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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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breaking news from frederick, maryland, where two teenagers have in shot near frederick high school. >> right now, the authorities say the victims are at the hospital, but their injuries are not life-threatening. tom roussey is live in frederick. what can you tell us tom? >> still a lot going on right now. the parking lot of the bowling alley, frederick high school is that way, and all kinds of parents waiting for their children to be led out of school. the school was put on lockdown slowly some are being released, a right now these concerned parents are waiting for their children to get out of the cafeteria, where they were put on lockdown. this is video shortly after we arrived. the shooting happened a little after 8:00, during a basketball game. the police a the shooting took
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place outside of the school building, just outside the gymnasium. it could be he gymnasium we are hearing from multiple people and it was a chaotic scene initially. two teenaged victims students, both taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the shooter is still on the loose at this hour. we spoke with a number of parents were waiting outside and a student who was inside when this happened. >> basically, they were standing inside the gym watching the game like they normally do. next thing you know, there is a shooting. people started flooding from the lobby into the gym. >> i don't know what was going to happen or when it was going to come in. it was a concern for everyone safety. >> we got a text from the coach saying we are ok but we are on lockdown. then our son sent a text and
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said we are on lockdown, can't talk right now. >> this is the view from chopper seven of the active scene. one teenager was inside. they were worried because they did not know if the shooter was still inside, and the police did not know for a time either. at this point, they're not saying how many suspects there were. the police are still blocking the entrance to frederick high school. we spoke with the police a little while ago and they would not say if there was one suspect a were more. they did say at this point, no one is in custody. the shots taking place outside of the building, barely outside in the gymnasium of the school while a jv basketball game against thomas johnson was going on. live in frederick, tom roussey abc 7 news. >> stay with us for more updates on this breaking situation. we will bring new developments as soon as they are available, on-air and online at >> another story we are keeping
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a close eye on is the weather. frigid temperatures are headed our way. it will impact the morning commute, and we may have to deal with some snow. steve rudin has a look at the timeline. >> it was beautiful today. it felt like springtime with temperatures in the lower to middle 50's. all of that changes in the next few hours. outside, a cold front, a strong cold front arrives during the early morning hours. behind it, the temperatures will plummet along with a quick change of the wind direction. only 10 degrees in chicago compared with 47 degrees at reagan national. the express forecast, 7:00 in the morning, a few snow showers, flurries nothing that will cause travel delays, no school delays tomorrow, 32 degrees. we will warm near 35 degrees at noon time. from 1:00 on, the temperatures
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will fall and the wind will increase. we will look at the windchill factor, talking single digits to teens by tomorrow afternoon. a big change coming. >> we are bracing for this steve, thank you. stay with abc 7 and as we monitor the developing weather situation. join jacqui jeras in the morning. >> with the temperature changes likehave seen, a mix for problems with the water mains. in this dupont circle neighborhood, we saw three water main breaks. tomorrow's cold snap could put additional strains on aging water pipes. >> in fairfax county, the police confirmed a device was detonated inside of a walmart store in chantilly just before 6:30 tonight. roz plater is there. was anybody hurt? >> nobody hurt, but there was an
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awful lot of confusion. customers heard a loud noise. what happened is still being investigated, but fire investigators say it was not a bomb inside the store. there was a small fire, smoke and the store, so an evacuation. here is how a customer described what happened. >> i was near electronics and i heard with sounded like a gunshot. it was a loud boom. then some but he came over the loudspeaker that all people in walmart need to leave the building. by that time, i was looking at the area. it looked like a fog then i realized it was smoke. as i was walking out, it was kind of odd that there were shopping carts empty, like people just abandoned them and walked out. there were 6, 8 fire trucks that came in. >> again, fairfax county fire
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marshal's are still investigating and trying to figure out what happened and whether there was anything suspicious behind it. live in chantilly, roz plater abc 7 news. >> this just in from prince william county -- a man is in custody, accused of impersonating a police officer. the police say the man was trying to full drivers on interstate 66 near route 15. the driver called the police. your is a look at the car he was using. -- here is a look at the car he was using. it had flashing blue lights in the grill. >> the police say a suspect stole a phone at l'enfant plaza then ran onto a metro train. a good samaritan intervened and was stabbed in the hand. the police arrested a 19-year-old suspect at the next stop. new developments about safety in the wake of the metro smoke incident. the u.s. department of transportation federal transit
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administration announced it will conduct a safety management inspection of the rail and bus system. he will evaluate the emergent days -- the emergency preparedness of the system. today, d.c. mayor muriel bowser ordered radio testing inside of metro stations. the ntsb will hold hearings in june. >> a first look at stolen items confiscated by the police in an unusual theft ring bust. several people were arrested. they seize stolen items like guns and drugs. abc 7 was the only station inside the million dollar home where the group would squatting. it was littered with clothing, mattresses food, and they even had a baby living there. a crime alert near howard university campus. a string of car break-ins in the north and south banneker parking lots. the thefts happened early this morning.
