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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  December 3, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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handwritten journal. they talked about part being evil and involved in witchcraft. the bizarre allegations down six -- she spoke about her past two mental independent spirit awards. minute speech is posted on youtube. earring that speech, sanders spoke about her roommate and said some very glowing things about her. -- during that speech. more on what was found in that journal coming up on the news at 9:00. >> kevin, thank you very much for that report. do employers need to go in order to accommodate a pregnant employee? that is what the supreme court is considering after hearing arguments in a case this morning. here puts inright pregnancyght the
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discrimination act, which has been on the books since 1978. here is the big question, should a pregnant worker be treated the same as any employee injured off the job? she explained she was a delivery driver for ups when she became pregnant. she claims her employer refused to let her go on light duty, even though the doctor told her she should not live more than 20 pounds during her pregnancy. she was ultimately fired. she lost her health insurance. issueon both sides of the demonstrated here while the cases being heard by justices at the supreme court. tonight at 5:00 we will hear from lawyers who represent ups. we will also hear from the plaintiff in this case, ms. sherry jones. horace holmes, abc 7 news. facing a new political landscape, president obama hosted a prime it -- private meeting with mitch mcconnell at
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the white house today. it was the first one on one meeting since the republicans took control of the gop -- took control of the senate in the midterm elections. we will watch and see what happens. we are watching the weather right now. cloudy but pretty dry out there. >> a little warmer also. what will tomorrow bring? that is the big question, especially with the national christmas tree lighting happening. isef meteorologist doug hill in the weather center with your forecast. it will be partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures in the 40's, not bad at all. today, kind of cloudy. let's give you look outside. this is n.l. eccentric, virginia. cloudy skies for us all across the area -- this is in alexandria, virginia. this camera in frederick, maryland and many areas west
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toward the i-81 quarter and beyond enjoying sunshine. 54 degrees at reagan national, 46 in gaithersburg. the metro area, mostly cloudy for the next few hours. we will drop into the mid 40's and overnight, partly cloudy and 30-37. more rain is in the forecast. we will have the timing and the days we will have rain, coming up shortly. >> in the meantime, new concerns about safety when you fly could take a toll on your travel plans. the newest threats being discussed overseas, and what it could mean for air travelers here. we will get to that in just a bit. coming up now, breaking news from new york right now.
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a grand jury has decided to not indict a new york city police officer in the chokehold death of gardner. he was stopped on suspicion of selling loose, unpacked cigarettes. toeo shows gardner refusing be handcuffed and the officer comes and puts him in an apparent chokehold. gardner was heard yelling, i can't breathe. we will have more
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>> doug hill with a story about the christmas tree lighting. about 10 or 11 years ago they asked me to be santa claus. >> does that say something about your weight are something? >> i got to hang out with shirley jones and travis tritt and audra mcdonald, the broadway singer. we had a great time. reports from the mall at 4, 5, and 6:00.
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it, it was in the upper 60's. it's kind of about the same time every year. over. sleet covering us tomorrow we will get a break, it will be nice. a couple of video views of whether around the area. the first stop at trailside middle school in ashburn. it's kind of cloudy today in ashburn, but the skies brightened and got into the lower 50's. we had some areas with sunshine around. that has mostly been to the north and west of the actual area where the cold front is making some inroads right now. gaithersburg, 52 in manassas, 49 in baltimore. a little milder to the south. fredericksburg at 54, 55 at lexington park.
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a bit cooler and drier, but that is good news for clearing skies out during the overnight hours as well. these numbers indicate how much warmer it is today in different locations than it was this time yesterday. monday we were very mild, upper 60's, lower 70's. tuesday we were in the 30's, already degrees colder than the day before. now we are 17 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. we won't see any major swings in temperature patterns for the next 10 or 12 days. we should stay somewhere close to average. tonight, oh with the front coming through and the skies aboutng, we may drop to 30-37 degrees by tomorrow morning around the viewing area. and thethe moisture heavy rain as well to the south and east and offshore.
