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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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will attain power. mortar then edgar less be turned into more of a nail markel warner versus edgar less be turned into more of a nail biter than anybody expected. kay hagan trying to hold onto her seat, but she is down. that is one of the seats that the gop thought was vulnerable. they are in the lead. how about iowa? joni ernst and bruce braley. he is in the lead as we look at the percentage reporting. still very slow when it comes to candy votes out there. this is one of the most fascinating races you will find. roberts versus orman. been on the who has health since 19 96 -- on the --
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in the senate since 1996. is the independent. he has yet to say who he will caucus with if he is elected. the democrats or republicans? that is where the shift of power could occur as you get down to the drama of d.c. politics. we will take a look at some other races up for grabs and when we come back in a little bit. for now, nailbiter. >> we are running out of nails. thank you for that. >lots of races across the area and we are watching all of them. you can get up to the moment results on and facebook and twitter. >> let's go back to maryland. new numbers in the race for a negovernor. let's take a look. anthony brown, 46%. larry hogan, republican, 52%.
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brad bell is live. what is going on there? >> nailbiter here. a lot of field lingers -- fingernails littering the carpets. refreshre hitting the button on their phones. 1333 out of 1986 precinct reporting. hogan is holding the lead. when the results were put up on the big screen, there were groans from the room. the room got quieter. thehe remaining precincts, feeling is many of them will be overwhelmingly for brown. fromwill be coming baltimore city, and parts of
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montgomery county. where the numbers could overwhelm the lead that hogan has gained. mostly, it seems, for rural areas. where he was heavily favored. right now, to borrow that phrase, this is a nailbiter. larry hogan, folks, they are holding on to the energy. still a dead heat. kevin with the latest. phyllis in -- fill us in. >> many marylanders had never heard the name larry hogan. what a year can do to change things. is -- faced a run for his money. the excitement in the room, people supporting larry hogan gather voters of
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all backgrounds. under the high tax frustration tent. the list includes bruce, a longtime democrat and council candidate. he told us why he was the first republican he had ever voted for. >> we need someone who is not -- sounds like our guys doing good. someone who will address the needs of the ordinary, common man. that cheering you heard in the soundbite has been echoed all night long. as they rattle off the vote totals. [applause] is pretty enthusiastic. >> we will be checking in with
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you later. from the district, new results for the next mayor. muriel bowser- with 56%. bureau chief, what are you hearing? >> the big crowd here suggests it is good news for muriel. when it was just a small ahead ofe, she was david. she still is. david is giving a concession speech already. they are waiting for muriel bowser to show up. of started in the race march, 2013. she has continued throughout. she defeated the city mayor. it appears she hasn't won the
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race. it is just a question of by what margin. won thepears she has race. it is just a question of by what margin. a lot of folks here are waiting for muriel bowser. they want to cheer and shout. this is a democratic town parade that was the case tonight, when the democrats who represent three out of four voters prevailed. abc 7ing live, sam ford, news. >> let's check in at the david catania headquarters. >> i have to say i knew this was not easy. all the things people said would be hard. one thing i knew for sure, that
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the price of not doing it was too high. [applause] when we talked about what we had hoped to do and hoped to accomplish, making sure every child in every neighborhood -- >> that is david catania speaking. we will have more on edc mayor's race coming up. t to tell you about another initiative. 71, the legalization of marijuana. we have 69% for. with 29% of the precincts reporting. we spoke to supporters at a fundraiser in northwest d.c.. they told us they were confident the measure would pass. >> let's take a quick break and get a look at the weather forecast.
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what you need to plan for tomorrow, steve? >> a cool overnight with in the middle 30's to upper 40's. for the day tomorrow, highs approaching 70. don't get used to the warmth. cooler temperatures on the way. >> thank you very much. ticks later, more numbers. >> let's check in with our senior correspondent. scott? >> another one for the democratic column. they just took a white -- hawaii. that was predicted, so not a big surprise. they just need one or two to take power.
