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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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in the flood zone the first warning was a sound like a water fall. >> we didn't know what was going on. >> i saw a bunch of water rush into inside the house. >> in the basement darwin scrambled to get his wife and kids to safety. they climbed in the family car thinking they could drive through the water. >> right into a growing sink hole. for him and his little sisters it was scary. >> >> it swallowed their car and nearly another. nobody got hurt. >> it's a familiar story and old pipe 90 years old installed in 1925. when calvin coolage was
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president and mount rushmore was authorized but still like this. they're being replaced at a rate of 50 miles a year. in the meantime they break. this is the 375th this month alone. costing a family its lives and destroying a car and flooding three homes. >> all the basement is actually like around here by my knees. >> it wasn't just the water flowing into those hoepltz. looks at this sandy mud in the front yard a lot of this got into these houses as well. the clean-up is underway and the. as for the roadway out here, they couldn't get any asphalt out here tonight. it's too cold and they hope to fix it tomorrow morning.
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>> crews race to make those repairs. they met discussed replacing aging infrastructure there. knocking out water for 150,000 people. >> crews are working to fix the 30 inch water main leak. they're distinguishing this. they say it's not a break but a leak. two leaks were reported in northwest washington. you can see water still coming out of a manhole there. crews had to fix drain off portions of the main to locate the leak and fortunately they were able to do that and without disrupting service. >> moving on to the weather. the snow we saw over the past 24 hours here in the metro area was little compared to what happened up north. but that doesn't mean we won't feel the impact. chief meteorologist is here with
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a look at the cold coming this way. >> we call this the bitter backlash as this storm continues to swirl off the coast of maine. but northwesterly winds coming behind it and drawing cold air. let's get you started. 31 degrees in alexandria. a few patches of blue skies prior to sunset here. we'll continue it see the temperatures continue to drop off. mid to upper twenties with northwesterly winds of 10-20 miles per hour and overnight temperatures 14-23 degrees. northwesterly winds driving wind chills into the single digits. that's how you'll start the day.
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>> road conditions like these in neighborhoods prompted several school districts delay or out right cancel classes today. this was 9:30 this morning well after the buses would have come through. remember you can keep track of closings and delays on our website >> the problems are far from over in the northeast where residents are enduring what's called a hurricane with snow. while the snow fall totals in new york city didn't meet some of the dire for casts the damage is severement we have a look at the damage and the recovery underway today.
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>> the roads are still danger us and they are passable but there is a level of ice under the snow in many areas. and if you don't have to travel today you really don't want to be traveling today. >> the blizzard spared new york city from the worst but snow is coming down in connecticut and other parts of new england. in massachusetts residents are digging out from the snow and flooding after a collapse of a sea wall. >> there are widespread examples of coastal flooding and a few
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instances of severe flooding and we have another high tide coming at 40 khro been which we are staged to deal with. >> winds have been gusting up to 45 miles per hour costing pockets of power outages at the northeast. but they're making good progress getting things back to normal. >> schools cancelled in many cities and towns. but that doesn't necessarily mean a day off for students. >> this is really my only first time shovelling because i never like to do it. i'd rather be in bed. >> for millions the shoving is just getting started. >> it's not that terrible to get around the city the biggest challenge will be getting into the city if you're flying. almost 3,000 flights cancelled in the area. new york city area today and take them a while to work back
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to the backlog to get things back to normal. >> now as he mentioned. cancellation of thousands of flights sent a ripple effect all across the nation. ahead here tonight at 5:30 how passengers are finding unique ways to get around those cancellation. >> one of the four children who fell through a pond in baltimore county have died. the boy is 13-year-old. aaikens was one of four who fell in that pond sunday. two adults nearby heard the boy scream. pulled three of them out of the icy water but county police said he was in the water for more than an hour. one of the boys is still in the hospital in serious condition. the other two are now back home. >> the family of the woman who died after being trapped on a smoke-filled train plans to sue metro for $10 million. the lawyer for lawyer glover's
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family said they could file the suit tomorrow. it left more than 80 others hospitalized. >> pledging to help find ways to improve disasters on metro once the investigation on the yellow line accident is complete. he has vested interest in keeping metro safe. >> that's the subway that i ride home on. i was not in town. it went a little bit earlier than i normally depart but i'm on it monday through friday both coming in and going home. >> he said his agency is willing to work with first responders and metro to ensure better communication. this after it was revealed that firefighters had problems communicating with each other in that metro tunnel because they recently modified their radios.
