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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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of this. we're talking about the possibility of a little snow and/or sleet early in the morning, 5:00 6:00 before the rush hour really kicks in and that's our concern. let's get started with a couple of quick facts about weather at the moment. warm spot locally reagan national at 34. it's only 30 degrees. outside the beltway weather center and a lot of areas in the 20's this hour. plenty cold overnight and we'll see the temperatures take a nose dive into the teens and 20's as well. and now as far as what's going to happen we're expecting to see this moisture move up from the south overnight, a wintry mix possible. snow, sleet, 15 to 22 degree temperatures. when you wake up tomorrow there is the map. anything that falls will stick and that indeed is a concern. maybe up to an inch, trace to an inch through metro area. flurries north and west and maybe one to two inches in the southern suburbs. just in from the national weather service right now, a winter weather advisory has been posted from 4:00 a.m. to noon. and this is for a large part of the metro area especially our
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southern and eastern suburbs. there is the updated map for you and certainly a lot more it talk about here over the course of the next hour. back with you shortly, alison. >> ok doug. as always, "7 on your side" during the winter weather both on air and on line. you can track the forecast on facebook and twitter. you can download the app and "good morning washington" will be helping you to navigate around any problem. that's tomorrow morning. >> back to the top story, the investigation of the smoke that filled the metro tunnel. it cost one woman her life and left dozens more injured or sickened. >> tonight, the abc 7 team is covering the aspects of the search for answers. we'll have more on the woman who died and the survivors in just a moment. but first though horace holmes is live with where the investigation stands tonight. horace? >> alison first of all, i want to pass on information that we just got from the d.c. medical
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examiner about the victim who has died in this event. d.c. medical examiner says she was carol glover 61 years old from alexandria. you can see behind me here at the l'enfant plaza metro station, it is open. the yellow line is shut down. at this point, this investigation has been turned over to the national transportation safety board. >> >> >> many of those trapped on the yellow line metro train described the ordeal to us as the most frightening hour they've ever spent. >> at the moment, i already couldn't breathe. there was a lot of panic. there was a lot of chaos. >> they were two of the scores of people on that train. as it pulled out of the l'enfant plaza station and every day, he hasn't been on a train in three years. it unfolded as smoke suddenly
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began to pour into the train cars. >> it was to the point where all you can do is pretty much just hold your hair down and cover your mouth. and the coughing started. >> as the minutes passed, the smoke got thicker. on the video, you can hear the conductor say don't open the doors. >> this could be a terrorist threat for all we know. >> it was not terrorism but terror had filled the train. >> the people were in pain. >> help arrived and firefighters left passengers off the train to paramedics waiting outside. today, ntsb and metro investigators are hard at work trying to figure out what caused this and whether or not the evacuation plan worked. >> wasn't trying to move the train back to the station.
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they need to focus on evacuating the people out. >> that's the question a lot of passengers are asking. why didn't they just open up the doors and let us out instead of trying to back that train up which was just 800 feet from the platform by the way that train 800 feet from the l'enfant plaza platform right now while the ntsb and metro continues its investigation. reporting live in southwest, horace holmes abc 7 news. >> just amazing, horace. thank you. now, senator mark warner is demanding answers from metro saying yesterday's incident raises significant concerns about how they were trained to respond to disaster. in a letter sent warner says he thought for a $1.5 billion program to improve metro's safety. >> within the past hour abc 7 has spoken with relatives of that woman who died on board the yellow line train carol glover, a grandmother from alexandria. the northern virginia bureau chief has been in contact with
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the glover family and jeff joins us now with what we know about her and the others in that station that fought for their lives. jeff? >> leon throughout the day i was in touch with suzanne glover, the daughter-in-law of carol glover. they live in alexandria virginia suzanne telling me that carol was deeply loved. they believe she was on the way home from work today. carol glover deeply loved and the family is heart broken after what happened after this incident took place. more on carol glover coming up soon. here at medstar washington hospital center they took 18 patients in following the incident at l'enfant plaza. 16 of those patients had been released. one patient remains here in serious condition. the other in fair condition. as the painful and terrifying incident unfolded at l'enfant plaza, sterling brown and his wife had one thing on their minds. >> you know everybody -- >> brown who was in a wheelchair
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following knee replacement surgery was on the metro platform when smoke came billowing out of the tunnel. >> just engulf everybody. >> they finally got out and were treated at g.w. hospital before being released. thinking all night about the chaos. >> everybody was just mixed up. get out, get out. we don't know where we're going. >> while many were treated on scene, the incident sent more than 80 people to area hospitals including 18 to medstar washington hospital center. >> most of the patients had some signs of smoke and soot in their mouth or on their face. >> this doctor says the smoke inhalation led to swollen airways making it hard for people to breathe without the help of oxygen tubes. he says the hospital was prepared and ready for the emergency and that patients got help quickly following an event they will never forget. >> i think most of the patients are still a little shaken up but everyone seems to be thankful to see their family and go home.
