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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> we have breaking news from northwest washington, where two people have been shot on a metro bus. >> we have live pictures that we will try to show of the scene, near the intersection of firsthand h streets northwest. two people were shot, their
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injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. we will have the latest on the breaking news as we get it. now a story we have monitored all day, a mystery in anne arundel county. six people are missing at this hour after a massive fire at a home in annapolis. >> we spoke with neighbors and family members, who are holding out hope the family is still alive. roz plater is live in annapolis. what is the latest, roz? >> at this hour, it is still considered too dangerous for investigators to get inside the structure, even though this appears to have been a fatal fire. anne arundel county police have secure the scene. members of a response team are on their way to discover what happened. after battling the fire for hours, investigators are still left with questions. the homeowners, pyle, and his
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wife are unaccounted for. friends and relatives believe they were in the home, along with as many as four of their grandchildren. the wait has been agonizing. >> i am not missing them yet because i cannot believe they might be gone. >> the blaze broke out at 3:30 a.m., first an alarm company, then a neighbor called 911. this sits on the waterfront in an isolated area with no fire hydrants. firefighters had to set up a water supply and realize they were up against raging flames. >> they try to make entry and were met with high heat and the floor collapsing in failure of the brick structure. >> a team of specialty agents from the atf is being called in to investigate, using special equipment. >> everything from large cranes to small sifting items to determine how the fire started. >> i don't get it.
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i don't think this needed to happen. i don't understand. especially with a house like that that had everything. >> the atf will get a briefing tomorrow afternoon. they expect to have the necessary equipment and team members in place to begin their investigation wednesday morning. live in annapolis, roz plater, abc 7 news. >> back to northwest washington in the breaking story, two people shot on a metro bus. richard reeve is at the scene at first and h streets northwest. what is the story? >> still an active scene, the police have sealed off the area. i will step out of the way. the shooting happened, we are being told by a metro spokesperson, on this x-2 bus at about 10:30 this evening. one person was shot in the thigh, the other person in the hand. they have been transported,
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those injuries not expected to be life-threatening. the suspect has a very vague description, but the spokesman emphatically told us this person was wearing a red sport coat which kind of stands out. we don't know the circumstances of what happened. we have taken a quick look at the bus. we don't see any bullet holes or major damage, but it appears that two people have been shot on this metro bus and they are now looking for this suspect. reporting live from northwest washington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> keep us posted if anything changes. in southeast washington, d.c. police are looking for the person who shot two people on the 300 block of 37th street. two people, both adult males were shot, but are expected to be ok. there is no word on a description of this shooter, but if you have information, the d.c. police want to talk to you. now developing news from
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arlington, where a neighborhood is on edge after somebody put poison to meet out to entice dogs. two dogs were made six sunday on north columbus straight. -- north columbus street. both ate what appeared to be sausage. a search turned up similar pieces of meat that contained pills. >> you don't understand why some at he would have that kind of animosity to do something like that. >> i hope whatever is doing this stops. it's bad. >> the animal welfare league is testing the substance. if it can be proven the dogs were poisoned intentionally those responsible could face animal cruelty charges. >> the nation paused and march today to remember the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. some say that this holds more
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meaning considering the tension and events from ferguson missouri. tom roussey is live at the martin luther king memorial with more. >> we have cold temperatures but as they did all day long, there are still folks here, visiting the king memorial to remember not just what dr. king accomplished but also what he stood for. >> education, economy, and elections. >> at a town hall on race in our studio, a lawyer who represented the families of trayvon martin in florida and michael brown in ferguson, missouri. >> if dr. king was here today, i think he would be marching with the young people across the country saying we could do better. >> today, king was celebrated all over, from an annual parade in d.c. to a tribute in bethesda. others used it as a day to volunteer. for some, it was a day of protest. along the frozen tidal basin
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many visited the three-year-old king memorial. some brought their children to teach them. >> even with the events of the past few months, there is hope. >> i would say how to react to injustice, how to react to prejudice, and how to react with love. >> he says understanding is the way to move forward. >> law enforcement and government leaders need to understand that young people of color are not all criminals. you also have to realize that police officers are there to protect and serve them and they are not all killers. it is a two-way street. >> also this morning, the secretary of homeland security and d.c. mayor muriel bowser participated in a wreathlaying at the memorial, one of many events that honored martin luther king in this area today. along the tidal basin, tom roussey, abc 7 news.
