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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 21, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this wednesday night, the breaking developments right here in havana cuba. an historic day, and what's coming next. tonight, new details inside the talks between the u.s. and cuba. the first disagreement here. as both sides push for diplomatic ties. the first time since the cold war. the mystery russian spy ship that pulled into port here. the u.s. coast guard tonight now patrolling off florida for cuban refugees.d of course the american cars right here from the 1950s. back home before the super bowl the super scandal tonight. the new report what it reveals about those footballs. did the patriots cheat? the new storm coming. ginger zee is standing by. and the royal mess tonight. the headline breaking now about the newest sex scandal. what they've revealed. and the prominent americans caught in the middle of it.
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good evening tonight, as we come to you live from the heart of historic havana where history has been made yet again. the u.s. and cuba and the first talks of this magnitude since the cold war. the first meeting, about 3 1/2 hours today. as we're on the air, the highest ranking official to visit this country in more than 30 years, now here to restore diplomatic relations. less than 24 hours ago, the president and the state of the union saying this year congress should begin the work of ending the embargo, and the cubans here were watching. we've learned this was the first year here in cuba they could watch the speech in its entirety. president castro's team telling me when they heard those words, it was like music to their ears. tonight, we're apparently not the only visitors. the russian spy ship that just arrived. we're asking tonight, coincidence or something more? and of course the american cars from the 1950s. how do they keep them running here? but we begin tonight, with new
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details inside the historic talks. early this morning, we fly into havana, cuba. just 90 miles from the u.s. once we arrived, we quickly learned that on the streets of havana it is nearly impossible to find anyone who doesn't know this is an historic moment for cuba. t at this hour, word of the rst hurdle. cuba wants the u.s. to stop giving cuban immigrants who reach u.s. soil special status allowing them to stay in the u.s. the u.s. tonight vowing that will not change. we drove to find the former u.s. embassy here, stripped of its title, shut down shortly after fidel castro took power. cubans aware of the tension at the time lining up before the embassy could close to apply for american visas. the waiting list months long. and this is that building today -- you can see the heavy security behind me the officers on the corner here. we were here as members of the u.s. delegation arrived a short time ago, because there is great hope this will soon become the u.s. embassy again. tonight, the images of the americans now returning for the talks. on so many streets here, scenes
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frozen in time. the american cars from the '50s. when fidel castro took power in 1959 he shut down imports of american cars. 60,000 vintage cars still driven here. and inside them, families with new hope. that their relives in america will now visit more easily. in the driver's seat carlos just 25 proud to show me his car in pristine condition. chevrolet? a chevy belair. and as we walked down the street, the cars are everywhere. and who fixes them with no american parts in decades? the mechanics who improvise. a '53 plymouth. now a mercedes engine. and we wondered how much is original? he answers with a snil just the body and the transmission.
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but it goes far beyond cars. the basics. the grocery stores. the shelves are far from what you see back in the u.s. sugar, plentiful in cuba. but most of the powdered milk for instance from new zealand. butter from denmark. she pulls tomato juice from the shelf. so this is tomato juice from spain. 11 million people live here on average, just making $20 a month. they are still proud. more than a half century ago, cuba was a tourist mecca. nightclubs and gambling. the vast majority of visitors, american. know just 90,000 american visitors a year. but they expect a million u.s. tourists when travel restrictions are lifted. and recently when president obama sat down exclusively with us we asked, will he be among them? will you visit cuba in your final two years as president? >> i don't have any current plans to visit cuba. >> reporter: not ruling it out? >> let's see how things evolve. >> the president when he sat down with us. and we've learned tonight that just as talks begin here in
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havana the department of homeland security has revealed additional coast guard cutters have now been deployed to the florida straits to halt cubans from reaching the u.s. by boat. and apparently there is another vessel making news right here in cuba tonight. it's right in the port not far from where i'm standing. a russian spy vessel that arrived this week. coincidence or is someone trying to send a message? we asked abc's jim avila to take us on board. how far would he get, though? >> reporter: right there in the center of old havana today, a surprise visitor. two days ago, there was a cruise ship parked right there. today, as these high level talks begin, a cold warrellic. she is the victor leonov. once a soviet spy ship, now in the russian navy patrolling the waters along america's eastern seaboard loaded with radar and electronic surveillance antenna from stem to stern, staffed with 200 sailors and carrying 30 millimeter cannon and anti-aircraft guns. coincidence? the russians say their visit was scheduled long ago.
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they even opened it up today for children of russian diplomats. so it's a regular occurrence but clearly it's still a spy ship and we're not getting any closer. and the cubans who had a three-decade dependence upon the soviets say it feels like old times. is that a good memory or a bad memory? >> we have normal relations with russia. one day, when we have normal relations with the united states we could have an american ship visiting. >> and jim is with me now. you didn't get very far today what was your sense over tdo you think this was planned? >> reporter: two things to remember. first of all, the sailors report to vladimir putin. double an attempt to embarrass the united states. but secondly possibly more true david, remember they are sailors, they're from russia and in cuba here in havana rum coasts about 80 cents a shot. >> which can be inviting when you're out at sea. jim avila, thank you. as you know president obama in his state of the union address saying the shift in cuba will extend a hand of flip to
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the cuban people. that stand og vags for alan gross, the american contractor held prisoner in cue bar for five years, a guest of the first lady last night. i want to bring in abc's jon karl as we know republican bls now control congress so what's the chance any of this becomes reality? >> reporter: the odds are long on all of this david. but on lifting the embargo, the president may have some surprising allies. farmers want the embargo lifted so they can sell their crops to cuba and some powerful republicans from farm states agree. even the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee recently said he agrees with president obama that the embargo has not worked. so on cuba there may be about opening. but on the president's other proposals to raise taxes and increase spending? those are going nowhere in this congress.