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the ones that we sent home. time will tell how they'll do. >> here now is a quote from suzanne glover the daughter-in-law of carol glover. "she was an amazing, strong woman. she loved deeply from a strong christian faith. carol glover grew up in d.c. and lived in alexandria she was a mother of two and grandmother of three and she adored them. a generous warm and hard working woman." obviously, such a very difficult situation for everybody who was involved in this incident but especially for the glover family who now must move forward after this tragic incident. jeff goldberg abc 7 news. >> thank you jeff. we're also learning more tonight about the fight for life inside that metro train. >> she was just kind of keeping to herself but was having probably the hardest time of anyone. >> you want to hear this. still ahead in our coverage
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tonight, hear from jonathan rogers who talks about his 30 minute struggle to save a woman's life on board that train. and what he says he still doesn't know more than 24 hours later. >> leon the response to yesterday's crisis in the metro tunnel is raising questions about metro and how it responds to problems. d.c. bureau chief sam ford continues our coverage with what witnesses and d.c.'s new mayor are saying about this tonight. sam? >> yes alison. in a news conference that just ended here at city hall, mayor muriel bowser said repeatedly that the ntsb is conducting a deep investigation into this case and she wanted to reserve comment that was not an easy task. a day after the incident in the tunnel, reporters peppered the mayor and fire chief with questions. why did take up to 45 minutes for help to reach people trapped in the train. firefighters have accused metro in taking their time in calling and not telling them passengers were trapped and of holding them
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on platforms too long. metro is refusing all comment and the mayor today said she was withholding comment. but did say -- >> it would appear that based on the calls that we received and the locations that we reported to that oush fire department responded within the time frames that are customary. >> there are questions raised about the function of fire equipment and whether newly equipped radios worked in the deep tunnels. some say they did not. the active fire chief citing an ongoing investigation. >> we will get back to you. we were going to do our investigation. >> bowser who was a member of the metro board before becoming mayor said there will be a complete investigation and she expressed regret that after the fatal metro crash in 2009 this happened. >> this culture has dramatically improved and that's why it's
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shocking in that the -- shocking and so disappointing that we've had this failure, whatever the result turns out to be. >> and so a lot of investigations ahead. the fire department is launching its own investigation and d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton as well as senator warner are calling for investigations and hearings on capitol hill. reporting live in northwest washington, sam ford. >> thank you. and you can count on abc 7 to continue this push for answers in the deadly metro incident we will bring you any new information as we learn it. including a look at what some say was a failure to respond. that's all coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> moving on now, the new york city police department is calling a fire accidental. the underground fire was on two
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sheds. it started before 2:30 this morning. but penn station remained open with just residual delays. they were injured fighting the flames but expected to be ok. >> montgomery county schools leaders are pledging thousands more background checks on those who work with students. this after a series of high profile incidents involving the arrest of school employees and contractors. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live in rockville with what's being done. kevin? >> well here in montgomery county, they have arrested more than those in the last two years. parents, of course they were outraged and it was a plan. >> we don't want to be back anymore. >> 90 minutes, the montgomery county board of ed focused on one topic. child sex abuse.
