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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 14, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EST

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a 2016 speech if he joins the growing group of gop candidates. >> during this time of uncertainty it seems our leaders in washington would rather stoke division for their own gain. >> reporter: they say for a focus not on new jersey on the outside on those all-important early voting states. >> he's running for president. that's what it sounds like to me. that's fine. but he is still the governor of the state of new jersey. our issues have to be addressed. >> reporter: another issue opponents raise is christie's temperament. there was a reminder there. >> sit down and shut up. >> reporter: when the man at the centre of the fight came to protest >> we are standing here today to say to the governor that he needs to stay in new jersey and finish his job. >> reporter: all issues we could see again in 2016. in trenton, new jersey shushannah walshe, abc news. the state of the state of north carolina meantime is icy.
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the ice storm is hitting the carolinas this morning and casing parts of the tar heel state under a frozen glaze. road crews worked in to the night salting roads, bridges and overpasses. officials are warning drivers to be extra careful. in particular of black ice which can linger well after the outdoor temperature has risen in to the 40s. in today's forecast, icy conditions linger in the mid-atlantic region. northeast cold snap continues for another day. a break from the dangerous cold in the midwest. snow in northern new mexico. showers in the gulf coast. 50s in new orleans and seattle. 40s in atlanta, albuquerque and memphis. 30s in washington, d.c. and new york teens and 20s for minneapolis to boston. authorities are warning nearby communities about a volcano eruption in western mexico. this is the kilima volcano known as the fire volcano spewing ash and smoke 5,000 feet in the air.
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the ash could pollute the air for miles around. there's been an increase in activity in the volcano since last november. history is expected to be made by this evening in yosemite national park. today is the 18th day of climbing for kevin jorgenson and tommy caldwell. if everything goes as planned, they will get to the top of else captain's wall tonight. the first people to free climb the 3,000 foot sheer rock face without using climbing aids. it is an accomplishment that many climbing experts never thought would happen. >> i love this story and hard to convey how ridiculous what they are doing is. it is not just about the heights but that is a sheer rock and they have little to hold on to. small razor-sharp edges, using nothing but their hands and feet. i mean these guys have been going at it. i love this story. >> it is just granite is what it is made of. the first person to climb or
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reach the summit did it in 19958. not so easy. >> not easy to do but they are free climbing the sucker. good luck fellas. we will see them maybe this afternoon. moving on to a unique vehicle shown off in the detroit auto show right now. it is the world's first fully functional 3-d printed vehicle. >> the frame and interior features were printed from carbon fiber infused plastic. >> tests need to be done before it can be sold commercially but the company says the first of the vehicles will be on the road sometimes next year and 18 to 30 grand is what it will cost you. >> was the horn printed as well. >> i don't know. heated seats? >> that's all you want. heated seats are huge for you. >> i'm from florida and if i have to be in the north i want a heated seats. i don't care what kind of car i
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drive. >> makes sense. ahead, reckless riders taking over highways. the illegal trend involving fast cars and traffic tieups. and later this happened, really. police pursuit involving a cow that just wanted to be free. you are watching "world news now." nrs "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print.
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dish issues? cascade platinum powers through your toughest messes better than the competition the first time. now that's clean. all right. dangers on the road you have enough to look out for these days but one more to add to the list. >> some drivers are deciding to do doughnuts in the middle of the freeway. abc's brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: spinning out of control and purposely shutting down this open california freeway. >> oh man. going to be stuck here.
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>> reporter: one driver arrested and police are searching for the others behind this illegal stunt known as a side show. a scene now becoming all too familiar. similar to those in one of the fast and the furious movies ♪ reckless riders taking over busy streets, creating chaos. are you seeing this happen more often? >> we are. it is a way of showing off and it's dangerous. >> reporter: last month in los angeles, this side show and street race brought traffic on a busy freeway to a screeching halt. officers arrested 18 people impounding 27 vehicles. another street takeover in oakland. hundreds in the crowd this stolen car set ablaze. and watch when officers arrive this red van flees the scene, crashing through a fence getting stuck on railroad tracks. and police studying this video of a dangerous spinout on the world famous golden gate bridge
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trying to identify those responsible. >> these are clubs, these are groups that gather together. it's a game to them. >> reporter: in oakland, rocks and bottles were hurled at officers responding to the scene. with charges pending against the driver of this red mustang, they hope this video will help them track down the others involved. brandi hitt abc news angeles. >> fast and furious or dumb and stupid ? >> with that we have more danger on the highway. different danger. you have to watch for cows, too. >> one got loose and really made a break for it. why was it udderly difficult to catch him? we're going to milk this story next. you are watching "world news now."
