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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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people, their wheelchairs left behind in the soot and debris. >> they only had shorts and t-shirts. i'm thinking, oh, my gosh. they probably didn't have time to take their stuff. >> all five escaped without injury. neighbors say amid this fiery carnage the care givers were life savers. >> yeah. i would say they're heroes that they got them out. >> and you can see there how the roof of the house is covered now by a blue tarp. they're trying to find a place for these three disabled folks. they may be putting them up in hotels. they don't know about a cause yet. they do know the fire began somewhere near the front door, spread out to the attic, but, again, the important thing, five people are alive tonight. reporting live, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> okay, rich. thank you. meanwhile, ten historic town homes have been damaged or destroyed after a three-alarm fire in frederick. tonight firefighters are still trying to determine what sparked the fire that sped from one home to the next, all along south market street.
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these homes were built in 1860. they didn't have fire walls like more modern complexes. the residents escaped, though one firefighter does have minor injuries. the frederick fire department says only two of the units were currently occupied. the red cross is helping those families find temporary housing. >> turning to the weather now, like a tale of two completely different days all wrapped up in one outside. during the cold, windy weekend people were bundled up this morning like folks we found in dupont circle but once the sun came out things warmed up and calmed down rather quickly. what should we expect tomorrow for election day? chief meteorologist doug hill has a first look for us. >> there is a big difference between northwesterly winds this time of year and southwesterly winds which bring the warmer temperatures. let's get you started with a look across our area. the future clouds and sunshine and all across the city right now, the sun goes down in a little over three minutes. just a few clouds, a little blue sky overhead. temperatures are very
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comfortable at this hour. still holding in many sections in the 60's. 62 in washington. 59 in frederick. and 62 degrees right now at quantico. we'll continue cool this evening. by late tonight we'll be in the mid 50's with partly cloudy skies and then looking forward to election day it is going to be fine. you can see the clouds are well to the west. we'll get a couple clouds at times the next few days but no rain. it is going to be downright pleasant for the day tomorrow. our forecast for election day is simple. partly sunny to mostly sunny. temperatures close to 70 degrees. alison? >> very nice, doug. thanks. we are now just hours away from election day. for d.c. residents that means something that's a bit of a rarity. a hotly contested mayoral race in the general election. three candidates are sparring to succeed mayor vincent gray. d.c. bureau chief sam ford joins us live from the potomac avenue metro station in southeast with the last-minute push and really what makes this year's election so unusual. sam? >> indeed, alison. this was one of these elections where it is actually a contest
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which is extremely unusual for a general election in d.c. for some reason this evening they're coming to the potomac avenue metro station. you can see candidate david catania right there with his forces. and behind you see the signs of muriel bowser. she has not shown up here yet but will be here politicking, as well. this is a big deal here in the city. by this time late tomorrow night we should know who the new mayor will be. when it looks like this in front of the board of elections, the contest is on. for legalizing marijuana, to considering more than a dozen candidates for office. at the top, mayor. >> muriel. >> why? >> because she is fresh. >> catania. still debating. >> what do you think? >> probably catania. >> republican turned independent david catania, council member was d.c.'s first openly gay, nondemocrat mayor. >> they're tired of the cronyism and the corruption and the lack of urgency.
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they know we can do better. >> polls show him behind but some suggest not far behind muriel bowser the councilwoman who won the democratic primary. >> in every neighborhood across all eight wards and the district of columbia talking about the future. >> out campaigning today in her yellow convertible former council member carol schwartz, her fifth try for mayor, trailing in the polls and saying, even if she loses -- >> i will never regret it, because i know i will have tried to do what needs to be done for our city. >> unusual this time, federal endorsements. the president endorsed bowser. former president clinton karl racine for d.c. attorney general. former hss secretary sebelius doing robocalls for council candidate khalid pitts. polls open at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. and back live here you can see there are bowser folks here. there are people with her campaign. and then the catania folks are all over the place. the candidate, david catania, himself.