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>> we have really serious credibility issues with the community on this. how we respond when they call and say mr. jones is -- >> we're doing right now. >> in october, police say this man, john s. jr. grabbed two girls' hindz in damascus. problem is they never told parents about the incident until abc 7 broke the story weeks later. today, administrators revealed new policies aimed at making sure that the past is not repeated. >> we recognize that we can do better and we will do better. >> the superintendent joshua starr is now calling for additional background checks on more than 20,000 school employees and also is proposing more rigorous training but certain board members questioned their ability to remain neutral. >> most, if not all of this needs to go elsewhere with objective eyes because i just worry that some of us may be too
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close to this. >> state's attorney john mccarthy also shared concern. >> going to be a constant battle to reeducate your new principals each year and new assistant principals about this this is not just a once and done project. >> now, next month, the montgomery county council will hold a special hearing in light of the sexual abuse allegations. multiple sources tell me certain council members are so livid they may possibly ask for the resignation of certain staff members. live in rockville tonight, i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> kevin, thanks. still ahead when abc 7 news at 5:00, a youth hockey coach arrested. the alleged lewd behavior that has him facing some serious criminal charges. >> a water main bursts flooding basements and shutting down a road. why the repairs may not take hours but days. >> and an abc 7 exclusive as an area business faces constant
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harassment from a group claiming to be terrorists. >> and the new security measures in place right now that could impact your next trip to
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>> tonight, employees in a local business are working in fear
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after series of threats both verbal and digital. constant barrage comes from individuals who identify themselves as isis militants. in a story you'll see only on 7 right here stephen tschida works to track down those responsible for these threats. stephen, what have you found out here? >> leon the threats started five months ago and almost constant. they come in daily phone calls and internet postings. because this is such a sensitive story, we are not identifying the business nor the individuals involved. a thriving business in the heart of a bustling d.c. community is an international target. >> we have multiple times said they were members of isis. >> this is a recording from one of the hundreds of calls, possibly from outside the country during the past five months. it's laced with profanities, racial and homophobic slurs. >> you hear me? >> the caller often taunts specific employees.
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>> i'm going to kill you. i'm going to murder you. this is a threat! >> the owner of the business is jewish and often the threat such as those on the business' facebook page are anti-semitic. the recent carnage in paris at the hands of islamic extremists has employees here frightened. >> i hope that they're just bored, pathetic individuals with nothing better to do and they find this funny. there's certainly a good chance they could be wanting much more to do serious damage. >> d.c. police conducted an investigation but anned it off to homeland security. the feds deemed it not a credible threat and returned the case to d.c. police. >> they have been here when the caller was on the phone and spoke to them themselves. and really have not offered a lot of tactics for us to get them to stop. >> the one remaining question -- why this business? >> that's what we are baffled by. we just -- we have nobody that we feel has an axe to grind again us. >> verizon says the calls are
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traceable but says it needs a request from d.c. police first the detectives tell the business owner verizon has to contact them first. so apparently the barrage of threats continues because of a lack of cooperation and coordination. reporting live from the newsroom, stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> all right we know you'll stay on that story for us. all right. the washington suburban sanitary commission says drivers should expect lane closures for several days along baltimore avenue and hyattsville. crews are working to repair a broken 90-year-old water main. right now, baltimore avenue is down to two lanes between van buren and albion roads. this morning's break also damaged verizon's lines. it will be midnight at the earliest before water is restored to about two dozen customers. >> last thing we need is for that stuff to freeze up and cause more trouble on the roads. >> hyattsville, probably 18 to 19 degrees in the morning. if there's any standing water, a mess. since the top of the hour, the
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weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for the metro area. get right into it and show you what we're dealing with. forecast hasn't changed. new element headline to it. winter weather advisory from 4:00 a.m. through noon. we're only talking about an inch of snow in the maximum of metro area. being rush hour the guidelines the national weather service uses to give everybody an extra heads-up. we know historically a little bit of snow or sleet early in a rush hour on a cold morning causes a big amount of problems. so there you see it. southern maryland st. mary's county and charles county not included but charles and the west of the area is under that as well. break in the current advisories posted and much more south side virginia to the south carolina border where they have freezing rain advisories. this is all in advance of a system that's yet to fully develop. the air is plenty cold. below freezing in many spots now. warm spot, reagan national at 33 degrees but the temperatures will fall. we have a dry cold northerly wind. it will push us across the viewing area between 15 and 23