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we get some clearing as the high pressure moves in. the high pressure will take a route to the north of us. that puts us in a position to start quickly picking up cloudiness again. he will get some sunshine during the day, probably some cloudiness late in the afternoon and evening. this highhursday, will move offshore and the clouds will start to move back in. out, the nextves area of cloudiness building from the ohio valley it tennessee valley will start to spread overhead. so we get increasing areas over the area. farther west, a couple of things to keep an eye on. the san francisco bay area, much-needed rain. up too much picking rain and having some flooding issues, but this is part of the storm system well to the northwest and another one well to the south. pick up the effects of the storm system off the coast
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and another one in the pacific northwest. these are caught in the jetstream and are fast movers. this is tomorrow's weather, those clouds will start to increase. that will be one possibility of rain showers moving in as early as friday. the next system is the one that will traverse the country through the tennessee valley and off the coast to give us rain all day saturday and maybe the end of the day on sunday. editors one or two degrees below average. we have several different varieties that will simulate over the next few hours what the conditions will be. it doesn't mean it's going to happen exactly this way. sunshine and the clouds increased through the afternoon and evening hours around the area. the first batch of rain to the south tomorrow night, then as we get through the day friday, things start to change. have your cloud cover and more rain.
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the first disturbance friday evening. the second larger disturbance midday saturday and that will mean quite a bit of rain or the day here on saturday. not a pleasant outdoor weather day. some of it will last into sunday. maybe we can salvage sunday afternoon but right now if you're planning to see the redskins sunday at fedex are any outdoor plans, plan ahead that rain will be a feature. but tomorrow, just a quiet day here. as we get through the evening tonight we will be in good shape. tomorrow for the christmas tree lighting during the afternoon and evening hours, temperatures drop from the middle to the lower 40's with mostly cloudy skies. not a terrible day at all. seven days, one at a time, tomorrow 47, increasing clouds. friday will be cloudy, 30% chance of rain by late in the day. and 52., rain is likely sunday it continues mostly
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cloudy. temperatures will climb into the lower 50's but there is also only 70% chance we will be dealing with rain. sunday we lower the probability to 40%. we settle down by the middle of next week, typical december weather with temperatures in the 40's and partly cloudy skies. >> looking forward to that sunshine tomorrow. if you and about michael brown's stepfather. issued a statement this morning apologizing for his comments the night a jury announced it would not indict officer darren williams. angry and was just full of emotion that night. police have said they are looking at possibly charging him with inciting a riot. a leading criminologist says he doubts head will be charged. he said he does not know why police would want to stir up emotions again. >> the national guard is saying it is ready to scale back its operations in st. louis county at this point. coming up, we will look at both of those issues.
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hold a town hall on how america continues to react to the grandeur decision coming out of ferguson. >> what you do showed was an incident on camera. the michael brown shooting itself was not. among the topics we will discuss tonight, the need for body cameras on police officers. should more than 50,000 officers be outfitted with them? would they have prevented what we saw in ferguson, from the actual shooting to the subsequent protest that spread across the country? we have a very diverse group of people on this panel who know this issues very well. .r. benjamin crump will be here it is another important town hall that we hope you will join us for. commercial free from 7:00 until 8:00 p.m. tonight. it's called america reacts, your voice, your future.
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we will take your questions as well. >> we want to remind you, if you would like to record wheel of fortune are jeopardy, they will 3. on our digital channel 7. have all the information posted on our website, >> memorial services will begin for marion barry tomorrow. will liebc councilman in repose at the wilson building tomorrow. be aware of street closures between 8 a.m. and midnight. 4:25 a.m. tomorrow, we'll have a preview of all the days events for you right here. >> much more news ahead.
