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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 4, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, dual disasters. tragedy on the tracks. this packed commuter train smashing into an suv sparking a massive blaze that consumed the first car. the fire melting the windows. cell phone footage capturing the chaos. >> this is probably the worst tragedy i've ever responded to. >> at least seven people killed and a dozen more injured. one of the survivors from that first car here exclusively. also breaking right now the dramatic plane crashed over a crowded city. dash cam capturing this. pulling survivors out of a river and the latest now. another arctic blast. frigid air sending temperatures plunging, wind chills below zero and more snow on the way with the northeast still digging out from those record-setting storms. ♪
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and supergroup. rihanna is burning up the charts with a steamy new song and has help from her friends, paul kanye, why they're all shining bright like a diamond. good morning, america. we're following those two deadly disasters breaking overnight. investigators trying to figure out what brought this plane down. you're going to see it right here going over that bridge. clipping the end of the bridge right there hitting the car and emergency crews are searching for survivors right now. and there are survivors. >> there are and we are going to begin, though with that rush hour disaster in new york. this is the scene where at least seven people were killed when the commuter train collided with an suv stuck -- struck at the
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height of rush hour. abc's linsey davis is in hawthorne, new york, with the very latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the governor of new york calling this crash site behind me ugly and brutal. what we know is that an suv for some unknown reason at this time stopped or stalled on the tracks. the driver then got out, looked at the back of the car and got back in drove forward and that's when the vehicle was struck. overnight a devastating scene on these train tracks north of new york city. >> this is probably the worst tragedy i've ever ronalded to. >> reporter: this commuter train smashing into a jeep cherokee stuck trying to cross the tracks sparking a massive blaze that consumed the front of the train. seven people killed in the crash including the driver of the suv. at least a dozen more injured. the fire so hot, it melted the windows off the train's side.
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>> screaming, yelling, it was just total panic. >> reporter: some of at least 750 passengers on board jumping to safety. >> third rail of the track came off from the explosion and went right through the car. >> reporter: the crash occurred at 6:30 p.m. cell phone footage capturing the chaos. you can see the smoke billowing out of the first car. >> there was a passenger that ran past me he had blood on his face. >> reporter: the mangled suv pushed 400 feet by the force of the collision. now appearing to be attached to the front of the train. rick hope was in the car right behind it. >> the gate came down and hit the back of the car in front of me. she was trying to make it to the other side. >> reporter: from above you can see the massive emergency response. flashing lights up and down the rail line. at least 400 passengers taken by bus to a local gym for shelter and triage. later governor cuomo arrived to survey the damage of what is now the deadliest crash in metro north history. >> so it is truly a
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devastatingly ugly situation to see. >> reporter: the rail line has been under intense scrutiny after a series of crashes including one in 2013 that left four commuters dead after the conductor fell asleep. metro north is the nation's second busiest railroad carrying about 280,000 commuters each day. the national transportation safety board is currently investigating what went wrong here robin. >> all right, linsey thank you very much. joining us now is chris gross who was riding the first car on that train. chris, thank you for joining us and how are you this morning? did you suffer any injuries? >> i didn't luckily enough. i walked out unscathed. i had a second hit of adrenaline at like 2:30 so i haven't been -- didn't sleep a single minute. >> where were you in the car? >> i was in the very front of the first car behind the first set of five seats, so there's a
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five high seater four-seater and two-seater. >> did you see what was about to happen? were you able to brace at all? >> not at all. i was -- had my laptop open watching a mel brooks movie and all of a sudden impact. >> and tell us what happened when that impact occurred. >> people started falling over each other. it was so quick. i saw flame ss, a guy sitting in the five-seater, he started screaming. turned over and looked he lost his leg right underneath his knee and the guy sitting across in the four-seater had a compound fracture similar area. and once i fell right in the middle -- between those two seats, i saw flames coming at me about a foot from my head. >> how were you able to get out of the car? >> one of the people who was
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burnt, both his hands were burnt, well the emergency exit latch and started to pull the door open. >> we were talking before we went on the air and you never know how you're going to react and something just kicks in. >> it was just -- it was one of those things where i was just like -- i don't know. it's life or death at this point. >> you were able to get out of the car, the train and we saw the footage, the video that you shot and the flames that were coming out. were there any train personnel? anybody telling people what they should do? >> not at all. like i said before the guy who opened up the door jumped out, stuck his hands in the snow and people were just everybody on the train including myself were helping people get off. >> you had no idea how that you had struck an suv?
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>> either the engineer or conductor got over the speaker and said that we hit a car. i had no idea until i got off and turned around and saw a car. >> were people -- i can imagine helping just doing whatever they could to help fellow passengers? >> i was -- the second i hopped out i turned around helped a few people off called 911. >> well chris, thank you. i know it's a difficult time for you and to share your story and you and i and others are thinking of those families who lost a loved one and who were affected but grateful you and so many came out unscathed. thank you, chris. awe the best going forward. >> thank you. >> george. just awe horrifying scene. we move on to that deadly plane crash breaking overnight as well. here you see the plane going down clipping that bridge and ending up in a river and david kerley is tracking the latest developments. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. those pictures are striking. a nearly brand-new plane
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crashing. there are survivors, but many victims too. these are the last seconds of transasia flight 235 as it clips a bridge and crashes into a river. watch again. dash cam video provided by tvbs catching the turboprop dipping its left wing as it crosses the bridge with 58 on board. rescue workers took to inflatable boats to get to the fuselage in taipei's keelung river pulling survivors including children from the wreckage. many dead and many still listed as missing. the atr was just recently delivered and took off just before 11:00 in the morning from the taiwan capital headed to some nearby islands but mopes after takeoff the pilot said he lost an engine. mopes later these tragic and striking scenes as the plane crosses the bridge hitting it and injuring a taxi driver before crashing into the river. >> an airliner of any size is a
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metallic egg shell. when used as designed it's strong but if you smack a bridge with it it will do terrible damage to anybody in the back portion of the airplane. >> reporter: this is the second deadly crash for them in less than a year. this morning, the head of the airline apologizes and says it's too early to know what happened here as survivors are being treated in local hospitals. at last report there were 15 survivors, 23 are dead another 20 are missing so that death count could go up. the black box has been recovered. we should get a good idea what happened. it should have been able to fly on one engine so something went wrong. >> such a mystery. thanks very much. more on it from our aviation consult colonel steve ganyard and, steve, we'll wait to hear from the black boxes, a brand-new airplane. what clues are you seeing in the video? >> george i don't think we know why this airplane crashed or what happened but this video tells us clearly the sequence of events. if you look in the beginning you can see it's quite slow. we know for some reason the
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engines were not producing the thrust to keep it flying. they sent out a radio mayday. the airplane is very slow. the pilots are holding the nose up trying to clear those apartment buildings and just before they clear the bridge you can see they run out of air speed and the left wing begins to fall off. they clip the bridge and impact the water. >> you see the pilots doing everything they can to get that plane to the river so they have the best possible chance of having survivors and i guess it was a lucky break that they came to the shallow part of the river. >> yeah i mean you think back in 1982 the air florida crash in washington, d.c. same sort of circumstances where the airplane went down right after takeoff, clipped a bridge, went into a shallow part of the potomac. same thing here so the clipping the wing on the bridge absorbs some of the impact. they hit the water. that's a little bit of a help and landed in shallow water. if it was deep or fast moving i don't think anybody would have survived. >> steve ganyard, thanks very much. all right, george. now to outrage this morning
