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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 28, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EST

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expressed concerns about anti-semitism today. similar events were held in europe and worldwide. >> the nightmare will disappear only with the end of our life. >> among those at auschwitz were francois hollande that vowed to fight the violent extremism that wounded his nation and presidents of us a stree ian ja germany attending. a woman said she was forced to take unpaid leave because she was pregnant. he said her doctor said she could do her job as long as it didn heavy lifting but was taken off the job any way. >> it was rough. i had two kids at home and getting ready to bring my third child in the world with it is car. >> she is suing for back pay for the work she missed but said it is standing up for women's
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rights. taco bell is chiming in about using lesds salt. they are calling it the right and moral thing to do according to the ceo. taco bell's menu has 15% less salt than six years ago. it is part of the company's aim to land 15% of the menu items at or below suggested salt and sugar mims. sounds like a good goal but critics say it isn't ambitious enough. >> they say taking the salt off slightly and claiming it doesn't qualify as reducing in salt. >> it doesn't? >> taco bell for instance the steak burrito has 1,000 grams of sodium an entire week of salt. >> but if you back it off 15% it is something. >> but they are saying it isn't enough. what they are doing in the end is not enough. >> it is taco bell. you expect them to be healthy. >> we didn't ask for a can of salt with it. >> you don't have to go. it is taco bell. it is 3:00 in the morning.
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give me a burrito and i will go home. >> you know how many places are open not many. >> give me a bury tee with my salt. >> i didn't know you were a taco bell guy. >> i used to be in college because i hit 3:00. >> oh now i'm here with you at 3:00 in the morning. how's this for a change my life. >> nose dive. moving on to a guy in brooklyn new york. what should be his best four-legged friend. take a look. there on the rug is wallace, the rabbit. >> there he is. when the guy asks wallace to get him a beer he does just that. he push s the beer in a little cart across the room and the guy can reach it. he said it took a year to train wallace to do that but now that he really has it he can have the job forever. >> takes a while. this is not a fast -- this doesn't happen quickly. >> takes patience. >> huh. >> you are getting ideas.
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>> i am. we don't have pets but 2-year-old daughter. she can reach the fridge. >> you know the rabbit actually belongs to his girlfriend. he lives at her apartment. >> they don't live together. he lives at her apartment we have to put it that way. >> she's an animal trainer. >> he lives at her apartment. >> at her apartment. because he moved in to her apartment. so it is her apartment. until he puts a ring on it. that's how it works. coming up a tough reality from a staff from reality tv. the battle for an "american idol" winner. ahead the buzz and hot air over deflated football at the super bowl. what investigators are uncovering as they verdict the patriots. and later, can finding true love be as simple as asking a potential mate 36 questions? we will hear from some believers later on "world news now."
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♪ all right. yesterday in phoenix was the circus known as super bowl media day. players taking a break from planning and talking to the press. >> there are some unanswered questions surrounding deflate-gate of course. >> tom brady all smiles at media day. >> hi guys. >> reporter: answering questions but not saying anything new on the ongoing nfl investigation over deflate-gate. >> we have to go out there and focus all of our energy on the thing we can control. >> reporter: the seahawks richard sherman one of the few players willing to address the scandal. >> nobody wants the integrity of the game to be damaged or questioned. that includes the patriots. >> reporter: fox sports is reporting a person of interest
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has been identified a locker room attendant that took footballs in to another room at gillet stadium before the afc championship game. the actions reportedly caught on video. >> they think it is a bunch of hogwash. >> reporter: robert kraft talking to reporters down played the effect the scandal is having on players and standing by his declaration that his organization has done nothing wrong, confident that nfl investigators will find nothing. >> i would expect and hope the league would apologize to our entire team and in particular coach belichick and tom brady for what they have had to endure this past week. >> reporter: players on both sides doing their best not to talk about the ongoing investigation, which the nfl says won't be completed until after the super bowl. reena, t.j.? >> means we get to keep talking about it and talking about it and talking about it. what do you do here? everybody is fascinated by it.