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tt2wút3nú1$" bt@qi1x tt2wút3nú1$" "a@qy=< tttt4wút3nú1$"" dztq +zt
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tt4wút3nú1$"" entq [í4 tt4wút3nú1$"" gzt& byl tt4wút3nú1$"" hnt& rw tt4wút3nú1$"" iztq 8>x tt4wút3nú1$"" jntq án8 tt4wút3nú1$"" lzt& 2#d >> go ahead, everyone is listening now. >> they weren't supposed leave our mics open. all the things we talk about in between commercial break.
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oh boy. this is far worst than a traffic jam. it leaves you late and no one believes your excuse it is too good to be true. >> can you imagine going in saying you are late because there was a traffic jam and a cow on the loose. yes, a cow on the run going down the highway. this happened folks. thank goodness we have video of it. >> reporter: it's impossible to know why this cow broke free from its stall an ended up on the run down i-5. >> starting to run south. >> reporter: but that's what happened in december captured by state trooper dash cam. traffic came to a stand still, backed up for miles near the town of stanwood perhaps the cow was running from something because you see stanwood is an area surrounded by beef lots and lots of beef. >> gourmet angus beef. >> reporter: and every day the crew at johnny's burger shop
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moov a ton of it. none of the customers really had a cow over the whole thing. >> i'm not surprised, i guess. >> there's a cow running through the intersection. >> reporter: the 911 call started beefing up around 10:30 this morning and the cow's owner called dispatchers. >> it's my cow. i just bought him today. >> reporter:est to corral the cow but by then the cow turned in median. through the expanse of the tall wet grass, every step, another step closer to freedom. troopers closing in behind. >> we need him headed that way. >> until the owner gave permission to end it all. for the cow's safety and for the safety of drivers. >> before someone ran over it and got hurt. >> reporter: then troopers took aim and did just that. you have to do what you have to do. >> reporter: and the great cowcapeade came to a close. >> it is sad but it's a cow.
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>> starting to run south. >> reporter: back to the cow's owner, i talked to him but i'm not going to tell you his name because he's a teenager and his friends apparently made a big beef about it. he did tell us though he was able to salvage some of the beef sold some of it but still took a loss. komo 4 news. >> no one told me it was going to end like that. >> no matter how this piece ended, the story eventually would end with that cow on somebody's plate. >> i thought maybe they tranquilized him. producers, scott told me it didn't end well but i thought he was tranquilized. >> after he was tranquilized and got back to his home he was going to end up in the same situation, a plate with a knife and fork next to it. >> maybe the president would pardon him. >> that is turkeys only. >> oh, right. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85.
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♪ >> all right. we had more than 33 million americans tuning in on monday night to watch ohio state beat oregon the first ever national championship game. re a lot of great story lines coming out of the game and one of my favorites the third string quarterback who stepped up to bring his team to glory. here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: the ohio state buckeyes are the first national
2:56 am
champions of the new playoff era. >> reporter: 85,000 fans watching and we were with them. the underdog buckeyes toppling the oregon ducks. with the third string quarterback who wasn't even supposed to be there. >> cardale jones so impressive. >> what a play. >> cardale jones the quarterback only because the team had lost their first two. he didn't even start until the postseason. there was someone who always knew cardale could do it. back home it was a tough beginning for cardale in cleveland, the youngest of six. >> not knowing where the next meal would come from. >> reporter: he went to the only all male public high school in cleveland and assigned a mentor named michelle nash. >> i saw something in his eyes. i just seen a sweet kid that needed something. >> reporter: over the years he wouldn't call her his mentor he began to call her mom. >> that's what he calls
2:57 am
>> reporter: another blessing for her, the boy she believed in. once considered at risk now the center of the first national championship. >> it is an unreal feeling you know, looking at all of this confetti fall. >> come here. >> reporter: a hug for the third stringer that led them to victory. david muir, abc news, new york. >> somet takes one person to stand up and say i believe in you and it makes all the difference in a person's life. >> you hear so many stories like that. and you are right. one person makes all the difference in the world and here he is. somewhere, i don't want to go too far here but he could declare for the nfl draft if he wants to right now. >> i believe sglit he has only had three games. let's not get too excited. >> if he doesn't make it, i'm writing to the nfl to complain.
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3:00 this morning on "world news now," terror warning, al qaeda's explosive threat aimed at airlines than u.s. >> it is detailed. it is instructional. it appears people are reading it. >> reporter: the latest terror fear and how it is already impacting travelers. poison plot. the threat against the speaker of the house john boehner, the arrest and the investigation that's been going on for months. man overboard. a shocking scene for passengers on one of the biggest cruise ships in the world. >> it was very surreal. i never imagined in my lifetime i would ever see anything like that. >> a rescue straight out of a movie captured on eyewitnesses cameras. it is wednesday, january 14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you, everybody. on this wednesday thank you for being with us. i'm t.j. holmes.
