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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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officer swarm a prince george's county home taken over by squatters. private information out in the open. the students affected in what is being done to fix it. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> we have breaking news from new york. at least six people are dead following a train accident. you are looking at live pictures from new york, were a train hit a car and caught fire. five of those killed were inside of the train. the sixth person was in the car. the ntsb is on their way to the scene. stay with abc 7 amd fnd for updates. >> we go inside of a home raided
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by the police. officer said squatters used it as a home base for a theft ring. >> tonight, six people are in custody. tom roussey was inside of the house. what was it like? >> this is no shack. this is valued by the state at over a million dollars nearly 7000 square feet but it has become a magnet for squatters doing more than just trespassing. neighborhood residents awoke to the police raiding a foreclosed home for the second time in six months. >> frustrating, scary. >> a security camera caught the officer's arrival the first time they raided the home. one squatter was an alleged d.c. shooting suspect. this time the police arrested six people involved in alleged
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theft ring of golf carts and motorcycles. >> oh, don't tell me that. >> and they left the place a mess. we were there is the realtors survey the damage. >> we don't normally come in after the place. >> clothing and mattresses were everywhere, along with the damage. the squatters had kids including a baby. and the squatters it up no trespassing signs. when the police raided, one tried to hide, currently falling through the ceiling. they worried if nothing changes they will have a third raid someday. >> staying vacant, it is a mecca for squatters. >> vacant homes are a problem in prince george's county. neighbors say this home is vacant, one up the hill is vacant, and this is the one that
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the squatters were living in. the neighbor say the best defense against squatters is if somebody lived in these homes. the realtors says she wants to sell it, but she will not get near the amount she could have a year ago before the squatters. live from four washington, tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> from southeast washington the victim of a shooting on south capitol street has died. our crews arrived at the scene moments after it happened at 4:00 this afternoon. the victim is a male in his late teens. if you have information, the d.c. police want to talk to you. new information on a story we first told you about friday. the d.c. health department released details about a case of measles. this case is isolated, they say likely linked with international travel, not the outbreak spanning 14 states. health officials aren't hurting vaccinations for all children --
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officials are encouraging vastly nations for all children. >> d.c. public schools admitted that its website was exposed. what is not known is how it happened. roz plater is live now in the district with what they have to say. >> the website has been shut down, but there is no explanation about how it was allowed to stay up for so long. school officials say it did not surface on their radar until they were confronted about it yesterday. they are among the most vulnerable in the d.c. public school system, and now we are learning confidential information of special needs students was at risk. the findings were first reported by a website, buzz feed news, which said the data had been unprotected for years. >> i know me as a parent, i was unaware of this. >> d.c. public school officials
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issued a statement saying the database has been housed on an internal website launched in 2010. as soon as because feed notified school officials, they shut down the site. then they told the parents they were sorry. "we apologize to d.c. students and their families and will be reaching out to families to explain what happened." marvin tucker says he is still waiting for the explanation. >> i have two children in d.c. public schools, so i'm concerned. >> he is worried that his children could become victim s of identity theft. >> they might have credit card debt, buying houses, and they don't even know this. >> dcps says there is no evidence that the information was compromised but they are reviewing security procedures to make sure it does not happen again. there is also teacher information on the site. the washington teachers union says they need to know the extent of the damage before they determine if the apology is