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even you a nonsports fan, nonnfl fan. >> you know what else i love about media day, bill belichik was asked from a little girl what stuffed animal do you like. >> bill belichik, i couldn't imagine him with any stuffed animal. >> i like the little puppet that you can put your fingers in a little monkey. >> that's his answer. >> that's his answer word for word. >> sounds about right. the sound and fury. "american idol" alum phillip phillips filing a major lawsuit trying to get out of his "american idol" contract. >> why he feels manipulated by the same people helped launch his career. you are watching "world news now." ♪ i'm going to make this place your home ♪ >> announcer:
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♪ ♪ know you're not alone cause i'm gonna make this place your home ♪ >> "american idol" alum phillip phillips hitting it big with the song "home." he won idol and a record contract and most contestants can only dream of. >> he said he has been manipulated by the company that
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produces his -- and manages his career. >> reporter: "american idol" career phillip phillipsle foo filing a bombshell petition hoping to terminate his petition with the company he is calling oppressive and fatally conflicted. ♪ the 24-year-old season 11 winner who signed recording, management publishing and merchandising deals with 19 entertainment, a coproducer of "american idol" before even winning the competition in 2012 alleging the company manipulated phillips in to accepting jobs and entering in to other transactions that were for the benefit of 19 and its affiliated companies rather than his own benefit. >> one of the things that phil phillips complains about is that he was forced to perform for "american idol" sponsors for free. >> reporter: phillips also claiming the company repeatedly withheld material regarding important career matters, even allegedly naming and releasing the title of his most recent
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album without consulting him. ♪ i'm going to make this place your home ♪ >> reporter: phillips says after hitting it big for songs like "home" he frequently requested that his management company renegotiate his recording deal but he claims they never did because the label and manager are both under the same umbrella company. >> these kinds of management disputes are fairly common in the entertainment industry. >> reporter: phillips' attorney telling abc news the singer appreciates the opportunity "american idol" afforded him, but adds he never anticipated the producers would favor their own interests above his career. 19 entertainment fighting back telling us we have always acted in the best interest of phillip. we will vigorously defend ourselves from any baseless claims to the contrary and any attempt to interfere with our rights and relationships." abbie boudreau abc news los angeles. >> his song "home" sold 5 million copies the most of any "american idol" alum. >> impressive. he has a lot on the line.
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♪ all right. finding true love is the thrill of a lifetime right? but the trial and error process can be just awful sometimes. >> it's true. there's a new study that finds 36 questions could unlock your true love offering a shortcut for the dating process. mara schiavocampo has the details. >> reporter: stuart and kyle are complete strangers. >> nice to meet you. >> you too. >> who are about to get very close. >> are you ready fall in love? >> totally. let's fall in love. >> reporter: they are about to ask each other a set of questions that have been scientifically designed to speed
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up a couple's connection and lead them to love. >> the questions gradually get more and more personal. >> reporter: dating can be complicated. >> i thought in your profile it it said you like to drink red wine. >> you printed out my profile? >> reporter: the 36 questions are supposed to simplify things and get people to know each other quickly. >> as long as you are responsive it helps relationships of all kinds. >> you need physical chemistry and mental enemotional chemistry. questions like these help to find the second half. >> when did you last sing to yourself? >> reporter: how's our couple doing? >> i sing to myself constantly. >> reporter: we ask them to give each other the love quiz. >> tell your partner something you like about them already. >> i really like your eyes. >> i really love your sincerity. >> reporter: then complete the last part of the exercise. staring in to each other's eyes
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for four minutes. >> everything kind of blacked out around you. >> that's exactly -- like a trend. >> how are you leaving this room today? >> i guess we will see. >> i'd definitely have a cup of coffee with him. >> sounds like the questions work. >> they do work. i believe they work. >> reporter: giving whole new meaning to speed dating. mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> kids these days have it so easy. >> kids these days. what are you talking about. >> i wish i had 36 questions. it takes 9 0 minutes. >> that's too much? could have saved years of trial and error. one of them is do you have a secret hunch about how you will die. >> why do you need to know that? >> it is an intimate question. >> think they are creepy because of their death. >> you are looking at this all wrong.
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this morning on "world news now," punishing storm. the blizzard in the northeast dumping several feet of snow with 70 mile an hour winds. we're still in the middle of a winter storm of historic proportions? the snowfall the flooding and the big question did forecasters make mistakes? >> caught on camera fearless robbers breaking in to a jewelry store putting clerks in danger. how one employee made the madness end quickly. tough quest the new england patriots at media day. >> think it is a bunch of hogwash. >> the investigation in to deflated footballs an how the controversy divided the fans. it is wednesday, january 28th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. on this wednesday. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes.
