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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> winter weather advisory and snow continuing overnight. the impact on the rush-hour commute, coming up. >> to the north, a blizzard with up to three feet of snow possible. how it is impacting our area. >> it's pretty slick right now. it is really slippery. >> what you need to know for the morning commute, next. [captioning performed by the
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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> first, snowflakes and temperatures both falling across the area tonight. it has created some real concerns about black ice. >> prince william county has canceled school tuesday. manassas city schools are delayed two hours. >> to the north, millions are bracing for up to three feet of snow. more on that coming up. >> first, what is coming up and how you need to plan for your tuesday morning commute. meteorologist steve rudin has the timeline. >> first word of advice, leave extra time for the rush-hour commute. even though we are not looking at a ton of snow, it will be slick and cold, and conditions will be rather dangerous especially early in the morning. stormwatch 7 live doppler radar, the storm, the snow,
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instead of moving in from the west is coming in from the east. the snow band set up earlier this evening. these are the same snow bands that drop about an inch of snow in arlington, montgomery county loudoun county, up to three inches of snow in frederick county. in terms of the wider view, the blizzard for new york city and boston, lifting off towards the north and east during the day tomorrow. we still have a winter weather advisory through 10:00 tuesday morning which includes the district, montgomery county prince george's, southern maryland, fairfax, everything shaded in purple. these areas will continue to see light snow overnight before ending. the next seven days, the upcoming weekend and the next chance of winter weather coming up. >> because of the freezing temperatures overnight, there are concerns about black ice. even a thin coating of snow or
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water can create a dangerous situation for driving or walking. stephen tschida is live in tysons corner. how was it looking? >> it is really coming down still coming down. chain bridge road, the wet patches, especially close to the curb. as we pan to the ground in the median, we have about a half inch, maybe an inch accumulating. but check out this side street to the left. no plows have come through, the snow is there. underneath the snow, the same oyster, very likely it is -- the same moisture, very likely it is turning into ice. people encountered sleet and drizzle as they rushed home in d.c. >> now is the time to shift into extra precautionary mode. >> to the north, they saw wet snow. as a got darker, the moisture on
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the ground got slicker. >> black ice is scary. >> i put a layer of salt down on the sidewalks. >> the snow came in bursts. through the region, crews treated the roadways to try to keep them passable through the night and early morning. still, the ice kept building. the thick layer on her windshield has this person worried about driving. >> my concern is black ice and slippery conditions in the morning. >> this woman and her family are driving straight into the massive storm to the north. they are heading to albany, new york. >> it's going to be tough. >> as we traversed the metro area tonight following the bits of snow coming down, we noticed one area that you have to be very careful, which is sidewalks
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and stairways. something you should be conscious of as you head out in the morning. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> good advice, stephen, thank you. join us for an early edition of "good morning washington" with jacqui jeras starting at 4 a.m. with the latest cool closings delays, and the impact of the weather on the roads. >> the blizzard to the north is leaving a big mess of travel. nearly 10,000 flights have been canceled through tuesday. that number will be climbing. they are predicting up to three feet of snow and wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. jay korff is live at reagan national with the story. how are things shaping up tonight? >> a travel nightmare for a lot of folks trying to get in and around the eastern seaboard. at reagan national airport outside, very bitter cold. it is awful, and nothing is a comparison of what is happening
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inning -- happening up to the north. boston massachusetts, there is a news vehicle with a camera in the vehicle, driving through the city. people have been warned to stay off the roads and there is not a lot of traffic right now. people are heating the warning and staying off the roadways. we know that the more cars are out there, the more accidents that will happen and they will get in the way of emergency vehicles. new york city, times square is practically a ghost town. pretty much the only folks in new york city right now are the folks who are shoveling walkways. that is an unusual sight, even in new york city. times square is normally bustling this time of the evening. certainly a dicey next few days across the country. this massive storm packing powerful wind is expected to be measured not in inches but in feet of snow. from philadelphia to boston,
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home to more than 35 million people. >> we have to do our best to respond to the number one issue which is always public safety. >> people are expected to be without power for days. some jurisdictions are only allowing plows and emergency vehicles on the roadways to cut down on accidents. >> stay off the streets, stay off the sidewalks. >> while new yorkers made what could be a final run to the grocery store for a couple of days, some of the d area were just trying to get home. >> i was supposed to go to buffalo through philly, and that was canceled first thing in the morning. >> she has been waiting at reagan national airport for hours for an evening departure. >> i'm from buffalo and we have no snow. i'm going from no snow to no snow, and i'm getting canceled for snow. >> nearly 10,000 flights have been canceled or scrapped. the flight board at reagan
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national is stacked with cancellations and delays. we should certainly worn air travelers, if you plan on traveling by airplane the next couple days, keep in mind that air travel typically does not get back to normal for at least a day or two after a storm happens. live at reagan national, jay korff, abc 7 news. >> stay connected with abc 7 24/seven on facebook and twitter. we have up-to-the-minute information about the forecast in your neighborhood with the stormwatch seven weather app. >> the police are looking for one person after a stabbing at the martin luther king jr. memorial library. the victim an adult male, was conscious and breathing. the suspect, a black male about six feet tall, was last seen wearing a blue skullcap with the yellow writing and a black and blue slot suit -- sweatsuit.
