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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 22, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] a former high school coaches being held without bond, accused of sexually abusing students. what his wife and lawyer have to say today. when the grand jury investigating the death of michael brown is expected to reconvene. and uva takes action after a student says she was raped why seven men. mene's a search for three accused of sexually assaulting a woman near gw university early this morning. rebecca cooper spoke with concerned students. say the assault
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happened in an alleyway off this busy stretch of the 900 block of new hampshire avenue northwest. >> it's alarming, especially so close to where i live on campus. this is where i walk every day, walked to class. it's scary. >> the incident happened about midnight. everyonersity notified at 2 a.m. after the victim contacted law enforcement. >> she said that she was followed by three white males into an alleyway and they sexually assaulted her. even though the alleged assault happened off campus, getting to the dorms and classrooms often means walking through parts of foggy bottom that is not controlled by campus police. >> sexual assault is something that should not happen to anyone. >> this person is working with other students in an effort to join forces and speak out against sexual assault.
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of three menns assaulting one female student should be troubling to all students. >> we are raising awareness about sexual assault on campus, where people know that everyone has a relation to play on stopping this. we have to look out for each other. >> campus police say they are looking for three white males. in a press release from metro police, they say that one of them is described as six feet one inch tall with a dark t-shirt. the second is described as five feet eight inches tall. there is no description for the third mail other than he is a white male. they are asking for the public's help with any information that may track down the suspects. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. descriptions at george washington university campus. at uva, they have suspended activities at all campus fraternal organizations after an
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investigation into an article published in "rolling stone" magazine where a female student described being raped by seven men two years ago. they say it happened at a fraternity house. friend of the accuser said the victim did not report the incident to the police, but spoke to a university official. >> when she left the fraternity house that i and called friends, they recommended that she not go to the police. >> dozens of uva students and charlottesville residents held a protest in front of the fraternity house. uva president teresa sullivan issued a letter, saying the board will meet to discuss the allegations in the schools's policies and procedures concerning sexual assault. >> d.c. councilmember marion barry was released from howard university hospital tonight. his spokesperson would not reveal the nature of the
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illness. he checked io the hospital thursday because he did not feel well. 78-year-old is reportedly feeling great tonight and looking forward to his scheduled interview with oprah winfrey on "where are they now" and taking part in his turkey giveaway next week. a child playing with matches is blamed for causing a fire that damaged for townhomes in gaithersburg. this happened on horizon run road. the 15-year-old boy is being credited with discovering the fire and alerting others to get out. nobody was hurt, but 13 people were displaced. turning to the weather, you will want to keep your light and heavy jackets for a roller coaster forecast. eileen whelan has the look. >> the temperatures will be all over the place, over a 30-degree temperature spread the next seven days. , 46 degrees atow
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reagan national, the breeze out of the south that eight. the wind chill 42 degrees. the southerly breeze will be warming us the next several days. lower 40's. we bottom out in the upper 20's of the suburbs, mid 30's downtown, nowhere near as cold as last night. last night at dulles, 14 degrees, a new record for the day. going forward, tomorrow, mainly dry, rain moving and after sunset. temperatures in the 50's, 70's monday. two days later, the possibility of a wintry. i will break down all of that and preview the thanks giving holiday forecast coming up. wait continues in ferguson, the grand jury deciding possible charges against officer darren wilson took the weekend off. they will meet again monday. thei gonzalez shows what community is doing to prepare for the grand jury's decision. marching tonight in ferguson,
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missouri, michael brown's mother was among those asking for peace. we have remained peaceful and i don't think it's going to change. this is so we are, we are peaceful people. >> the grand jury is reviewing evidence in the death and taking the weekend off. they will not return until monday to continue looking into whether officer darren wilson should be charged for shooting and killing brown. either way, there will be people of will not be happy with the outcome. >> and the community is ready, bracing for the potential that the unrest that rocked ferguson the summer could return. and national guard are here, ready to offer backup. starting tonight, the st. louis county police department officers are working 12 hour shifts. protests have already started. the past few nights there have