3:01 am
we begin with millions of americans digging out from the massive if not historic blizzard in the northeast. >> 50 million americans from washington, d.c. to maine did get slammed. with new england taking the brunt of the storm where it is still falling and blowing. abc's marci gonzalez begins our coverage. good morning. >> reporter: this was not the historic blizzard predicted for new york city but it did break some records farther north. wind whipping the still falling snow. >> we're still in the middle of a winter storm of historic proportion here in the city of boston. >> reporter: three feet of snow already on the ground in some places. on nantucket, a whiteout with nearly 80 mile per hour winds leaving the entire island without power. further north, the blizzard freezing and flooding the coastal town of marshfield. a stretch of seawall crumbling there sending the ocean surging in to homes. >> this is horrible. we walked this wall yesterday
3:02 am
and it is gone. >> reporter: army soldier bruno grabbing what she could and evacuated. this is what people in massachusetts expected. no surprise either on long island new york where they are dealing with more than two feet of snow in some places. >> crazy. really crazy out here. >> reporter: also crazy for people who spent the night in airports too. flights are finally starting to take off again from the northeast. >> when we found out we could passes we were like yes. >> reporter: celebrating in new york city too, where despite the unprecedented precautions, the subways stopped, bridges and roads closed the city's already back to normal but with a fresh coating of winter beauty. a lot of people spenlt yesterday enjoying that. the mayor here is not apologizing saying he has no regrets about being so cautious. t.j. and reena? >> all right. well, thank you. an apology is coming the head of the national weather service. louis -- his agency is trying to track down how the words
3:03 am
potentially historic" became attached to their forecast. it fuelled an overblown media hype that led to heavy handed government intervention that shut down new york city over a few inches of snow just a few inches. dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. but a lot of people are upset. looking outside, where's the history-making thing. you took away people's ability to move around the biggest city in the country over a couple of inches of snow. >> i thought it was nice for once new york city took a little snooze. shows you can slow down a little bit. the world moves on the next day. put your feet up. >> you know how much productivity we need it? >> do we need it. >> we are behind. >> you can be stuck inside. >> you think people enjoy being stuck inside. >> forces some people to get together some people to sleep in their offices. >> you can improve, everybody
3:04 am
can do better next time around. learn lessons and it is worth it if we learning something. >> that's right. the snow is falling but tapering off in new england. >> three feet of snow fell on northern massachusetts. lisbon,@@had 26 inches. >> thank you. good morning. the northeast waking up to much better weather finally our snowstorm rolling out of coastal new england. still some cold air behind but the sunshine will return and improve the road conditions in a hurry. i'll tell you what is wild though. while we have snow and cold in the northeast we have temperatures in the 70s and 80s over the south plains. record high temperatures in kansas oklahoma and texas. reena and t.j. back to you. >> thank you so much justin. turning overseas to the latest ultimatum from isis. time quickly running out for hostages. the japanese prime minister
3:05 am
calls the 24 hour deadline despicable. kenji goto is holding the picture of a captured pilot from jordan and said both will be killed if jordan doesn't hand over a female militant on death row. two former football players at vanderbilt have been convicted of rape. the jury decide the two men now 21 were guilty of drunken dorm room assault back in 2013. the assault happened as one of the men took pictures on his cell phone and sent them to friends. >> it wasn't just about sexual grat fi case. it was about degrading her. humiliating her. >> reporter: the victim sat through every day of that trial. she thanked prosecutors. the two men face decades in prison. a growing backlash on the university of virginia campus after sorority members were told not to attend an annual fraternity party this weekend. students started an on-line
3:06 am
petition to protest the order from the national sorority headquarters. it comes after a traumatic quarter where a rape in rolling stone magazine was discredited. the mormon church is trying to strike a balance between gay rights and religious freedom. they condemn discrimination against gays they say it is wrong to deny them employment and housing and want laws. they say people should not be forced to provide artificial insemination for people against their religious believes. allenby is sticking by his story he was robbed and beaten in honolulu two weeks ago. he met reporters apparently recovered by the wounds he suffered. he said he left the bar with three people that night and next thing he knew evidence in a park with his wallet and phone gone. a couple of homeless people dispute his account of what happened that night. police are investigating. allenby said he has not lied to anybody. he is playing a the phoenix open. the super bowl not far from
3:07 am
that. when we are talking about the super bowl we have to talk about deflated footballs, despite questions there weren't any answers at super bowl media day, which is always a circus. abc's cecilia vega reports. >> heads up. i'm coming. >> reporter: in the crush of super bowl media day there's one question the new england patriots can't seem to escape. >> if i say deflate-gate you say what. >> no comment. >> reporter: after reports the nfl named a locker room attendant as a person of interest most players had little to say about the lingering controversy. >> i have no ideaed how that works, honestly. i go out and catch the ones that tom throws at me. >> reporter: patriots owner robert kraft spoke out for them. >> i think they think it is a bunch of hogwash. >> reporter: saying his team might deserve an apology from the nfl. >> i'm focusing on the game. >> reporter: the nfl declining to comment on the fox sports report claiming the league has a video of the patriots locker room attendant taking footballs
3:08 am
in to another room before the playoff game. >> do you think a locker room attendant would have done that without being told to do that if that happened? >> i don't think our locker room attendants would do it period. >> reporter: the nfl saying super bowl xlix will be played before the investigation is over. four players and fans. >> sham. total sham. >> cheaters. >> reporter: the pressure is still on. cecilia vega abc news phoenix. >> oh boy. a little sense of the media day craziness from the report there. >> a lot of players did a little sal ta dancing at their podiums. see this ron gronkowski got in to it. the whole thing has turned in to a circus than anything about substance. >> the guy getting the most attention for what he said or didn't say is seattle running back marchand lynch. >> i'm just here so i don't get fired. here so i won't get fined.