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are pittingildings neighbor against neighbor in o
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wakes they seem to be popping up those housesarea, that have been there forever. done withy they are it and wanted to stop. stephen is going to tell us why. >> this is what we are talking about. you see the houses down the street, they have probably been there for about 100 years. look at this, this is called a pop-up. it towers over its neighbors. a few blocks away, residents are gearing up to call on the advisory neighborhood commission to dand the city imposed some restrictions on pop-ups. what we want is to limit the height to 40 feet. we want to prevent houses from
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being popped backwards and forwards, and we want in particular to make sure that houses that are now big enough to hold a whole family and send their kids to public schools and walk to grocery stores, that dc.t is not eliminated in b >> supporters say housing is that a shortage and we need more housing in the city and that the pop-ups are an example of a good way to provide more housing. it promises to be a very heated debate. tonight we will be checking in later on to find out how it goes. >> keep your ears peeled. thanks, stephen. now let's check on the traffic situation. we had a nightmare yesterday with the gw parkway. what we are looking at tonight, bob? rush-hour foriet the first time this week. things have been going well,
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traveling south on i-95. city slow south of dale but not doing too badly at all. 270 northbound bogs down a bit from montgomery village as usual. not even as bad this afternoon. not even bad coming out of tyson. heavy us from the american legion bridge up to 270. there is a crash on the inner loop side. it is out of the roadway, but it slows traffic in both directions. not a bad drive out there on the beltway. through montgomery county, a little thick on the inner loop side but not too bad getting around through silver spring. out onume delays heading the beltway toward centreville, but no incidents to report along the way. a story that we are hard at work on for you at 5:00. this is what is left over of a wheelchair after a hit and run in d.c.. at 5:00, you will hear from a
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19-year-old college student who survived this accident. police are now in hot pursuit of the driver. all that on abc 7 news at 5:00. under arrest is for brutal attack on a pregnant woman while she was holding a baby. >> the whole thing was caught on surveillance video. marcy gonzalez has the details on the motive than what the teenager had to say for himself. >> the video is disturbing on its own, a teen getting a running start before drop-kicking a woman to the ground. what you cannot see is that she is carrying an infant. >> you felt the kick tom a very strong kick on her back. she was falling down and she said she was trying to protect the baby as she was falling down. >> incredibly, her two-month-old son is ok. a close call last week in the bronx new york.
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the 18-year-old said it was also he could steal her phone. >> i didn't know the baby was there. i didn't see the baby. he did notice the baby, you can see he didn't help. instead he just took off with that cell phone. he was later arrested, his apology not accepted. >> also she indicated that if she could seeied, him apologizing to her right now if her child was dead. he should not be apologizing. he needs to pay for what he did. >> he faces a list of charges including robbery and assault. >> right now developing story out of capitol hill. -- executives with the takata corporation testified before the house committee.
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more on what is going on there and wide takata will not expand its national recall. what are they saying about that? apricot executive who testified before lawmakers today gave a couple of reasons why they are being defiant on this point. he said they believed the defect in the air bag is linked to high humidity, and their tests show there is no other problem with the airbags in any other states that are not already part of the current recall. the second point he made is that there are about 8 million cars recalled right now and that if they had to expand the recall nationwide, that would take the recall up to 16 million, doubling it. he thinks that would be a distraction and become more of a problem in being able to get these cars in the current recall fixed immediately. >> was there any discussion
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there about the cost of these recalls and whether or not the dealers are picking up the cost for this, or whether to caught is picking it up -- whether to takata is picking it up. >> honda came forward today and said it is not waiting on takata . it's not waiting to watch the showdown with federal regulators. it is going to go ahead and recall all of its affected vehicles, about 5 million honda vehicles nationwide that honda will recall and work with takata to get the effective part replaced. there are four other carmakers that are involved in the recall. they are ford, chrysler, mazda, and bmw. whether those other auto makers will follow honda's lead and voluntarily recall the airbags in their vehicles on their own.
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>> thank you very much for that report. >> you take precautions when you enter your pin number and passcode. >> still to come, the way thieves could be tracking your movements without seeing what you are doing.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00, on your side. >> you express lanes along interstate 95 are set to open this month. hovhey expand the current lanes down to garrisonville road. yesterday we saw a crisis on the the gw lanes along parkway after that sink old form. look at the prices we could see when the lanes do open. prices are not going to be cheaper. the operator say will make for a much better commute. alexandria, the northernmost part of the hot lanes.