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if you have information, d.c. police with love to talk with you. >> now a story we first broke an nfl player charged with assault in d.c. jackson of the colts made the play that set off deflate-gate. now the police say the linebacker attacked a pizza delivery man after argument about a parking spot. it happened last night in an alley off of u street. >> he said i'm going to kill you because i told you not to park here. he grabbed my hand in my neck. he grabbed my neck like this. >> jackson was issued a citation for simple assault. dramatic new video in the aftermath of the plane crash in taiwan. it went down into a river last night. rescuers spent hours searching for survivors. the swimmers are cradling a
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young child, pulled from the wreckage. flight and voice data recorders have been recovered. investigators are trying to figure out why the plane crashed. 58 people were on board and at least 31 died. >> the u.s. and other nations are turning up the heat against the -- in the fight againstisil. jordan has vowed revenge. across the middle east, a day of prayers. a crowd of christians and muslims gather together to remember the pilot and a goal of crushing terrorism. terrorism is the subject of a town hall meeting monday at 7 p.m. on our sister station news channel 8. "your voice, your future,", the town hall. check out our website to comment. >> investigators from the ntsb are on the scene of last night's deadly train accident in new york state. six people died when the metro-north commuter train
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slammed into an suv sitting on the tracks. one driver said he gave the suv room to back up but it went forward instead. today the train was moved so evidence could be preserved and the track reopened. >> our survival factors group is evaluating the adequacy of the emergency exits and are also examining the strength, the crashworthiness strength of the railcars. >> key to the investigation will be the train's air pain-like data recorders. -- airplane-like data recorders. >> an apology from nbc nightly news anchor brian williams. williams claimed he was on board a helicopter in iraq that was hit by rockets in 2003. according to crewmembers, that was not the case. tonight, williams admitted he was not inside the helicopter and apologized.
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williams said he was mixed up recounting the story. they are supposed to save money, but in the process, they could be doing damage. >> certain items inside could be harmful. and we are keeping a close eye on the breaking news from frederick, maryland ,two student shot. >> a highly populated town he and virginia could face a major budget crunch. >> and tomorrow night, the fitness device may be keeping you thin, but you may be paying a high cost. we will show you how this technology is helping and potentially hurting.
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allison: let's get back to the breaking news in frederick where two victims are the hospital after a shooting near frederick high school. it happened just outside of the school, near the gymnasium.
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tom roussey is at the scene with an update. tom: we have some emotional reunions, parents very concerned. the students were inside the school when this happened. we have a number of parents still waiting for their kids, who are slowly being released. a couple minutes ago we had a number of folks coming out. this is video, a lot of emotion from parents and students who were inside at the time. the parents were terrified hearing the news of the shooting of two teenagers outside of the gymnasium in the open air at frederick high school. two teenagers with non-life-threatening injuries taken to the hospital, but parents were worried because the police for a while did not know if the shooter was inside or not. the students were put on lockdown. some real scary times for the students and parents. right now, a lot of them are being reunited at this hour. other parents still waiting for
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their teenagers to come out of the school. tom roussey abc 7 news. allison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert involving discount stores. an environmental watchdog group says that items sold at dollar stores often contain toxic chemicals. the campaign for healthier solutions tested product set dollar general, dollar tree, family dollar, and $.99 stores. they claimed chemicals in the items caused cancer, birth defects, and serious illnesses. the chain say that products sold in their stores are safe. leon: parents are anxious about the school budget situation in prince william county. they are looking at a big shortfall. jay korff is looking into that story tonight with tough choices they are facing. do you know what is on the chopping block? jay: indeed, literally the meeting got out moments ago.