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>> i'm reena ninan. we begin with new terror threats that have airports on alert. >> coast to coast passengers are seeing ramped up security checks as al qaeda posted a chilling how-to guide for the latest weapon. abc's brian ross starts us off. >> reporter: at u.s. airports a security alert over what al qaeda is calling its hidden bomb. with tsa screeners under orders to ramp up the number of random searches both on passengers and on carry on luggage. the security order comes after al qaeda published this alarming on-line, step-by-step bomb recipe. the most detailed lethal instructions ever according to u.s. bomb experts. >> it is detailed. it is instructional. it appears people are reading it and it is something we need to push back on very hard. >> reporter: u.s. experts say the bomb would be more powerful than this the so-called underwear and shoe bombs which u.s. authorities replicated and exploded.
3:02 am
the instructionslude where to sit on a plane to maximize damage. but what most alarmed u.s. security officials is that the device with no metal parts is specifically designed to get through standard airport detection and would only be detected by full body scanner machines, which are not present in airports. through this large hoop hole the instructions read you can pass through many american airports. >> this group is absolutely determined. they have shown that in the past to try to take out and attack on u.s.-bound plane. >> reporter: the u.s. airport alert comes as authorities in france piece together the puzzle of the terrorist sleeper cell behind last week's attacks. the three gunmen the girlfriend and her accomplice on the run and now the arrest of a new suspect in bulgaria and at least six other people still hunted. so far from decimated, al qaeda continues to pose a threat with its behind the scene help in the french attacks and new efforts to get supporters to build and
3:03 am
smuggle a bomb on to american aircraft. brian ross abc news new york. overseas the french government is apparently redoubling efforts to bear down on the threat from isis militant. france's lower house of par a limit overwhelmly voted to extend air strikes from 48-1. it comes as french investigators tracked down a potential suspect linked to the deadly attacks in paris them 28-year-old french national had been arrested in bulgaria for allegedly kidnapping his 3-year-old son trying to take him in to syria. the four jewish victims of last week's attack at a paris kosher supermarket have been laid to rest. israeli leadersourners gathered for a sem in jerusalem. the coffins of the four jewish french citizens arrived on a pre-dawn flight from france after a request from their families to bury them in israel. in france a message of defiance against terror is handed out in thousands of
3:04 am
newsstands ain the country. the satire magazine "charlie hebdo" is releasing the first new issue. abc's terry moran is in paris. >> reporter: "charlie hebdo" survivors going public to talk about their new issue and the message they want to send out to the whole world. >> the cartoonist that drew the cover image, his raw emotions pouring out here. he was minutes late to work last wednesday, heard the shots, found his colleagues and friends dead executed. so he drew on the familiar "charlie hebdo" banner "all is forgiven." under that the image of the prophet muhammad a tear on his cheek. holding the sign you see everywhere here je suis charlie, i am charlie. abc news is not showing the image of muhammad. i had the image, the idea of
3:05 am
drawing muhammad and i looked at him and he was crying and i wrote above it all is forgiven and i started crying. >> reporter: muslim leaders urged calm among the faithful that might be offended by "charlie hebdo's" new cover and around the world, leading muslim clerics were denouncing it as blasphemous. abc news, paris. despite the magazine publishing 3 million copies 50 times the usual circulation, good luck finding a copy here in the u.s. it is selling on ebay up to $500. lawyers for the boston bombing suspect are asking that jury selection be delayed because of the attacks in paris. they cited the jury pool to be presencejudice by the events of last week. the judge so far rejected the requests. jury selection is set to resume
3:06 am
tomorrow. a bizarre story about the threat on the life of house speaker john boehner. a man who served boehner drinks at an ohio country club indicated he wanted to poison him. abc's pierre thomas has the details. >> this is about a man who appears to be mentally ill who police feared was a danger to speaker boehner. it started with a phone call when the suspect, michael hoyt dialed 911 calling an ohio police department. he told police he was jesus christ and he was going to kill speaker boehner because boehner was mean to him at a country club in west chester, ohio. a bartender had been fired from the country club. he said he allegedly wanted to put something in speaker boehner's drink, suggesting poison. he also said he had a loaded beretta pistol and was going to shoot boehner. he was taken for psychiatric evaluation and the fbi determined he was a serious threat. she facing a charge of threatening to murder the speaker of the house. pierre thomas abc news, washington.
