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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 10, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, massive pileups on the highway blamed on the wintry weather. roads and slippery at this hour. the city of boston shut down as almost two more feet of snow falls shutting down trains roofs and buildings caving in and more snow on the way. >> we're not sure if the gear is down or not. also breaking, emergency landing. a us airways flight forced to touch down without its nose gear, sparks flying as the plane skids to a stop. emergency crews racing to prevent a fire with passengers evacuated on the runway. >> the suspect is believed to be armed with a handgun. highway havoc, an armed carjacker leading police on a dramatic chase through the streets of l.a., driving wildly into traffic, crashing into cars, spinning out of control, trying to make a run for it before finally being taken down, and it's all caught on camera.
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♪ take my hand ♪ and beyonce behind the scenes. the megastar opening up about her performance at the grammys. her personal family connection to "take my hand ♪ we do say good morning america, on this tuesday morning. the flurries starting here but the snow has finally stopped falling in boston. got some pictures we want to show you. where are they going to put it? there's nowhere left to put it piled almost as high as street signs, completely blocking the windowses of this home. >> that's scary. >> here's what it looks like from the outside. >> check that out.
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a record six feet falling in the last 30 days. the governor of massachusetts has declared a state of emergency. more snow targeted in the east coast later this week but ginger starts off us. >> in the top ten snowiest seasons ever in recorded history. here's what we're looking at annual average just over 40 inches but already 77.3 inches. you can see that big discrepancy and, yes, this next clipper system will bring light snow through the great lakes and targets the northeast. this is thursday into early friday morning. we've got boston right now in the 3 to 6 but could start picking up heavier bands much like these storms have been and we'll watch it as we get closer. the other huge headline that's not just for boston arctic air piling in and will feel like -- well it will be zero for new york city and single digits by the end of the weekend. two blasts of cold air and that snow is going nowhere. our rob marciano is right there in boston again. >> it's unbelievable ginger. another two feet what cross the
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boston area and for the first time we're starting to feel a little bit of vulnerable. here in bunker hill able to plow the streets but they're getting more narrow because there's nowhere else to put the snow. it had impacts across the northeast. new york new jersey your streets may not look like this but they were just as treacherous. overnight,t, a massive pileup turning deadly on the new jersey turnpike. 15 cars and suvs colliding leaving one dead and several injured and a second crash involving tractor trailers and a passenger-filled bus happening at the same time on the outer roadway. authorities saying icy roads may be to blame. >> traffic is at a complete standstill. >> reporter: and up and down the northeast, familiar scenes in boston. walloped again with 23 inches of snow monday. officials shutting down all commuter trains through today in an effort to clear the tracks of snow and ice. this after 50 people were stranded when their train got stuck in the snow outside boston yesterday.
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>> we're starting to worry a lot about roofs which are under tremendous stress as a result of the snow. >> reporter: people scrambling to clear off their snows. this building caving in from the weight of the snow. thankfully everyone got out this time. i'm standing on top of a mountain of snow that wasn't here two weeks ago and there are dozens of them that are growing across this city with this record-breaking amount of snow. boston breaking a 37-year record for the most amount of snow recorded in a 20-day period with 71 inches. >> there's nowhere to go anymore. >> reporter: in the last two weeks crews removing enough to fill gillette stadium, the home of the patriots, 90 times. if you can get to boston's airport. >> our options are in the air literally. >> reporter: 80% of the flights are grounded having a rippling effect causing headaches for travelers across the country. here in historic bunker hill the battle won't be against men dressed in red but against these mounds of white which just keep getting bigger and bigger
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robin. >> they certainly do. all right, rob, thank you. going to move on to that air scare overnight. a us airways jet forced to make an emergency landing without nose gear sparks flying when it touched down. abc's david kerley has the details. >> this is an emergency in progress on runway 27. >> reporter: anxious moments in houston as a us airways jet lights up the dark with sparks. this emergency landing leaving the jet looking like in this morning. it's an emergency that started with this call. >> yes, we're in a -- we're not sure if the gear is down or not. can we come by? >> reporter: what did controllers see? no nose gear down on the jet coming in from philadelphia. watch in this video as the pilots -- >> 56 souls on board. >> reporter: -- put down the rear wheels and slowly the nose followed by the sparks as it grinds on the runway coming to a stop. >> our goes gear didn't go down
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so he announced he was going to make an emergency landing and that everybody would have to kind of brace on impact. >> reporter: emergency crews on the scene quickly to prevent fire. passengers rushed off. >> some sparks and things flying when i looked out the window and smoke and you could smell kind of burning rubber. >> reporter: the damage to the 1345u8 jetliner from this harrowing landing is extensive. but no serious injuries to anyone on board. there was one passenger who was taken to a hospital with nonserious injuries. investigators now trying to figure out why that nose gear wouldn't come down. george. >> okay david, thanks. we turn to that growing measles outbreak. it's spread to three more states delaware michigan and nevada. now 121 reported cases in 17 states so dr. richard besser is back with us. boy, this shows no signs of slowing down. >> i find this worrisome. this is a disease we knocked out in 2 thousand thou and yesterday i spent the day with one of the heads of measles control at cdc
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and saying there are more cases in january than any one month in the past 20 years. >> what's most surprising? >> most people think about measles as a disease just of children but that's not what they're seeing here. california's had the most cases and looked at their data 59% are in people 20 and older. a lot of adults are getting measles. >> so what should adults do about this? most of us grew up and had the vaccine. >> a lot of people don't know. they don't have shot records. if you're born before 1957 you don't have to worry, everyone back then had measles. anyone else you can ask your doctor to do a blood test to see if you're protected or ask for another vaccine. >> if you're not sure get the vaccine or get tested. you don't want to be out there and just not know. if so you're at risk. >> rich will be on twitter throughout the morning to answer all of your questions. but right now the high stakes showdown over marriage equality in alabama.
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most counties in the state defying a federal judge's ruling legal identifying same-sex marriage refusing to issue marriage licenses. the state's supreme court chief justice is behind the order and steve osunsami has that story. >> reporter: more than 50 states denying it and some posting signs refusing to grant marriage licenses to anyone. >> we waited 33 years for this. i mean it's a big disappointment. >> reporter: in tuscaloosa they're turning gay cups away and handing them an order from alabama's supreme court chief justice. chief just roy moore is defying the decision making alabama the 37th state to allow same-sex marriage. >> i think a redefinition of the word marriage is not found within the powers designated to the federal government. >> reporter: he is arguing that the federal ruling doesn't apply to state judges who issue marriage licenses because only he has authority over those judges and he wasn't named in
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the lawsuit. do you worry that you will end up on the wrong side of history here? >> wrong side of history? absolutely not did they stop with one man and one man or one woman and one woman or go to multiple marriages or marriages between men and their daughters or women and their sons? >> reporter: even so more than a dozen counties are still marrying gay couple. >> we thought we'd have to go to the state but now doing it. >> reporter: some are agreeing to licenses but not weddings so volunteers from area churches are officiating ceremonies. both moore and alabama's governor say they look forward to the u.s. supreme court deciding the issue possibly this summer. for "good morning america," steve osunsami abc news montgomery alabama. >> a lot of discussion on social media about this yesterday. but now to amy with today's other top stories. good morning. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking developments in the high-profile murder of hannah graham.
