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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> strong words from safety experts. the cause of the fire that killed six people. >> fighting for his life. >> i couldn't even imagine what someone was thinking to do something like that. >> hear what one man is doing
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after being hit in drive-by an suv. >> and it ready to pay. the proposal to add tolls to interstate 66 next. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now wjla abc 7 news at1:00. on your side. >> we spoke with experts who say that fires like that happen every year. they say those fires move extremely quickly. roz? >> we all asked the question how six people to die and nobody gets out? tonight we had the sad answer. it moved so quickly as they slept. there just wasn't time. >> investigators say they know why that mansion fire turned so massive so quickly even before firefighters arrived.
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it started with an electrical malfunction that spread to a christmas tree. >> the created this significant amount of fire and heat to cause a fire to spread as quickly as it did. >> the home had a 15 foot christmas tree with the lights. it had been cut down more than 60 days before. it had bedrooms on either end. things moved quickly. >> we know that the chain of events occurred within two to three minutes. >> demonstrated just how quickly a dry tree ferns. are a couple of hundred of these irons every ear. it takes just seconds. >> they are about -- as hazard as a normal fire. >> they tried to save the grandchildren, but couldn't get to them. >> the fire was the result of a tragic accident that occurred at the worst possible time while
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they were sleeping. >> here is what is next. investigators got their hands on similar trees. they were trying to create that conditions in a test lab to see what they can learn and recommend to doesn't happen to another family. abc 7 news. >> roz, thank you. not to breaking news on francisco. crews are fighting a massive three alarm fire. these are live pictures. you can see the fire is burning in the mission district. it isn't clear if anyone has been hurt their. stay with abc 7. >> we are monitoring the potential for rain and maybe a few snowflakes. abc 7 steve rudin has a look at the timeline ahead. >> temperatures on the cold side of things. temperatures have dropped quickly.
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31 at reagan national airport. at least the winds have eased. 17 at martinsburg. here are your weather headlines. winds will diminish. mainly clear skies. 15-24 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, a wintry mix of rain and sleet. slower evening rush-hour commute . not expecting significant lace. we will see a cold saturday and the potential for a bigger storm on sunday. tomorrow morning, no problems at all. just around 21-23 degrees under partly cloudy skies. the weekend storm in just a few minutes. >> see you then. one day after that sinkhole tore the road to pieces and swallowed a car, the road is open tonight.
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a water main cause that road to buckle. nearby homes were flooded. cars were destroyed. the sanitation committee says they have responded to about 400 water main breaks just this month. >> 24 hours after he was hit and dragged by an s, this man was fighting for his life. what is encouraging is that the driver is now in custody. jay korff spoke with the family. what did they tell you? >> a short time ago we spoke with him -- them. he is in surgery fighting for his life. a horrific hit and run happened here. family and friends are praying for his survival. [sobbing] >> for wendy and everyone who works here, the tears fall often. >> you could imagine why someone would do that.
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>> police say the suspect ran into cars and ran over an employee on her way out and critically injuring the father of three. [sobbing] >> oh my god. >> he says he and his family moved to virginia from pakistan to create a better life for their children. >> we came to america. america is good if you have that big dream. >> they hope through this go fund me site, they can get some help. >> we just need help.
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>> as far as that suspect, she remains jailed without bond. this is a long list of serious charges. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> thank you. noise and too many planes. two complaints of neighbors were addressed tonight. officials admit the solution will not be easy. >> i think it is a challenging discussion. there is really no open space. if we move the traffic anywhere, it is just moving it over another neighborhood. >> we spoke with neighbors who say the real problem is safety. administrators tell us they are waiting on a final report from the national transportation safety board. it is an explanation that is not sitting well with some residents. >> just three years ago.
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when they talk about the houses you know what you are buying into. >> the airpark promises to work with residents and the faa to address any safety concerns. >> get ready to pay up. there is a proposal to add toll lanes to interstate 66. union at had to drive far to find some who doesn't like it. how does this work? >> just like some other interstates, some lanes would be free. others you would have to pay the use it right now the stretch were talking about has four lanes in each direction. this would make a fifth lane. tonight, a packed house heard the plants. many arrange their lives around the traffic. >> if there is a meeting had to go to, i scheduled it later in
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the meeting or afternoon. >> there was heavy traffic almost the entire way. >> we will transform this corridor. >> they would change 25 miles from the beltway to 15. there would be told lanes in each direction. it would be similar where told lanes allow drivers to go faster than in the free lanes. >> i find that convenient. i'm willing to pay the extra money for that. >> i will pay for the express lanes. >> another -- the toll lanes would only be free for cars with three people. >> those who are licensed to do that now would it be able to use the toll lanes for free. >> i do not know. that would add another 45 minutes each way to my can you. we have kids and dinner. it adds up. >> that was tom roussey
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reporting. a proposal to decriminalize no one up possession is off the table. the republican-controlled state justice committee rejected a bill to decriminalize drugs. the measure would have eliminated jail time for possession of marijuana, making it punishable by maximum $100. >> negotiation for a prisoner swap with isil. >> and a huge step forward for a group of civil rights pioneers. >> coming up, an important update. >>n thursday night on abc 7 news at 11:00, a battle over birth control. the abc iteam on women sounding
