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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 2, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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. good morning, america. happening now. the arctic blast bringing a blanket of ice and know to the east coast this morning. plunging temperatures from dangerous roads from new york to boston. while a storm out west has millions bracing for mudslides and flash floods. and shooting spree. the tow truck operator who gunned down four people, did he have a hit list? the dramatic end to the manhunt overnight. she clipped that guy. >> caught on camera, wild high speed chase. a suspect hitting 90 miles per hour, making a run for it with a different set of wheels. and the reality star behind the wheel that have truck who helped police take him down. bono is still recovering after the bad bike crash. look who stepped in to help at a
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huge concert overnight. chris martin and bruce springsteen, honoring the singer's commitment to a big cause with a show for the ages. ♪ still looking up to the lighter. >> just right outside here. >> yeah. >> just a few hours ago in times square. a night to remember just popped up like that. and with or without bono, the show went on. chris martin and the boss up there. >> what a backup plan. bruce springsteen right there, fills in for bono. got a lot of good friends. and we have a lot to get to this morning. beginning with the wild weather. west coast, threatening mudslides and flooding, and storms in the east. >> the flash flood watch from san diego to los angeles. and not just that, watching the new storm.
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we have had round one. now you can see it churning, pushing the moisture up. and the people getting ready. look at the video from glendora, the sandbags pile up, and the k-rails. that keeps the water in the street instead of in people's yards. how much water will come in? 3 to 5 inches, anywhere in yellow there. this is great for the drought, it will temper it, it will help a little, but not this quickly. on the east coast, the temperature change, burlington, 32 degrees difference, pittsburgh, 20, new york city, 19 degrees colder than yesterday. it's going to plunge more. winter weather advisories, freezing rain warnings up and east. the purple and pink, under that, take extra time and prepare because snow, freezing rain and ice will welcome you on this tuesday. that's a look for right now. i have a whole lot coming up including a warmup for december. it's going to make it feel more like october. >> nice. >> look forward to that.
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>> good to have you back, ginger. thank you. now to the news breaking overnight. the end of the manhunt after four people were killed in a shooting spree. the suspect was found dead in his car, and bazi kanani has that for us. >> reporter: the manhunt is over, but the mystery is growing. finding 39-year-old tow truck operator jody lee hunt dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after leaving four dead in west virginia. police searching far black pickup truck, leaving schools on lockdown. the victims all connected, his ex-girlfriend who filed a domestic case just last month, and along with another man on the scene. his first cousin was killed and fellow tow truck driver, doug brady. his wife, kathy, saying that he was jealous of his competing
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company. >> he walked through the garage, and to why doug was at and shot him in the back of the head. >> reporter: now the search for hunt is over, police are searching for answers. >> the next steps are continuing to collect the puzzle pieces, determine what happened and why it happened. >> reporter: jody hunt blamed the attack on relationship issues. saying he planned to hurt those who had hurt him. police have not said whether they have found a hit list. george. >> thanks very much. and the latest on the fallout from ferguson. protest haves spread across the country. walkouts from work and school. and president obama focused on ferguson at the white house yesterday, taking action to address the anger. jon karl has the details. >> reporter: good morning. the president says the issues in ferguson extend beyond missouri, and he's determined to improve police and community relations
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nationwide. with protests from new york to iowa city to washington, president obama brought community leaders and youth activists from ferguson to the white house. he said he was moved by what he heard. >> it violates my belief in what america can be. to hear young people feeling marginalized and distrustful even after they've done everything right. >> reporter: but the question this morning, what's he going to do about it? the president is call for $75 million in aid to help local police departments to buy body cameras for on-duty police officers. it is something the brown family is calling for and could have stopped disputes in ferguson. and a new task force on community and police relations, and reviewing the standard for military-grade equipment for police departments. >> this time it will be different. the president of the united
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states is deeply invested in making sure it's different. >> reporter: he didn't want to talk about the grand jury's decision not to indict darren wilson. >> do you think justice was done? >> thank you very much, jonat n jonathan. >> reporter: 48% of americans agree with the decision, but there is a huge racial divide. 58% of whites agree with that decision, and only 9% of blacks. as for president obama's handling of the situation, only 39% approve. and, george, about that image of the st. louis rams football players at sunday night's game, there's a dispute now between the st. louis police department and the rams about whether or not the team apologized. they say they did extend an apology through the team, they said it didn't happen. >> delicate wording. and now to adrian peterson,
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fighting back against the season-long suspension. the former mvp will try to get it overturned after the plea deal in the child abuse case. ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: it's a familiar spot for the nfl star, fighting an indefinite suspension. but in adrian peterson's appeal today, possibly damning evidence and the ray rice decision could cause the nfl to get sacked again. this morning, minnesota viking's star running back, adrian peterson, taking on the nfl off the field to get back on it. the former league mvp sidelined with pay since being arrested for beating his 4-year-old son with a switch. last month he agreed to a plea deal with no jail time. >> i stand here and take full responsibility for my actions. >> reporter: but now in football's version of deja vu, demanding his nfl penalty be overturned. just as ray rice when an arbitrator ruled friday that his
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indefinite suspension was arbitrary. he told nbc -- >> i took full responsibility for everything i did. i can hope and wish for a second chance. >> reporter: some say the decision could bode well for peterson. >> they cannot be arbitrary. >> reporter: and another secret weapon. the usa today reporting he has on tape an nfl executive saying he would be suspended as little as two games. one big difference, his arbitrator was a judge with no affiliation with the nfl. this is being heard by a counsel to the nfl. it could give the nfl a leg up. >> challenging times. and turn now to the desperate search for a college student who disappeared on thanksgiving. shane montgomery was last seen at a philadelphia bar that morning.
