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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 5, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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a man hunt for a subject an carjacking. a woman kidnapped in philadelphia is found alive and in our area. >> how authorities found the abductor. abandoned.rn baby >> i would rather her or him whoever the parent was knocked on my door. the baby'sch for parents happening right now. railroad >> developing news out of jessup, maryland where a woman street inff the philadelphia was found alive tonight. she was taken sunday night. tracked her abductor to maryland after he used her card. tonight, del vin barnes is in custody. jay korff is live in jessup where he was arrested. tell us the story. remarkable story here in
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screes supplant. collaborative work up and down the east coast. agents tracked the suspect and the victim to a are behind me in the lot in jessup. after days of december pratt a manhunt ended here inside this ford taurus in a jessup, maryland. police say delvin barnes the violentin the ofnapping of carlesha philadelphia who was captured on in the car.e was agents blocked in the suspect the arrest. the victim alive, did not appear hysteric.t was and once she had time to process you could telled she was emotionally distraught and we took her immediately to the hospital.
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>> her family was ecstatic that their loved one was alive after pulled off the street by a man police believe was a strange to the victim. her mother did talk to her by phone. >> she was very upset and crying for me. asking tell me she love me and miss me and come get here in what did her?ay to >> i'm going to get my daughter. i'm going to get my baby. forces inorcement rural communities each of richmond developed him as a suspect in separate violent cripes. a.t.f. virginia field office which alerted these andts from the hyattsville baltimore offices. men now considered heros for woman from a man police are calling a predator. 37-year-old delvin barnes is beg held by the f.b.i. six unrelated felony warrants out of charles city county, virginia. the warrants include attempted
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capital murder and assault. tofor the victim she is said be in good condition at a local hospital. jay korff, abc 7 now news. >> breaking news out of bethesda where police are investigating an armed carjacking that happened about 7:00 p.m. tonight hampton lane in the greenwich forest neighborhood. redce are looking for a volvo s.u.v. with maryland tag 1 792. the victim was not hurt. if you have information police want to talk to you royalty away. >> happening now in prince georges county, police are searching for a mother after a newborn baby was found abandoned. the infant who was likely a few hours old was found in a woman's terrace.hoal creek roz spoke with the woman who baby.the >> she was surprised to find the
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baby but happy that she did. hard to believe that anybody her. a toned she had two things going for her, the weather was relatively mother who found her did so quickly. scene.s like a movie i never woke up this morning expecting a baby to be here, you know. it was really crazy. >> kiana jackson says that was her reaction wednesday morning after she heard an infant crying and went to investigate. >> it sounded closer by the cry. i stepped off my balcony and i saw a little girl in the grass. >> lying in the grass next to this home with not a stitch of on.hing jackson says her instincts took over. >> get this baby in the house warm.t her >> then she dialed 911. police say the new it is born have been just hours old when it was abandoned and health to the public find its mother. why would anyone choose her home? she says there are toys on the
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back deck but they are not street.from the the neighbors suspect the baby's mother might be familiar with the area. to be frequent to the neighborhood to be they arele to where coming to and knowing that they will not be spotted. >> jackson, a mother of five is struggling to understand it all. >> i'm just glad that the baby and she ishealth being taken care of and hopefully they will find a really good home for her. >> police are asking anybody tonight with information to give call. we should remind you there are lawations of the save haven that allow a parent to give up a newborn, no questions asked. at prince georges county police headquarters, abc 7 news. just in from southeast washington. police are investigating a stabbing on the 1500 block of avenue.setts the victim is a juvenile and suffered serious injuries. right now, police only have a
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vague description of the suspect. d.c. you have information police want to talk to you. >> there is some serious accusations tonight being made middle school principal in prince georges county. accused oferson is punching a student at eisenhower several he is charged with one count of second-degree child abuse and counts of second-degree assault. parents we spoke with say that they are disturbed by the accusations. >> you are not supposed to hit a child. especially punch them. hard to believe that one would to that, especially a leader. say that aors teacher notice the student's swollen eye and contacted school administrators. he was suspended from the district after learning of the alleged incident. for a former cheerleader for the baltimore ravens. shadek is now -- molly
