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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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struggling in smoke for more than half an hour. see the damage in the ntsb investigation. >> i wanted to survive. >> the woman convicted tonight of attacking him. in seconds, a drive turns into terror.
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this driver's unbelievable story, next. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> up first, in ntsb report reveals new information about information about the metro smoke incident. the investigation found that long delays for both turning off the ventilation system and turning off the electrified third rail. we spoke with many of you tonight who said the incident will have a lasting effect on riders. richard reeve is live in southwest with the story. >> this report certainly of interest to anyone who rides the escalators or the trains in the metro system. this report gives us a timeline of what happened and also pinpoints the worst damage. we still don't know why these events occurred last monday. at the l'enfant plaza station --
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>> we want to be safe. >> monday's commute was a toxic, smoky nightmare. 200 passengers were trapped 40 minutes, 61-year-old carol glover lost her life. >> people were confused when this happened. they may be a better protocol. >> the preliminary ntsb report details how amid the chaos the power on the third rail. >> 44 minutes with a live, arcing incident. that's an awful long time. >> report shows the damage done, about 1100 feet from the stop train. with the ntsb does not know is if this was caused by a power surge, damage to the rail, or something else. >> there were some issues that could have affected safety and security. >> the report says that it took 10 minutes to activate ventilation fans in the tunnel rapidly filling with smoke.
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some are concerned about aging infrastructure compromising safety. >> if it needs to be updated to be more modern, that is something they should think about. >> those concerns heightened by two far less severe smoke incidents. >> we need to restore commuters confidence that metro is safe. >> apologies for losing rich's audio. just coming in as richard reeve was reporting, breaking news from northwest washington. sources have confirmed that cbs sports anchor greg anthony is in custody. sources say he was arrested in a sting operation for solicitation of a prostitute. stay with abc 7 for updates. happening in northwest, the police are looking for these
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men, accused of using a drill to break into a vending machine in northwest. while they drove through a lock and stole cash, surveillance cameras were rolling. if you recognize these people and have information, the d.c. police want to talk with you. and this just into the abc 7 newsroom -- new video from a deadly hot air balloon crash in may of last year. the pilot and two university of richmond staff members were killed. multiple witnesses say the balloon approach the leak landing area, -- approach the landing area and hit power lines. the final report from the ntsb is expected in february. a sigh of relief tonight for a nine-year-old boy who was nearly killed when his father's ex-girlfriend attacked him. the woman pled guilty today and is going to jail. roz plater spoke with the brave little boy and his live in the newsroom with the story. >> i asked him if he would sleep
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better tonight and he said he would. this was a horrifying attack. his mother says he is now getting his life back on track. >> it's not going to be easy, but we will get through it. >> a sense of relief after nine-year-old jacob learned that the woman who attacked him is going to prison. >> this is 911, tell me what happened. >> [screaming] >> jacob was at his father's house and chevrolet when his ex-girlfriend broken, hidden a closet and attack jacob while he slept, first trying to strangle him, then hitting him in the head. >> she's trying to kill me! >> jacob suffered a huge cut to his head but was able to fight her all. -- was able to fight her off. he said at first he hesitated to
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fight back because he had been taught never to hit a woman. >> i wanted to obey the rules. >> for a while, it turned their lives upside down. >> is pretty incredible how strong he is. >> the woman pled guilty to attempted second-degree murder. that helps with his healing. >> not having to testify or go to trial that is the best thing that could have happened. >> she will face 30 years behind bars. formal sentencing is set for april. roz plater, abc 7 news. >> a germantown woman is heading to a psychiatric hospital, not prison, after pleading guilty to two counts of murder. she is one of two women accused of killing two children during what they called an exorcism. she pled guilty to murder charges. she was found not criminally responsible. now she has to be committed to a psychiatric hospital.