3:07 am
the children of civil rights icon martin luther king jr. are in a bitter legal fight over two of his most prized possessions. they are in an atlanta courtroom asking the judge to determine who owns his nobel peace prize and bible. his sons want to sell the items and his daughter is against selling them. u.s. women's soccer team goalie hope solo is free to focus on -- now that charges have been dismissed. a judge near seattle threw out the case. solo's attorneys argued her half sister and nephews were uncooperative. it started with an altercation at a party last june. a man in china is in trouble for trying to smuggle iphones in to china. he was arrested after rooif arriving with 94 devices under his clothes. held in places mostly by plastic wrap. iphones are more expensive in mainland china than congress
3:08 am
congress. they got suspicious twhan observed his weird walking posture. always a give away. speaking of apple the company patented a new design for a digital video camera. a remote controlled camera can be attached to a helmet or anywhere else. that could bad news for go pro. shares plummeted 18% after words of this patent spread. apple patents a lot of designs and a fraction of which are used in products. pizza hut is the latest chain to jump on the gluten free bandwagon. later this month customers can order a pizza made with dough supplied by a gluten free baking company. however critics will point out it is pretty much impossible for the pizzas to be truly gluten free because traces of gluten will be found on utensils prep tables and just about everywhere else. >> a lot of pizza chains are getting in to the gluten free trend. 2 million people in america have
3:09 am
celiac's disease. -- want know get this for you. >> i thought we were going to pretend it didn't happen. >> this is a wireless ear piece and this is the third time in two days it has fallen out of my ear. >> this is how close we are. it is all nasty and waxy. >> you picked it up. stick it back in my ear. >> just here to help. what were you saying about that pizza. >> oh! >> let's move on. >> all right. to another big rollout at the auto show in detroit yesterday. we told you about new sports cars from acura and ford. >> this morning it is cadillac. the 2016 ctsv 640 horsepower. 200 miles an hour most powerful gm price ever. >> the current ctsv starts at 71 grand. so figure it will be somewhere around there. >> the gt we were talking about
3:10 am
the and the acura nsx, 150 grand. >> this is a steal. >> let's go with the cadillac. coming up in the mix, we will talk more pizza, how to cut pizza a sneaky way to get an extra slice without anyone knowing you stole a slice. falling gas prices impacting your budget and the entire economy. does this mean gas guzzlers are making a comeback? you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by mucinex. man (sternly): seriously? where do you think you're going? mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. mr. mucus: oh, right then i'll swing by in like 4 hours... just set aside a few tacos for me. man: forget the tacos! one pill lasts 12 hours. i'm good all day. mr. mucus (to himself): wait! your loss. i was going to wear a sombrero. [announcer:] only mucinex has a bi-layer tablet that starts fast, and keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 full hours. start the relief. ditch the misery.
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let's end this. for a crowd this big your everyday dishes will only go so far. literally. you had to go deep into the cupboard. embarrassingly deep. can this mismatched mess be conquered... by a little bit of dish liquid? it can if it's dawn ultra. it's more concentrated... ...just one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. here's to the over-extended family gathering. dawn, it's amazing what a drop can do. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance
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♪ well, it's the worst nightmare for anyone on a cruise, falling overboard and no one noticing. >> nightmare turned too real for a passenger out at sea until another cruise ship spotted guy. we are up all nightline with see celia vega. >> reporter: it was early in the morning off these choppy waters off of cozumel, mexico. >> i heard what i thought to be a strange sounding bird a little spec in the water. >> reporter: the speck turning out to be a 22-year-old man. >> i noticed it was a young man, screaming "help me" as loud as he could. "somebody please help me." >> passengers on a disney ship called "magic" spotted him.
3:15 am
>> i instantly got on the phone and called zero. >> there was a call made mr. mob starboard side. >> man over board. that man had falln in the caribbean off another cruise ship sailing the same route earlier that morning. >> the crew took over at that point, brought the ship to a stop and circled around him and i started videoing. >> reporter: he rescue caught on camera by david who was watching from the deck of "the magic." >> it was surreal. i never imagined in my lifetime i would see anything like that. >> reporter: these witnesses say people on board threw the man a life vest. the crew launched this lifeboat and raced to save him. >> once i saw him start swimming i knew he was okay. >> it made me feel good as well to see in an emergency this is how quickly they responded. >> reporter: according to the eyewitnesses, the entire rescue taking only 30 to 45 minutes.
3:16 am
>> they do these safety drills before we even leave port. we are sitting there, like let's get this over with. we are never going to need this information and to actually see it put to use was like wow, okay. they are on their game. >> reporter: disney the parent company of abc news did not issue a statement about its ship's rescue. in a statement royal caribbean says "we are grateful for the other ship's assistance." . it is not known exactly how the man went overboard or where he fell from but the top deck of the royal caribbean's "oasis of the seas" is 20 stories tall. a fall like that would be longer than a drop from the top of niagara a falls. the extent of the man's injuries unknown. according to eyewitness he was able to swim and do more. >> when they wheeled him off he was sitting up on the stretcher and waving to everybody and he was completely alert. >> reporter: for "nightli
3:17 am
i'm cecilia vega los angeles. >> have you been on a cruise before? >> yeah. >> that's the fear i will fall over and be stuck out in the middle of nowhere. >> i never had that fear before. >> really? >> no. a lot of people worry about sglit but you have taken a tumble not a tumble. you did this intentionally. >> for 20/20. >> yes. i jumped over to test a system in miami and yeah. it is a new system that the industry wants placed on all cruise ships. it would alert people the alarm would say exactly where on the cruise ship. >> let me have that back and have the sound up. can you please sandy? stay with us here. >> three, two, one. [ screaming [ sglk there it is. >> you know what that is like four stories up. you would be screaming too, t.j. >> you said three in the commercial break and now it is
3:18 am
four. it will be six by the time we get to the next hour. you survived. we're glad. >> you screamed when you fell off the rock climbing thing, right? >> let's go. he's upset. the producer is upset with us. >> scott's upset. come /* koming up how low can they go got to be happy about that but what ditz mean about the movement to drive cleaner and greener cars. in the next half hour social media's next step to saving lives. facebook including amber alerts. what you need to know. you are watching "world news now."