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>> jon karl in washington tonight. jon, thank you. and later here more from havana. what the children told me today. and the vintage cars. can you guess what one of those american cars from the 1950s here in cuba would be worth back home? that's coming up. and one more moment from last night's state of the union that had everyone talking. this is a political note. the president and what's being called his drop the mike moment. calling for unity when something else happened. take a look. >> i have no more campaigns to run. [ applause ] my only agenda -- i know, because i won both of them. >> a lot of people tweeting about that moment at the state of the union. but we do move on tonight to that bomb shell back home in new england. the patriots headed to the super bowl of course. amid those accusations they deflated the footballs. reports that suspicions were first raised when that linebacker intercepted the ball telling officials it didn't feel right. well tonight, the nfl is now weighing in saying they checked
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those footballs just hours before kickoff. what did they find? here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: tonight, mounting pressure on the new england patriots. our sister network espn reports that nfl sources told them 11 of the 12 balls the team used to beat the indianapolis colts were underinflated by two pounds per square inch less than the league quires. a referee reportedly inspected and approved the balls two hours and 15 minutes before kickoff. so, what happened? >> sometime in the last half hour leading up to kickoff, those balls are returned to the teams in the bench area and then who had those -- control of those footballs? >> reporter: the advantage of playing with an underinflated ball? it's easier to grip and catch, especially in foul weather. espn's sports science found a typical nfl player can apply roughly 1.5% more force to an underinflated ball. the accusations setting off a firestorm. many calling the patriots cheaters and raising questions about their championship record. >> it'll mean more to the legacy
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of what the patriots are trying to do than the actual infraction. that's what's too bad. >> reporter: patriots quarterback tom brady brushing it off on boston's sports radio show "dennis and callahan." >> i think i've heard it all at this point and it's ridiculous. >> reporter: the patriots have been caught in integrity scandals before. in 2007, the nfl fined bill belichick 500 grand and took draft picks from the team for videotaping an opponent's sideline signals during a game. but now, as scandal swirls around the super bowl the stakes couldn't be higher. >> because they are the dominant team of this era, certainly there are people who believe it does taint their legacy going forward. >> reporter: david, we are now learning this may not be the first time the cometlts have questioned patriots game balls. sources tell espn a colts player intercepted brady passes suspected deflation, and the colts reported the issue to the nfl. david? >> ryan smith tonight. ryan, thank you. tonight, two winter weather systems on the move. one delivering a blast of snow along the northeast corridor
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d.c. philly new york. a dangerous commute home for millions. look at this. cars flipped on icy roads in southern new jersey. and then these images tonight. one neighborhood in virginia from above, blanketed in snow and now a nor easters powering up. millions in the cross hairs. abc's ginger zee at the weather wall tonight. where is it headed and when? >> reporter: david, this new storm has already started. that's why we've got winter storm warnings for the texas hand hand panhandle, parts of oklahoma and new mexico. could see 6 do 12 into 12 inches in the pink. that's through thursday night, early friday. but the front side of it is going to be rain and heavy rain. let me time it all out for you as we go through your thursday. that low tracks across. houston to new orleans, getting those heavy rain showers. it remains rain as it moves through georgia, south carolina north carolina. but then it picks up enough cold arl that by the weekend, starts to affect the mid-atlantic and northeast with freezing rain and potentially snow. timing is everything and we'll
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be detailing it in the dames to come. david? >> all right, we're forewarned. jinger see, thank you. elsewhere around the world, new developments affecting a key american ally in the fight against al qaeda. word of a truce to end a deadly standoff in yemen. the government making a deal with rebels holding the president a prisoner in his own home. demanding a great earl share of power in government according to those protesters. u.s. navy ships remain in position. tonight, there is a race against time to save those two japanese hostages held by isis. the brutal killer known as jihadi john, threatening to kill them in the next 48 hours. this new video shows one of the hostages a journalist before his capture, saying if anything happens to him, the responsibility is his alone. tonight, japanese officials vowing to get both hostages back alive. back in the u.s. and to boston now, and one of the nation's most prestigious hospitals mourning one of their own. the flag at half staff for the american surgeon gunned down inside brigham and women's
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hospital as tonight, we learn new details about the victim. the search for a motive and how it could have been much worse in that hospital. here's david wright. >> reporter: today in their scrubs, the staff at brigham and women's hospital mourned one of their own. a young cardiovascular surgeon shot yesterday in the hospital by the son of a patient who had recently died. dr. michael davidson was 44 years old. >> incredible father husband and an amazing lead gilluitarist. >> reporter: he studied at princeton and yale medical school and played lead guitar in a band with other young colleagues. davidson's wife also a surgeon, is seven months pregnant with their fourth child. their other 3 kids all under age 10. brigham and women's had a plan for an active-shooter scenario as many hospitals do. this drill filmed at holy name hospital in teaneck, new jersey. >> it's got to be your worst nightmare. >> oh, it's absolutely your worst nightmare.