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one thing you know if you are a d.c. resident you've been getting robocalls and paper. these are all of the various things on hard card board that have come to your home here in the city if you live here. i've never seen so much paper in an election. maybe that's one good thing about the end of it. maybe we won't get as much of this. reporting live from southeast washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> your mail will slow down as of tomorrow, sam. thank you. well, in maryland both candidates are turning to their party political stars in their final campaign push. right now first lady michelle obama is in baltimore campaigning for democrat and current leon panetta governor anthony brown. over the weekend, it was new jersey governor chris christie, stumping for brown's opponent larry hogan. tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 our maryland bureau chief brad bell breaks down the final hours of the race that some polls show will come down to the wire. >> voters in two northern virginia communities will be asked tomorrow to make decisions that could impact the future of transportation in
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northern virginia. in one of those races voters won't be asked about an issue but rather about a candidate. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in alexandria tonight with an explanation and look at nc state. >> we'll start in fairfax county war good chunk of the transportation funding would actually be for walking. more squawks. an issue they have here along route one in ail ex-andry as the sidewalks are there and then abruptly end forcing people to either walk down the shoulder of that very narrow shoulder of that busy road or perhaps even crossing route 1 to find sidewalks on the other side. we saw someone do it just a few moments ago. extremely dangerous. they certainly don't want that to happen for pedestrians. over in arlington it is a different debate. as john and allen house battle for a seat on the arlington county board one issue has dominated the campaign, the proposed street car along columbia pike. >> i think the street car is the right investment for our region. >> it is not the wisest use of
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our transit dollars. >> whistad defeated howzer last spring with the republican backed opposition to the street car fueling his win in heavily democratic arlington county. >> when you look at the success that arlington has had as a community, it's really been built upon these investments made in transit. it's really emblematic of some of our spending priorities that have gone awry over the last few years in our county. >> big money projects are also on the ballot in fairfax county where voters will choose whether to fund a $100 million bond for transportation projects, the first part in a larger $1.4 billion plan for the next six years. $16 million would be set aside for road improvements like recon figuring lanes at 123 and reat falls street in mclean. $6 million would go toward bike and trail improvements. another $78 million would pay for pedestrian fixes.
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the county wants plenty of walking access to upcoming metro stations for phase two of the silver line and to fill in areas where the sidewalks end, like route 1 in alexandria. >> i think that's a good idea. it's important for all of us. >> i don't know if you can see it, it is a little bit dark. there is a gentleman walking in the middle or along route 1 here. obviously a dangerous situation in areas where you do not have sidewalks. again, voters will be asked about that tomorrow. in arlington, voters will also be asked about addressing transportation bonding. $60 million on the ballot tomorrow for transportation projects in arlington including upgrades and improvements to metro. candidates are certainly hoping the big senate races and house races across northern virginia will help fuel voter turnout. live in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> thank you, jeff. now, abc 7 has the tools you need to make informed decisions at the polls.