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tom i can't mas tracking the ca >> reporter: a reward is growing in the case, hundreds of volunteers working around the clock. and the volunteers, philadelphia t.d. and the fbi are asking the same question, where is shane montgomery? he was home for the holidays, and then gone without a trace. >> i wish that shane would come walking in the door any minute. >> reporter: now as his family prays for a miracle, philadelphia police are scouring the city for any sign of the missing college student. his disappearance so baffling the fbi has joined the case. >> we're trying to use everything available to us. >> reporter: police say everything about this case is unusual. starting with the victim. 21-year-old montgomery was a popular student at pennsylvania's westchester university. and from a close family. >> we have had moments of great despair thinking and worrying about where our shane is. >> reporter: then there's the time and the place. montgomery was out with friends
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and his cousin at this quaint philly bar on thanksgiving-eve when police say he left alone and on foot, never to be heard from again. >> there had to be people in the neighborhood. there had to be people to see something. >> reporter: eyewitnesss say montgomery wasn't drunk, but that he was asked to leave the bar after bumping into a table. they say he left without incident just before 2:00 a.m. then at 2:30, his cell phone sending a final ping by this cvs. less than a mile away. a bar bouncer says he saw and spoke with montgomery nearby. and in another strange twist, police say montgomery has yet to show up on any surveillance footage from that busy area. >> there's not even one person we're keying in on at this point. >> reporter: a reward now up to $25,000. and shane's mother tells me her son had no enemies, no problems, depression. she feels he was not that intoxicated to walk back home that was just more than a mile
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away. >> boy, a strange one. to amy for the other top stories. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the long-awaited testimony stemming from the deadly costa concordia disaster. he arrived at an italian court 45 minutes late, taking the stand nearly three years after the ship wreck that killed 32 people. italy's most hated man could face 20 years in prison for abandoning ship. he claims he accidently fell into a lifeboat. also breaking overnight, a possible setback for isis, a wife and child of the elusive leader have been arrested. it could be a blow to al-baghda al-baghdadi, or a bargaining chip. and a frantic race in washington state to save a driver in a sinking car. the woman landed in a frigid canal in the middle of the night. her car was quickly filling up
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with water as she made this desperate 911 call. >> i can't get out of my car and it's filling up with water. please help me. >> and police were able to break a window and rescue her just before her car sank. thankfully. and a tragedy averted at a utah high school. a student brought a loaded gun to class and shoot a former girlfriend and open fire on the school. a classmate saw the weapon and told authorities in time. disturbing video of an alleged drunk driver near tampa. going airborne, slicing a pickup truck in half and badly damaging another car. the driver was sitting nearby and was arrested. shares of apple tumbled in unusual trading yesterday. using 3% in one minute. nearly $23 billion. still, it's up almost 44% this year. cyber monday appears to be losing steam.
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online shopping was less than half the rate than last year. spreading out purchases rather than being lured by one day deals. and bill cosby's academic career is the latest loss in his career. he was at temple for 32 years and the board chairman said that he did not want to be a distraction. finally, a virginia woman who is happy as a clam. and here's why. it had a four and a half lavender pearl. she bit down on it while she was eating the clam. it's about a 1 in a million clam find. because of the size and because it was grown on a farm not found in the wild, it's worth about $3,000. the bag she claims she bought it, just 15 bucks. lara, you and i should start breaking for clam bakes. >> well said, my friend. your one in a million clam. i love that. >> i thought clams were in
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oysters. pearls were in oysters, not clams. >> we all learn something new. clamming today. now to a high profile trial in california this morning. apple being sued into the earliest days of remaking the music industry with the ipod. and the star witness, steve jobs, three years after his death. neal karlinsky has the story. >> this amazing little device holds a thousand songs. >> reporter: it is a potentially $1 billion case. a class action lawsuit nearly a decade in the make. and if you bought an ipod between 2006 and 2009, you could be eligible for damages if apple loses. at issue, the claim that apple previously would only allow music bought from the itunes store to work on the ipod instead of music from competing online stores which attorneys fighting apple argue was anti-competitive behavior that
7:15 am
left consumers payi ining more. and a twist, the key witness, despite the fact he passed away three years ago will be steve jobs himself. addressing the court in a never before seen video deposition. >> his deposition could very well be damaging to the company. >> reporter: "the new york times" reports they'll include e-mails from jobs as well. possibly including a reported 2003 note about a competitor. we need to make sure that when music match launches their download music store, they cannot use ipod, he wrote. >> i am somewhat surprised he was not more cautious about what he was doing. >> reporter: apple declined to comment. for "gmood morning america," nel karlinsky, seattle. and the blowout concert in times square last night. some of the biggest stars in the world coming together for a great cause and banding together for one of their own. ♪
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♪ with or without you at first glance, the band rocking times square with this impromptu concert may look like u2. and sound like u2. ♪ oh but listen closely. ♪ it's a beautiful day because one of these is not quite like the other. that's right, that is not bono. it's cold play's chris martin. ♪ you're on the road just one of the megastars stepping in for u2's famous front man. bono organized this worlds aids day concert and intended to be there front and center. but the super star, forced to stay behind in dublin as he continues to recover from serious facial and shoulder injuries in a bike accident in
7:17 am
new york city last month. but they didn't want to give up on a good cause, raising aids awareness. so they got by with help from their friends. kanye west joining in. carrie underwood getting into the act with u2 guitarist, the edge. and it was taking on the name u2, minus one. but with bruce -- and chris martin wearing a shirt which reads, "substitute," bono still found a way to provide a beautiful day for charity. and the thousands of new yorkers who found exactly what they were looking for. ♪ still haven't found what i'm looking for ♪ >> what a show. and u2 wrote on the website, thank all those who graciously donated their time and talents to save the world aids day event from cancellation. >> how wonderful. bono is always stepping up and
7:18 am
doing for everyone else. >> carrie underwood -- >> she's great. >> you listen odd ed to that, y thought that was bono. chris martin. i'm curious, i don't think i could get my third does ton cco come to work for me. >> i've met your third cousin. he's good. the weather kind of cooperated last night. i think so. >> now this cold weather? >> coming in, it's temporary. michael, should you do the clicking today? >> i'm not responsible enough. >> all right, look at this. duluth, minnesota, a classic december look. the cold air over the warmer lakes, relatively warmer. and warm up. average in duluth, 7 degrees below normal. look at the mild air. memphis to 63 by the weekend. duluth, not seen the freezing mark since early, close to it by
7:19 am
the weekend. everybody becoming more mild. but florida staying mild. 80 in tampa. that cold front will go away before it gets there. your local forecast 30 seconds away, first the tuesday trivia brought to you by burlington. >> good morning, washington. light rain and 40 degrees and d.c., keeping an eye on this bright line in montgomery and fairfax county, towards culpeper there could be some sleet mixed in, generally there is rain and
7:20 am
wet keeping an eye on slick spot under the surface. degrees,hersburg, 34 everyone is above freezing at this time. rain off and on coming up, the high profile trial of a former justice of the peace charged with killing a texas zroedistrict attorney and wife, why they say it was cold-blooded revenge. and the reality star who stepped in to save the day. and cyber monday, how crooks are out to get you and you can foil them. i have a cold
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>> good morning, it is 7:26 a.m., i am jummy olabanji. there is a stretch of the gw parkway close right now because of the sinkhole. take a look at these live images. let's get right to jack taylor with the latest. >> obviously as you said, the southbound lanes are closed at 123. this sinkhole is before spout run, you can rejoin it before spout run, every feeder road is solid as of this. 270 southbound near falls road, accident activity near the shoulder. take a look at the big beltway map with light shades of green. having trouble with green, it is red all over the place at this point. 610,nia, 95 northbound, the crash there is gone. this has been one heck of a morning, jacqui jeras. >> it has.