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she was last seen leaving a bar and her body found five weeks later. now according to wvaw, the man seen believing with her has been charged with her murder. he is already behind bars charged with attacking a woman back in 2005. his dna has been linked to the 2009 murder of a virginia tech student also. major questions about airport security. a woman known for boarding planes without a ticket has allegedly done it again. this time in florida. police say mare ling hartman was able to get on a plane in minnesota and fly top jacksonville. she was later arrested after checking into a resort using another woman's name. hartman was arrested several times last year for similar offenses including sneaking by security to board a flight to l.a. well breaking overnight from the middle east bashar al assad in a rare interview speaking about the united states. he tells the bbc that iraq is helping to keep him informed
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about u.s. coalition air strikes against isis. assad has lost huge stretches of land to isis but said he will never join the u.s. coalition calling its members terrorists. he also denied claims that he's dropped barrel bombs indiscriminately killing thousands of his own civilians. well the white house is launching a new agency to fight a growing number of cyberattacks. the center being announced today will share intelligence and coordinate information from agencies throughout the government. it's aimed at avoiding major breaches like the one at sony pictures. samsung is assuring customers it does not retain voice data from its smart tvs after the company warned the voice recognition technology in its new tvs could pick up personal information discussed nearby. suggesting it could relay that information then back to samsung or a third party but the company says the concerns are overblown and the feature can be disabled.
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good to know. finally, it's a good thing no one was in vegas placing bets on this hotel implosion this morning. the former clarion hotel and casino supposed to come down with a big blast of dynamite but guess what if you can see there in the dark one tower was left standing. it just so happens to be the tower that was displaying the website of the development company building a new resort on that site. bad karma? i don't know. you know luck is everything here. >> especially in vegas. >> we're talking about it. sign's still up. >> thank you, amy. there is new information this morning on brian williams "stars and stripes" released an audiotape of him answering questions that the helicopter he was flying on in iraq was hit by enemy fire as his management determines how to handle the controversy. david wright has the latest. >> reporter: what we're about to hear is the first and only time brian williams has answered
7:13 am
questions on this issue. "stars and stripes" as you say releasing the audio of what the news anchor had to say before they broke the story. i did not set out to in any way change the chronicle of what happened to us. >> reporter: "stars and stripes" reporter travis tritten brian williams tried to set the record straight about that mission in iraq. >> all we knew is we had been fired upon. all we knew was we had set down. it was like landing on the surface of the moon. >> reporter: the flight crew of the chinook that did take a rocket-propelled grenade to the tail rotor called the news anchor out for a recent report on "nbc nightly news" claiming the chopper he was traveling on was hit. he since apologized and took himself off the air. before that the "stars and stripes" reporter asked him did he think so at the time. >> no i think i correctly
7:14 am
reported as i did in my blog in '08 that i was on the aircraft behind the one that was hit. it was not -- because i knew we had all come under fire i guess i had assumed that all of the airframes took some damage because we all went down. >> reporter: williams appears to be at a loss to explain how he eventually got its so wrong. >> if it's very basic. i would not have chosen to make this mistake. i don't know what screwup in my mind caused me to conflate one aircraft from the other. >> why? why, bri? why bri. >> jon stewart weighing in. nothing further from williams or nbc news pending an internal fact-checking review. >> thanks very much. to michael. boy, tension on the streets of
7:15 am
l.a. yesterday. >> yeah, we've all seen our fair share of high-speed car chases but this one was truly wild. the suspect stealing cars smashing into vehicles and abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: overnight a dramatic car chase through the streets of los angeles. watch this armed carjacker brazenly leading police on a miles-long pursuit. the whole thing caught on camera. >> the suspect is believed to be armed with a handgun. >> reporter: the wild chase beginning shortly after 5:00 p.m. police steving a report of a possible stolen gray toyota camry. the suspect veering into oncoming traffic and crashing into at least four cars before losing control and spinning out. eyewitness video shows the mangled wreck he left in his wake. this cell phone video shows the bandit getting out of the wrecked vehicle and trying to hijack this white car. the driver refusing to get out speeding away. the suspect then running up to
7:16 am
22-year-old elizabeth yarone's car and pushing her on to the road. >> he pointed the gun at me. >> reporter: baggy baroso was in the car behind her. >> i'm next and i have my 2-year-old in the back of my car with my 12-year-old. if she would have hesitated he would have shot her. >> reporter: with police closing in the carjacker speeds on but eventually runs into traffic. watch as he tries to plow through these two cars he bolts from his car and tries to carjack yet another vehicle unsuccessfully. that's when police opened fire. the carjacker dropping to the ground as almost a dozen officers surround him. >> pursuits are dangerous when you have someone who has complete disregard for public safety. >> reporter: the suspect's name has not been released but police say he is alive in a local hospital. his exact condition is unknown. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news los
7:17 am
angeles. >> scary situation. >> sure was. what do you have ginger? >> starting with big waves out in san diego. california waves reaching almost ten feet. let's take a look at the you can see them from mission beach to la jolla. that was the surf. i know a lot of surfers are happy to see this. ventura harbor further north in california also seeing ten-footers but this is what's going to happen. we'll see those high surf advisories from san diego to los angeles. the heaviest waves up here closer to santa barbara. do be on the lookout for that. rip currents are a big issue and wind advisory goes into effect tomorrow morning for interior parts of the state. i also wanted to point out, i know we talked about it amy, but tucson had a record high in the 80s. today warm phoenix, 84. yuma 8. albuquerque, 70. las vegas, 25 degrees above average for everybody out there. i wanted to take a look from west to east here rochester, minnesota, 28 with that first bit of snow.
