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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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eastern half of loudoun county and remainder of montgomery county. a possibility of freezing rain until 3:00 a.m. howard county baltimore anne arundel, prince george's until 5:00 a.m. and in areas east of town possibility a little sleet and snow could mix in if the colder air moves in. for now, everybody in the metro area is above freezing. and safely so. it's just rain. that's going to change later tonight as surface temperatures fall and more moisture moves northward ahead of the cold front and the cold air runs behind it, we have the poe ten shall for icy spots or a wintry mix. during the evening hours, temperatures will fall and we think overnight, we'll get close to or just below freezing and that combination will yield some slick spots as the rain may mix with or change to a little sleet or snow. we'll look ahead in a few minutes. maureen? >> thank you so much doug. be sure to stay with abc 7 and as we track the weather. doug will have an updated forecast as he mentioned in a few minutes. a sudden change in plans for the
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d.c. council. the council was supposed to hold a hearing today on proposals to test and regulate marijuana but the members were advised not to do so. brianne carter is live in northwest to explain why the hearing was downgraded to a roundtable discussion. >> maureen, the concern was that the council would be in violation of a measure passed by congress. and at issue today, proposals on how to regulate and tax marijuana as well as when you could be tested for use. >> we will actually cancel the hearing on bill 21-023 the marijuana legalization and recreation act of 2015. >> instead, dozens gathered before council this morning for what was called a roundtable discussion to give people a chance to speak out about how to move forward with pot in d.c. >> you know it's disappointing today that the council decided to you know scale back its efforts here. >> last year voters approved initiative 71 legalizing the
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possession of up to two ounces of pot for recreational use. but congress then added a rider to a spending bill forbidding the city from spending money to enact the law. in a letter d.c.'s attorney general warned the council about holding a special hearing. that could violate congress' bill. >> the issue is congress has attempted to limit the ability of either the council to act or the public to speak. >> during the informal testimony that took place, people both for and against the proposals on taxation regulation and preemployment screenings took the chance to weigh in on the weed debate. >> please keep d.c. drug free and safe. >> needs to be priced fairly. we can't tax ito much that the underground economy continues. >> there's a lot of unanswered questions about this and i don't think that we should be risking our children as we try to figure them out. >> now, despite all this some supporters of initiative 71 say that they expect to see some developments as early as late
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last this month. others saying they expect this is not going to be the last hurdle on this issue. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thanks brianne. today, d.c.'s police chief, kathy lanier denied she allowed officers to give police escorts to celebrities. she made the denial during her testimony in a lawsuit filed by hilton burton. he says lanier unfairly demoted him from commander of special operations to captain. burton claims he was punished for telling the d.c. council about the department's escort policies. lanier says burton was demoted because he mishandled a barricade situation in which a man died. montgomery county police say crime increased in the county in 2014 compared to 2013. according to an annual crime report released last week montgomery county saw an overall 6.3% increase in crime last year. police say there was a rise in theft from cars and aggravated assaults. more than half of the aggravated
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assaults stem from increased reporting of domestic violence incidents. new developments in the fight against isil. one country is trying to keep its journalists safe by preventing them from the war on terror. senior political reporter scott thuman tells us which nation is taking away reporters' passports and which country is strengthening its bond with the white house tonight. >> at the white house today, an affirmation that strong partnerships may be the only formula for success in this fight. >> with regard to isil germany and the united states remain united in our determination to destroy this barbaric organization. >> but allegiances haven't necessarily alleviated fears. in japan today a journalist planning to go report in syria was told if he didn't surrender his passport he'd be arrested. an effort to prevent the possibility of the execution of another japanese journalist. >> the government has the extremely important duty to ensure the safety of japanese
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citizens who travel or live abroad. >> in chicago this weekend, a court appearance for one of six bosnian immigrants arrested and accused of sending money and equipment to extremist groups in syria. and in arizona, what's described as a hellish waiting game for the family of 26-year-old hostage kayla mueller, the aid worker that isil claims was killed friday during an air strike but still no proof of her death. >> at this point in time asking for a little privacy as they go ahead through this difficult period. >> the state department today says it's working with the family but has no confirmation to offer. and pressed again on a worldwide need to defeat and destroy the terror network. >> we don't want to see a future generation or in 10 years from now having the same discussion. >> these just some of the topics that we will take up tonight in a special "your voice, your future" town hall on the fight for freedom. in other words, which liberty of yours are nowng challenged. some might argue disappearing because of the intensity of this fight. we hope that you will join us
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tonight on newschannel 8 at 7:00 and chime in as well using the #your voice your future. maureen? >> thank you, scott. ukraine was another issue discussed by the german chancellor angela merkel and president obama. both are united in opposing continued russian intervention in ukraine. however, there are differences in how to end the conflict. the obama administration is considering whether to send weapons to ukraine. germany is pushing for a fully diplomatic solution. >> there may be some areas where there are tactical disagreements. there may not be. but the broad principle that we have to stand up for the -- not just ukraine but the principle of territorial integrity and sovereignty is one where we are completely unified. >> an estimated 5300 people have died in nearly a year of fighting between ukraine and russian-backed separatists. coming up at 6:00 pepco has come under fire in the past for its performance record.
