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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 3, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EST

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ast budget up to capitol hill. it includes new taxes and a budget that reflects the recession is over. >> president obama's 2016 budget arrived on capitol hill a massive $4 trillion spending plan. before lawmakers get to that president obama wants them to focus on a more immediate budget issue. funding for the department of homeland security runs out at the end of this month. >> we need to fund the department. pure and simple. >> reporter: republicans are using the wish request issue to wage a fight against the white house over the president's immigrationing actions. >> you may have noticed they usually don't agree with me. but don't jeopardize our national security over this disagreement. >> reporter: the president's 2016 budget calls for nearly $4 trillion in spending. 6.4% increase from this year. the plan includes a $478 billion public works program to upgrade
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the nation's highways and bridges and transportation projects. republicans are angry about the tax increases, up to $2 trillion including 320 billion in new taxes on corporations and the wealthiest americans. the obama administration wants to put that money toward expanded tax cuts for the middle class. the president's budget will end the sequester cuts put in place back in 2011. >> i want to work with congress to replace mindless austerity with smart investments that strengthen america. >> reporter: presidedget is really an opening gesture. now congress will go through a lengthy negotiation process for sending something back to the president's desk. t.j. reena? >> thank you very much. buried deep in the president's budget is language that could clear the way for legal marijuana sales in the district of columbia. the budget specifically bans federal spending that's key word federal spending on legalizing pot an reducing penalties in d.c. but does not spending on sales or local
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money. d.c. voters approved legalization of small amounts of marijuana by 2-1 margin in november. monica lewinsky ended ten years of sielts about her affair with former president clinton in a magazine article published last summer. her essay for "vanity fair" focused on public humiliation. and earned her an award. david muir was the host. >> i know it's a cliche but i really am honored and humbled to have been nominated, especially alongside i the caliber of such incredible other writers in my category. >> reporter: lewinsky lost the award to a long-time writer for a new yorker but may hear more from her in the future. she made it clear her silence is over even if hillary clinton runs for president. the next story now. it is not for you if you are squeamish. the world's largest rattlesnake
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roundup. >> takes place every year. why would you do it? they will explain i guess. >> gives me the heeb by jeeb byes. it takes place every year in austin, texas. it may not be for everyone but it is really an event about snake safety. how to retreat safetily if you encounter a rattler. the rattlesnake roundup is a way to control the population as well which has been causing harm to local farmers and ranchers. >> they freak me out. i don't even like to look at video of rattlesnakes. >> i'm not a snake guy. i have an issue with snakes. >> was it a childhood thing. >> yeah. >> what happened. >> creepy crawley things when you are playing and out. >> big in florida and the south especially -- can't avoid them. >> knock yourselves out, folks. coming up a way to allow your children to share your bed
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but how old is told? what would you say the cut off is? >> 17. >> 17. who's snickering over there? is that deb? who's that laughing. >> somebody who thinks that is ridiculous. we have a bedtime showdown. >> she has older boys, teenager boys. i bet she likes a little snuggle. >> get a 17-year-old boy in the bed. >> they are still your baby. they could be 82 and they are still your baby. >> at 17. >> getting worldwide attention because of his commute. he walks 20 miles a day to get to work. >> my goodness. the nightmare for commuters in a big congested city. the nightmare that brought traffic to a stand still. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five but now is a good time to get the ball rolling.
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some tense moments played out yesterday for a hiker in the hollywood hills. an unidentified female hiker was reported to experience some distress. an l.a. county fire department was sent to rescue her near the hollywood sign. she was air lifted to the hospital. her condition is unknown. a few hundred miles north another rescue. the coast guard rescued five people from a sinking ship yesterday. 120 miles off the coast of monterrey. all five people were transported to shore with no injuries. there's no word however, on what caused the 65-foot ship to sink. some folks thought they needed to be rescued after this traffic nightmare that played out for commuters in sglaent a bomb scare left traffic snarled for miles, stranding drivers and their cars for more than two miles. abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: given the headache that is always atlanta traffic. >> the downtown connector is blocked and in spots it is absolutely empty. >> pictures unbelievable.
