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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  January 1, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content andaccuracy, visit] >> and that breaking news is from northwest washington where firefighters fought a restaurant fire. >> the fire started at district two bar and grille on wisconsin avenue. tom rousey is live at the scene with the breaking details. tom, what can you tell us? >> this is what's going on right now. you can see the fire trucks still on the scene. some of them are starting to leave. however, there was a lot of them out here earlier and still a huge presence right now. this is where the fire began. you can see the district two restaurant here. they believe at this point, it may have started in the kitchen of the restaurant but that's still under investigation, the fire department says. if you look up above the district two bar and grill you can see up top here there's offices and other things right up top there and one man actually had to be rescued from
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there. it was actually from that window over there that they had to rescue a man. i'm told he is perfectly fine but it's fortunate because i talked to a business owner who said on a normal day, there would be several dozen people up there. that's not the case today. here's the video today that we arrived on the scene a while ago. this started around 1:15 and the trucks got here in two minutes and they found a lot of smoke once they got on the scene. again, they believe this fire may have started in the kitchen of the district two bar and restaurant but they're not sure at this point. that's still under investigation. we asked the fire chief what this means for the restaurant and the other businesses around here. here's what he had to say. >> yes they're going to remain closed at this time. it's under investigation and there's a lot of water damage inside and we had to open up a lot of the ceiling to check for further extensions. >> back out here live you're looking into an open window into the district two restaurant here and you can see a little wetness on the floor.
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it's not too bad where those folks are but a lot of water damage. >> could have been a lot worse. appreciate that live report from tom. we want to turn to the weather. it is really feeling a bit more like winter this new year's day. >> meteorologist steve rudden joins us with a look at what to expect tonight. sunshine saved us today. >> sunshine made it look a whole lot nicer even though temperatures were on the cold side. we have an up-and-down forecast as we move through the next few days. let's concentrate on right now. 4 45 degrees at reagan national airport and a little bit cooler out to the west out to west virginia they're now at 36 degrees. look at satellite and radar. the power of high pressure. that brings us clear skies and a few scattered clouds during the overnight hours but nothing that's going to amount to a whole lot. so mainly clear and chilly this evening. the sun will go down just before 5:00. temperatures around 38 to 45 degrees and a preview for tomorrow morning for those who may be up early.
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temperatures around 25 to 33. we will talk about what to expect for the upcoming weekend and let me tell you at one point, on saturday it's going to feel and look a little bit like winter. but by sunday we're talking springlike temperatures. more on that in just a few minutes. >> looking forward to that. thank you, steve. thousands of hockey fans braved that cold at nats park for the nhl winter classic. >> the outdoor game featured the washington capitals and the chicago blackhawks and suzanne kennedy has been out there talking with the fans. she is live right now to show us all the excitement around the big match. what a perfect finish! >> it's so great to have good sports news in washington, d.c. you can see all these fans are having an awesome time. the game ending about 10 minutes ago. with the game-winning goal being scored with just about 12 seconds left in the game. now, let me tea -- take you back to earlier this day. there were 42,000 people in
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attendance here today. that's about 2 1/2 times what is typically at a game at m.c.i. center. the gates opened at 11:00 this morning, two hours before the puck dropped. everybody was here. it was a giant sea of red. everybody having a great time at the winter classic, first time ever being held in washington, d.c. >> it's just an amazing feeling to watch your team, and you're invested in it you know. you see them. you watch them all the time and, you know you root for them and you feel bad for them when they lose. so it's really just you know you feel like you're part of it. you're on the ice with them. >> all right. i'm here with adam he's a huge caps fan. how do you feel? >> i'm shocked but also in awe. >> what a great finish huh? >> i know. i was so surprised because we got that penalty. i was like -- we got that advantage. >> what a great game for you to go to. it has been a great day here. i can tell you, we were coming out of the stadium coming down the stairwell and we heard the horn go off and we couldn't