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shattuck is now charged with rape. three pleaded not guilty to charges today. >> much of the area had to deal with rain showers this afternoon and evening. what do we need to plan for in the morning for the commute? the weathert has fors. >> showers have arrived. periods of of heavier rain morning.he early the doppler radar, the heaviest of the rain well to the south of southern prince brandywine.ty, toward the north into montgomery rains toward the north and east. grab the umbrella, you will need it tomorrow morning. 50's.upper 40's to lower rain heavy at times. the tales on what to expect the rest of the week coming up. allison? >> steve, thank you. only on 7 now. thes for justice from mother of a woman found brutally murdered. police are looking for the andon right now who shot
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killed latroia smith. she was found dead inside a vacant townhouse in southeast washington early sunday morning. smith was shot and then set on fire. her mother today. >> i couldn't breathe. i couldn't eat. can't sleep. wantp wondering, i don't to have any images in my mind. this year alone, there were four murders including smith's at or near the same apartment complex in southeast. during one of the deadly officers a d.c. police was injured. smith's family says it is time for those who live there to speak up. >> the polls closed for more than 24 hours but still watching races across the country and right here in the area. right mow, even at this late still too close to call. so close in fact they could lead to a recount in some cases. tom is live in the studio with a
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look at this. how does it look? too close to call, the virginia senate. the latest numbers. incumbent mark warner up by just about 17,000 votes. cast.llion plus votes still the race can't be call and still the numbers right here could change. >> only the vote canvassing will continue in fairfax county. is going on throughout the state. >> we check for errors and make sure that the numbers are accurate. >> officials don't expect the numbers to change much. thing fromear a either candidate in person today but gillespie put out a is closelyaying he watching the canvassing. the numbers are close enough he could ask for a recount. most local races aren't still up in the air. >> here we are. >> today, the d.c. mayor elect spoke as did republican governor elect larry hogan in maryland who promised to work on his big cutting taxes.
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>> we spend too much and tax too much and borrow too much. victory over brown may have been the biggest upset in the country but he is not the a bluepublican to win in state. >> the governors of massachusetts and maryland for heaven stakes. outgoingown hall, democratic congressman jim moran admitted his party believes in not made itut has work. a says the election was rebuke to party and president. racism.of it could be some could be the fox news effect scaring people. some could be the money poured into the races but couldn't have it. all of >> in another race still too close to call, parts of montgomery county and maryland. the sixth congressional districk. by a fewney up thousand votes. 50% to 48%. let me show you why this could potentially change. the number of votes that delaney little over 2166
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to be exact. to still throughout, still be counted according to the elections,ard of least.bsentee ballots attelet t this race could still change at leon.oint, allison and >> it ain't over. nextill a nail biter the day. >> new details about a contract worker with a record accused of girl at a 12-year-old her school. >> but the school is investigating, tonight. coming up next. thee have the stars at interstellar and matthew mcconaughey gives us his redskins picks? up at the unique tracking skills are helping crack cases. k-9's help to find bodies underwater. search dogunderwater dos it?
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veterinarian dr. katie nelson takes you
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>> we have mau details on a allegational assault against john epps jr. the contract worker accused of a 12-year-old girl. in an e-mail to parents the principal of the high school said they are investigating touched other students today parents blasted response.'s >> not one question have you answered. the arrest that happened immediately the next day that this is something that we need to do better as a system. eppsday we found out that received probation for assaulting two women at a pharmacy four years ago. know how he got a job working beside children. the school said it will provide some answers at a community meeting next tuesday. >> new at 11:00. thear-studded night at
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smithsonian for the premier of of interstellar and all of the big stars were there. is tommy mcfly with his take. got to be the pirate that takes us out there further than we have bon. >> do you plan to leave earth? on it.n't plan >> if you go with the characters thehe film and relationships you will enjoy it. and then if you get some science on top of that, great but you to understand everything. >> how far did your dare devilness go? mow is a narrows. >> space. >> yes. jumping. yes. >> taking a tackle. tackle.ld never take a >> do you have the urge to say let mccoy to it? it in theleave coach's hands.
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the guy goes out and wins one game. a long-term view with where the team is going. >> you can get up close and personal with batship from interstellar at the air and museum until the 20th for free. tommy mcfly. abc 7 new. >> did they all look like they sandwich?use a >> hollywood. we are having all these primaries lately in d.c. times in the city. >> important, right? >> the weather has been nice and mild but that is about to change. on the way and that is why we have the rain out now. right for those that have to take the dog out, just saying you will be raindrops for the next 12 hours now. national harbor, cloudy skies. drizzle out there right now. 58 degrees at reagan national airport. winds out of the north at just around three miles per hour. abc 7 liveing at super doppler radar.
