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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  January 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:13pm EST

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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. terror threats. the new video. isis doubles down on target e targets here in the u.s. what law enforcement is saying tonight. standing up. millions take to the streets in paris and around the world condemning the terror attacks in france as new video of when of the gunmen emerges and the hunt is on for the most's most wanted woman. wicked weather. the melting snow totals the freezing rain. where the trouble will be in the morning. and behind the scenes of the first ever college national championship. the power house teams. the plamps to watch, the fans getting ready. our david muir is right there.
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good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the breaking news. american police and secure officials on alert of a terror message. isis, the group in iraq and syria are calling on a followers to launch attacks here in the yourself. look at all those people in paris, more than 1 million of them defying terror. and another video, showing a terror attacker pledging allegiance. first, abc's pierre thomas with america on alert tonight. >> reporter: no specific threat has been identified but the new vaul for violence is being taken extremely seriously. clearly trying to take advantage of the aftermath of the attacks in paris, isis posted a new message on twitter overnight,
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calling on sympathizers to strike the soldiers, strike their police, cucurity and intelligence members in the west. the target countries, the u.s., france, australia and canada. the new video is a recut of a previous call to arms posted last september. following that posting, the world saw lone wolf attacks in canada, when a gunman attacked parliament and killed a soldier. authorities investigating if it was isis inspired. this siege of a chocolate shop in australia last month, which left two hostages and a gunman dead. all that before this week's massacre at a satirical newspaper in paris, and a hostage standoff apparently perpetrated by another member of the same terror cell, who in a new video posted online overnight pledged allegiance to the leader of isis. the fear tonight, this new posting on social media, inspiring more lone wolf attacks. >> the thing that worries me the most right now is the buzz on
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social media, whether it comes from a specific brute like isis or whether it's just on the chatrooms. >> reporter: today, authorities were taking no chances with this new threat. new york police immediately respond, warning officers at roll call to not sit together in patrol cars, to watch for approaching vehicles and look at the hands of people approaching them. isis clearly has influence here in the u.s. last year, the fbi arrested 12 americans trying to join isis. tom? >> thank you. in paris, the massive rally against terrorism that you see behind me. people as far as the eye can see taking to the streets of the wounded city. terry moran is there. >> reporter: today, it seemed, freedom itself was on the march in paris. 1.3 million in the streets. a march on a scale not seen since the liberation of paris in world war ii. and as we met people in the vast crowd, the told us, the declared to us, the same thing. >> we are not afraid, we are not afraid. >> reporter: security was very
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tight, thousands of troops and police on the streets. paris still jittery after a week of terror. but they still came. abc's matt guttman joined the marchers. >> we've been here for five hours and we've seen this ceaseless river of humanity surround us. old, young, from all nationalities here, all races and creeds here. >> reporter: around the world so many more marching in solidarity with the french. berlin, moscow, cairo, jerusalem, washington, d.c., tokyo. and everywhere, that sign. je suis charlie. i am charlie. in the tribute to the fiercely satiric magazine where the rampage began. chole verlhac, widow of the magazine's famous cartoonist tignous, who now must raise their four children, the youngest 5 years old, alone, told us. >> i always supported him in all that he did. and i am so proud.
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so proud. >> reporter: an emotional, even triumphant day. but urnlgtd beneath it all is anxiety. fear of copy cat attacks. last night, in germany, a paper that had reprinted some cartoons was firebombed. there is a feeling here this isn't over. tom? >> thank you. now to the investigation of the terror attacks. ill till against around the globes pooling information to try to stop the next attack. brian ross with that part of the story. >> reporter: for u.s. investigators tonight, there is now little doubt that the attacks were helped enabled by by stror groups in syria and yemen. the latest evidence comes in a so. call the martyrdom video posted online today from the gunman who killed five people at the super j mant.
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with a black jihadist flag behind him, coulibily swears allegiance to isis in syria, and then offers thankses for a few thousand euros in order to finish buying everything necessary. still being sought tonight is coulibily's girlfriend, who went from bikinis to burqas in his alleged partner in terror. ow authorities confirm to abc news that she fled to syria last week traveling through madrid and instan ball before crossing into the land of isis. as for the two brothers who displayed combat tactics as they attacked the magazine their terror ties go to yemen, and the queal group there cord to u.s. officials. in a phone call with the french tv station, the young brother,
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charif, claimed he got money from the attack through al qaeda leader anwar al awlaki, the american radical clairic who was killed in yemen some three years ago. and they try to deal with the continued threat, tom. >> we are hearing about two different threats. one from isis calling for lone wolf attacks and al qaeda is trying for bigger attacks? >> al qaeda has tried to bringdown u.s. planes and bomb in a printer. now they have put online a step by step detailed set of instructions how people can build bombs to get past all airport securities except frp the body scanners. and people tell me, they extremely concerned that the information could be a threat to u.s. aircraft.