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against isis. the brutal terror group releasing a new video showing the execution of a jordanian pilot and the key u.s. ally quickly retaliates overnight. abc's brian ross is here with the latest on all that. good morning. >> good morning. this morning the cries of outrage turned to calls for revenge and just before dawn in jordan two al qaeda terrorists on death row were hanged. one of them a woman in swift retaliation for the brutal murder of that captured jordanian pilot. this morning, the bodies of the two executed al qaeda prisoners were removed from the prison where they were hanged. one of them was the failed suicide bomber sajida al rishawi who isis had wanted to swap for the captured pilot. she had been sentenced to die nine years ago following an attack that killed some 60 jordanians. the order to execute the two came from jordanian king abdullah who met last night at the white house with president obama. and in a tv address urged
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jordanians to show their mettle in confronting isis. this morning, in jordan a nationwide prayer for a country in shock over the barbaric murder of the pilot. first lieutenant moaz al kasasbeh who was put in a cage and then burned alive by isis. images abc news will not broadcast. unlike previous isis video, there was no jihadi john executioner. instead, a contingent of isis fighters watched over the scene as the pilot was enveloped in flames. the pilot's family prominent tribal leaders in jordan demanded revenge and said today the execution of the two al qaeda prisoners was still not enough. >> at some point this kind of act backfires on a group like isis. >> reporter: the murdered pilot was part of the u.s. coalition air force that has carried out some 2,000 air strikes against isis. but short of sending in ground troops military officials say the strategy will remain the same with no explicit
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retaliation. and now for the u.s. there remains great concern of the plight of a young american woman still believed to be held hostage by isis. u.s. officials tell abc news they believe she is still alive based on the recent evidence they have received robin and george. >> thank you very much. going to turn to amy with the other top developing stories of the morning. good morning. good morning, everyone. we begin with new threats from north korea on state tv today, the north accused the u.s. of plotting to bring down its regime calling the u.s. gangster-like imperialists. the north korean government also said it's no longer interested in negotiations and warned it's capable of bringing quote, final doom to america with nuclear strikes and cyberwarfare. well back here at home toyota is expected to appeal an $11 million verdict over the safety of its popular camry. a jury in minneapolis found the carmaker was mostly responsible for a crash that killed three people the driver claimed his 1996 camry had suddenly
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accelerated. a big boost for stocks overseas and on wall street. the dow surging more than 300 points tuesday. thanks to a spike in oil prices. that helps energy stocks but not drivers at the pump. overnight gas prices jumped an average of 5 cents. one other business headline word is just coming in staples will buy office depot. the stock deal is valued at nearly $6 billion. and new details about that suspicious package on an overpass that forced the shutdown of a major highway through atlanta this week. turns out it was a camera and it was part of a college art project. the bomb squad blew it up. georgia state university has apologized. another scandal in the nfl. the owner of the atlanta falcons now admitting the team did pipe in fake crowd noises during home games. the falcons could be fined or lose a draft pick. new trouble for lance armstrong after a hit-and-run crash in colorado. his girlfriend first told police she was behind the wheel when they hit two parked cars but
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later acknowledged that wasn't true. armstrong was then cited for failure to report an dent and speeding. he is due in court now next month. and finally these days we're all so busy walking around with our eyes down staring at our phones sometimes we miss the best moments in life. case in point, this guy, texting on a boat off california while a huge whale surfaces just feet away. the guy who took the photo says the man never once looked up from his phone. he never saw it. an amazing sight. so listen to that all of us who have our noses like this. beauty and majesty is all around. you're missing it. >> there's a whale right there. look look. >> what. hold on. what. >> thank you, amy, very much. >> good lesson. >> this story really caught our eye yesterday. >> absolutely. we were talking about it at home last night and we want to share it with you. a bombshell in the book world.
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the follow-up we've been waiting more than 50 years for. "to kill a mockingbird" author harper lee says she will finally release a sequel to her beloved american classic, a prequel, i dare say actually but turns out it was written decades ago. it's the story that taught us justice isn't always black or white. >> do your duty. >> reporter: and that goodness exists where you least expect it. >> hey, boo. >> reporter: the pulitzer prize winning book "to kill a mockingbird" has sold over 40 million copies and is a must read for every american high school student. but while the book has been a best-seller for more than 50 years its awe that are harper lee remains one of the most private in history so it was great surprise this morning in publishing circles the 88-year-old lee who published only one book has suddenly discovered the missing manuscript for her long rumored second book "go set a watchman." now set for a july 2015 release.
7:17 am
watchman was written before "mockingbird" and was a prequel starring atticus finch and scout as an adult woman who moves back home from new york city but the miss 2ri remains where has "the watchman" been and why did lee just decide to release it. 55 years after the release of her only other book. after suffering a stroke eight years ago, the 88-year-old who never publicly commented on "mockingbird's" success resighs a nursing home where she is deaf and blind. lee's lawyer found the manuscript earlier this year attached to a copy of "to kill a mockingbird." lee put out a statement saying i am humbled and amazed that this will now be published after all these years. but her book agent at harper-collins says she didn't hear about the manuscript till this week and many are wondering if lee ever wanted this published. so a lot of speculation. among the speculation throughout the years many believe that the reason that lee only published
7:18 am
one book was because the success of "mockingbird" so overwhelming she felt anything she ever did would never quite measure up. >> she talked about that a lot. >> she did talk about that so you do have to wonder. i've always wondered. you have a daughter named harper named after the author. >> sort of. ali -- harper came to her in a dream. she woke up that morning and said i think her name is harper and i thought of harper lee so i said great, and that was it. >> and the rest as they say is history. >> is history. >> i love how we learn nuggets about one another every morning. now to the new round of snow and let's -- first of all, ginger on her way back from iceland. >> those images yesterday. my jaw was on the ground. good to have her back tomorrow. first, wisconsin just north of milwaukee. these are the imimages coming in. another batch of snow rolling through the midwest and great lakes. a few inches but a strong pull.
7:19 am
winter weather advisories from gary indiana. another pulse coming through, heavier snow across nebraska. scoot across the great lakes and these two systems trying to get together for some bigger snow across the northeast. not quite going to make it so it'll stay light. >> good morning, washington. a beautiful morning with sunshine peeking out between the clouds, mostly sunny skies throughout the day a slight
7:20 am
wind chill, not too bad at 24 degrees, we are going to be in the center of things today with temperatures reaching above average and by noon we should be in the middle 40's with highs around 50 degrees this afternoon . a cold front approaches coming up the latest on bobbi kristina brown. she's been moved to a new hospital in atlanta of the the latest on that "power rangers" actor now walking free. we'll tell you about the mystery. the bitter battle over robin williams.
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i am jummy olabanji. we have a look at the commute this wednesday morning. just taylor has been keeping his eye on the issues out there. >> we had a late accident on the left side of the roadway, look at the red line. northbound the laser powder mill. that crash got moved to the shoulder, delays began off of 95 before the icc. virginia delays southbound before sterling boulevard, the crash hopefully being contained on the roadway, at one point all lanes were blocked the with big delays as the dulles toll road. the weather is going to be kind of nice today? >> today yes, tomorrow not so much, enjoy it while last. 31 degrees, a bit of the windchill factor. the forecast throughout the day
7:28 am
by lunch we are expecting temperatures to be around average for a high, then for the drive home temperatures will be in the upper 40's and i think it will hit 50 degrees downtown today. tomorrow things will change with snow showers in the forecast during the morning hours, but i do not think it will be bad for the morning commute temperatures plummeting and becoming windy on friday as well. >> thank you. thank you for watching this morning. you can get more traffic weather, and news updates on our sister station.