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get to know the candidates and the issues where you live right now on our website and, of course, we'll have live coverage tomorrow for you once the polls close. we'll take a closer look at the races and the outcomes that matter to you. our sister station news channel 8 will also be hosting a special post election round table on wednesday, taking a closer look at what the election results will mean. that will air wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. and again at 8:30 p.m. on news channel 8 and online at alison snveragets leon, new at 5:00 now, a woman's body found burned in a southeast home and tonight family members of the mother of three are breaking their silence as abc 7 learns her death was no accident. homicide detectives are now looking into latroya smith's death. her burned body was found this weekend inside a vacant building on langston place in outheast washington. jen, what are your sources telling you about this? >> alison, this was a case of
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murder. here is the vacant town home. this is as far as we can go. as you can see, it's still taped off. there's been a police officer in front of that door around the clock since her body was discovered. several people have told us as news begun to spread that they're in shock. one person telling us she was at a party in this area this past weekend. her family, unbelievably, incredibly devastated. it began sunday morning before 6:00. a woman's lifeless body was found inside this vacant town home on langston place in southeast. it appeared someone had set her on fire. for hours, detectives worked to identify the woman. last night, the family of 26-year-old latroya smith said they got the call. >> this is too, too much for a mother to handle or any of us. >> a cousin spoke on behalf of the family beset with grief. smith's death was no accident. sources tell abc 7 news it was
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murder. smith was shot and then set on fire. why? no one in her family knows. >> that was uncalled for, how they, you know, tortured her. she was never a violent person. she loved to party and have fun. she loved family. she loved everything there is with living. >> smith, who graduated from boulleau high school, was a mother to three boys. she had several siblings. however, today it was her own mother whose utter sadness ran so deep she was beyond con solling. >> she can't breathe. that's all she knew was that little girl. that was her partner. no matter what they went through in life, whenever they needed each other, they were there for each other. >> now curtis says the family can only play the community will be there for them and for smith and help find a killer who so violently ripped all of their lives apart. >> as a human being i don't think anybody deserves that at all. i just hope that whomever did this is brought to justice, for
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her mom's sake. >> now, back here live, police here on the scene. soon as we get the official release from d.c. police which should happen this evening they will announce and up to $25,000 reward for information leading to whomever is responsible for this. live in southeast, jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a loudoun county home health care aide is sentenced to prison for stealing more than $85,000 from a patient. heather white pleaded guilty to four counts of larceny of checks and one count of felony failure to appear in court. wright was employed as a home health care aide for a physically disabled woman in leesburg from 2010 to 2011. the victim found seven checks made out to the defendant that appeared to have been forged. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 new details on the deadly collision between a plane and a helicopter over the skies of frederick. >> plus, the new clue investigators are focusing on
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after virgin galactic's spaceship two exploded in mid air. delaney: in my house i'm outnumbered 5 to 1:
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four daughters and my wife, april. she's spent years empowering women economically, and working to protect children online. i've learned a lot from her - and from my four amazing girls. new to congress, i've worked to strengthen anti-violence laws and for equal pay for equal work - when we lift women up, we strengthen families. grace: thanks dad. delaney: i'm john delaney and i approve this message.
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>> virginia hospitals have now announced their plans for dealing with any potential ebola cases diagnosed in the commonwealth. the virginia hospital and health care association says the first priority will be moving patients to a national biocontainment facility like the national institutes of health in bethesda. if that's not possible, the patient would be transferred to either the vcu medical center in richmond or the u.v.a. medical center in charlottesville. just last week abc 7 gave you an exclusive look at inova fairfax's new state-of-the-art biocontainment units. facilities like that would be used to quarantine and care for patients until they could be sent to another hospital. >> about 400 prince george's county families are now learning that their children will not be allowed in school this week unless they get required vaccinations. horace holmes is live in adelphi tonight at a location where parents can get their children the necessary shots. horace? >> leon, these patient exam
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rooms here at the mary center in adelphi have been packed all afternoon. many times with prince george's county students who have to get these shots immediately or they won't be let back in school. this student will get six needles in her arm today and she and her mother are happy about it. i'm happy, virginia mendez says, because my daughter can now go back to school. the ninth grader at high point high is one of more than 400 prince george's county students who received a letter from the school system telling them they aren't welcome back to class until they get their required vaccinations. people arrive here in maryland in april and said she didn't know she was supposed to get vaccinated for school. the final deadline for getting the vaccinations for things like chickenpox and meningitis was last friday. clinics are packed today. >> here at the mary center we
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have a lot of kids who are new immigrants so the vaccine schedule is different in other countries in which they are coming from. >> most of the children they're seeing are kindergarteners or 5th to 7th graders. this doctor says her staff is getting these children in for vaccinations and it's a big win-win situation. >> the families will definitely bring them back to get vaccinated, and so it's an opportunity to take care of other medical issues. >> the rules are rigid for parents and students the school system says. they've given enough time to do what is required and parents we talk with say it's a matter of health and they understand. >> i think it's a great idea. >> all right. we lost the signal. thank you for that report, horace holmes, reporting from adelphi. >> let's talk about the weather. sounds like a decent week ahead. >> in adelphi and all across the area tomorrow gorgeous with sunshine, a few clouds, near 70 degrees. let's get started on this monday evening. this is a live shot from national harbor.