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>> no traffic getting by in either direction. >> a suspicious package on this downtown overpass forced police to shut down the busiest, most important highway right before rush hour. traffic jams stretching for miles. people stuck in their offices downtown. it cuts through the center of town. >> you can't go downtown. there's no place to turn right. there's no place to turn left. >> reporter: just over a year ago when two inches of snow shut the city down. people spent the whole night trapped in traffic. police used a robot and sent bomb techs to blow up the suspicious device. police say whatever they blew up that caused all of this appears benign. they are still investigating. >> reporter: the damage to the commute home already done. steve osunsami abc news atlanta. >> never know with our traffic down there. bad traffic. >> is that right? >> getting through the city this is the tenth largest city in the country i believe, and the way to get to it one alley
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and everybody converges from three directions going downtown. it's the only way almost to get downtown. if it shuts down it's over. >> oh. >> you think that commute is bad, we have one man that is from detroit. he will tell you about his commute and he's not driving anywhere. >> he is actually walking 20 miles to work every day. now his story is going viral. what 1500 good samaritan are now doing for him. you are watching "world news now." >>
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♪ could be considered the commute to end all commutes. a man from detroit who walks 20 miles every day to work. >> you heard that right, 20 miles. his story has gone viral and help is coming from an unexpected place. our detroit station has the story. >> i have always been known to show up every day. >> reporter: the sunday snowstorm provided an unexpected day off of work for james robertson. that's one less day the 56-year-old detroit man will walk the more than 20 miles that is part of his daily commute
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from his home in detroit to his factory job with an industrial manufacturing company in rochester hills. for the past decade through the snow and everything else he's made the demanding journey that takes him hours. >> i was told once that in order to get something you have to go through something. you know this is what i'm going through. you know? but i do go through with a smile on the face. >> reporter: blake pollock works in finance. he's befriended james giving him rides regularly the past year after seeing him walk every day along crooks road. >> he's an inspiring person and his attitude is more amazing than the number of miles he walks to work every day. >> reporter: even is a 19-year-old student at wayne state studying computer science. he read the story detailing the daily commute james makes to his job and was moved to do something. evan created a go fund me page to help buy him a car and people began to respond immediately.
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>> it is just amazing to see all of these 1500 donors come together to raise money for this guy. >> reporter: just during the time we spoke to evan the am of total donations increased again. the response in generosity far exceeded his expectations. >> it's turned in to something that is more than just a car and it could really change his life. >> i feel a great deal of gratitude. somebody shows you love you accept it and this has been a labor of love. >> reporter: in detroit, 7 action news. >> love it. >> couple of people can change one man's life. >> you remember around the holidays we had all of these uplifting stories and too bad we only get these at the holidays but here's another one. little stuff we complain about every single day, sometimes and this guy is walking ten miles each day to get to a job. and has been doing it ten years. >> and like you say the little stuff that we complain about, the we -- >> what?
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>> is more a t.j. than an r.n.
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♪ oh, boy. it's a heated conversation here with me and t.j. quite a bit of controversy in recent years about co-sleeping allowing your children to share your bed. >> the debate reignited by a mommy blogger who posted she still sleeps with her 6-year-old. when does co-sleeping cross the line? let's check in with paula faris. >> i'm scared. can i sleep with you tonight? >> reporter: it is every parent's bedtime predicament. >> daddy? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: the i can't sleep. come here moment.
2:56 am
>> i used to stress so much how he used to fall asleep. >> reporter: until recently basketball blogger michelle horton chocked up sleeping with her 6-year-old son noah as a parent fail writing, i have the sleep training books. i read the warnings and guidelines. i eventually stopped caring so much. as it turns out our intimate sleep time moments just him and aloan in the dark have become some of our most tender. >> details about his day that i wouldn't have gotten otherwise. not that he doesn't talk during the day but there's distractions, you know. this is like him and i no distractions. >> reporter: michelle says on average she is with noah with about ten minutes and when he drifts off leaves the room. >> there are nights like i'm ah. but every night i leave feeling like i love him, my baby. i enjoy it and will miss it tremendously when he doesn't want to sleep with me anymore. >> reporter: a lot of parents
2:57 am
feel the growing pains. one mom writing there was a point in my life where i was shy to let my friends know that i co-sleep with my son and then realized i don't have to be ashamed of this kind of parenting. my son needs me and i will be there for him. >> there's something about holding your child who's sleeping. you physically feel it. you physically feel more peaceful and calming and i love watching with him fall asleep. >> reporter: so for as long as she can, she will savor those sleepy time snuggles. paula faris, abc news, new york. >> more of a mommy and boy thing? >> it could be. it could be. when my husband puts my son down he always likes me to stay with him. my husband says it is not that long before he will be like get out of here. i don't want you in any room. savor it, right? that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," flash freeze after record-setting snowfall impacting millions, today's major cold snap in several states with below-zero windchills. >> as you know this has been a snstorm for the record books. >> two storms in a row for the northeast delaying boston's victory parade. airport agony. the frustration for passengers where thousands of flights grounded from coast to coast. >> think you will make it? >> no we're not. i know i'm going to spend the night here. >> reporter: the challenge for airlines and today's forecast from accu-weather. later, football history. the plays that made super bowl xlix so unforgettable and what some critics say was the worst call ever in the nfl. it is tuesday, february 3rd. >> announcer: from abc news
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this is "world news now." okay. folks, talking about happiness and misery when it comes to this weather. we're over it already. t.j. holmes alongside reena ninan. we are talking weather once again. >> we will talk about the snowstorm that hammered the midwest and the northeast have moved out but leaving treacherous roads behind. >> seven storm-related deaths to report. including a woman in boston hit and killed by a snowplow and three men died of apparent heart attacks while shoveling snow in the chicago area. that's something we hear often about heart attacks shoveling snow. arctic air is refreezing slush and melting snow from maryland to maine. let's start it off with abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: people in new england bury in snow. >> hard to deepkeep up with it. coming down too fast. >> brutal repeat of last week.