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>> new information about the arrest of cbs sports analyst greg anthony arrested january 16 in northwest on. tonight, "the washington post" reports new details. they are reporting that anthony responded to an escort and on back offering $80 for sex. the person who placed the ad was an officer. cbs news says he is suspended indefinitely. >> calls by some in congress for guidelines on drone use after a hobbyist crashed his into a white house tree. the pilot says it was an accident. the drone owner contacted the secret service after losing control of this quad copter. the president and first lady are in india, but their daughters are believed to have been in the white house at the time. the faa is working on new rules
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for commercial unmanned aircraft. >> the medical examiner in baltimore is working to identify the remains that were found in the ruins of an annapolis mansion. searchers recovered a six the body this afternoon. remains are believed to be those of don and sandra pyle and their four grandchildren. the cause of the fire is still not known. fairfax county attorneys turned over investigative records about the death of john gere, who was shot outside of his home. he was shot and killed by fairfax county police officer and his springfield home in august 2013. neither state nor federal prosecutors have ruled the shooting was justified. >> a ruling tonight in the trial for bob mcdonnell. a judge says that he will not have to stay behind bars during his appeal process. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in the
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newsroom. how are people reacting to this news? >> strong reactions. mcdonnell's attorneys have argued he should not the and prison while appealing the basis of the conviction and the corruption trial involving jonnie williams. the appeals court said if mcdonnell wins the appeal, it could merit a reversal or new trial. the decision to allow bob mcdonnell to remain free for now is just fine with some. >> it might be appropriate. >> but it caught many by surprise. >> i think it's preposterous. >> people generally believe the former governor is getting off easy. >> sounds like special treatment to me. >> it does not seem fair. the average person would have to go to jail. >> the fourth circuit court of appeals sided with mcdonnell's team saying the applied -- the thing that he is not likely to flee or pose a danger to anybody.
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and a statement, mcdonnell said he is grateful for the decision, maintains his innocence, and "i plan to spend time with my new granddaughter who was more this month, attend my son's graduation ceremonies, and embrace family time with my daughter." >> it is a temporary victory. >> he says the appeals court must answer the question of the trial -- was this a routine relationship between a politician and financial backer, as the defense argues, or was it with the jury ruled, corruption? >> the circuit has to look at it and says this needs to be clearer because it's confusing. >> oral arguments will take place may 12 in richmond. before then, the sentencing for former first lady maureen mcdonnell. it is very likely this ruling will have some kind of impact on her case as well. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> thank you, jeff. it's supposed to help you get
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around town, but authorities say it with lives in danger. >> why this is under the microscope. >> and an unbelievable crash caught on camera. >>
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>> letting out fuel hundreds of miles from land over the ocean is usually disastrous. this pilot deployed a special parachute, landing the plane in the ocean. he was picked up by a nearby cruiseship. he is now on dry land, but his half million dollar plane is at the bottom of the pacific ocean. >> there is good news tonight about senate minority leader harry reid. he is doing well. he and surgery today on his right eye. he is with his wife, cracking jokes, and talking about the vote on the keystone pipeline. he lost vision in his right eye during an exercise accident new year's day. doctors are optimistic about his prospects of regaining his vision. >> 7 on your side with a
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consumer alert about a popular traffic-tracking smartphone app that allows drivers to avoids need traps. officers are being -- officers are putting pressure on google to change the waze application. >> uber promises to cap prices during the blizzard pounding the east coast. it says it has a policy against a pricing during states of emergency. they also promise that all proceeds from the storm would be donated to the red cross to support relief efforts. >> being good guys promising we will not doubt you -- this time. this time. >> so the weather, what is the latest herein to the north? >> we have another band of snow moving across the area. the kids won a snow day