3:09 am
i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> he was required to do five minutes up there. he set the timer on his clock. gave 29 answers just like that. if he didn't he would have been fined $500,000. >> just for not showing up. >> for not showing up. >> because it is one of your duties. >> it's the responsible that the league says after games you have to make yourself available to the media. he has done this for years. a lot of people say it is getting old and tired but ridiculous for fining the guy $500,000. >> he said it 29 times. he timer went off and he bounced. >> you know how many people would love to set a timer and walk away. wedding, fancy gowns and wedding but someone important was missing. who saved the day after fearless robbers bailed in to a jewelry store. the jaw-dropping scene capture whiched on camera. you are watching "world news
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a gang of thieves behind a crash and grab heist. the robbers rammed an suv in the lobby of the wells fargo museum yesterday. they stole ten ounces of gold nuggets from a display case and sped off in another car. the gold wasn't as valuable as they may have thought. >> these nuggets represented the gold rush era. from our understanding from wells fargo these are not the actual ones obtained from that time. >> yeah the gold is believed to be worth $13,000 but the price of the revolving glass doors, $200,000. >> the doors they busted. >> the doors they busted. should have taken the doors. >> who knew. next time. we'll continue with our robbery block here. surveillance footage from a
3:14 am
texas jewelry store shows another brazen robbery attempt. one clerk was tied up and another taking action. abc's ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: four suspects faces covered and guns drawn storm a jewelry store southwest of houston. a few seconds earlier, you see a female employee who appears to be cleaning up last thursday night. when she sees the robbers, she runs to the back room. some jump the counter and follow her. police in richmond texas say the men tied up that clerk, but the actions of another store employee cut this heist short, very short. less than 30 seconds after their grand entrance they run off without taking a thing. so what happened? look closely and you see a gun in the hand of the other employee. police say he fired several times at the robbers and they shot back. no one was hit. other dramatic surveillance video from jewelry stores have led to quick arrests but these four are still on the run, and
3:15 am
still empty handed. ryan owens, abc news dallas. >> oh. another robbery attempt took place near pittsburgh. police are calling it a first, a bank hold up at a drive-thru. yeah a drive-thru. a woman passed a note to a teller threatening she had a bomb. police arrived with within seconds blocking the woman's suv. as the bank was evacuated a bomb squad used a robot to check the vehicle. no explosives were found. >> drive-thru. >> we are laughing but there is an elementary school across the way. they had to evacuate the kids and move them to a high school. okay. with we have another great criminal for you here. another crook coming up next half haught in the act not by police. but in a window. this embarrassed thief hung out to dry and the confused witnesses that stumble on an absurd scene. and a treat of all treats. pancakes versatile breakfast food offers so many variations.
3:16 am
we will have more ahead inside insomniac kich cannen. teaching you to chow down like a champ. you are watching "world news now." >>
3:17 am
>> if you have the munchies right now chances are you live in colorado but this story will inspire or torture you. >> today is national blueberry pancake day and we are showing how to make the fluffiest, fruitiest flap jacks around. let's get in the insomniac kitchen with tina trinh to uncover the secrets to making the perfect pancake. >> reporter: it is national blueberry pancake day. we are in the kich cannen with katie workman, food writer and
3:18 am
cake book author. this is the recipe out of your mom 100 cook book. >> yep. >> what is the secret to the best b pancake sfwls starts with great ble blueberries. you want a lot of them. if you mix up flour, baking powder sugar and salt that's what is in the box any way and you are adding eggs and milk and your oil which you would do any way. it is five minutes start to finish. >> sounds easy enough. let's try it. >> we will start by mixing the dry ingredients. one with and a quarter cups of all-purpose flour. half teaspoon kosher salt tablespoon of sugar, regular sugar and a tablespoon of baking powder. crack open an egg for me if you would. nicely done. this is something if you have kids -- kids love cracking eggs. >> love cracking eggs. you may lose one or two in the process but that's okay. one and a quarter cups of milk two tablespoons of vegetable or
3:19 am
canola oil. we will whisk that up like that. >> here we go. >> yep, great. and the secret here is that you only want to combine the ingredients until they are just barely combined. you actually want to see a little flour, just like this. a little lumpy. >> a little lumpy is okay. >> a little lumpy is okay. >> ready to make pancakes. >> yes. >> let's do it. >> a nice hot pan here. if you can put in a little oil. a little swirl. you can use butter too. >> you throw them in. >> you can throw them in. >> i was afraid they would turn the batter blue. >> get them nicely in the middle of the pancake when you do that. i put a lot of blueberries in these but it is after all national blueberry pancake day. >> it is. >> you are waiting until the edges dry out a little bit and the tops get tiny bubbles on them and flip them over. >> this is scary. >> you did it perfect.