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degrees early tomorrow morning. it will be plenty cold! look at how cold the air is to our north. syracuse, 4 degrees. 3 at burlington vermont and 1 degree below zero at caribou. it won't be a case of freezing rain. it's going to be snow and in some areas, a few thousand feet up, there's a little transition zone where it's briefly above freezing since some of the snowflakes may melt and refreeze on the way down that's how we get the snow/sleet combination. as far as the volume we don't expect a lot. the storm system will move off the coast and head north get a little moisture. but we're only talking around an inch at most for metro area with much less flurries farther north and west and, perhaps, a little bit more south and east. close-up of the futurecast shows tomorrow morning indicating in blue areas of snow that may be approaching the metro area and they'll kind of move north and move more east during the balance of the morning and we think we'll see some clearing skies by the late afternoon or evening and then the next several days beyond that will be nice. get a bit of a warmup. all of our concern and interest sandwiched in between about 4:00 and noon tomorrow because a
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little bit of precipitation. a trace to an inch possible in these areas shaded in the blue. maybe one or two in spots to the south where we see the sleet and snow posted and much less farther north and west. it will come it will go. the system a quick mover and will move to sea. as the hourly forecast goes look for the period of wintry mix between presunrise hours. and then temperatures climb no higher than 32 for an afternoon high. and then we'll clear out later in the day and see rather pleasant stretch here as we head through thursday and friday with warming trend in the lower 40's. as we start off the holiday weekend, how about partly sunny and 44 on saturday. near 50 sunday with morning sunshine and afternoon shower on monday on dr. martin luther king day, 43. that's pretty typical january weather. crisp and cool and partly cloudy. that's the way we see early next week. >> that looks good. got to get through tomorrow morning. >> we'll be fine. >> ok. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 this evening a virginia man has
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lit up social media. we'll introduce you to a young people who were husband and wife. >> all right. plus an inside look at the terrifying minutes spent gasping for air in the metro? the act of heroism as metro riders fought to save a woman's life. >> and how authorities say they caught an area youth sports coach lying about who he was while sending child pornography to children. st
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>> fairfax county youth hockey coach has been arrested accused of posing as a 13-year-old girl on line. >> police say timothy bodenheimer was using the ruse to have an on-line relationship with children. diane cho explains. >> he was a former volunteer coach with the washington little capitals but now authorities say 27-year-old timothy bodenheimer is facing 10 counts of possession of child pornography. according to the search warrant, investigators with the northern virginia d.c. internet crimes against children task force first learned of it in december. after they say several parents whose children play youth ice hockey in the community told them their children were being approached by a suspicious person on line. investigators say bodenheimer identified himself as a 13-year-old girl who tried to talk to another minor on instagram. that boy's parents eventually got involved and later found out
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that several other players from the local middle school were being contacted by the same person. an undercover officer got on line posing as a 12-year-old boy to talk to the suspect. that's when investigators say bodenheimer sent the undercover officer child pornography. they say he continued to send 13 images and videos of what appeared to be child pornography over the course of the next several days. court documents show phone records led him to this fairfax station home where his parents live. that's where they received computers and hard drives for evidence last week. they received a statement saying "they took the safety and welfare of their parents very seriously and they will cooperate in any investigation." encouraging their members to do the same. he is being held without a bond. we searched out to his attorney but so far, we haven't heard back. the owner of coldwash hockey told us by e-mail that he was a contracted instructor for them. she also says that she was "shocked and absolutely sickened
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to learn of the information surrounding his arrest." she went on to say they immediately notified their clients and recommend they speak with their children. diane cho abc 7 news. >> and coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 thousands of retired federal workers data compromised. the glitch that may have put all of the information an identity thief needs out in the open. >> their second walk down the aisle went viral. what this ring bearer and flower girl turned bride and groom are now saying about their chance meeting and their on-line fame. >> good samaritans make an effort to help a metro rider. i'm suzanne kennedy. that story is coming up.