7:18 am
>> a winter weather advisory remains in effect until 9:00 this morning with nice, freezing rain coming down towards lexington park. we are also getting some snow on the backside of this with icy conditions persisting for the next hour or so. 33 degrees downtown, slow to
7:19 am
wa >> so everybody needs to get someone to hug up on by the weekend. not just because of valentine's day but look at that freezing line made it into florida. 20s there for atlanta and let me take you a little colder by the end of the weekend, yeah single digits. 0s, the pink subzero. >> at least it looks pretty. >> hug up on. i like that. i'm going to use that. >> coming up the latest on that so-called american sniper trial. the jurors worried the blockbuster movie would influence their decision. also ahead, the latest on bobbi kristina brown. a vigil held for her overnight. what her family is saying now. plus winter survival edition. falling through the ice and the crucial things that could save your life. >> beyonce takes us behind that
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>> good morning, 7:26 of this tuesday morning. anne arundel county schools just announced that they are closing entirely because of icy conditions. for schools opening late, there are a lot of them, be sure to check your screen or head to our website. the traffic, the roadways, the biggest problem's out there with jack taylor. >> it has been tough we are using the example of a number of roadways of traffic getting by single file to the right and state highway authorities on board everywhere with eastbound lanes open. eastbound 50 near 197, we closed all the lanes due to the crash. the beltway at branch avenue rants going south on branch avenue from an earlier collision. i have no words. >> we will get better this morning, jack. things will be fine this afternoon with a big improvement on the roads and temperatures
7:28 am
arriving with a slow progression through the rest of the morning. live doppler radar in southern maryland especially on the tip of the county, worsening conditions towards lexington park. temperatures 33 downtown, 28 in anders freezing in quantico, temperatures reaching the lower 40's later day. you. thank you for watching. we will have another news update coming up in 25
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good morning. a lot to get to this morning and matt gutman is back for day two of "gma's" survival week. it's tuesday. it's cold but we're going to figure things out but matt gutman is going to have something for us this morning >> that's right. he's driving right into freezing water, right, matt. >> reporter: that's right. i'll tell you the four words to save your life and this tiny tool that could help you get out. >> okay. that is coming up. >> so let's see, yesterday he went through the ice himself. now he's in a car that goes rough the ice and will give us life-saving tips. the trial of the man accused of murdering chris kyle. the jury has been selected and opening begin tomorrow morning. the blockbuster movie looming large over this case and abc's
7:31 am
ryan owens has that story for us. >> don't pick it up. >> reporter: in the blockbuster "american idol," chris kyle is portrayed by broadly cooper as a hyper masculine bad guys but the jury who will decide the fate of his killer is overwhelmingly female. ten women and two men will determine if marine veteran eddie routh who now looks dramatically different than he did at the time of his arrest should spend the rest of his life in prison for shooting kyle and his friend chad littlefield to death at this texas gun range two years ago. >> he says he killed two guys. they went out to a shooting range. like he's all crazy. he's a psychotic. >> i got a military age male on a cell phone watching the convoy over. >> reporter: most told the judge they hasn't seen the movie. all promised despite everything they've heard they can be fair. those who couldn't were dismissed over the last few days.
7:32 am
>> it seems to me he's guilty and i don't buy the insanity. >> reporter: routh does plan an insanity defense arguing ptsd from his time in the military made him turn his gun on two men trying to help him. >> just saying you're suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder isn't enough to get a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict. you need to have literally been able to show that the defendant did not understand right from wrong. that's a tough standard. >> reporter: despite the blockbuster movie and all of the pretrial publicity, the jury here will not be sequestered according to the judge. they can leave the courthouse here and go home every night. they have today off and then tomorrow those opening statements. george. >> okay ryan thanks very much. we'll get the latest now on bobbi kristina brown on life support in an atlanta hospital as her family holes a vigil and faces a fateful decision. abc's alex perez has the latest decision.
7:33 am
♪ >> reporter: overnight a vigil for bobbi kristina brown, hundreds coming together. ♪ the trials that come to make me strong ♪ >> reporter: praying for her recovery. >> so we pray right now to the god that brie larsons life into bobbi kristina. >> reporter: krissy as her family calls her remains on a ventilator after being found unresponsive january 31st face down in the bathtub of her home. the brown family saying bobbi kristina is fighting for her life. >> as a miracle about to happen in the brown family. >> reporter: the family's longtime pastor saying it may take a miracle but they will keep fighting for krissy. >> it's not over until god says it's over. >> reporter: several of brown's extended family members attending the vigil but no sign of krissy's father bobby brown. krissy's aunt is holding on to hope. >> we want them to continue to pray. there's all.
7:34 am
that's what's important that everybodyraray for her. >> reporter: tomorrow marking three years to the day since singer whitney houston, bobbi kristina's late mother was also found unresponsive in a bathtub. for now bobbi kristina remains at the neuro icu in an atlanta hospital. the brown family saying they are not ready to give up. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news atlanta. >> a lot of spirit there. okay we'll get weather from ginger. >> we already talked about how far above average boston is. those piles adding up. same number in snoqualmie pass washington. it looks sad because they are 17 feet below their average. how different it is, 280 inches is their average. they've only had 77 to this point so they're below out west certainly above in parts of new england and this morning, some icy spots. salisbury, maryland will go to 41 today but after the coastal low drops away norfolk, 45 and pittsburgh stays at 33.
7:35 am
>> gd morning, washington. the freezi r rain advisoryry exping at 10:0this >> all that weather brought to you by e-trade. right there in the pacific northwest there is a landslide threat. all that rain they've had. the parade of storms going to impact them in the coming days. >> all right, ginger. thanks so much. coming up why fat may not be the enemy after all. the new research that could change how we all eat. and "gma" survival week winter edition. how to survive if you drive into freezing water. the four words that could save your life and the one thing you should never do. tigers, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying.
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back now at 7:39 with "gma's" survival week winter edition and this morning what to do if your car falls through the ice. abc's matt gutman is here with some advice that could just save your life. good morning to you, matt. >> hey, good morning, lara. yesterday we showed how to get out of trouble if you fell through the ice on foot. today we take you behind the wheel of a car and the worst
7:40 am
that mother nature can throw at you, the key to all of this and these conditions as my frost nipped ears have shown getting owl of the elements as quickly as possible. the heat is just whipped off your face your scalp hurt ears as well. ow. that really hurts. in this climatic wind tunnel outside of detroit, every day is a nor'easter. >> it can simulate truly extreme conditions and jack it up to minus 40 degrees and 150-mile-per-hour winds. >> let's turn the switch on. >> reporter: engineers making the nastiest weather possible and hurling them at these cars. >> you cannot be out here and not get frostbite in more than five minutes. better traction for sure but once you lose traction on ice, it doesn't matter how many
7:41 am
wheels are spinning. this tunnel allows engineers to test a car like this to see how it will react in the most extreme weather conditions. but what it can't tell is how humans will react when they're facing with the unthinkable. last month a wisconsin man drives his truck onto lake winnebago. ice i thought would hold. also this winter this truck goes bumper deep into a frozen new hampshire lake. how did these men surviv we're about to show you by crashing this perfectly good car into this frozen lake. what kind of maniac does that? let's back up. our morning started at a garage belonging to the indiana state police. outfitting this vehicle with gopro cameras and scuba tanks. so did the electricity work? >> i drove it here actually. >> reporter: so what do i need to know about this? >> don't touch your cell phone and remember fourwords. seat belt windows, children, out.