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>> he mentioned it was cold, but the weather was perfect for the parades earlier across the area. celebrating dr. martin luther king jr. what do we know for tomorrow morning's commute? devin has the answers. >> bundle up, the temperatures on a freefall tonight, crystal clear skies. near subfreezing in many areas cold in some places. i think we go down further, lows outside of town. 34 in washington. the upper-level system is another clipper coming in. no problem tuesday. near 50 again tuesday afternoon. tracking this next clipper wednesday, when three weather possible. the latest data has come in and we will tell you and complete forecast coming up. >> happening now in montgomery county a hate crime
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investigation is underway following incident involving racist graffiti sometime overnight in chevy chase near briar road. neighbors were shocked to see the racist message spray-painted on the door of an african-american family's home that had just moved in days ago. the police report no other racially related crimes in that neighborhood. the woman who died one week ago and the smoke incident on the metro was remember today, the memorial for 61-year-old carol glover, who died from smoke inhalation as she waited to be rescued from the yellow line train that was stranded near l'enfant plaza. they said that her death was for a purpose, to make a change. virginia governor terry mcauliffe is recovering after a procedure to remove fluid from near his lungs. he was injured when he was thrown from a horse and severed seven broken ribs on a family vacation over the christmas holidays. a spokesman reports that he was
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in the hospital today but is expected to be back in action in a few days. >> on the eve of his second to last date of the union address we are getting a sneak peek about what president obama is expected to say. topics range from tax hikes to tax cuts to health care. even though he has not said a word of it, not everybody is on board with the message. richard reeve reports. >> president will make his address tuesday night his job approval rating at 50%, the highest in a year and a half. there are some basic reasons. asked prices are plunging unemployment rates are down to 5.6%, and nearly 3 million u.s. jobs were added to the economy last year. >> this gives me an opportunity to present to the american people now that we have gone through the crisis, how do we make sure everybody in this country, how do we make sure they are sharing in the growing economy. >> the presidents pets is aimed
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squarely at the middle class. it includes a $175 million tax cut plan, free community college education, a 500 dollar tax credit for working families, and an extension of child care tax credits. to pay for it, president obama is proposing $320 billion in taxes on the wealthiest americans and wants to raise the capital gains tax to 28% and add new fees to the largest banks and financial institutions. republican say that is a nonstarter. >> we have seen washington ignore your concerns, spending jobs, making our nation seeker. -- making our nation secure. >> pope francis will visit washington, d.c., this fall. he expected to arrive september 22 and travel to new york two days later. organizers say he will visit the white house and celebrate mass at the basilica of the national
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shrine of the immaculate conception. he is also expected to address congress while here. stick with abc 7 and for complete coverage. >> hours after he won a game, an nfl player is a hero. >> a pet project may be heading to our area. >> and a health alert about what could be the largest measles outbreak in decades.
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>> french police are asking the government for more resources as much of europe remains on alert following the terror attacks in paris. the police say they need automatic weapons, heavier bullet-proof vests and updated criminal databases. investigators are on the hunt for sleeper cells and potential terrorist. >> a man who makes his crashing into people on the football field is being hailed as a hero for his response to a different kind of crash. a new england patriots defensive tackle was heading home hours after his team had defeated the colts. he came upon a jeep that had
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rolled over with the driver trapped inside. he reached in and her out to safety. >> here i am, following one of the most important games of our season, and right in front of your eyes is the life of somebody in danger. things like that are more important. >> the woman was not seriously hurt. she is facing a drunk driving charge. the number of people made sick by measles outbreak is growing. it started at disneyland in california and has spread across the country and into mexico. more than four dozen people have tested positive for the illness. the first group visited disneyland between december 15 and december 20. health officials say it could be one of the worst outbreak since 1989. >> 7 on your side with a consumer alert. target may bring its latest pet project to our area. the company is in talks to open
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a target express in rosslyn. the smaller format allows stores to be customized for the community. the first target express opened in minneapolis in july carrying food, household items, and clothing supplies. >> the seattle seahawks are apologizing for a controversy all message posted on twitter after their dramatic overtime victory. it shows the team's quarterback crying and a quote from martin luther king jr., "we shall overcome." the seahawks deleted the tweet and said it was not their intention to week wait for all to the civil rights legacy. >> devon is here now post-up we had a delightful day. >> we were at 50 degrees. bundle up in the morning down