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not much daylight left. sun went down at 5:05. we'll see a partly cloudy evening. temperatures will turn cooler. we're not going to have frost and freeze. the reason, a few clouds. but most importantly, a change in the wind direction from northwest that brought in really cold, windy stuff to southwest. right now look at the dew point temperature. the measure of moisture in the air is 20 degrees. that is really low. it tells us how dry the air is right now. so not even any dew on the grass tonight or very little at all. 62 reagan national right now. 59 frederick. 62 fredericksburg. 57 degrees in easton. temperatures across the northeast, eastern canada, the early winter feel. certainly the early winter look with snow on the ground across maine and prince edward island and all the way back into quebec. so snow from the coastal storm. everybody else enjoying a fair amount of sunshine. very mild temperatures for a couple days. a coldront will change all that but not until thursday. so in the meantime, we expect very pleasant conditions. the numbers out here on the
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screen indicating how much warmer it is now than it was this time yesterday. of course, t winds are much lighter too. 11 degrees warmer at reagan national. 14 degrees warmer at charleston. 19 degrees warmer in asheville, north carolina. just a couple days ago it snowed there as well. what we're looking at for the evening hours is high pressure continued in control of the weather. it will slide eastward. already the circulation, around us, is bringing us southwesterly winds. it's also holding a lot of the main cloudiness and cold front back a bit. but over the next couple days, the high will move out. winds will continue out of the southwest with warmer weather and will open for the advance of the storm system and cold front. likely to bring us rain and maybe an isolated thunderstorm as we move through the day on thursday. as far as what will happen for election day, it is going to be nice around yaret. in fact, for the metro area we are calling for temperatures in the upper 60's to near 70 degrees. that is going to be the story through the day tomorrow. just a few clouds in the forecast. it is going to be one of those days where, gosh. north and west we'll see the numbers still climb through the 60's. going to be very comfortable.
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68 degrees in martinsburg. 69 in winchester. charles town, west virginia 68 degrees. a little further south we might, just might pick up some temperatures closer to 70 or 72 like culpepper and in fredericksburg as well. moving forward we expect the calm, quiet weather to last around here until we hit thursday. thursday, though, with the cold front, showers and the possibility of a thunderstorm in the area as well. so what we'll find here on future cast, just some bands of clouds tonight and tomorrow but plenty of sunshine coming through. comfortable temperatures for the afternoon hours. 38-45 overnight. and then as we head through the next couple days, we're expecting beautiful conditions here with partly cloudy skies. we'll give you one more look at our election day forecast here. that calls for sunshine. light southwesterly wind. temperatures climbing close to 70 degrees. here's the rest for you. 69 to 70 on wednesday. showers, isolated thunderstorm thursday. clearing, breezy, and much cooler. seasonabley so. kind of a november feel to the air as we head through friday,
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saturday, sunday, and even into monday of early next week. >> no big storms. that's good news. >> keep it that way for a while. >> thank you. meanwhile, you may be seeing double tonight. on "dancing with the stars" the seven remaining couples take on a famous pairs theme. it comes one week after antonio sobato jr. and cheryl burke were sent home. tonight focus will be on famous couples both real and fictional. "dancing with the stars" airs tonight at 8:00 right here on abc 7. >> all right. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, they become the target of a thief and the unusual motive behind the string of holdups. after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight.