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but find out why some customers are against a proposed merger with a larger company. more trouble for a virginia lawmaker who ended up in jail for an inappropriate relationship with a teenager. and new fallout from that massive anthem health care data brea
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>> a virginia lawmaker has pleaded not guilty to four new felony charges. delegate joseph morrissey is charged with perjury and forgery. morrissey resigned amid accusations he had sex with his 17-year-old secretary. but he was re-elected. now, he's accused of forging a document he vouched for in court and convincing the girl's mother to lie. morrissey's trial is set for april. at least four lawsuits have been filed in the largest health care data breach in history. the lawsuits claim anthem did not take adequate and reasonable measures to ensure its data systems were protected. the company says it discovered the hack last month. hackers got access to members' names, birth dates and social security numbers. anthem says the information of some 80 million current and former customers may have been stolen. a leading local hospital coming under fire in court after claims of discrimination. tonight at 11:00, the "7 on your side" i-team talks exclusively
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with women who claim the way in which a d.c. hospital used technology put them at risk because they're disabled. we're shining a light on their stories as we take a deeper look at the medical facilities you trust with your health. we'll show you which local clinics and health centers have been targeted by the feds for potentially discriminating against patients. >> we're talking about medical institutions. we're talking about life-and-death decisions. does that make it worse that these are the people not complying? >> it does make it worse. this is a basic, basic need. >> tonight at 11:00, how local women are battling a d.c. hospital after what they call "nightmare stays with bad communication." and what national organization has their back in court. still ahead at 6:00 learn how first lady michelle obama and former first ladies are helping young hospital patients in the district and doug is tracking a winter weather alert for parts of our area. the conditions you need to look out for tonight. >> the nationals are looking
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ahead to spring training and the truck is leaving for florida with 30,000 pounds of equipment. and i have the very latest on bradley beal and the wizards.
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>> small protest today over a huge business deal that could affect the area. we're talking about the sale of pepco. it's a deal demonstrators say are going to affect a lot of customers. stephen tschida has that side of the story. >> opponents to the sale of pepco hit the streets today while at the same time advocates for the deal did their best to convince the public service commission to go along with it. >> that means higher rates for me! >> the proposed acquisition of pepco by the chicago based exelon has some people worried. >> this is a bad deal for pepco customers. >> pepco tried to sell the deal to the public service commission. >> in fact getting better service and because of the merger, rates will go down. >> we tried to get a direct response from the representative of exelon the company that plans to pay roughly $7 billion
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for pepco. >> i have no comment but the company has a comment. >> by company he apparently means pepco. >> don't believe this will raise rates. we think this will actually lower rates for customers. >> consumer advocates continue to raise red flags. opponents say with the $7 billion price tag, exelon is going to have to generate a lot of money and it's probably going to be looking at its customers. >> we're trying to get the information out and it's really well known. >> one step in what promises to be a lengthy process. this pertains only to the district of columbia. the entire sale would affect millions of customers here in d.c. maryland and all the way up to new jersey and out to delaware. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> first lady michelle obama and all five living former first
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ladies will serve as honorary chairs of a healing garden for young patients and families in the district. 7200 square foot garden in northwest. the garden will replace a gravel rooftop and the hospital says the garden will give young patients a healthy outdoor space to enjoy arts and music and nice weather hopefully. delays of today's attempt to launch a rocket cape canaveral. the rocket was supposed to launch sunday but scrubbed because of trouble with a tracking radar. it will carry a weather satellite designed to alert scientists before a potentially dangerous solar storm could affect the earth. singers tony bennett and lady gaga are bringing their jazz collaboration to the kennedy center this summer. the duo performed at the grammys last night. >> the kennedy center says bennett and gaga will perform
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july 31st and august 1st. they are part of a series celebrating their jazz album "cheek to cheek." d.c.'s superior court marriage bureau is showing some love this valentine's day. for the very first time it will be open on saturday for weddings. 14 weddings will take place in the marriage ceremony room this coming saturday but just for this special valentine's day occasion. and i guess glad those weddings are going to be indoors and not outdoors. >> might be a bit chilly. but it will be fine inside for sure. we're watching the possibility of a little freezing weather here late tonight. freezing rain and a little sleet. let's get to it and show you what's going on here. cold front moving our way. temperatures are slowly dropping and the areas under winter weather advisories slowly expanding during the afternoon. all shaded in purple areas of loudoun county montgomery county, eastern panhandle of west virginia, these areas up until 3:00 a.m. and howard
