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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  October 31, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we're able to reach him we'll have a live report. terrible in this crash near sandy spring, maryland, including small children. we'll continue to follow this situation throughout the evening as soon kevin to you as we reach him. know, this e, as you is halloween >> and safety is on the minds of parents. >> people are ready to go trick or treating and our teen now.age begins right doug has a look at the forecast. all week e watching long with interest to this rain nd we're wondering if it will hold off for the trick or treat hours and i'm proud to say yes, will. it will be cloudy. national and kwopbt co56. through the trick or treat drop butperatures will
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it will stay dry. as far as the forecast for the showers and 40-45 degrees. it will be breezy and chilly periods of rain. you have snow across the lower gusty and and a windy and rainy day torrow and colder by sunday. wenow let's get back to what were looking at sandy springs. appear to be a factor there today. kevin lewis has made his way to the scene. what are you hear something we are at the crash scene right now. he corner of norwood road and excalibur lane. 'll walk you through what officers preliminary think happened. you could see heavy damage to that.
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(audio interruption) >> it was turn into the sandy school and then they say this mitsubishi rear ended this forcing the corolla into that's whenaffic and things got dicy. we'll show you the second part this is a black chevy tahoe. toyota came into on coming traffic that tahoe went on to its back. the at least one woman in tahoe. idea of e you a clear what it looks like. that woman is actually walking right now. it's this green minivan that really posed a hazard here. had seven people inside including five children the even people taken to hospital. those children between 2 and 10 old.s you can see the fire officials putting a car seat into that
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van. front end damage to that van. 13 people injured between these vehicles, six refused treatment and the other seven taken to a s van hospital. if you're unfamiliar with the area this is sandy spring at the corner of norwood road and right at the intersection of sandy spring friends school. issue of getting kids picked up because of heavy activity but most have found their parents. >> thanks, kevin. if sure you get back to us you hear anything new or any updates at all on the condition children. just in time for halloween, we have some other things that the not wantews parents do to hear. ofice received several boxes candy. marijuana.ed with we have the details. kimberly. > leon, it is the nightmare on
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halloween, isn't it? as a parent you can't imagine through all your hild's candy to look for marijuana laced candy bars. that's what they're urging you to do. video earlier today. hey showed the candy that they had seized. it is legitimate candy but it is infused with marijuana as -- equivalent amounts of ten joints in each candy bar. dangerous. they intercepted this shipment colorado and neighbors say they appreciate the warning. don't recognize the pretty g of the candy standard companies we would not allow them to eat that. really scary. bit unusuala little
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for police to show us the evidence and put out a warning ike this but they say because of the timing of halloween even though they're mid investigation they want families to be beware tonight. live, abc7 news. >> thank you. horrors.e been some tragedy in the news this evening for the crew of a company to become a pioneer in citizens.ght for he's got the latest development space rge inatlantic craft. >> it's a sad story. setback. one person has apparently died and another transported to the hospital. both believed to be pilots. released a tic statement today saying the ehicle suffered a serious anomaly resulting in the loss of two.e craft
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much of the debris was scattered the mojave desert. expressed desire to have people off the ground some time this year. this accident will make it difficult. if you ay, the rocket remember exploded on virginia beach. it was supposed to resupply the international space station. humans on that. it's taken up to the outer rim of space by aircraft. like the space shuttle although that used a rocket and released and it has own rock set and propels up to the outer edges of space. they reportedly seeing an explosion. >> thank you. closer now to our region there another story that has gripped
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for some time. the lawyer of the man accused of abducting hanna graham is psychiatric evaluation. attempted murder and sexual assault in a case that goes back to 2005. plea, but we fer a speak. r him >> i would prefer him to be my possible, if it's because i have built a relationship. >> fairfax authorities charged after they linked one case to hanna graham's abduction. back in two to be weeks. >> we turn to a developing story thee police are looking for man who attacked an officer with an axe. they obtained the photo of the
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imbedded into the officer's car. sources tell us the officer was patrol when he saw a man walking through and ally. alley and thethat and ame out of nowhere slammed it into his windshield. that suspect is still on the loose. the search ore on coming up at five. running out and the than a olls show less ten point gap between the two leading candidates. the new leading survey gives the a seven ark warner oint lead over challenger ed gillespie. 3% are saying they're undecided. maryland the big race tuesday is for governor. both candidates will be taking your questions. hogan at n with larry
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:35 and brad bell is in baltimore with anthony brown right after the break. >> later, snow is falling this fternoon in the u.s., believe it or not and we'll tell you and show you where. >> move over dominos. an
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>> welcome back. 'm brad and as you can see lieutenant anthony brown of maryland is with us now. election day is coming up on tuesday. so we're devoting a good deal of time during this newscast to help you make your decision to the candidates the questions that you want to ask in the next republican ear from candidate larry hogan but now as you can see the lieutenant outside the ith us rv he's using to travel the state. you had a governor big event. hillary clinton in town and michelle obama coming up on monday. how does that help? >> we're really excited when obama comes to town to downary clinton came first lady michelle obama.