7:28 am
had reports asleep, but one hour ago that is what we saw at the airport, we are still tracking the band right here, montgomery into the western beltway towards culpeper there could be more in there with temperatures above the freezing mark. another chance for second wave of moisture later on today. we will see some off and on raise as they come down overnight. >> thank you, thank you for joining us.
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♪ what a feeling oh, amy's getting excited. "flashdance" is back. 1983. that's jennifer biels right there. she left a lasting impression, and her name. jeffers jennifer was the top girls name a year after it hit theaters. and we'll tell you what's influencing this list. >> over and over -- >> moving and grooving. >> love that. also ahead, that wild chase caught on camera. a suspect speeding through the streets of l.a., then trying to get away on a skateboard. how a reality star, i'm not kid you, a reality star helped take him down. and an important consumer alert for anyone shopping on cyber monday. the new scam targeting your
7:31 am
personal information and how to protect yourself right now. >> pay attention to that. but first, a lurd murder trial, a justice of the peace is accused of gunning down an attorney and his wife. they say the motive was revenge. brand way h brandy hit has the story. >> reporter: cold, calculated revenge drove eric williams, a former justice of the peace to commit capital murder. >> guilty or not guilty? >> not guilty. >> reporter: he's accused of gunning down mike mclelland and his wife in their home over easter weekend. >> he touched down a defenseless cynthia mclelland in a hail of bullets. >> reporter: her son, a police officer, discovering their bodies. >> i was hollering for mike.
7:32 am
then i saw cynthia laying on the ground. >> reporter: williams, on trial for the murder of cynthia is accused of killing mark hasy just two months earlier. the alleged motive for all three slayings, a bitter grudge after they successfully prosecuted him two years ago for stealing county-owned computer equipment seen here in the surveillance video. >> took the monitors and the memory. >> that's what i can remember. >> reporter: prosecutors say williams purchased a getaway car, started target practice and rented a storage unit to hide evidence and weapons between killings. it terrorized the community so much so that prosecutors wore bullet-proof vests to work. >> never forget them, but brings back the fear. >> reporter: he sent the police
7:33 am
an anonymous e-mail claims credit for the murders. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. now to the wild high speed chase on the streets of l.a. a suspect trying to get away in a car, then on a skateboard, and then on foot before a -- are you ready? a reality star who happened to be driving by stepped in. cecilia vega has that story. >> it started like every southern california high speed car chase caught on camera. th driver of the allegedly stolen bmw hitting 90 miles an hour in the streets of l.a. before slamming into another car. he jumps out of his car and to the disbelief of even the chopper pilot in the sky above -- >> what's he carrying, is that a gun? skateboard. >> reporter: there he goes, skateboard in hand. it looks like the suspect might get away. but he givesup on the extra set of wheels and runs again, almost
7:34 am
getting hit by not one, but two cars before out of nowhere -- >> oh, got pinned in by that car. bam. >> reporter: a good samaritan in a pickup cuts him off. police have their man. >> see the guy running with a skateboard, and running from the cops. right on him. six or seven cops. >> reporter: this being los angeles, the driver, no, he is no regular guy. he's reality star lou from true tv's operation repo. >> it ain't no joke. >> reporter: and yes, he is driving the same truck from the show. >> it was just instinct just to, you know, block the guy off and slow him down a little bit. that's all i could do. >> reporter: how is that for reality tv? for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> well, it ain't no joke. nope. >> and by the way, people, if you're going to run away from police, in l.a., there's always a helicopter in the sky.
7:35 am
always going to get caught. >> yep. >> i love the play by play. when they're running all around. >> what's that in his hand? a skateboard. >> of course it's a skateboard. >> it's l.a. >> made for the movies. >> that's it. another check of the weather? >> yes, and i was teasing to this earlier. check out december. this is the overall month average above normal. that looks exciting if you don't love cold weather in the great lakes and the midwest. back to the west, average. below average along the gulf. i like to temper this and realize that above average could be a half a degree above average. it's not we're basking in the sunlig sunlight 80 degrees. this would be above average in new york. not bad. it's a better idea, so you're not expecting too much out of this. but, yes, december looking more like november should have in so many places. back out in the west, the storm and the timing of the rain, on and off through the day. some of the pockets heavy at times. we're concerned about 2 or 5
7:36 am
inches of rain. up and in the sierras and the mountainous areas, up to 3 feet of snow. snow borders and skiers happy. and dry in the northern plains, and the gulf >> good morning, washington. rain and 40 degrees in the city, ite on doppler we have straddling interstat >> all that weather brought to you by macy's. i think i need a skateboard to get over here. >> thank you. coming up, how safe is your car seat? a major investigation into the biggest child seat recall ever. what every parent needs to know this morning. and an alert for everyone who shopped black friday and cyber monday. how crooks are out to get you and how you can foil them.
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we're back now at 7:40 with a "gma" on the lookout. an important alert for anybody who did online shopping the last few days or plans this holiday season. the fbi warning about cyber scans that can infect your computer and steal your personal data. rebecca jarvis is here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: and good morning to you. these are three new scams going viral. the crooks are getting more
7:41 am
sophisticated and one step ahead of law enforcement. here the signs you can use to protect yourself. this morning, a warning from the fbi. just as you're planning to take advantage of the hottest deals online this week, crooks are plotting to take advantage of you with these three new scams. >> there are organized crime groups constantly looking to steal data and information from consumers. no better time than during the holiday season. consumers are online. >> reporter: first, fake deal alerts, sent directly to your inbox. click on the links, and instead of the deal of the century, getting the money, identity and control of your computer to a crook who's loading a virus on to your computer. >> take your mouse, hover over the link. you'll get a bubble or look at the status line. the bottom line of the e-mail program. that'll tell you where it's going.