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>> new details are emerging tonight about the moments smoke filled a yellow line train near l'enfant plaza leaving at least one person dead. >> within the past half-hour we've learned just a handful of people are still in the hospital tonight being treated for smoke inhalation and other injuries they suffered. and we've also learned tonight that the woman who died in that smoke-filled train is 61-year-old alexandria woman named carol glover. >> all of this as metro prepares to finally move that train tonight. and the ntsb leads an investigation into what went wrong. among those evacuated were people trying to save a woman's life there. suzanne kennedy is live tonight with more on that heroic effort.
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suzanne? >> alison and leon jonathan rogers wasn't even supposed to be on that yellow line train. he accidentally got on it instead of getting on a green line train and ultimately ended up trying to save a fellow passenger's life. [coughing] >> the smokey cell phone video shows where jonathan rogers and his fellow yellow line riders spent a frightening hour. the 31-year-old transportation planner was one of a half dozen on that train that tried to help a rider in extreme distress. >> i tried but at that point, it's like she's not conscious. >> the woman had been sitting across from rogers on the train after smoke poured in it was obvious she need help. >> she was like sand, sand. she wasn't speaking in full sentences. she kept saying i can't do it. i can't do it. >> rogers says the fact there
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was only one-way communication on the train impacted the ability to get the woman help. >> the conductor is telling us the same thing over and over to wait and there's no way for us to tell him this person can't wait. and we need to do now. she's been unconscious for a long time. >> no one in the car was c.p.r. certified but tried their best to help. >> we had to do something and that was the only thing that seemed like the right thing to do. >> today, rogers is recovering at home. he is grateful he survived. and wonders if the woman he tried to help was the single fatality in yesterday's ordeal. >> i hope her family is doing ok. i wish we could have helped her. but, you know we tried and i don't know what else we should have done but you know just seems really unfair. >> in light of what happened
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here yesterday, mayor muriel bowser tweeted this. "thank you, j. rogers 202 for your courage and strength on metro yesterday and especially for helping others who needed it most." rogers says he will ride metro again but he says he will never look at it the same way. reporting live from the metro station, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> thank you suzanne. just breaks your heart. >> it does. >> of course, the abc 7 team is going to continue to dig for answers about what went wrong yesterday in that metro tunnel and why it took so long to get people out of there. tonight at 6:00 an eyewitness breaks down for us what he believes were mistakes that slowed that imagine response. we'll have that for you right here. >> meanwhile, more money is on the way for the silver spring transit center despite years of delays, the montgomery county council approved a funding request for an additional $21.7 million. crews need to reinforce the
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concrete at the three level commuter terminal and bus depot. that brings the price back to this project to more than $14 e 0 million and it's already two years behind schedule. repairs are expected to start this coming spring. >> let's get a look at our traffic situation with bob emler in the wtop traffic center. hi, bob. >> not too bad of a drive out there on dry pavement. everybody is moving pretty well for the most part. heavier traffic heading south over to woodbridge and then heading south towards stafford with the travel lanes open serious crash on 236 westbound has traffic tied up from beltway headed west on little river turnpike tonight. 66 is just volume headed west of the beltway up to centreville and the outer loop from tysons into annandale and the inner loop to 270. let's take a look at the cameras and see what the volume looks like here. pretty good shape for the most part on 395 and traffic on 270 headed north bogs down at
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montgomery village into clarksburg. the earlier crash has cleared. i'm bob emler with 105 wtop radio. >> warnings are going out tonight about tomorrow morning's commute. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the stormwatch weather center and with the timing of wintry weather headed our way. >> snow and sleet and mostly light amounts. the wrong time that could adverse travel effects. let's get started with the brand new advisory issued within the past 35 minutes by the national weather service from 4:00 a.m. until noon. areas shaded in purple metro area traveling southwest to spotsylvania, southern maryland not included. in those areas we're still forecasting a little snow and sleet mixed together. our timeline shows 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. we'll see most of it. towards 10:00 a.m. we'll taper off. start off in the upper teens and low 20's and wind up near freezing. it's the small amount of precipitation on cold, dry