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off on facebook. we will show you how often competition's have been reported to the feds.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris, alison starling, steve rudin and tim grant. this is abc 7 news at 11:00. >> new information is coming in about that breaking news out of san francisco. if i was upgraded to a four alarm fire. this is burning in the mission district neighborhood. we hearing reports of some injuries. the fire is burning at its building. stay with us on abc 7. >> the terrorist group isil extended a deadline for a controversial person swap. in an audio message believed to be from a captured japanese journalist said jordan has until sundown tomorrow to release a bomber currently on death row. if it fails to do so, isil plans
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to execute a jordanian fighter pilot. >> if they release the prisoner who was sentenced to death though the -- that jordanian government comes across as weak. this could unleash major social and political problems. >> the message didn't mesh and if the japanese journalist would be released as part of the prisoner swap. >> a group of civil rights protesters known as a friendship nine have a clean record. a judge tossed the conviction of nine black men who were arrested for sitting at a lunch counter in 1961. there are different month of hard labor. >> in 1961, we weren't looking for glory. we were looking for any hero worship. -- not looking for any hero
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worship. >> the friendship nine case made headlines and launched -- that decision was emulated light protesters and made a big difference. >> one of the nation's most iconic planes is about to change. boeing was chosen to build a fleet of planes to replace air force one. the 747-8 is a plane of choice for the white house. the wide-body plane is necessary to carry out the mission of air force one. the current fleet of two identical aircraft that went into service in 1990. >> today marks an anniversary many folks in georgia would love to forget. it marks the anniversary of a storm that credit major gridlock. official struggle to handle that . students ended up stranded. drivers of ended their cars along major highways. what a mess. >> a mystery in boston tonight
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has been solved after the finish line. everyone wanted to know who did it. the boston police department place detectives on the case. it was revealed on twitter that a local bartender did it. he shoveled the line to send a message and he says he doesn't -- he says it doesn't deserve in snow. what a nice guest or. -- gesture. >> weather-wise, a few systems. >> a little bump tomorrow and a bigger bump. a lot of kids are looking forward to that one. outside we go right now. it is cold. winds out of the north northwest at eight miles an hour. the wind factor makes it feel like 23 degrees.
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we do have that cold air that will stick around for the overnight with clear skies. 21 in gaithersburg. winchester looking at 21 degrees. martinsburg at 17. here are the windchill factors. the winds easing a little bit. making a big difference out there. at the bus stops, you will want to bundle up. 19 for the morning aperture in gaithersburg. widening the view, the core of that cold air is well to the north of us. five in burlington. 8 in maine. they fully that has all come to an end. for, we're watching a cold front . clouds will begin to decrease by midafternoon. with those clouds we will see
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the chance for a wintry mix. this is what it looked like. fast-forward to 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow evening. i don't think it is going to amount to a whole lot. with temperatures even colder off to the west of us, that is where we may see sleet big thing in with the rain. -- mixing in with the rain. friday, skies begin to clear. a good deal of sunshine. temperatures most guilt stay on the cold side -- temperatures will still stay on the cold side. extended outlook shows a high temperature of 34 degrees on friday. sunshine for the afternoon hours. saturday, a cold day. temperatures struggle to make it near just freezing. sunday afternoon, we will keep a
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close eye on this. potential for yet another round of winter weather into early monday morning. gold next week. -- cold next week. >> ok. starting to recognize this song. >> a pattern. [laughter] >> super bowl countdown continues. >> yeah. what is tom brady's weakness? if there is one? good the cats answer the call toni
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the cats lost to the blue jackets last night. taking on the penguins. let's just say that cats fixed things up tonight. cap up 1-0.
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that is his 29th goal of the season. just a crashing the net. he is relentless. the cats take a 3-0 lead. later in the third, the cats on the break. cats go up 4 after that. that would be your final 4-0. the wizards are wrapping up a road trip in phoenix tonight. we picked this one up in the worst quarter. gets it down low. they look at the spinoff for the flush. they trailed by 17 in the second quarter. duke and notre dame. plenty of time on the shot. the irish up seven after that. we're down to the wire in the second half. notre dame up one. he finds a wide open -- he
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knocks down the three from the corner. they get the upset. 77-73. coach k still stuck at 1000. this of the parcel wilson's -- russell wilson's second super bowl appearance. tom brady battling a cold. hopefully he gets better. >> his weakness? he doesn't have many. that is why he is one of the best quarterbacks in the game. if there is anything -- he seems to be ok. >> to golf in phoenix. tiger woods back at it. he received everything from cheering to gasps and even boos.
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an amateur made it look easy. tiger aced it on the 16th. 18 years later, this player makes it happen again. many watching. no pressure, right? the nats have signed casey to a one-year deal. he had been a closer for the blue jays the past few seasons. >> good deal. >> exactly. >> coming up, cuddling for a good cause. >> aww. >> ub
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>> arlington police arrest of woman in connection to a hit and run. that is our trending story on >> a no-fly zone in the wake of a crush at the white house. those are all the stories on >> leon, the washington animal rescue league brought smiles to many today. take a look. >> aww. [laughter] >> with the help of uber and animal planet, puppies were delivered all over washington. for $30, people could spend 15 minutes cuddling with phases like these.
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the money collected went to a nonprofit animal shelter. every puppy involved is up for adoption. if you want more information you could contact the washington animal rescue league. >> cute idea. >> very cute. >> i wonder if they are playing in the puppy bowl. >> me we'll see if we have a winner t
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>> what do we have to prepare for next? >> bundle up. it will be a cold start to our day. by the afternoon, a winter mix into early friday morning. a bigger possibility for delays late sunday night and into monday. the daytime high well below average. >> thank
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>> jimmy: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, david beckham. elle mcpherson. anfrom vance joy. with cleto and the cletones. and now, just in case, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. welcome, i'm jimmy,


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