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hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. en support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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>> investigators are looking at a system designed to slow down virgin galactic spaceship 2 as the possible cause of friday's deatly crash. the ship exploded and crashed during a test flight on friday killing one pilot. new at 5:00 tonight we'll go inside the investigation. >> moments before virgin's 60-foot spaceship 2 broke apart over the mojave desert investigators say the 39-year-old copilot michael alsbury who died in the accident unlocked the rocket ship's wings called feathers.
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>> after it was unlocked, the feathers moved into the deploy position and two seconds later we saw disintegration. >> the national transportation safety board has not yet determined the cause of the crash, but observers say deploying the feathering system before reaching the right speed suggests human error may be at play. >> i don't think we should point the finger at virgin galactic just yet. it's an experimental flight. there are risks with that. >> investigators hope to learn more from pilot peter siebold, who survived, parachuting to safety, before being taken to a hospital for treatment. virgin galactic is offering to refund the $250,000 paid per person for the hoped for future commercial flights. that group of 700 includes celebrities like angelina jolie, brad pitt, katy perry, leonardo dicaprio, richard branson, the man behind virgin galactic says safety has guided every decision the company made in the past decade. >> i find it slightly irresponsible that people whon nothing about what they're saying can be saying things
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before the ntsb makes their comments. >> while the test flight recorded a tremendous amount of data, federal investigators still say it could take as much as a year to find out fully what caused the crash. for abc news, los angeles. >> a preliminary report from the national transportation safety board is revealing some new details about a deadly helicopter crash at frederick municipal airport. the report shows the helicopter was cleared for take off about two minutes before it collided with an airplane that was cleared to land. two men were killed in the crash last month. the report also indicated the air traffic controller told the airplane pilot there were three helicopters below the plane in the traffic pattern. the pilot said he had only two helicopters in sight. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, a warning about a painful medical condition being tied to what you drink. >> plus, why what you type may be more secure than your own fingerprint. the mess in washington - made worse with dan bongino.
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a tea party supporter endorsed by sarah palin. bongino will take away social security's guaranteed benefit and fight against equal pay for equal workegislation. the post calls bongino "polarizing" and "highly partisan." no wonder the post endorses john delaney "one of the most impressive new lawmakers." family man, entrepreneur, and independent problem solver - for jobs, torotect veterans and equal pay for women.
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i'm john delaney and i approve this message.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> a d.c. nightclub owner spends a day in jail and faces serious charges after he says he simply obeyed the law. >> a story you will see only on 7 tonight.
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steven, what is the story here? preparing for a rush of customers, mark bonds is getting ready to go on trial, after he confiscated an idea from a suspected underage patron. the rightful owner came back, he said, no. he squeezed into a jail cell. that ford is it upholding the law you get locked up? turnedgust 8, a woman is away because bouncers question her i.d. 10, you later, august see her come back and go in with a friend. the friend comes out and rendezvous is with a third woman. bonds believes she handed this third woman her rightful i.d. so she could get him. he suspects the underage woman
5:32 pm
used it as well. backsaid, i do not give i.d.'s to people who will wrongfully use them. >> bonds used to own the dream nightclub. an underage woman'ndrangheta his club in 2002, -- an underage 2002,drank at his club in then drove drunk and crashed into a police officer. he said the experience made him diligent. now, he says doing the right thing has him facing a trial for theft. >> they made me wrong for doing my job. if she got in there and drank and did something else and hurt somebody, i would be double he wrong. >> bonds says when they confiscate an obvious fake i.d., they destroy it. a libraryse, it was and drivers license and liberian identification card.
