free-speech rights. when man who wants to sell his truck is suing the city to get rid of the law. the deputy city attorney says the ordinance is designed to keep people from blocking traffic to check out a car. >> many people do not have offstreet parking of their own, so on street parking becomes a hot button issue. we want to be sensitive to that and be sure begin the community adequate time to tell us how they will about this particular ordinance. to change ouring
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strategy. i'm still going to go forward until the law is no longer on the books. >> alexandria says a policy before a claim -- before the lawsuit was filed. to got a few days left until midterm elections, and candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard. >> how one group of voters could have an impact on the outcome. >> hundreds
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the mess in washington - made worse with dan bongino. a tea party supporter endorsed by sarah palin. bongino will take away social security's guaranteeeed benefit and fight against equal pay for equal work legislation. the post calls bongino "polarizing" and "highly partisan." no wonder the post endorses john delaney "one of the most impressive new lawmakers." family man, entrepreneur, and independent problem solv - for jobs, to protect veterans and equal pay for women. i'm john delaney and i approve this message.
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>> journalists, consumers of news, politicians, well-known washington tony and gathered at the national cathedral today to remember and honor "washington post" editor ben bradlee. >> luminaries from the worlds of journalism and politics descended on the national cathedral to bitter do -- to bid a man who had impacts on both of those rounds. presided over "the washington post" as it grew from respected two internationally renowned paper. he published the pentagon papers, the uncovering of covert military actions during the vietnam war, rattled washington
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in the nation. he also oversaw the watergate of thee by two reporters watergate story, which eventually brought down president richard nixon. >> in almost every discussion, no matter how fleeting, he made you feel better about yourself. >> those who knew ben bradlee or worked for him expressed their respect and affection. >> he was very funny and very warm and very, very kind. >> ben bradlees survived by his four children and his wife. after the funeral, there was a private burial. >> with election day a week away, there's concern about one group of voters and whether they will come out to the polls. we'll explain next. >> and prepare for a real taste of fall. dougross full forecast -- 's full forecast is next.
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>> with just days until the midterm elections, candidates are doing everything they can to get support from every voter. what impact will specific groups of voters have on this tuesday's election? we look at the african-american vote. >> turnout among african-american voters helped propel president obama to victory in 2008 and 2012. two years later, interest in the midterms -- >> not as much as the presidential. >> does not even compare. >> i think ther's a lot of apathy now. jackson believes dissatisfaction with the president will translate into low turnout among black voters. >> at this point, while we all love obama, of course, and always will, but at the same time, we have not seen a lot of results. >> voters have not seen much of president obama. he has appeared in campaign stops in heavily democratic
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states like maryland and illinois, but democrats in tight races in swing states appear to not want to be seen with him. it's were african americans could sway the u.s. senate -- georgia, louisiana, north carolina, arkansas, and kentucky. but with obama's approval hovering in the lower 40's, professor robert gutman with george mason university says the so-called obama coalition is not likely to turnout this year, including african-americans. >> republicans are going to do better because they have their base fired up and ready to go. >> if we actually come out and vote, we can make a big difference. thist smith thinks election lacks something big -- hope. >> they are not very positive about it. they have a negative overtone. >> despite expected low turnout among african-american voters, president obama is still recording video ads and radio interviews targeting black voters in an effort to help
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democratic candidates across the country. >> d.c. voting officials expect more people to get out and vote next week. only 27% of voters turnout for primaries in april. ethics they could to increase to about 40% for next weeks election. -- that number is expected to increase to about 40% for next week's election. join us for your voice, your future, vote 2014 election roundtable where we will be talking about the future of capitol hill. you can watch the town hall tomorrow night at 7:00 or 8:30 on our sister station, news channel eight, and you can also watch on >> pretty typical october day, a little rain. >> yes, it was fairly mild, and the cold front came through. it is going to get chillier tonight and still expected to
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get mighty chilly by the weekend. a live look from the rooftop camera. the sun is down, but enough daylight in twilight to get a little feeling, but skies are still most the cloudy. a few breaks in the overcast, and we will see skies continue to slowly clear from west to east during the remainder of the evening hours. still seeing pockets of rain right behind the cold front that went through, and areas south of the district, they move across the river, and you can see the cold front on the map. just represents the front. be 100,s the front can 1 hundred 50 miles wide, so it takes a wild for the rainy clouds to go with it, but clearing will definitely begin tonight. 70 degrees before the showers and front came through. very mild. 64 is our average high. 57 was the morning low, and only .03 edge -- inch in the rain gauge.