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here's the school system building in manassas. this was the first time that parents and students could react to were the county school system could face painful cuts that some fear will negatively impact education. educational leaders, parents and students are deeply concerned that the $11 million shortfall for the 2015-2016 budget in prince william county because of a slower than expected property tax hike will hurt student learning. >> so it's time to stop funding public education on the cheap and putting kids first. jay: possible cuts include kindergarten gone from full to half days and increasing class sizes. >> it's less time for each individual student, which impacts the quality of their education. jay: a spokesperson said funding from the county has not been keeping up with growth. that enrollment has been increasing in recent years by an average of 2000 students per
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year. this parent is worried about kindergarten hours being cut. >> we are dealing with our youngest children entering education, when they are most vulnerable. if they cannot come out of the gate with the right tools, how can they be prepared when they have to take the tests in third grade or fourth grade? jay: we are only at the beginning of the process. the school board will hold a series of meetings in the coming weeks to discuss the issue. live in manassas, jay korff, abc 7 news. allison: let's get right to the weather. we have big changes headed our way. steve: we hit 55 degrees for the hive. we were 10 degrees above average for this date, the record 70 back in 1991. 47 at reagan national, looking at 45 winchester, 44 dulles, 45 gaithersburg.
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enjoy the mild temperatures. big changes on the way especially midmorning. tonight, the temperature falls into the lower 30's, mostly cloudy dry the wind out of the northwest at five to 15. the cold front slowly moves are way over the next 12 hours. we look for the chance of snow showers and flurries early tomorrow morning, but nothing -- nothing -- that will bring travel delays or cancellations. behind the front, colder temperatures. it is 10 degrees chicago 18 detroit. ahead of the front, still in the 40's, and we stay that way the next hour or so. 24 hour temperature changes about 15 tonight, 27 degrees colder. the futurecast 8:00 in the morning, look at this band. that may bring snow showers, flores. it will not amount to a whole lot. it is out of here by the
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afternoon. the wind out of the north and west and the windchill factors will fall. 11:00 tonight, feels like the lower to middle 30's. overnight, 10:00 in the morning, feels like only 20 degrees. it gets colder than that. the forecast tomorrow, temperature of 35 in the morning, falling into the 20's by late afternoon. the extended outlook daytime highs in the upper 40's, near 50 degrees saturday. may have a wintry mix late sunday night. allison: steve, thank you. leon: the wizards hit the road tonight? doug: the wizards played the highflying hawks in atlanta. the terps, did they go to the wells to often?
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. doug: the wizards played the hawks tonight with a chance to show they belong with the best in the nba. atlanta has the best record in the nba, going after their 41st win of the season. in the third, the wiz down four. john wall anticipates this, and watch bradley beal with the strong drive to the rack. the was or within one. in the fourth quarter, kris
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humphries with a long miss. that sets up the transition. mike scott from uva, atlanta pulls away and wins 105-96. the maryland terrapins have lost a lot of their mojo lately. the terrapins have been sloppy with turnovers and slow to the 50/50 balls. college park, penn state at maryland. mellow, head to does wells swoosh the energizer. start to put away. but penn state was relentless. maryland with another gut check. wells, eight of 10, 23 points, 5-6 from the line. nearly beats penn state. a huge week for georgetown. against providence in the phone booth. he is a difference maker.
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the friars come back and take the lead late. here is georgetown, the final seconds, needing the three for the win. comes back out no good, 74-71 the final, providence beats georgetown. the patriot center, fairfax, va, vcu at george mason. 26-19, how about that, george mason. after intermission, vcu took charge. the steel, starts the bus, down 95 south they go. vcyu wins by 12. march madness is several weeks away, but syracuse is already the first team out. they have a self-imposed postseason ban in response to an ncaa investigation involving academics that happened in 2007 to 2012.
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no acc tournament this year, no ncaa, no nit for syracuse. he's players on the roster were not even involved in the allegations, but they are out of the postseason.
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leon: new information on the breaking news in frederick maryland, emotional reunions taking place right now after a shooting at frederick high school. they were just relates moments ago. the two victims of the shooting incident are in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, no suspects in custody at this point. we will continue to follow this breaking news. allison: see how relieved those parents are. final look at the weather? steve: frigid and a few snow showers in the morning. middle 30's in the morning but wake-up temperature friday morning only in the teens. upcoming weekend, a chance of a wintry mix sunday night.
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jacqui jeras will be here in the morning. allison: thank you. leon: thank you for joining us tonight.
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dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jeff bridges -- from "the walking dead," lauren cohan -- and music from jeff bridges and the abiders -- with cleto and the cletones -- and now, to set things off, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome, welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the


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