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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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visit] is your source for all the big election races. andaryland, larry hogan anthony brown for the state's top seat. the latest poll results in the district. and in northern virginia, one race could decide the balance of power in the senate. in maryland where the top gubernatorial candidates spent the last seconds on the campaign trail working for your votes. >> tom roussey has the latest. >> in many years, it is just a coronation for the democrat, but this year the republican has a real shot. hogant, and there he stopped in howard county, a place that he needs if he is going to pull an upset. >> we're doing a lot better than
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most people expect it. >> you need to get out and vote for anthony brown tomorrow. baltimore, michelle obama was at a rally for anthony brown. despite the big names and the democrats'registered voters advantage. >> this race is surprisingly close. >> larry hogan has gained ground. he is in the closing distance, otherwise michelle obama who does not like campaigning would have been in baltimore. >> for hogan to actually win -- >> i'm a democrat and i'm voting for hogan. >> he needs to count on people who do not like the state's direction under brown and o'malley. taxed ank we have been death and it's enough already. convenienceel store, we found some who voted early for brown. a strong group hundred
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of health care. >> to show you how tough it can be in maryland for republicans, 1983, the candidate only lost three counties as she lost the election. bob ehrlich won the same areas and won the election. hogan is expected to lose these three areas, but if he can avoid getting clobbered, especially in much camry county, tomorrow night could be very interesting -- especially in montgomery county, tomorrow night could be interesting. right now, the seeds in the senate are in favor of the democrats, but there are several seats in the air. experts believe the senate could slide to the republicans. jay korff is live in sterling with more on that. the count right now and the amocrats favor 55 to 45,
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computer models are strongly suggesting, predicting a more than 70% likelihood, in some cases more than 90% likelihood republicans will control the senate when all is said and done. >> it always gets close at the end. itmark warner and his up but and gillespie. -- and his opponent ed gillespie. the region monday, firing up supporters hours before the polls opened in the commonwealth. polls show the race tightening. are fedf each candidate guest on a tectonic shift that may occur on election night that may occur from the u.s. senate from democratic to republican control. according to polling data, 13 states could go republican. >> it's really scary to me as a
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woman. especially if the republicans take the senate. we have seen the crazy bills they pass on the house side. if the republicans have the house also, they could pass them. >> the balance of power? >> tonight, we had a great rally. >> they were too busy stumping in the critical races. ed gillespie talked about the issue from the podium. >> not only will mark warner become the former senator from virginia but harry reid become the former senate majority leader. play anumber six will critical role in the election. that is the number of seats republican need to gain control of the u.s. senate. historically lose seats in midterm elections, especially in year six. jay korff, abc 7 news.
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>> now to the district, where lots of people are watching the race for mayor. political experts believe it could be the most competitive in the city's history. candidates,p three muriel bowser holds the lead with about 40%. andd catania has about 30%, carol schwartz has more than 10%. also in the district, a vote to legalize marijuana. if it passes, anyone over to anyone will be able to legally possess up to two ounces of marijuana and allowed to grow up to six plants in your home. 71 passes,ve congress can still take action against it. places open polling in virginia at 6 a.m. every where else, in maryland and d.c., it is at 7 a.m. we will bring you updates through the evening, here on the air and online at and
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facebook and twitter. continuing coverage begins tomorrow on "good morning washington." >> what kind of weather should you plan on? steve rudin has the answers for us. >> no excuses for tomorrow morning in terms of the weather. it will be beautiful, a cool start to the day. the forecast as we move through tuesday, 42 degrees in the morning, middle 60's by the afternoon. we should reach a daytime high approaching 70 degrees. notnice warm weather will last that long. we have a cold front come even thunderstorms in the seven day outlook. more details on that from the belfort furniture weather center in a few minutes. i-team investigation, tsa prevented almost 2000 weapons from making it onto airplanes by catching them at checkpoints. what if all carriers had to do was just shopping on the other side of security?