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good morning, america. right now, federal investigators are on the scene of that deadly train crash in new york that left at least seven people dead. also right now, emergency crews searching for survivors of this deadly plane crash. brand-new plane went down just moments after takeoff. also on this wednesday morning, we'll have the latest on bobbi kristina brown's conditio her family sitting by her bedside the a new hospital in atlanta. good morning, everyone. a lot to get to and, of course ginger on her way back. another look at that incredible footage yesterday of the drone going right into the volcano in iceland. getting amazing feedback on this ginger has all kinds of reaction from parent science teachers talking about how much they've learned from this episode. also just how cool it was. >> extreme z, she is. the latest on bobbi kristina brown, whitney houston's
7:31 am
daughter continuing to fight for her life at a new hospital this morning. she is reportedly on a ventilator. and abc's steve osunsami has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, sources tell us that bobbi kristina brown is still fighting for her life and there's a heartbreaking report at her bedside her family is singing her the greatest love of all one of her mother's songs. ♪ it is the greatest love of all ♪ >> reporter: and next week's issue of "people" it says brown needs a ventilator to help her breathe in a secluded wing of the neuro icu at emory university hospital. >> the hospital where she was at i wasn't even allowed to get past the floor. >> reporter: "people" says her father is making the medical decisions. >> if there's any decision to be made about moving bobbi kristina off life support, that is 100% bobby's decision. >> reporter: her father's lawyer is making a stunning claim that she was never married to the man many believed was her husband. quote, we are currently
7:32 am
investigating the events that led to the hospitalization of bobbi kristina. to correct earlier reports, bobbi kristina is not and has never been married to nick gordon. it was nick gordon and a friend who found krissys she's known unresponsive and started cpr. >> there is cpr in progress. we are getting a third party not on scene. >> reporter: just last year the daughter of the late whitney houston sent this message online year happen lay married and spoke about it afterwards. >> the ring. >> right there. i'm married. >> if it's shown they were never married then nick gordon would have have absolutely no legal right to make any medical decisions. >> reporter: emory university this morning isn't confirming that brown is here or giving any updates on her condition but this is one of only two neuro icus in the atlanta area best
7:33 am
able to help her with the injuries she most likely suffered. george. >> okay steve, thanks. we turn to a stunning twist in the case of the "power rangers" star who stabbed his roommate to death with a sword. ricardo medina is free. prosecutors say they haven't yet developed enough evidence to charge him and abc's kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: this morning, actor ricardo medina best known as a sword-wielding red power ranger is a free man. >> red line. >> reporter: released after being arrested on suspicion of murder and now he's speaking out. >> i want to say i'm very very very sorry for what occurred. i'm very happy to be out of jail. >> reporter: medina spent three days in jail after police say he used a sword to stab his roommate joshua sutter in their suburban l.a. home. prosecutors saying there just isn't enough evidence to bring charges at least not yet. >> and my heart goes out to the sutter family. thank you. >> there simply aren't facts of
7:34 am
a crime. >> reporter: the actor's attorney telling abc news that medina was defending himself and his girlfriend revealing new details about the moments leading up to sutter's stabbing. >> you have an individual here that was the victim of a beating in the kitchen area before he went to the bedroom and closed and locked the door. >> reporter: medina claiming he only used the sword he kept next to his door after sutter forced his way into that bedroom. now 36-year-old medina appeared in two "power rangers" tv series and had a big part in "csi: miami" moving in with sutter just a few months ago. sutter's sister telling us medina and her brother had issues but doesn't believe his self-defense theory. >> i don't feel he would attack someone that he knows could take him down. >> reporter: she says this picture taken by a company she hired to clean up the crime scene doesn't show damage to his door suggesting she says that sutter didn't force his way in. >> i think that josh probably opened the door trying to talk to him and i think he probably
7:35 am
snapped. >> reporter: this morning the case remains open. for "good morning america," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> quite a twist there. >> haven't heard the last of that. >> let's go to amy in the social square with "the speed feed." amy. >> that's right. good morning, guys. it's in everyone's feeds this morning. it's the story we just brought you, the exciting news that harper lee's sequel to the classic "to kill a mockingbird" will be hitting book stores in july. but burning up facebook our own ginger zee's adventure in iceland where we took a drone's eye view of the active volcano. bardarbunga, half a million views already on facebook of this extraordinary footage going so close to the fiery magma, robin, that's for you. magma. temperatures over 2100 degrees fahrenheit. take a look at these pictures of ginger and the "gma" crew. they took them from base camp absolutely stunning photos of what went into making that all happen and so we ask you, what adventure do you think ginger
7:36 am
should go on next? tweet us @socialsquare and be bold. right? >> easy for you to say. >> that's right. and if you're going to do it do magma. you have to put the little pinkie up and do it just like dr. evil. >> after she steals it. >> everyone was like wondering if i would say it yesterday. no it was so magnificent. and, rob, hey, it's so nice not to see you in ice and snow like you have been. >> speaking of smoke, they call it the land of fire and ice. we saw the fire yesterday. here is the ice, a ground blizzard shot by our crew. blowing sideways. that's why we did the big lava fly yesterday because we knew this storm was coming but last night our extreme crew took this shot around 9 p.m. as the sun was setting, northern lights aurora borealis magical. these aren't northern lights. this is the pacific and the amount of water in the atmosphere available for it to
7:37 am
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let's get you feeling awesome! join for free and loose 10 lbs. on us. we're back now at 7:41 with the family feud over the late robin williams' estate. his children and his first two marriages now battling his widow over who gets what. and at the center of it all williams' collection of permanent memorabilia including those famous suspenders he wore in the show "mork and mindy."
7:42 am
abc's linzie janis is here with the story. good morning, linzie. robin williams' widow is simply seeking clarification on parts of her late husband's will but his children say by challenging the trust their father so carefully put together she's attempting to get more than what he left her. this morning, robin williams' children speaking out locked in a bitter legal battle over the comedian's estate with his widow susan. the megatar's third wife asking a judge to help clarify which items were left to her and which to his children. alleging in court documents that just days after his death last august co-trustees of the estate had her husband's personal property removed from the couple's home in tiburon, california. court documents revealing susan became frightened of the co-trustees who had keys to the house invading her home seeking to strip her of items she believes were left to her in the
7:43 am
trust like the tuxedo her husband wore to marry her less than three years ago and a promise ring and his expansive collection of watches. in the filing susan claims she believes he only wanted his children to have certain items from a different home the actor owned in napa. her attorney saying tuesday the dispute is not ugly? we want the court to give us guidance. the suspenders from "mork and mindy." those would be memorabilia tied to his career. the bicycles which are hardly memorabilia. >> reporter: williams' children zelda, zachary and cody file court documents saying they're heartbroken that mr. williams' wife has acted against his wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate. claims some of the items rightfully belong to them like clothes, jewelry, personal photos, memorabilia and awards. in 2006 williams told diane sawyer his children were his greatest gift. >> if you could go back and
7:44 am
relive any day in your life. >> just the birth of my children. each one. those are all great days. and they've all turned out amazing. >> reporter: their spokesperson telling abc news robin's children want nothing more than to be left alone to grieve. the fact that they are being forced into these legal proceedings adds insult to terrible injury. >> the two sides are also fighting over money. again, with susan williams seeking clarification on the amount left to her to cover her expenses for living in the home that she shared with her husband, for example, she would like utility bills paid for and the children disagree. happens to a lot of families. >> it does. >> very sad. >> you have to protect. heartbreaking story though. thanks so much. coming up pro golf caddies are coming out swinging against the pga tour. why they say they're being treated like second class citizens. beyonce is known for delivering hit after hit. why she could soon be delivering something completely different to your front door.