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tomorrow, and i think tomorrow there is a very good chance a lot of you will see at least a two hour delay, if not cancellations. prince william county schools already canceled tomorrow. the stormwatch 7 doppler radar. northern montgomery county clarksburg germantown, gaithersburg, this is the heaviest of the snow band. we'll he have one snow band left. stretching further towards the south, toward chantilly, fairfax. light snow that could potentially add up to another half-inch, depending on how heavy this is, how fast it moves. possibly one inch on top of what you're a half. charles county, towards la plata, this is where the band ends. everything is settling down and the light snow will end by about 3:00 in the morning. waking up in the morning be prepared for slick roadways and sidewalks, just in time for the
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early morning rush-hour commute. side roads could be a problem. the snow it's hard to plow just one inch of snow. the winter weather advisory for d.c., surrounding counties, everything shaded in purple until 10:00 in the morning. i have a feeling parts of this will cancel out. heavy snow, new york city, harford, nantucket. the blizzard warnings. they are talking anywhere from 20 to 30 inches of snow. up and down, the snow totals really impressive. we are looking for the heavy snow well to the north and east. if you have trouble plans the next several days from new york city or boston, be prepared. the area of low pressure, the big storm quickly moves off towards the north and east. wind is up out of the north and west. we have breezy conditions tomorrow, temperature near 35 to 40 degrees the daytime highs. overnight, 23 to 30, the wind
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out of the northwest at 10-20. the snow will end sunshine tomorrow windy. middle 30's, near 40 degrees. the windchill will make it feel colder. the winter mix thursday, friday. temperatures in the upper 30's, near 40 on friday. we are watching sunday now for yet another round of winter weather. jacqui jeras and brian van de graaff will be here bright and early with the forecast. >> think you very much. -- thank you very much. >> alex ovechkin helps with the hockey program. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the super bowl game is not
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until sunday, but with both teams in arizona the drama increases. richard sherman says the patriots will not be punished for deflating footballs because commissioner roger goodell and patriots owner robert kraft are best friends. richard sherman and the seahawks arrived over the weekend. the patriots flew in today. as soon as they arrived and settled in, team owner robert kraft met with the media and change the narrative on deflate-gate. >> if the wells investigation is not able to definitively determine that our organization tampered with the air pressure of theootballs i would expect and hope that the league would apologize to our entire team and in particular coach belichick and tom brady, for what they have had to endure this past week. >> taking the offensive.
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college basketball, american university staying within first place, hosting army in a critical league game. just 39 seconds left, army with the ball. dylan cox, put the pressure, banks it. 68-66 army. american inbounds the ball. charlie jones has the look for the win. air ball. oh, charlie. army beats american, 68-66. chapel hill, syracuse at carolina. three balls a big story in this one. off the bench to score a career-high 17 points, four threes. he had scored 15 points all season total. the tar heels peel the orange. if you watch the nhl all-star weekend, alex ovechkin was working hard to win a car. cars were offered for various
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feats, and he kept telling everybody how bad he needed it. he wanted to donate the car to the cool cats hockey team, a special hockey team. the great 8 did not when a car but the folks at honda heard about what he was trying to do and donated a car to him, who will be donating it to the cool cats. >> i like how he responded to us. he went like this. >> i was so impressed that in the middle of a very exciting all-star weekend you know, he was thinking about special hockey and thinking about anne. >> mark turgeon has his first commitment for the team next year. >> that makes your day. >> i wonder if he knows that. >> he will tell him.
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>> a good advertisement is supposed to catch your attention.
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>> instead of calling a business, people were calling 911. a dealership in burlington said they had no response what they
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would get when they started placing a manikin on a billboard. officers responded in the dark and even tried to talk to him before they realized he was not real. that is manny, by the way. he has since been taken down. >> realistic looking.
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>> light snow quickly coming to an end. could have some delays or cancellations in the morning. 39 the high tuesday. the next chance of wintery weather will be thursday. leon and tim, i take a week off look what i return to. >> nothing changed while you were gone, don't worry.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's “jimmy kimmel live!” tonight -- channing tatum. from the houston texans, j.j. watt. and music from zz top. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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