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scott thuman has what one man says should be a wake-up call. will noty clear, abc 7 show how he builds weapons. where he is taking us is not just through the woods but into the mind of a terrorist. one whose creativity and basic resourcefulness could help him beat the system. the devices he has built, about a dozen, can kill and maybe take down an airplane. >> this is a break action reloadable shotgun. guns, explosives, detonators, and all of them made with items he says were obtained after getting through tsa security. >> weapons i was able to build or assemble. i did not need any chemistry. complex, using remote control toys, to a rudintary possible lethal
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combination of dental floss, tape, and typical souvenirs. is a washington monument pencil sharpener made out of sturdy metal. >> he can injure or ignite. smallsider that in a metal tube 10,000 feet in the air. it's terrifying. sayirline security experts if he can do it, the terrorists can, too, and tsa better adapt soon. >> there needs to be a change of equipment and a change in the training of the people to do what they have to do. >> we asked the tsa for tsaction, in response, " employs multiple layers of security both seen and unseen. theseard an aircraft, include reinforced cockpit doors, federal air marshals, federal flight deck officers,
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individually traveling public." this man is not as confident. >> why are we ok with that is a question i hope people would ask. >> scott thuman, abc 7 news. >> now breaking news from northwest washington. the police are investigating a r streets. 8th and officers are looking for the shooter. shaw howard to the metro station is closed because of the police activity. it inactive search for made it to escape the psychiatric institute of washington. kenneth clayton this caped in late morning. -- escaped in the late morning from wisconsin avenue, northwest. if you see him, contact the police immediately. >> a 16-year-old will be charged as an adult after the police found homemade devices in his home. the man from monkton plan to use
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explosives and a gun and a baltimore city school george washington carver center for technology. he is a 10th-grader. the investigation is ongoing. the owner of a popular d.c. nightclub faces charges after an employee confiscated an i.d. from a person they suspected of being underaged in august at park and 14th. the owner says that the woman length in underaged friend her identification to get into the club. recognized the woman from previous failed attempts to get inside and confiscated the idea and kick them out. >> the rightful owner came back at some party. i said, i don't give back i.d.'s to people who fraudulently they use them. >> the woman went to the police and barnes is charged with theft. he said he takes no cnces when it comes to underage drinking. he was forced to sell his
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previous club after an underaged person drank and killed a u.s. park police officer. until friday,ve october 31 to get shots fork union ignoble diseases including chickenpox and whooping cough. more than 150 kindergartners and 250 seven graders were not up-to-date on their vaccinations in maryland. the deadline was set by the state. >> caregivers turned into healers in silver spring. >> how their actions saved lives when a fire broke out. >> there is a new atm scam in our area.
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the mess in washington - made worse with dan bongino.
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a tea party supporter endorsed by sarah palin. bongino will take away social security's guarantd benefit and fight against equal pay for equal work l legislation. the post cal bongino "pololarizing" and "highly partisan." no wonder the post endorses john delaney "one of the most impressive new lawmakers." family man, entrepreneur, and independent problem solv - for jobs, to protect veterans and equal pay for women. i'm john delaney and i approve this message.
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montgomery county. officers are looking for this man, accused of stealing more than $100,000 from atm customers. >> officers believe that he used a skimming device to steal information and access your money. roz plater is live from the festival top do they have any
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leads -- roz plater is live in bethesda. do they have leads? >> they are hoping that somebody will recognize them by putting his picture on tv. this is targeting sandy spring bank, not just atms in montgomery county but anne arundel, howard, and frederick counties. i call him a tech savvy atm thief, targeting sandy spring banks in four counties and perhaps beyond. >> i do not think something like that could happen. it's a bank like sandy spring. it's concerning. >> so far he has stolen more than $100,000 in the past month, hitting dozens of unsuspecting customers. the bank has sent out warnings. >> they told us to cover our number when we enter our pin. and look for little devices. >> look for devices and stuff
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like that. recordsed a device to the card and a camera to record the pin number, one step ahead of the law. thing led to another and he keeps evolving. >> this kind of thief is becoming more savvy by the day and so bold that he does not even try to hide his face. awful, but i guess it's the nature of the beast. >> sandy spring bank is offering $10,000 reword. berlin state police are working with homeland security to track him down. live in bethesda, roz plater, abc 7 news. >> caregivers turned into healers this morning as they risked their lives to save others. action asmped into flames engulfed a group home springs that
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housed adults with special needs. >> the flames were shooting into the skies. it was really scary. >> i saw one person carrying , andody to a neighbor's somebody else walked out in a sheet. >> investigators say even before the alarm sound, one of the caregivers smelled smoke. no word on how the fire started. >> glad they were there. >> absolutely. we have the big election day tomorrow. is nice today,t tomorrow looks even better, dry, a mixture of sun and clouds. after that, the abrupt change. high earliere today, a little above average this time of year. 52 right now, the wind out of the southwest at three. the southwesterly wind is the key to the forecast over the
