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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> i called 911 to say the tree was going to fall on my house. before i got off the phone, the tree fell on my house. >> terrifying moments at a silver spring home. >> at this hour, a massive cleanup is underway. jay korff spoke with the homeowners today. how are they doing? >> he is doing remarkably well considering what happened. debsris everywhere. he was in the home when the massive tree came crashing down. >> the whole of side is crushed. >> at about 630 p.m. yesterday, chris fisher said he was inside his home, outside the wind howling. he saw a branch falloff that you have his front yard, so he called 911 fearing the entire tree would top onto his home one woodley avenue. >> it started a small fire on
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the left side of the house. luckily, the fire department got here quick and took care of it put the fire out. they save the day. >> the massive tree, standing 100 feet tall, chris the left side of his home. fisher's thing for he was on the right side of the house. he was unharmed, what certain that his discomfort has only begun. >> a neighbor had something happen if years ago and they said it took six months. >> certainly grateful to be alive. it is so dark outside, that tree so tall, it stretches onto the neighbor's property. he has another mess to clean up. this beautiful stonemasoe masonry retaining wall was ripped to shreds by the root ball. jay korff, abc 7 news.
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>> when the crews got to the scene, they said the wind was howling. right now, things are starting to die down a little bit. steve rudin is here with a look at that. >> not so bad right now, the wind advisory has canceled out. sustained wind gusts out of the north and west at 20 to 30 miles per hour. the good news is the sustained wind is easing, 13 miles per hour at dulles. the wind chill factor, it is so cold that it feels like the teens in reagan national, single digits in gaithersburg, 16 manassas. in the morning, work and school about 19 degrees. the forecast coming up. >> a groom to be killed in a hit and run crash. tonight, park police are asking for your help to find the driver. the man was hit on the baltimore washington parkway near laurel sunday night.
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he had pulled over to change a tire when this happened. tom roussey spoke with family members. >> allison, this happened a little north of the interchange with 197 behind me on the parkway. the park police are putting out a call for witnesses. the family of the victim has a message for whoever did this. >> he was such a happy go lucky i would give anything to have him back. >> one night after losing her son, she says she forgives the hit and run driver who killed him, but the person needs to turn themselves in. >> truly, if you have a child or any children, how would you feel if someone just ran over your child, killed your child, and kept going? >> at 9:15 sunday night, park police say that rick warrick was changing a tire on the bw parkway shoulder. two of his teenage children were the car and his fiancée was
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holding the flashlight for him when a car hit the couple. warrick was killed and his fiancée was taken to baltimore shock trauma with injuries. pierce's grandmother hosted the couple for christmas dinner. she said the family has not told her yet that her fiancé died. >> she is going to take it hard. >> she said her son had been heading to david busters anne arundel mills mall. she said he was looking forward to getting married. >> he loved life, he loved his family, he loved his kids. >> rick warrick's mother said sadly shehe is not the first son that she has lost. she lost another son to gun violence about 10 years ago. live from laurel, tom roussey abc 7 news. >> happening now in alexandria
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an investigation after a car hit a pedestrian at the intersection of duke and south ingram street. stay with abc 7 for updates on that. >> the family of felicia barnes says the suspect in the 16-year-old's murder will be re- indicted. the state's attorney for baltimore city has set a news conference for tomorrow morning. the most recent case against johnson ended in a mistrial. johnson's first conviction was thrown out because the prosecution withheld evidence. >> a college basketball analyst lead not guilty to charges of soliciting a d.c. prostitute and greg anthony is free on his own recognizance for now. he is accused of using the internet to arrange an encounter at a hotel room in northwest washington. and that be back in court february 11. he may be a side community
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service. >> new information about the case building against war and sat -- warren sapp. he is accused of soliciting a prostitute and assault at the super bowl. he is also a dancing with the stars alum. the police say he admitted to being involved in the prostitution but denies the assault charge. >> in montgomery county, we are awaiting news of the montgomery county school superintendent jonathan starr. they are discussing whether to approve a new contract for starr. we expected update from the district tomorrow. tomorrow, the senate is expected to pass a bill for veterans once they get home that would make it easier for them to get access to local health care and create a central website for resources.