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it will head down 29 miles south of quantico down i-95. today we got a tour of the , the express lanes will include five new exits. they replace the current hov lanes and the traffic will run midday south. you must have a transponder are you will be fined. the average cost will be six dollars-eight dollars during the rush-hour commute. up to $80 a week. sex with a hot lanes, i will be able to go with the traffic and get to the destination i'm going to. >> i think what they're getting at is people making money out of other peoples misery. there is nothing more miserable here than the commute. but certainly a lot of people agreeing with the fact that the
4:31 pm
commute is miserable in this area. the pricesn is why will be fluctuating so much and why they are such high prices. we will have some of those answers coming up at 6:00. a lot of drivers really are not prepared for this big change, and it has nothing to do with distance. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> at their are questions about how the express lanes are going to work, what questions do you have about it before the lanes open? sherry it on arafat -- aired on her facebook page and we will try to get you some answers. >> line.made in the silver fairfax county officials agreeing to the terms for 403 million-dollar federal long. the u.s. department of transportation on will cover about half of the estimated $950 million share of the project area the second phase connecting
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metro to dulles and are national airport is said to be finished in 2018. not quite silver, but a bit more gray out there today. >> there might be a silver lining out there. let's check with chief meteorologist doug hill. with silverntify and gray, no problem with that. some parts here got out of the silver and gray in got into the blue sky and sunshine. this is in southern frederick from theot far montgomery county line. 44 were so high, 40 three now, and through the day we had clouds and visible fog. when the cold front came through about an hour ago, the skies brightened and sunshine and blue skies. temperatures still -- 48 in frederick, 51 in hagerstown. wind, thatsterly means the cold front is through,
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bringing in the cooler and drier air. overnight, partly cloudy and cold here in the wind will flare up and diminish later, 30-37 degrees. we will look toward the week in and be our seven day outlook coming up in about 13 minutes. >> let me tell you how happy we are that you are joining us this afternoon. a new study shows that more americans are turning away from live tv for streaming services these days. americans say they now stream shows at least once a month. it's up 60% to almost 11 hours a month. take you for joining us. one thing you cannot readily stream is a sporting event. >> two of the biggest games are happening in the d c area tonight. tim brant is here with a preview as the wizards take on the lakers. >> you have nba, college
4:34 pm
basketball tonight. i woke up this morning and had to check the calendar. it's like march 3 instead of december 3. march madness in december. the lakers visit the phone booth. let starting college park. virginia is ranked sixth in the nation. their last regular-season loss was to maryland in the final game last season. so they will have a huge chip on their shoulder tonight. there will be a time tonight --n maryland may have fried five freshmen on the court at one time. more on this game coming up a little bit later. meanwhile the wizards play host to the l.a. lakers. here is robert burton at the verizon center with more on that game. >> after a blowout win over miami on monday, they will try to keep the magic alive tonight at verizon, to host the lakers team that holds the second worst record in the western conference. kobe bryant is still kobe bryant. they are expecting the unexpected. >> this one i kicked -- one guy
4:35 pm
can actually do this. one of these days he can drop 80 points. but a player has to play as a team. >> we understand what type of game they like to play. we have to take advantage of that. >> they are 4-0 against the eve for an -- eastern conference teams. at the phone booth, robert burton, abc 7 sports. >> robert, thank you very much. the wizards have beaten the lakers three straight games. if they win, it will be the longest streak in a 50 year history of this series. 50 shades of grey, march madness in december, this is good stuff. >> get out of here. we are out of here. someoned think that
4:36 pm
robbing a bank would go in with a plan. >> a little later, deciding the fate of one of the biggest stars in college football. >> first, the cross-country drive is a little chilly. wait
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>> trending now, some pretty cool moves from a plumber in scotland. caught thisoworkers video of him dancing on the job. he was just working off some of the stresses of the job. doing a little dance in the house some people still lived in . >> he's got some pretty good moves there. move, cat made it all the way across country but not in a typical way. he certainly used some of his nine lives getting from virginia to hawaii. >> it was moving day for the barnes family when their beloved cat went missing. >> i was really worried and
4:40 pm
starting to think the worst, maybe she ran away, maybe the mover scared her. a few extra days hoping she would turn up, but eventually they could not wait any longer. >> i was devastated. >> the land and sea journey for their belongings took more than a month. when move-in date finally came, ashley said something surprising came with it. inside one box, she said she aint meow.ick, feint my heart kind of sunk for a minute, but i was like, no way. then i heard it again. >> she was clinging to possibly her last life. >> i could not believe it. i was grateful that she was furious thatwas this happened to her. >> ashley said she could barely walk and had lost half her weight, but somehow ashley says
4:41 pm
she survived more than a month without food or water. >> she came right to my daughter, write to me and would not let us leave her side. >> the reunion was short-lived. she is now at a vet for five -- for three months in quarantine because she did not have proper vaccinations. that is costing the family $4000. either way, ashley is calling it a miracle. >> i am just shocked. i have no idea how she did it. >> veterinarian say it is nearly impossible for a cat to survive for so long without food or water, but they say her weight and the level of humidity may have kept her alive. next,ing up
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>> there is breaking news to tell you about out of clinton, where the body of a young man has been found. >> it's not far from tanglewood heart. -- tanglewood park.