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figure out if the game was over or if a goal had been scored. we were thrilled when when we saw with 12 seconds left, a goal was scored and the winter classic means a big win for the caps. back to you guys. >> absolutely suzanne. they are really excited out there. clearly. >> yes. even the blackhawks fans making the best out of it there in the live shots. >> all right. look for live team coverage of the nhl winter classic coming up at 5:00. sports anchor robert burton is at the game. so you will have his reports alodge with more fan reaction from suzanne. >> we are now less than 24 hours away from the swearing-in of a new mayor in the district. mayor-elect is celebrating her inauguration with three days of activities starting with a e 5k. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live at the convention center in northwest northwest where she will be sworn in tomorrow. >> about 3,000 people are expected here at the washington convention center tomorrow as
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d.c. swears in the second female mayor in history. sharon pratt was the first mayor, female mayor sworn in some 24 years ago. but bowser launched her inaugural weekend today. hundreds joined her in what she called her fresh start 5k through the hilly cathedral section of northwest d.c. runners included three female council members who will be sworn in tomorrow. two of them newly elected. the first latino elected since the 1970s was there. as for the race nobody was timeing it and she said participants could run, walk or skip if they wanted to. she said this will be an annual new year's day event in her administration. >> i'm very excited. i woke up today saying 2015 we've been waiting for you and we're ready to get started. >> so the swearing-in of a new mayor tomorrow. in addition a number of council members and other elected
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officials. then here also tomorrow night, there will be an inauguration inaugural ball and then on saturday, for the first time, there will be a children's inaugural ball. that will be held in southeast washington at cora berry's tennis center. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. what a strong start for her! the year means new laws in maryland and virginia. maryland's minimum wage increased 75 cents to $8 an hour. more than half of the states around the country now have higher minimum wages than the federal government. maryland also raised its gas tax by 3 cents. also in virginia drivers over the age of 75 must now renew their license in person every five years. the rule previously applied to those 80 years old and older. >> bad weather is slowing down a recovery effort and crash of that airasia flight and investigators have about 25 days
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until the plane's black boxes run out of batteries making them much more difficult to find. here's more. >> an array of flowers adorn these hastily constructed caskets. they carry the bodies of the few crash victims recovered from the java sea. religious leaders offer prayers and support as families arrive to identify loved ones. the body of the flight captain has not yet been recovered. his family's mourning is tempered by the smallest hope for a miracle. they speak of him in the present tense. >> he is kind, wise and humorous. he's easy going. he's intelligent. he never raises his voice. he's never angry. i'm very proud of him. >> the mayor from where the plane took off says many families are still praying for a miracle. >> i'm very concerned and worried if they don't find the bodies and i have to be strong because they may still think
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they're still alive. >> but bad weather is making the search for additional victims more difficult. and those same storms may also hamper efforts to find the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder before their locator beacon batteries are depleted in about 25 days. >> they're in the tail section. if we had an in-flight breakup and the tails do come off sometimes in thunderstorms, that could be many miles away from the rest of the floating debris and the submerged debris. >> those left in limbo continue to mourn, to pray and to build more caskets. stacey cohan, abc 7 news. >> still ahead here at 4:00 i is video you'll see only on 7. a protest at a local mall ends with an arrest. show you why demonstrators were there in the first place. >> plus a 7 on your side consumer alert for thank you cable.
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>> we are back now with some video you'll see only on 7. one person was arrested during a silent protest in westfield wheaton mall this afternoon. the demonstrators say they were protesting police brutality. police say the protesters that were arrested were disrupting the peace inside the mall on private property. rebecca cooper spoke with some of the protesters and the witnesses and she'll have much more coming up tonight at 5:00. >> police officers all around the country are on high alert tonight in response to ongoing threats against police. >> the f.b.i. says the fatal shootings of two nypd officers spawned numerous threats of copycat assassinations.
