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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 16, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this friday night, preparing for active shooters. what new york city's police chief now wants among the worldwide terror crack down. also tonight, inside that bus. and a moment in american fleury. the terrorist thinking he is meeting al qaeda. what we know about the case. brazen and dangerous. the armed couple on the run tonight. authorities say the girl is only 13. breaking news from the supreme court. what they have now signaled on gay marriage. the imposter weari and stethoscope for weeks. >> and my interview with julianne moore. who she is standing up for
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tonight. good evening. it's great to have you with us on this friday night. and we begin with new developments from no to london and around the globe. cities on high alert heading to the weekend. terror alerts in major cities. the arrests, a 18-year-old woman at an airport in london. and tonight a chilling discovery from a crack down in belgium. the gun fire shouting. what they are now revealing about that sting. who the terrorists are really targeting. and high stakes calls with police coast to coast. we begin with alex marquardt with new images from belgium. >> reporter: tonight, we are learning more about the attack in bell gum.
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>> it was went to dismantle a tricht cell. >> police found ak-48s pistols, and police uniforms, ready for the attacks. belgium is tiny with just over 11 million people. but some0 to 400 young men have traveled to syria to fight. in this city alone, just north of brussels 28 residents are believed to have gone to fight. one of the reasons that per capita belgium has sent more fighters to syria than any other country. the 15 arrested in the belgium plot. 12 detained in france. in berlin a series of raids nabbed two people. at a london airport, a 18-year-old woman arrested on suspicion of terrorism. the u.s. on guard after this man, allegedly plotting to bomb
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the capitol. the uk tonight raising the threat level against police officers to its highest point in history. meaning an attack is very likely. and tonight a warning from the top terror chief saying there is no longer 100% security and preventing another attack is impossible. >> alex thank you. here at home the fbi warning police chiefs coast to coast that american law inforcement should be on heightened alert as well. the ncpde panding their training. the arrest, an ohio man planning on plothing an attack on the capitol. and the other video, the images from a quarry in west virginia, two cars pulling up. the terrorist who thought he was meeting with al qaeda officers. another case tonight.
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>> reporter: in to west virginia quarry. and to test an al qaeda bomb. >> a bomb he did not think was big enough. >> this is not strong enough man. >> reporter: and there are many more like him. sammy, a would be terrorist, with an day tack to tampa, with a suicide vest explosives and assault weapons. >> would it be fair to say that fbi has dozens of investigations like this any given time. >> that's fair. >> reporter: that is sobering. >> and all of the cases deserve a lot of resources. >> if you follow one person 24 hours a day that is a commitment of 20 21 agents. >> reporter: today authorities
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warned they are concerned about isis and al qaeda with americans and a terrorist who is inspiring a new generation of killers from his grave. >> this is a pay back for the honorable -- >> reporter: the concerns that the fbi drerkt himself this week held an unusual conference call with state and local police to take tips seriously. >> i want to get back to word tonight, that the new york city police commissioner wants to expand training in light of this? >> reporter: the commissioner is expanding training for active shooter. and they show up with assault rifles and to get -- he wants more training for -- and more fire power for the officers. >> pierre thank you. there is breaking flus this evening from the supreme court. announcing they will tackle the abate of same-sex marriage.
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the court's decision comes nearly three years after president obama tells robin roberts saying he had gone through an evolution on the issue and the time had come. >> for me personally, it's important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> and then came 83-year-old edie windsor, that after 33 years with her partner, their marriage deserved to be viewed equally in the eyes of the law. now, the supreme court will take on the issue. jeff zelny reporting in tonight, jeff? >> the supreme court will now decide one of the biggest sift rights questions after our time. the bottom line is this. if the justiceist find the bans uncost nugsnstitutional it's going to make it in the land.
