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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 10, 2015 12:37am-1:08am EST

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this is "nightline." tonight, highway horror. kardashian family patriarch bruce jenner involved in a car crash that leaves another driver dead. the former olympian is facing tough questions and possible targets. how paparazzi photos might be helping the investigation. make my house a star. the palatial penthouse of "50 shades of gray" to the monster mansion in "the great gatsby." homeowners can get rich when moviemakers or musicians come knocking. they're not just looking for the swankiest homes.ave what it takes to be famous? kanye best yet again at last night's grammy awards. but taylor swift stayed unscathed. who is the new target? who else holds a grammy grudge? first, are the "nightline
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good evening. thank you for joining us. "keeping up with the kardashians" is a tall order these days. tonight the reality tv family is facing new drama, the most serious kind. bruce jenner involved in a fatal
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car accident. as he faces tough questions, paparazzi played an important role in the investigation. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: images from california's pacific coast highway show a grisly scene. >> devastating. >> we now have seven patients including one doa. >> reporter: at the center of this deadly car crash, olympian and tabloid fixture bruce jenner. >> bruce, are you okay? >> reporter: seen here walking around the scene surveying the damage. a white lexus decimated and smoking on the side of the road. according to the california highway patrol, the four-vehicle accident occurred just after noon on saturday. closing down the iconic highway for hours. >> this unfortunately is one of the worst type of accidents you can have. >> reporter: authorities say for unknown reasons, a woman driving a blue toyota prius abruptly slowed down, causing the lexus behind her to crash into her. jenner driving a black cadillac escalade with an attached
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trailer, then rear-ending that lexus, possibly propelling it into oncoming traffic. a hummer traveling in the southbound lane then striking the lexus head-on. >> it sounded horrific. the cars looked demolished. >> reporter: 69-year-old kim howe, a widow and resident of an exclusive gated community, seen on this web page supporting a nonprofit group against animal research, pronounced dead on the scene. two adults and three children inside a hummer briefly hospitalized and released. jenner walked away unharmed. last night he broke his silence about the horrific pileup. my heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to the family and loved ones. and to all of those who were involved or injured in this terrible accident. i will continue to cooperate in every way like many busy highways with opposing traffic the one along the pacific coast is notoriously difficult to navigate.
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back in september jennifer lopez and leah remini were involved in a collision here. no serious injuries there. >> this is a road where people are traveling fast. it's coastal. there's a lot of action taking place. you need to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. plain and simple. so here we're going about 45 miles an hour. it's best to keep about seven car lengths' distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. >> reporter: los angeles personal injury attorney bobby sedien has seen hundreds of accidents like this. >> how will investigators go about working out who's at fault here? >> experts and engineers need to determine the rates of speed and the exact setting how this accident happened. california, there's a presumption that any time you rear end a vehicle in front of you, you're at fault. >> will there likely be a lawsuit? >> i can almost guarantee there will be a lawsuit. >> reporter: police say jenner passed a sobriety test and even offered a blood sample. tabloid images from the moment
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of impact led some to suggest the crash was paparazzi-related. but jenner dismissed that theory i telling police they were not involved. >> he said he wasn't trying to avoid them and they weren't actively chasing him, so to speak, just following like they always do. >> reporter: the car accident is just the latest fodder for the 65-year-old gold medal olympian. >> bruce has mere yas things going on in his life. a lot of moving parts. and at this point in bruce jenner's life there are a lot more questions than answers. >> reporter: jenner, a regular on the hit e! reality show is no stranger to paparazzi. here he's being chased while driving with his carr kylie. >> paparazzi. >> is it? >> yeah, it's really bad if you go to the house. these are all paparazzi. >> reporter: but in recent months he's become even more of a hot commodity. amid speculation over his changing appearance. photographers have been camping outside his home hoping to chasmatch
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a picture of his long hair and manicured nails. >> at the moment bruce jenner is top of the paparazzi list for a person to get. he's very much in the news. >> reporter: the paparazzi tailing jenner saturday getting that money shot they never expected. the moment of impact. photographers like giles harrison can demand more money for pictures of celebrities in perilous situations. what would the percentage difference be between just an everyday photograph of bruce getting his coffee to something like this? >> bruce getting his coffee you might make 50 bucks, a couple hundred dollars. if he looks a particular way, if he looks more quote-unquote feminine. him being in this type of car accident where there was multiple cars would make several thousands of dollars for anybody who got any kind of images. >> reporter: but in an ironic twist, those snaps now evidence being pored over by investigators. >> i think the fact that paparazzi photographs being used as evidence in the crash kind of
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helps. it helps on both sides. it helps the paparazzi to prove they weren't involved. it helps bruce jenner may or may not, to prove his version of events of what happened. >> reporter: police telling abc news they are requesting phone records for all the drivers, including jenner. jenner's publicist saying the evidence will show that bruce was not texting at the time of the accident. >> cell phone records are pretty important because in california, it's against the law to be driving while you're on your phone, unless you're using a blue tooth headset. here we want to see whether bruce jenner was distracted by his cell phone, texting, checking his e-mails, whatever else it may be. >> reporter: tonight, the los angeles sheriff's department appealing for more eyewitnesses to come forward to help determine what caused this fatal crash. i'm linzie janis for "nightline" in malibu, california. next you'll recognize him instantly. the lavish locations for movies
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tonight we're talking not famous faces but famous places. those real estate envy-inducing locations for big-budget movies and music videos. if you're thinking could never happen to me think again. scouts are looking for all kinds of homes. and you too could be living in a virtual piggy bank. here's abc's rebecca jarvis.