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>> the f.b.i. warned that police are being tarpthed and threatened after nationwide anger following the deaths of unarmed black men in new york and ferguson missouri. >> there's been an extensive amount of those in the last week or so. we've made up to 15 arrests related to those threats. any threat against me or my officers will be dealt with very quickly and effectively. >> one concern copycats in the wake of the assassination of two police officers in new york. >> it's like throwing gas on a fire to a certain extent. >> according to a new report of the 50 officers killed last year 15 were killed in ambush assaults and police shooting deaths were up 56%. in houston, officials have now assigned two officer units for the first time after random shots were fired at police. and from los angeles to tampa to philadelphia, police have found themselves under attack. >> tried to run over several
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other officers who were around the car. >> in st. louis yesterday, several protesters were arrested after storming police headquarters. despite the threats, the protests last night were relatively peaceful. the highly emotional climate may run the danger of dividing the population but experts say the reality is much more subtle. >> if you really have to touch every component of a neighborhood and have a relationship with them. when you don't have that these things can really spin out of control. >> the funeral for the second slain nypd officer will be held this weekend. his father remembers that being a cop was his part of the american dream. >> the washington regional alcohol program says nearly 1,200 people used its free sober ride service this holiday season. more than 400 people used the service last night or early this morning. that is the equivalent of taking one impaired driver off the road every 68 seconds, according to the nonprofit's president. the program is now in its 22nd
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year. >> scott, get ready to say ahhh. we're getting a look at some of the first babies born in the new year in the d.c. area. it appears that the earliest delivery was at george washington university hospital. a baby boy was born around 12:29 this morning. and just one minute later, a baby boy was born at adventist healthcare shady grove medical center and he weighed 10 pounds! yikes! coming up at 5:00 diane cho has more on the special deliveries and why some hospitals have stopped announcing the first baby of the year. >> foreget about parties and confetti. people across europe celebrated the beginning of the new year that's right, with a dip into some of the continent's coldest waters. the tradition dates back decades in countries like italy and germany. more than 55,000 people expected to take part in similar events across europe. some brave souls, steve rudin. >> at first when i saw that
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video, i thought that was key bridge. obviously mistaken. >> nothing i'm interested in doing today. >> no polar plunge? >> no, not for me. have you done that? >> no. >> i would definitely do it. >> you would do the polar plunge? >> definitely, why not? >> what would you wear? >> i'll let you pick. >> wet suit. easy way out of that one. hey, today was a nice way to end, but not end start the new year. a lot of sunshine. a little cool out there. a lot of people were like it's so cold when i was walking my dog this morning. it's january 1s. >> what do you expect? >> we have to get through eight more weeks and we've been really lucky and looking downtown right now, the u.s. capitol dome, good deal of sunshine. you can see the clouds beginning to tweak in. tweak? trek in. >> whatever you want. >> make up some word. this is what we have outside temperaturewise. 45 degrees at reagan national airport. it's really dry. have you noticed the static? my clothing i've been sticking to all morning long and all afternoon long and buy that
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static stuff. anyway, lot better now. 45 degrees. winds are out of the south-southwest at 12 miles per hour. we are going to look for temperatures to cool tonight but not quite as cold as it was early this morning. 41 at dulles. 45 in lexington park maryland. wind chill factors make it feel about five degrees colder out there but the winds are pretty much out of the south-southwest at five to 10 for tonight. satellite and radar is quiet and dry across the mid atlantic. high pressure remains in place. that will give us a few scattered clouds overnight as temperatures fall to around 25 to 33 degrees. waking up early tomorrow morning, gaithersburg around 29. arlington will see temperature of 33 degrees. good deal of sunshine on hand but that sunshine will start to fade as we move through the late afternoon hours tomorrow and we are going to look for a l bit of wintry weather around here by saturday. could see some freezing rain and some sleet early saturday morning before changing over to all rain. once all this out of here a push of warmer air and i'm talking highs on sunday ready for this in the lower 60's.