3:19 am
if you are one of the nearly 200 million drivers on the road you are probably happy about the gas prices. >> in one town in texas, $1.47. abc's clayton sandell is there. >> the huge sign heralding $1.47
3:20 am
gas is drawing a huge empty tank crowd to texas for one of the lowest if not the lowest anywhere. good news for perry. his limo company uses two stretch hummers. >> you get like seven miles to th gallon. >> filling one used to cost around 100 bucks. now he can fill both for that. >> what is it like to look at a number that he? >> good for the bank account. that's for sure. >> reporter: good for a lot of bank accounts. the government estimates the average household will spend $750 less this year compared to last. but at the detroit auto show more fuel efficient cars are taking a backseat to gas guzzlers. ford's ceo tells rebecca jarvis the ups and downs are a key challenge for automakers. >> consumers are smart, they know gas prices are down but may go up and they want to make sure any vehicle they have even if it is a little bigger than they
3:21 am
want great fuel economy. >> reporter: lower prices can mean layoffs for thousands of oil and gas workers. >> of course that effects people's spending money which affects our business that way too. the question is when prices like these will bottom out and the fact is we don't know. but it is now looking more likely that by the end of the month the entire country could see an average price below $2 a gallon. clayton sandell, abc news tomball, texas. >> 45 states with gas under $2 a gallon. >> good to hear. a relief for a lot of folks but now what we do we buy the gas guzzlers again. >> i know. i'm all about my gas guzzler and my black pants. >> and apparently hair extensions. >> summer look. >> summer look, yeah. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took
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time for the pizza edition of "the mix." when i throw fancy parties i like to order pizza and sometimes before people come i want a slice of pizza. here's a way to get a slice without your friends knowing about it. >> what we need to do is cut a strip out of the middle here. carefully cut it out and put it to one side. then push the two halves together rotate it 90 degrees and do the same again. >> okay. >> doesn't it make for a really small pizza. >> i'm going to try it now. in the middle i started to do it and i'm going to -- this is like -- all right. i'm going to give you a slice of pizza in just a minute. here. >> that's a good looking piece on the right. >> okay. okay. okay. here you go. here you go. >> i think it is going well so far. >> here you go. >> wait a minute.
3:26 am
give me the plate. give me the plate. take this one, too. you have a lot. and then here we go. delicious. nobody would know it is missing. >> no one will know a thing about a that asymmetrical pizza. >> no one i would notice it t.j. you can serve it at a fancy dinner party. >> what do you do when you have a laid back dinner party if this is a fancy one? tell them to go for drinks down the >> the video is going viral because people apparently -- >> i think it is pretty. >> would like to use the trick. >> you didn't rotate it and cut it the other way. >> this is the reena way of doing it. i'm actually proud of this. >> you should be. >> this is one of my proudest "world news now" moments. >> we'll get a top ten list. can we get that together? where's katie? can we get a top ten list of
3:27 am
your proudest "world news now" moments. still, people are loving that because it is a nice little trick. >> it is. >> one other thing here. after you eat the pizza i you may want to workout. here's a workout. look at this. these are dancers who do a full-on routine on the nordictrack. let's listen to this. ♪ >> that's pretty good. >> this is cool. promotion for nordictrack. they are all on nordictrack treadmills but this is a video getting a lot of attention on-line. we will leave "the mix" there for now and we will work on this. >> how come you are not eating your pizz
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 this morning on "world
3:30 am
news now," the plot to poison speaker of the house john boehner. the details emerging overnight and why police are taking no chances. 3-year-old left in his mother's car for a moment gets taken for a ride by a car jacker. how the boy help ed to end the ordeal. helping police, how facebook users can locate missing children. the power of social media and its users going to work. and woody allen doing something he's never done before. the major career move and why he says he's perplexed about it. that's in "the skinny" on this wednesday, january 14th . >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday -- oh, my goodness. >> what day is it? it is wednesday. >> it's wednesday. >> if this paper is correct, it's wednesday. >> don't know what year it is sometimes. >> oh my goodness gracious. it is wednesday. i'm t.j., i think.