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ground and very cold temperatures that could cause a lot of issues here. a trace to an inch. if there's more, that will tend to be to the south and east of the metro area. even there one to two inches on the top side. what comes after tomorrow morning's system in the seven day outlook in a few minutes, leon. >> all right, doug. we'll be for you folks in the morning. you can count on abc 7 and "good morning washington" team to keep ahead of the weather. the storm watch coverage begins early at 4:00 a.m. with constant updates on the forecast so we'll have it all for you right here. in meantime coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, federal data glitch that exposed personal data to strangers and enough to easily steal an identity. >> plus got to see this story. a bride and groom who started as flower girl and ring bearer describe the moment they knew they were in the midst of something special. >> coming your way tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, long night ahead for dozens in hyattsville.
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where repairs stand right now and when the water will be
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>> this video instantly went viral filling facebook feeds all
5:41 pm
across the nation. ring bearer and a flower girl married 20 years after they first walked together down the aisle. >> now we're hearing from that couple about the unusual circumstances that brought them together. >> 20 years ago, brittany was a 3-year-old flower girl who couldn't stand phil and the cutest ring bearer around walking by her side. briggs' godmother married brittany's family friend. that's the last time they would see each other until their freshman year of high school when they happened to take the same government class. >> i dw up to him and say hey we're in a wedding together. >> from there, a first date. >> i knew i'm going to date this guy. >> the two are in college together and after four years of dating, briggs popped the
5:42 pm
question. the two would walk down the aisle again this time in their own wedding. >> i was so overwhelmed. i didn't even know what was going through my head. happiest day in my life. >> no matter what happens, he loves me more than anything. >> the video has gone viral now and the two little kids who are now all grown up will live happily ever a >> so that pick of the 20-year-old picture of brittany and briggs now hangs in their own homes. they also re-enacted on their wedding day. as for the ring bearer and flower girl at their recent nuptials, they're related. don't expect the lightning to strike twice. >> depends on where they're from. i'm not going there. >> stop! >> still ahead -- >> we'll tell you about the next project for woody allen. it's something he's never done before. >> and a computer glitch sends
5:43 pm
the wrong tax information to federal retirees. coming up we'll introduce you to one of them and tell
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>> what's being described as a glitch may have compromised the financial information of the retired federal workers. that includes social security numbers and tax statements sent to the wrong people. "7 on your side" investigator chris pabst spoke with a woman who received someone else's personal information. chris, what did you find out in this case? >> lee not on, the federal government is simply calling this a "technical malfunction" but to the woman that we spoke to today, this is simply terrifying. her fear is if she got access to somebody else's social security number and tax statements, who got access to hers? >> social security number and account information. >> the chase number. >> what she is showing abc 7 -- >> that's a 1099. >> is something she never wanted to see. >> you have all the information that you need here. >> absolutely. >> yesterday morning, the 37 year employee of d.o.d. logged into her retirement account. like she often does. but this time her information was replaced with someone
5:47 pm
else's. she got into a second person's account and called the office personnel and management. >> honest person could get this information. >> hampton says she never received a response from o.p.m. and there's nothing on the website about it. so "7 on your side" contacted them and received this response. "o.p.m. disabled the portal while it investigated the circumstance and will notify affected individuals if personal information is determined to have been compromised. >> it is scary. you would think that the government would have the best security. the one place i thought i would be safe is not safe. >> o.p.m.'s website is back on line. no word on how many retirees may have had their information compromised. >> all right, thanks chris.