7:42 am
>> here >> don't touch your cell phone because that will only waste time. you have about a minute and the window is the fastest way out. now, i remember gordon's mantra seat belt window children out. in this case no kids so alone i squeeze out the driver's side window. so you might want to get on the top there. >> the car sinking, time is running out. >> so what would you do? >> get to shore. >> i would jump. >> which i do but i land a little short. but remember an earlier lesson i kick and pull myself to safety. so what we showed you in the piece was getting out of a car with a functioning window but what if the electric tri can
7:43 am
yous out and car starts to sink. you can use pretty much anything to break down the window. the key is to use something hard. this is a puncher that the indiana state police guys absolutely love so what we'll do is cover my face press it against the window and smash the window clear it out. make sure there's no glass and then you go out there.ething like this is absolutely key to trying to get out of a window. try not to cut yourself. >> the puncher is something every single one of us should have in our car. >> a great idea to have. it doesn't have to be this brand. this is called a rescue me but any of these brands do the key as something that will cut through that glass quickly and without getting yourself hurt and you can hang it like here so lots of different ways to use these little tools, lara. >> all critical tips. matt thanks so much for taking one for the team. thank you. coming up big dramaen 0
7:44 am
"the bachelor." talk about switching gears. we've got two rivals facing off on one date. both get the ax. one of them here live with us this morning and she's telling her side of the story. plus that beyonce video making headlines this morning, the superstar singer revealing the story behind her bloc grammy performance. beautiful. i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me,
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7:48 am
welcome back to "gma" and amy robach with "the speed feed." >> you'll see in in all of your feeds. the new video from beyonce released on youtube and her website takes us behind the scenes of the rehearsal of this blockbuster grammy performance of the gospel song "take my hand precious lord" that made such an impact in the movie "selma." take a look. ♪ lord ♪ >> it was one of the grammy awards most buzzed about moments. ♪ precious ♪ >> reporter: beyonce belling out not one of her latest pop hits but the hit "take my hand precious lord." and now queen bey releasing a new online video taking us inside sunday's surprising
7:49 am
showstopper. ♪ >> the first time i heard "precious lord" i was a kid and my mom sang it to me. >> reporter: she discusses why she chose to sing it. >> reporter: my grandparents marched with dr. king and m my father wasart of the first generation of black men that attended an all white school and my father has grown up with a lot of trauma. i feel like now i can sing for his pain. i can sing for my grandparents' pain. i can sing for some of the families that have lost their sons. >> reporter: the video also introducing us to the male chorus members who sang with her. >> it's a great message to send out to the world, especially because of all of the turmoil going around with ferguson and mike brown. >> reporter: it is already going
7:50 am
viral with over 250,000 views on youtube. ♪ showing even when she's singing a different tune queen bey still makes an impact ♪ lead me home ♪ >> and that posted less than 24 hours ago, so many people talking about it and the message ultimately is about overcoming she says. >> it's beautiful but i'm telling you, guys, mahalia jackson singing it in "selma," whoo so powerful and there's also on social media a lot being that. >> yeah. >> well you know what coming up surprising new findings about fat in your food. i can't wait to hear this one. why it may not be the enemy and how it could change what we eat. coming up, "gma's" countdown to oscar sunday brought to you by jcpenney. when it fits, you feel it.
7:51 am
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by splenda. no calorie sweetener. think sugar, say splenda. still ahead on "gma," grammy nominee iggy azalea taking to twitter to take on papa john's. why she says the pizza chain violated her privacy. and then bachelor fireworks. one of the women who did not get a rose is here live this morning after a ver dramatic exit. she's going to be telling her side of the story. stay with us.
7:56 am
>> good morning. the time it now at 7:56 a.m.. some schools are closed or opening late today because of icy conditions out there. we have them scrolling on our website. the morning commute has been an absolute mess. let's get to eject taylor in the traffic center. >> the good news is that the crash that was eastbound on 50 has finally cleared the shoulder and you can see the delays of light volume heading towards the
7:57 am
accident. westmount has been a mess. we have three accidents westbound, the first at seven river bridge, another on 197, and another on 193. all travel lanes are open, but it is still a mess. baltimore-washington parkway route 100, on delays right now with nothing reported, north and south the lace towards the hanover road overpass. keep posted for the next report. any relief in the weather? >> another hour and the advisory is expected to expire, moisture pulling out of here, we are expecting those temperatures to warm up. live doppler radar shows you spotty rain showers across st. mary's and calvert county. temperatures ranging between 28 and 39 degrees, below freezing. we should make it above the freezing mark, 43 degrees this
7:58 am
afternoon with peaks of sunshine getting breezy and d.c.. >> thank you for watching. we will see you back here for
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ tonight's the night ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and we're counting down to "gma's" ultimate oscar party with patricia arquette up for hollywood's top prize, the "boyhood" star is live with us in times square. ♪ am i wrong ♪ new research revealing that might not be your worst enemy. surprising news that could change how you eat. what you need to know right now. ♪ treasure ♪ and digging for gold in your closet. the secrets to fortune lie in your unused bags. how to get major money out of your purse and into your pocket. ♪ and booted off "the bachelor." the surprise ending that sent two women home. the rose rejection that ended in tears. ashley is with us live with her side of the story. ♪ how you like me now ♪ all that and the hilarious anthony anderson here with us. >> good morning, america. hi momma.
8:01 am
she's probably still asleep ♪ bang bang into the room ♪ that's not all. we have anthony anderson here. boy, he is so funny. every time he comes on "gma," but especially on "black-ish," comedy is such a hit right now. >> hey. >> looking good. >> getting ready. see you in a little bit. >> we're banking on you, anthony. and that mirror is here for our makeover my man for valentine's day. >> man! >> what? >> yeah. >> man! >> man over. >> a man-over. >> we have dubbed because yet -- were you with us yesterday? aaron -- come on. he said he was a caveman. that's -- >> his words. >> look at him. >> movie star. that was pretty amazing yesterday. that was really a caveman to hollywood star. >> yeah. >> today, you know today we have 37-year-old obie watts.
8:02 am
there he is hard-working husband, a father of four and just minutes ago he stepped into our time machine and our beauty team is hard at work right now. they'll start with obie's hair. >> all right. we wish -- >> there he is getting to it. >> oh. >> he just cut years off. >> that one hurt obie i cannot wait to see how it turns out. that team so good. and, you know we all loved beyonce. we just heard her singing that great song but what if you were told you couldn't carry a tune. i have never been told that myself but there are many of you who have been told that and we're going to get into a new scientific study that says huh-uh. you can. you can and you will. >> well you've been singing to me on the breaks. >> i have been singing to you. >> yes. >> is that where we got that look. >> i was just enjoying my job. >> i was trying to show you it wasn't a study that applies to me but everybody who wanted to sing like yourself. >> okay.