3:31 am
thanks for spending some time with us on this wednesday. goodness. >> a lot of crazy news on this wacky wednesday. >> this story had me scratching my head, what in the world is going on? >> he is talking about the alleged plot against the life of house speaker john boehner. >> police say the man behind this plot is apparently mentally ill, even believing himself to be jesus christ, but they were taking no chances and taking the threat seriously. here now abc's josh haskell. >> reporter: a bartender that served john boehner at his country club is apparently trying to kill the speaker of the house. that bartender michael hoyt worked at the wetherington country club in west chester, ohio, for five years. he was fired in october and indicted by a grand jury last week. the complaint says hoyt told a police officer he had been fired and didn't have enough time to put something in john boehner's drink and he said he thought the speaker of the house was
3:32 am
responsible for ebola. inside of his home, police found an automatic handgun and a rifle magazine. hoyt threatened his wife in e-mails. the complaint says hoyt was treated for a psychotic episode two years ago. boehner spokesperson released this statement on tuesday. "speaker boehner is aware of the situation and sincerely thanks the fbi, the capitol police and local authorities in ohio for their efforts." the fbi and u.s. capitol police believe hoyt is a threat to boehner and he is held at a federal facility in massachusetts. hoyt is undergoing a 45-day mental evaluation and facing up to 30 years in prison. josh haskell, abc news, new york. a new threat in america has airports on high alert. from coast to coast, the tsa is beefing up up security, stepping up random searches of passengers and carry on luggage after al qaeda posted a chilling step-by-step instruction guide for what it calls its hidden bombs.
3:33 am
the instructions include where to sit on the plane to i maximum damage. >> it is detailed. it is instructional. it appears people are reading it and it is something we need to push back on very hard. >> most alarming to u.s. security officials is the device with n specifically designed to get past standard airport metal detectors. france's lower house of parliament has overwhelmingly approved extending air strike against isis in iraq by a vote of 48-1. it comes as french investigators track down a potential suspect linked to the deadly attacks in paris already behind bars now the 28-year-old french national had been arrested in bulgaria for allegedly kidnapping his 3-year-old son and trying to him in to syria. two families filed suit over the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. claiming security at the school was lax. the suit has been filed on behalf of the states of noah pozner and another first grader
3:34 am
killed that day in 2012. they are seeking unspecified damages. adam lanza killed 20 students and six adults. a 3-year-old utah boy is safe after a frightening car jacking. police say a stranger drove away with the mother's car was while the child was still inside. abc's brandi hitt has the details. >> reporter: it began with a mother dropping off her child at this day care in ogden, utah, leaving her car running with 3-year-old aden alone in the backseat. that's when police say a suspect got behind the wheel and took off. >> 2012 white mazda 3 stolen from the parking lot. there was a baby in the backseat. >> reporter: a terrifying carjacking underway. aden's mother realizing her cell phone was still inside. officers hoping aden would pick up. >> the 3-year-old child answered it. he is by himself in the car. >> reporter: the thief had ditched the vehicle after a few blocks. so police asked aden to start honking the horn. >> all units the vehicle out of ogden has been located. >> a similar case in colorado last year.
3:35 am
this 4-year-old boy left in a running van outside a convenient store also car jacked and taken on a wild high-speed chase. the young boy rescued unharmed just like little aden now back safe in his mother's arms. >> oh, my gosh, it felt so good, knowing he was safe and knowing what he did. he was just brave. >> reporter: so brave the ogden police department is making aden an honorary junior police officer. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. president obama says the u.s. needs to up its game to guard against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. the president laid out his cybersecurity legislation now. it would increase government information sharing and protect businesses from lawsuits for revealing cyber threats. >> with the sony attacks that took place, with the twitter account that was hacked by islamist jihadist sympathizers yesterday, it just goes to show
3:36 am
how much more work we need to do. >> today the president will be focusing on new steps to increase access to high-speed broadband during his visit to iowa. can you believe it is the official start of tax season. it's just days away. the irs has an alert for taxpayers. abc news learned refund checks will take longer than usual to arrive and that's not the only bad news. abc's jonathan karl has the details. >> reporter: coming soon from the irs, delayed tax refunds, more risk of identity theft and worse customer service. that's the word from irs commissioner john koskinen. in an e-mail to irs employees obtained by abc news the commissioner says the irs budget has been cut so severely "we have no choice but though do less with less. refund checks will be slowed by a week or more and that irs help line only about half of the people who call will actually
3:37 am
get through. about the only people to benefit, tax cheats. the irs will conduct 46,000 fewer audits. spending less on the irs' budget will cost the government money because there will be fewer audits, fewer officers going after tax cheats and as a result $2 billion less in revenue coming in to the treasury. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. folks in eastern connecticut are wondering when the next earthquake will be felt. residents in the town of plainfield are pointing out cracks in the streets and inside of their homes after six small earthquakes in the last two days, the largest 3.3 on monday morning. a new hampshire time-honored tradition is playing thought -- out this week. it is harvest time for ice. for more than a century blocks of ice have been carved from the frozen waters of the lake there for use in the ice boxes of the deep haven camps. back in the '60s they tried to replace the ice boxes with electric refrigerators but in new england, as you can see
3:38 am
here, traditions die hard. families who have been summer ing there for generations said no to the fridges and are still using the ice boxes. >> kind of cool. that's old school. i appreciate that. >> what is new hampshire, die free -- live cold -- live cold and die free. >> i don't know that one but it could be right. >> live cold. >> what are we talking about here? >> it's like the saying for new hampshire. >> the state motto. >> it is like -- i'm blanking. it is too early in the morning. >> it is live free or die. >> live freezing or die. >> live freezing. free or die. >> oh, my goodness. i said it is monday. i can't give you a hard time. let's look at today, which is wednesday's forecast. coldest air hitting this northeast. freezing rain in the mid-atlantic. chilly but not dangerously cold in the midwest. mountain snow tapering in to mexico and arizona and mild in california. >> 71 los angeles. 40s dallas and atlanta. 30s in new york. salt lake city and kansas city teens and 20s from minneapolis to boston.