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county and anne arundel and prince george's added to the east and they'll be up until 5:00 a.m. for the possibility of freezing rain and sleet. maybe a snowflake or two before it ends in the morning. light showers to the east of town. main area locally is to the west. you can see it's slowly drifting to the north-northeast. few pockets of rain. a little more moderate but temperatures are still above freezing in most areas. now, the report out of gaithersburg is down to 32. they're the lone state for that. above freezing andrews holds at 32 degrees. we'll get in that category before long. that range of temperatures where the rain could freeze on contact in areas. that's the reason for the advisories. overnight when the cold air comes in overhead instead of rain falling, it could be sleet or snow. it's a system that pushes through pretty quickly. general temperature by morning in met, 31 degrees with the rain changing to a mix. winds will turn to the north. that will bring in drier air and eventually help chase all of this away. conditions will be dry for the
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morning commute. back edge of the precipitation already moving towards the mountains, more moisture being drawn northward. we will get rain tonight ahead of this front. question is how quickly will the temperatures get colder and how much colder will they get so the potential is there for some icy conditions and also that little changeover to a mix early in the morning? temperatures now 30's 40's, 50's to our south. colder weather to the north and west right now. even colder weather across central canada will come plunging in here thursday and friday. our futurecast shows the rain later tonight. he is spesh -- especially by morning when the cold air arrives and a quick clearing trend with partly sunny and breezy weather tomorrow. temperatures in the lower 40's. mid 40's for the day on wednesday, rather should be fine. there's tomorrow's deal. clear out nicely into the lower 40's but then on thursday the first strong arctic front goes through. gusty winds, falling temperatures and flurries. much colder and windier friday. another front saturday with flurries and look at sunday only lower 20's at best for high
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temperatures. maureen and timmy? >> that's not good news! >> no, it isn't. have you got any better news. >> no, i don't. i have to start with a bad one. i have the very latest on the wizards and bradley beal. we'll hear from coach k on the death of dean smith and the terps drop in the rankings and search for answers. i have the latest on
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>> now hear this. randy whitman says that bradley beal will miss tonight's game with orlando because of his injured toe and the wizards are playing once again shorthanded. wizards are coming off a great performance against the nets. they beat brooklyn 114-77 saturday and seemed to kick back into gear. this toe injury to beal has them very, very concerned. the good news is the wiz kids have beaten orlando seven straight times, have not lost to them in two years. former dematha star comes to town and playing for the magic tonight. maryland basketball team seems to be in a free fall right now. they dropped to 19th in the polls. melo trimble took a beating sunday in iowa. he got hit in the face several times and his nose bloodied and he was unconscious at one point. he still scored 20 points. the terps have lost three of their last five games. by now, you know that north carolina's hall of fame coach dean smith passed away over the weekend. he was 83.
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i've been thinking a lot about how lucky i was to know him and broadcast some of those great north carolina wins in the acc tournament. they're regular season games. he had some classic battles with dean and he remembers him this way. >> dean is one of those people on this planet that you felt would live forever. and the reason is because of what he did will live forever. and so this is a physical path but it's not a principle passing. those things will be there forever. >> all right. let's change gears and go to baseball because the nationals are heading south to florida. where's doug hill? listen to this they're headed down to camp! pitchers and catchers ready to report. trucks leaving today. carrying 30,000 pounds of baseball gear. they'll be under way at spring training next week. it makes you feel good when you say "new season new optimism, new players, new attitude." and the game of the night.
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top ranked south carolina women tonight against the number two uconn huskies. after these two teams comes baylor notre dame in the rankings. shakeup possibly in the top five. if uconn wins tonight, new number one. >> you're number one in our books, you know. >> doing the best i can here. advise you of what's coming. winter weather advisory up until 3:00 a.m. 5:00 northeast of the metro area because of the possibility of that rain falling on ground that will eventually get to 32 or lower. that could cause some ice. there could be 3:00 4:00, 5:00 in the morning a brief turnover to sleet. steve rudin will be telling you what to expect for the morning when he sees you at 11:00. >> thank you doug. "world news tonight" coming up next. have a good night.
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on this monday night, the snow emergency. two feet in some places. and the new storm coming. the growing danger. roofs collapsing. the treacherous commute home. and the warning at this hour to stay off the roads. plus the aftermath from fires and floods in the west. could she be alive? the fate of a young american woman, the last american held hostage by isis. brian ross reporting tonight. the new scandal this evening playing out right now over same sex marriage. the judge standing up to the supreme court and we interview him. the warning about your car. with so many wireless functions now, could somebody else suddenly take control while you're driving? and, hidden treasures. what's been found in neil armstrong's closet? were they supposed to be left on the moon?


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