3:02 am
>> the is boston's snowiest week on record. forcing the city to postpone the super bowl victory parade until wednesday. >> we will make sure they get through the snow. >> reporter: the storm making history in the uppers midwest too. detroit getting the third snowiest day and kaug the fifth biggest snowstorm. >> this is a storm for the record books and with we are seeing a record response as well. >> reporter: record response after major problems including this massive pileup in chicago. no serious injuries there but elsewhere the storm's been blamed for several deaths and people in new england are urged to stay home. the risk from this storm still not over. adding to the concern, the temperatures are dropping. in some areas expected to get windchills well below zero. t.j. and reena? >> thank you so much. meanwhile, many school districts in droid and boston are cancelling classes today because of extreme weather conditions. >> after the storm that slammed
3:03 am
as manial as 10 million americans, stef davis tells us it could be days before we get relief. >> we are finally catching a break from the snowfall across the northeast for our tuesday. high pressure will build back in behind the storm allowing condition cans to improve. a cold flow from the north will send temperatures dropping. daytime high in burlington only 15. 20 is the high in syracuse. well below average for this time of the year. with we do have the threat for more snowfall along the i-95 corridor for our thursday. reena and t.j. back to you. >> all right. stef thank you so much. the bad weather triggered a man whole explosion that injured two people on a brooklyn street. the blast was caused from the road salt melting snow and ice that seeps down to the electric underground system. steam can build up and that's the result you get. several more explosions that you are seeing in the video after the crews arrived. one man was hit in the head by the manhole cover. and the force of the blast
3:04 am
shattered a window. the storm caused problems for air travelers. airlines are scrambling to get on track this morning after 8,000 flights were cancelled or dlad and some runways are still icy this morning. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: from chicago to the northeast airports socked in again. crews scrambling to stay ahead of the snowfall and keep runways clear. already the storm led to over 6,000 flight cancellations. we talk about the ripple effect. look at phoenix airport, expected to have one of the busiest days as super bowl fans go home but new englanders are facing cancelled flights, stuck. the same problem for a pilot in phoenix. his jet's wheels stuck in the mud. the boards tell the story, cancelled, which we heard from many passengers in line. >> we booked for tomorrow morning. >> reporter: you lost a whole day. >> yeah. >> they rescheduled us for this afternoon. so we decided to show up early. >> reporter: think you will make it? >> we're not.
3:05 am
i know i will spend the night here. >> reporter: the concern cold air come cans if behind snow freezing the moisture on the runways and taxiways. the fear is we will see scenes like this from last week with aircraft sliding off pavement. >> they are plowing everything as quickly as they can. we saw trucks with spray arms as wide as the runway spraying chemicals and they take vehicles to brake on the runway to make sure they are safe. ice can be a dangerous problem at an airport. david kerley abc news la guardia airport. the snowstorm in boston has postponed jury selection in the marathon bombing trial. for the second day in a row the federal case is called off. dzhokhar tsarnaev is accused of setting a bomb which killed three and injured 260 at the boston marathon. he could face the the death penalty if convicted. former rap mogul suge knight faces murder charges after a run. prosecutors say he intentionally ran down two men with his pickup after an argument on a movie set.