8:03 am
i can't wait to hear it. >> okay. >> now amy is going to do her job and give us the news. good morning and we begin with the snow emergency, 23 inches falling in boston. 77 so far this season and more is on the way later this week. it is so bad, all boston commuters trains are shut down today. snowdrifts engulfing homes piling higher than these windows. the big concern right now, collapsing roofs. ginger will have much more and then icy conditions have also made travel treacherous throughout the northeast. in new jersey one person was killed. 70 others injured in a series of crashes involving more than a dozen vehicles. and a different sort of travel nightmare in houston. this u.s. air flight was forced to make an emergency landing without its front landing gear. sparks flying as the plane's nose scraped the runway. one passenger was injured an investigation into what happened is now under way. in washington president obama could ask congress as early as today for authority to
8:04 am
use military force against isis militants in syria. this would be the first congressional vote on war powers in 1 years. just today another u.s. ally the united arab emirates launched air strikes against isis. drew peterson the former illinois police officer convicted of killing his wife is now accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill the prosecutor in the case. peterson became a suspect in the death of his third wife only after his fourth wife went missing. he has now been moved to a unit with higher security. in medical news long-standing guidelines on just how much fat we should consu are now being called into question. a study in "the open heart journal" argues the recommendations dating back to the 1970s were based on flimsy evidence. those guidelines call for reducing fat consumption to 30% of your daily diet but the new study challenges the belief that fat is to blame for the obesity
8:05 am
epidemic. many experts disagree with these new findings so as always consult with your doctor before considering any changes in your diet. finally, some treasure found on the racks at a goodwill outlet in north carolina. take a look at this west point sweater. seems like just an old sweatshirt right? purchased for 58 cents, what a bargain but just so happens it once belonged to the legendary football coach vince lombardi who wore it while he was an assistant coach. it's expected to sell for $20,000 at auction later this month. if they just had read the inside there, look it says lombardi. incredible. >> all right. good for them. >> yeah. 58 -- quite a markup. >> we'll see. "pop news" and weather coming up. now let's go to lara in the social square. >> i have to say i can't believe i missed that. that's an amazing bargain and what else is amazing? here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." in "pop news," eddie redmayne and his royal connection. it's real. then big drama on "the
8:06 am
bachelor." ashley left standing without a rose. get over here. come here. hug it out, sister. she's here to tell her side of the story. and becky worley is here and tell us how to ditch it for dollars. how to turn old purrs into cold hard cash. all that and anthony anderson is with us live "black-ish" star funny, funny guy and he's here on "good morning america" live in times square. come here. hi good to see you. ooh. good morning. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium. now available without a prescription. you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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8:10 am
milk life. ♪ all right, welcome back everybody. time for "pop news" and begin with oscar nominee eddie redmayne. he's become a young prince of
8:11 am
hollywood with his turns in "les mis." check out this picture of redmayne and his rugby teammate none other than prince william. yeah same team back in high school. >> and in the middle -- >> was unbelievable team. and eaton in windsor then redmayne set his sights on hollywood and roomed with a couple of other young brits. still looking at pictures of eaton but moving along in years, he moves to l.a. two other young brits that hope to become arcs and used to compare audition rejections. maybe something in the water. they turned out to be andrew garfield star of "spider-man" and jamie dornin who is about to debut as christian grey. young kids hoping to get a break in hollywood and used to go and share a single hand witch
8:12 am
between them. >> great karma in that house. >> we're wishing him the best of luck up for best actor in a terrific performance in "the theory of everything." keeping the british theme when it comes to talking dirty. the english accent has been named the sexiest in theorld in a survey. 11,000 people in 4 cities participated in the study conducted by "time" make and voted overwhelmingly in favorite of the english accent. trailing far behind but number two is the american accent. >> where is italian? where is preference? >> so glad you asked. number three was irish. number four was australian but, oh no no perhaps the biggest shock, the language of love, trailed at number five. french. c'est la vie. >> c'est la vie. >> i agree. i was asking michael and he said the italian accent. >> i agree. >> also different for men and women too.
8:13 am
there's like i think an australian -- i don't know. it's very particular. and for some reason the long island accent my people my land well that to me is number one always. finally, hey, people may have told you one of you out there that you were tone deaf or can't carry a tune. don't let them get you down. according to research from northwestern university learning how to sing is no different than learning how to play any other musical instrument. anyone can learn to sing as long as they practice. researchers say it is the same exact kind of skill that you learn when you're learning any other instrument the voice is an only thing is it must be practiced because it is so easily forgotten. practice in fact does make perfect. i believe i have shown that a few times. >> still a base level of talent. >> some are given god given talent and some are tone deaf. >> i'm with amy. >> get up to an acceptable level. >> some people will become
8:14 am
concert pianists and -- >> my dad has high medium and low. that's it and in church we're like this dad, please stop singing. >> if he took professional lessons that it can be done. listen, i'm going to admit i can't sing. i love to sing and i think that it can be done. >> you don't stick up for your dad. you threw him under the bus. >> america, amy can sing and ginger can sing and someday when george dances we will get amy and ginger -- >> now we're going to get begin story give us the weather. >> not singing the weather. not quite yet. you know what i came out and said how are you doing? >> you said -- >> cold. >> my friend from mississippi let's see icy and hot. both numbers coming up. record high in tucson 84. a lot of spots broke records today, galveston was one and now we're still looking at that mild air or even hot. look at los angeles. almost 90 as we wrap up the week. denver will be in the 60s but the arctic air is in place and
8:15 am
getting even more arctic. look at chicago, only 1 for a high by thursday. detroit, 17. so the cold is there if you're >> good d morning, the freezing rain comes tan end by midmorning, cloudy skieses persisting until the lunch hour sunshinene this afternoon becomingng breezy wh a high in the low to mid 40's, coolith lows in n the 20' and tomorrow seasonable high tperatures inin the mid-40's with partly cloudy skies and two blasts of arctitic air headed t this way y and the second last ming late this weekend that's better. a little more. [ cheers and applause ] i want to ang aaron christianson is the kgun kgun for that picture. let's get back inside. kicking off our "gma heat index," iggy azalea takes on papa john's. papa john's driver shared her phone number with his family.
8:16 am
she demanded answers about that breach of privacy. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. ♪ i-g-g-y ♪ >> reporter: iggy azalea didn't take home the grammy this weekend but she is taking on pizza giant papa john's. the 24-year-old aussie star taking to twitter accusing a papa john's pizza delivery employee of allegedly handing out her private phone number after ordering a pregrammy cheese pizza. tweeting papa john's was my favorite pizza but the drivers they use give out your personal phone number to their family members. even tweeting a screen shot of a text message she apparently got from the delivery guy's sibling. reading my brother had delivered something from papa john's and he gave me the number. is this you? please answer? you are my idol. papa john's responding to azalea tweeting back "we should have known better. customer and employee privacy is important to us. please don't #bounce us ♪