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enough. roz plater, abc 7 news. >> already charged in a deadly dwi crash, now allegations that a bishop was drunk before her consecration. we first told you about heather cook of baltimore last month. the police say that she was drunk and texting which she hit and killed a bicyclist. four months earlier the archdiocese was concerned about her drinking before her installation. she posted palin has a hearing friday. >> -- sheep bail and has a hearing friday. >> the trial of jesse mathews and fairfax is scheduled for march. a hearing is friday to address the delay request. the public defender say they need more time to build their case. >> it will be months before a silver spring family is back in their home after a tree crashed onto the roof. homeowner chris fisher called
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911 after seeing the tree swinging back in fourth. he was on the phone with the dispatcher when it happened. >> it is falling on my house right now. >> let me get the fire department, hold on one second. >> yeah, it just fell on my house. >> luckily, nobody was hurt. he was pretty calm, i would say. the extent of the damage is not known, but fisher says he will have to stay somewhere else at least a few months. >> the wind was a big factor yesterday. plan on a warm-up tomorrow, but we are keeping a close eye on thursday with the potential of snow. steve rudin is here to tell us what and when. >> a lot going on in the next 48 hours. the wind has eased, the temperatures holding in the 20's. colder off to the north and west. 25 hagerstown, 29 annapolis, 25
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prince george's county. windchill factors in the teens lower 20's. it will stay like that in the morning. the clouds rolling in from the west, partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, average temperature of 26. snow showers in the forecast. i will tell you win, plus a second round of winter weather on the way for the weekend. >> thank you, steve. new developments from jordan. the country carried out its promise of revenge for the death of a isil hostage. a brutal video surfaced this afternoon, hours before jordan's king met with president obama. jay korff is live in northwest washington with more. >> jordin, as promised says it has avenged the savage killing of its military pilot. the government agency said that jordan executed two prisoners in the last hour, including the
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female terrorist working for al qaeda. protests broke out in jordan tuesday night after a video was posted purportedly showing islamic state terrorist burning alive in a cage the jordanian pilot. >> just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization. >> terrorists captured the pilot in december after his f-16 crashed in syria. tuesday night, jordan's king abdullah, already in washington on a separate diplomatic mission, met with president obama in the white house. earlier in the day he addressed the nation. >> it is the duty of all the sons and daughters of jordan to stand together. >> military leaders vowing swift vengeance for the pilot's death believe he was killed a month ago and that the prison swap
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suggested by his captors was nothing more than a ruse. a short time ago, here at jordan's embassy in northwest washington, a man came by and placed a framed pitcher of the slain military pilot -- a framed picture of the slain military pilot. king abdullah, out of respect has cut his trip short to washington d.c., heading home. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> a shakeup form a comer county public schools. the superintendent is stepping down. joshua starr is leaving after three and a half years effective february 16. his tenure caused some controversy, but the exact reason for his resignation was not clear. >> concerns about education through maryland with the release of governor larry hogan's budget proposal. montgomery county will receive
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about $25 million less than expected. prince george's county gets nearly $38 million less, and the teachers union says it is concerned about this. governor hogan says it actually increases spending, too, and he will make his first date of the state address tomorrow at noon. stay with abc 7 for how this will impact you. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser and expensive price tag on her inauguration festivities spending about $1 million on the celebration. that is about $400,000 more than her predecessor. bowser's inauguration was the most expensive in the district. >> a cruise cut short by sickness passengers forced to return to baltimore early. >> plus, dodging the blame for lance armstrong.
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>> and we continue to follow breaking news from new york where several people are kille
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>> returning to the breaking news outside of new york city, these are live chopper images. at least six people dead, 12 injured after a metro north train crashed into nan suv. the driver of the vehicle was killed as well as five train passengers. the ntsb will investigate. we are also waiting a news conference in new york and we will bring you updates as soon as they are available. >> a newly cleaned up her ship is back at sea. it left baltimore after was scrubbed down following a nora virus outbreak. the ship experienced two outbreak/year. the virus can spread quickly last year from contaminated food and water.