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maryland cited about and the administration and fighting what the families and middle class values and they part of it and energize the voters. > you talked about some of the outside help. president obama was in town for and recorded a commercial. he said you could start history. out in the put a ocratic party has put out flyer and talks about that. what is your take on the role of campaign and is this a civil rights moment? in the we talk about flyer during the course of this and ry's history, men woman, black and white, have come together to ensure that
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more americans have the right to vote. 100 years ago women didn't have vote.ight to 50, 60 years ago people of color ad limited access to the ballot. our flyer was to remind voters this is a not important right responsibility that many have struggled for each of us to have. so go ahead and exercise it and in on your candidate who is going to make important decisions. a civil rights moment? oth campaigns have a black candidate and a white candidate. i'm only the third in the of this country, but governor who is a will lead all. we'll be fighting for working middle class svalues investing in modern technology so we can get our temporary t of
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trailers and into a better learning environment. leading the nation on ffordability and our commitment. that's what marylanders of all backgrounds want. thing they're concerned about is taxes. ou've seen the number that was ublished that for them high 1iis one issue.ber from the taxes from the o'mally years is driving that number. what do you say to that concern about taxes? i don't see the need nor will i raise taxes. for maryland to weather we great recession to what saw years college tuition was crowded and over classrooms and aid to local law enforcement was cut.
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done nder's have already to protect our schools and neighborhood and environment. for tax relief. hogan ours fer from starts with the middle class and families and small entrepreneurial business. and hogan is starting with large nd wealthy businesses and that's where his tax relief is. > you say that because he's proposed a corporate income tax cut. what tax cuts you can promise? >> with the small businesses opportunities that ave shown that they work when th. families f working we'll be looking at the tax code. fund we can continue to important programs and provide relief we'll do that.
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to roll back a tax rate to the largest corporation. posed y tax that he pros to cut babbling is the corporate that's why ken and i start with working families and middle class. said to you you've been in the administration shouldn't you know? hogan doesn't understand government. at tax oing to look relief and provide relief to working families and middle families and start with small and entrepreneurial giving es and we're not the corporate tax break. tax proposing $3.5 million iveaway and then says we can't afford pre k. >> i want to bring up this race.