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>> shot by police the day before a job interview. three weeks later says he's in constant pain and can't sleep longer than three hours. he tells d.c. bureau chief he heard nothing from police and not even an apology. >> i tried to run. but my leg locked up on me and i fell on the ground. >> he recalls that moment as he set getting his haircut at that barber shot when police shot at and missed an armed robbery suspect. the stray bullet hit him in his right hip and still lodged. >> waves of pain. >> the barbers were furious. >> it was reckless on the police behalf. children visit this shop all the
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time. >> his problem with the police is that since the accidental shooting -- >> nothing. >> they didn't do nothing at all. another officer questioned him briefly at the hospital. yet no apology. >> i heard from the same day or the day after. >> he was getting his haircut for a job interview. now that's gone. >> when i got it this happened. >> he spends a lot of time with his 11-year-old dog, midnight. >> when we saw police reaction i got a call from police chief who said to me on the phone he's absolutely right. i should have called. she asked me for his number and i gave it and she said she was going to call him to apologize. reporting from southeast
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washington sam ford abc7 news. >> arlington police are investigating a bizarre crime they targeted those most in need. a charity that provides food to the left fortunate and adding, they took the food but left electronics behind. tracking the investigation. >> they serve more than 2200 families a week. >> there is a need in the community even though arlington is one of the richest communities in the country. >> it's why he says he could unfortunately understand when he learned someone stole food from one of the distribution sites over the weekend that feeds about 40 families in the community. >> i think it was probably a family or an individual who was looking for food and was a target of opportunity. >> others like juan who come here once a week say they were shocked. >> i thought it was horrible.
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it was burglarized in time for the families to pick up so no one went home hungry. >> it's sad they had to resort to that. >> they received less than 7% of funding from the county and the rest is raised on their hone. but as the number of people who need the assistance continues to grow it's a financial strain on her their ability to buy more food. it's already $150,000 in the red this year. >> this is a very valuable resource that this community provides and people need it weekly. >> the organization relies heavily from donations and they say that every dollar counts. in fact they say that dollar that same dollar that might get you a candy bar at the grocery store that buy them a dozen eggs for a local family. abc7 news. >> diane, thank you. and still ahead here on abc7
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news at five. what president obama said that must change after the drone crashed on the white house lawn. >> and the circus of deflate-gate collides head on with super bowl media day. what tom brady is saying about the scandal. >> and i'm live. coming up after the break. i'll explain why buying a dog in
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>> he want to ban pet stores pr buying from commercial breeder. we are live with a look at what's being called one of the most talked about proposals in years. it's intended to limit the power and play of puppy mills and the folks here at the animal adoption center couldn't be happier about this legislation.