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it is named for clay hunt, a veteran who took his life at 28. >> not one more veteran should have to go through what clay went through with the v.a. after returning from war. not one more parent should have to testify before the congressional committee to the v.a. to fulfill its response abilities. >> the bill has support from both parties. >> tonight, 7 on your side with a critical consumer alert. so many of us drink it every day, we think we know caffeine. the fda argues familiarity makes pure powdered caffeine potentially dangerous. it is cheap, sold online and over the counter, accessible to anyone. 7 on your side consumer investigator kimberly suiters found out confusion about dosing can lead to death. >> pure powdered caffeine, sold
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as a dietary supplement, taken for an energy boost, but the wrong dosage can be deadly. >> they killed him. >> this 18-year-old, a homecoming king and champion wrestler ,an a student tried an unknown amount of powdered caffeine once. >> it is in. >> the prince of a 24-year-old said their son attempted to take the right dosage. >> conversion charts were up up on his phone. he was trying to take. >> >> within minutes, he went into cardiac arrest and into a coma. >> something has to be done about this lethal products and nobody else's children get killed. >> they are behind a petition signed by thousands to band powdered caffeine. some manufacturers print dosage amounts and warning, but the cdc has its own position, cowling on the fda to strengthen labeling for powdered caffeine now and eventually make it illegal.
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>> it should have a large skull and cross bones, saying overdose possibility, fatal, the difference between a recommended dose and a lethal dotes is the difference between a push and a smidgen. >> the recommended dose is just /16th of a teaspoon. a lethal doses two teaspoons. that is the equivalent of 50 cups of coffee in one setting. >> the fda cannot just ban it out right today? >> we have no magic wand. >> this is a product that could kill you if you take two teaspoons of it and we don't have a mechanism in place to stop it from being sold today. >> consumers would be appalled at that. >> the fda has a consumer advisory to avoid the product and is asking companies to voluntary stop selling while it
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builds a case to force them to stop. but the burden of proof that a common ingredient is not safe is on the fda. >> the accidental overdose risk is not worth taking. >> banning powdered caffeine would be extreme according to a defender of natural products. >> they should talk to their physicians before taking dietary supplements. >> but the grieving parents of these two young men argue -- >> hopefully they will list. >> kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. > an alert for jeep owners. they need to fix a software problem that can cause airbags to inflate for no reason. this covers cherokees from 2014 to 2015. for more information about the fix, go to a former baltimore ravens player indicted. >> what he is charged with and
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it involves a wild animal. plus -- >> a march for peace against gun violence in southeast washington.
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>> calls for calm in a courtroom in the dis-not unaccustomed -- in the district not unaccustomed to violence. richard reeve has the message about peace. >> we have been reporting that the crimes at woodland terrace the last couple months. of big concern is the violent deaths of these young african-american men. these folks were marching tonight. the question is, will the march bring awareness? >> it is time that each and every one of us take a position. >> the bitter cold could not stop this march for peace. >> there have been too many murders on our streets. >> a procession of young people
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parents, walking through the woodland terrace housing projects, one of the district's most dangerous neighborhoods. >> i knew i did not want that to be them. >> march stopped by a fence decorated with ribbons and flowers outside of the vacant holding where a 26-year-old mother of three was shot to death last november. >> the blood is running in the streets. >> especially worrisome to organizers are the killings of young african-american men. 17-year-old philip jones shot and killed at a bus stop two weeks ago was well-known in his church community. >> a dramatic way to impact the entire church family. >> most agree that there are no easy answers. stopping the flow of guns on the
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streets, and money investment in southeast. >> jobs, real support. not just people talk, people who do. >> reverend bell is hoping to organize a violent crime summit sometime in june to invite the police, clergy, anyone can think of to try to stop the cycle of violence. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> thank you rich. sug knight will be indicted on murder charges after running over a man on a tv set, killing one of them. if convicted, he could get a life sentence. >> the family of bobbi kristina brown say that she is fighting for her life tonight. the daughter of whitney houston and bobbi was found in a bathtub saturday. brown is in a medically induced coma at the hospital.
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>> the ravens lost a player to criminal accusations. defensive tackle terrence cody was indicted on animal cruelty charges today. 13 charges come from the death of his dog and the possession of an alligator. the ravens terminated his contract. the patriots will have to wait in next her day to celebrate their big super bowl victory. boston is postponing the victory parade because of today's snowstorm. the parade will be held wednesday morning instead. today's system dropped more than a foot of fresh snow in the city. >> something we dodged again. >> a lot of people love the snow, and when you look at pictures like that, they can have it. i don't like that at all. we are about a high temperature today of 50 degrees early this afternoon.