7:42 am
don't click the link just to find out. >> reporter: second, watch out for phoney shipping notifications and rep tabl retailers like walmart, target, and others. they may look legitimate with subjects like thank you for buying. but one click and you could be downloading malicious software, giving them access to your finances and pass words. and check the e-mail addresses. >> align the numbers to the known numbers you have used when you have shipped your merchandise. >>eporter: and finally beware bad gift cards. from apple, starbucks, walmart and other companies are all over the web. many sent by facebook. the truth is companies will never send you a gift card for no reason. click on the fakes, and you can end up giving away personal information and spamming your family and friends with the same sham offers. >> you might find people in your address book are receiving e-mails that you never
7:43 am
personally sent. >> reporter: the bottom line is when in doubt, don't click, don't buy. contact the retailers that you know and trust directly. go to their websites, call them, rather than clicking on e-mails or facebook where you don't know where it's coming from. >> how do we know if a gift card is a fake? >> you can buy them directly, but there are a lot of websites selling them discounted. you can buy them. if you buy one and have any doubt about it, check the bar co code. go back to the retailer, this looked like a good deal, does it work. check it before you give it because they will reimburse you -- if it's a fake, they will reimburse you, but if you wait after christmas time, they're not going to do that. >> great advice. >> thank you. also coming up, everybody, when harry met emma. what brought together the one direction star and the harry
7:44 am
potter actress and has so many fans tweeting. >> and can't wait. and so many baby names, inspired by "scandal"'s olivia pope. find out who else inspired this year's list. s olivia pope. find out who else inspired this year's list. olivia pope. find out who else inspired this ar's list. ar's list. else inspired this ar's list. else inspired this ar's list. else inspired this and help keep the magic in your holidays. at the corner of happy and healthy. plus get up to $20 in jingle cash on next week's purchase of $30 or more.
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♪ it's one of the most highly anticipated lists for parents every year. the most popular baby names. and we have this year's list. and it turns out one tv producer has really made her mark.
7:48 am
and we have abc's t.j. holmes in the social square with more. good morning, my man, t.j. 37. >> strahan, a good run, but your days have come and gone. michael, you're not as popular as you used to be, the name. from 1954 to 1998, it was the number one most popular boys name. they don't want little mikes anymore, they want aidans and logans and maysons. what's in a name? power. >> olivia. >> strength. or even a little raw ambition. >> my name is zoe barnes. >> reporter: this morning the next-generation of olivias and zoes are filling up the most popular baby name this is year. and some may be shonda rhimes. >> jackson, i'm pregnant.
7:49 am
>> reporter: jackson, topping the boys list for the second-straight year. >> that's -- >> olivia pope. >> reporter: a lot of knew gladiator girls as well. oh live why, number three. turns out pop culture has been a common inspiration for baby names. >> mallory may have a point. >> reporter: mallory and her family ties were in 1982, by 1983, the name mallory appeared on the most popular list. the top girls name in 1984, jennifer as in jennifer beals. >> what about the other families? >> reporter: odds are good of a boy being named after "hunger games" star liam hemsworth. new parents probably didn't have this little girl in mind from the walking dead when they made her name, sophia, the number one choice for girls. this sophia, sophia ver dpfia v
7:50 am
that's the one. >> what's the child? >> valencia joseph. >> we're never going to call him that. >> two in the top five. >> as a parent, you just want your kids to do better. already better. >> what does t.j. stand for? >> it's a long story, the t. doesn't stand for anything. my first name is lutillius. named after my dad, little t. i was t. jr. and i was looking for a tv name, you toss to lew till use holmes in the social square. >> from now on. always good to know. >> and ginger, we said all along, "gilligan's island." >> my dad's favorite character. >> you're named after --
7:51 am
>> dr. schiavago. >> and robin your your name is up 12% this year. >> george, your name hasn't cracked the top ten since 90-something. from 1880 to 1987, george was hot. >> all right. why you don't have to worry if you missed out on black friday and cyber monday. the best holiday deals until christmas. stay right there. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning, is 750 and, a sinkhole has shut down the stretch of the george washington parkway and it is crowding back up. jack taylor has the latest in is >> thec is very it georgee is between
7:57 am
washington and the beltway, both there in virtually every of the road with that you are using is crowded. 395, the same deal, earlier crash off the 14th, finally clear. southbound before randolph road, accident activity in the right lane. on the outer loop of the beltway an accident, the traffic that you see on the right side, two left lanes are closed after georgia avenue. this is not been a great morning. >> tomorrow looks a lot better. is that we have had very little reports of freezing precipitation or even sleep. despite00 this morning the brightness on the radar pictures here, be aware that there could be more but overall we are looking at wet weather and wet roads with the winter
7:58 am
weather advisory affect in the morning. temperatures falling into the 30's. thank you for joining us. we will see you back here in about 30 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and how safe is your car seat? why the government is investigating the largest child seat recall in u.s. history. and is broth the new super food? inside the hot new high protein health craze. is it really a safe way to lose weight? and meet the brow influencers. why beyoncé and kim kardashian are going big, bold and beautiful just above the eye. and how you can go big too. ♪ ♪ do what he must do and. and jimmy kimmel and the killers pairing up for a big new holiday song. and you'll never guess who's playing santa. all that and meryl streep
8:01 am
ali live as we say -- >> good morning, america. and that's not all this morning. all the hosts of the taste as well. there they are in the social square. behind the judging table with all of us this morning. fun at the twitter mirror as well. >> there is more. all of them. and we will have a little "gma" taste test, i believe? >> yes. also ahead, so many shoppers taking advantage of the black friday sales. but if you didn't get the chance to cash in on cyber monday, you're in luck. we're going to tell you where you can get the best deals all the way to christmas. >> great. michael has done so much great work with st. jude's children's research hospital. spent time with the kids and made a beautiful psa. and i think we're going to share a little bit with you. >> how old are you kids? >> 4.
8:02 am
>> 7. >> 9. >> we're about the same age? >> how old are you? >> guess. >> one, two, three -- >> this will take a while. i love it. every year i do the, sa with st. jude. helps so many kids. you expect the kids are going through so much. they uplift you. it's the thing closest to my heart. thank you. >> you're appreciative of the healthy children you have. you refer to the twins as your babies. >> my babies. they'll be 30, and you keep your hand off my babies. >> they will. >> love that. let's get some news now from amy. >> good morning, everyone. and we begin with the ongoing fallout over the grand jury decision in ferguson as protesters across the country voice opposition to the michael brown shoot big walking out of school and work. president obama inviting community leaders and activists from ferguson to the white house. the president vowing to improve relations between the community and police nationwide.