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>> reporter: there have been recent incidents in pennsylvania, minnesota and texas. >> can't stop the resolve of physicians doing what we do. >> reporter: today in boston however painful it was, they got back to work. david wright abc news new york. and tonight, there are disturbing new images out of ferguson missouri. new surveillance video shows looting in the hours after the police officer that killed michael brown would not be indicted. intruders smashing through that door, storming the shop. taking armfuls of merchandise, then making their escape. officials tonight asking for the public's help in identifying the suspects. there is still much more ahead on this "world news tonight." the documents just revealed. the americans caught in the middle. the embarrassing claims now being made public. the american woman, her stunning allegations and we've got the latest after the break. also tonight the new headline about bill cosby. his tv son now speaking out this evening.
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flushing, upset stomach and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. next tonight, the royal scandal making headlines on both sides of the atlantic. a new court document giving new details to the alleged sexual encounters between britain's prince andrew and a then 17-year-old girl. and her encounters with a prominent american as well. here tonight, abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, this woman claiming she was trafficked as a teen going toe to toe with some of the world's most powerful men. in a just posted 220-page court filing virginia roberts, seen here when she was 17 with prince andrew alleges she engaged in sexual activities with the queen's middle son on three occasions.
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she says she knew him as andy and when they first met, she says he correctly guessed her age. prince andrew guessed 17. tonight, buckingham palace says it has nothing further to add from its earlier comments denying the allegations. and the court filings, she specifies details of her alleged sexual encounter with him. this picture of a 15-year-old virginia roberts was included in the filing. she claims she was trafficked to many other powerful men, including renowned lawyer alan dershowitz who, she says had sex with him on six occasions. to dershowitz's denials, roberts claims under oath he's quote, lying. dershowitz later became the attorney for jeffrey epstein, the billionaire who roberts said trafficked her to prince andrew and deshl witness. in 2008 dershowitz helped him negotiate a plea deal. epstein served 13 months here in
6:49 pm
a florida jail. shortly after his ase, epstein was visited in new york by prince andrew. these latest documents now adding fuel to this royal firestorm. matt gutman abc news miami. when we come back here tonight, bill cosby, his tv son breaking his silence for the first time tonight, waking in on his tv dad. chelsea clinton. what she's revealing about the new anandparents. and the close encounter on the highway. and it's not what you think. plus, more from gu in a moment. es exactly that. a plan for what you want your future to look like. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been providing solutions to help individuals like you achieve long-term financial security. bring your vision for the future to life with pacific life. talk to a financial advisor to help build and protect your retirement income. pacific life. the power to help you succeed.
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to the index tonight and bill cosby, a new head line. malcolm jamal warner breaking his silence, saying just as it's painful to hear any woman talk about sexual assault, whether true or not it is just as painful to watch my friend go through this. and a hazard on the road in australia. a cyclist on the shoulder of the road when a kangaroo leaps out in front of her. she's okay. incredible. a few stitches. vowing to get back on her bike.
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chelsea clinton opening up about her life as a new mom. revealing her morning ritual with 4-month-old charlotte, reading the news. grandma and grandpa competitive. and at last night's state of the union, perhaps you saw it. michelle obama making headlines in that suit. deja you have apparently for fans of "the good wife." the same suit worn by julianna margulies on that hit tv show. "the state of style, prepower. ." when we come back tonight, what the children here of cuba told me today. plus how much are those american cars here on the streets now worth? and, of course the big question about cuban cigars. all answered when we come back.
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need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga. and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. and finally tonight, from cuba they are hard to miss here. the children with their smiling faces, eager to tell us they knew exactly why we were here. the power players are in those diplomatic meetings but this next generation may hold the real power. tonight, the children of cuba. the soccer game beyond the fence. hola! 11-year-old robin told me it will be great when they remove the blockage. thanks to them we're going to have a better economic situation. and i asked them all if they
6:57 pm
believe this new effort toward diplomatic ties is a good idea. >> si! >> reporter: we asked about technology here. there's no rule about smartphones or the internet. but with families making $20 to $40 a month -- these children never held an iphone. there's hope that opening trade one day could bring some of that here for the's the adults visiting cuba with their can eye on something else. tourists can bring back $400 in souvenirs. $100 in those cigars. and those arirican cars we showed you from the 1950s it turns out back home they're worth 20 grand. if the doors open here one of these cars because of the history, could fetch three times that much $60,000. the children here not concerned about that. they tell mel they just want a better future. and even on a playground they're aware of the historic talks here in havana. the faces of the future. we loved meeting them today. and that is "world news tonight" from havana cuba.
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thank you for watching on this historic day. and from last night in washington. we'll be back in new york tomorrow night. until then, good night.
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