3:20 am
see. look at how beautiful. >> pretty. >> gorgeous. gorgeous. >> of course. >> you said i could have butt and maple syrup. >> absolutely. here. all over. >> i'm drooling right now. >> every day should be this day. pretty good. >> happy blueberry pancake day. >> happy blueberry pancake day. >> wow. >> got to thank the ladies. >> you are digging in. >> i'm a breakfast guy. >> they do a great job. >> they were explaining to us the key baking powder. it is the key to a good pancake. it makes it fluffy. makes it fluffy. >> who knew and also blueberries, you know it is the magic antioxidant helps with cancer and alzheimer's. so blueberries are really the way to go. >> these are huge at the house. but it is the second most popular berry in the country. in the world or country, is that
3:21 am
right? >> in the u.s. >> most popular is the strawberry. >> i have to say, look at these, look at what the folks at bris coles did. apparently a cookie cutter and you pour it in the batter and get whatever shape you want. >> what's the next day we have on tap? >> i hope it involves berries and something light and fluffy like this. >> what's next? what's the next day we have? what's the next day we can celebrate. >> strawberries. >> when is that one? >> strawberries is when? >> june? >> i can't wait until june. >> we don't have to wait until june. plant city do a festival and they are incredible. maybe we should take a tour of the strawberry festival. >> you keep thinking they are going to send us somewhere. this show is not going anywhere on the road. >> tomorrow is national corn chip day. >> heart burn day tomorrow.
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>> don't you love when they turn a mic on early and people hear us upset. >> they have started to do that on purpose, intentionally now. it is time for the mix. cold day yesterday, right. can you imagine wading in to the water yesterday? ? >> goodness, no. >> a surfer did it. look at that. montauk, eight-foot waves. the national weather service says a small craft advisory was in effect through wednesday afternoon. this man didn't care. the water temperature 34 degrees. surf swelling as much as 18 f high. >> i love these guys. they love what they do and will go out and catch a wave anytime. a cool picture to show you. people love to roast marshmallows by the fire and what not. here's one you have never seen before. this is an art studio. they put this together for the final product they made the snow
3:26 am
sculpture and painted it, you see that -- those are the flames and then they posed with the picture of the big marshmallow and there's the final result. a cool pic. >> very cool pic. unlike men, women sometimes have this -- >> where are you going with this one? >> have a biological clock ticking. i don't know what it self but you hit a certain age and you want to find someone. there's a woman in texas who said if i don't find someone by the age of 40 i'm going to marry myself. purple is the color of choice. she's age 40 and name is jazz mean ellerby. >> married who. >> herself in a not legal ceremony spiritual. her sister is a minister and conducted the ceremony. her mother gave her away. >> what with were the vows. >> gave her away to whom? i have a lot of questions here. >> i will be by myself in sickness and health. i will support myself. >> i want to know the vows. i have a lot of questions about
3:27 am
this. >> i take me to be my -- >> wedded wife. to love and behold. >> in about three weeks she's going to find somebody. >> you know what very well that could be. yep, she would have to divorce herself. >> that's a good point. she's taken now. last one to show you here. two problems. one a kid that has a problem and needs to go to the hospital. two, his sponge bob pendant is missing. those two things came together.-ray of the kid. this is in saudi arabia. the doc took the x-ray and viola. >> that's very scary. >> it is scary. the kid is already. 16 months old. swallowed his pen sglant what did you swallow? is spongebob down your throat too? >> i don't kno
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," dangerous conditions. the northeast blizzard the areas getting the most snow and the thousand s of stranded airline passengers hoping to get on flights today. the terror deadline. isis and another chilling ultimatum involving two hostages and syria's demands. daring rescue. a burning apartment and lives are on the line. how a firefighter's camera captured the scene with survivors rescued with seconds to spare. later in "the skinny," getting to the bottom of tiger woods' dental dilemma. what in the world happened to that tooth? it is wednesday, january 28th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> hello, everybody. i'm t.j. holmes. we start with snowmageddon of 2015. we had a big dig. everybody was talking it wasn't what they expected if new york. >> we shouldn't attack the
3:31 am
meteorologists for that. i don't think so. >> a lot of them are apologizing. a lot of people are attacking politicians for going overboard. >> but they took the advice of the meteorologists. >> and then we, the media, say we have a big one coming. we went crazy here >> marlene dietrich said, "once you have forgiven a man for his sins don't reheat his sins for breakfast." >> goodness. we need to write that down. >> we do. right now, more than 25,000 homes and businesses across nine states are have no problem. >> i'm still on this reheating stuff. >> don't reheat your sins for breakfast. >> 8,000 flights cancelled the past three days and by the time it is over parts of new england could see up to 40 inches of snow. david wright is in hard-hit massachusetts. >> reporter: as if blinding snow weren't enough, flooding two too. home upon home blanketed in ice. in marshfield, an a 80 foot stretch crumbled at high tide. pounding a waves poured over the
