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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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stephen tschida live in northwest washington tonight on the story for us. stephen, how are people reacting to this news? >> well, some are saying, well it's about time. it only makes sense. but i have to tell you leon, that this manufacturer of these drones because of all of this controversy about the potential threat from them is taking dramatic action to keep drones away from sensitive places such as the white house. the crash landing of a drone on the white house lawn sparked a whole new round of security concerns. >> you got guys jumping over the fence. >> drones appear to be a growing problem in recent months in d.c. one found just off the mall a block from the white house. others found near the lincoln memorial in a tree at freedom plaza and on the capitol grounds. now the leading manufacturer of private drones out of hong kong will release updated firmware to its customers. current owners can update their drones to add a no-fly zone centered on downtown washington. >> ok, sure. why not?
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if that's what the manufacturer wants to do, i have no interest in personally flying a drone. >> despite this move one man who spent years chairing a terrorism commission believes the technology behind drones still is a concern. >> that was use of the modern technology by a medieval way of thinking. >> it is called mandatory firmware but it is up to the owners of these drones to install it. to keep those machines away from sensitive areas. reporting live stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the man who crashed that drone at the white house worked for the national geospatial intelligence agency. "the new york times" reports the man had been drinking before that incident. the secret service it doesn't believe the pilot meant to cause any harm and didn't mean for that drone to fly where it did. chilly outside today. but there's a warmup heading our way tomorrow. you may have to pay for it though, with a little rain. abc 7 chief meteorologist doug hill with the first look at the forecast this morning. >> hey leon, maybe a little
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sleet and snow mixed in in some spots as well. 31 degrees and clear skies outside of the belfort furniture weather center. 36 in quantico. so it's very pleasant evening temperaturewise but the winds are still up. we've seen them diminish slowly the past few hours. look at martinsburg down to three miles an hour. the winds will diminish and calm down tonight. at the same time, temperatures are going to drop. wake-up temperatures before sunrise 15 to 24 degrees with a clear sky. now, we'll enjoy some sunshine for a while tomorrow. as we get through the morning, clouds will increase. high pressure now located over west virginia. it will be off the coast during the day tomorrow allowing the cold front that you see on the left-hand part of your picture move in and bring the chance of snow or rain or sleet more leaning towards the rain category right now as we head through late afternoon. yet another possibility of precipitation moving in on sunday night. we'll share those details in a few minutes. leon? >> you got it doug. a dry 15 foot tall christmas
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tree with 15,000 lights on it fuelled an electrical fire that killed an annapolis couple and their four grandchildren. today, we also learned that family died from smoke inhalation. the fire started as the family slept. don and sandra pyle tried to reach their grandchildren ages 8 to 6 but they couldn't because of the design of the home and the speed with which that fire ad. >> it has been reported that the christmas tree had been cut down more than 60 days prior to the fire. after a tree is cut, it begins to dry. the involvement of the christmas tree explains the heavy fire conditions found by the first arriving fire crews. >> searchers recovered the last of the six bodies on monday. each of the victims have now been positively identified. funeral arrangements for the family are pending. the world is waiting and watching tonight to see if two men held hostage by isil are still alive and if they can be saved by a controversial prisoner swap. senior political reporter scott thuman is in our newsroom with more on this looming deadline.
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scott? >> that deadline in which these two men were supposedly going to be executed past just about nine hours ago all the while debate is raging over whether or not a prisoner's swap is even a good idea. >> at the center of it all, this iraqi woman convicted of an attack that killed 60 people and now sitting in a jordanian prison. islamic state terrorists want her released if they are to spare the lives of a jordanian pilot and a japanese journalist. this from a video plea earlier this week. >> it is me for her. what seems to be so difficult to understand? >> officials in jordan say they are willing to make the swap but it also means going against its policy of negotiating with terrorists. the u.s., once again pressed on its take. >> every country has the ability and the right to make decisions. we have our own positions, our own views that are well known and there's reasons behind thatem. >> the pressure to concede is intense, to say the least.
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this, an emergency governmental meeting in tokyo. there are protests and family members pleading. >> blood is precious it's precious and it represents the blood of all jordanians! >> the fear is that a swap would only encourage terrorist groups to increaseidnappings and while the u.s. is against those exchanges, many argue it's hypocriteical after president obama's deal in handing over five taliban prisoners in exchange for sergeant bowe bergdahl. >> we thought the appropriate thing to do. the president's commitment is to leave no man behind. that's the principle he was operating under. >> the earlier demand by isil was a ransom of $200 million. this push now for a swap is the first time that the group has publicly demanded a prisoner exchange and many people say would be seen as a victory for isil. leon? >> thank you, scott. late this afternoon, president obama took part in a farewell ceremony for secretary of defense chuck hagel.