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♪ looking so crazy ♪ >> reporter: they're the unsung stars of movies like "50 shades of grey." and "the great gatsby." no, not christian and leo. the locations. >> splendid. >> reporter: behind every "home alone" there's a home. behind every "house of cards" there's a house. actually, lots of houses. houses whose owners collected big location fees. like the homeowners whose houses were used in these shoots for "ocean drive" magazine. have you ever wondered can i make my house a star? well, we traveled to miami florida, to see just how it's done. our first stop jo ellen's 10,000 square foot miami mansion. >> show me the home the most famous home in america. >> not quite.
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>> reporter: from twix to little twix the rapper. jo ellen's palatial pad has seen it all. >> the entryway has been in quite a few music videos. it's been in catalogs still catalogs. they take out all the furniture and use the black and white floor and white walls. and it's where they like to put the stars singing here to film them. >> reporter: singing is just the start. jo ellen's entire home is open for business for the right price. >> ballpark, what do you get for a shoot in your home? >> it can be $1,500 for a full day with four people. it can be $15,000 a day for 24 hours and 150 people in your home. >> reporter: which is just what happened inside her kitchen. >> there was a girl inside of there. there was a girl in here. i don't know how. i think they took out the middle shelf and put a girl in there.
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>> this kitchen is a famous kitchen. >> it's used. >> reporter: but it's not all cool parties and music videos. some shoots can get a little darker. >> before mark's lifewife and kids were on the plane they had moved into shiller's house. >> reporter: her home was used in "revenge miami," based on the true story of a miami kidnapping and extortion gong. >> walk in the here, there was a dead person in my bed. >> a dead person in this bed? >> not a real dead person. a faking it dead person. >> reporter: so it's sleeping in rooms where fake murders take place is your thing, then you're probably wondering -- how can i make my homework for me too? well, we asked this pro her secret. >> one, you have to be extremely flexible. you have to not say "you have to be out of here by 8:00." you have to say, "stay until 3:00 a.m., fine." two, i don't know it doesn't hurt to bring presents to your neighbors and talk to them and let them know what's happening. three, you need somebody you really trust to represent you.