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been arrests, and businesses are boarding up, preparing for what could happen once the decision is announced. >> we hope for the best, but you have to prepare for the worst. barriers were up outside of the courthouse. they still not clear if will be going over evidence or deliberating when they return monday. marci gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> once the grand jury's decision is announced, we will bring it on air and online at behindteacher remains bars on accusations of child sex abuse. 34-year-old charles young appeared in court today for a bond review. the police say he molested two teenaged boys while teaching and coaching track at dunbar high school in northwest. the defense attorney would not discuss the allegations against the client, but suggest that young was being set up. >> can you articulate what you
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said inside the courtroom? >> i don't even remember what i said inside the courtroom. his wife left d.c. superior court alone after a judge kept him without bond. she refused to talk on camera. their preliminary hearing is set for tuesday. a local family pleading for help in solving the murder of a loved one. victoria smith was shot to death then set on fire inside of a vacant townhome in southeast d.c. richard reeve shows how smith's family is trying to find leads. >> yes, yes, yes. >> and emotional day for the family of latroia smith. >> we are not going anywhere. we need answers. >> firefighters responded to a call at the purported uptown house on langston place. >> she did not deserve this. no one deserves this. they found smith's
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body, shot several times. the family believes the killer then set her on fire. shot, way that she was beat, burned, in this abandoned place, loan to die. 26-he police suspect the year-old mother of three attended a party the night before. so far, no suspects. smith's family is putting up award posters, passing out flyers. >> someone is still roaming free, living their life every day, not being brought to justice for what happened. >> this family dealing with a heavy loss, hoping for healing and closure. >> somebody know some answers. she was a beautiful young woman. family suspects the
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killer or killers have used the same townhouse before. mpd saying there have been three homicides in that same complex. here is the poster they were handing out today. $25,000 reward for information. the family is pleading for anyone with information to come forward. richard reeve, abc 7 news. another murder mystery in prince george's county, where the police and postal service inspectors spent the morning and land of her passing out flyers to try to solve the murder of tyson barnette. a year ago sunday he was shot to death delivering mail. there is a reward of up to $125,000 for information leading to an arrest and indictment. still ahead, changes for u.s. troops in afghanistan. president obama expanded the mission overseas. in the race to
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>> frederick police are
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investigating the death of a man atman ochocinco village park. his body was found in a creek this afternoon. he is from frederick. an autopsy will figure out how he died. anne arundel county police say tips from social media help them accused ofman stabbing another man after a road rage incident. was facingbney assault and reckless endangerment charges. he got into an argument thursday afternoon at a restaurant in laurel after cutting the man off with his vehicle. the police say he followed the victim home, stabbed him in the driveway. the victim suffered nonlife threatening injuries. years since the assassination of president john f. kennedy. walter cronkite informed the nation of the president's death. >> president kennedy has been assassinated. the president is dead. lessesident kennedy was
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than three years into his presidency when he was shot while riding in a motorcade in dallas. two days later, suspected gunman lee harvey house one was shot and killed while in police custody. forseas, new guidelines u.s. troops in afghanistan. the obama administration says that troops may battle taliban fighters, not just al qaeda. the taliban and out numbers al qaeda in afghanistan. this comes as the u.s. mission comes to a close in the military prepares for counterterrorism training mission the next two years. the new guidelines, the u.s. can conduct their support if necessary. staying overseas, 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit a mountainous area of central japan, injuring at least 30 people, destroying more than a half-dozen homes. wasof the hardest hit areas a town that hosted events in the 1998 winter olympics. no problems were reported at three nuclear power plants in