3:06 am
knight's $2 million bail was revoked after a judge said he may try to flee or try to intimidate witnesses. he faces life in prison if convicted. anxious loved ones are keeping vigil at the bedside of bobbi kristina. whitney houston's daughter. she was taken to the hospital after found face down in the bathtub unresponsive at the time. it is unclear how long she had stopped breathing and what effect that might now have. here now mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: the light of whitney houston singer's life fighting for her own life. her family revealing for the first time saying she is surrounded by immediate family as they ask for privacy during this difficult time. upon bobbi kristina the only child of whitney houston and bobby brown, needing a ventilator to help her breathe. this weekend, bobbi kristina was found unresponsive in a bathtub. the incident report revealing a
3:07 am
call about a drowning. circumstances tragically similar to those surrounding her mother's death. almost three years ago to the day. when houston was also found unresponsive in a bathtub at the beverly hilton. a scene bobbi kristina witnessed firsthand. she told oprah in 2012 she still felt houston's presence. >> i can hear her voice, you know and spirit talking to me and telling me keep moving. i'm right here. i got you. >> reporter: a mother's love needed now. ♪ more than ever. mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> so talented. nearly 2200 passengers aboard a cruise ship got sick at sea and public health investigators suspect it was norovirus. the grandeur of the seas returned a day early to baltimore. the cruise line says most of the
3:08 am
passengers who got tick sick were treated on board and another passenger had a medical emergency and that's why the ship was forced to return. there was a fire in the same ship two years ago off the bahamas. if your teenagers are having trouble sleeping technology maybe to blame. more evidence now. between tablets, smartphones and tvs teens are spending more time than ever staring at screens. researchers in europe found the longer a teen spends on screen time during the day the worse their sleep experience is likely to be. that includes taking longer to fall asleep as much as an hour in some cases and getting less sleep could lead to health problems later in life. >> they are saying based on research kids are getting 6 1/2 hours of sleep because of these devices. >> awesome. >> awesome. >> 6 1/2 hours. >> based on the two i get. >> we get it. you are supposed to get enough sleep. >> they are kids. >> kids are busier than ever these days. >> they really are. you wonder why they are not paying attention and listening
3:09 am
to you because you don't sleep you don't pay attention to people. >> then we tell them they need this technology for school and out of school for snow days gnd get on your tablet and log in. we tell them to use it and now we get upset. >> you get very upset. >> you know why, i don't get enough sleep. >> you don't pay attention. it would take a lot of convincing for most of us to consider taking a dip in the ocean right now unless it is for a good cause. >> this is a great cause here. 3,000 folks braved the frigid waters off of delaware taking part in the polar bear plunge to raise money for the special olympics them water temperature in the 30s which is why some decided to sit it out on the sand. they raised $780,000 for the special olympics. >> that's worth it. the "the mix" coming your way shortly. quite a kitty for feline lovers. a cat with extra fur and eyes
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well this is not how you want to wrap up your super bowl weekend. nfl hall of famer warren sapp charged with soliciting a rossty tut and assaulting two women. police say he admits to the prostitution part denies the assault part. sapparks was fired from his job as an nfl analyst after the arrest and is due in court february 23rd. johnny manziel checked himself in to rehab. he has a history of hard partying and trouble with alcohol. the 22-year-old was the first freshman ever to win the heisman trophy but drafted 22nd last year partly because of his work ethic and off-field antics. his rookie season with the browns was not spectacular. controversy building around the final moments of super bowl xlix. >> it centers around the one call the critics are describing one of the worst, if it was one of the worst calls if football
3:15 am
history following two amazing plays. ryan smith will explain for us. >> reporter: in a super bowl clash of the titans all eyes on two unforgettable catches the first with two minutes to go. the seattle seahawks trailing by four. watch wide receiver jermaine kearse. kearse goes up tips the ball bobbling it one, two, three, four five times before making the catch of a lifetime. patriots quarterback tom brady dumfounded. then -- just 30 seconds later, with the game on the line, a game-changing interception by rookie malcolm butler winning it all for the patriots and breaking the hearts of the seahawk faithful. richard sherman's face saying it all. scorn for the seahawks coach steve carroll for calling that play. >> that play is supposed to work versus two with guys and the guy jumped underneath. >> the guy who once worked at
3:16 am
this pop eye's, he is celebrating and getting love from the super bowl mvp. >> perfect play at the perfect time. proud of him and our team. you know, it's a great victory. >> reporter: tense moments toward the end of the game. a fight broke out between the teams. after it was said and done seahawks star richard sherman walked up to the star quarterback and took his hand to congratulate him. ryan smith, abc news new york. >> i sti feel bad for pete carroll. >> you should. >> i think every executive in america should be forced to watch the last two minutes of that game and the interview with pete carroll where he came forward and said you know what i was wrong. not many people would minutes after the game face a camera and say, i had a bad play. i shouldn't have done that. i'm sorry. >> they have to or they will get fined. you have to be available to the media this is part of the deal. >> now you tell me they have to do that. >> marshawn lynch, so i don't get fined. >> after the game.
3:17 am
that's mean. you shouldn't force somebody -- >> good point. but russell wilson that ball left his hand. he's not getting enough blame for this. pete carroll made the call but he threw the pass. we will get in to this more next half hour. we are deconstructing the magic of tom brady. he is married to a supermodel who makes more than he does. three adorable kids waechls the secret behind this power family. >> and after the super bowl fare how does a peanut butter jelly sandwich on a burger or ahi tuna sound? that is next on
3:18 am
if all of those hot dogs, wings and nachos over the weekend weren't enough. >> check in with abc's jen nooef
3:19 am
shaw brown with extreme eats at disney world for this morning's insomniac kichen. >> i'm here at the espn club with chef anthony. what do you have for me today? this looks like a lot of good food. >> a lot of fun stuff. we are trying to do new twists on america classics. what is so extreme that people go that is crazy. i said let's try peanut butter and jelly. getting nice and hot. a little olive oil. we don't want to smoke but get hot. season the burger both sides. pepper, salt. >> right. ♪ >> reporter: even sounds good. >> sizzling away. first things first. we will put peanut butter on one side and jelly on the other. >> like i'm making a sandwich. >> perfect. >> put the burger on. >> all right. >> have a burger. >> i'm skeptical about the hamburger and peanut butter but
3:20 am
i'm excited. >> now jelly. >> is this spicy? >> it is spicy/sweet but not extremely hot. we need help tonight. you want to come in in the kitchen. >> reporter: yes. >> because we have to bacon. couple nice pieces of bacon and then put the crown on. >> okay. ready. that is so good. >> and messy. >> reporter: i know we want to do a healthy option too. >> we are going to do the ahi tuna burger. we will take the tuna and now what we will do is coat it. little press. little turn. >> smells good. >> the flavor garlics, powdered soy, honey, brown sugar. good flavors. you can see it caramelizing. we have a sweet hawaiian roll. >> that sound delicious. >> sweent gentle flavor that pairs with everything. >> roasted garlic mayonnaise.