3:39 am
. well, a little more weather. last time it was hot in brazil. it was because of how the country's soccer team played in the world cup. now it is just really hot. >> summer in rio. zookeepers are giving animals frozen treats. temperatures there yesterday were over 100 degrees. >> one tiger was given frozen meat. he tried to eat it pool side but that didn't go well. he finished in the water. the monkeys got sugar-free ice cream, like we will be doing in august, they dreamt of cooler temperatures. >> sugar free, why sugar free for the monkeys? >> because they are like toddlers, too rambunctious. you have to limit the sugar intake. >> good point. "the skinny" coming your way in a bit. taylor swift is back in "the skinny." these been out this "the skinny" for a while. you will see how the superstar surprised a fan who need some help. and later the dog that takes mass transit without anyone leading the way. we are going along for the ride. you are watching "world news
3:40 am
now." going along for the ride. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. your clever moves won't stop the flu. but practicing healthy habits with lysol can. the cdc recommends washing your hands often and disinfecting surfaces. this season use lysol to kill 99.9% of germs and help keep your family healthy.
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yeah...but what about mike? (cough!) it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. ♪ ♪ each year, more than 800,000 children are reported missing according to the national center for missing and exploited children. >> there's a new tool in the fight to find them that's at your fingertips. marci gonzalez explains. >> reporter: a new initiative by facebook aimed at saving lives them social network partnering with the national center for missing and exploited
3:44 am
to send amber alerts to users in an area where a child is gone missing. >> when they receive amber alerts, this is rare and they are p. >> reporter: as soon as it is issued users will see a post on their news feed like this one in the real life case of myra lewis that disappeared last year. it will include a picture and where they were last seen and what they were wearing. john walsh, whose 6-year-old son was abducted and murdered in 1981 believes the new notification system will make a big difference. >> that child's face, which you don't see on the highway sign, which you don't see on the radio that puts important information on someone's cell phone or laptop immediately. >> reporter: the life-changing impact of that is something 11 year old catelyn's loved ones know firsthand. investigators in south carolina say the girl's father abducted
3:45 am
her and brought her to this motel last march. the owner saw an amber alert on facebook and called police. since amber alert started in 1996, 700 children have been found. and with this new ability to reach many more people, that number is expected to climb. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> amber alerts you see them on the highways, television. it started in 1996 and it's helped 728 children. >> what a better way to do it. everybody is connected and should get the alert. remember, the milk cartons. >> i do. >> think of the transition. >> i do. >> think of the transition.? >> i do. >> think of the transition. makes total sense, right? coming up, woody allen creating his first comedy series the internet. doesn't even own a computer. >> also, the controversial mments involving race and showering. this one has us scratching our heads. this is in "the skinny" next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.tt2wút+oúnt6 bt@q4gé
3:46 am
tt2wút+oúnt6 "a@q$k8 tt2wút+oúnt6
3:47 am
bm@q/@4 tt4wút+oúnt6" dztq v7p tt4wút+oúnt6" entq &30 tt4wút+oúnt6" gzt& ?4h tt4wút+oúnt6" hnt& /:$ tt4wút+oúnt6" iztq esé tt4wút+oúnt6" jntq w#< tt4wút+oúnt6" lzt& on@ ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> all right. leading off "the skinny," big news for amazon studios on the heels of their big night at the golden globes. >> yep, they signed on revered and controversial filmmaker woody allen to write and direct his first comedy series. >> amazon elevated its status this weekend with transparent pulling in apparent golden globes but what woody allen will bring to the table sun clear. >> his body of work is praised but his personal life has been the subject of much scrutiny
3:48 am
including decades old allegations of sexual assault that have resurfaced. >> woody allen said to the statement, i don't know how i got in to this. i have no ideas. >> i have no ideas. >> sure amazon feels good about that. >> oh, man. he is a big name and makes interesting films. this internet thing isn't going away. >> this internet thing. >> good to get ahead of it. relatively speaking it has been ages since taylor swift has been in "the skinny," maybe a whole week. >> that's a big deal around here. >> it is. the pop star is continuing her gift giving in to the new year, this time helping out a fan by writing her name on a big fat check. >> swift sent this young lady by the name of rebecca, you see her there, she sent her a check in the amount of $1,989. the check was to help her pay off her student loans. she certainly appreciated it. >> how did they get the video?