8:17 am
>> reporter: their apology only making it worse. azalea threatening to sue tweeting back to papa john's. i don't think data breach is funny. i expect you to contact me to explain how you are going to rectify your breach or a lawsuit will be filed. >> this could have happened with some random consumer. it did not. it happened to someone with 4.2 million twitter followers. many devoted fans it was a bad luck moment for papa john's. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news papa john's says "privacy of our customers and employees is extremely important to us." papa john's has taken appropriate disciplinary action with regard to the employee involved. we are reaching out directly to ms. azalea and hope to resolve this incident and make it right." but it may be too late. digiornio siding with the star offering food for thought
8:18 am
tweeting delivery smh or shaking my head perhaps hoping next time she'd reach for a frozen pizza next time instead. >> oh, my. thank you, abbie. our new series "ditch it for dollars" where we find new ways to save and make you money. well this morning how to turn all those handbags piling up in your closet into a stack of cash. becky worley is here. >> good morning, robin. did you know that the average american woman buys three new handbags a year and about 65% of us have a bag in the closet we're not using at all? you know you can sell it but where can you sell it to make the most? maybe it was a gift. maybe you splurged. but it's like keeping a pile of money in your closet. so dig out that fancy handbag and let's see which resale option could net us the most dough. you basically have three options, you got your
8:19 am
consignment store. ebay or an online reseller that special eyes in high-end fashion. hi. >> good afternoon. >> hoping i can sell this with you. >> consignment stores name their price. this one says it would list this purse for $140. offering me a 50/50 split. my payout 70 bucks. ebay next up. in previous sales this purse sold for almost $200 but one problem. >> want be to buying an authentic handbag. unless you're buying from a trusted source you just don't know. >> reporter: sure enough i don't have a lot of feedback on ebay. i list the purse and it does sell at auction but the price, wah-wah. $75. now subtract the 10% that ebay takes, $67.50 is my final payout but when i looked at similar purses sold on ebay by other sellers withuch higher raters than me the average price was $123 netting the sellers about
8:20 am
110 but i still had to find out. could an online reseller like poshmark or fashionphile have netted me a higher payout. >> yes, the audience is very great if you're selling online hitting the whole nation if not worldwide. >> reporter: looking at purses like mine that sold previously on poshmark the average selling price $158. the site takes 20% of the price so based on those averages if i had sold on poshmark my final take might have been $126. final tally i'd take home $70 with the local consignment shop. i made $67.50 on ebay and my top-selling choice would have been poshpark where my split might have totaled 126 bucks. >> quite a difference there. >> yeah one survey i read said 20% of women have a bag in their closet they're never using but won't sell it because they have
8:21 am
so much money invested in it they have buyer's remorse. it's not paying your rent so get rid of it. >> you know who you are at home. it's two ways. there's a great second time around. >> shalli mar. >> so you can make money by selling but also by shopping there too and finding these great bag. >> it makes sense all the way around. >> great to have you here in the studio with us. lara. >> all right, thank you very much robin. becky. finalny in our "gma heat index," red hot episode of "the bachelor." two women facing off for prince farming's affection and we'll talk to one of those who did not get a rose but here's the back story and the tension. >> call 911. >> a dramatic episode from start to finish. >> kelsey suffering from an anxiety attack mopes before the rose ceremony postponing the
8:22 am
weekly bachelor ritual. the 28-year-old getting medical attention and a visit from prince farming. >> thank you. i'm feeling a lot better. >> the extra time with the bachelor turning some of the women like 26-year-old ashley iaconetti green with envy. >> so there it is another could knifing move by kelsey. >> reporter: the two rivals going the two-on-one date with chris and ashley revealing her true feelings about kelsey to her date. >> we just think she's kind of fake. >> reporter: but this straightforward bachelor had to fess up to kelsey. >> i think the thing that kind of struck me the most was ashley just told me this that you're being fake. that scares me. >> i'm just hurt. >> reporter: seems all the drama was too much for prince farming. both women went home. >> too much. and joining us now is "the bachelor's" ashley iaconetti.
8:23 am
when you heard you were going on this two opponent-on-one date with none other than kelsey what was your reaction. >> well i was thinking if i'm going to stuck on the two-on-one i would hope it would be with kelsey but any girl at that point he likes all of us nine girls so everyone is a threat but you think kelsey she's a little bit different. so -- >> so was it as awkward as we saw or was it more so? >> it was more so. >> it was? >> it was way more more than the tv show. the helicopter ride was an hour long and chris in the middle of two of us really funny. >> you made a decision to tell chris that you thought kelsey was manipulative. that she was fake. do you have any regrets about that? >> i don't think my decision to tell chris about kelsey had anything to do with me getting the rose. i think he was right. probably not fit for the farm. but i really did feel like i had to be the spokesperson for the
8:24 am
girls at home so i'm kind of glad i did it. >> you took one for the team. >> i completely took one for the team. >> but now you're saying you weren't right for the farm but seemingly in there and wanting to be together with chris at that time. is this just you've had some -- a chance to reflect or why the change of heart. >> when you are in that environment, you are like you're -- your complete focus is on chris. >> more competition than romance. >> i did have strong feelings for him and was really attracted to him and then you separate yourself from the situation and you're like okay let's be real. could i really survive on the farm? yeah i could. but would i be happy? >> do you really believe that's where his life will reyes, for sure. he loves the farm. yeah it's really cute to listen to him talk about it. he loves it. >> i want to talk about the women tell-all and how you will be face-to-face again with kelsey. >> yeah. >> what do you -- that's taping next week? >> next week yeah. i'm so excited to see my friends and then in the back of my mind,
8:25 am
oh but kelsey will be there and i have no idea how we're going to react to each other but i do know that i should probably have a support of the other girls which is good. >>le's have the support but will you take the opportunity to speak your mind? >> you know i'm actually -- as you saw yesterday there is that little segment at the end in the scene to the next episode where he will kelsey already sat down with chris harrison. i'm going to play it by ear. >> i want to talk about what your reaction you were so emotional when chris gave you the bad news. >> yeah i'm just emotional person. i cry all the time. that was really dramatic. i don't know -- that's kind of me when i cry. it's just ugly. >> but was it -- >> no. >> we talked about it. crying is not the most you know it's hard to be beautiful crying but that's not what i was referring to you're so sad. are you sad at that point bass
8:26 am
you think, oh wow, he picked kelsey or because you were really heartbroken. >> it was both like i was shocked at the fact that in that moment i thought he was picking kelsey over me but at th time i would have been flipping out upset either way. >> more to come on "the bachelor." two-night special this sunday and monday. 8:00 eastern. stay with us. we'll be back.