7:45 am
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in over 2,000 cities. book now. what 8 grams of protein looks like when you're holding your own. start your day with the power of protein. milk life. ♪ now to that big lawsuit by pro golf caddies. so important, they are, to the success of golfers they work
7:49 am
with. claiming though that they're treated like second class citizens by the pga tour and t.j. holmes is in the social square with much on that. >> of course we know these caddies don't just carry golf bags. they serve as friends and coaches and counselors to the golfers but revenue generators because of a simple garment they're forced to wear but now the caddies say the pga tour owes them some green fees which now amount to about $50 million. >> frore kurt busch caddyshack kwauth taught us being a caddie isn't for the faint of heart. >> up six flights of stairs. >> so what. >> so what, so let's dance. ♪ ♪ i was alone ♪ >> reporter: but this morning the caddies of the pga have filed a $50 million class action lawsuit claiming their compensation and treatment is way under par.
7:50 am
the main issue, bibs. they say it's not fair to force them to wear logos of tour sponsors without offering them compensation. those bibs bring in tens of millions of dollars to the tour. other offends, caddies forced to stand in tents when rain hits a tournament while the pros relax in the clubhouse. the suit cites an example during a rain delay at the barclay's tournament in 2013 when they say tour organizers wouldn't allow caddies' wives and children to take shelter with them. >> they actually threw the families of the caddies out. >> reporter: even more shocking the suit claims the pga has, quote, treated caddies as second class participants of the game. forcing them to use portable bathrooms without running water denying them access to tournament venues they claim is necessary to do their duties. we have 80 caddies involved $50 million, it could go back -- that was for just one year. we could look at a lawsuit in several hundreds of millions --
7:51 am
>> they should get something. >> not all caddies are with mark key players making a lot of money. >> they're working hard. >> in essence walking billboards. >> and they have no say in what they're endorsing. >> george has -- >> george is behind them. >> he has spoken. we have a breakthrough in fertility treatment. what you need to know about three-parent babies coming up. when hollywood's premiere jewelry designer, neil lane, creates a ring for today's biggest stars... ...he designs it to look fabulous from every angle. and for his collection at kay jewelers... ...he does the exact. same. thing. yes! neil lane bridal. uniquely autiful hand-crafted ngs at kay e number e jewelry store in america. my collection is vintage inspired... ...with flowing lines that evoke a sense of timelessness. because i want every woman to feel like a star. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. ♪
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7:56 am
>> good morning it is 7:50 six. so far this morning the commute has been tough in some spots and jack taylor is at wto pe in continuing to keep an eye on the roadways for you. >> especially trying to get into sterling, a long-standing crash on the left side of the roadway with backed up traffic. speaking of, maryland on the
7:57 am
right side, 95 trying to come in on the inner loop of the beltway, the earlier crash before the parkway it got cleared. northbound after 197 that crash moved on to the left side of the roadway with delays easing up on 395 the just got moved over to the shoulder, we moved the camera back to show the stacked up traffic around springfield but along the way your lanes are open. it is going to be warm today? >> sing it, it is a great day, a warm wednesday to look forward to, this is a one-hit wonder. things will be changing tomorrow, so make sure that you enjoy it. a bit of a windchill with nice color as the sun continues to rise in hagerstown. 31 in annapolis. temperatures warming into the 40's by noon today and we will see some clouds mixing the
7:58 am
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good morning america. it's 8:00 a.m. and so many crazy love with beyonce's big news. the star revealing how you can get her flawless look. all the details on queen bey's new business ♪ bang bang ♪ and bombshell. charlotte mckinney scored big with her super bowl ad. now the hottest new it girl is opening up about being bullied. >> they saw me as a target and they went for it. >> how she fought back and is taking the world by storm. ♪ and would you have a three-parent baby? the groundbreaking new fertility treatment gaining support around the world but does it go too far? ♪ how you like me now ♪ all that and dr. phil with us live dishing on his new diet and weight loss secrets as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ oh here we go ♪
8:01 am
♪ feeling in my soul it's a feeling ♪ yes, ladies and gentlemen, that was dr. phil. he's coming up a little bit later. we do say good morning, america. wedding season can cost some serious dough especially if you're a bridesmaid. we'll show you just how expensive it can be and what you can do to save money for that walk down the aisle. also ahead more of our "gma" drone takeover. they're back again this morning. there's the little ones right there. we'll show you how they're part of the hottest gaming trend. we set up a little obstacle course. try to get through that ring of fire a little bit later. >> they make it look so easy. i tried to operate one after the show. >> it's hard. >> went down in flames. yeah really fun, though. game of drones coming up. we found love in rihanna. new music video, guys. it is so nice to watch. these three coming together. rihanna, paul mccartney and
8:02 am
kanye. the mugs sick beautiful. we have secrets behind that song burning up the charts. >> all coming up. let's get news from amy. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with that deadly rush hour train damage di outside new york city. a commuter train slamming into an suv that was stopped on the tracks sparking a fire so big and hot it virtually melted the front of the train. seven people were killed. a dozen others were injured trying to climb out the train's windows. police say the train crossing gate had come down on the suv and investigators are now trying to figure out exactly what happened happened. also stunning video capturing a plane as it clipped a bridge crashing into a river in taiwan killing at least 23 people. as many as 20 others still missing. in the mopes between takeoff and crash the pilot radioed to say an engine was down. commuter plane underwent a safety check just last week. a major political scandal has erupted on to the international stage stemming from the mysterious death of a
8:03 am
prosecutor in argentina. investigators say before the prosecutor died he drafted a warrant for the arrest of argentina's president accusing her of trying to cover up iran's alleged involvement in a deadly attack on a jewish community center. the prosecutor was shot one day before he was scheduled to address congress. well back here in this country two football fans claim they were able to sneak into the super bowl without any tickets despite all the tight security the two men from ireland told the irish newspaper "the independent" they entered the stadium walking behind a group of first aid workers and once inside they scored a pair of $25,000 seats that were abandoned by two halftime performers. no comment yet from security officials but they certainly look happy in that picture. and finally there has been so much snow this year that many of us feel trapped indoors figuratively speaking. but one dad in can ga was literally trapped indoors but he refused to stay inside. take a look.