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the nearby area. in the u.s., new york's governor says they are preparing for the worst, hoping for the best in buffalo. rain in warmer weather threaten to melt the seven feet of snow on the ground, leading to flooding. governor andrew cuomo says the state is sending in pumps, boats, helicopters, high axle vehicles that can operate in for or five feet of water. and they are under a flood watch sunday. sort ofrea, not that precipitation, but we are enjoying the warmer temperatures. >> yes, 70's by monday. it will feel delightful. it was not bad today. yesterday was cold and blustery, 52 the high today at reagan national. bwi, 41 degrees at dulles. with each day, the temperatures will climb more. to upper 50's. the weather pattern is beginning to shift. finally. for so longe had such a dip in
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the jet stream, allowing for the cold air to sink out. movingow retreating, further to the north. 62 degrees the high charleston, 66 nashville. a southerly breeze as we move through the next few days will really warm temperatures. still below average, 55 degrees. up and out east coast, cooler than average. off to the west, starting to see warmer than average temperatures. that trend will be pushing eastward the next several days. winterome rain, precipitation in upstate new york, back through pennsylvania. this is around the ridge of high pressure. rain moving in late tomorrow. the moisture of the gulf coast will be pushing northeast through the day tomorrow. for the most part the day will be drive. once again, looks like we will have the same loop, going back to show the rain showers moving
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in tomorrow. tonight, partly cloudy, not nearly as cold as yesterday. upper 20's in the suburbs, mid 30's downtown. 14 degrees, the record low at dulles last night. tomorrow, increasing clouds, rain moving in after sunset. most of the day will be drive. mid 50's, upper 50's through the afternoon. a little milder than today. the rain moving in after sunset. at 7:00recast shows tomorrow morning, nice and dry, clouds increasing. i think some filtered sunshine through the morning, clouds thickening through the day. noontime, mostly cloudy, still drive. into thewers working extreme southwestern portions of the viewing area. by about 10:00, the rain pushes in. heavy at times. out of here monday morning, 72 monday, breezy. 53 tuesday.
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wednesday, a coastal system could bring a wintry mix. still very far out. the big travel day, we are monitoring it closer to the day. >> today was a busy day for college football fans. we are getting down to the nitty-gritty. >> the tribes doing well. two big big ten wins. the terps had another chance to make a statement today. and watch out for randy edsall.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. terpsther chance for the to take down a traditional big ten powerhouse, against penn state tonight, but it was the michigan wolverines.
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carter goes back to pass, tucks it in, 15 yard touchdown. that would make it 16-9 wolverines. terps owned the fourth quarter. tj brown, sweeping left, he scores. 87 yards rushing. six minutes to go. brown plunges in from a yard out, giving maryland the 23-16 lead. i guess randy edsall throws off the headset. the terps win. they get another traditional big ten powerhouse win. >> i'm just happy for these kids. we challenged them this week. they came out here and met the challenge. they had chance at today where maybe they could have casted in, but they didn't. they battled, got the seventh win, which is huge. it guarantees at least day .500 record in the league. man, this is great. >> acc, virginia tech-wake
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forest. they go to overtime. they trade field goals. weaver has a chance to win, nails it from 39 yards out. wake forest stones tech. .- wake forest stuns tech uva-miami. lambert over the middle. look at that. the one-handed catch at the goal line. 23 yard touchdown. virginia up by three. that gave the cavs a big boost. point onhe exclamation this. 30-7. we are talking hockey. cap's in action against the sabres. 44-20 six.t buffalo does not automatically translate into a win. still trailing until that. the slap shot scores.
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later in the third, the sabres on the attack. corey mitchell is there to put it home for the game-winner. caps lose, 2-1. hoops, the wizards and box. paul pierce gets the pass in the corner. the head fake, knocks. the at 25. fourth quarter, the wizards pulling away. look at bradley beal, off the curl. knocks down the jumper. he had 17 off the bench. the wizards win, 111-100. georgetown basketball off to a good start, 2-0 coming into today. no problems at the verizon center for the hoyas, a nice game for lj peak. drives the lane, jump shot. with the floater. the hoyas led at the half. but big daddy joshua smith had a big game in the second half.
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paul white throws it up, smith finishes strong. out st.wn blows francis, 80-66. women's hoops, gw-maryland. the colonials led at the half, but maryland it's going. in the second, brown, giving the terps the 59-46 lead. maryland wins. and more college hoops, virginia tech goes down, appalachian state, 65-63. navy loses to northeastern. a lot of fun basketball today. football season winding down. we are getting into that transition. >> and tomorrow the comeback of rg iii. >> exactly, we will see what happens.
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