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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> terrifying. several were crying. one man had a seizure. >> terror and chaos on the metro. one person killed, dozens hospitalized after black smoke filled the train and tunnel of the l'enfant plaza station. >> this is what we were
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breathing. >> the investigation into the cause, and what metro is saying tonight, next. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> please stay calm. >> terrifying moments as people were coughing and gasping for breath after smoke filled a metro train. this video posted to youtube shows what dozens had to fight through. feet away at the l'enfant plaza station, smoke filled the station. >> we have what happened, it was impacted, and what happens next just ahead, but we have breaking details about the victim in this tragic accident. one person, a woman, died. her name has not been released.
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two are in critical condi and dozens are being treated at three hospitals across the district. >> the big question tonight is what happened. that is at the center of the investigation at the ntsb. >> roz plater has been on the scene all day. what is the latest? >> there are at least 200e or more looking for answers tonight. they went through the terrifying ordeal, and we still don't know what happened. >> they said we have to leave. >> this is cell phone video shot by a passenger at 3:20 in the afternoon. chaos erupted as thick smoke began filling the l'enfant plaza metro station. stuck in the tunnel south of the station, a six car yellow line train passed right as the smoke was pouring in. >> there was no oxygen. people started panicking.
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>> people were breathing through their jackets. >> dozens of rescuers from several agencies responded and began evacuating passengers. some said they were trapped for more than an hour. others said they got out the best way they could. >> once we got to the station, we sprinted because we had no idea what was happening. we were also scared. >> above ground, there were multiple triage stations, evaluating more than 200 on site. people were coughing and choking from breathing the thick smoke. >> people were vomiting, sick. we don't know what it was. >> more than 80 were taken to area hospitals, some in critical condition. one did not survive. >> the person was on the train was in distress. she was evacuated by emergency services. she was subsequently pronounced
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dead. >> metro says what happened and why is still being investigated. d.c. mayor mary o bowser just spoke about this incident a couple minutes ago. -- mariel bowser just spoke about the incident a few minutes ago. >> i have had work with the ntsb. i'm confident they will help us get to the bottom of this. we owe our residents a safe and reliable public transit system. >> the ntsb is having a news conference at 11:15 which we will bring to you live. roz plater, abc 7 news. >> as we mentioned, the woman who was on the metro train when it filled with smoke has died. dozens are in the hospital, including a d.c. firefighter. jay is live at george washington university hospital. any updates on the victims?
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>> yes, in the last out where received an update at george washington university hospital. patient conditions range from mild to moderately ill from smoke inhalation. one dead, two in critical. 25 patients are at medstar washington center, 40 at howard university and 34 at gw. the emergency vehicles echoed as dozens of victims were rushed to area hospitals. >> it was pretty serious. thought she was going to die, but she is going to be ok. >> they were headed to the airport when the train car abruptly stopped in filled with choking smoke. >> we all try to get down, but people passed out. >> they were transported to george washington hospital, treated for everything from smoke and elation, as well as
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nausea -- smoke inhalation and nausea. >> we were in the front car. there was smoke pouring in. >> they had to do whatever they could to avoid the cloud that struck metro riders like an ambush. >> for an hour! >> first ration and fear with passengers who did not know where to turn. >> people were vomiting, sick. we don't know what it was. nobody is saying what it was just that it was smoke. >> smoke killed a woman, critically injuring two people, landing 80 more in area hospitals. >> you had to think about it, did you want to die slowly of co2 poisoning or open the door and fill the car with smoke. >> while some remain here
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treated, it occurred to me that we know that some have been treated and released. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> unbelievable stories, thank you. the smoke turned a busy rush-hour commute into pure chaos. at the height, nearly every metro line was delayed or stopped. tonight, more than seven and a half hours later green and yellow line service is still suspended between navy yard, the pentagon and gallery place. stephen tschida is live in northwest. what have commuter said? >> the problems are still persisting. just two minutes ago, a commuter said he was frustrated. he had to head south on the yellow line gallery place, cannot get there. people behind me are still milling around, some trying to get to destinations. it was a much bigger mess a couple hours ago. as fire engines and rescue vehicles raced past on their way to the l'enfant plaza station