8:03 am
also calling for $75 million for body cameras for officers. and there are conflicting claim this is morning from the st. louis rams and local law enforcement. police say the rams apologized for the silent protest by five of the players during a home game on sunday. but the team insists no such apology took place. overnight a manhunt in west virginia coming to an end, state police were looking for jody hunt after finding four people shot dead at three different locations. hunt's body was found in his pickup, apparently a suicide. his alleged victims, an ex-girlfriend and another man and one of his cousins and his former business partner. on facebook, hunt said he planned to hurt those who hurt him. meantime, a man hunt in beverly hills ended with shots fired inside a swanky hotel. officers cornered a suspect in the luxe total after a bank robbery. he was armed. and police fired shots, hitting
8:04 am
the suspect who is now in critical condition. one of the best known manufacturers of child car seats is facing new scrutiny. graco suspected of dragging their heels on a massive recall. linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: graco on the hot seat for potentially delaying a recall of more than 6 million child seats. the largest child seat recall in u.s. history. and the federal government now says it will investigate if graco violated the law by not notifying the proper agency within five days of a safety-related defect. documents published online indicate there were more than 6,000 customer complaints about buckles becoming stuck as far back as october of 2012. but graco did not issue a recall until this year, initially blaming the problem on food and dry liquids. in a statement to abc, graco said we thoroughly nalanalyzed data and took the required
8:05 am
actions to keep our consumers safe. this was two weeks a of graco was recalling 5 million child strollers due to a fingertip amputation hazard. >> thank you. and mo'ne davis, she's sports kid of the year by "sports illustrated." she's the first girl ever to pitch a shutout at the little league world series thanks to a 70 miles an hour fast ball. she redefined what it means to throw like a girl. didn't she? >> she is handling all the attention so well. >> just in stride. >> pitch perfect. >> good for her. >> thanks, amy. we have "pop news" and weather coming up. but lara in the social square. >> thank you so much, george. and what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." in "pop news," hoping for magic between emma watson and harry styles, in the same direction? plus the best deals from now until christmas. help you save big.
8:06 am
and why your cup of coffee may be replaced with broth. could it be the new super food? all that plus these guys. hey. and that's live on "good morning america." so don't go anywhere. good morning. how are you guys? >> great. >> hi, everybody. we'll be back. you don't need to think that makes our lives possible. because we do.
8:07 am
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8:09 am
about cooking. the hosts of "the taste" are here. >> are you excited? >> oh, yeah. >> are you ready? >> yeah. >> keep it right here. at panera bread, we're celebrating the season with our chicken tortellini alfredo, made with five cheeses, and topped with smoked chicken, add a crisp, classic caesar salad for a pairing that brings comfort and joy to your dinner table. only at panera bread.
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and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. jara commercial forof jewelrwomen only.- this is levian chocolate diamond jewelry. levian, masters of jewelry design for centuries is the only company on earth to make jewelry with chocolate diamonds. and jared is the only place you'll find these limited edition rings. and an amazing levian selection you won't find anywhere else. levian. that's why he went to jared. ♪ ♪ joe, joe, the lump of coal ♪ happy as a lump can be our friend jimmy kimmel getting into the holiday spirit with the killers. it's "joel, the lump of coal."
8:12 am
made the debut last night. and the voice behind santa -- ♪ join me on my sleigh jimmy kimmel. all proceeds go to support the red campaign to fight aids. >> love the sweat shirts they were wearing. >> that was i think spiring me for the upcoming ugly christmas sweater competition. >> are we doing that again? >> i am the reigning champion, george. >> i'll be the ref. >> everybody must participate. i love that song is celebrating coal. that was always threatened to me as a child. >> really? just as a child? >> i feel a particular kinship to that song. thank you, jimmy kim el. "pop news" time? >> let's do it. >> and begin with the news in the fashion world. the fashion police are back on patrol. e announcing what many suspected, kathy griffin will
8:13 am
take over from the role left over by none other than her mentor, joan rivers. melissa rivers has given kathy h her blesses and is excited. and he will join the panel when the show resumes in january to cosin side with the golden globes. celebs are on notice. she's so funny and honest, i think it's a great energy. >> i do too. >> there is only one joan. but joan would be pleased with the choice. the internet is going wild for two british celebs. this is when harry met emma. one direction singer harry styles and actress emma watson are not a couple. but fans are in full support that have changing. styles presented watson with an award in london at the british fashion awards, and be twitter lit up with them together. if they dated the world would be
8:14 am
such a beautiful place. >> all it would take. >> that's all it would take. it's so simple. harry and emma, please do it for us. the world is depending on you. >> i wonder who has the better hair. wow. >> tossup. >> and both very fashionable. >> very. >> so just saying. and finally, we have our favorite holiday activities. i like hot cocoa, george likes ice skate. >> and the tree too. >> the tree. decora decorating. >> yeah. >> you? >> i love hot cocoa and eating. >> we have the things that feel like christmas. one of my personal favorites is on. it's the uller festival in colorado. packed with viking helmets. and it's dedicated to thor, the god of snow. and you will compete in the ulimpica, tossing a frying pan the furthest. nothing says christmas more than that.
8:15 am
i love to do it every year. and across the pond you can go get your pudding on. this is a race where you must carry christmas pudding through an obstacle course. it is very intense. and they take a very seriously over in london. do not confuse this, robin, you're thinking about this, the gravy wrestling festival. that's in july. >> my bad. but a stone's throw away, or a christmas tree's throw away in staffordshire, the annual christmas tree throwing competition. take off the ornaments and toss them as far as you can, and the proceeds go to charity. >> not just how hard, how high. >> there's a distance. you did well last year at it. >> i did. the reigning champ. you have an ugly sweater, i have christmas tree tossing. >> we do -- >> don't give them any ideas. >> exactly. that one i'll try. i'll try the christmas tree toss. >> you might win that one.
8:16 am
>> but the pudding carrying looks like black friday. >> there a shopping bargain? no. just a strange-looking trophy. >> that's all it takes with us. wear we're in. >> we'll take it. >> heat index cup, ginger with the check of the weather. brady is here for the 80th birthday of grandpa ray. we're celebrating what? >> 14 years. >> is that wood or paper, just come on "gma." >> come on "gma"! >> check out the forecast. not the greatest of morning in central indiana. there are slideoffs all over the roads. freezing rain from there to ohio and freezing rain warnings. run into slick roads. the north, higher elevations in pennsylvania, new york, up into new england overnight into wednesday. not the prettiest of days in the northeast. but here along the coast, mostly rain. dry, and the pleasant conditions in the southwest.