3:32 am
top. >> this is horrible. we walked this wall yesterday and it is gone. >> reporter: jennifer bruno a soldier forced to abandon her home in tears. up the coast in scituate beach front homes have backyard lagoons. these cars completely submerged whole neighborhoods cut off by the flooding. steve tried to wade through the water to get back to his home and couldn't make it. it went from bad to worse. the ocean churning, cars buried, three to four inches of snow falling every hour. utility trucks are lining up to help people in eastern massachusetts now without electricity. the winds there clocked in at nearly 80 miles an hour. the fiercest of this storm so far. the winds kicking up something fierce. where i'm standing looks like newly fallen snow but beneath it is a huge lake of slush. police are telling us the tide is coming back in now. it's time to leave and the homeowners have no idea when they will be allowed to return. david wright, abc news,
3:33 am
scituate, massachusetts. >> there are sill residual flight delays and cancellations across the northeast. five major airports this morning before the storm hit. on sunday airlines had already cancelled 3200 flights hoping to give passengers enough advanced warning. still plenty of travelers found themselves stranded at the terminals. >> it's been exhausting. so emotionally exhausting to be in the airport and not have anywhere to go. >> reporter: an estimated 400,000 passengers in total were affected by cancellations over the past three days at the cost to the airlines $235 million. a lot of money there. >> the storm so big they put up hurricane hunter planes and flew them in to the blizzard. >> weather experts flew from mississippi to the winter storm system to gather information for forecasters. our own forecaster justin povick at accu-weather tells us more snow is on the way. hey, justin, good morning. >> reena and t.j., thanks.
3:34 am
good morning. the northeast especially close to new england are going to be dealing with a much quieter weather day as our snowstorm departs. stage right off to the north and east. cold air back behind. clouds break for sunshine. in terms of traveling, much much smoother traveling condition cans throughout the northeast. southwest the place to be if you like the warmth and sunshine. conditions looking pleasant over southern california, nevada, utah and arizona. later on this week, though, the southwest will turn wet and stormy. here we go again. not as intense of a storm system. nonetheless, more snow on the way for the northeast and in to new england. that means more travel delays, as well. reena and t.j., back to you. >> justin, thank you. now to a developing story. the race against time for two hostages in the hands of isis. japan's prime minister held an emergency cabinet meeting last night after a new video was posted of the japanese captive announcing a chilling ultimatum. if isis demands are not met both men could be dead by tonight. for more here's abc's brian ross.
3:35 am
>> i have been told this is my last message. >> reporter: wearing an orange jumpsuit and shack goto was forced to read his own death sentence in a dark video without the usual isis flourishes. holding the photo of a captive jordanian pilot who he said is also facing execution. >> i have only 24 hours left to live and the pilot has even less. >> reporter: in tokyo, the journalist's mother pleaded with the japanese government to do whatever it takes. what isis says it wants is for this failed suicide bomber an iraqi woman by the name of sajida al-rishawi on death row in jordan to be set free there. >> what isis wants is for people to treat them like a state. it is in jordan's interest not to treat them like a state. >> reporter: isis initially demanded a $200 million ransom for goto and a second japanese
3:36 am
citizen, a self describe ed described adventurer. >> it is me for her. what is so difficult to understand? >> reporter: when rejected isis killed the adventurer and forced kenji goto to read the demands for the second swap. brian ross abc news new york. the state department confirms an american was among those killed in an attack on a hotel in libya. he is identified as david barry who worked in virginia. he was killed in the assault on the corinthia hotel in tripoli. an isis-related group claimed responsibility but no evidence to back it up. meanwhile, the president is back at the white house after a trip to india and saudi arabia. during the brief stop in saudi arabia the president met with the new king and michelle obama made headlines for not wearing a head scarf as is tradition for women there. most of the asian stock markets traded lower overnight continuing a selloff that started on wall street.
3:37 am
traders sent the dow down 291 points yesterday. the nasdaq plunging 90 points. that following disappointing earnings results from microsoft and caterpillar. one company that could be set for a very big day today is apple after it posted record earnings. apple said it earned $18 billion in the last quarter, the best quarter in terms of profit of any public company ever. and its thanks mostly to selling more than 74 million iphones. about 30,000 of them every hour quarter. the company's next major production release is the apple watch. that's set for watch. >> this company, every time you think they can't do anymore, do any better they keep going. >> they do. >> keep going. >> keep going and changing the darn adapters, the plugs on their devices. drives me nuts. >> clearly it does. look at the big picture. >> a reason they are profitable, though. >> because they make you buy a new something. >> all the time. >> you are right.