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they turn out more than 2 million dogs a year. counsel president wants to change that and so he's introduced legislation that would prohibit pet stores in montgomery county from selling or cats. the only exception, pet stores that sell them obtained from animal shelter or non-profit rescue center. >> hundreds and hundreds of e-mails urging the county to pass this bill. >> as it stands cities in ten different states have already passed laws restricting pet store puppy sales. they include austin, chicago, los angeles, phoenix and toledo. >> i think it's great we're getting in front of something that could potentially be a problem down the road. >> don johnson runs the animal adoption center. the state of the art facility has nearly 200 cats and dogs all
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looking for a new home. >> there is no need for this mass production. and it's cruel. and it's wrong for the customers that are purchasing the animals not to know where their dog or cat is coming from. >> now you might be surprised to learn there's only one pet store in all of montgomery county that currently sells dogs. i'm on the phone with the owner of the store. he tells me he disagrees with the intent of this bill calling it an encroachment on business and the consumers. we're live tonight kevin lewis abc7 news. >> kevin made some friends. >> looks like it. >> you making any friends with these frigid temperatures? >> cold weather friends like that and warm weather friends want it warmer. i do what i can. >> we missed the brunt all of that mess though. >> snow bans did form and now
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it's going to be cold. but a couple more opportunities for wintery weather. let's start with a time lapse. this is oak dale high school. notice the snow on the ground this morning after sunrise and during the day what happened. everything got wet in the parking lot and the sun came out and winds came up and a lot of things drying up. snow flurries a little bit farther west and some of that has moved in. look at the numbers already down to 27 degrees in middle town and that's in frederick county. 28 degrees right now. gainsville at 30. 36 in annapolis and wind chill and that in baltimore and 32 andrews and 30 degrees in winchester but the win that will be the story tomorrow morning. it feels like it's 14 in
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gaithersburg and tomorrow they'll be single digits in the morning and throughout the day our wind will run through the teens and 20. all kinds of sunshine tomorrow. it's all due to the storm center that is continuing to spin off the coast. the heaviest snow and highest winds are coming off to the coast. it will not slow down the north northwesterly winds following that and bringing in the cold air tonight. skies will be clear and some of these patches will diminish. sunshine moves in with high pressure tomorrow and high pressure will give us a beautiful day and air temperature down to eight degrees and five in caribou so bitter cold. the old air pushes to the south and east. and a lot of warm air farther to the west. western oklahoma and western kansas but that's what happens when you have a strong jetstream. you can see it dip.
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future cast computer model shows clear skies tomorrow and cloud bans with the blizzard moving away and this is an advance into thursday afternoon. that will be a cold front and a little disturbance along it. maybe snow and wintery mix and behind that system will clear out friday. too early to tell what it will bring but something we'll keep a close eye on. sunny and breezy throughout the day. lower wind chills and here's the next seven days we'll see the numbers climb and 40% chance of the wintery rain mix and changing to snow thursday evening and clearing and breezy and falling temperatures. sunshine and only 30 on saturday. sunday a 60% chance of a wintery
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chance. >> i can't make that out. >> that is punxsutawney phil. it's a likeness of him. we can't really say it's him because we would have to pay him. he's really crazy about that kind of stuff. >> look at his cousin punxsutawney paul. >> he's greedy too. both of them. all right, thank you. >> well coming up on abc7 news at five. 7700 flights cancelled because of blizzard. the process of getting things back to normal and how people are getting creative to try to get home. >> plus the alleged conversation that landed college sportscaster greg anthony behind bars. >> and a new v
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>> one of the whackiest days of nfl season. >> super bowl media day unfolded today just as we're learning about a new video and some say this video could be a smoking gun. ted explains. >> tom brady all sphaoeultzmiles on media day. but not saying anything new. >> we know the challenge we have an ahead of us. we got to be able to go out there and focus all our energy on the things we can control.
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>> fox sports is reporting a person of interest is a been identified, a locker room attendant that took footballs into another room at gillette stadium before the championship game the action reportedly caught on video. as the scandal continues to swirl, the patriots and seahawks are trying to focus on sunday's super bowl. >> not paying much attention to it. i think they think it's a bunch of hog wash. >> robert kraft talking to reporters on media day standing by his earlier declaration that his organization has done nothing wrong and the nfl investigation will find nothing. >> i would expect and hope that the league would apologize to our entire team and in particular coach belichick and tom brady for what they have had to endure this past week. >> nfl saying that their investigation won't be complete until well after the super bowl.