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folks, if you've got a story that you want the "7 on your side" team to look into for you, just e-mail tips at or call the "7 on your side" hotline and we'll see what we can do. alison? >> now to a "7 on your side" health alert tonight. a new study finds the elevation in which you live may impact your chances of getting lung cancer. researchers at the university of california and pennsylvania looked at the four most common types of cancer and they found as elevation increased, lung cancer rates decreased. prostate, breast and colorectal cancer did not show the same results. researchers think lower oxygen levels and higher elevations are making the difference. >> iconic hollywood director woody allen is working on a tv series. the oscar winning director is going to write and direct his first ever series for amazon prime's instant video service. the show doesn't have a name yet but set to debut sometime next year. the announcement comes a day after amazon won its first ever
5:49 pm
major hollywood awards. its series "transparent" took home two golden globes. >> here's a look at what's coming up tonight at 6:00. we have new information on senate minority leader harry reid reid's recovery, instructions from his doctor and a big meeting he's been missing. big partnership with the social media company but the center for missing and exploited children says it could help them in a big way. we're still monitoring investigation into the smoke incident at the l'enfant plaza metro station. what the ntsb is looking right now. >> doug has been monitoring this weather tonight that may put a crimp on our commute tomorrow morning like we saw last week. >> absolutely, doug? >> we won't have a lot of snow or sleet. a little bit actually. a little bit falling on very cold surfaces with very cold air temperatures, 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, we know the result. let's get to it. we have a brand new winter weather advisory if you're just joining us issued at 5:00 p.m. in effect from 4:00 a.m. to noon. the metro area northeast towards
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baltimore. southwest towards stafford and spotsylvania counties. air temperatures by morning, and wintry mix slated to begin moving in from the south between 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning. be with us from mid to late morning and sun will be back in the afternoon. it's that precipitation even with small amounts falling that temperatures and teens and lower 20's can cause a disproportionate amount of traffic problems earlier this morning and the traffic problems bears out that possibility with the storm moving out and could push a little snow and a little sleet into the region and then clear out quickly in the afternoon hours. as far as the amounts, northern and western suburbs not much more than flurries. metro area trace to possibly an inch and then the farther south and southeast you go maybe one to two inches with more sleet as a possibility mixed in with the snow. we'll get rid of that. the holiday weekend looks great by dr. martin luther king day on monday. partly cloudy and 43. hit the 50 degree mark late sunday afternoon. a lot more background on this light wintry mix coming here in
5:51 pm
the morning and you can find them on the latest stormwatch 7 weather blog at and take close-up looks at the maps. and that's it. leon and alison back to you. >> thank you. have the champs coming to town tonight. >> that's right. big night. robert burton is live for us at the verizon center for the wizards game. hi robert. >> what's on? that's right, the champs are in town tonight. i hate to bring this up off the top but the spurs will try to come in here and win their 18th straight against the wizards here at verizon. so if you're the wizards, i think you kind of want to win right now especially after going down to the hawks sunday. is 2-- 120-89. yoplay like that on sunday it won't work tonight against a pure offense like the spurs. you'll see basketball at its finest tonight here at the phone booth. >> if you're a basketball purist, kind of what you dream about in terms of player
5:52 pm
movement and it doesn't matter who is there and has done a great job. >> the fan, you definitely have to be -- you're excited you know, it will be a great game. we definitely have to be on the edge. in all aspects of the game. >> and if you haven't watched the nba for the past 15 years, the spurs seem to win a lot. five championships within those 15 years. why are they so good? well, we were fortunate enough to get a nice full answer from the very short and sweet greg popovich. >> other teams want to move the basketball. other teams want to have assists and lower turnovers and, you know, all the pieces of the game. just a matter of what team can do things well for more of the 48 minutes, actually. doesn't always happen. we just do our best. >> bunch of good guys in front of you you want to act the right way. you want to play the game the right way and those are examples that without talking about it
5:53 pm
speaking about it preaching about it it's what people see and what people want to be. >> again some of the purist basketball you'll ever see in your lifetime. we'll talk more wizards and spurs and recap the national football championship from last night. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right. we got it robert! >> thanks a lot. >> ok coming up next on abc 7
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>> tonight president obama is close by here in arlington calling on congress to protect americans from hackers. >> marcy gonzalez breaks down the president's proposal and how it would impact you, the consumer. >> president obama says cyber hacking is a real threat that can have devastating consequences. >> president clintoning our digital infrastructure is a national security priority and national economic priority. >> so today, he urged congress to pass legislation that promotes better information sharing between private companies and the government. >> got to stay ahead of those who are trying to do us harm.
