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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  January 11, 2015 6:30pm-6:42pm EST

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>> live from the abc seven broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 6:30, on your side. [captioned by the national captioning institute which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> is being called the largest demonstration in france's history. the tributes to the victims of terror attacks. family and friends are honoring a total driver -- :00 driver in northern virginia. a beautiful day, but big changes ahead overnight and into the morning commute. freezing rain is expected while many of us will be asleep tonight. we could see slick spots on the road monday morning. it has forced prince george's county public schools to issue a two hour delay for monday.
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more on this winter weather alert. >> the prince george's county two hour delay, preemptive, and i think a smart decision. you will want to prepare for slick conditions. right now, we are dry and cold, but the national weather service has issued a freezing rain advisory for the entire abc 7 viewing area, for all of the counties highlighted in purple. this freezing rain advisory goes into effect at 10:00 tonight and will last until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. with less than a 10th of an inch of ice expected, there will be slick spots when you wake up. a swat precipitation still off to our west, but inching eastward. temperatures in the upper 30's, but we will continue to fall closer to the freezing mark through the overnight hours. i think freezing rain will hold up until after midnight, but will continue to fall through the morning commute.
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as far as the morning rush, there will be some icy roads. one heads up -- you might want to put windshield wipers up so they do not freeze the windshield. i suspect more delays and closings will be coming in. we will continue to update the developing weather situation through the manner of this evening. i will join you in a little bit and talk about the timing and impact. >> no sleep in the weather center. local jurisdictions prepare for messy roads. the district will deploy more than 200 plows by 3:00 monday morning. leave and holiday tree collections are extended and will resume once the streets are cleared. the department of public works warns road conditions could delay trash and recycling collection and some never. vdot -- in some neighborhoods. vdot says crystal report to work just after midnight. trucks pretreated roads last night. newly 1600 trucks will be used
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overnight. crews will be treating roads with salt running ahead of the expected ice. join us for complete weather coverage throughout the evening. we will continue monday morning with "good morning washington, which begins extra early at 4:00. now, to developments in last week's deadly terror attacks in france. the french interior minister says an unprecedented turnout of 3.7 million people marched throughout the country to show unity following the tragedy. several world leaders took part in that march. this comes as the search continues for the only known living suspect in the terror attack. tonight, there is new information about a life partner, from a video posted by on isis supporter pledging to support isis. the white house plans to hold a
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conference this month on efforts to counter violent extremism. attorney general eric holder made in paris today. he said the effort should involve more than holding terrorist accountable. >> we must also deal with the underlying causes that cause these things to occur. we somehow radicalize people to take these actions we all find to be an affront to humanity. >> are presented to us from other countries will attend that conference, but the white house has not yet identified them. france is getting support from thousands of miles away, here in d.c. thousands took part in a silent march today in northwest. richard green -- the marches began in a place dedicated to free speech. >> it started in the new zealand -- the newseum. there was a kind of defiant attitude to the terrorist. despite a tragic week him and no one is giving into fear.
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>> it was a march of solidarity and strength. >> it is 9/11 for french people. >> thousands gathered and walked up 6th street. >> we need to be united. >> to honor the 17 victims of last week's terrorist attacks in paris. >> we have been overwhelmed by the expression of solidarity of grief. >> the french ambassador said even far from home, his countrymen are not giving in to your. -- in to fear. >> we want to show to our own country that we are with them. >> the attacks at "charlie hebdo" and a kosher market left three terrorists dead ended for associate at large. >> any violence like that is unexpected. >> france now dealing with homegrown terrorists. >> these guys are from our country, anyway. it is difficult to really understand how they can switch
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from one status to another. >> to the french, satire is part of life. the violence of this week, an attack on freedom of expression. >> the idea of provoking means that you deserve retribution for what you think i think that is a very misguided interpretation. >> is remind people how important freedom is. we are in it together. >> the french are firm in their support of satire, a practice that goes back hundreds of years. one woman told me, i do not think people can be shut up. we like to express ourselves. >> d.c. police looking for the gunmen behind deadly shootings. just before 1:00 police responded to a shooting on t street northeast near mckinley tech high school. officers found a 17-year-old andrew newman, suffering from a gunshot wound. he died at the hospital. nearly four hours earlier, police were called to a shooting in northwest near monroe street. the officers found 21-year-old
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edward a mcinnis -- eduardo martinez with gunshot wounds. he also died at a hospital. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. colleagues are remembering a tow truck driver killed on the job just before the new year. a box truck driver struck and killed him on the southbound shoulder of the beltway, just past tysons corner. diane cho is in the newsroom with our friends want the law to change. >> they were out to raise awareness on virginia's move over laws, to try to save another family from having to deal with tragedy. tow truck after tow truck piled into this parking lot sunday morning, to honor a fellow driver killed on the job. >> everybody is kind of in shock still. >> the 45-year-old better known as aj worked for fairfax towing
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and recovery. he was looking up a disabled vehicle nearly two weeks ago when the box truck hit him. he died at the scene. quick someone should have to suffer any tragedy like this. -- >> no one should have to suffer any tragedy like this. >> this is his oldest son. >> part of me is winning to get a call to say, what is going on? to see his smile, hear his laugh. part of me is waiting to hear that again. >> he said he was only expecting a few dozen drivers to attend the memorial today and was touched to see the massive turnout. >> to see how many people came out to support my dad and to raise awareness for the move over laws is amazing. >> the law requires drivers to move over it is safe to do so, or slow down when passing emergency vehicles or tow trucks on the side of the road. as more than 100 tow trucks
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rolled by the scene of the crash in memory -- >> you always have to watch your back on the highway. quick safe open -- >> they hoped their presence was enough to remind drivers. >> maybe we can save a handful of fathers or brothers or friends. that is all i want. >> authorities say the driver who hit him was charged with reckless driving. they go fun in the account has been set up to help the family. -- a go fund me account has been set up to help the family. >> police canvassing the area where an elderly man was stabbed during a burglary, after he walked in at the burglary in his home. he is in the hospital in serious condition. police are still looking for the suspect. still ahead, new information in a crash that killed a pregnant woman and for others in maryland. what state police went to do this week, and a message to the public.
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