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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> right now, we are getting new information about the metro smoke incident. monday's malfunction at l'enfant plaza killed one person and injured dozens more. and today, we learned exactly when first responders were told about the incident and how quickly they were able to
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respond. >> officials have released a timeline of the emergency calls and the dispatch times and brianne carter has this new information. >> right now, we're getting a first look at the timeline of events that unfolded monday after smoke filled the metro station and train killing one woman and injuring dozens. the information shows the first call came in at 3:14 on monday when there was a report of a debris fire on the tracks at the gallery place station. four minutes later at 3:18 a construction worker reports smoke is coming out of the metro tunnel at ninth and water street. according to the timeline there were initially 13 emergency calls. at 3:24 a metro transit official called asking medics and fire units at l'enfant plaza for smoke in the station and reports citizens in the station could barely breathe. firefighters arrived at l'enfant plaza metro station at 3:31. however, according to the timeline it was 13 minutes
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before emergency responders were able to get into the tunnel to rescue passengers. after it was confirmed the power to the rails was shut down. on newstalk with bruce depoight the councilwoman responded to today's timeline. >> minutes count and we have it figure out why the response wasn't more rapid. >> this comes as there's new questions about communication amongst first responders. according to our news partners at wtop once in the tunnel firefighters radios wouldn't communicate with those still above ground. >> we have to from the district's perspective see that our response was proper. and not only our response as fire and e.m.s. but what we do to coordinate. we're supposed to have training and practices. if they got new radios why weren't they tested first? >> brianne carter abc 7 news. >> and we should point out that mayor muriel bowser ordered a review in addition to the ntsb investigation. that review is expected to look into many aspects including
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response time as well as communication. and new at noon now the first lawsuit will soon be filed in the metro smoke incident. a press conference just wrapped up where lawyers announced the lawsuit against the washington metro transit authority. it will be filed tomorrow in washington's superior court on behalf of some of the people injured in the monday accident. >> we're following it so soon because frankly, we need to know what the heck happened in that subway tunnel. >> kim brooks used to be an attorney for metro and now representing the passengers suing the transit agency. and we should point out that an on-line fundraiser has already brought in more than $13,000 so far this noon for the woman who died in that metro smoke incident. the carol glover memorial fund was set up to raise money for funeral costs and other expenses. >> and metro says that evacuation announcement at the gallery place metro station this morning was just a false alarm.
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d.c. fire was called there around 9:00 this morning. metro officials say a faulty smoke detector caused that alarm to go off. to a developing story now, we are learning more about the man accused of planning a terror attack here at the u.s. capitol. the 20-year-old wanted to wage jihad in the united states. karen traverse has more on what he had planned and what his father says that he was set up. >> it's exactly what u.s. officials fear. a home grown terrorist inspired by isis. this is 20-year-old christopher lee cornell in a mug shot taken last night. according to the f.b.i., cornell was in the final stages of a plot to assault the u.s. capitol and lawmakers with pipe bombs. he was arrested yesterday in southern ohio after buying two m-15 assault rifles like this and 600 rounds of ammunition. >> he left the door and several agents came out and tackled him here in the parking lot. and took him down. >> cornell has been under
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constant surveillance since last fall. the f.b.i. watching his every move. the feds zeroed in on him after a confidential informant came in with a tip that he was posting disturbing messages and videos on twitter. expressing his support for al-qaida and isis. one posting said "i believe we should just wage jihad under our own orders and plan attacks." cornell also cited the long dead cleric of al-qaida in the arabian peninsula as already giving a thumbs up for such attacks. cornell's father says he was lost and vulnerable and recently converted to islam. he believe he was set up by federal officials. >> there's no way that he came up with these terrorist plots. somebody put that in his head! >> the f.b.i. says the public was never in any danger. cornell has been charged with attempting to kill officers and employees of the u.s. reporting from northwest, karen traverse, abc 7 news. >> the pope is now talking about
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the terrorist attacks in france. he commented on the work of charlie hebdo. he said "there are limits to freedom of expression when religion is insulted." the satirical newspaper sold out yet again today after printing five million copies. the cover, you see it right here features a caricature of the prophet muhammad and funerals are being held today for at least four of the six staff members who were killed in last week's terror attacks. a leader of yemen's al-qaida branch released a video saying the attacks were in vengeance for the prophets. >> a northern virginia man is now charged in his stepfather's stabbing death. 29-year-old brian hernandez of woodbridge is charged in the death of 42-year-old mauro rodriguez. prince william county police say rodriguez walked into his family's home, grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began pacing around his stepfather. police say hernandez's mom and brother tried to stop him but he stabbed rodriguez several times. hernandez is being held without
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bond. and we are learning more this noon about a deadly shooting last night in southeast d.c. police identified the victim as 17-year-old phillip jones. investigators found jones with multiple gunshot wounds along martin luther king jr. avenue. a girl was taken to the hospital. she had minor injuries. believed to be connected to that shooting. >> the abc 7 on your side team is helping you find answers to all your legal questions. a team of lawyers will be on hand tonight for our ask the attorney phone bank. and you can call in with legal questions from 5:00 until 6:30 tonight. here's the number. write it down. it's 703-236-9220. and you can start calling that number to ask the attorney in our "7 on your side" help center at 5:00 p.m. this evening. taking a look outside now this noon we are finally getting a break from all that bitter cold. eileen whalen is here with a look at how warm it will get today. eileen?