8:04 am
facing a wall of snow right there at his front door he stands often a chair and he dives right through the opening, boom. there he goes and now he's free. yeah and looks like he made it pretty clearly there. just a little clever -- and he figured it out, right? >> a little brute force. >> degree of difficulty on that dive was actually quite high. judges award a 8.5. medical news now. groundbreaking but divisive fertility treatment has been approved by the british parliament for the first time. it'll be legal to create three-parent babies. abc's dr. jen ashton to explain what that means. >> yeah it sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, you guys but actually the terminology is not that accurate because 99.999% of the dna comes from the man and the woman, the original parents. >> this is all ivf. >> all done via ivf. it's just mixed with the might
8:05 am
mitochondrial dna of another woman. >> it was a small study, specific couples and explain why they were the ones. >> right, i mean this is really going to affect about 4,000 babies in the u.s. every year who would be born with this defect that could affect the brain, the liver, the muscles, so it's not that common in britain it's even less common. >> but opponents say this is -- we're getting closer to sort of designer babies where you can choose eye color or hair color. do you agree with that? >> you know that's the question is will it be a slippery slope and the issue here is there are moral, ethical medical, even religious issues but to think back historically you know the first transplant that was done the first ivf baby that was done it's very natural to have uncertainty and fear when something is this new and you always have to ask the question what will be the long-term consequences? what do you gain for what you lose and vice versa and we don't
8:06 am
know that because -- >> how do you draw the line? here you do it to treat a disease to prevent a disease. how do you say, okay that's okay but it's not okay to mess with the dna because i want blue eyes. >> exactly and to be clear this is not a way to make a baby with blue eyes versus brown eyes but where the political and legal will have to inter-ferb with the in he had cal. it's going to be something we have to follow. >> it's good that people are asking questions. >> absolutely. >> ask questions. >> and you'll be available on morning long on twitter. >> i get to move. i don't usually get to do. >> show off your outfit. >> no, no. so what am i doing? >> you are going to -- >> that's what i'm doing. here's a look ahead on the -- thank you, lara. "gma morning menu." in "pop news," superstar jennifer lopez is on the move just like i am. we'll explain why. also why finding your happily ever after may be harder than you think. and bridesmaid confidential. look at these beautiful women. but they're spending big money to be in weddings.
8:07 am
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i bring the gift of the name your price tool to help you find a price that fits your budget. uh-oh. the name your price tool. she's not to be trusted. kill her. flo: it will save you money! the name your price tool isn't witchcraft! and i didn't turn your daughte into a rooster. she just looks like that. burn the witch! the name your price tool a dangerously progressive idea. the weather in new york city right now is like a young britney spears pretty hot, kind of gross. >> trying to use the word hate less often. here goes, i thoroughly dislike sam smith. well done. >> hey, look ed sheeran is still ugly.
8:12 am
>> @mmmkandiyamz would like me to know that drake looks like voldemort with hair. >> special pop star edition of mean tweets on jimmy kimmel. so funny. and a perfect entree to "pop news." >> thank you, george. indeed we'll begin with more music news. talk about an epical -- end cal? can i start over? talk about an epic music trio rihanna, paul mccartney kanye west coming together for one song called "four five seconds." it's the first single off of rihanna's as yet untitled l perform. this video viewed over 3 million times already on youtube simply shows the three artists performing the song all wearing nothing more than just denim. keeping it simple which is easy to do when you have star power like this. you just don't need a lot of glitz and glam. >> that's a anyone anymore shirt
8:13 am
though i'll tell you that. >> she is stunning. her royce is beautiful. this song is moving. there was talk guy, that they were going to perform at the party you were at at the super bowl the directv presuper bowl bash. apparently though rihanna set her sights on a bigger stage. word is they'll perform the song at the grammys. >> ooh. >> so good. i mean you just really get into that. >> listen to the words. >> sir paul strikes again. hey, also in "pop news" this morning, i don't know about you guys but i wouldn't mind living on jenny's block. her gorgeous home in l.a. is on the market. it looks like an east coast cape on steroids. it's unbelievable. listed for $17 million. nine bedrooms. it's advertised as quote, the perfect fit for the working entertainer. plenty of entertaining areas, well i don't think if you were -- if you weren't working -- >> you got to be working for 17 million. >> yeah. >> 20-seat theater dance
8:14 am
theater, nanny's quarters. who love lives on her block? neighbors include in this hidden hills gated community, chris jenner kim and kanye, all the kardashian liam rimes and the biebs. >> why do you leave a place like that? why do you sell it? >> because you can. >> she wants a new project. jenny wants a new block. i wrote this, though. oh darn it. i wanted to read you my line that love might not cost a thing but her real estate sure does. thank you. >> thank you. >> ba-dum-dum. hey, it's hump day, still not too late to get your workout on if you need a little more help than just me reminding you there's always this guy. i have named him the push-up pooch. >> oh. >> keeping his master honest. barking out encourage many.
8:15 am
occasionally licking the hand when you do a good job and making sure there's no slacking off on this little guy's watch. get to it everybody. it's still early enough. grab your cup of coffee and go. hump day. $17 million home also. >> "heat index" coming up. let's go to rob. >> hey, george good crowd from some southern climates. how is this compared to l.a.? >> cold. really cold. >> obviously. it's brutally cold. gulf coast is getting rainfall. you got it in texas yesterday. there's the low. tapping moisture from the gulf of mexico dumping it along the coast. you'll see locally over half an inch. not too bad. a gloomy winter day down there. speaking of winter, another cold blast expected to come across the northeastern third of the country throughout the next 48 hours, temperatures will go from 32 in new york city to 7 on friday morning so overnight temperatures thursday into friday minus 4 in boston. so winter is not done yet. that is for sure. we're looking for, well let's talk about the weather in l.a.
8:16 am
74 degrees. oh yeah. oh. does that make you want to go home. >> yes. >> yes. >> oh it's not so bad here. it's invigorating, the cold. >>ood rning,g, washihington.n. weomed warmest day othe week. temperatures above aveverage for a changege with rtlyunny skies and a highf 50 d degrees. tonight the lois nr 32 and by the time youu wake up tomorrow morning few snow swers will be possible but i do not think itill be a big proem for the morningg commutete, windy and cold in thefternoon with falling temperatures, cold on friday and >> they're from los angeles. brazil. how does this feel compared to brazil. >> very nice. >> that's the positive spin we're looking for. welcome to new york. back to you in the studio? so polite. kicking off our "heat index," beyonce, she woke up like this. she knows a thing or two about
8:17 am
delivering the hits. now she's set to launch a brand-new business delivering meals teaming up with her trainer on a new surface bringing healthy foods right to your home. abc's reena ninan has that story for us. ♪ >> reporter: with that bootylicious body and those amazing moves -- ♪ crow says si. >> reporter: no wonder we're crazy in love with queen bey and while we all can't be that flawless now we can eat like her with the launch of her new vegan nutrition plan. >> any time beyonce does anything the world watches. >> reporter: inspired by the 22-day nutrition challenge she and hub by jay-z took on in 2013 she created it with her trainer mark joe borges. you pick the meal plan you want choosing between 1 to 3 meals a day for as many days a week as you'd like organic, gluten soy and dairy-free and $9 to $16 per
8:18 am
meal you pick your favorite dishes and they deliver them all straight to your doorstep. >> 22 days is going to be successful for a few reasons. it's healthy. it has beyonce and then the price point is good. >> reporter: but what exactly does a vegan meal plan entail? we headed to lisa drayer to find out. >> with a vegan diet you're excluding, eggs cheese yogurt milk and other dairy foods in addition to eliminating fish poultry and meat. >> that's impossible. who could do that? who could give up dari. how can you make that diet work for you? >> first make sure you're including a lot of protein and iron rich foods in your diet and take a multivitamin. watch the sweets and include lots of fruits and vegetables to keep the fiber high and calories low. >> reporter: but experts say veganism is lone isn't a surefire losing solution. do you guarantee i'll have a bikini body by spring? >> only if you're watching your
8:19 am
calories. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news new york. >> remember i tried a meatless monday. did that for a little the bit making it gradual and thinking about doing a meal or two. you don't have to do all three, do one to three meals. >> i try to do no meat at lunch. >> it really makes a difference. it does. where is lara? where is she? >> over here in the social square. a grow. every little bit counts. want to tell you about this story in our "heat index." the model who became the overnight sensation at the super bowl. everybody was talking about her, charlotte mckinney is enjoying ththis new-found fame from that carl's jr. commercial you may have seen but it wasn't an easy road to her to the top. brandi hitt has here story. >> i love going all natural. >> reporter: the sexy model who took center stage in carl's jr. racy super bowl commercial. >> it just makes me feel better. >> reporter: skyrockets to international fame overnight and this morning charlotte mckinney is still taking it all in. >> it's been crazy.