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and a decision expected by late june. david. >> jeff, thank you. and flow to that the man hunt under way at this hour across the south. a couple dubbed a modern day real life bonnie and and nowhe couple on therun, in a car with weapons, according to authorities. here is steve osunsami >> reporter: tonight, police believe that these two teenage sweethearts, on the run from law, are getting desperate as they run out of cash, spotted by security cameras and witnesses in at least four states. cheyenne phillips is only 13-years-old and in the eighth grade. her boyfriend dalton hayes is 18. police say they left their homes in kentucky in a stolen truck and then ran from the sheriff through kentucky farmland. >> the last vehicle that they stole did have two handguns in it and we know that they probably know they're in there and certainly that raises the level of alert for any officer
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that may encounter them. and my citizen either. >> reporter: this all started because their parents didn't approve of their relationship. they left home january fourth in this stolen truck, crashed it into the woods a week later, then stole this red tacoma. they were seen in this surveillance video monday, nearly 600 miles away, allegedly cashing stolen checks at this walmart in south carolina. >> he actually bought her an engagement ring. >> reporter: police found the tacoma another 250 miles away in henry county, georgia. tonight, they think the young couple might have made it to florida. they get in more trouble the more they run. because he is an adult and she surnd 18 he could get multiple kidnaps charges. david? and a cold chicago river. blocks of ice building by the hour until you can see, it's completely frozen over. and look at this the northeast,
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the midwest, covered in white. and now the big thaw on the way. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano with us. and meem at home says it's about time. >> take a look. chicago, certainly, and minneapolis, january thaw. although brief, they have. >> brian: near the 0 degree mark. and atorm for the pacific northwest and sunday afternoon, six inches of rainfall potentially. and on the east coast, a coastal storm that is going to develop. and rain and snow as well. but mostly rain. and rain and snow increasing in foxborough. and much nicer weather. >> you are not going to go on the line the patriots or the colts. thanks. now to the surprise resignation this mother. she became a lightning rod overseeing the obama care website. and tonight, abc v abc news
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investigation. ambulances charging a lot of money, taxpayer money, when they are not needed. would you believe, patients stopping in the ambulance for take out? david kerley with the story. >> reporter: ambulances can save your life. but these are stealing your tax dollars. watch this undercover video as passengers, patients climb into the front seat of an ambulance. they are medicare beneficiaries, tapointment. it should be a $20 cab ride. instead, crooked ambulance companies pick up patients, charging taxpayers $400 bucks a roundtrip. >> it sounds like a pretty easy fraud. >> it is. it is easy fraud. >> reporter: we went on patrol with federal agents in philadelphia suburbs. here there are more ambulance companies than taxi companies. >> we have had some bad guys in here. >> reporter: the scammers going controlling for customers at medical facilities like sis centers.
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an ambulance is approved for medical needs. for example a patient who can't walk, climbing into the front seat. not shocking enough? w about an ambulance stopping a patient can get take out food. >> and fraudsters, these are criminals, making a lot of money on the tax payer. >> bank robbers go to a bank to steal money because there is money there. dicare is an over m. 's where the money is. >> reporter: we went to ask the man in charge of stopping medicare fraud why these ambulances have not been stopped. >> you take some responsibility for the fact that tax dollars are being stolen? >> of course. >> reporter: every year, $350 million in the ambulance program is lost or ripped off. >> stolen by somebody, that's a lot of money. >> we know it's an area of abuse that in some ways outstrips other areas. and we are working as quickly as we can to get it behind us. >> reporter: medicare says it is making progress on these fraudsters. still, some ambulances are being used as glorified taxis and it's your money. david kerley abc news washington. >> david kerley thanks to you. and tonight, believe it or not, the race to 2016 coming in clearer focus. a familiar name speaking this
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evening. will he run for a third time? and what president obama had to say about it with jonathan karl. >> reporter: tonight, speaking on this battle ship in san diego, mitt romney will try to convince republican leaders he should run for president again. and that has the guy who beat him last time smiling. mr. president, i'd really like to hear your reaction to the news that mitt romney is thinking about running for president again. >> on your last question, i have no comment. >> reporter: as romney makes his case, we saw three signs this week that chris christie is already campaigning. first -- travel. iowa today. south carolina wednesday. both key primary states. second -- he says he's not concerned about other big names ready to jump in. >> what i've told everybody, supporters of mine, potential donors of mine, staff is relax. >> reporter: finally, his annual state of the state message sounded a lot like a national campaign speech.
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>> we need to renew the spirit and the hopes of our state, our country and our people. >> reporter: and david, i have talked to several peopl who have heard directly from romney on this. and they tell me they are convinced he is absolutely serious about running. >> in the meantime, headlines about hillary clinton this week. >> clinton has reached out to two veterans of the obama campaign to run her likely company. they are people that beat her years ago and she wants to run a different campaign. >> perhaps borrowing the playbook. tonight, joe paterno has reclaimed the titles more wins than any major college football coach in history. penn state football had been of 112 wins as a result of the jerry sandusky sexual
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abuse scandal. and $65,000 in fines paid bid penn state will be reallocated to help victims of sexual abuse. this friday the hospital imposter caught on tape.s say wearing his lab coat, a stethoscope and tonight the real doctor who noticed something was wrong. and an effort to get america back in space. and our person of the week tonight, actress julianne moore on her many roles, her life and who she is standing up for tonight. the silent struggle in america is coming up. i am his guardian. i am his voice. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr® to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, like aricept® it may improve overall function... and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. (man) namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses.