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tuesday. the highs today, washington 50 degrees. the middle of winter, you are right at or average -- write an average or above, you are doing well. towards new england québec, ontario, new brunswick, that is usually where the colder air comes from, pushing possible when reset ups into washington. above freezing in that territory, that is a sign that the setup wednesday is not solid. this is nothing like what we saw a couple weeks ago. it is a clipper moving through. not to be forgotten tomorrow sunshine, clouds in the afternoon. i think the temperatures much like today. the clipper roles in wednesday, low-pressure goes off to see. it forms a little too late and pushes away. the winter weather advisory 10 i think we are melting a lot of snowflakes. -- the winter advisory in washington, i think we are
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melting a lot of snowflakes. cold start tuesday, heading to the bus stop, warmer by the afternoon. precipitation wednesday. this is my forecast from the latest data. i think we will have light snow area wide in the beginning. i think that sets up after 9 a.m. in the morning. in washington, i think we are melting flakes with precipitation. by this time noon, a decent amount of precipitation will be falling, but the temperatures, i think we are melting these flakes. north of washington is were you might have more snowflakes that stack up, maybe some light snow. maybe some sleep midday, and that is about it. 40 degrees is going to melt those snowflakes all day. winter weather in washington not much coming. rain/snow mix in washington, frederick, hagerstown, maybe martinsburg, west virginia, possibly heavier wet snow.
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as for the roads temperatures at or above freezing for the areas that are even getting snow, so i think the impact will be minimal. >> not so ominous. >> with going on? >> a potpourri of sports. that's coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the georgetown hoyas hosted fourth-ranked villanova. the g men built a to the two-point lead, 5-7 from beyond the arc in the first half. first half, misses the jumper, and then look at him going after it. oakland gives it the flush. they continued.
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the holy is pushing, white with the move and he is fouled going to the basket. the hoyas by 22 at the break. second half, georgetown keeping the pressure on. josh smith, get up, big fella! nice pass. good night. georgetown in double digits in the final minutes, upsetting fourth-ranked villanova tonight. baseball fans, several sources in baltimore report that the nats and max scherzer have completed the deal. they agreed verbally but the attorneys are still working on the link which. the debate is on, questions being asked -- good deal, bad deal? the 30-year-old right-hander gets a seven-year contract worth $210 million, half of the contract deferred. you will be paid $15 million per year the next 14 years. see him in aruba.
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the wizards ran away from philly. washington was quicker, ran the brakes, slammed him home. john wall had a double-digit performance. philly club that started the season with 17 straight losses was routed again. the wizards win 111-76. gonzaga at bishop o'connell, high school basketball. the final seconds, adams drives and lays it in. the time expires, the ball finds the bottom. but the celebration begin. happy times in the catholic league, o'connell beats the eagles 59-57. tiger woods lost his front tooth. he surprised lindsay vonn in italy where she won the record 63rd world cup title, tiger was hit i a camera. -- hit by ac camera.
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alfred morris has been named to the nfl all-star team. he was an alternate, but he is taking the place for mccoy. >> now we know why tiger hates cameras. >> something has been missing for decades is usually long gone right?
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>> six people are missing after a large fire in annapolis. a social network founder is charged with murder in loudoun county. and the forecast for the wii including the potential of snow wednesday. all of those stories on . >> missing for decades, a woman is reunited with her high school class ring from 1957 in colorado springs. she thought it was long gone. thanks to some student sleuths the ring is back to stop a group of social studies honors students were able to narrow it down to somebody named linda crossland based on her initials and the year of the ring. they scoured census records and found her, and they discovered her married name. student said -- she said that
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the students deserve an a-plus. she lives in kansas now, but they still found her.
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>> tomorrow will be really nice, kind of like today. near 50, sunshine. wednesday, we will get the bulk of the precipitation in the mountains between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., the washington area will have rain. bundle up in the morning. it will be cold. jacqui jeras is in tomorrow morning and she will be tracking what is coming up. >> jimmy kimmel live is next. have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- danny devito -- from "broad city," abbi jacobson and ilana glazer -- oscar nominee benedict couple bear watch. and music from bad suns -- with cleto and the cletones -- and now, no nonsense, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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