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>> that is why authorities are on alert. thank you. the crash of air area flight 8501. authority rs have sound the area where the black boxes are. when they went to the bottom of the sea this evening, they were missing. navy divers believe they are buried about 100 feet below the water. and an icy mess of freezing rain from arkansas to new england. and check this out. freezing rain turned to ice on the ground. falling water rock solid. and making trouble on the happies. a truck here after skidding out on i-40 and that storm is on the move at this hour. senior meteorologist rob marciano is here. and rob, this storm is moving fast? >> that is the saving grace in this case. right around the freezing mark. and take a look at this map from missouri to new england.
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we have advisories and an ice warning for independence indiana. let's show you how the storm is going to move. watch i-70. that is the driving line of the mix of precipitation and tomorrow morning, along the i-95. and those areas, just above freezing. don't predict huge problems there. andth millions of americans, icing situation and snow north of that in ohio and pittsburgh. not a devastating ice storm by any stretch but right in the commute and it's going to be dicey and icy gr that matter. >> all right, college football set for the biggest game of the year. for the first time ever, a national championship, not a bowl game, will determine the number one team. ohio state versus oregon may also be cable television's biggest night ever. david muir is in the middle of it. david?
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>> reporter: tom, great to see you here tonight. of course, the new era in college football, the big championship on the line right here tomorrow night. our partners at espn getting ready. "sportscenter," the crew sitting in there at the desk. the team will be here this time tomorrow night. but come out here on to the field, we're here at at&t stadium, obviously home of the cowboys here. if you've never been to the stadium, it's really something. knave spent $1.3 billion on this place, and every one of these seats, 80,000 fans, expected to be here tomorrow. it is sold out for the big game. we're here all weekend long, watching both teams practice, talking with some of the coaches here too. something else we've noticed here, the fans descended on north texas, ohio state buckeye fans and of course the oregon duck fans. these two teams have a storied history. ohio state has won every single time they've had a match up. 8-0 in their history. and oregon looking to change that. and of course a lot to talk about the economics of this whole thing. a lot of money being pumped into college football now. questions about how much players deserve in all this. we do know that the ncaa has allowed the families to get some money. $3,000 for the families to get here to come see these players play from all over the country. and two numbers to keep in mind. it is estimated the nfl brings $10 billion a year.
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college football $5 billion. but college football's growing quickly. a lot faster than the nfl when it comes to money. and they're pointing to this championship, and the games that led up to it as a big reason why. we're going to see a lot more money in the coming years. and take a look over my shoulder. they just came out. oregon getting ready for the big team portrait. the buckeyes will get their portrait next here. in fact, i just heard someone say we're getting our ducks in a row quite literally. 80,000 fans as i said will be watching the game. their eyes trained on the players but at one factory in ohio, they're going to be looking for something else on the field. someone they're proud to say is made in america. any guesses? send me a tweet. we'll have that story tomorrow night. and one piece of trivia as we send this back to new york. these two schools have made history up against each other once before. the very first ncaa basketball final. and in that case, 1939, oregon won. one of the coaches here told me every one of these players knows that. they want to repeat history. we'll see what the buckeyes have to say about that. tom, back to you. >> the uniforms have changed. thank you very much. david will be anchoring "world news" from arlington
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tomorrow night and he will join espn co-anchors for the pregame show. and the historic game on espn e 8:30 eastern. next to an incredible feat of skill and friendship. two climbers in yosemite tries to reach the highest and steeping cliffs in the world. one of them refusing to move without his partner stuck below. will they make it? aditi roy is with the story. >> reporter: tonight, two men are on the verge of making history. tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson are free-climbing yosemite's legendary el capitan, using only their hands and feet on these near vertical walls, the ropes only there to catch their falls. the pair, documenting their 16-day journey on camera and online, sleeping clip side in these tents, dodging ice falling from above. >> there's a crazy arctic ice storm being tossed around like a rag boll. >> reporter: caldwell, now just 1,000 feet from the top but


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