8:27 am
>> good morning. the time is now 8:27 on this tuesday morning. icy roads force some schools to close for the day altogether or open late. we have a complete list at the bottom of your screen and on our website. the main reason for that is that the roads are a mess this morning. jim has the latest on this morning's commute. >> things are starting to clear up, but just a little bit. outside the beltway on route 50 if you are not near your television, come take a look at this. earlier accident activity in a sea of cars with the accident activity now cleared to the right side with the lanes open. route 50 at 410, you can see
8:28 am
that things are starting to look a little bit better. still bunched up as you make your way down to the 11th street bridge. how is the weather looking? >> it is starting to improve. doppler radar shows just a few patches of very light freezing rain lingering into southern maryland but the temperatures still support it low the freezing mark where the ice is going to linger longer. 33 degrees downtown but 29 in anders, 32 in quantico, 28 degrees in gaithersburg. the forecast for the day, the freezing rain is ending and the skies will clear up a little bit by this afternoon with peaks of sunshine becoming breezy with a high of 43. seasonable with a high of 46. >> thank you for watching. one more news update coming for
8:29 am
♪ it's not unusual to be mad at
8:30 am
anyone ♪ ♪ it's not unusual to be ♪ >> look at that moment. alfonso and witney "dancing with the stars" champs last season and the new season is coming up tomorrow. we have a big announcement right here on "gma." you are going to learn who the pros are for the brand-new season. >> 'tis the season again. looking forward to that. also ahead, the hilarious anthony anderson is here live brand-new episode of "black-ish" on tomorrow. anthony, i'm giving you the nod. i'm giving you the nod over there in the social square. can you hear me? can you see me? >> no. >> huh? >> i'm giving you the nod. >> i'm giving you the nod. what up, robin. >> all right. >> okay. >> it's a valentine's day edition of "black-ish." should be extra fun. then we are also counting down to oscar sunday. just 12 days away we have "boyhood" star patricia arquette here live where she is up for best supporting actress and
8:31 am
already taken home a number of awars for that incredible performance, so many eyes on patricia. >> including just this past weekend, bafta. >> congratulations. >> well deserved. >> well deserved. want to get right now to our makeover my man for valentine's day series. we're all blown away by aaron's transformation yesterday. look at that guys. that is just how good our team is. the glam squad is about to do it again. or so we hope. we'll find out with super dad obie watts. he stepped into our time machine. you see the smoke. that could only mean one thing. i hope it's a good thing. big live reveal in just a minute but first let's see why his wife really wanted this to happen. ♪ >> meet obie watts, the new jersey husband and father of four who works 50 hours a week not counting the hours he devotes to family chores so spending time on himself is not
8:32 am
exactly a priority. >> i feel as the head of the household and as the husband it's my duty and job to take care of my family first. >> reporter: when "gma" announced her makeover my man for valhalla segment, obie's wife erica jumped at the opportunity. >> always about us never taking care of how he looks and feels. >> reporter: erica says obie needs big help with his hair. >> it's a matted mess. >> reporter: his kids say he needs a little closet intervention. >> my dad needs a makeover because he really can't dress. >> he doesn't match his clothes. >> i do color coordinate and match. i don't know what my kids are talking about. i'll get them for that. >> reporter: sorry, boie we're going with the kids on this. when our team checked out his closet and dresser. >> big man of the hulk. >> reporter: all they found was weekend wear. >> my husband needs a makeover. >> reporter: fortunately, we knew who to call. style guru gretta monahan. hairstylist to the stars tad
8:33 am
gibson and carmindy. cay make obie a new man in time of valentine's day. obie and erica are counting on it. >> i hope this will be the best valentine's day ever. >> joining us now for the big reveal is obie's wife erica and gretta monahan, celebrity stylist. hairstylist to the stars tad and carmindy. e last look at obie now and now, obie, come on out. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my. >> oh. >> check our jflself out. first time obie is seeing himself. >> just want to take off the glasses. >> at all. >> oh my gosh. >> show them how you look. >> yeah. >> all right. i need to know because erica --
8:34 am
erica crying tears of joy. >> i love it. >> are you thrilled with -- >> oh my gosh. i've never seen -- oh you look -- >> hey. >> shhh. >> you're on national tv. >> i'm married so -- >> sounds like it's going to be a good valentine's day. >> oh, thank you. >> so erica, what is it that you're most excited about when you look at obie. >> there's so much. i've never seen him like this. he's never not had facial hair. >> what do you think -- >> i love it, yay! >> i want to actually start with tad. erica was very honest about obie's hair and her displeasure with it we'll say. >> yes. >> tell me about what your decision and how you did it. >> i had dreadlocks for a long time and know how hard it is to
8:35 am
move away from them. he looks like a completely different person. he looks really sexy and really hot and you'll have so much fun. >> oh yeah. >> run your hands through it. you too, right. gorgeous. >> talk to me about the style because this is a gorgeous look. >> thanks a well-dressed man knows the secret is great accessories so for us we rocked a knitted tie which is wrinkle resistant but an old look comeback and also the shoes, you guys cole haan wing tips from the marcello brown bring the look upll tied together and carmindy, a great tip. >> most important tip, men suffer from pores and shine but instead of wearing makeup they can wear skin perfecters that will eliminate shine and keep lip balm handy, in your bedside drawer and car and make sure it has essential oils in it so it will nourish and highlight those lips. >> obie i want to hear from you. as you look in that mirror one
8:36 am
last time tell us who you see. describe it. >> probably the next president, you know. >> yay! [ cheers and applause ] >> stand next to your man, erica. >> come here girl. >> more from our "gma" beauty dream team on how your plan can look ama on valentine's day. go to on yahoo! it's getting warm in here. >> i think it is lara. i love seeing that with the hat on. my new friends, where are you from? >> new jersey. >> and not skipping school. we want to make sure that's clear. they got winter break. i don't remember getting a high school winter break. let's talk about a forecast. how about holden beach, north carolina the wind is blowing that low pressure system close to the coast. you'll see rain showers through the day but that will eventually pull away and our heads turn to the northern plains and the great lakes where you'll get that clipper coming in and
8:37 am
eventually yes, boston more snow thursday into friday. and that is really cold behind >> gd mornrning, w washington. the eezingngain adadvisory expiriring at 10:0this morning susunshi andnd breezezy conditionsns withth high h temperatures aro >> all that weather brought to you by bare minerals and right now we have a clip of the premiere of country music superstar kenny chesney's new music video. the song featuring grace potter. so here's a look at "wild child" ♪ looks like it keeps my heart and her hair a mess ♪ ♪ she goes where the wind suggests she goes ♪ ♪ who knows got a spirit that can't be tamed. she's a calico pony on an open plain ♪
8:38 am
♪ i know i'll never be the same no more ♪ ♪ for sure ♪ >> got to love that kenny. all right. that's his new video yes called "wild child" off his new album "the big revivalal" and his tour kicks off in nashville march 26th and runs all the way through the summer. lara i never need him to put on anything but that cutoff shirt. just makes me feel happy. lara. >> here too because coming up "black-ish" star anthony anderson is with us live. >> whoo. >> on "gma"!tt2wút3n
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
. imagine this america. you can bet your life this is going to be good. imagine dragons live in concert next tuesday. imagine dragons slays "good morning america's" winter concert series presented by hilton only on -- >> good morning. >> on abc. ♪ oh it's so great to have our friend anthony anderson here this morning live. he of course needs no introduction but the star of the hit new abc comedy "black-ish." plays andre johnson, executive living the idyllic suburban life struggling with assimilation and giving up his family's black roots. here's a sneak peek of the next episode where he and his wife head off on a big valentine's day date. >> let's just enjoy the night you planned.