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>> at least we'll be above freezing! we've got a good bit of cloud cover as i'm looking outside of the window in the furniture weather center but more sunshine farther northwest. let me get you to the numbers as of this noon hour. 37 degrees at reagan national and up to 34 dulles as well as in gaithersburg and manassas. 33 at andrews and temperatures believe it or not are anywhere from six to nine degrees milder than they were at this time yesterday. we are making some progress in the temperature department. i'll take you hour by hour so for the rest of the afternoon, temperatures will climb into the upper 30's. i think a few of us especially here in d.c. will make it to the 40 degree mark and then by 5:00 p.m., a lot of us are saying adios to the work sp 39 degrees as you're heading home. and we'll be in the 30's in town through the overnight hours. but i am tracking some slightly milder days ahead. i guess it's all relative this time of year and things look nice and dry through saturday. but wet weather returns for sunday and coming up in my full
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forecast, i'll talk more about the timing and precipitation type and also a lot of you are off on monday for martin luther king day and i'll detail that forecast coming up in a little bit. jummy? >> thank you so much eileen. in the meantime also new this noon, school after labor day. it's something that's been done in virginia for quite sometime and it's now an idea being floated around by maryland state officials. a news conference is wrapping up right now on a new petition on how the public feels about all of this. and our john gonzalez is live in annapolis with the results of this. john? >> and jummy, you know it was done way back in the day when i was in school here in maryland. along with a petition of more than 13,000 signatures the of the maryland comptroller passed out these beach frisbies keeping with the theme of longer summer breaks not only for students here in the state of maryland but also teachers. that's what the comptroller and several lawmakers including
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governor-elect larry hogan and senator james matthews wants to happen in the next year or two. they are pushing for schools in the state to delay opening class until after labor day. now, a state task force recommended back in the summer that schools make the delay while keeping the current end time in mid june. the task force voted 11-4 to make the change. in the past he has released an economic impact report stating that a delayed start time would free up about $74 million from the state's budget. but just minutes ago he told me, this isn't just about money. >> right now, when you start school earlier and earlier in august it disrupts families that have school-aged children. it interferes with small businesses that need part-time employment. it interferes with rank and file teachers who really want to have a full summer vacation. >> now, if you are scoring at home, most maryland schools switch to a before labor day
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start about a decade ago. most counties currently like montgomery and prince george's county start school at around august 25th. but in the coming years, labor day will start as late as september 7th. we're told worcester county near ocean city already made the switch back. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> should be interesting. thank you. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, pack your bags. it will soon be a lot easier to travel to cuba. the new regulations and the other restrictions that will be lifted tomorrow. >> plus is your favorite movie this year up for an oscar? who made the cut and who was snubbed? >> looking ahead to the weekend, will it be a weekend to go and see a new movie? we'll see. eileen is back with how warm it will get.
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>> traffic is back to normal now in downtown d.c. dozens took to the streets and stopped traffic. all to protest the death of a black man by white police officers including eric garner in new york and michael brown in missouri. as jeanette reyes explains they chose january 15th for an important reason. >> michael brown! >> dozens of protesters took to d.c.'s streets this morning with the familiar cry for justice in the deaths of eric garner and michael brown. >> it's beyond michael brown at this point. it's beyond just you know the chants that we're saying. this is something wrong with america. this is the issue of systemic racism. >> supporters of all races kicked off the march at mount vernon square and walked nearly
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a mile to pennsylvania avenue and ninth street northwest wrapping up on the steps of the f.b.i. building. emotions ran high among angry commuters stuck in traffic. some were i like scott winters who was headed to the airport. >> where do you have to go? >> california. >> so you have to catch a plane. >> while he sat in traffic, he pointed out something he considered ironic. >> i find it interesting how you have police protecting their rights to do so oochltd auto they say they're exercising their rights to call attenti to a serious racial issue also present in the district. supporters are asking for the mayor muriel bowser to end stop and frisk in d.c. something they describe as a form of racially biassed policing. >> on this day, on dr. martin luther king jr.'s births day we thought it couldn't pass without reminding folks that business as usual shouldn't be continuing until we really address these major issues in our society. >> as for disrupting traffic, organizers say it's one of the
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only effective ways to draw attention to their cause. >> i mean this is their right and it's a great country that we have people that are able to do this and they're protected and it's part of the american way. >> you can see protesters here behind me wrapping up their march for today. but they tell me this will not be the end of their movement. they will continue to disrupt traffic here in the district until they see changes both around the country and here in d.c. reporting in northwest, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> well it was cold but at least they didn't have any weather to contend with out there if they're protesting. >> exactly. you know it's cold but it's not too terribly bad especially considering where it's been. and at least looking ahead on the seven day forecast we have 40's in our future. >> who knew 40's would sound so good? >> it's all relative this time of year. it really is. but i want to get you started with some live cams from our weather bug network. we have brilliant sunshine in rockville, maryland and montgomery college. 33 degrees. light breeze making it feel like 29 degrees.