4:45 pm
is still a very active crime scene. the body of a young man was found right in tanglewood heart right at the baseball field in the infield. where the blue tarp is is where that body was found. just beyond it a little bit you see a number of evidence markers center field where police have been collecting evidence. they just brought in a number of extra investigators. they brought in a number of extra officers and investigators and roped off all the scene, the field as well is a jogging trail beside it. they brought in a new piece of a forensicalled scanner. you can see it sitting just beyond their on a tripod there. what this does is take images of the scene in 3-d, just like looking at it with a magnifying glass. that will enable them to find as
4:46 pm
much evidence as quickly as possible. stillthe scene is relatively fresh. the process could take hours but they trying to collect evidence and trying to figure this out for hours. this is on a busy stretch of woodford road. thee are houses across street so they have been canvassing neighbors to try to figure out if they have any information that is relevant to all this. this happened in broad daylight earlier in the afternoon. we don't have any idea what might have happened so far or who the victim might be. for now, they are looking to find every piece of evidence they can and trying to get as many answers as they can as quickly as possible. >> thank you, roz. >> criminals have a new way of stealing your pin number and passcode using thermal imaging to secretly track which buttons you are pushing. that means everything from your
4:47 pm
bank account to your garage door possibly are at risk. ,> a consumer alert tonight paul explains how it works and how to protect yourself. >> this may look like any other iphone, but it's not. it's actually a thermal imaging device which you can attach to the back of your phone, meant to -- help homeowners find energy leaks in your house. could possibly be used to steal your pin and passcode. postedmer nasa engineer this video online. >> she is entering the pin number here, and then i step up to make my purchase. again, it looks like he is just passing through the checkout line, but he is discreetly taking a photo with his phone. >> your fingers leave a thermal
4:48 pm
signature. >> to steal your money, a criminal would have to take another step. >> they can call you and then get your card. >> we use the device at a grocery store. the image from this keypad is heat, not giving a clear image of which buttons were pressed. >> because it is warm and so is your finger, there is no heat transfer. >> in addition to heating keypad, mark points out the device will not work on a lot of atms. >> a metal keypad dissipates the heat too quickly to leave the signature behind. >> but for our second attempt, joy allows us to test her garage keypad. 1289. guess would be >> it's a little scary how fast
4:49 pm
that came up. >> the good news, there is one easy tip to protect yourself from a situation like this. >> just hold your hand on all the buttons and it transfers heat onto all the buttons and makes it meaningless. product.ker of the >> the circumstances to make this application work are rather remote. >> it is not known how many, if any crimes have been committed this way am a but the video has been viewed more than 11 million times online. it isrity expert warns always good to stay ahead of the criminal. >> good information there. take a look at this surveillance video from a bank in china.