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they say is the negative tone. larry t talked about hogan. done ads saying larry hogan is dangerous. that he's eve dangerous? >> i believe his agenda which is gun agenda and mr. hogan has said in private to people have been interviewed that as governor he would roll back of the firearm safety act. the firearm safety act they took weapons off the street and requires common sense background checks including fingerprinting. i support. we've already seen a reduction gun related of crimes in maryland. reasonable sensible, gun safety regulation and mr. it.n oppose
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>> you don't think he has said. unsubtled issues and i'll leave those alone. handful oferviewed a people and in private he or roll them to repeal back the fire gun safety act. audiences he said i oppose it because this went too then he says i oppose it because it didn't go far enough. don't believe the voters can trust him on where he stance on that issue. > very soon we'll be rolling out a new enrollment period through the maryland healthcare exchange. last time this year the state problems.g with real it did not go well. this talked to you about over the last year, but we worked hard to fix t the reports positive. did you do a good enough job of the role out of the
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healthcare exchange? were you actively involved? when you speak to the 400,000 have arylanders who affordable healthcare through the exchange that was the challenge. over 400,000 got back to quality healthcare. that means those families who market, ced out of the today they can afford it. >> what you a your role in the bringing agement of out this exchange? >> my role and i had a esponsibility like everybody who was involved. my role was to ensure that the and the legislative createrk was in place to the health benefit exchange. my role wasout what and who had what responsibility. marylander's are
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asking are what are we doing? we still have work to do. we'll have our second open enrollment in a week or two. we're on track for a successful enrollment, so most important thing we can focus on expanding affordable quality healthcare. >> thank you very much. i appreciate you spending the with us. again, election day is coming up tuesday. back to you in the studio. all right, thank you, brad. folks, we're also going to be hogan right larry here in 20 minutes. if you have any questions for im please ask them on our facebook page. treat us as well. >> coming up right here, does treat for trick or you? >> i think it's going to be a treat for the trick or treaters. coming ve that forecast treat for the trick or treaters. coming ve that forecast up in
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after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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>> this is not a halloween trick. are really snowflakes falling and this is in chicago. 300 used more than cancellations at o'hare airport. i'm glad it's not us. we've had snow as early as
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october 19th in a snow storm a few years ago. over.ason is get ready. let's get started. chicago of the just east, michigan city, look at the take a time lapse and you'll see the pounding on shore. over cago the waves up lake shore drive. there is snow and spray and of ly temperatures and some the winds continue to get strong. just a little bit to the is hwest of michigan city gary, indiana, 41 degrees and 45 miles rly winds at an hour and wind gust of 69 and degrees.l is around 22 it is awful. we won't get that cold and that windy, but we'll get colder and windier. all things considered we're
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sitting pretty. of rain be a chance until i will hold off think midnight and don't think we'll have any during the there trick or treat hours. falling to the upper forties by 9 o'clock tonight. low pressure and another area causing the mess in great lakes. this storm system sits southeast pushes away. we'll get rain tomorrow but a rainout but uncomfortable. by sunday high pressure returns. story is this, for tomorrow breezy chilly temperatures only 51 and fall turn therrow night and clocks back. then we start a nice warm-up for monday, tuesday and wednesday and next chance of rain comes up with a 30% of showers. trick or re with the
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treat weather up close and personal. that is the latest. a check on the traffic. standing by in the traffic situation. you've been watching this scene in sandy spring. directions.sed both still closed. they are getting the vehicles up on the tow trucks now. went to the people hospital. but fortunately not life injuries.g but the road remains closed at least for now. friday.of volume this and had a crash earlier near 123's and there's a vehicle fire along the right side of the roadway to the 11th ou get street bridge. on 95th southbound a lot of volume. is a crash in the fairfax
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parkway and most of the way down into the triangle just friday afternoon volume and did have a earlier on 270 northbound. that's gone. doing too badly. west from the belt fairfax ed out through city and beyond. >> thank you very much. on abc7 news at 4:00. go out for have to that morning couple of joe for much longer. right now, but it will be a much different scene in less than an hour. details coming up. >> and if you think there are a cameras rveillance around washington, just wait. cameras rveillance around washington, just wait. a lot more are
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>> if you saw enemy of the state, hollywood would you have wired that d.c. is just with camera that's can watch you wherever you go. fiction got a f little closer to reality. china town to explain that for us. >> hey, sam. >> hey, leon, it is particularly true in a place like china town of the a camera over there and a camera up there. omebody is watching you and that is about to increase.