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>> we do not get to go to haiti and now we are back a day early and we were giving a whopping $75. >> in addition to the $75 voucher, passengers of the cruise were refunded the cost of their cruise. real caribbean -- royal caribbean rescheduled passengers. >> to create a announce that it will gain millions to crash victims because of a deadly design flaw. they owed nearly $11 million to victims of a deadly crash involving a 1996 camry in minnesota where three people died. they said that the assembly could stick and accelerate. >> this week's your chance to hang out with pope francis hosting his second google hang out thursday morning. the pope talk to kids across the
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globe last time. this session gets set at 10 a.m. >> disgraced icicle list lance armstrong -- cyclist lance armstrong is in new trouble tonight, but his girlfriend took blame initially. armstrong slammed into several parked cars after partying, and then allowed his girlfriend to take the blame. she later came clean to the police. >> boy. >> let's talk about the weather. it was pretty nice today. even better tomorrow? >> and that they, cold, bright moon. >> we were inside. >> that is true. earlier this evening, the nice big snow moon. that is what they call it. partly cloudy skies, if you want
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to check it out right now. the national harbor, partly cloudy as we look at the weatherbug network. no problems. it will stay dry overnight. today it made it up to 35 at reagan national. the average for the state, 45, the record 90 in 1991. reagan national 31, bwi marshall . gaithersburg 25 frederick 25. nighttime lows will be in the middle 20's. the wind out of the south at five. tomorrow morning we are not dealing with the windchill factor we had earlier in the day. leesburg 22 in the morning upper 20's, near 30 arlington. a quick warm-up as we move through the late afternoon. daytime highs tomorrow, upper 40's, near 50 degrees. lo, head to chicago and detroit.
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a little bit of snow falling there right now, part of the cold front moving our way late tomorrow night into early thursday. notice what is behind it, the colder air, the wind out of the north and west. snow showers likely to develop early thursday morning. i don't think we will have school delays, but it will still be cold. cold on friday. the next best chance of what a re-weather will be sunday -- the next best chance of winterry weather will be sunday. tomorrow, 31 degrees at 9:00 in the morning, middle 40's by noontime. near 50 degrees by 5:00 in the afternoon. daytime highs only in the middle 30's on thursday. moving into the day friday, 37 degrees, mid 40's saturday. the winter mixture sunday and monday, 42 degrees. wondering what was going on
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before? leon was out there checking out the full moon. >> i was. >> hey, come on over here, the wizards successful and atlanta tonight. and capitals played host to the defending stanley cup champions and show them who was king.
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>> and now the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the caps look like themselves tonight in the phone booth, much better defensively, no penalties. they skated hard, sharing the puck with good, crisp passing. rain with a shot, broward to fax it, 2-0 capitals. in the third, the capitals lead. often turnover, defense it's up the attack wow, that is pretty. 3-0 washington. one minute later, here comes the backhand, under the bar, bingo. what a night for the caps. >> tonight is going to be one of those games that we want to watch to make sure that we are getting better and continuing to do what we do what we did tonight. if we play this way, we will win
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the majority of our games the rest of the way. >> it will be tough for the wizards to get out of their slump tomorrow night in atlanta. the was her tab lost five of their last 7, 3 and a row, and monday nights performance got randy wittman fired up. he told the team they were feeling sorry for themselves. today he did not back off. >> whether it is an individual or team, recognize that we are not the only ones this far in the season. recognize that an fix it. >> college basketball, the long, hard season for the hokies a virginia tech continues. the shooter's touch three ball. syracuse battles back. with seven seconds left, drives, spins, hits the floater. the place goes crazy in the cap carrier dome -- in the carrier dome. syracuse wins. a major milestone in college
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basketball uconn's legendary women's coach geno auriemma got his 900th victory. he also won a record nine national titles. browns' wide receiver josh gordon has been suspended indefinitely, at least a year, for violating the league's substance abuse policy. he will lose 1.7 million dollars of salary this year and has to pay over $500,000 back from his signing bonus. hope that he learns a lesson and straightens out his life. >> he needs help. >> he does. >> coming up, following up on a classic.
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>> d.c. public schools announces the personal information of special education students was left out in the open. a police raid in prince george's county. and steve rudin's forecast for the week. all of those stories right now on >> one of the most beloved books of the past century has a sequel. harper lee's second novel comes
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out in july. it is set 20 years after "to kill a mockingbird." it features an adult scout. lee wrote the sequel in the 1950's before her pulitzer prize-winning classic. she said that she forgot about it until a friend found an original copy attached to "to kill a mockingbird."
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>> we are still talking about "to kill a mockingbird." >> tomorrow will be a cold start to the day, but in the
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afternoon, the temperature near 50 degrees. middle 30's on thursday, early morning snow showers should not amount to a whole lot. >> thank you for joining us.
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