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i'm not going to oversell by the fact that it's super mild by any means. notice you go a few miles to the southeast to chesapeake beach maryland. 35 degrees but look at the cloud cover. it's rather overcast so what's going on? let me show you our visible satellite. these are the cameras essentially in orbit and outer space, about 22,000 miles away and this is what we get. so where you're seeing this kind of white, gray shadows, that's where the clouds are so in d.c. just when i was looking outside, a good deal of cloud cover in rosalynn here but off to the south, more of those clouds. farther to the north in frederick, montgomery, loudoun counties lots of sunshine and i think we'll see the cloud cover diminish over the course of the next few hours. but temperatures are pretty chilly 34 degrees at dulles. 34 in gaithersburg, one of the mildest spots here at the city at 37 degrees and i'll zoom out to show you where those clouds are coming from. we've got a little bit of that -- we've got this upper level trough moving through. it's not going to provide us with any precipitation is basically what i want to show you, the precipitation is still
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well off to our south. we'll be rain free until we get into the day on sunday as our next weather system approaches. but i'll take you through the rest of the day. right now sitting in the mid to upper 30's with sunny skies to the northwest and more clouds to the southeast. by 4:00 p.m. i think we're going to start to see more of that clearing and temperatures topping out today in the upper 30's. here in d.c. probably about 40 degrees. and then by 8:00 p.m. clear skies and chilly temperatures in the middle 30's. overnight tonight, fair skies, seasonably cold. 24 to 30 degrees. also with the fair skies, check out the waning crescent moon and also saturn should be fairly close together. should be a nice view in the sky. and looking ahead to tomorrow finally friday mostly sunny. it will be breezy so remember that will make these temperatures feel a little bit chillier. 37 to 44 though our range of afternoon highs and then looking ahead to the weekend, long holiday weekend for many. saturday looks good. lots of sunshine. about 42 degrees. upper 40's monday. i will mention some of the newest guidance coming in
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indicating temperatures sunday may be not quite as mild. so i may have to bump that down. doug hill will have more at 4:00. i think some rain moving in probably through the mid afternoon to late afternoon, i'm kind of seeing a little bit of an earlier trend of this precipitation as well. but notice we stay in the 40's maybe not quite as high on sunday and looking ahead to monday for martin luther king jr. day for the parade, it should be rather nice dry mostly sunny. breezy. highs will be in the upper 30's to lower 40's. again, some of the temperatures here i think may need to be fiddled with a little bit as some of this newer guidance is coming in but of course doug will have the latest tonight at 4:00. until then, a quiet end to the work week after a little bit more of an active start to our work week with the snow and the ice. >> all right. i still wish you were right about that accident that you said 70 earlier? >> my ears perked up. >> 70? >> exactly, maybe that's just wishful thinking. seven degrees warmer. >> thank you. >> hollywood's biggest awards
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event is just around the corner. earlier this morning, the academy award nominations were announced. now, is your favorite star or movie up for an oscar? ted rollins gives us a breakdown. >> we are pleased to announce the films selected as the best picture nominees. >> two films tied for the most oscar nominations with nine. wes anderson's "the grand bud pistol hotel" and "birdman" starring michael keaton who is nominated as best actor. >> make a comeback. >> joining keaton eddie redmain, benedict cumberbatch and bradley cooper who earned a third straight oscar nomination for his role in "american sniper." for best actress, felicity jones, marianne and reece witherspoon join favorite julianne moore nominated for her role as a doctor struggling with alzheimer's in "still alice." >> on my good days i can almost pass for a normal person. >> robert duval is up for best
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supporting actor for his role in "the judge". joining duval edward norton ethan hawke and mark rufalo. >> ♪ human too ♪ >> meryl streep picks up her 19th oscar nomination for "into the woods" joining arquette emma stone, keira knightly and laura dern for best supporting actress. eight movies will battle for best picture. "american sniper" "the imitation game" "birdman" "selma" "the theory of everything" "grand budapest hotel" and "whiplash." >> and the 87th academy awards will be presented on february 22nd right here on abc. ted rollins, abc news, los angeles. >> very exciting. new this noon less than a year after a deadly fire on this plot of land right here another one breaks out. what sparked this morning's two alarm blaze next.
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>> firefighters in anne arundel county had to call in help from calvert and prince george's counties to battle this fire. it broke out this morning in a house under construction on east marshall avenue in diehl. that house was being built on the same lot where just last march, a 62-year-old man died in a fire. no one was injured today and today's fire was started by a propane heater. new rules to loosen trade and travel embargoes on cuba will go into effect tomorrow. the u.s. treasury and commerce departments unveiled the next step in president obama's plan to re-establish diplomatic relations with cuba. it means americans will be able to use credit cards in cuba and u.s. companies canort some es. americans authorized to visit cuba no longer need to apply for special licenses and perhaps, what you may want to know, you can now bring home up to $100 in
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alcohol and tobacco including those famous cuban cigars. >> well one last look at the
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