8:20 am
i haven't really had time to wrap my head around it but just excited and grateful. >> reporter: with more than 8 million views online, the 1-year-old curvy supermodel now following in the viral footsteps of kate upton and the long list of other celebrities who have starred in provocative ads for the burger chain. has your dad seen the commercial. >> he loved it. he's superproud of me and my parents have been behind me all the way. >> reporter: mckinney who struggled with dyslexia dropped out of high school when 1450e6s 17 after being bullied. >> i guess you could say just girls being girls and kind of getting in a clique. i didn't have too many girlfriends so it was just -- they saw me as a target and went for it. >> reporter: she says this spotlight is sweet revenge. her big break coming with a guest campaign last year. a spot in the upcoming film "joe dirt 2" then this commercial where she is proud to nearly bare it all with no plastic surgery. >> when i found out it was the all natural burger i was so happy to be a part of that
8:21 am
because my whole life is -- she got a bo ochltoboob. job. no i'm all natural. >> reporter: she did eat the burger eight bites in all to get the right take. this young model now hoping to take on hollywood turning a 30-second ad into a long-lasting career. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> she got her big break. >> she got her break, she's speaking out and i think we'll be seeing more of her. in the "heat index" and to love in the age of social media. for many who invented the twitter hashtag technology is killing commitment some say. here's juju chang. ♪ >> reporter: for a new generation of lovers finding that exclusive happily ever after -- >> being there for somebody when it's most difficult is all relationships are. >> reporter: is easier said than done. now, the man who changed the way we tweet hashtag inventor chris
8:22 am
messina is branding infidelity as the new normal saying monogamious relationships could become a thing of the past. in a blog titled why i choose nonmonogamy he dubs the era big dating. a seemingly endless stream of apps tempting us with a plethora of possible partners. >> impossible not to imagine our modern communication technology and social networking and apps isn't going to have a material impact on our relationships. >> reporter: messina arguing that finding the one might not be practical in this day and age writing "in place of monogamous pairings hookup culture flourishes. these are merely rational economic responses to excess inventory and changing expectations of romance." online reaction quickly rejecting messina's post. one user writing, how typical of someone from silicon valley to think they can re-engineer human nature. another, i take great pride in being happily married to my wife for 25 years after getting
8:23 am
married at 20. the magic recipe true friendship and trust. you don't get that by sleeping around. >> nonmonogamy is not for everyone. i'm still working on figuring out how to build the best relationships going forward. >> reporter: messina is a mo monogamish relationship he says. >> for us we've decided it's what we want right now and working well for us. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news new york. >> we asked all of you at home. do you think social media makes it harder to be monogamous? 57% said yes. 43% said no. let's talk to paul carrick brunson is here. monogamish. >> doesn't seem like there's any ish about it. >> i tried to hear the non nonmonogamous side. it's crazy talk. >> why not just be sinal?
8:24 am
i don't understand. >> absolutely. >> all during the piece we were just weighing in the emotion part you're going to say, you really can't have intimacy if you're just sleeping around. >> i don't believe so. i've been married for 14 year committed to one woman for 14 years and what's interesting is that i feel like the non mo-mo nothing mouses we're naturally notmonogamous. we're naturally not supposed to wear pants. we're not supposed to use a spoon or fork but being human beings we rise above that or should i say being mature human beings. >> having that instant avaleability of social media, so much out there does make it harder for people who don't want to commit. >> absolutely. i mean we're definitely living in tough times, you will a say, as in regards to relationships however, marriage which is the foundation of his argument that marriage is troubled marriage in my opinion is not necessarily
8:25 am
troubled. there are millions of people who are very happy in their marriage right. >> yes. >> look at that. >> it's like yes, yes. right, right and then on top of that the reason why we have so many divorces today is because finally women have the choice to get out of bad and abusive relationships so i think marriage is strong today. >> it's interesting what he said at the end about his relationship and that it's all about honesty even though that they choose to be intimate with other people as long as they're open about it with each other and that other person. is that -- is that -- >> robin is like, no way. she said there's no way. >> it really is crazy talk. >> creates jealousy. >> what if you like the other person better? >> right. >> what's wrong with commitment? why can't we realize anything worth any value came because we made a commitment to it so chris, make a commitment. >> there is value to being committed to someone. >> yes, tremendous. it's priceless.
8:26 am
>> how long have you been married. >> 14 years. >> good for you. good to have you here, paul. >> paul, thank you for coming in. coming up speaking of marriage bridesmaid confidential. the secrets to saving major cash when you help your friends walk down the aisle.
8:27 am
>> good morning, it is a: 27, i am jummy olabanji. roadways have been dicey in some areas. jekyll taylor has an update for you now. >> we still have jammed traffic in virginia on 395 north out from springfield across the 14 through ridge. a crash before the bridge moved over to the right shoulder with all activity contained in sterling before ox road. activity remains along the right side. everyone is taking a peek at it.
8:28 am
very slow. along the right side of the roadway we believe that everything is clear to the shoulder, but jackie, did i hear 50? >> he did. not everyone will get at, but i think you will see it downtown and in fredericksburg. 33 degrees a windchill factor of 28, 27 in frederick, 33 downtown, 30 at anders 27 degrees in charlottesville. we will see a mixture of sunshine and clouds today near the 50 degree mark. tonight the clouds will thicken up. no accumulation really expected. windy and cold in the afternoon. >> thank you for watching this
8:29 am
morning. the news is always on ad news channel eight, you can get
8:30 am
♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ nice crowd out here in times square. welcome back. a lot more ahead this half hour. dr. phil is here. he will reveal the 0 foods that could help you hit your weight loss goal. eighth called "the 20/20 diet" coming up. the game of drones the hot new gaping trend. we'll try it out with our own obstacle course. yeah. >> we've been having a good time with that. we're appreciative -- it's a little cold out here but warmer than it has been in recent days. >> not quite as brutal as yesterday. >> we have troupers here and the students from the university of mizzou. guys they'll take our jobs. they are communication majors so have you been getting a crash course in -- on how to do this. >> not exactly but i'm working on it. >> she's quick. >> that's what we're here for. >> nothing haveto see here.