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here's another race we are watching closely. louisiana. look at the numbers. your third-party candidate, probably a very unhappy site for a land rover and bill cassidy -- mary landrieu and bill cassidy. you do not have one candidate with more than 50%, you are looking at a runoff. othereans you will having -- you will have another month of campaigning. another big raise, alaska. that will be another tight one. in the 10th district in shehern virginia, the -- came in with a handy margin. [applause] >> i am so proud of the campaign we ran together.
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message of growth and opportunity and the focus on the promise of the opportunity has won the day again. here in the 10th district and the common level of virginia -- commonwealth of a virginia. [applause] i am thankful that the people of the district -- >> barbara comstock defeating her opponent. she will be filling the seat. >> in virginia's eight the district, the democrat has appeared to have one jim mor an's seat. >> there is no crisis before us that we cannot master as long as we work together with humility and understanding. >> the competitor was republican
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mike edmund. moran has hold the seat for 24 years. next district. dave brat beat eric cantor or. brat'slled the race in favor. new to college and are professors. congratulations to dave brat. >> social media has played a critical role in the election this year. with both campaigning and getting a pulls for early voting numbers. >> what a night, rebecca. >> what a night. the midterm elections have been dominating social media for several weeks.
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that is true as the results come in. one of the biggest surprises nationwide has been the senate race in virginia. it is the republicans were most apprised by glaspie -- ed gillespie's strong throwing -- showing. cantor and now ed gillespie? is one of the top senate races trendg. nobody saw that. ony are also a big topic facebook. levity from seth meyers. don't forget to head to your polling place and cancel your dad's boat. -- vote. nobody is going home.
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i am guessing there are a lot of lawyers lining up here in virginia. rebecca cooper. >> it may be some time. thank you. the coverage continues tomorrow at 7:00 and then at 8:30 where you can watch a roundtable. we will analyze the results. we will have a streaming for you live as well. should tell you we are following breaking news out of northwest washington. >> sexual assault at georgetown university. who police are looking busyaffic at a intersection. i will tie you >> you are watching abc seven
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news at 11:00.
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electioncontinue coverage, we are getting word that the race for mayor has been called in d.c.. muriel bowser winning. >> let's go out to sam ford with reaction. >> obviously, the reaction is joy. a large crowd. to fitnted this place between 900-1200 people. muriel bowser, the mayor elect of washington dc. david contain yeah has conceded s conceded.ha she started in march of last year. she defeated the city mayor of sitting mayor of her own party and she continued.
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this race has been going on for a while. it appears to be over. d.c. has a new mayor named muriel bowser. she will take over as the mayor of the city. reporting live from the historic howard theater in northwest washington, sam ford. >> thank you. and energized crowd. thank you very much. >> you will be walking out of that room into a wonderful evening. pretty mild out there. and then big changes on the way. let's look at the weather headlines. another warm day tomorrow. rain returning thursday. another cool weekend ahead. 50's.atures only in the
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for outdoor activities, cooler air. 55 degrees for nighttime. then a cold front to the north and west. that is going to bring us the cooler temperatures as we move into the day on thursday. by friday, we are talking highs only in the 50's. high-pressure to the south of us, that will move off the coast. winds out of the south and west. we are looking for the chance for a few thunderstorms as we move into the day on thursday. take a look at the current temperatures. 61 in reagan national. 45.ago at detroit, 46. hanging onto the lower 60's at reagan national, but they will fall. we are about 10 degrees warmer. behind the cold front coming can see how the colder air is moving closer.