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you need someone who's going to negotiate the contract who's going to protect you if something happens. you need really someone who's an agent. and they need to be really on top of it. they need to care about you. >> reporter: meet clint phinney, location scout to the stars. star homes, that is. he's the owner of miami sites, a sort of database where production companies can rent any type of home they want. from waterfront to old americana. but it's not just homes. glen rents everything from motorcycles and props to cars and even boats. pretty much anything a production company might need to spruce up a babground of a commercial or television show. today we tagged along while he was out on a scouting visit. >> what i typically do is i'll shoot the whole house. >> reporter: tanya adams, mother of three, became interested in using her home for shoots when she saw one going on in her neighborhood. she says she's not only interested in renting out her home as a location but also her
12:55 am
classic boats too. >> might as well maybe make some money from it. >> reporter: tanya reached out to clint to set up an appointment for him to stop by and take pictures of the living room, library, pool and patio. the most commonly used spaces for shoots. >> definitely has potential. >> i think it's a lot of fun. it's a great industry. the money, that's always good you know. kids to put through college. future weddings. things like that. >> reporter: it's an industry that's booming in miami. production companies head down to the sunshine state to take advantage of its nice weather and unique homes. but you don't need to have a mansion to make your home famous. >> every house has some kind of feature that somebody might be interested in. it really is no wrong house. >> shouldn't be too long the consulate opens at 9:00. >> reporter: this scene from "burn notice" was filmed in a modest home. but it's not just about the homes. >> so this is the boat. >> reporter: clint is always on
12:56 am
the hunt to expand his library with whatever he can. this 100-foot yacht was just used in an "esquire" magazine shoot. >> when you found this boat you must have thought, jackpot. >> this is a unique boat. there's not too many sailboats this classic with this much wood on them. >> does a day go by you're not looking at something thinking, that would be perfect. >> it's constantly, when i drive, i see things. even silly things like an old truck on the side of the road. i'm thinking, that's perfect for background. or, this house would be great for so-and-so. >> reporter: and that's exactly what clint said when he heard about this 19,000 square foot mansion. ♪ all the time in the middle of the block ♪ >> reporter: transformed for birdman's music video. modeled after a 17th century chateau chateau, complete with moat and heli helipad. >> is that miami? >> no, that is key biscayne. >> reporter: another client is jose soto.
12:57 am
he sold his coffee business three years ago and built this giant home in the enclave of coral gables estate. >> today we have everybody here. 15 or 20 guys. >> reporter: he uses it for photo shoots. and music videos. >> there are going to be people who will say, look at this house. look at the life that probably comes with it. why would you invite strangers into your home? >> i'd say, it's a way of making an extra buck. i'm retired. i don't work anymore. every dollar we can get, it works. >> this is your social security? >> yeah i know. >> reporter: jose says he makes a couple thousand dollars a shoot. but for him it's more about the enjoyment of the experience than the money. >> do you have anyone you'd like to see in this? any artist? >> jennifer lawrence. >> "hunger games." you want to see her in this car? >> i'd love to see that. >> if she happens to end up in a hip-hop video, bingo. >> reporter: if you want your house to be as famous as this
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house, if you're willing to temporarily move out your bunch for this bunch, you just may have what it takes. and don't forget the fringe benefits. that "50 shades of gray" location, those apartments are selling like hotcakes. the median sale price for this apartment building in seattle has risen by 62%. >> this is easy money? >> this is easy money. >> reporter: in miami, i'm rebecca jarvis for "nightline." does kanye west really think he's the only one in the world with an opinion? his latest awards show faux pas coming up. if you're taking multiple medications does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene available as an oral rinse toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief
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forget being snubbed by julys. these days the worst fate an artist can suffer at the award shows may be a dis from kanye west. it's infamous feud with taylor swift is over. guess what bad behavior everyone's talking about this time. while had us living for love in last night's grammy awards -- >> and the winner is -- >> reporter: it was anything but love when prince announced the winner for album of the year. the ever-unpredictable kanye west rushing to the stage in what came close to a repeat of his 2009 display at the video music awards. >> taylor i'm really happy for you, i'm going to let you finish. but beyonce have one of the best videos of all-tip -- >> west didn't go quite so far,
1:04 am
stopping himself before beganing the mike. beck laughing it off. >> i need some help. come back. >> reporter: not one to make a quiet exit or shy away from his affection for beyonce -- >> beck needs to respect artistry. he should have given his award to beyonce. >> reporter: beck responding gracefully, telling "us weekly" you can't please everybody, man. i still love him and think he's a genius. i aspire to do what he does." >> he played it off really cool a lot cooler than most people would. >> reporter: kanye's wife kim kardashian standing by her man, posting this pic on instagram. this is the beck won that award space. >> one of the best videos all-time! >> reporter: six years after the vmas incident west and taylor swift have said, let's shake it off. seen here posing for photos arm in arm. but he's said to be involved in another public quarrel. >> katy perry and taylor swift
1:05 am
haven't been getting along because taylor is linked to john mayer. >> reporter: organizers sought to seat taylor swift on the opposite side of the audience from mayer and katy perry. >> she wouldn't look up to say hi to taylor. these two avoid each other at all costs. ♪ i'm happy ♪ >> reporter: all that behind the scenes drama proving it takes a lot to keep everyone happy at the grammys. >> thank you for watching abc news. "world news now" is coming up soon with overnight breaking news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we're online at good night, america.
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