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it's not going to last very long. wait until you see the seven-day outlook. for the day tomorrow we'll call for highs 44 to 49 degrees. here's the extended outlook. it shows 40 degrees on saturday. with that wintry mix early on before changing over to all rain on sunday is that cold front that moves through don't be surprised if you hear a few rumbles of thunder. not a typo there. that's 61 degrees for a high and then monday back to school. back to reality. >> back to winter. >> 38 degrees. back to january. >> yeah. back to jackets. >> yeah. >> thank you so much steve. we'll check back in with you. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 we're taking a look back at some of the biggest stories from 2014. it's the redskins year of constant downs made our list. >> and the champagne was flowing during many new year's day celebrations. but if you are stuck with open bottles, there are some ways that you can put the bubbly to good use around your house. we'll
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>> we have a "7 on your side" consumer alert. chick-fil-a is warning customers of a possible data breach. the fast food chain says it received reports of suspicious activity on credit and debit cards used at some locations much the company explains that customers will not be liable for fraudulent charges. chick-fil-a will pay for free identity protection services and credit monitoring for those affected. champagne is a staple at many new year's parties. but if you have some open bottles, you don't have to let them go to waste. >> that's correct. some make-up artists, believe it or not, recommend using champagne on your skin as a natural toner. the acid helps to even out the skin tone and another suggested use for champagne, shoe shiner. shoe makers say the drink allows
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the natural color of the leather to shine and chefs recommend using champagne to cook add it to scrambled eggs instead of milk for extra fluffiness for use it as white wine and add to sauces and salad dressings or desserts. >> have you ever done any of those? >> no. now i feel obligated to try. >> so if your shoesra shiny, i'll know why. >> you'll know. extra champagne in the house. just ahead at 4:00 a look at the big events that dominated local headlines in 2014. see which stories made our list. >> bethesda is known for its nice neighborhoods and this one is no exception. so imagine the excitement when a new family moved into this vacant million dollar home. there was the moving truck, mom, dad, three kids and a dog. and then three days later, the police arrived. and arrested dad for a crime residents here are shocked by. i'm kevin lewis with
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>> we are looking back now at some of the top stories of the last year in the d.c. region. >> 2014 had its share of big stories from political drama to disappearances and sad losses. tom roussey shows us the top five. >> number five larry hogan win. >> historic night in maryland. >> republicans don't win the governor's mansion in maryland and they especially don't win when they start with very little name recognition against a well fund, well known democrat. but a smart disciplined campaign by anne arundel county's larry hogan led to what
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some called the biggest upset in the country as he beat the lieutenant governor by four percentage points. number four. hannah graham abduction. on september 13th hannah graham accident a u.v.a. student from fairfax county vanished in charlottesville. nearly two weeks later, jesse matthew was taken into custody in galveston, texas, extradited and charged in graham's abduction. investigators say evidence links her case with the murder of morgan harrington in 2009 and a brutal 2005 rape in fairfax for which matthew was later charged. number three relicia rudd's disappearance. in march she vanished and she was last seen with a 51-year-old janitor at the d.c. homeless shelter where rudd lived. tatum is believed to have killed his wife and himself. no one knows what happened to relicia. her disappearance has led for
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calls of reform in multiple city agencies. number two, marion berry's death. he lived a controversial life fulz of highs and lows. there is no doubt marion berry is the most prominent politician d.c. has ever had under home rule. four term mayor and long time council member passed away november 23rd leading to an outpouring of grief including from many who credit him with their first jobs as teenagers. number one, mcdonald convicted. as recently as 2013 many believed virginia governor bob mcdonald would one day run for president. as 2014 ends he's facing the possibility of years in prison after being convicted on 11 charges after prosecutors say he accepted gifts and loans in return for influence. wife maureen stand convicted of eight charges. her sentencing is in february. his is scheduled for next week. for his sad and dramatic fall from grace, bob mcdonald's conviction is our biggest story of the year.
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tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> you can find that entire top 10 list and the stories that didn't quite make the cut by going to our website so check it out on >> and the news continues. in just a few moments
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>> she's speechless because it was such a dramatic finish as washington hosts what has quickly become a new year's day tradition, last second heroics and the lengths some fans went through to watch professional hockey outdoors. what an exciting day. the first professional hockey game played in nationals park went off without a hitch. >> they were worried about the impact that the sun would have on the ice. and fans certainly got the premier game they were hoping for. we are not complaining at all! we'll get a look at the highlights including the last minute goal that won it all in just a few moments when we check in with robert burton. >> first, though let's get to suzanne kennedy who spent the day amongst the fans who i don't know should we say ecstatic suzanne? is that what they are? >> absolutely. it was down to the wire. what a nail biter. you can see that people are still hanging around enjoying what happened here within the last, oh half-hour or so. that final goal with about 12
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seconds left. fans all in red leaving nationals park here after a storybook ending and nearly perfect winter classic. a sea of red reminiscent of a nats game surrounded nationals park. these aren't baseball fans. they are here for one thing. hockey. >> what a great new year's day. >> it is awesome. i've been a hockey fan since i was a little kid. this is incredible. >> 42,000 fans attended washington, d.c.'s first ever winter classic. >> hot dagz! >> bright sunny skies and temperatures in the 40's made for ideal conditions for fans attending an outdoor hockey game. with a temporary rink between first and third base, the caps faced off against the chicago blackhawks. this is gary scherer's second winter classic. he came in from ohio with his son. >> wanted to have an opportunity to bring him as we


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