3:21 am
put our tuna on. and the cucumber mango salsa. crispness, sweet and savory and little spice as well. we will top the top bun with a little more aioli. >> beautiful, ahi tuna burger.♪ i wasn't thinking this was going to be asd as the pb and j burger but it is totally different but just as good. it is delicious. thank you, chef. so wonderful. been so good. thank you for having us. >> my pleasure. >> you have to go. >> you do it. >> no. i get tired. >> you do it. >> disney is our parent company. we have to say that to be in the clear. but that did look good. i want to know why we have a lot of insomniac kitchens but when we did disney we don't have the food here. >> because it is our parent company and that would be a conflict. >> taking food for our
3:22 am
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all right. folks, would you like to know whether or not your plane is going to go down. the one you are taking the one you are sitting on. there's an app for that now. >> who wants to know that. >> what if the chances are slim then you would feel better about flying. that's the idea behind the app here. plug in the departure, destination airport, airline and aircraft and it spits out the chances of you crashing. so what we are talking about here it would tell you if you take jfk to l.a.x. you have to take that flight every day for 11,000 plus years and maybe that plane would go down. it is supposed to make you feel better. they use statistics from the national archive and the ntsb and the guy who invented it did it because he wanted to help his wife overcome her fear of flying by saying look. >> i plugged it in. my chances are smaller or greater than the one that just
3:26 am
came up meaning by 50. >> see? >> that does not make me feel safer. >> it should. >> i'm flying this weekend and i do not appreciate that. >> snowstorm coming. >> the chances just dropped by 25%. >> i don't think they factor that in. i want you to meet a very hairy furry cat. taking over the internet and instagram. it is nine months old from quebec canada and suffers from hyper trip doe sis. it grows excessive hair growth. it can happen in humans and animals them overgrown facial hair, once furry and cute looks sort of like "the lorax." >> the condition, how do you explain the eyes? does the condition have anything to do with the eyes? >> i would call that t.j. eyes. >> what do you mean t.j. eyes. >> lack of sleep. >> i have had my mornings.
3:27 am
visine does not get that out. >> we have tried it. why not take an atv and jump a house. this is what these guy s do. they are called the nitro circus. a group of guys that do extreme stunts and they did this one. you see this atv goes over the house. safe landing and everybody is okay. >> that's so daing dangerous. what if there are people underneath are you kidding me. >> i'm sure they planned it out perfectly. >> all right. little scary. pogo sticks dare dooefls who use pogo sticks in interesting locations. look at this. they are creative. the video was released by people are awesome. a lot of sports videos stunts impressive pogo tricks, flipping off buildings. itten makes we want to buy a pogo stick not for my children but for myself. >> when was the last time you had a pogo xñaó5ñ
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," monster snowstorm. the records set in three big cities. the schools still closed today and the travelers facing another day of frustration. oh, and by the way, another storm could be coming. health alert the urgent message to parents from health experts as the measles outbreak grows more frightening. this time a day care center is shut down. in the spotlight, former white house intern monica lewinsky up for an award for breaking her silence about the bill clinton affair. her comments at the event. returning to television, oh oh oprah. new show and it is nothing like her successful daily talk show. who else is involved and what role she is playing. that's in "the skinny" on this tuesday, february 3rd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you all on this tuesday morning. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan.
3:31 am
we begin with the bitter cold air setting in this morning on the heels of the nasty snowstorm that killed at least seven people. >> yeah, that storm caused all kinds of havoc for travel. you are seeing the lines here and frustration. some of these folks will finally get home today. they were stuck when 4,000 flights were cancelled yesterday alone. windchills are plunging below zero from the great lakes to new england. refreezing everything. more now from abc's rob marciano. >> reporter: that massive storm pummelling the northeast. in rye, new york, two with people were killed on ice-covered roads. and in new york city, salt and snow seeping in to electrical systems, blowing this manhole cover 25 feet high. icy tracks to blame for stranding this busy subway line. commuters stuck for hours. for the city of boston it's been the snowiest week on record. >> we are asking people to stay off the roads, try to take public transportation. >> reporter: diane has been plowing streets around the clock. >> it's really tough. it's hard to keep up with it.