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stranded passengers poured out of the mount vernon station some coming directly from stranded trains. once they exited, they encountered more chaos. >> is very confusing. >> and little guidance. >> there are people with megaphones. it is just not knowing. >> some passengers took off on foot, determined to walk to a station where the trains were running. others crowd of the sidewalk waiting for direction. >> there are no trains between pentagon and l'enfant plaza. >> buses quickly filled. some boarded, not knowing exactly where they were heading. >> there is no cumin indication, whether the bus will take us home. >> even hours later, some passengers continued to struggle through a horrific commute. >> not sure how to navigate my
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way back home. >> the evening rush is over, but with problems persisting on the yellow and green lines, there is concern right now about how this will affect the morning commute. reporting live, stephen tschida abc 7 news. >> thank you. stay with abc 7 and for the latest on this developing news. we will continue to post updates on facebook and twitter through the night. >> the rain has stuck around through much of the day. the question is, how cold will he get overnight. there may be some worries about a deep freeze. steve rudin has the word on that. >> improving conditions, at least in terms of the rainfall, moving off toward the north and east. stormwatch 7 live doppler radar, hardly anything out there right now except for a few showers across the delmarva, heading towards new jersey. we will have gradual clearing,
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allowing temperatures to fall. still well above freezing, gaithersburg at 36, reagan national at 42, dulles at 38. temperatures could fall below freezing both inside and outside the beltway. daytime highs only reaching 32 degrees. the upcoming weekend and beyond in just a few minutes. >> an investigation is underway by the fbi after their twitter and youtube accounts belonging to u.s. central command were hacked. hackers posted images, videos, and messages sympathetic to the islamic state. investigators are looking into whether information such as names and phone numbers were disclosed. >> what is more concerning about what they stolen posted, it is what they may have stolen. >> cyber security experts say
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that social media accounts are often compromised by hackers using programs to get passwords or answers to security questions. central command oversees u.s. military operations for the middle east, north africa, and central asia. >> the white house admits that a higher ranking official than the abbasid of france should have attended the unity march yesterday. last week's attacks left 17 dead. one of the suspects responded driving a car registered to the widow of one of the attackers. >> a high school humidity in northwest washington is dealing with a tremendous loss tonight. the teen i and the investigation happening. >> and new information about the explosion at wallops island.
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>> a possible breakthrough in the search for two sisters abducted from the wheaton plaza
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mall nearly 40 years ago. sheila and catherine l'enfant plaza -- and catherine lyon were last seen 40 years ago. they are digging in virginia. >> a day of mourning at a d.c. high school when they learned that a classmate had been killed in a shooting. >> tonight, key details about what happened hours before shots were fired. sam ford reports. >> today, bullet holes and evidence tabs are all over the outside of the house in northeast. the 17-year-old dunbar high school student, whose relative to his image on facebook was killed yesterday morning. >> he died right on the porch. >> the man who had listed the
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party is devastated. he does not want his face seen. he said he first called the police after a robbers stole a kid possibly here's at gunpoint on the porch. -- stole the kids sneakers at gunpoint on the porch. hours later, he had to call the police again after somebody sprayed the porch with gunfire hitting the young man. >> i try to revive him. his i started to set, his mouth dropped open. there are no words when you are holding somebody else's child in your arms and they are dying. >> at dunbar high school, they brought in grief counselors and canceled the basketball game. >> peoples were crying. >> we will get through it. >> this parent said he sent stepsons to stay with other relatives come he is that afraid. >> i think it's sent listless --
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i think it is senseless. >> the school sent home a letter about the tragic news, the death of andrew newman. reporting from northwest, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> new information about the massive rocket explosion at wallops island last july. nasa said the incorrect installation of equipment calls the launch to end prematurely. it exploded 19 seconds after its launch. yikes. the weather, it sounds like because of the cold temperatures, we can have a re-freeze issue? >> exactly, nothing like we had this morning. don't count on delays or cancellations. watch out for slick spots, but we will get through it. one of the warmer temperatures of the day right now, 40 two degrees at reagan national, the wind out of the northwest at seven. a cold front on the back door
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step moves through. as we scan the skies with a live stormwatch doppler radar, not a lot out there. just showers. these are lifting off towards the north and east. the skies will slowly clear. deny 20 -- tonight 20 to 30 degrees overnight. wide in the view, satellite radar, the storminess we had earlier lifts off to the north 80's. high pressure will build behind it, bringing sunshine tomorrow, the changes are on the way. the cold front slides through. breezy conditions behind it. the wind out of the north, northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. the haida, a shot of colder air. 27 pittsburgh and detroit. the windchill makes it feel colder. tomorrow morning comedy temperatures mainly below freezing. 30 arlington 26 gaithersburg.