3:49 am
>> how was this set up? right? >> taylor keep up the good work. >> i'm sure the young lady appreciated it. turn to the ladies of "the view." words fly on that show, but one of the guest hosts had everyone talking. >> "glee" actress naya rivera was on the show and the topic of conversation that is driving the most controversy was showering. >> i have a theory about showering. >> which is? >> which is i think that white people shower a lot more than ethnic. y? like showering more than once a day or every day is a white people thing. i am married to a white man and he showers a lot, a lot. like two or three times a day. i'm like what are you doing? >> washing the goop off. >> 28-year-old lady offered some sort of explanation saying her mom is half black or half puerto rican and showers every day. this was offensive to a lot of people. >> yeah.
3:50 am
>> a lot of people talking about this and scratching their heads. it's one thing if you don't shower, knock yourself out but to say that is something white people do, now white people have cornered the market on showering. >> yeah. >> people say they are scratching their heads, i say try head and shoulders. >> oh. >> rivera responded on twitter. "when you get out of the shower today, get a sense of humor. love ya." she will be back on "the view" co-hosting today. >> it was supposed to be funny. funny. >> it did rub people the wrong way. >> hilarious. got exciting news about a couple of big stars. first up congratulations to one of our usher -- irsh -- that's how we say it in atlanta. >> is that true? >> yeah. he goes by irsh. >> we got word he got engaged to his manager grace miguel. in an issue of "billboard magazine" last year, he said his fiance helped him through the hardest times in his life and career. double dose of
3:51 am
congratulations to zooey deschanel, who is pregnant with her first child. she and her boyfriend jacob. they are expecting the child this summer. she is a 34-year-old and she has a pal in pregnancy, her sister emily who's also an actress. congrats, everybody. let's get to the birthdays, shall we? >> a happy birthday to academy-award winning actress faye dunaway. she is turning 74. >> also apollo creed 67 years old. hip hop icon turned actor ll cool j turns 47. and dave grohl of the foo fighter and nirvana turns 46 today. happy birthday, everybody. >> and coming up rolling with my dog. >> say what now? >> rolling with my dog. ♪ rolling rolling rolling ♪ >> this dog actually rides the bus, no owner needed. at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back.
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here on "world news now," we like to bring you a lot of stories about animals. often times a pet that will be doing something we find impressive. >> yeah. the dog you are about to meet really impressed us by doing a human activity that many of us have trouble with, getting around town. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> lassie. >> lassie was good about figuring out stuff and finding her way. >> that's a girl. for elephants" and "the artist" had a complaint launched in his honor pushing for an oscar. in downtown seattle a 2-year-old lab mix named eclipse has eclipsed them all. no special effects just a dog that rides the city bus all by herself. >> just sits like a person does. >> reporter: we spent the day
3:56 am
bouncing along downtown seattle with eclipse. full disclosure, i had no idea what stop to get off at and had to follow the dog. when she is not pawing strangers and making friends he's looking out the window and no joke she knows exactly when it is time for her to get off.she's looking out the window and no joke she knows exactly when it is time for her to get off. so where does a bus riding dog go? the dog park, of course. at the park we met her human ff young who says he generally rides with eclipse but on nearly a dozen occasions, he says she's done it totally on her own. >> just the bus to the dog park and back. keeps it simple. >> reporter: she's a dog. >> yes. but she rode it with me so many times. it's engrained. >> reporter: there aren't many that can get away with licking the seat in front of them and be the most popular passenger on board. of course public transportation can be grueling. eclipse is the one passenger no one complains about when she nods off on top of you. i'm neal karlinsky on the d line bus in seattle. >> the d lines but, huh.
3:57 am
>> i can't figure out the buses and trains, a, b, c, one, two, three, i don't know. >> if i can't walk there i don't >> really? you don't go far. >> i don't go very far. look at the dog. he is clearly loved by the riders. i'm sorry. it is a she, not a he. i did not mean to offend the dog on "world news now." >> the dog is sleeping right now it has to get up early to catch the bus. >> coming up more news from abc. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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but you still have to get through today. good morning washington. i'm jummy olabanji. and i'm autria godfrey. we're getting reports of snow falling in lincolnia and arlington and sleet in calvert county. so far, no school delays. however joint base andrews is opening up two hours late today. the federal government is open, however employees have the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. toss to jacqui


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