3:32 am
just coming down too fast. >> reporter: along the massachusetts coast, high winds and waves continue to batter the already badly damaged homes in marshfield and scituate. >> this is a navigational buoy it weighs 14,000 pounds and supposed to be a half mile off shore. but the storms have been so violent this week it ripped it right off of its mooring. >> reporter: back in boston, remember stephanie turner, we dug her out after last week's storm. we found her reliving that moment, stuck again on groundhog day. on her way to work after a little help. >> this storm is punishing new england. these winds will eventually lighten up but the cold air is here and another reinforcing cold shot coming in toward the end of the week. rob marciano, abc news, scituate, massachusetts. >> the storm is one of the biggest chicago's ever seen. long after the snow stopped falling many commuters were embroiled in a traffic nightmare. dozens of cars were involved in a pileup 15 miles outside of the city.
3:33 am
it started when two semi trucks jackknifed on a slick highway and shut down the road for two hours. but there were no serious injuries. a new system is bringing more snow to chicago and detroit today. a few additional inches on top of a foot and a half already on the ground. schools in detroit are closed for a second straight day as the city struggles to clear roads and driveways. for more on what is in store for today, we turn to accu-weather's stef davis. stef, good morning. >> reporter: thank you. the storm is finely over across much of the northeast. high pressure building in for our tuesday allowing conditions to improve. dry weather with plenty of sunshine but we will have a cold flow coming in from the north. that will send temperatures dropping. daytime high in buffalo 19. 24 the daytime high in the big apple. well below average for this time of the year and we are tracking the threat for more snowfall across the i-95 corridor for our thursday. we will continue to keep an eye on this storm track. a storm will also come in from
3:34 am
the pacific bringing rainfall across the packed northwest later on this week. rain reaching as far south as northern california. reena and t.j., back to you. >> all right. thank you so much. we turn to the latest on the growing outbreak of the measles the cdc now saying 102 individuals are affected across 14 states and a day care center in los angeles is closing its doors after a 1-year-old tested positive for the virus. official nous quarantining 14 infants, including the 1-year-old for 21 days. the head of the cdc is encouraging parents, you have to get the kids vaccinated. >> it is a serious disease and it would be terrible if we have preventable illness and death from this disease that is preventable with a safe and effective vaccine. >> reporter: the question of ccines is becoming political w. vernor chris christie's office s forced to backtrack after he emed to indicate that parents ould have a choice about ccines. llary clinton weighing in, eeting the science is clear,
3:35 am
vaccines work and she added the hashtag, grandmothers know best. president obama sent his 2016 budget up to capitol hill. the $4 trillion plan reflects his view that the recession is over and it is time to make investments. it includes new taxes on corporations and the wealthy while adding tax credits for the middle class and new spending to and education. an opening bid in negotiations with the republican congress. monica lewinsky broke her ten-year silence on her affair with former president pacific become in a magazine essay last summer. the article won her an award. shushannah walshe was at the ceremony when the winners were revealed. >> reporter: in a revealing first person essay in "vanity fair." the monica lewinsky opened up about her affair with then president bill clinton. the june piece got people talking and earned her a nomination for a national magazine award. >> along with fiction, the essay is one of the oldest types of
3:36 am
magazine journalism. >> reporter: last night she lost to a piece in "the new yorker" titled "this old man" at the american society of magazine's gala hosted by abc's david muir. she was nominated in the category of essays and criticism. before the ceremony in times square, lewinsky wouldn't take questions but told abc news, win or lose she was delighted to be there. >> i know it's a cliche, but i really am honored and humbled to have been nominated. especially alongside the caliber of such incredible other writers in my category. >> reporter: in the at times searing piece, she said she deeply regrets the affair and explored the rise of cyberbullying, describing herself as the first victim of the abuse. she also made it clear, if hillary clinton runs for the white house again, she will not be silent, writing it's time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress. in her exclusive interview in june, abc's diane sawyer asked hillary clinton about lewinsky
3:37 am
breaking her silence 16 years after the affair that shocked the nation. >> she is in my view an american who gets to express herself however she chooses. but that's, you know, not something that i spent a lot of time thinking about. >> although she lost, lewinsky said in the essay ten years of silence is enough. what's next for her is still unclear. in new york, shushannah walshe, abc news. passenger a's on board a double-decker bus in central london. look at the scare they got. the roof of the bus was literally ripped off. witnesses say it felt like a bomb exploded. that's the roof on the ground there. the bus went through low-hanging trees. police calling it a freak accident and left five injured and said it is a miracle more people were not seriously hurt. turn to southern california w. ok at this mess. two lanes of major interstate were closed for hours after a big rig that was hauling frozen chicken collided with another
3:38 am