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in the cold front moves through and that brought the gusty wind. the wind is finally beginning to diminish. the temperatures across the board, 28 degrees at reagan national dulles 24, bwi marshall 23, manassas 25 degrees. in terms of the windchill factor, what it feels like, it is cold, in the teens dulles 9 gaithersburg, 18 frederick. windchill factors in the single digits through the mor morning lows generally in the teens. e satellite radar is quiet and dry and clear right now. the temperatures will fall as the wind diminishes. the windchill factor will ease up a little bit. the everett slow across the metro, just about 19 degrees overnight. -- the average low temperature across the metro, just about 19 overnight. as we move through the overnight hours into early tomorrow, the temperatures will be the big
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story. the if men should be dry, but be on the lookout for -- the pavement should be dry, be on the lookout for slick spots. this will bring us sunshine tomorrow. not only sunshine, but the wind will be less, and the temperatures eventually into the upper 30's for the daytime highs. the high pressure moves out. the next big weather maker will be thursday, if you want to call it that. the next best chance of showers may be a wintry mix, but don't hold out hope for a lot of that. a lot of sunshine tomorrow, the wind out of the west at four to eight miles per hour. daytime high of 48 degrees wednesday. middle 30's for the day thursday with a chance of flurries, may a little bit of a wintry mix, but i don't see much of a problem. the were 30's friday. the weekend, the were 40's. nighttime lows in the 20's.
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jacqui jeras will be here bright and early, tracking the cold temperatures and the potential slick spots on the roadways. >> bundle up. >> college basketball is big. virginia travels to chapel hill and gets cavalier with the tar heels. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the wizards looked higher, they have lost their fire, and they have dropped five of their last seven, including three straight in the phone booth. the hornets in town, the wizards fighting back. bradley beal cuts the lead to nine. he led the wizards with 18 points. defense setting up the offense. this cuts the lead to four, and he is fouled. the hornets had five guys in double figures. stop, pop, bang. charlotte holds on 92-88. >> as soon as you think it is not hard and you go up there and do what you want, this is what happens. february 2 you play 50 games
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whatever it is, everybody is done. sometimes i think our guys think they played 50 and they only played 20. nobody is feeling good. we are succumbing to that and i have to fix that. >> the guys are feeling sorry for themselves and he is not happy. the college basketball rankings, kentucky is number one, virginia drops to number three after the loss to duke, but a big bounce back tonight. now come brockton, -- malcolm brogden separates. justin anderson lights it up with 16. virginia beach 12th-ranked carolina, 75-64. worcester, massachusetts american university and holy cross. pee-wee gardner flies gets the
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pocket and the foul. 57-50, american wins. wow, folks still fired up about giving the ball to marshawn lynch or not. malcolm butler got the pick. leon is sitting up. member when the patriots went to camp with the redskins last summer. jackson plants in front of him butler is beaten, jackson makes the catch. that is what training camp is for. last night, same play. butler makes the play of the year, saves the super bowl. that is why he is in disney world tonight. give it to marshawn lynch next time. the seattle seahawks cover corner richard sherman scheduled to undergo tommy john surgery to repair his elbow. tommy john usually has to do with baseball players. richard sherman is expected back into training camp with the seahawks. >> they did not throw to him one time last night. and with one bad arm? >> were having success
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underneath. -- they were having success underneath. >> today, we turn to the groundhog.
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>> ground ballhog day was
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especially painful in wisconsin. he did not like the mayor, biting him on the ear. the mayor is going to be fine. the folks say that according to jimmy, the ground ball we will have an early spring. that's what you get when a groundhog bites. >> i wonder if the mayor will be back next year. >>
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>> so what is the word, genius? >> some people do call me that. daytime highs tomorrow in the upper 30's. near 50 wednesday. maybe a little wintry mix
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thursday. looking good for the upcoming weekend. jacqui jeras is here in the morning. >> [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- super bowl champion rob gronkowski. eva longoria. and our first "mash-up monday" from wee-z top. with cleto and the cletones. and now, let's get to it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: all right, very nice.


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