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the temperatures you see on the screen represent how much colder it is now than it was this time yesterday. 27 degrees cooler in manassas. 22 degrees cooler at dulles. basically 15 degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday evening in annapolis. through the day tomorrow, brief clouds moved east to the chesapeake bay, pretty much offshore as high pressure builds a northwesterly winds, not terribly windy. a little bit of a breeze, but the air will be cooler and drier , and we will have a lot more sunshine tomorrow. very nice late october day with highs in the upper 50's. pretty much the same kind of weather sky-wise on friday, but friday evening, clouds will start together once again. in the morning, 45 degrees for an average temperature. noon. 59 degrees by this time tomorrow evening. throughout the day, skies will be partly cloudy. as we look through those evening hours friday, even though a cold
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front will be bearing down, it looks like the rain will arrive late at night. trick-or-treat hours, 6:00, 7:00 at night, skies will be cloudy, but it should remain dry, and that is good news. highs in the upper 50's tomorrow and friday, and then clouds roll in friday night. the rain overnight friday. saturday will be windy and colder. highs in the upper 40's with a good chance of rain in the morning. hopefully, it will be just drive a cloudy in the afternoon. sunday, sunshine back, but it will be windy and cold. turn the clocks back one hour before you go to bed saturday night, and a little bit of a warm-up begins monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> thank you very much. how are your math skills? >> good. the wizards open the season in miami. the caps play host to the red wings. for baseball fans, it's game seven of the world series.
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>> rg iii or colt mccoy -- that's what everyone is talking about tonight. colt mccoy has won two games in a row. he's the hero of the week. he has saved the season, so now,
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rg iii is pressing even harder to play, and rumors are rampant with some reporters saying rg iii will start in minnesota, but we've been through this before. colt mccoy is getting better and better. he was under the brightest spotlight monday night, and he was fine. why not give rg iii more time to get sharp mentally and physically? does jay gruden have the guts to make that call? i know this -- jay sat squarely on the offense today when he was asked about it. >> like i said, i think from a physical standpoint, he might have been fine last week. let's remember if he retains the information. if i feel like he has, there's a chance. if i feel like he needs another week to get his feet wet, that might be the way to go. >> why guess when you have a hot hand already playing? the fall classic concludes tonight. game seven tonight at kansas city, and did that home field make a difference last night in
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kc. the royals forcibly took that momentum. they scored 10 runs, and they get to play at home again tonight. it will be great theater. >> throwing everything at them if necessary. >> he would like to come in and win it in for, wind and five, but when this thing started, i really hoped that we could play seven, just for the experience of it, for the thrill of it. the easternng to conference playoffs last april, believe me when i say this -- the wizards are going forward. they move on to play orlando tomorrow night against the magic. host to they detroit red wings in a game that could very well be a preview of the postseason. red wings always so good. cap's just finding themselves
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under a new coach. >> as you know, today has been a bittersweet day for all of us here at abc 7 because one of our favorite people is leaving our newsroom. >> after more than 30 years in journalism, reporter greta kreuz is retiring. greta has done it all for abc seven news. storytelling, dedication to bringing you the news makes her one of the best reporters in town. a celebration and newsroom today to honor our friend and calling. she said she will take time for herself and the children, and we are, without question, going to miss her here at abc seven news. >> washington will miss her, too. >> she is the best. >> happy trails. at tomorrow'sok weather, brighter and breezy or. at tomorrow'sok weather, brighter and breezy or. >> world news tonight
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after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, ght. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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a tea party supporter endorsed by sarah palin. the mess in washington - made worse with dan bongino. bongino will take away social security's guaranteed benefit and fight against equal pay for equal work l legislation. the post calls bongino "polarizing" and "highly partisan." no wonder the post endorses john delaney "one of the most impressive new lawmakers." family man, entrepreneur, and independent problem solver - for jobs, to protect veterans and equal pay for women.
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i'm john delaney and i approve this message. welcome to "world news tonight." the new images. the fire in the sky. the rocket explosion. that mission for nasa. $200 million lost. and what we've learned about the soviet engines inside. from the '60s. then, the river of fire. we take you up in the chopper tonight, over that 2,000-degree lava. can they save anything? what they're doing to the telephone poles. unscripted. governor chris christie lashing out at that man with a message, right there in front of him. >> sit down and shut up. >> how this ended. the hidden camera and the cat calls caught on tape. what happens to this woman as she simply walks down the street? it's sparking all sorts of outrage tonight. and the u.p.s. guy. that's a $12,000 package. what happened to handle with care?


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