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abc7 news. >> and coming up on abc7 news at five -- >> my brother would not be surprised. he coached them and trained them and encouraged him >> with his late father always on his mind seahawks superstar russell superstar russell wilson getting ready for his second straight super bowl. wilson's uncle who lives here talks about the big game. >> new reservation who crashed the drone at the white house as president obama addresses the incident. >> and improving information abou
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>> you are watching abc seven news at five scrambling to repair damage from the blizzard pounding the northeast. among the damage, the entire island of nantucket. the seawall has collapsed flooding part of the marshfield communities. even as life begins to return to normal. the storm was not as severe as expected. with conditions improving in new york and new jersey, air travel is now slowly resuming. >> that is after thousands of flights had to be grounded nationwide.
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>> we are taking a look at how passengers are coping with these changes. >> day by day, minute by minute we can tell you that things are improving. we have been checking with amtrak and we got word that as of tomorrow they are going to resume service between new york city and boston. that shows that things are getting better. people trying to be patient. it is hard to do so when the board looks like this. all of the flights to new york are canceled. it is hard to be positive when it feels like you will never make it. alexa friedman is extremely anxious to get home. this northeast storm is genetically impacting her trip back from overseas. cosi have been traveling for 48 hours. >> is a journey that has seemed endless. >> tired doesn't even cover it.
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>> boston is impossible to get into. >> some are sleeping, others fighting boredom. >> megan kelly has had bad luck with both planes and trains as she struggled to get home to albany. >> it is delaying me about six hours. i have had five cancellations from amtrak and one from the airline. >> the trip from hawaii to new jersey has turned into a multi-day ordeal and it is not over yet. >> i should have been there by 11 this morning and i probably will not get there until late tonight. i will just drive up at this point. >> amtrak is proving to be an alternate method for those going to new york city as travel north of there has been suspended. >> with this kind of stuff for me you're not in control, so you have to relax and enjoy it try to keep your head and figure out a way.
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it would be thursday before i got home. >> in all, 8000 flights have been canceled between yesterday and tomorrow. travel experts expect that things will not improve until thursday or friday. suzanne kennedy abc seven news. >> public transit was shut down in boston this morning. one man decided to just walk a few blocks to work without a coat. that is when he ran into abc news meteorologist. >> that is not nothing compared to what happened here. >> do you have a winter coat inside of your suitcase? >> no, i did not plan that far ahead. >> is he showing off? >> you can see that marciano was
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helping him out a little bit carrying his bag. we do know that he is supposed to hand back to north carolina on thursday. he might just be a block of ice. >> good grief. >> count on abc 7 to keep you ahead of any impact on life here in the washington area. >> he will track the situation at the local airports, train and bus stations. we will get the latest as new england tries to pull itself out of a real mess. all of that coming up tonight at 6:00. >> crews have repaired a broken water main under edmonston road. the road will remain shut down. the 90-year-old pipes failed this morning flooding several homes. one family barely made it to safety before a sinkhole swallowed their car. >> a lawyer for the family of
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carole glover plans to vile charges. >> the montgomery county council will consider a bill banning pet stores from selling animal supplied by commercial breeders or puppy mills. it will allow the sale of pets from animal care facilities and nonprofit rescue groups. >> this just in about the man who said he crass -- he crashed a drone on the white house lawn. the man does not work with drones and he was flying a personal device. that ms. coming as investigators tell the "new york times" that the man had been tricking. the secret service lockdown the white house after the drone crashed. president obama was in india at the time. this has raised concerns about the presidents safety. >> i have asked the faa and a
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number of agencies to examine how are we managing this new technology? the drone that landed in the white house you can buy at radioshack. this is similar to what is happening in cyberspace. these technologies we are developing have the capacity to empower individuals in ways that we cannot even imagine 10, 15 years ago. >> some members of congress are calling for guidelines on drone use. time for a check of the traffic situation. >> a very light rush-hour, a lot of people did not go into school or work today and the ones that did, they are getting a nice ride. southbound 295 is where we have a delay. 395, 66, generally running at speed.
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just beginning to bog down a little bit. generally, a pretty smooth ride. >> he will check back with you later. a water main burst destroyed at home basement. >> a look at the conversation.