3:38 am
turn to sports now. we head down under to the australian open. it is old versus young. sorry, venus. you get what we are saying here. vees you us in willems was facing a 19-year-old keys. she said she always wanted to be like venus since seeing her on tv at the age of 4. she learned her lessons well and beat williams in three sets and sets up a semi final. the 19-year-old has to face the other williams sister serena tomorrow. >> old versus young, do we have to go there? >> you get it, what is venus, 34. >> that's old? >> no, it's not old >> 34 is old. >> in tennis. in tennis. >> you said old versus young. >> in tennis, in tennis now. >> i don't care what sport we are talking about, that is not old. >> kobe is 36. that's old in the nba. turn to the super bowl. they have problems there too. media day the issue of those deflated footballs still topic of conversation. thousands of media members and fans got up close and personal with the patriots seahawks and
3:39 am
coaches. amid the craziness of the event most players tried to down play deflate-gate. patriots owner robert kraft was speaking for everybody. >> they think it is a bunch of hogwash. >> that sums it up. upon arriving in arizona, he said his team would deserve an apology if the investigation came up empty. for his part defense back rich sherman said he has faith in the league's investigation. millions of people were hunkering down at home as a powerful storm in the northeast to a virtual stand still. me brave souls in new mpshire decided to make the st of it. of course. here you go. they didn't want to be cooped up inside and faced the elements biven churing outside for a snowball fight. >> people of all ages advantage of the heavy snowfall. not even news cameras were spared. they said getting hit in the face was better than spending the day working or shoveling. >> are you a know ball fight gal? >> i don't like to go anywhere that is old. >> like outside.
3:40 am
>> i did not. my husband took the kids out and i watched from the window. i had hot chocolate waiting when they came back. >> everybody knows their role. that's cool. exciting news about movie remakes. "ghost busters" and beetle juice. will there be a blockbuster baby boom in nine months. so many snowed in singles were looking for love on-line. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by airborne dual action.
3:41 am
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use promo code: notme. call the number on your screen now. some increom the eyes of a firefighter. the intense moments unfolding as rescuers attempt to save three very young children from a raging fire. here now with those images abc's brandi hitt. >> possible kid inside, guys. a kid inside. >> reporter: dramatic moments captured on firefighter helmets o, california, as fire crews rush in to this burning apartment. >> where is she? how old is she, ma'am?
3:44 am
>> reporter: they learn not one but three toddlers are trapped inside. >> three kids in the back. >> reporter: their world turning to complete darkness in this smoke-filled home. >> we need ventilation. >> reporter: you hear fire alarms in and then thick smoke and glass breaking when the toddlers are spotted. each one pulled out. fresno police say they were home alone when a possible electrical fire sparked in the apartment on sunday. >> if we file charges, it maybe something of a higher crime than just neglect. >> reporter: all three children remain hospitalized in critical condition. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. some dramatic moments were caught on video from inside of a stolen police cruiser outside of pittsburgh. 27-year-old suspect whom police handcuffed, place in the back of a police cruiser managed to jump in the front seat, turn on the siren and sped off while still handcuffed. yeah, she led the police on a nearly ten-mile chase hitting speeds up to 80 miles an hour before she was caught. amazingly no one was hurt. >> she should use those talents for good. >> what kind of talent. >> i don't know, go to vegas and
3:45 am
make a show out of that, magician. >> getting out of handcuffs. >> she's impressive. she's fwot skills. this is impressive stuff. a lot of criminals have skills and apply them to the wrong thing at times. that's no easy thing to do. >> we can track down her attorney. a burglar in england, i don't know about his skills here crime doesn't pay, folks. he was discovered. you see him here in a precarious position, dangling from a window, stuck upside down. two college students came upon this man. said they just couldn't stop laughing. this is a would be burglar. he was actually in tears. oh, poor baby. he said he had been stuck in the window for five hours. police were happy to get him down. he was arrested. should they have let him go just for time served, if you will? this is humiliating. five hours. he's been punished enough. they are cracking up. can you imagine? he is trying to rob the place. >> this is ridiculous.
3:46 am
>> let the guy go. this is humiliation. >> is there any way i can get in the building to help you out? >> coming up, taylor swift threatened by hackers with the release of nude photos. and rare moment with tiger woods cracking jokes with reporters as he explained the missing tooth. that's next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> we start "the skinny" off with a pair of classic movie reboots reportedly in the works that have hollywood buzzing and fans are in a frenzy. >> last year bill murray revealed the four actresses he thought would be best to take over the beloved franchise with an all-female cast and the director of the project revealed through a tweet which four women might be powering up their pro on the packs. >> melissa mccarthy. she's been confirmed by "the llywood reporter" to be on board and rounding the team out trio of "saturday night live" cast members, kristen wiig and kate mckinnon and leslie jones. >> good lineup. >> rumors are flying about a sequel to the "beetle juice." winona ryder revealed that "beetle juice 2" is going to happen. keaton and the director tim burton are reported to be interested.