5:57 pm
>> earlier today president obama sat down with congressional leaders at the white house. he said that cyber security is one area where democrats and republicans can work together. >> with the sony attacks that took place with the twitter account that was hacked by islamists jihadists sympathizers yesterday, it just goes to show how much more work we need to do. >> the president was referring to yesterday's brazen and shocking cyber attack on the u.s. military. supposed isis followers managed to take over the twitter feed and you tube page of u.s. central command. the hackers posted isis videos and this threat. american soldiers we are coming. watch your back. the military said no classified information was compromised in what it calls cyber vandalism. but the f.b.i. is conducting a full investigation. >> have to be clear that attacking someone's social media profile is really getting their user name and password in order
5:58 pm
to log into a third party service. not at all the same as attacking a network or intruding into network. >> next month, the white house will hold a summit on cyber security that will bring in key leaders in government and the private sector karen traverse abc 7 news, washington. >> a would be thief got more than he bargained for when they said he tried to hold up a convenience store. >> two police officers were waiting for him inside. didn't know that of course. 19-year-old jeffrey wood walked into the 7-eleven at the corner of eastern avenue and sheriff road in northeast and a detective walked up behind him and arrested him. he's now facing charges of attempted robbery. >> all right. that's it now for abc 7 news at 5:00. coming up tonight at 6:00. big questions about metro's response to that disaster. >> and new decision from the judge in the bob mcdonnell trial. what it means about his future.
5:59 pm
>> and we're keeping a close eye on your morning commute. winter weather alert and how it could affect your wednesday. >> several people are still in the hospital tonight after smoke filled a metro tunnel train and station. in the end one woman identified as carol glover of alexandria lost her life. just ahead, we have complete coverage including where the investigation stands at this hour. but first we start on storm watch tonight because we are monitoring the potential for snow early wednesday morning. abc 7 chief meteorologist doug hill has the winter weather alert and timeline for us. doug? >> all right maureen, and temperatures continue to fall. 28 degrees now outside of the beltway furniture storm watch 7 weather center and temperatures are cold and the moisture approaches. the setup is in place for snow
6:00 pm
or sleet early tomorrow morning. that's why the national weather service large part of the metro area extending northeast to baltimore and southwest to the west side of the potomac, winter weather advisory from 4:00 a.m. to noon. the temperatures will get even colder. drop from the 20's into the teens by morning. 15 to 23 degrees. we expect the moisture and falling snow and sleet to move in from the south towards the metro area. about 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. with the ground so cold and the area colder a little bit of snow and a little bit of sleet can make one heck of a mess driving. so as far as the amount, north and west of the city see flurries but in the metro area trace to an inch of snow and a little farther south and southwest over to the eastern shore, maybe one to two inches of a combination of snow and sleet. it will clear out in the afternoon. during the hours and early morning, that could cause some problems. more about that potential in just a few minutes,


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