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vice president biden also spoke at the event in arlington. he will leave the pentagon when a successor is confirmed. a senate hearing for the nominee ashton carter is scheduled for next wednesday. attorney general nominee loretta lynch spent the first day of her confirmation hearing defending president obama's immigration policies. lynch spoke to the senate judiciary committee. she agreed with the president's decision to shelter millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation deportation, but she says undocumented immigrants shouldn't have a right to citizenship under the law. new at 6:00 a proposal to decriminalize marijuana possession in virginiahave virginia is now dead. the committee rejected a bill to decriminalize the drug. that measure would have eliminate jail time for possession of marijuana instead of making it punishable by a maximum $100 penalty. happening now, the virginia department of transportation is considering plans to add high occupancy toll lanes to interstate 66. the first public meeting on that is happening at battlefield high
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school in haymarket. we'll give you results from that meeting tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. developing out of college park this evening, police are at the scene of a fatal crash involving a pedestrian on i-95. this happened just before 1:30. northbound lanes are still closed at this hour and we're still on that story. we're staying with it and we'll have updates for you here on abc 7. still ahead here new information about e cigarettes. the risk why you la -- lawmakers are pushing for regulation. she was in handcuffs in the back of a cruiser. that didn't stop her from stealing the
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>> a woman arrested for shoplifting didn't take it lying down. reimer managed to steer the cruiser on to the road driving 10 miles at 100 miles an hour weaving through traffic along the way. she was arrested a short time later. she now faces several charges including possession of drug paraphernalia. they are requesting the resignation of bishop heather cooke. cooke is accused of driving drunk and hitting a cyclist and leaving the scene of an accident in december, you may recall. the victim 41-year-old tom
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polermo died. in a statement released late this afternoon, the church said it hopes that cooke will see the wisdom in the recommendation. she is currently out on bond. a giant piece of the bethlehem steel mill in baltimore came crashing down today. they imploded this 32 story, 11 million pound blast. the mill closed three years ago of a series of ownership changes. the site will be redeveloped into an industrial campus specializing in transportation and manufacturing. a health alert about e cigarettes tonight. california officials say that they pose a threat especially to children. a report released today by the california department of public health says that e cigarettes emit cancer causing chemicals and they get users hooked on nicotine. health officials say new generations will become hooked on the nicotine if the products are not regulated. up next at 6:00 he was caught on camera throwibox. but it didn't stop there. why a u.p.s. driver was fired for what he did here coming up next.
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potential for rain. look at the timeline in doug's full forecast next. >> i'm robert burton. caps and penguins coming up tonight.
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>> earlier this month, we told you about the national award that was going out to educators across the nation. first a d.c. teacher was recognized with one. well, now a maryland teacher is the latest to win $25,000 and join an elite group of teachers. our caroline tucker was in frederick for the surprise announcement. >> in a room full of elementary students the stage was set to surprise one of yellow springs elementary's finest teachers in frederick. >> margaret hawks! >> shaking her head at me and then it donned on me when i saw my husband walk over. and they said you know they kept saying margaret hawk and i said that's me! >> the first grade teacher was maryland's latest education award leader. >> i was crossing my fingers.
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>> the national honor is known as the oscars of teaching and provides $25,000. >> getting awards are nice but to see my students succeed and get that passion and fire, that's the gift right there. >> her students thinks she deserves the same. >> she's my best teacher ever because she helps -- she helps people to learn. >> she teaches us to learn different things like owls sometimes she even lets us have like toys out. >> hawk once was a student at yellow springs elementary. >> she struggled in school. she had a first grade teacher that told her that she can make it. >> dyslexia made learning tough but not impossible. >> both my parents are so supportive in getting me help and they taught me that yes, this is a challenge for you, but you know what? you turn that challenge into a success. and that's what i try to teach my students. >> what is mrs. hawk going to do
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with that $25,000? well, she says she might just start a college fund for her 10-month-old son. in frederick, caroline tucker abc 7 news. >> congratulations. the washington animal rescue league brought some smiles to many people's face today. check this out. with the help of uber and animal planet puppies were delivered to people all across washington. for $30, people could spend 15 minutes cuddling and looking at faces like that one there. the money collected was directed to the nonprofit animal shelter and every puppy involved in today's event is up for adoption as well. for more information, contact the washington animal rescue league. u.p.s. driver was fired tonight after he was caught on camera damaging packages. ben lucas is his name. this is from houston. and he was scanning -- actually ben lucas was scanning surveillance outside his home after he got a package arrived in pieces. you see that there?