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a break in the action to the us and into prince intoam county to the north williamton.and toward the north and east and still more to cop. tepishs upper 40's to low are 50's. areas of rain likely to become heavy at times especially during the early morning hours. be here earlyill in the morning. temperatures have fallen in the 50's. lets.l 55 manassas. middle 50s in frederick, maryland. satellite and radar. the cold front moves toward the north and east but we have to through all of this moisture just to the the south and west of us. this moves our way during the into -- o night hours during the overnight hours into early morning. it overheaduts during the busy rush hour commute. here we are at 11:00. projected model --
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a computer projected model through the overnight hours. yellow over the district into montgomery county. moderate lifts on out of here. could see a peek of sunshine afternoon.tomorrow especially west of d.c. and then by friday, cooler winds. drop theoing to temperatures only into the 50's for day time highs. zonea quick look at the forecast. call for day time highs tomorrow generally in the lower to middle 60's. to look for improving conditions as we move closer toward the upcoming weekend. is our extended outlook. shows day time high tomorrow around 65 degrees. will reach the day time lie duringhe late afternoon hours. winds out of the north and west at around 10. winds kick up for the day on friday. upper 50s. middle 50's on saturday. around 58 degrees on sunday. football games for the day on saturday back tracking here. problems for the high school kids and at colleges.
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it will be dry. back into the lower 60's monday tuesday of next week. >> not too bad. >> we'll take it. >> task. off, thehe weekend redskins are off. >> a bye. week.ey-do >> rg iii talks about the record and the challenge still in front redskins and the wizards try to set a winning pace against the pacers looking for row. fourth win in a talk about capital games.
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>> folks this is setting up as a terrific basketball season in washington. competitiveplayed a sometimes frustrated game depletedhe banged up pacer. drew gooden, 1 for 7. carried them to their fourth straight win. d.c. by two. indiana with the ball. seconds left. this will drive you nuts. sloan drives with six seconds gortat.r 84-84. in overtime. the wisconsin look to be aggressive. the wizards look to be aggressive. paul pierce. 37 years old. fellow.big throws it down. fouled for the three-point play. the wizards stayed on the attack. up theense to set offense. john wall to temple. oh back to wall. reverse lay-up. wall with 3 points. the wizards hang on 96-94 in overtime. stay in the nba.
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magic and sixers. win. with a chance to tobias harris. where is he? yep, put it up. beat the buzzer. bus. the magic win. you talk about beat the clock. knocks itls up and down without hesitation. magic win it 91-89. with 20 points. even though the redskins are enjoying some time off now bye-week will frustrate fans. no team needs this break more than the redskins. itself.ying to find morris has yet to get 00 yards in the game. differentree quarterbacks. turnovers a major roll in the losses and the defense gives up game.nts a the skins are now 3-6 and from guile. locks at theii record this delay a lot of guys in the locker room that were to the seasonook as our blueprint and it starts with one game. starts with one guy making a play. doesn't always have to be the guys that everybody thinks is make the could be the guy that no one
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thinks will make a play and he a team. it sparks >> rg iii. demand, trickr first year student. a lay-up and a three-pointer and shot in succession to win a ford f-150. were the hardest for him. he got it done and won an f-150. go after a tough start and the place went crazy. >> how about that? the ray rice case continues hisrrow with ray rice and wife testifying separately. the nfl commissioner testified for more than two hours today. rice, of course, is appealing his indefinite suspension saying enhancedhment was after he was suspended just two games and he says the nfl had it and gaved saw him a two game suspension and then came back after the public hard. and hit him >> like his odds of winning this? >> no. alone either.i'm >> all right. >> still to come, it is going to
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awww.ou go how this little girl is gettin
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>> a woman abducted in philadelphia is found alive. er who captor in custody. is the top trending story tonight. so glad that has a happy ending. ravens cheer leader accused of having an in relationship with a
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teen. and steve's forecast for the week. at this cutek video. a baby sea otter getting a second chance thanks to the aquarium in chicago. four weeks of intensive care in california she is at administer new home in chicago anding to well. shedd aquarium said she is a diet infant formula and sliced clam pieces. out whatntil she finds winter in chicago is like. she will be like take me back to california. >> i was thinking the same thing. want to
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>> a rainy night and morning. >> and a rainy rush hour commute. tweet and twitter and all of these words. >> easy, huh?
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>> 64 degrees for the high tomorrow. peeks of sunshine early afternoon west to east. friday, 57. 50's on saturday. >> easy for you to say. >> it's late. it's late.
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>> dicky: from hollywood and nashville, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- julie bowen. faith hill and tim mcgraw. brad paisley. plus music from florida georgia line via hologram. and now, out of thin air, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. that's very nice. hello, citizens of earth. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ]


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