5:33 pm
he said he would send it to the liberian embassy or u.s. passport office. baltimore county police are reviewing how they foiled a school shooting plot. on saturdayponded for a report of theft from at least three b eckels. police say a 16-year-old boy was responsible. when officers went to the home, they discovered 2 explosive devices and a gun. he plansgrader admits to kill people at george washington carver center for arts and technology. he was taken in for an emergency evaluation and is being held at a juvenile detention facility. an explosion forced 2 elementary schools in redlands, washington to cancel classes. the bottle bomb exploded between 2 park school buses, injuring a buster ever walking nearby. a second adult might have been exposed to fumes. with have been taken to the
5:34 pm
hospital. neither have serious injuries. school officials close classes so deputies could search for possible other devices. >> the white house says a no-fly zone over ferguson, missouri this summer should not have included news helicopters. federalime, the aviation administration said they approved because of safety concerns. phone conversations recorded by the associated press suggest the police requested it to limit press coverage. state police and homeland security officials need your help identifying an atm thief that has gotten away with more than $100,000. take a look at this surveillance picture. this tech savvy thief is suspected of stealing the atm card and code numbers of several people throughout a number of maryland counties. photo. another evidence indicates the suspect is using a discrete device to record magnetic card strip
5:35 pm
information at these atm's. the suspect also installs and overhead camera to record customer passwords. >> we will see what cameras are seeing in the traffic center. >> monday, at least you do not have the sunshine as a factor for folks going west on 66, headed out to centreville. lanes open and not doing badly. a lot of volume there. the same on 200 95. southbound 95, heaviest as you move through newington, woodbridge, and passed dale city through quantico. volume delays this afternoon. on the maryland side, on 270 north, look at all the taillights headed north through montgomery village up through germantown and into clarksburg. nothing along the way. southbound traffic on 395, it loosens up south of box time, headed south from the pentagon
5:36 pm
into landmark, with all lanes open. >> thank you, bob. the new i-95 express lanes are going to be open soon. the entrance to the new lanes is now closed. that is the first time the new message board has been used. he was contacted us asking for more information. the new lanes are supposed to open next month. there will be hov lanes from where they currently in -- and in woodbridge. they will be operated as toll lanes and hov lanes just like the i-95 express lanes. you will need an easy pass. rulingng up, a court that could change how you keep information on your phone secure. plus, a spree. alice are talking about feature targets a sandwich chains. >> watch your speed on your next trip around town.
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>> it can be easy to get upset when a diet does not work, but an alabama man took it too far. withry torres was upset
5:40 pm
subway when he tried the jared diet and it did not work for him. he robbed 4 of the restaurants in 4 days. after he was caught, he confessed to police. >> he said he had spent a some of money with subway, trying the sub diet, the jared diet, and it had not worked for him, and he felt he should get his money back. refers tojared diet someone still famous for this, years ago, who lost 245 pounds in the year after allegedly eating a steady diet of subway sandwiches. there you go. >> nothing to say about that one. in the years after 9/11, we saw an increase in airport security. >> we are finding things you can buy inside the airport may pose a serious danger still. >> what the i-team has uncovered about this.
5:41 pm
past week, the tsa has confiscated 34 loaded , 31ons at checkpoints handguns, and a cane with a sword inside it. it is a constant battle to keep weapons from getting through checkpoints. what about weapons obtained after someone goes through screening? tonight, and eye-opening example , a man showing what he has been able to do after the screening process by purchasing items by the gates and making dangerous explosive devices. to be clear, we are not showing anyone how he is doing this, just that it is happening. it did not take him thatuch effort at all. one security expert says the tsa needs to pay attention. >> he felt that in your chest. consider a small metal tube when you are 10,000 feet in the air. that is terrifying.
5:42 pm
>> what does the tsa have to say about all of this, and how does it match up with what terrorists claim they are trying to do? we explore all of that tonight at 11:00. >> a lot to think about. >> good stuff. >> up next, heralded as a breakthrough in security. the mess in washington - made worse with dan bongino.
5:43 pm
a tea party supporter endorsed by sarah palin. bongino will take away social security's guaranteed benefit and fight against equal pay for equal work l legislation. the post calls bongino "pololarizing"
5:44 pm
and "highly partisan." no wonder the post endorses john delaney "one of the most impressive new lawmakers." family man, entrepreneur, and independent problem solver - for jobs, to protect veterans and equal pay for women. i'm john delaney and i approve this message.