3:49 am
with keaton's performance in "birdman" getting a lot of buzz right now it seems possible. a rare moment of levity with the with press from tiger woods yesterday. >> he was asked about the incident involving his tooth being knocked out while watching his girlfriend lindsey vonn compete. he recounted how painful the ordeal was. the camera mack man knocking the equipment in his face. and also explained why it was hard to remain under cover. >> i still had my mask on. no one knew who i was. trying to blend in. there's not a lot of brown dudes at ski races. okay? hey -- >> he's got a point. come on. we have seen the winter olympics. it's not the most diverse group of athletes, but if you are watching the show yesterday you may have seen this picture. take a look. >> we don't have -- >> a picture. there you go. >> i was the only one out there that day, too.
3:50 am
i stood out like a sore thumb. >> oh, but you were just as good as vonn on the slopes, right? >> my goodness. taylor swift is back in "the skinny" after becoming a hacking victim. >> she has more than 71 million viewers on-line. many saw strange posti her twitter an instagram accounts were hacked. they threatened to release new photos but the shake it off singer tweeted the hackers gonna hack hack hack hack hack. >> that's clever. >> good response. >> and this rely to those hard core hackers. have fun photo shopping because you ain't got nothing. >> hope she is right. >> selfie queen kim kardashian has been naked a time or two. and is earning the title this month. a coffee table book with 352 pages of selfies. >> she is also about to take over the super bowl with you guessed it, selfies. data you paid for that could used to see my makeup, my back hand, my outfits, my vacations and my outfits. >> it's her thing.
3:51 am
the new t-mobile ad she's clearly not afraid to make fun of herself for taking all of these selfies. if someone was paying you you would make fun of yourself in any way shape or form. >> self deprecating humor. people appreciate that. >> waiting for me to make fun of myself? >> no. >> i thought you were looking at me as -- >> you make fun of yourself all the time here. >> i do. >> you are a good sport. >> how about birthdays. >> who's got aay? start with alan alda, best known for playing hawkeye on m.a.s.h., sarah mclachlan 47. former 'nsync member joey fatone. he's turning 38. remember frodo from the "lord of the rings" trilogy. >> do you remember him? >> i do. elijah wood is 34 today. happy birthday. >> happy birthday, everybody. i liked "lord of the rings. >> frodo is your favorite? nervous to try it. there is an amazing sensation for her amazing this
3:52 am
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>> i don't like the music playing. very uncomfortable. >> we're also talking about storms. kind of interesting. as with most major storms to hit densely populated areas, nervous residents scramble for food, water, batteries and all essentials like someone to snuggle with. >> there it is. snuggling is the pg version and what we were playing the version. we are "up all nightline" with mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: when the weather has you saying, baby it's cold outside, there's nothing like warming up inside with that someone special. hey. i'm freezing. >> i wasn't expecting you. >> well, i wasn't expecting you either.
3:56 am
>> reporter: the cold bringing cameron diaz a little heat in "the holiday" but if jude law isn't popping up on your doorstep during a snowy blast, you may have better luck finding that blizzard buddy on a dating app. >> when you don't have anything to do and you know you have the day off and when there's a storm outside, you really want to communicate with someone. >> reporter: dating apps reported major upticks during monday's storm. messages sent on shooting up 60%. on okcupid new sign ups increased 20%. >> anytime that causes people to stay inside for an extended period of time we see stats increase. >> reporter: even on craigslist, users posted a storm of ads looking for blizzard boyfriends and girlfriends to spend a special snow day with. like this special request for a snow day makeout buddy. can a hold weather hookup turn in to a real relationship?
3:57 am
>> one stat up the most was one that tracks quality conversations versus long conversations which shows people are getting to know each other. >> reporter: she hopes for more than a snuggle buddy. >> i found someone cute and nice at i like to talk to. cause of the blizzard i couldn't leave the apartment i was in. so nothing came of it but i hope that it will. >> reporter: for "nightline," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> awesome. ♪ >> they say luxury -- oh, boy. oh, boy. >> come on, y'all. now you all are just messin'. >> why are you zooming in on me? >> why you messing with us. >> this is uncomfortable. i am going to leave.
3:58 am
3:59 am
making news in america this
4:00 am
morning, digging out after being buried in feet of snow the blizzard that rocked new england. also bringing severe flooding along the coast. plus the admission from the national weather service about what they got wrong. also foul faucet. water so dark it looks like ink pouring from people's showers and sinks, what exactly is it? caught on camera. not so smooth criminal. a would-be burglar needs a rescue after getting stuck. strange sighting. a toddler at the hospital after swallowing something. the x-ray makes it pretty clear exactly what that is. well a very good wednesday morning. we begin with the big digout in the northeast. >> the storm impacted 50


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