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a good deal of sunshine. grab your sunglasses come along with your gloves and scarf. the wind will make it feel cooler. the satellite radar, the high pressure slowly moves in. 10:00 tomorrow night, a good deal of sunshine. a storm will eventually develop off the coast of the carolinas. it may bring a little bit of light snow, mainly south and east of d.c. not going to be a problem for us wednesday. we could see a few flurries across the delmarva peninsula but western maryland looking at brilliant sunshine that will stick around a good part of the rest of the week. partly cloudy tomorrow, breezy cold 29 to 34 degrees, the wind out of the north that 10 to 20. it will field, so bundle up. 31 degrees is the high wednesday. 20% chance of light snow well south of d.c., 40 degrees
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thursday. the upcoming weekend, not bad for the middle of january. upper 40's, near 50 degrees. jacqui jeras will monitor the temperatures attract the slick spots. >> thank you very much. >> we have all kinds of things going on. big news for joe paterno fans. and the caps refused to get their aid by the avalanche. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> another great game and the phone booth, and the caps were the operators. colorado avalanche won four games in a row but the caps are playing as well as anybody in hockey right now. in the first, mike green, this
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is a great backhanded scoop shot. 1-0 capitals. everybody was celebrating. the avs tie it, but the caps on the power play. ovie his 22nd goal of the season. the caps win again. jay beagle the honest abe player of the game. >> there are a lot of these games happening right now. we have kind of struggled closing these off. we are doing a lot better job at it getting the job done and getting the win. >> college football championship game. the ducks cut the lead, but the buckeyes now lead 28-20 in the fourth quarter. the ncaa has reportedly reconsidered punishment levied after the jerry sandusky child-abuse scandal. one step would be to read store the 111 wuins stripped from coach
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joe paterno's record and to use the record $60 million fine for child protection. the wizards have put their loss to the hawks behind them and are gearing up for the spurs tomorrow night. a little headbutting in the nba tonight. howard and dwight howard -- like howard and kevin garnett get into it. this was the first quarter. houston beat brooklyn. patrick reed, four shots behind. this is the 15th hole. a wage from 83 yards. pass the hole, walk the dog, sucks it back. eagle. 19 feet, for the win. like a rabbit finding the hole.
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patrick reed beats jimmy walker, good times at the tournament. denver yesterday lost to the colts. the broncos and head coach john fox have mutually agreed to part ways. the assistant coaches have been told they are free to look for jobs. >> i like that development with penn state and joe paterno. >> common sense, use that money to help kids. >> an historic climb happening right now at you samiti park.
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>> terror on the metro as smoke fills a train. that is the top trending story on new information and the search for the lyon sisters. >> we have an encouraging update about two climbers attempting a truly global ruling -- truly grueling climb at yosemite national park. they have been climbing the wall of el capitan. caldwell is less than 1000 feet from finishing this free climb. that means they are only using ropes to prevent false. they are using their feet and fingers to climb.
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the rope is just there to prevent a fall. >> is that a little crazy? >> they just sleep on the mountain? >> i guess so.
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>> we are now waiting on the breaking news coming in from the tragedy from the metro station. >> the ntsb is heading the investigation. they are holding a news conference right now. let's listen in. >> the events that occurred today. we really just started our investigation, so there is not a lot of very detailed information available yet. over the next few days, we will be further examining equipment
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interviewing various folks who were involved in one way or another in the incident, and reviewing various documents. perhaps conducting tests of one sort or another. basically, we finished some of our examination down in the subway a bit ago. the yellow line train was southbound, that is moving towards virginia, and it stopped. don't know exactly why it stopped. that is something we will develop over the next few days. it stopped about 800 feet, give or take, beyond the station platform. and about a thousand feet, 1100 feet beyond that train, there was an electrical arcing event involving a third rail. the train did not derail, there
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was no fire on the train. the arcing event was on the side involving the third rail and the supply cables going to the third rail. we will be finishing up tonight on scene and releasing the scene back to metro to make repairs. you will have to speak to them about service plans. that is something they can tell you about. we will organize our investigation tomorrow with various parties. we call them parties they are people who helped conduct investigations. one of those is the transit oversight commission, which has regulatory authority, and of course they will be a party of this and the federal transit
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administration will be part of this. we will also be reaching out with some of the emergency response agencies to involve them in the investigation and ask them to help us as best they can. i think that's -- that's it for right now. but let me take a few questions. >> we just wanted to check and see whether ntsb had new information. as you just heard, they have just finished the first examination of the scene for the day. still cannot answer the main question, why did the train stop. >> we will stay on this. check any time and "good morning washington" begins tomorrow at 4:25. >>
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