8:31 am
>> thank you, robin. we have a new series and it's confidential. this time we're going inside different worlds exposing different truths. we'll kick it off with bridesmaid confidential. it's all about the costs of being in a wedding party, as you may know if you've been in one recently they've skyrocketed so what are you getting into? mara schiavocampo with a look at the outrageous expense of being a bridesmaid. >> oh. >> reporter: we've seen it play out on the big screen. >> ladies i just don't think we can do any better. this is -- this is beautiful. >> that is gorgeous. >> this is $800. >> reporter: and it's no different in real life. being a bridesmaid can sometimes mean breaking the bank. >> wedding is no longer just a solitary one-day event. all these little events and that's where it really adds up. >> reporter: from the dress to shoes, gifts and travel expenses. experts estimate it can cost each member of the bridal party
8:32 am
roughly $1500 to $1800 per wedding. >> all adds up and before i knew it my bank account was in the red. >> reporter: stephanie ramos, a 27-year-old radio producer from new jersey has shelled out roughly $6,000 total on five weddings. not realizing until she had a year off from bridesmaids duty just how much she was spending. >> i was able to save $10,000 and i ended up buying myself a new car. >> reporter: and 36-year-old larissa says she's the real-life version of katherine heigl's version in "27 dresses." >> 27 dresses. >> reporter: purchasing 16 bridesmaids dresses in 16 years totaling -- >> probably about $16,000, about a thousand dollars per wedding. one point i was thinking i should go into the wedding planning business. >> reporter: now here's hoping your bridesmaid experience will leave you richer rather than poorer. >> i do.
8:33 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. >> such a good movie and we're joined by the site director anja winikka and we'll get tips. first we want to find out how much bridesmaid taryn actually spent with her friend's wedding and, taryn hi welcome to "good morning america." can you spin the bouquet. >> $30,000. >> $30,000 on one wedding. >> on six weddings. >> on six weddings. >> six weddings. $30,000. i'm no mathematician but that's still 5 grand a wedding. a lot of upon for a friend. where does that go? >> it goes to the dress, the hair the makeup the travel the travel is huge. going to the engagement parties the bridal showers, whether it's a train, gas, a flight and then the hotels it adds up. >> you must be a very good friend. six bridesmaid offers. >> i hope so. it's an honor. >> it's an honor. >> but it adds sfwlup would you say yes again. >> definitely.
8:34 am
>> i have a few more this year. >> well start saving. that brings me to anja. what can taryn and others do to cut costs. >> i heard it earlier today. make a budget for yourself. like if you have six people that have asked you to be in their wedding, do a prettysheet and say if i'm traveling to this bachelorette party and buying this dress, keep close tabs on it. >> how do you do it if the bride says we're going on a girls' trip to such and such what are you going to do not go? be the one bridesmaid. i would say, i'm sorry, i can't do it. >> if you can't do it the best thing is tell her as soon as possible. let her know like listen because of budget and my job, whatever it is -- >> maybe i think that one trip or -- >> i'll be there for your wedding and help you do other things the most important thing is that you're there for her on her wedding day much that's why she's asking you to be a bridesmaid. not to spend like your entire savings account. >> other area i feel like you could save money is the bridesmaid dress as you said. what about the idea of just choosing a color and saying guys, pick one dress and then
8:35 am
that way you'll wear it again. >> one way to do it. a lot of smart brides are doing that. choose something in champagne or blush or whatever it is and they can find something that flatters them. the little black dress is great. >> anja thank you. good luck in the weddings and you look gorgeous. out to rob with a final check on the weather. >> hey, lara you know not just students from the university of missouri phil wants 0 get into communications. what do you want to do. >> i want to be a political journalist. >> another one coming after george's job there. all right, on his way to his internship at a major communications company. we won't mention it. to the maps. what's going on snow and a pum pulses that roll across the great lakes. those two lows offshore if they were t come together we'd be in for another big snowstorm. at this point it doesn't look like it's going to happen 1 to 4, maybe higher amounts at that. atmospheric river, moisture heading into california and they will take the rain from san
8:36 am
francisco francisco. several inches >> a lite bit t of t chilllly side to start t our daday, butut it will be a re milild afrnoo clds ireasg late in ththe >> all right. we've had enough communications majors. what do you want to do? >> i want to be a police officer. >> that's an honorable profession. >> you're in the military. >> yes, sir. >> we are going from one extreme to the other and it is chilly out here. we appreciate you guys for being here and more cold air coming. that's for sure. >> okay there, rob. thank you. it is great to welcome back dr. phil. always he has so much going on. this morning is certainly no exception. he has a fascinating dr. phil episode of the you got to watch this. it airs later today. he'll tell us about that but
8:37 am
also has a brand-new book out, a "new york times" best-seller called "the 20/20 diet" that promises to turn your weight loss vision into reality with 20 key foods. wonderful to see you, as always. >> good to see you again. >> this is not a buffet we're looking at over here. >> it could. we could mow that down in no time. >> that's the problem but you actually conducted a survey. you wanted to find out why die he is fail and have seven keys. >> i did. you know i wrote about weight ten years ago because i'm a diabetic and so it's a struggle because bio chemically i don't do well with foods so my whole family has struggled with obesity my whole life. i haven't written about it ten years and waited till there were new things to talk about. we did a national survey in preparation for this book and we wanted to focus on why diets fail because, robin, come on it's like a $60 billion a year industry and it doesn't work. so we came up with the seven reasons that diets fail and i knew i've got to come up with a
8:38 am
strategy to deal with those things or why do it at all and we did. we identified those things like one of them is a big thing is people rebel, right? come on. you get on a diet. you get bored. you get stagnant and lose for awhile then you hit a plateau and go it's not working so i quit so you got to deal with those things where you plateau out. you have to deal with the boredom where people rebel. all of those things we had to deal with. if you stay within -- look there's no magic pill. no easy way. you got to break a sweat. you can't just -- this stuff about eat what you want and lose weight nah. >> you don't buy into that if right in front of the book the ftc's seven warnings for diet scams. you can't do that. but there are foods that are super clean and in combination work well and that's the 20 foods for 20 days. >> not superfoods. we've ban hearing that word a lot and superfoods and all the experts say there's no truth to that but these are 20 that make
8:39 am
a difference. >> they do because the foods are clean. they're clean in terms of how well your body can process them. some of these foods, the theories are that they have thermogenic properties and burn quickly and they help the metabolism. there used to be more research on this but it is very promising as it's emerging and then there are foods that have time release effects and stick to your ribs so to speak. certain foods you eat and an hour later you're hungry then there are the foods that really hang with you and if you put some of these in combination, then it can be very efficient. we have 20 foods for 20 days across three phases that can really give you a healthy grip on this where you can lose weight in a healthy way but also in a very efficient way across time and the results have been amazing. >> you've been on this and it's working for you. >> it works for me and keeps my blood sugar in balance and keeps my insulin sensitized and i do very well.
8:40 am
>> i start off with greek yogurt in the morning with almonds and sticks to you. there's fake hunger. you think you're hungry but you are really not. >> there are three kind body hunger where your body is actually telling you, i need nutrients here. and by the way, hunger is a gift. people say, oh i hate being hungry. hunger is a gift. you need it but there's also mind hunger and habit hunger. these are fake hunger where your mind is telling you you're hungry and you're not and habit hunger you eat because this is when you touchily eat. not even hungry. those are tricks you got to learn about those. >> i learned a lot in reading your book. i want to get to the episode you have today and throw to a clip. a young woman who is convinced that she is deathly ill. her mother doesn't believe her. others don't. get your reaction after we see a little bit of it. >> do you believe you have cancer? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> come on. the biopsy said you didn't have
8:41 am
cancer. your doctor said you don't have cancer. you told people you had a hysterectomy. >> my heart condition is -- is worse than what you think it is of the i no he it for a fact of i live it every day. >> you haven't been to a doctor in a year. >> i feel it inside my body. >> so you self-diagnosed. >> i suppose. >> this happens a lot, doesn't it dr. phil. >> it does. the fact is that this is not someone that is just out trying to get attention. this is someone that has convinced themselves to the core of their soul that they in fact are ill and as you well know, attitude affects your body. and if you've got a sick attitude it can really potential potentiate your illness and she's convinced herself she's dying and we have to turn it around.