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his cameras caught the driver tossing the box over the fence damaging hundreds of dollars worth of ammunition chemicals and a machine that he'd used to clean guns. but it didn't stop there. the driver then went and urinated on the side of lucas' home. u.p.s. apologized and offered him a gift. today marks the first anniversary of that winter storm that created gridlock across the atlanta area. they only got three inches of snow there. ice along with it. but officials struggled to handle that. many students ended up stranded at school spending the night doctor. drivers abandoned their cars along major highways and interstates. the georgia governor and others later apologized for not preparing the state for that storm. remember that? >> ice storms are hard to prepare for. two feet of snow is easier to get around than solid 1/2 inch or inch of ice. >> we have a tradeoff here. rain or snow here, right? >> either one. temperatures are going to be
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critical. that's the type of winter that we've had, the storm comes and they're glancing blows or mixed precipitation precipitation. beautiful time lapse from the campus school. looking across the city. temperatures climbed into the 30's and no higher. i don't see us getting out of the 30's for any time in the near future. a cold pattern is being established and check out these numbers. try these on for size on our weather bug network for you. at or below freezing in some places already. air temperatures in the low to mid 30's but the wind chills are a feature. feels like 27 in college park and 28 in ashburn. high pressure overhead will allow the current temperatures still in the 30's and upper 20's to plummet. and we're expecting readings in the middle teens to lower 20's across much of the area by tomorrow morning. the winds will be very light. 27 degrees in gaithersburg. 31 in andrews. we still have some wind chills. 19 degrees in gaithersburg feels
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like at that time of the moment feels like 25 in annapolis. over the next few hours, ass diminish we'll see a difference here in the conditions outside. it will be cold but won't feel that wind in your face all the time. 17 in syracuse. 14 in burlington. snow is done, it's on the ground. with the gusty wind still swirling it around with these very cold temperatures. many of these areas it will be a long time before they get back above freezing. for us a little warmer air in here. that will be the complication. not so much warm air here at the surface but overhead a few thousand feet because as the high moves out tomorrow we'll climb into the mid to upper 30's. the cold front approaches with rain and/or snow in the afternoon or evening. because the winds want to come out of the south initially, that will warm things up enough that we will see this come in as a mix. not much of either. they'll blow out of here with gusty winds again friday morning and maybe a lingering flurry. sunny, cold day on saturday and then we look south for another system to move through. so here's our express forecast tomorrow.
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we'll start with cold sunshine. see the clouds increase a bit of a mix. mid 30's by 5:00 in the afternoon and we'll see the mix continue at times through the evening hours and looking ahead to the next seven days we'll clear things out friday. saturday sunny and cold. sunday, cloudy. 60% chance of rain or snow or sleet or a mickx. changing to snow flurries before it ends on sunday morning. and the cold weather resumes for some time to come. leon and robert? >> all right, my man. speaking of cold caps need to get things heated up. >> definitely. they're chasing a division rival tonight, the penguins. they'll have to step it up a little bit. the caps bounce back after a tough loss last night. it doesn't get any easier. the penguins won't take pity on them tonight. we're looking ahead to tonight at verizon next in spo
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>> the caps are itching to get back on the ice tonight after a 4-3 loss to the blue jackets last night. tonight they're back at verizon hosting division rival pittsburgh. the penguins are a little bruised up and may or may not have sidney crosby back tonight. they've lost four out of their last five. it's time for the caps to take advantage and get back on track. the message was short and simple. >> play the right way you know, i think that he's recognized that we sort of strayed away from what we do well and how we were having success earlier on
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there and matter of getting it back. you know, we have short amount of time here to make sure that we make our ground. >> talking football now. hopefully tom brady can get over his cold. he'll need to be 100% against that seahawks defense. and it's not just any defense, it's the best defense in the league. seahawks cornerback richard sherman never forgets to remind us of this. it's no doubt the legion of boom has the plan against arguably the best quarterback to ever play the game. here's tommy the terrific. >> this defense causes a lot of issues and they don't make anything easy. so we'll have to work hard all night. it's about having a good plan and you're always confident going into the game with what you're doing. you have to go out there and be able to execute it well. >> all right. according to reports, the nats have signed reliever casey jansen to a one year deal worth $5 million. he has been the closer for the blue jays for the past three
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season converting 81 out of 95 save opportunities. and a final note if the playoffs started today the wiz would play miami in the first round. and the wiz are 2-0 against the heat this season. if it does go that way, i hope they send me to cover it in miami. huh? >> not a bad job. >> not bad if you can get it. >> let's talk about tomorrow's weather. straight forward in the morning with some sunshine and clouds rabble -- roll in through the day. we have chance of a wintry mix. steve rudin will be updating the models and let you know what to expect when he joins us tonight right here in this very chair at 11:00. >> all right. with that said that's it for us here at 6:00. "world news tonight" is coming up next here.
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on this wednesday night, the new storm coming from the midwest to the east. just as millions still recover from the first one. the devastation, homes destroyed. thousands without power tonight. plus the breaking headline. the earthquake in california. getting into isis? should a deal be made to release this woman, an attempted suicide bomber? brian ross tonight, and the white house responds. the two college athletes now facing decades in prison tonight. and now, the new case. the star swimmer, charged. what's happening on college campuses? the mansion fire mystery. the cause just revealed. the danger in every home. and, the church of scientology under fire tonight. its biggest star tom cruise and the new documentary. was the church worried about nicole kidman? the church firing back tonight.


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