8:17 am
and los angeles up to seattle, dealing with the new 39 degrees as the temperature, dropping down into the wind chill factor it feels like 31, and on the doppler we have showers pushing along the 81, skyline drive is closed due to icy roads. areas of rain continue through the day, temperatures are steady >> okay. you have to see this. sienna has won the coolest hat contest. you see the ears? you can make them flop. watch that. we love it. all right. i'm taking that with me, thanks. let's go inside. no contest, the winner there. kicking off the heat index, secrets to the best holiday shopping deals. missed out on the big deals over
8:18 am
the weekend, there's still lots of time. abc's becky worley found some of the best deals between now and christmas. >> reporter: for whatever reason, you missed the sales event of the year. what? there were sales? fear not. cyber giving lives on. we are now into cyber week. >> these stores are going to have week-long cyber monday sales. don't get the deal today, check back tomorrow. >> reporter: start with amazon. new deals rolling out for eight days. like this dewalt power tool set, 65% off retail. walmart, this vizio 55 inch l.e.d. for $658 with a $100 walmart gift card. and together, cyber week through december 6th. the kitchenaid mixer at the cheapest price online. home depot, big ticket
8:19 am
appliances. let's talk clothing. my kids are growing out of everything, shirts, pants, dresses. i need a sale. >> you see giant sales from clothing retailers. >> air row pose tail, 20% off through the end of today. and kmart, when you spend 125, 25% off. and carters is 25% if you buy $50 worth through wednesday. you might be concerned that the thing you bought on sale could get an even bigger discount. good news, there's an app for that. slice. it tracks your purchases. if there's a price drop, it alerts you. most stores have a price drop refund policy if you act fast. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, okay, california. >> worth it. if it saves you money. >> ideas there. and the "morning stir." looking at bone broth today.
8:20 am
some are calling the new food craze a super food, saying it can make you look and feel better. pay attention, lara. >> i am. >> and juju chang has the story. >> reporter: your grandmother is saying i told you so. the hottest new health craze is old school. bone broth isn't just for colds anymore. now being touted to improve joint pain, leaky gut, osteoporosis, and even help your hair and nails go. is it magical? it's a cup of hot, steaming deliciousness. it is the new juice craze and may replace your afternoon cup of joe. it's bone broth. the standard that mom makes when she has hours and hours to brew up soup. it's a hot now hot beverage. touted by gwyneth paltrow, and adored by the paleocrowd. now sold out of this tiny window called brodo, italian for broth.
8:21 am
>> this is a batch of the beef. it'll be ready tomorrow in like 18 hours. >> reporter: what's the virtue of simmering down the bone? >> you get all the minerals, the calcium and magnesium. the gelatin and the cool la gen, and the amino acids. >> reporter: he say it's good for inflammation and dieters. >> low in calories, high in nutriti nutrition. people see lists of super foods. and you see blueberries, and i think that broth is a super food. >> reporter: and unlike the juicing craze, it's low in sugar and high in protein. >> does it hold a medical or nutritional value? probably not. is it unhealthy? definitely not. but i think it's -- the reality is somewhere in the middle. it's a low-calory delicious
8:22 am
food. >> that's the organic chicken. >> reporter: wow. his customers dig it too. >> i have digestion issues. once i started drinking broth, it made everything okay. >> reporter: the flavors include organic chicken or grass fed beef with optional infusions. meanwhile, he's enjoying the attention. this is like a huge success. >> it's been pretty great. we're three weeks in. don't to want get ahead of myself. a couple of saturdays ago i ran out at 3:00. i had no idea it was going so well. >> reporter: once i started looking into bone broth, it's popping up everywhere. from prevention and even business insider. but nutritionist say be careful about store bought, lots of salt and msg. most at home can be me for less than a dollar. >> you have to do it right. >> it takes 18 hours to simmer down. when you do, you get the calcium, the magnesium.
8:23 am
and even the things that people take for joibt pain. and the gelatin helps your hair and nails grow, and it can line your intestines and help your leaky gut. >> we did it last week with the turkey. >> great. >> back to lara. >> follow up on leaky gut? get into that later. and the heat index, finally. big, bold, lush eyebrows, one of the biggest beauty trends for the holidays. there is something you can do to make yours more fashionable. and mara schiavocampo has our story. >> reporter: call it a highbrow moment. on trend eyebrows, today's must have beauty feature. >> brows are just the frame of the eyes. the first thing you see. >> reporter: pencil thin are so yesterday. today it's all about shape and volume. so-called brow fluencers leading the way, beyoncé and others.
8:24 am
>> it's a fuller brow. you have the signature shape of the defined averag e earch. and gives a better framing to the face. >> reporter: it's a big business, powders and gels and others raking in an eyebrow raising $143 million. with sales up 35% from last year. cosmetics companies have taken notice. benefit says they sell one brow product every minute for every hour of every day of the year. now thanks to this brow-volution, there's brows a go-go, a stand alone brow bar. map your brow. >> the brow should start from the inner of the nose straight up, okay? and then the brow should arch from the outer end of the nose, and end where the nose and eye meet.
8:25 am
>> reporter: and they have brow rehab for all kinds of issues. for full brows, they suggest waxing and shaping. for light colored brows, a little tinting. sparse brows are filled in. and with those with virtually nonexistent brows -- i'm in your hands now -- a gel formula with fibers. >> it's like they grew out of my face. >> it is. >> reporter: putting the wow back in brous. and if you're feeling a little more adventurous, there are a number of orbrow services, including brow bling. sticking crystals to your face. and some offer eyebrow extensions to add hair if you need. >> we can't take our eyes off your eyebrows. >> they taught me how to map my brow. you can do it at home. i don't have eyebrows. i don't pluck or wax. >> your eyes pop. >> big difference. how about the maintenance? >> if they can give you a lesson
8:26 am
how to map it, you can do that yourself. waxing, you have to go back more regularly. >> i love it. >> thanks. and coming up, a dramatic weight loss story. you'll meet a woman who lost nearly 300 pounds.
8:27 am
sinkhole -- >> a sinkhole impeccably commute all morning long on the gw parkway. let's get right over to jack with your traffic. >> good morning. it has been brutal, southbound george washington parkway closed because the road is compromised before spout run. northbound is open, every other feeder road is solid along the
8:28 am
parkway south. the problem now along 123 as we have an accident and unfortunately only a single lane is getting by, alternating on 270 south, lanes are open down to the split, a 73 minute ride, one hour 13 minutes, not good. jacqui jeras, do we have a break-in this? rain is coming down pretty steady right now. temperatures have dropped down to 39 degrees with the fear factor of 31. temperatures are all above the freezing mark of this time. closer to the metro we have a ways to pick on -- push on through. we have ace again dryer wednesday ahead. temperatures stay in the 30's. >> thank you.
8:29 am
we will have another
8:30 am
♪ in olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking now heaven knows ♪ ♪ anything goes how great is that? lady gaga and tony bennett off their album cheek to cheek. that was the sneak peek back in september. and we are so excited. they are going to be here live tomorrow right here. >> that's exciting. >> yes. and you know what also is exciting? our good friend meryl streep is here today. she's in the highly anticipated new movie "into the woods." and george has a new suit for you, corduroy. >> just for meryl. >> i really like that. just want to touch it. >> there you go. >> just for you, meryl.