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that is going to impact our weather. clears, wins front out of the north end of northwest, that will bring cooler air. winds out of the southwest just run five miles per hour. here's the extended outlook. 65 for a high on thursday. lower 50's on saturday and sunday. nighttime lows in the 30's. >> we have to enjoy tomorrow. things are going to change. thank you, steve. >> developing news out of northwest washington. a georgetownn -- university student said she was sexually assaulted. toldewspaper says she campus police it happened early on the morning of october 26. , familyew at
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members speak only with abc seven. he passed away at the hospital soon after the incident. we spoke to the brother and close friend. >> it was before dawn when the seven seat -- 77-year-old was struck and killed as he took milwaukee took every morning to that mcdonald's. for at least a decade, every walked, thus 77-year-old to mcdonald's. this day, he did not make it. >> when i heard the voice, i thought of him. >> he had morning coffee with jimmy almost every day. >> i cried this morning. i felt it. >> he spent his early years in a
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displaced persons camp in europe. he eventually made it to europe -- the u.s.. >> one of my fears was that he would get hit crossing the street. but he wanted to go. >> they could not keep him from heading out. >> you don't get enough time to cross the busy street. i just hope he did not suffer. >> so far, no charges have been filed against the 64-year-old motorist who struck and killed him. but montgomery county say -- officials say this case remains under investigation. >> ford issued five recalls. carix of problem the maker created well -- some of them were to fix a problem the car maker created while fixing
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another recall. >> we still have time to stick some sports news in. >> we will do it quickly. theii spoke out about redskins cornerback job. and alex jumps into the record books .
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>> i'm going to take you live to the howard. are. -- theater. >> she just made her celebratory entrance. her supporters cheering. let's listen in as he addresses the crowd. [applause] oh, my goodness. i think washington, d.c. has spoken. [applause] you, residents of the district of columbia. i am proud to be here today. thank you. a fifth-generation washingtonian. someone who grew up in north michigan park. i came home shortly after college.
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i dedicated my life to serving my neighbors. in ward four. in the city. i am humbled and grateful. to stand here, the next mayor of my hometown. [applause] here like so many of you, on the shoulders of all of those who sacrificed so that we might be here. i stand on their shoulders. i take a great sense of responsibility in doing my best every day to not let them down. i started with you, joan bowser. [applause] with, you, joe hauser
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bowser. my parents, my family, my neighbors, my friends. thank you for sacrificing with me. pushing hard with me to make sure we get this done. let's hear it for my family. [applause] i think of those -- i thank those, all of those who stood shoulder to shoulder with me over the last 20 months. to carry a then positive message. you told me to speak about my own vision. you told me to conduct myself with integrity. to be a woman of my word. to work harder, longer, and smarter than anybody.
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to go out in the heat, the snow, the rain, and the shine. to assemble the best campaign team in the history of the district. i want to thank all the good people standing behind you. all the people out there with those green shirts and hats. some people call you a machine. i just call you team muriel. thank you, team muriel. for 20 months, you have campaigned and all eight wards of the district of columbia. you cast your ballots that sent a clear message that we will assure all washingtonians, whether you have been here for five generations or five minutes, like so many people
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making d.c. strong -- i don't have the words tonight nor could i say thank you enough to express my appreciation. thank you again to the residents of the district of columbia. [applause] thank all of the candidates who through their names and hats into the ring. i don't know the results of all the races, but i am pretty sure hillthe warrior on the won by a landslide. let's hear it for eleanor holmes norton. >> muriel bowser making her speech. she won the election over david catania. >> let's check on this developing story. the balance of power in the u.s. senate. >> that is the big prize tonight.
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scott, what can you tell us? >> you said it is a developing story. the biggest development. 51 for the republican side. that gives them power in the senate. north carolina, kay hagan. she became the first woman ever to beat an incumbent woman. she was considered vulnerable and lost to tom tellis -- thom tillis. he has taken north carolina. this is another one we are keeping a close eye on. joni ernst may have a one iowa. -- have won iowa. notre short, so we are going to declare that one. but it looks like joni ernst told a solid lead. we will races group --
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keep a close eye on. last frontier. possibly days before results come in. begich saying he is more of a moderate. trying to hold on to that state. night.dramatic the biggest headline, 51 for republicans and could go higher. >> we might need dogue sleds to pick up the ballots and alaska -. >> >> and now the toyota sports
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desk. >> let's start with hockey. cap's captain became the franchise point leader. let me take you back downtown. caps, on the attack. the assist. record setter. he has led the nhl in points. they were leading 3-2 in the final


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