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>> new court moments are giving a glimpse in the moments before -- elicited a prostitute. actually, it was somebody that was posing as one, an undercover police officer. >> greg anthony will be here in d.c. superior court to be arraigned on those solicitation charges. the prosecutors have released the charges against the sportscaster, that he will be
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facing when he comes here monday. sportscaster greg anthony came to d.c. to cover for cbs the generous 17th maryland-michigan state game. he didn't make it. he was arrested in his hotel room at the doubletree in downtown d.c. he used a website to arrange for a prostitute. the ad was placed by d.c. police and a female officer from the human trafficking unit showed up. the language is graphic, the conversation ended with the undercover officer saying, so, $80 for sex? anthony said, oh yeah. the officer gave the signal the arrest team came to the room. >> he made it worse for himself. i do think he is guilty. >> i guess everyone, it is a matter your profession, right?
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people still pick up prostitute sometimes. >> anthony, a former and be a player, married father of four, is charged with solicitation for prostitution. he has been suspended indefinitely. online sites are not just monitored by the police but used by the police to make arrests. anthony was among a number of men arrested that we can who arranged for sex online. court papers say that he is a resident of delray beach florida. the solicitation charges a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 180 days in jail. reporting live from d.c. central court, sam ford. >> coming up at 5:00 russell wilson's washington ties. >> we will talk about his emotional journey back to the super bowl. >> a water main break sends more than a foot deep of muddy water
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into that holmes basement. we will tell you why the homeowners
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>> we are following news of an attack in libya that the state department has confirmed has left an american dead. nine people died when a gunman opened fire inside of a true believer hotel. the american work for a fredericksburg company. -- nine people died when a gunman opened fire inside of a tripoli hotel. >> a woman has found herself in a battle with the town of vienna after a water main break did tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to her home. with no one else, she turned to 7 on your side. >> the suburban neighborhood has had three water main breaks. the most recent one happening here. you can see where the repair was. when this water main broke, it's sent water underground and then downhill into the basement of
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this house, doing thousands of dollars in damage. the woman that lives here doesn't feel like she should have to pay for it. this cleanup crew has been busy for days. an expensive mess that she should not have to pay for. >> is is not our fault. it was nothing that we had done wrong. there was nothing faulty in the way we maintained the home. >> following a water main break the basement filled with more than a foot of muddy soup. but the next three days, she and her family had no water or no heat. >> he got a new water heater, you got a new furnace. >> we paid for it. >> the town is playing for the initial thing that but they will not cover the cost of the restoration which after carpet, laptop, appliances are replaced is estimated to cost $30,000. the homeowners insurance won't cover it.
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it was the water company's fault. >> i want them to fix everything the way it was. i don't have the money to pay for this. >> anytime i hear that that happens, i feel bad about that. >> the vienna town manager told 7 on your side that water main breaks are considered a act of god meaning the township is not legally responsible for the damage. >> we have protocols that we go through with the rest of the state of virginia and we try to follow those as best we can. >> if you do live in an older development or really anywhere, you want to get insurance to cover water main breaks there is something called hazard insurance that you can buy. >> thank you. if you want to reach chris and the team, you can e-mail tips
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we will see if we can help you with your problem. >> we will look at our ever-changing weather. >> it looks like the sky will continue clearing. the wind will continue to bring you cold air. let's get started. down to 28 degrees in gaithersburg. 35 now in the nation's capital. the winds are playing a role. they will use the temperatures as far as the wind chills go. these are look at the numbers. 28 degrees. probably feels like 16 degrees in gaithersburg. we will drop to the 20 also overnight lows, 14-23 degrees. you can see the center is moving east. the snow will be diminishing before long. it will take 12 hours for maine
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to move beyond the snow. we will see clearing weather into friday. here is our hourly forecast. sunny, breezy, chile. as we head to the next seven days, we will have a 40% chance of snow coming through late thursday. on friday, we might get 40 by midday but then windy and cold or with falling temperatures. only 34 a high on saturday despite a full day of sunshine. -- only 30 for a high on saturday. for what is in the weather center, probably the biggest day of the year, february 2. you have got it, groundhog day. what will phil see? will he see a shower? we don't know, but we will report it to you. >> that would be news. i wonder if he can tell us who will win the super bowl. >> that will be good.