8:31 am
and we're so excited to have the it's a of "the taste" with us this morning. we're going to talk to them about the exciting new season and put them through our very own "gma" taste test. and our partners are yahoo are bringing us a very important story for parents this morning. it's keeping your kids safe m d behind the wheel. it's groove, the device that blocks incoming texts when a car is in motion in an effort to prevent distracted driving. take a look. >> look underneath the steering wheel. see if you can see where that goes. >> reporter: oh, there, i see it. >> that's it. simple as that. >> reporter: that's it? >> i didn't know that was there. >> reporter: hop in. >> now the device ikicks in wit the car is over 5 miles per hour. and responds to text messages with a notification that the person is driving and unavailable. incredible and life saving technology. >> fantastic idea. >> you can check out the full story on
8:32 am
every parent should have one. >> driving down the highway the other day. a guy was going 30 miles an hour, texting the whole way. it was crazy. >> device is going to save a lot of lives. now to tony reali in the social square with the speed feed. >> good morning. tops on twitter this mornin morning, #xmas list in three words. is it possible? i don't know about that. this was started by the comedy central show midnight. some of the wishes, los angeles, snow. not sure that's going to happen. a six day weekend. pretty sure that's not going to happen. gets back to one direction. and the tweets asking for the guys, the big wish is for concert tickets. a little bit easier to stuff those in a stocking than harry styles. hot on youtube, this little one. sea otter up 681. two months old, being cared for at shedd aquarium in chicago.
8:33 am
in the pool, but she needs a name. 681 doesn't fit her. aquarium is leaving it up to you, cali,elly, luna, poppy, ana or anna. her new name will be revealed on december 12th. and breaking right now, a "gma" exclusive from snapchat, here's a picture of sadie robertson from "dancing with the stars." let's you send pictures and videos to your friend. fun with janel parrish, pitbull in concert. and look at the filters. these are the artwork that turns your posts into cool postcards with just a swipe of the finger. the big reveal today, submit your own facilitiers to snapchat, and may be chose ton
8:34 am
represent your favorite place. i shot one in times square. be one of the first to check it out. see fun ones on "gma" on snapchat. gma underscore speed feed. and if you're look forring for ins trags to lose weight, a woman who lost nearly 300 pounds, transforming her body and getting her life back. abbie boudreau has our story. >> reporter: at 457 pounds, rhonda martin could barely walk. even breathing became a chore. she never imagined she could one day look like this. >> i was just existing. i wasn't -- i had no social interaction with people. >> reporter: desperate to lose weight, she tried countless fad diets, even weight loss pills. but she gained it right back. >> i knew if i didn't get the weight loss off, there was great risk of me dying soon. >> reporter: fearful for her life, she ditched her old, unhealthy eating habits and
8:35 am
started drinking protein shakes. >> it's only two shakes a day, and the other three meals would be just regular food. so i wasn't limiting myself to the shakes. >> reporter: rhonda says she began counting calories, drinking eight glasses of water a day and using a pe come ter to track her steps. pushing herself to walk 100 more steps each day. >> by setting the tiny mini goals, it kept me focused. >> reporter: and when walking wasn't enough, she began riding this electric bike. >> it was amazing for a woman my size to be able to get on a bike and be able to move as freely as i was able to move. >> reporter: tracking her two-year-long weight loss journey with hour 14,000 devoted facebook followers, she went from 457 pounds to 180. a dramatic 280 pound weight loss. >> i never thought that would be possible. >> reporter: but her journey
8:36 am
didn't end there. >> the spring sprint triathlon. after the race, i signed up for the next one. >> reporter: she's completed three half marathons and four sprint triathlons and now training for a full ironman. >> i am living my life and the way i want to live it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> that iron man will happen. something tells me. out to ginger with a final check on the weather. we're doing that little game. can you smile? a half smile. it's so cute. you all are from? >> lincoln, nebraska. >> lincoln, nebraska. help me out with the weather, right? and far west, the flood watches, san diego, los angeles. okay hurst is included. that's the flash flood watch. there's a lot of rain coming your way. that's good because places like san francisco and los angeles still almost 7 inches below average for the year. well, it's not good to get it this fast. some places in that 3 to 5 inch
8:37 am
range will be seeing it all within 24 to 36 hours. no good. the >> >> all that weather brought to you by the u.p.s. store. sorry, you have a friend from what? >> we have a friend from nashville here us with. but she's in bed. >> well, friend. we're celebrating her -- maybe she had a good birthday last night, lara. >> she needs to get up, though. the one, the only meryl streep is with us live. so don't go anywhere.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
we are so lucky to have meryl streep with us today. she's starring at the witch in the new film of steven sond him's classic musical, into the woods. here she is bringing the bakers into her web with a promise. ♪ you wish to have the curse reversed ♪ >> i'll need a certain potion first. bring me back, one, the cow as white as milk. two, the cape, as red as blood. three, the hair as yellow as
8:41 am
corn. four, the slipper as pure as gold. bring me these before the chime of midnight in three days time. tis then the blue moon reappears which comes but once each hundred years. bring them. and i guarantee a child as perfect as child can be. go to the wood. >> and here she reappears right now. meryl streep. so, blue hair was freaking you out there watching it. >> the hair was pretty. everything was really pretty. >> it was pretty. now i had read that you turned down roles like this in the past. but decided to really grab this one. why? >> well, i had turned down witch roles because i had -- when i turned 40, in one year i got
8:42 am
three offers to play three different witches. >> didn't hit you right. >> it didn't. it didn't feel good. and also i just don't like the trope of witches. i think it's -- politically, i don't like it. it's demonization of women. >> but this is a different kind of witch. >> well, yeah. this is a -- a force who sets in motion a series of stories and -- and events. and this is steven sondheim. this is great music and a fantastic cast and a magical setting. >> he paid you a great compliment. he said you have the ability to find colors in a lyric. never sounded the same way twice. >> that's really good. that could mean it was off-pitch. >> i don't think that's what he meant. and emily blunt has been giving interviews. you tormented her in the devil wears prada and here a bit.
8:43 am
she wants you to play the dress maker the next film together. >> her dress maker. suing tiny clothes. >> i guess so. is this true she saved your life on the set? >> yes. yes. it's sort of true. it's a story that james is making who's -- >> the baker, yeah. >> emily's husband in the film. he's been telling this story. but actually -- actually it was rob marshall who ran over and saved my life in many scenes. he's the director. >> that is good to hear. we have a lot of questions coming in on social media. one from michelle matthews, she wants to know, any character you feel you cannot play? you pull off every person you portray with such ease. >> well, i've only played one man. >> only once. >> yeah. so that might be fun.