truck carrying thousands of bees. the chicken truck burst in to flames. so you had some char broiled chicken out on the highway. thousands of bees escaped from the other truck when their crates broke apart. one driver came away with minor injuries and the other was not hurt. beekeepers were called to the scene to capture the escape bees. how you do that i don't know. jeep is contacting the owners of a quarter million late model jeep grand cherokees.cherokees. after complaints from drivers this the u.s. and canada, jeep dealers will be fixing a software glitch to correct the problem. now to a coveted condiment previously found only under the golden arches. for the first time mk mcdonald's is bottling the big mac special sauce. for the first time they are bottling the special sauce. it is sold in rough ly once-ounce tubes but you have to go to australia to buy it if you are a die-hard special sauce fan. you can bid on a 16-ounce bottle
3:39 am
on ebay and the money will go to charity. >> you want the sauce? >> i don't know. i think some fancy chef that could do an interesting take on it should buy the sauce. what else are you going to do, put it on your burger? >> i guess people love the special sauce. >> maybe you want sriracha instead? sriracha. >> maybe you are done with sriracha so this is a new thing. >> bidding starts at 18 -- >> 18 what? >> $1800. >> stop. stop. punxsutawney phil working yesterday. i didn't realize this. he is not the only groundhog out there trying to predict when spring is going to arrive. another one named jimmy, official groundhog of sun prairie, wisconsin. he is pulling up in a limo. he arrived in style for the early morning ceremony. his handler held him up to the mayor's ear. oh! he was supposed to whisper the prediction. >> cranky rodent bit him instead. the mayor soldiered on announcing that jimmy predicted an early spring.
3:40 am
jimmy's handler said that was wrong. the sun was shining winter would last another six weeks. >> why didn't we lead with this video? >> this should have been the a-1 opening block piece. >> great video. >> it is fantastic. >> that's not wise to put him up -- i don't know if they do that every year. >> first off he's cold. i'd bite your ear if you put me outside in the cold and asked me if winter is coming. what do you think, fools, it is cold outside. it is going to stay cold. that's the translation. i speak groundhog. >> hope the mayor is okay, though. >> he seemed like he was all right. no blood. >> i wonder if we will have a followup in a couple of days. >> probably will. let's google and find out if he is okay. coming up, a power lunch to only the most talented hollywood a-listers were invited. we are showing you the picks in "the skinny." and how he how the super bowl is turning tom brady is turned in to an even bigger superstar off and on the field. you are watching "world news
3:41 am
now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print.
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♪ washington, d.c. couple is facing child cruelty charges after police say they left two toddlers in their car. that's bad enough but this is why. they were attending a wine tasting at the time. that's why they left the kids in the car. here they are. not interested in answering questions. they were running for a cab after a court hearing. police say the children were locked in the car for an hour, no heat. if they are convicted, the couple facing $10,000 in fines and up to ten years in prison. the children are now in child protective services. shifting in to high gear,
3:45 am
"american sniper" topping the box office and bringing in a record-breaking $32 million over the super bowl weekend. >> it comes with a bittersweet moment marking the two-year anniversary of the death of the navy s.e.a.l. who's story inspired the movie. here now abc's byron pitts. >> reporter: in texas, it was officially declared chris kyle day commemorating the real life american sniper. >> so much, so incredible. >> portrayed by sienna miller in a movie that made $250 million at the box office, smashing records, she wants the world to know theirs is not just a story about war. >> i have come home, okay. now we miss you. >> okay. >> reporter: it's a story about love. telling "people" magazine "we were made for each other. i was a fast talker. he was a slow talker. he wrote all of me in my wedding ring and mine to him says my love, my life." after four deployments to iraq, she says, "we had our moments
3:46 am
where i felt we were less important than the military and he felt like i didn't understand his sense of duty." duty and family something actor bradley cooper told me he wanted to portray accurately. >> hours and hours and hours of endless footage of him because his wife wanted to make sure the children would at least see their father. >> reporter: a complex man who his wife wants you to know also had a lighter side. >> even though he was going through all of that, we always found a way to laugh, always. >> reporter: i missed how chris changed the feeling of the room she said when he was in it. >> reporter: she has her own book coming out in may called "american wife." as for the man accused of killing her husband, jury selection begins in his trial on thursday. byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> you think about these vets in iraq and chris kyle's story he was helping another vet and he felt that helped him readjust to life back in the states and he lost his life when the other vet
3:47 am
turned his gun on him. >> a wider audience familiar with the story and what a lot of guys go through with this movie now. 250 plus million. >> i look forward to seeing it. when we come back, we will take you to the ultimate power lunch. who turned out this red carpet arrival at this oscar nominee luncheon. and the one man who kim kardashian said she would really, really like to take a selfie with. "the skinny" up next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> time now for the skinny. topping our headlines this morning, the power lunch to end all power lunches. >> hollywood -- turned out if they are year's class picture at the academy award nominees luncheon in beverly hills them whole crew was there. bradley cooper, oprah winfrey, neil patrick harris who is hosting the oscars, michael keaton up for best actor among the nominees who gathered to dine and dish. >> two red carpet stand outs -- julianne moore in a knee-length rouge ensemble and a reese witherspoon in a cocktail dress and strap pi heels. they both look great. next up, parents, hold on. brace yourselves. ready for this? there's a sequel to "frozen." it is coming soon to a theater near you. >> our parent company disney set to release a sequel to the mega hit "frozen." "frozen" fever.