8:42 am
i'm excited to eat at fabiano's again. >> what's that tone? >> no tone. just after 15 years i think we've done the hell out of fabiano's. >> well joke's on you. i'm changing it up. we're not going to fabiano's. >> drive 300 feet for fabiano's cucina. >> that was programmed from last year. >> sure it was. welcome, anthony anderson. thanks so much for being us with. >> thank you for having me back. >> you were here five months ago on the debut night of the show. >> yes. >> look at you now. congratulations, congratulations. you've been up for the rest of the year. your ratings, a critical hit. what's the key to your success? >> you know just telling truth with stories as honestly as we possibly can and i think that's what's resonating with our audience. >> authenticity. >> yeah. >> that makes a lot of sense. tomorrow is your big valentine's day episode we just saw. any sneak peek. what can we expect? >> as you can imagine if you're familiar with the snow anything that can go wrong will go wrong
8:43 am
with andre johnson. yeah. last-minute details, things like that. i put my foot in my mouth. i put my foot in my mouth. >> not so much love a little more fighting than loving. >> no we always love. there's always love. love is the resolution of -- >> got it. >> love is the resolution. >> you hosted the naacp image awards on friday night. "black-ish" swept all of the categories which is fantastic for a comedy series. you won for outstanding actor. i love the photo you took. it's so sweet. can we put it up with kerry washington afterwards. look at that. she's pointing at your award. what did that night peen to you. >> it meant a great deal. i grew up a part of the youth movement of the naacp. this was my tenth nomination. i hasn't won an award, an image award up until friday night. >> you were the susan lucci. >> i was the susan lucci, yes. >> you finally won. >> i finally won one and, yeah we did a complete sweep,
8:44 am
laurence fishburne won for best supporting actor. jarrish won for best supporting actor. tracy won for best lead actress and then the show won so it was an exciting time for all of us. >> congratulations, congratulations. >> thank you. >> i'm excited because we'll see you on friday night playing the all-star celebrity. >> if that's what you want to call what i'll be doing up will in what do you call it. >> running up and down looking like an overweight out of shape fool who never really played basketball in his life. >> that's why it will be so great. >> and i guarantee i'm coming home with the mvp. michael rappaport, take that sucker. >> we have a little valentine's day themed game for you to play. >> i'm ready. >> we're calling it -- >> wow. >> the love hot seat. all right. i'll give you a few questions. first thing that comes to your mind. >> somebody be quick on that drop button. >> all right. i want to ask you your most
8:45 am
memorable first date. >> my most memorable first date the -- regina bell concert with my wife while we were in college in howard college. >> worst valentine's day. >> i haven't had one. >> biggest mistake they make on their first date. >> oh, trying to get some too quick. >> the secret to winning your wife's heart? >> the secret to winning -- oh, wow. being jovial and funny. >> i like that. secret to anyone starting online dating? >> lie, lie, lie. >> the number one thing you've learned about love? >> the number one thing i learned about love honesty is the best policy. >> anthony, you're the best. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> did i win a date? >> you passed. >> did i win a date? >> with your wife. >> do i get a makeover? i need somebody to cut the hair off my back. >> all right. oh god. you had to go there. >> i mean it's not like it's
8:46 am
dreadlocks. it's just a little -- >> "black-ish" airs wednesday at 9:30 eastern, 8:30 central right here on abc. things we didn't need know from anthony. academy award nominee
8:47 am
8:48 am
what a wonderful, wonderful tuesday morning here at "gma." we are counting down to oscar sunday. less than two weeks away the coming of age film you know what i'm talking about, "boyhood." six nominations including a best supporting actress nod for patricia arquette. she's already been awarded a golden globe, a zag, this weekend the bafta award as her performance of olivia a single mom trying to do the best by her kids. here's a look. >> what if after we move he's trying to find us and he can't. >> that won't be a problem. he can call grandma and she'll tell him or he can call
8:49 am
information. we won't be hard to find. >> is he still in alaska? >> that's what your uncle says. >> with polar bears or something. >> i hope they're taming him. >> when i see that please welcome patricia arquette here to "good morning america." >> thank you. >> i mean that's very early on in the film. 12 years ago. >> yeah. i know. it's crazy. when i see that i look so young. he looks like a baby. he's a man now. >> when you do the time lapse photography which we're going to do for you and you can see the 12 years go like this what like when you first time you saw the final product after 12 years? >> it was pretty mind boggling. as an actor you do bump into yourself strangely on tv sometimes. your self oh there i am in "nightmare on elm street 3." but to see it all strung
8:50 am
together. that's part of what we wanted to see this short cycle of human beings. kids obviously change drastically in nose 12 years but so do i. >> for you as a woman in hollywood, it was wonderful, patricia to see that and for that to be embraced. >> i wanted to do that. you know i wanted to show that. i think it's natural. it's beautiful. i think other women want to see that. i think people are really longing for that reality. >> but we were saying and i was watching with friends and, you know there's a lot of dialogue and a lot of driving. oh there's going to be a car crash. and then you realize you're the ordinary is extraordinary. >> that's exactly it. that's exactly it. that's what richard wanted to do with this movie and it was really a big gamble that he took because everything in film tells you audiences don't want to see that. and this year so many small films sold at sundance because of this movie. >> you talk about richard, we're talking about the director.
8:51 am
richard linklater and his daughter is your daughter in the film. >> she's great in the movie. she's made a couple of films since this. >> yeah. do you kind of feel like they actually were your children after 12 years and they did -- >> well some sort of family dynamic. they have great parents. part of the process, rick said when he hired eller was they had nine meetings. his parents were very cool. that was part of the reason he hired eller because his parents were artistic. they were backing up the concept of this. and he knew they would be a great influence and he would be an interesting young man. >> he knew you were the one for this too. i can only getting a imagine 12 years ago hey, what are you doing for the next dozen years. >> yeah i was like what are you talking about? but the idea of doing a movie like this because it's never been done a scripted movie like this in the history of film to be a part of something brand new
8:52 am
like that especially with the way rick wanted to tell it a real love letter to the middle class and to go against all those obvious dramatic you know constructs we're used to in film and show how beautiful life is normal life. i've had so many people call me after the movie, so many boys called their mom and apologized and people told me they decided not to get divorced. that they changed their relationship. people have been so moved but all over the world and also i think sometimes in other countries people see americans by our governmental choices, don't really feel who we are as people. and this movie, it's been really interesting to see internationally how people are like wow, you're really the same as us. >> yeah. it has resonated with people around the world, well said. hey, see you out there in l.a. at the oscars in a couple of weeks. >> yeah. >> congratulations on your nomination. >> i know crazy. >> thanks for making time for us right now. you can see "boyhood" in theaters on v.o.d., dvd and
8:53 am
blu-ray and most digital platforms and be sure to join us oscar sunday february 22nd right here on abc. we're looking forward to seeing everybody. >> thank you so much. "gma's" countdown to oscar sunday is brought to you by jcpenney. when it fits, you feel it. thank you, cable for taking longer to upload our family movies. for the slower internet upload speeds. for taking longer to upload my files to the cloud. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. and for never upgrading to 100% fiber optics thank you cable... thank you cable, because if we never had you... ...we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability -- 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider, and
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coming up tomorrow on "gma," big day, "dancing with the stars" pros are going to be revealed live. also counting down to oscar sunday. lara is talking to michael keaton oscar nominee. have a great day, everybody, especially you, george. >> thank you. >> good morning. it is 8:56 a.m., if you have not left the house yet, let me tell
8:57 am
you that the roads are a mess this morning. let's get right to jim, who is watching the roads for us this morning. >> it has been quite the morning. the research lab, you will find accident activities the right lane that has been taken away by a broken down car. traveling southbound, we have a look at eastern avenue on 295 headed down to the 11th street bridge. we had some accident activity at minnesota avenue that is now gone, also gone, goldsboro road at lockwood drive, accident activity is clear. as you make your way southbound on 270 and randolph road, watch for the giant popover in the right lane. >> the weather is improving. we just got word that the advisories will be allowed to expire at 9:00, with the exception of st. mary's, you will be extended until 11:00 this morning, most of the area
8:58 am
has seen improvement, we just have some light freezing rain lingering in those areas and in addition to that temperatures may be below freezing for a couple of hours. 1/10 of one inch of ice has collected on roadways, cars, and elevated surfaces. but we will get there. downtown now highs in the low 40's with peaks of sunshine today. >> thank you, thank you for watching this morning. we will see you back here for the news at noon.
8:59 am
>> it's "live with kelly and michael." today from the film "kingsman,"
9:00 am
the secret service colin firth and patricia arquette and super bowl champion julian edelman, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ♪


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