8:44 am
i don't know. i don't think about things that way. i think about stories. and it's the story that pulls me. and if i feel something in me that responds to a character's dilem dilemma, if i feel like a little -- like a bell rings. and i say that feels like me. and so there's some part of me that responds to it. >> you can find it. you had a great honor last month. president obama gave you the medal of freedom. we want to show just a bit of that. >> i've said it publicly, i love meryl streep. i love her. her husband knows i love her. michelle knows i love her. nothing either of them can do about it. >> ready to run away there. that must have been a great moment. >> yeah. that signal i was making was to michelle. i was saying -- >> we're okay. >> yeah, we're okay. you know, the two of us.
8:45 am
but, no, it was -- it was a great, great honor just to be in the company of the other medal of freedom winners and i -- when i heard about it, i did try to talk him out of it. >> no. >> yes, yes, yes. yes. you know, because i feel like i haven't done, really, anything worthy of that kind of honor. but i -- now i'm sort of going to concentrate on trying to earn it after the fact. >> i think you've already done it. we're glad the president gave it to you. congratulations. "into the woods" opens christmas day. back to robin. >> we're talking about thanksgiving in the social square. i'm here with nigel la, anthony, marcus, ludo. we're going to show a clip. you haven't seen this yet. it had us all laughing. episode of "modern family." it was one of your sultry
8:46 am
voices, let's say, that caught our interest. take a look, take a look. >> tuck the wing tips under the body of the bird and place in a roasting pan. >> as you wish, my crumb pet. i am cooking thanksgiving dinner. huge step for claire to trust me. i have help, it's international super chef nigella lawson. i can program my name, she's guiding my every move with that sultry british voice. >> sounds like a great idea for an app. >> well, i have got some apps. but i don't have -- i can't program it so i can talk to people via name. but you never know, technology moves apace. >> not an app for that yet. stay tuned. >> we are in social square. >> much more from the cast of the taste" coming up, and we will have a brand new season. and a fun game. a "gma" taste test. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
abc's hit cooking show, "the taste," it's back, baby. return this is thursday. this cooking competition pits aspiring and professional chefs against one another to have their culinary creations judged with just one spoonful. >> you know, i can only choose one spoon to go up. i need that spoon in five minutes. >> finish it quick. >> build the spoons, let's go. >> don't rush. where's the white meat? >> i just have dark meat, chef. >> [ bleep ]. >> and that was the mild version. oh, my goodness. we are so excited to have all four mentor judges here. ludo la fev, marcus and nigella lawson and anthony bourdain. you have been fun all morning long. you picked teams, but you bond
8:50 am
with everybody on the program. >> sort of reluctantly. but inevitably over time we all get really close. not just to the teams, but we care about the cooks on the other teams as well. it's stockholm syndrome or just a natural inclination to like and admire people who cook well. >> you started a cooking class in lamt with kids 7 to 13. they say he was powerful. but you say he's a softy? >> he blows his top, he's angry, atrocious language. you can watch ludo teach people who can't cook how to cook. which i wouldn't have thought possible. >> a talent. >> an extraordinary teacher of cooking and a guy who really, really cares about, you know, his people. >> ludo, sign me up. that sounds perfect. and you're getting a little sampling of it.
8:51 am
you guys fight a lot. i know it's in play. nigella, do you feel you're the traffic cop? >> and i feel like i'm a maternal influence. >> oh. >> i try to calm them. like right now i'm worried about the food getting cold. because i think -- you know, that's bad. so i'm always worrying about everything all the time. but i tend not to be a shelter. i tend not to be a shelter. >> we don't need to. we want you to taste the food. what we have done. is just a spoonful of a dish that represents one of us. either one of our favorite dishes or represents our personality. >> okay. and the first one, a southern dish with spanish and french influence. >> give it a taste. who do you think it represents? >> a big bite. >> mmmm. >> that's easy. easy. >> marcus has the answer. >> robin.
8:52 am
>> that was -- we can start off easy. >> that food is good. >> pretty good one. >> great heat. >> the same sort. >> i love the -- >> number two, george. will you help me? okay. southern dessert. number two. >> southern. >> peach cobbler. >> nice big bite. i love the bites. get it, anthony. >> amy? >> yes. >> good. >> peach cobbler. >> nice. >> way to go. >> and then the next dish is a little fishy. which is not to say the anchor who picked it represents that. a taste. >> oh, it's crunchy. >> nice. >> that's good. >> very good. >> any thoughts? >> ginger? >> yes. >> lake superior and lake michigan. >> from michigan. >> from michigan, the great lakes.
8:53 am
>> and whether there was some beer in the batter. >> yes. >> with ginger there is always beer in the batter. >> we don't have time for the last two dishes, what are they? >> one is spicy curry chicken, and the other one is -- >> this looks like spanicopa. >> yes. >> i wonder who that could be. >> we did make that easy. >> spicy, spicy, spicy. >> thank you all very much. congratulations. new season on thursday. this morning, anthony and nigella are headed to the chew. don't miss that. nigella are headed to the chew. don't miss that. and the taste is this thursday
8:54 am
i've been babysitting these kids for years. there's like eight of them - eight? maybe three. i don't know whatever. 's like really hard to keep track of them. it's a pretty big house. anyway, that's why i really love this nest protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. it tells you which room the smoke is in and tells you when things are getting bad. heads up - there's smoke upstairs. that's probably taylor. he's like so into fireworks right now. anyway, it's nice to- emergency - there's smoke upstairs. i should probably go. nest protect. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
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8:56 am
big bite there, marcus. we have not stopped eating. thank you, again. tomorrow, we will have lady gaga and tony bennett.
8:57 am
>> it is tuesday, december 2, 8:57 a.m., this is a picture of the sinkhole that has been causing pretty big major issues on the gw parkway. brianne carter just sent this into the newsroom. let's go right to jack with what you need to know to get around this sinkhole. jack taylor, how are you? >> if you are not committed and you are going to try to use the ramps to go south, do not do that at this point. the going site at this point, obviously the sinkhole has caused a problem between 123 and sprout run, obviously very compromised. every other road trying to detour has been jammed. both directions on 295 have been trying to access the 11 street bridge across the freeway, just a lot of red all over the map.
8:58 am
95 in virginia, this is kind of the a pygmy right now. to and from the bridge, all lanes are open with just volume. maybe a little bit of a break? we should have a little bit of a break returning to the evening commute. give yourself extra time as the rain continues to come down with a couple of snowflakes mixing in , but we have seen brighter areas and it is possible that there could be sleet mixing in with temperatures above freezing and chilly in the 30's, bundle up today with temperature steady throughout the afternoon overnight tonight. >> thank you, jackie. thank you for watching.
8:59 am
9:00 am
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