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>> a health alert tonight. a simple change of average may help you prevent kidney stones. arc sodas can increase your chances of getting a kidney stone, while clear soda may reduce your risk. line's from the american college of physicians include drinking two liters of water every day. includeuidelines drinking two liters of water every day. >> a fierce debate over phone security. a ruling is that police cannot ask you for the password of your phone, but they can use your
5:46 pm
fingerprint to access the device. diane cho is live at our newsroom with the objections this is facing. >> we have learned, since a judge ruled on this case, that the virginia beach commonwealth attorney house office is appealing it. the defendant is not required to provide a fingerprint to access the phone until there is a ruling in the virginia court of appeals. whether it is your pictures or e-mail, you can learn a lot about a person through their phone. to protect that information, apple started allowing users to use a fingerprint to unlock a phone as a form of security, instead of typing in a passcode. recently, a circuit court judge in virginia beach ruled there is a difference between the two. a criminal defense attorney in alexandria disagrees. >> regardless of whether you unlock using the key of a fingerprint or of a numeric code, that is simply a lock. that is simply unlocking it. the actual information that is on it beyond the lock is protected.
5:47 pm
>> prosecutors are trying to force a defendant accused of strangling his girlfriend to unlock his phone, because there may be video that could be used as evidence. the judge ruled that giving a bigger print is similar to providing dna, whereas providing a pass code could violate fifth amendment rights against self-incrimination. >> as technology fans, we should keep up with the law. either it is numeric, a fingerprint, a password to open up an e-mail account -- it should be the same. >> a spokeswoman for the commonwealth attorney's office said the officers had a search warrant, but prosecutors could not access the phone. >> i think they should use the past code but not the fingerprint. >> i think it is the same thing. not know ifrs do the suspect in the virginia beach case had password and fingerprint access.
5:48 pm
prosecutors would still not have access to his information if so. every thing is on hold until the ruling in this case. >> and now to a consumer alert. will pay a record $100 million fine to the u.s. government for overstating gas mileage. a two-year investigation found the korean automakers inflated figures by an average of six mpg for 13 models. the civil fines are in addition to payments the companies have agreed to make to consumers. the hitcers of "american hustle" are facing a 'swsuit for something jennifer character says. >> i read it takes all the nutrition out of our food. i read it in an article. by pulver dewar. >> the real-life science journalist is suing for defamation. he says the film attbutes his name to an unscientific
5:49 pm
statement. he says his reputation in the scientific community is toast, that he has been subjected to scorn and ridicule. the film production company would not comment on the lawsuit. on election tuesday, the candidates are trying to reach any undecided voters. and it could be an uncomfortable day at the polls for some voters in the northeast. it is no guarantee they will have electricity. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. >> that would make it hard to get out and vote. if you are here, not so much. going to be a nice day. >> in the mid-atlantic, in fine shape not only for tomorrow, but for wednesday as well. before 6:00 one a monday. 59 degrees in frederick. 57 in annapolis. 62 officially for washington, as measured at reagan national
5:50 pm
airport. a southwesterly wind. temperatures will not be as cold as recent nights. a steady drop in temperatures in the overnight hours. high, thin clouds for the most part. i think a lot will clear out during the evening hours. sprinkles popping up every now and then on radar, but nothing more than that. the overnight hours, partly cloudy and very quiet. as far as what is happening in the weather, high-pressure south. that is responsible for our weather today. it will contribute to warmer weather tomorrow. rain across heavy southeastern oklahoma, northeast texas. that is the only place i could have adverse weather. a cleanregion, it is shot from start to finish, temperatures climbing close to 70 degrees. nice weather wednesday.