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for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a new promise... to help all those wishes come true. cvs health. because health is everything. we are going to turn next to the hospital imposter wearing a white coat and stethoscope as he walked the halls. he was not a real doctor. he was not old enough to vote. here is matt gutman.
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>> reporter: the best western in boone, north carolina had everything -- cable tv, an and they met the 17-year-old last week. >> they told me he was a doctor. >> reporter: police say surveillance video shows him roaming in the hospital pretending to be a doctor. the day he got caught, he was there with a family member. >> he said dr. kent i would like to follow you. >> reporter: that was a figure that he was a fraud. his story fell apart and 30 minutes later, he was arrested right here. the teenager plaped by leonardo dicaprio, in "catch me if you can". >> do you >> reporter: and another 17-year-old masker raiding.
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and he took patients. he was found guilty of impers nating a medical person. he was not charged with a crime. he was released to his maufr who says her son was not taking his medication and is under the care of a real doctor. when we come back here julianne moore. and word coming in the missing robot discovered on mars tonight. and in american's return to space, what happened here. if you ever dropped your iphone, the smart phone. the ultimate test. the iphone plunging from 1000 feet. will it survive? sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product
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finally tonight hire our person of the week. she won a golden globe to start the week and was oscar nominated by week's end. but that is not why we have chosen her. it's the silent struggle and the women she is standing up for. giving them a voice. for that julianne moore is our person of the week. fresh off her oscar nomination julianne moore on the dignity of the woman she plays, a mother a wife whose life suddenly changes. it wasn't lost on me the woman you portray in the movie is almost the same age. >> she is younger. >> reporter: her character dice nosed with early on set
6:56 pm
alzheimer's. she has achieved a lot. shy has a successful marriage and her kids are great and suddenly, she is faced with the end of her life. >> reporter: in real life julianne a wife and mother herself. i look at it in this country as a silent struggle. >> yeah very much so. and people believe the condition is aging when it's not. it's a disease. and you are actually able to see the signs of the disease more clearly in a younger person. and people think, oh -- >> the moment when you are running. and everything sort of becomes -- >> i felt i had a real responsibility to get it right. >> reporter: she turned to women living with the diagnosis. among them sandy. she asked what it's like. >> you don't know where this building is or this street is. and it's more akin to a panic attack.
6:57 pm
your heart starts to to beat fast and you take a moment and breathe and wait. >> reporter: at 5.2 million who have the disease, more than 2000,000 have early on set. >> one of the reasons the movie is help ifl to people they feel seen. acknowledged. >> reporter: julianne moore has always played the come politics roles. it's the story. the narrative. >> we talk about politics or social issues or i motional issues. it's really just about life right? >> reporter: do you still remember your first acting role? >> i was in the sixth grade and they did, you are a good man, charlie brown. and i auditioned for the roles of lucy and sally. and they had a monologue about a red haired girl. and they pulled me on stage. >> with your red hair and freckles. >> reporter: do you nod at people with red hair? >> red hairs always see each
6:58 pm
other. there are very few of us. >> reporter: i'm going to look for the redhead message on the street. i will try to join it. in. it won't work for me. >> they won't talk to you. >> reporter: we are happy she did talk to us. tonight, she is thinking of celebrated her 50 ott birthday on set with julianne. >> i do think that everybody's a hero. we are a hero of our own >> i hope to see you monday. until then, have a good night.
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from sony pictures studios it's america's game. wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen here are the stars of our show pat sajak and vanna whe. [ cheers and applause ] hey,ow you do-- oh, wow! wow! how ni. thank you. thank you so much. thank you, jim. thank you, vanna. all right, everybody. grgrab your devices. we're gonna a do our first "toss up." get right to it. category is "occupation." it's worth $1,000. let's go, vanna. [ bell chimes ] ken. baggage handler. yeah, that's it. [ cheers and applause ] you got it. ken shepski. yes, sir. you live like right down the streeeet. culver city. beautiful culver city, california.


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