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if you think about the boston marathon bombing or the our officer last night, the ability cameras and look at the immediate environment around invaluable to us. >> a security company called castle systems donating a install cameras to outside their buildings to watch he public space and to give police access to those cameras should police want to tune in or has back and watch what transpired. the partnership is called shield and involves many buildings around streets. officers can see countless cameras already from and oint command center that is about to increase. in addition to these thousands are being that they are dditional
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inviting the public to hook up police to help. a clu is opposed to this and more on that on abc7 news at 6:00. back to you. sam.hank you, those cameras about to capture some halloween craziness. halloween and maybe a harper or of brice stephen strasburg will be on the streets. > everybody needs to know how cold it's going to get. alexandria to in check things out. >> i've been told this is the before the storm here in old town and that just about an here, om now this street lee street will be filled with 2,000 ghost and goblins. it will be busy. get this, neighbors on average $200 just on candy lone and they need at least
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2500 pieces, at least that's what they've been warned for. in terms what you need to dress not going to be so bad. mostly cloudy and our temperatures will range from the and fall into the forties the later you go. early trick or treaters, temperatures in the fifties. hang out a little bit late then it's going to get cooler. showers should hold off inside the capital belt way. all.roblems there at we'll keep you updated here in treaters trick or approaching. looks like we have -- come on run, run, run. they're always shy when you're n live t.v. come on down! we're live! shy. halloween?ou for the third is now trick or treater we've seen so far. like i said in just an hour i'll
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be a much this will different scene around here. you won't want to miss it. back to the news desk. just ruined that kid's day. now he's on television so he's everybody's home. we thought he was luke dog walker. thanks, buddy. we want to see a lot of things good, at on the street, bad and ugly. we heard about ebola nurses and kids dressed up like ray rice of all things. we want to know what some of the are. halloween costumes take some pictures and post them on the facebook page. we want to see the worst of the worst out there. favorites the least on monday at 4:00. starbucks says it wants to
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tart delivering coffee and food. it plans to deliver to loyalty to extend it wants it nationwide next year. >> you really need caffeine if to have it delivered to you. we spoke inutes ago with anthony brown about his bid to become next governor. back, larry ome hogan is here in the studio
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>> i'm scott. you heard earlier in this broadcast from anthony brown governor of maryland. now we're affording the same opportunity to the man to my republican candidate for the governor's seat and that is larry hogan. thank you for being here. thank you for having me. >> let's talk about new polling numbers. by your commissioned campaign but nonetheless it and shows point swing you up five. do you believe you're ahead in a like maryland?e >> we've been moving up the ladder. three ere polls maybe 1-2ks ago that had us within
4:40 pm
points and this week 3-5 points up. is on election day. we're trying to get every single person out to vote. the entire time you've stuck to a singular message. over again over and against anthony brown on tax increases over his time as governor. this is a tactic that seems to be working. group three and a half years ago that is change largest that is the group in state history. 125 people. democrats and e independents and our whole focus is bringing fiscal responsibility. where would you roll them back? >> there have been 40 that have $10 billion out f the pockets of small businesses. identified a couple of billion dollars in spending that we can cut out of state
4:41 pm
government. >> give me one you go after pretty quickly. opponent have ur been short on specifics in this race. what would you cut? >> we've been talking about three and a half years. the first place we'll go after is people on fixed incomes are ones suffering the most. most are regressive taxes that incomes and lower income and middle class families. on e trying to cut taxes people -- income taxes on retirement income and rolling many of the tolls, fees nd taxes that hit lower income levels. >> the governor says he won't make anymore tax increases. funny in the last 2010, governor o'mally and lieutenant brown made the same promise right increases largest tax in history and right before they raised taxes 40 times in a row. this a came up with
4:42 pm
couple of weeks ago because he saw in the polls we were gaining focusedessage i've been on 3.5 years is one he wants to adopt and no one is buying it. to a clip fromen an a d his campaign is running. > times in as taxes 40 row and even taxed the rain. campaign. from your ad that was -- gun control mes to you're goning to make the community savor. the only sar to say way you might be willing to guns out of the hands of mentally unstable. >> it's complete nonsense. opponent who has been unable and unwilling to defend his hast year record of failure
4:43 pm
run what's been called across negative y the most and dishonest advertising campaign of the entire nation. word is completely false. i've said repeatedly that we're going to enforce all the gun aws on the books and not going to roll back any of them. we just passed the toughest gun aws in the entire nation and we'll implement those laws. that we really want to try to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill with criminal backgrounds and this bill didn't do that. additional things but there is no difference between the two of us. nd i've been talking through the entire campaign about keeping them on the books. to me. the movement eep going.