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prosecutors say sanford and her friend, avery, killed two of avery's young children trying to drive evil spirits out of them. the university of maryland is cutting its budget to help close the state spending gap. his could lead to furloughs on campus. the school will cut spending by more than $15 million. savings from a hiring freeze will be counted towards this figure. all employees will have to take furloughs. there are also be a tuition hike in the school have to give back its unused balance. an historic decision by the supreme court is expected to decide whether same-sex couples nationwide have a right to marry under the constitution. same-sex marriage is legal in 36 states. in april the high court will consider whether to overturn same-sex marriage bans in four states which in effect would allow all same-sex couples to
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marry anywhere in the u.s. the decision from the court is expected by late june. you may need to carry your impala this weekend. -- you may need to carry your him orumbrella this weekend. >> these are the high temperatures today, 48 washington. it did not feel like it because the wind was strong. the wind has already ease tonight. the actual air temperatures will below freezing in many cases the temperature comparisons, detroit, buffalo. 39 d c, plenty of sunshine, but we won't have the breeze. then comes the rain. sunday morning, the latest data appears we will have rain. i will track the rain when it arises in the full forecast. >> washington suburban sanitary commission says it has responded
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to a massive amount of water main breaks and leaks in montgomery county and prince george's county. the total tonight 268 in 2014. it is not as bad as it was last year. last june wearing wssc responded to nearly 600 breaks. wssc has more than two out of people standing by ready to respond to water main breaks wherever they may happen. with how the woodland terrace community in southeast washington is coming together to support teenagers after one of them was gunned down. philip jones was waiting in a bus stop wednesday night when he was killed. 7 on your side is fighting back. jennifer donelan is live in southeast with the story. >> there is a murder, then a community meeting. time passes, a murder, another community meeting. it is a cycle that seemingly never ends.
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tonight was different. the question is, though will you hear them? philip jones was killed tonight's ago when shots rang out at a basketball game between ballou and anacostia high school. tonight, a handful of community leaders gathered with grieving young people from the woodland terrace neighborhood to let them vent. while the cameras were on, nobody would talk. why is it so hard when the cameras are on? >> they don't trust anyone. you have to trust. they live in that neighborhood. so much is going on. >> when we turned the cameras off, an important discussion began. 23-year-old james wood shared with us what he told the group. >> there are no mentors. we don't got nobody anymore fighting for us. >> this 21-year-old woman said nobody cares. >> nobody is never here.
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>> two candidates are running for the ward 8 council seat. >> bad things happen would good people do nothing. >> are the young adults right? when the headlines fade, will be attention disappear? will there calls for help ever be answered? they are asking for help to come into the community before another tragedy strikes. reporting live from metropolitan police headquarters, jennifer donelan, back to you. >> a speaking engagement i jane fonda sparked a protest in frederick tonight. -- by jane fonda sparked a protest in frederick. she was speaking at the weinberg center in downtown frederick. veterans protested her
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appearance. the veterans have never forgiven jane fonda for hearse a pathetic feelings towards hanoi during the height of the vietnam war in 1972. he nearly died of ebola, but the doctor is not giving up his wishes. where he is had it coming up next. and an unbelievable crash caught on camera. with the driver is saying after
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>> a terrifying interested in canada. the tire comes loose, flying through the air from another car, smashing into a man's windshield, caught on camera. the driver is alive to tell his story tonight. >> everything was happening so quickly. there was no time to react. >> the driver was able to duck
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just as the car hit the windshield of his car. he never expected his dashboard camera to catch anything like that which i'm not sure will give him peace of mind. an american doctor who overcame the ebola viruses heading back to africa. he is going back to help other struggling with the deadly disease. he became infected last august while delivering babies in liberia. he beat ebola in part because of plasma donated by another patient who survived through the use of an experimental drug. he and his wife have spent 20 years volunteering as missionaries in liberia. developing news from belgium were the army has been ordered into the streets as part of an air t -- antiterrorism sweep. the authorities say they broke up a plot to kill police officers. two terror suspects were killed in that raid. belgium authorities say that