8:42 am
it's amazing. >> that's today. check your local listings. dr. phil thatt2wút+o mt6 bt@q#2$
8:43 am
8:44 am
tt2wút+o mt6 "a@q3>@ tt2wút+o mt6 bm@q85l tt4wút+o mt6" dztq ?,8 tt4wút+o mt6" entq o(x tt4wút+o mt6" gzt& v/ tt4wút+o mt6" hnt& f!l tt4wút+o mt6" iztq ,h4 tt4wút+o mt6" jntq >8t tt4wút+o mt6" lzt& &u( ♪ wow, remember that video from yesterday, that drone going right into the heart of the volcano up in iceland. ginger was there and just one example of drops being used for so many things these days. even a hot new gaming trend. gamers are facing off in an
8:45 am
aerial supports league and paula faris has more on that. >> reporter: zipping through a futuristic racetrack mowing bound targets. part mad scientist and part airborne airborneathlete. mark corn blatt is behind "game of drones"? we invite those to come with their own or ours and go at it. >> reporter: the fierce flying machines for our very own "gma" game of drones. we travel from the kingdom of anchor island to face off in the realm of new jersey in the arena of medieval times. okay you say that these are virtually indestructible. >> they have. we've landed on water and through fire. >> reporter: we'll take quite a beating as i do battle with ginger zee. round one, the gauntlet a daring obstacle course race. >> go. >> oh, boy.
8:46 am
>> whoa. whoa. >> bring it back. >> oh. >> you did not say it couldn't be a crash landing. round two, the siege, be the first to capture the flag. >> it's going the wrong way, i think. >> i got it i got it. i got it. oh yes, i got it. >> whoa. i didn't even get off the ground yet. >> reporter: ginger is down by two. the joust, combat to the death. >> start the battle? i'm doing great. who wants to fight me? let's fight it out. oh, my gosh. >> no. >> now you basically want to knock the other guy out. >> i can't get to you. >> not crash. >> oh. >> paula, that's a tko, unfortunately. >> we're equally as bad. >> yes. >> in honor of your valor in defeating house of zee, i dub theethe master of the drones. >> all right, george, are you ready. >> take on the pastor.
8:47 am
>> yes, we were both off a little bit. we set up our own mini game of drones right here. >> look at these guys. >> all we have to do is get it through the ring of fire. >> that's all. >> channel your inner atari. okay. ready? first one through. >> yeah. >> oh. >> sorry about that everybody. >> it's stuck. >> are you stuck? >> george is stuck. >> uh-oh. come on back. this is looks, people. oh. whoa. >> mine went behind the wall. >> whoa. >> get it through here. >> come on george. i don't even know where mine went. oh, here comes mine. >> i lost it again. >> ooh. come on back baby. >> i'm in another studio.
8:48 am
>> ooh. >> okay. we're calling this one. coming up president obama ae's as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch-- upload speeds as fast as your dodownload speeds so files go out in a snap. call today to get $200 back when you switch to fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today.
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president barack obama is so close to his former aide and body man, reggie love he calls him his little brother. now love is giving us a very personal look into his relationship with the president. it's his brand-new book beautifully written called "power forward: my presidential education." reggie good to see you again. it's been a while. >> it has been a while. thanks for having me robin. >> it was an interesting read because there's no job description when it comes to being a body man, is there is. >> i didn't get one. they tell you to handle stuff. i was lucky because barack obama not a lot of makeup not a lot of hair you know just had to make sure he got the suit and tie on and make sure it was straight. >> you have to have his combags and make sure they're where
8:51 am
they're supposed to be and one time you forgot his bags. >> i did leave the candidate's briefcase in the back of a suburban in florida and it was the day before one of the primary debates and he kind of turned to me and looks to me and goes hey, reggie where is my bag? and i go it's on its way. what do you mean it's on its way? um it will be there eventually. >> i know you don't like to use the word hip that you made the president hip. you said you made him generation generationally relevant. how did you go about doing that. >> there's not a lot of opportunities where people who are in their 40s are spending 18 hours a day with someone who is half their age. we have these conversations about who is better kobi or jordan or chris paul or tony parker. >> you tog him the fist pump. plays hoops with him. what kind of player is he. >> he's not paying yoanymore. you can be honest.
8:52 am
>> he's a good player. the kind of guy he'll make everyone that plays with him a little bit better. i can remember some games in which we had old guys versus young guys and for awhile they beat us. i wouldn't want to show up to work the next day because he had that grin on his face like. >> what was the biggest challenge for you, reggie working so closely with the president. >> when you're working in politics you're workingen 0 the campaign you get really really fatigued mentally and physically but it doesn't wear on you as much. i was really competitive about trying to keep up with him. you know i'm like if this guy is performing at a high level every day, interviews, town hall meetings coffees, breakfasts all these things all day and, you know never flinched about it and there were times i'd be like, my eyes would kind of like be falling asleep a lit. i'm like all right, if this guy can do it like i should definitely be able to keep up. >> yes, president obama, but also coach k, mike krzyzewski.
8:53 am
what did you learn from coach k? >> a lot of good lessons and hard lessons. i would say the biggest thing i learned from that group is that the little things matter and that if you are able to buy into something that's bigger than yourself you can do something really special? thank you for sharing your story with us. we do appreciate it and "power forward" is available in stores and online right now.
8:54 am
8:55 am
"good morning america" is
8:56 am
brought to you by philadelphia cream cheese. fresh milk real cream, no artificial preservatives. >> what a morning. we want to thank dr. phil again for being here. before we go on monday we'll hear more from dr. phil about his exclusive interview with convicted ex-vanderbilt university football player cory batey. that's going to be airing later. >> a big one, as well. thank you all, have a great wednesday. see you tomorrow. >> hump day!
8:57 am
>> good morning, it is 8:56 a.m. , we are going to get an update on the traffic situation. jack taylor has the latest. >> it is dry, for the sake. colesville road, accident activity has moved to the shoulder. not too bad. the george washington parkway southbound, a late crash, traffic is squeezing by under police direction, a new problem on the fairfax county parkway sounds like we have one lane getting by to the right, fairfax county parkway authority remain at -- remains on the scene. it may actually be beautiful? >> i would go with that, absolutely. this will be the best day for the weather of the week. hands down. we could hit 50 downtown and in of you other places this
8:58 am
afternoon. right now it is 33 degrees with a windchill factor here at 28, not too bad, colder in hagerstown 27 degrees at dulles. this afternoon we warm up to around 50 degrees this afternoon with skies turning cloudy. tomorrow when we wake-up there could be a couple of light snow showers are flurries of ross the region, but not enough to impact the morning commute. temperatures will fall in the afternoon tomorrow and it will become blustery and cold. >> thank you. thank you for watching this morning. we will see you back your for the news at noon. you can always get the news at
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live with kelly and michael." today, actor and athor david duchovny. and from celebrity apprentice, leeza gibbons. plus, check out the latest tech gadgets all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ♪ >> now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. [applause] ♪ i wish that i could be like the cool kids cuz all the cool kids ♪ [applause]


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