4:44 pm
barack talking about obama and if they don't elect a governor they're missing an opportunity. about what he said to say whether or not they're playing the race card. it's to remind voters this is an important right and us tosibility for each of have. >> is he playing the race card here? for me to say. i wouldn't run the campaign the same way he has. a number of black elected officials who are democrats and a number of people that have talked to in baltimore ity who are outraged and insulted by these ads and i don't think it's helping his campaign. dreamers? ut you've got thousands who would like to stay in maryland while out what o figure their status will be for immigration purposes. stay?d they be allowed to >> it's a huge problem that the and congress have
4:45 pm
failed and they've been kicking the can down the road for years without coming up with any kind comprehensive meaningful policy. ion reform >> you think there's an incentive if they're allowed to stay? >> i think we have to seal the borders and implement the laws. >> what about the people in the already? >> we'll have to implement the that are in the books right now. >> same-sex marriage, are you in favor? going to stay in place and nothing will change. all these decisions made by the wopt even think about second guessing their decision. you're ou win, republican governor and a very emocratic legislature and essential veto 98%.y questions al media saying we're looking at more gridlock if you get elected. at checks and g
4:46 pm
ba balances and people are that we have a monopoly. we've talked about this isn't a republicans and democrats and it's about and ing people together coming up with solutions and we intend to work closely with the i ocrats and republicans and think we can get a lot done. the polls showed a pretty big between you two. and now we have chris christie campaign for you. when what does it say when you chris g guns like christie and what is he telling you right now that you can do in few days to affect this race? the w what we have is both democratic governor's republican and governor's association both focusing on it. typically this that the ne
4:47 pm
republicans write off and not consider. changed the in fact the cook political this to a toss up race. toss-up and most people are saying this may be the biggest upset in the entire country. social media question. she wants to know what you are when it comes h to education and school spending. know you've been accused of cutting school spending. >> it's completely false. we're not going to cut one penny school spending. we have doubled spending on try to improve education as much as we can. we have some very good schools but we got some of the worst schools in the country and the gap between the bad ones is one of the worst in the entire nation and we have to make sure that very single child in maryland has the opportunity for world
4:48 pm
education. >> you've never held elected office. what qualifies to you take this in such a pivotal time? >> i think i'm really qualified fed up with e are career politicians and i'm a businessman who has been very i've been a d cabinet secretary in state it rnment and know how works. >> thank you very much. >> scott, thank you both very have profiles on all the candidates in our local and join us tuesday as the election results come in let's check and see what doug has for us
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>> the rain has just held off for us. to get rain ng tomorrow but not tonight. our get you started with coverage. we look live out there and no rain. the rain is still north and worth and the images we saw as ay are about the same here, just this pattern of mid cast h level over conditions. temperatures right now pretty much holding low to mid fifties area. the as we get through the evening hours temperatures will drop but themselves will prevent us from dropping to really low levels tonight. things will happen. first during the evening hours 6-9 and we'll see the 50-51 tures drop from degrees. later tonight the winds will turn more to the north. as soon as that happens after midnight then temperatures will
4:52 pm
a chance for a few showers and mainly isolated. future cast model shows what is happening. e have an area of low pressure will slide to the south and ustheast but fortunately for it's going to zip off over the ocean. that means early tomorrow patches of l have rain around the area. as it it progresses through the like we'll have just that a few patches of rain winds with thely to the east s well southwest to virginia and maybe higher bit of snow at elevations and will be windy and chilly. we have cloudy skies in the morning and scattered showers day and highs only about 51 degrees and gusty winds 10-20 miles per hour. as far as our seven day outlook, and ll back tomorrow night 50% chance of rain around here