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extreme is are using social media to recruit terrace. an airplane is under investigation after flying to new york with a gun in his carry on luggage. he accessed a secure area of the airport and bypassed tsa screening with is badge. that program has since been suspended. the rest comes a month after a gun smuggling scheme involving current and former airline employees. and a first look at spacex failed attempt at landing a rocket. it land out of hydraulic fluid moments after landing causing it to come up just short of lag barge platform. the attempt was not successful. spacex has a dozen more missions planned in 2015. those fireworks probably cost, i don't know, $5 million? >> they said they had a 50/50
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shot of landing that. >> that's easy to say when you are worth a couple billion. >> they have the money to spend. the trade-off comes tomorrow, sunshine, colder temperatures. here is a look at the forecast. the highs today, 48 -- i are ready saying it el like 40. you are right. north and west, subfreezing. those temperatures are moving our way. the other thing to note the ohio valley, midwest, there is a lot of sunshine coming. the rain coming our way. the sunshine is here. the lack of brees is ok. -- the lack of breeze is ok. the rain chances, i'm looking at
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the latest data, back tracking the latest rain chances in areas east. through saturday tons of sunshine from the morning through the day, but it is cold. the temperatures north and west could be dipping into the 20's. by the afternoon, sunny skies. if there is any cloud cover it will be with be. colder temperatures dropping back. cooler air and associated temperatures, 38 washington, but we don't have a windchill factor, so that will feel close to 39. the rain on sunday. we could have rain up into frederick county, fairfax county, southern fauquier county. as we go east to washington, the rain is confined to the morning moving out quickly. the temperatures are actually going up as well. the high temperatures into the
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upper 40's without the breeze. sunday clear and cold, mid 20's, lower 30's. a touch frigid. by the afternoon saturday, the temperatures colder than we had. we don't have the breeze, so that is the trade-off. sunny skies, cloudy, but morning rain. martin luther king holiday 46. temperatures drop wednesday. that is nothing like the clipper we had. a closer look at sunday. morning rain chances. by the afternoon, i think we make out with a decent sunday. we will be close to 50. >> that will feel great. you know what else will feel great, if the wizards keep their streak going. >> exactly. seven straight losses for the brooklyn nets.
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sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> barry trotz was back in nashville for the first time since parting ways with the predators. a tough test for the caps, facing the best team in hockey. in the second, we almost had a hat trick from the great 8 alex ovechkin with the one-timer, tied at 2-2. in the third, the caps have the lead after marcus johansson's goal. but now it is tied at 3-3. here is the heartbreaker -- the turnover right here. takes advantage, giving nashville the lead with under two-minute's left. the caps lose, 4-3. the wiz looking for their sixth
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win in their last seven games. brooklyn nets have lost seven straight. does not seem like it would be too much of an issue, right? not so fast. jerod jack, from fort washington, maryland, the dish. the nets take the lead. fourth quarter, the other big story, jerod jack takes john wall to school. makes it look easy. the nets snapped their seven-game losing streak in washington. 102-80. college football joe paterno was once again the winningest coach in division i football history. those 112 winds that were stripped from penn state the jerry sandusky chowed abuse scandal are back on the record. the ncaa and penn state agreed on a settlement that gives back the wins and directs the $60 million fine to address child
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abuse. the decree had taken away all 111 wins under joe paterno. second round of the hobby. b championship, -- of the abu dab i championship. the approaches money. mcilroy, that was his first hole-in-one. officials in a suburb outside of seattle are taking pregame robberies to another level. the seahawks taking on the packers, consumption of cheese has been banned in bainbridge island washington, only at city hall, only today. but, yeah, the city manager says
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he has a cheese grater at work for anybody who comes packing no pun intended. catch all of tonight's prep action at 11:30 on news channel 8. i don't know of cheeseburgers count. >> i hope they don't. never sleep on the job.
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don't see every day. three rhinos notice that the guard was sleeping and made a run for it. he made it all the way to the parking area before the workers brought them back. they are now back inside the park. we are told the guard who fell asleep is now looking for a new job.
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>> just minutes away from the weekend. >> rain is coming in, but more limited to sunday morning. midday and afternoon, cloud cover and afternoon, cloud cover in temperature back closer to 50. >> jimmy kimmel live is next. have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- mel brooks. from "into the woods," christine baranski. "this year in unnecessary censorship." and music from jenny lewis. with cleto and the cletones. and now, to be on the safe side, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. happy holidays to everyone. you like my look? [ cheers and applause ]


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