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next couple days. cooler at dulles, 42, 39 degrees manassas. a few areas in the 30's. leesburg 37 on the weatherbug. they had a daytime high of 59. 30 nine currently at congressional country club in bethesda after a high of 61. depending on the cloud cover, that will depend on how cool it gets in your neighborhood tonight and tomorrow morning. cool, but west, it is nothing out of the ordinary. compared with yesterday at this time, quite a bit warmer, anywhere between 10 and 16 degrees warmer. arealovely comes into our as the high-pressure to the south moves further off to the coast. that will stay out of the southwest tomorrow. nice on satellite radar, a mixture, partly cloudy right now. a few breaks in the clouds, d temperatures have fallen into the 30's. well off to the west, the
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approaching cold front will eventually bring cooler temperatures by the end of the week. a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. the forecast in the district, arlington, alexandria, upper 60's, 70 degrees. just a few clouds here and there. no problem as we head to the north and west. martinsburg, upper 60's. a little blur across the extreme -- a little cooler across extreme western maryland. to 45 widespread overnight, the mildest air inside the capital beltway with the wind out of the southwest at five. election day, daytime high of 70 degrees. we sta off cool in the morning, rebounding nicely. southwesterly wind. cooler temperatures behind the cold front thursday. only into the middle 50's friday, the upcoming weekend looks nice. indle 50's, nighttime lows the 30's, lower 40's.
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tomorrow, no excuses with the weather. you cannot blame rain or cold. it will be warm and sunny. thank you, steve. >> a lot going on in sports. the redskins tried to regroup for the bye week. any maryland terrapins get punished for their pregame antics at penn state. hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling...
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> redskins fullback young stopped by the offense tonight and said the redskins are solid in the room and will battle the back half of the season. he also says the home team needs a break. the 3-6trating part of record, this is the fourth straight such season, and it's painful. 17 turnovers, untimely penalties, and yesterday the defense made the vikings look like all-pros. rade is 3-6. that is probably d or -fplus. we are only judged by wins and
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losses. >> maryland wide receiver stefon fors has been suspended making contact with the official. head coach has been reprimanded by the big ten for the lack of control. the school has been fined $10,000 because of the pregame scuffle. diggs put his hand on the face of the official. the captain refused to shake hands with the penn state captive. embarrassing situation for the university of maryland. the wizards play the new york knicks tomorrow at madison square garden. on paper it is an interesting matchup. bradley beal still out of the lineup, so temple has played all three games and score double figures the other night. the mismatch guy will be carmelo anthony of new york. temple was asked, and if the assignment on melo? he is a veteran who
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understands angles. we have guys behind him and will help him if he needs it. him, it willlays be a team defensive game. >> the play of the night, rockets-sixers. , look out.n he takes this right at the rack. block. get that stuff out of here. scores 34 points. blocked in the ball game. hockey fans, after the caps lost to the coyotes last night, head coach barry trotz was furious. he says the caps behavior has to change where people will change in the lineup, plain and simple. they play the flames tomorrow night. >> sounds tough. are you afraid of heights?
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>> d.c. activates new speed and stop sign cameras. that is the top trending story at disabled residents escape a fire in silver spring. and the forecast. >> for you folks who are afraid of heights, check this out. nik wallenda is certainly not afraid of heights. last night he completed two
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death-defying stunts in chicago, first walking between two skyscrapers over the chicago river, then he walked between two towers blind hole folded -- blindfolded 600 feet up in the air. >> unbelievable. >> nik wallenda is nuts.
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>> it will be nice tomorrow, sunshine, warmer temperatures, the high of 70 degrees. the southwest at five. the upcoming weekend, boy, it will get cooler, middle 50's. a mixture of sun and clouds. tomorrow looks fantastic. jacqui jeras is here tomorrow morning with the rest of the
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forecast. >> have a good night. delaney: in my house i'm outnumbered 5 to 1:
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four daughters and my wife, april. she's spent years empowering women economically, and working to protect children online. i've learned a lot from her - and from my four amazing girls.
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new to congress, i've worked tstrengthen anti-violence laws and for equal pay for equal work - when we lift women up, we strengthen families. grace: thanks dad. anti-violence laws and for equal pay for equal work delaney: i'm john delaney and i approve this message.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- nathan fillion. gina rodriguez. jimmy's halloween youtube allenge. and music from fall out boy. and now, places, everybody. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. thank you, cleto. that's very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thanks for being on time. that's nice.


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