4:53 pm
tomorrow evening. an hour to standard time. it's sunny but windy and they'll be strong of the we're looking at the numbers to go up into the vicinity somewhere around 20-25 miles per sunday afternoon and we'll see the winds diminish monday as we get just a bit of a warming trend. here's how it shapes up in wednesday.esday and 58 on monday and mid sixties on tuesday and wednesday. lucky tonight with trick or treaters. a concern. ways >> okay, good news. thank you. on abc7 news ext t 4:00 the man she met online lured her into an illegal scheme and she didn't know it. >>
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>> 7 on your side with a consumer alert about being cautious about any relationship begins online. >> that's right. one woman was unknowingly lured an illegal scheme by a met she met, and it could have
4:57 pm
landed her in jail. >> i met smith on wenttty says she and paul on several dates and had many conversations, both in person and online. leavingtold her he was on a trip, and asked for a small favor. >> i've got some packages that being sent. i don't trust them being sent to my place. toyou mind them being sent your place? >> patty said fine. ton, though, he asked her send some of the larger packages to his business partner. again, patty thought, what could be wrong? it was postal inspectors who noticed something wasn't right. that postage was phony. knew somethings was wrong. >> they intercepted the packages laptops,e, they found tv's and electronics. so they went straight to patty. was a still thought this friend of hers, or a boyfriend of hers. >> eventually, she realized paul longer a friend but just using her to reship stolen
4:58 pm
goods. typicalhad become the victim that most con men look for online. >> we're the one telling her, this is not your friend. you.taking advantage of he's asking you to do something illegal. very emotional. withtty cooperated inspectors but admitted the experience has taken an emotional toll. >> honestly, i second-guess almost everyone. >> and that is exactly what inspectors warn consumers to do. be wary of all relation shchs on the -- all relationships on the internet, especially those who immediately ask you for a favor. >> live, from the abc 7 this is abc 7er, breaking news. >> and that breaking news comes sandy spring, maryland, live news chopper 7 is over the scene of a crash that
4:59 pm
injured 13 people. that road has finally reopened the past five minutes. we've been following this breaking story since it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon. >> this is unfolding near the intersection of norwood road near excalibur lane, not far from bakers middle school. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis was the first on the scene. kevin, you showed us that frightening scene at 4:00. involvedthe people saying? >> well, very, very shocked. tryingre clearly still to focus and gather everything that had just happened. we spoke with the wife of one of the men inside of that vehicle. the wife not in the car at the time. school, the at the sandy spring school. they were having a parade with all the children dressed up. and she heard news. the principal came in and made about whatment you're looking at right now, just a terrible crash. daughter.own with her her daughter said, mom, that's papa's car. papa is doing okay tonight. how police say the crash occurred. you see that tan toyota corolla.
5:00 pm
was turning left into sandy spring school when police struck,it was mitsubishiby a myth lancer. then a black tahoe hit that and then hit a green minivan. that green minivan was carrying people, two adults and five children. the children between the ages of two and ten years old. that van people in injured and taken to the hospital. we are told one of the children, had ae-year-old boy, horrible gash to his forehead. air-vacked to a nearby hospital. we spoke with the woman who saw husband's car. she is so thankful he is alive. here's what she told us. >> he stopped to turn left. he was waiting for the traffic clear. somebody ran into him, which pushed him ahead. car that flipped


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