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>> seattle. >> seattle is a slight favorite. partially because of the mobility of russell wilson. he grew up in nearby richmond. his uncle is a lawyer. >> for ben wilson, the super bowl will be bittersweet. >> when you see someone that reminds you of someone that you love, there's a certain -- >> he is russell wilson's uncle. i tried to be helpful. >> his brother died in 2010 following a lengthy battle with diabetes. >> he died the day that russell was drafted. >> harry played football at dartmouth. the competitive fight runs in the family. >> they said he would never walk . in a month, he walked. they said he would never speak.
5:52 pm
in a matter of weeks, he spoke. >> he seizes rather --he sees his brother in russell. >> it is an emotional time for me. i think about my dad right away. i wish he was here. he is the best seat in the house. >> for me, i felt gratification that my brothers son had performed at the very highest level in the most difficult of circumstances and help this team succeed. my brother would not be surprised. he coached him, he trained him he encouraged him. he prepared him for that challenge. russell was ready and i believe he will be ready on sunday. >> successes a continuous journey, not a destination. this kid has been success for
5:53 pm
whom the word go. he continues down the road. >> how are we supposed to watch the him and then route against him? coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> talking and texting could cost
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collects dcu may soon crack down on distracted drivers. that could range from a hefty fine too much more. -- >> d.c. may soon crackdown on distracted drivers. >> no texting, no talking on your cell phone. all you have to do is look at some of these cars to know that that laws not all that effective. texting while driving, a dangerous combination. d.c. gives out tickets for
5:57 pm
distracted driving but the punishment make it a lot more severe. >> i have been friends that have been lost while getting texting and driving. >> right now, you get a hundred dollar ticket but soon it could cost repeat offenders hundreds of dollars and keep them from behind the wheel. >> driving while you are texting could end up having your license suspended. >> at first ticket is still $100 but attack it in a year and a half. a third would be 400 blocks and three strikes will cost the drivers license and car registration for up to six months. >> that is crazy. >> after thinking about the effects, lacey ross changed her mind. >> i'm a huge offender. >> some say that a license suspension is going to far. >> that is a little harsh.
5:58 pm
i agree should not text and drive but no license. >> this was just introduced but so far no adamant opposition from any other city council members. >> thank you very much. coming up tonight at 6:00, some called the forecast a bust, we will talk about the weather because it of course still don't nearly two feet in parts of the northeast, actually first we will show you the health alert. this is about the measles outbreak that was linked to disneyland. this is apparently growing. 87 cases have been reported. the california health department says that most of those were not vaccinated, adding to the fear that a woman was likely contagious when she shopped at several take boxed stores.
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customers are be notified. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00 but coming up at 6:00, some call the forecast a bust. it still dumped nearly two feet in parts of the u.s.. massive repairs underway following a water main break. several families are out of their homes and it put your privacy at risk. a judge steps in, the ruling against the controversial smartphone app next. >> live from the abc 7 broadcasting center, this is abc 7 breaking news. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a hotel attack in libya. an american was killed. the senior political reporter spoke with the owner of the company. what have you found out?
6:00 pm
>> he delivered the news in confirming that david berry was working for a security and training company on assignment in libya and he was killed in that attack. these are couple of still images from the scene at the hotel. in all, nine people were killed. barry was the lone american victim. his coworkers will not say much about the sensitivity of the situation. the company mourns the extraordinary loss. a state department spokesperson was asked about these reports early this afternoon and here is what she had to say. >> we condemn the terrorist attack on the hotel in tripoli. condolences to the victims and their families. we are aware of the reports of a u.s. citizen being a killed on


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