3:50 am
it's a seven-minute short film that will reunite the cast. the characters, director and even song writers of the original film. >> that's the scary part. song writers. this is screened before cinderella that opens march 13th. this is what we're told. it is said to have an even catchier song than "let it go." >> are you going to see it? >> i have to. >> have to. >> our parent company is disney. >> it is our responsibility. >> it is in in the handbook. it says no drinking on the air it says also you have to watch every disney production that is ever put out. the song part i doubt if they get something catchier. >> you don't. your money is -- >> can't beat "let it go." >> all right. soon to be released on the small screen a new role for oprah winfrey. >> she teamed up with ava duvernay to create a new original drama series for her television network own. oprah will executive produce the thing and star in a recurring role. >> it is adapted from the novel "queen sugar" and will focus on
3:51 am
woman who leaves behind her upscale los angeles lifestyle to claim an inheritance, a sugar farm in louisiana. filming is scheduled to begin later this we're year. the latest bombshell from kim kardashian. >> hard to get through this one. >> bombshell announcement. tweeting on her t-mobile, a kim k. fan asked the question if ake a selfie with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose? >> she wrote this answer, my dad, with double hearts there or jesus or marilyn monroe, i can't decide. those are legitimate. okay. time to check out who's blowing out the birthday candles. >> blythe danner, 72. >> morgan fairchild 65. >> tony award-winning actor nathan lane 59. >> actress rebel wilson turns 29 years old today. happy birthday to one and all. coming up talking star power behind tom brady. >> new england patriots quarterback basking in the limelight. we'll have more.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
kind of a tough return home from phoenix for the seattle seahawks here. >> they were still treated to a hero's welcome yesterday afternoon as hundreds of fans greeted them on the tarmac at seatac airport. the team, however, was on to a waiting bus bypassing the terminal. >> despite the super bowl victory it was a chillier scene as the patriots arrived home to the veritable frozen tundra. because of all of the snow the parade was pushed back to wednesday. right now it is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. that day. front and center in the victory will be patriots quarterback tom brady. he will have the lead in that parade no doubt. >> he's not the only member of his family used to basking in the limelight. we are "up all nightline" with abc's nick watt. >> pass is intercepted. >> reporter: he has a child-like enthusiasm even after 15 years in the job. he is married to an underwear model who appears to really love him. he is a sheep skin boot model in his own right.
3:56 am
>> get those right and you can expect big things. >> reporter: they have cute kids. thomas edward patrick brady jr. can make a v-neck corduroy pant combo look sexy and won the fourth super bowl. >> tom brady prove shed one of the top two quarterbacks in the nfl. it is debatable whether it is him or joe montana. >> he ties with joe montana on rings and three mvps but eclipses the title with 13 touchdown passes. he is just 225 pounds of america. now deflate-gate lingers. >> i'm sure that stuff will take care of itself over how long it takes. >> reporter: even if it is proved that brady sucked the air out of those pigskins himself -- >> and those lips. >> amen, those lips. >> teflon tom will still be beloved. >> who are you going to believe, tom brady, the greatest man in all of humanity or a bunch of [bleep] on twitter? >> we all need a hero and he's
3:57 am
the square jawed jock that gets the girl and throws the perfect pass to lift the trophy in the dying embers of the phoenix night. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in los angeles. >> he can do no wrong. >> teflon tom. >> that's all american as you will get. that dude. now people need to 0 know, this is before giselle. people need to understand it. you have been married before all of that as well. don't want people out there on twitter and on-line talking. this is a long time ago. >> i ain't no holler back girl. what is that mean? >> you have been listening to no doubt. >> i like no doubt. >> see what happens when you listen to >> what does that mean, i ain't no holler back girl? >> this is abc news, inform ing insomniacs for two decades. ing
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the measles outbreak now becoming political? possible presidential candidates giving us their opinions. the late night tweet from hillary clinton and the controversial comments from chris christie. deep freeze. and digging out from the great lakes to new england with another storm just days away plus snow and ice causing a manhole to explode. extreme landing. a plane getting caught in fierce cross winds giving passengers quite the scare. the dramatic moment all caught on camera. and full revenge on groundhog day. didn't see a shadow but did chomp down on one mayor's ear. good tuesday morning to you all. we do have to begin with this growing measles


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