4:50 pm
a would-be bank robber failed to plan ahead. snatchedad a fake and $1.7 million from a bank employee. that is about $288,000. all that cash was just too heavy and it messed up his getaway. the police easily caught up to him as he struggled to lift the bag onto his bike. >> when it takes a million bills to make $10, you cannot carry it away. coming up at 5:00, the decision at teenager in a wheelchair made that may have saved her life when she became the victim of a hit and run. >> it seems like all the talk is about police body cameras. this is what one of them looks like. this is the actual camera unit an officer can wear on a pair of eyeglasses or the brim of his cap. unit thate recording since all of its data to the cloud. the system is now in use at
4:51 pm
royal city police department. i'm brad bell. coming up at 5:00, i will tell you why the chief here says this has become a vital tool. >> a second day of much-needed rain falling in california, despite concerns of mudslides in areas scarred by wildfires earlier. the four service has been preparing for several days for all this to help stop the fast moving flow of water. an ongoingis will be battle at the beginning of the rainy season. >> it's just going to be a very unsafe place to be for several years until it stabilizes. neighborhoods have already been evacuated. residents are prepared to leave at a moments notice. >> we are expecting some rain in our area, but not for a couple of days. >> it looks like by friday evening we will get some rain that will hang around all day saturday and maybe into sunday as well. no major heavy downpours.
4:52 pm
let's get you started here for this wednesday. here is the time lapse from the country club in bethesda. at thea nice picture bethesda country club. how most of the area has been throughout the day. take a look, just a few minutes ago. clearing on the western horizon. it took all day, but we got a little bit of it. north, 50's to the west. it will take a little longer for the cooler, drier air to move in. the winds have been gusty along at front, 25 mile per hour's winchester. theile-per-hour gusts at airport in martinsburg. a fresh push of cooler, drier air drop our temperatures tonight.
4:53 pm
we have just a couple of hours of gusty winds and it should diminish as skies start to clear off. as far as the temperatures, a degrees with30-37 partly cloudy skies. sunshine in the morning, clouds in the afternoon, 45-50 degrees. i will be reporting live from the mall at 4, 5, and 6:00. a quick look as we head through the next seven days. clearing out finally by the middle of next week. that is the latest. next, one of the best college football players in the country.
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jameis winston is on the hot seat for a second day at a university code of conduct hearing.
4:57 pm
>> he could face punishment ranging from a reprimand to expulsion from school. >> this morning, the alleged sexual assault scandal embroiling jameis winston could put his college football career in jeopardy. winner and trophy his unnamed accuser each making their cases separately at a conference table over four hours in the hearing. the case so controversial at move,a state, in a rare they have appointed the state supreme court judge to preside over the hearing. winston is accused of for conduct code violations including two related to alleged sexual misconduct. >> he will tell the truth today and we are confident that when he hears her multiple lies and
4:58 pm
jameis'truth will find as every other entity has that she is lying. >> she claimed that wilson sexually assaulted her. >> we carefully examine all the evidence in this case and have concluded that no charges will be filed against anyone in this case. >> but on tuesday, the longer form winston's accuser hoped-for victory in the hearing, saying in a statement, this is the day that mr. winston has been desperately trying to avoid for two years. the courageous woman finally gets a chance to stand up for herself. if found to have violated any conduct codes, the sophomore could face punishment ranging from a reprimand to expulsion from school. >> live from the abc 7 broadcasting spurs, this is abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> a woman says she was forced
4:59 pm
to choose between her job and family who read she has finally had her day in court, the supreme court. howt could change forever pregnant employees are treated in the workplace. horace holmes is live outside the court. >> i have a copy of peggy on his case right here. she was a delivery driver for ups when she became pregnant. the case argued the specifics of and a lot of emotion on then steps of the supreme court. a huge show of support for peggy young as her lawyers argued her case against her former employer, ups. young now lives in virginia. in 2006 she was a delivery driver for ups and became pregnant. under doctors orders, she was
5:00 pm
not allowed to lift more than 20 pounds during the pregnancy. to lawyer says ups refused reassign her to temporary light duty. thesued the company under pregnancy discrimination act. this case is important to tiffany, who says she was placed on unpaid leave by walmart when she was pregnant. want pregnant women to not have to choose between their child and work. >> ups lawyers argued the company does not discriminate against pregnant workers, but policies do not accommodate disabilities that occur off the job. women that had off the job injuries were treated the same as pregnant women, and we think that is appropriate. there should not be a super protected class for pregnant women. >> the


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