5:51 pm
chance of a front on thursday. the weekend looks fine. winds temperatures, gusty through this upcoming weekend. back to you. to get this guy to play psychiatrist. earlier talking to doug . everybody is fired up about what happened yesterday. it was not a total disaster. the entire day was a disaster in minnesota from the bus crash on the way to the game to the football game itself, in which the redskins had breakdowns offensively and defensively. you are going to find out a lot about this ballclub over the last seven weeks. today at redskins park, it was a whole lot of soul-searching. >> where do you begin? >> take your pick. how about the defense, which gave up 29 points? >> you cannot point your finger
5:52 pm
at one person. you cannot point your finger at one coach. and you give up 2 drives in the second half, i think it is a total team effort. >> i think there is promise overall for the first game back in quite some time. i think he did some good things. of an espnhe subject pregame report which claimed he alienated the locker room. he today acknowledged that the drama may have had an effect. >> we have some fragile egos here. these are young guys trying their best. they read the paper and nobody likes them. they are alienated. it does not seem right. as a football player and an nfl football player, playing here, you have to expect it. every football player's trade he has to have is, you have to be thick skinned. midterm grade? >> 3-6.
5:53 pm
that is the bottom half of the league, so it is probably a d. >> the good news -- no serious injuries from the pregame bus accident. >> we were 4 tire rotations from driving off a cliff, but we are ok. >> and there are still seven games to play. >> i want to see our guys fights through it, see who the competitors are, and try to get this turned around. they have to settle on some guys and let them go. in sports, the very latest on stefon diggs. >> i want to hear that. on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- a it has been a picture -- fixture of the bloomingdale section of d.c. for 100 years.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> for 27 years, the future of
5:57 pm
mcmillen park, near howard university, has been hotly debated. >> kendis gibson takes a look at the holdup in approval. >> this is a neighborhood divided. the signs that dot the front -- then the bloomingdale bloomingdale section of d.c. act as the dividing line between neighbors. those who are for redevelopment of historic mcmillen park, and those against. >> there is all this outrage. you would think there would be greater support, but there is not. park, a former water theration site, has looked way it has today -- overgrown fenced off.getation after nearly three decades of planning, developers are in the final approval stages where this massive 25 acre renovation project. >> fantastic new amenities. an eight acre central park.
5:58 pm
a grocery store. affordable housing. >> this will bring thousands of local jobs to the area, that some residents have spent years fighting the project, fearing it will also bring traffic and buildings that are out of character for this neighborhood. >> we do not want high-rise buildings. we do not want unmitigated traffic. it is a matter of being able to have a cvs n/a chipotle, you can keep the project area. >> both sides made their voices before city council approves the project. developers hope to break ground by late 2016. the park say even if they lose the political and administrative fight, they may take this to the courts. >> that does it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> at 6:00, the countdown for
5:59 pm
election day. the biggest race in maryland. big names try to grab votes. and which jurisdictions install new speed cameras? >> the latest for airline passengers, with new travel restrictions going into effect. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. [captioned by the national captioning institute which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] at 6:00, we will soon learn who will take on the top seat in maryland. anthony brown and larry holden are competing in the maryland race, and are relying on big names to help them sway undecided voters. first lady michelle obama campaign with brown today. >> talk about big names. just a little while ago, this room was packed. 1500 people giving the first lady the rockstar treatment.
6:00 pm
one tweeted that she is the ultimate closer. that is the hope in the democratic party tonight, that she motivates the uninterested democratic electorate to get to the polls. larry hogan and anthony brown have the last chance to win the undecided, and to motivate an electorate that seems only mildly engaged. that is why brown today welcomed michelle obama to a rally in baltimore. >> we all know who he stands for. he stands for you. he stands for your families. so we need to do everything we care him to vote for anthony brown as the next governor of maryland. while hogan is crisscrossing the state with appearances at places that jimmy's in baltimore -- >> i am hearing, please win. the stateu to turn around, roll back these


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