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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  February 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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graham along with the charge of abduction with intent to defile but she made it clear that they will not be seeking the capital murder charges which would carry with them the death penalty. no specific explanation given as to why that decision was made and no detail given on the evidence against jesse matthew. he was captured in texas 11 days after hannah graham went missing. her body was recovered in a field in albemarle county on october 18th. >> the prosecutions for the abduction and murder of hannah will bring mr. matthew to justice for these crimes. >> him being indicted with murder that definitely helps everyone kind of move forward and hopefully, get together. >> jesse matthew will be making his first appearance in court on this murder charge via video link a week from tomorrow. he's currently in jail in fairfax county on attempted murder and rape charges stemming from an incident in 2005 there in fairfax. now, coming up at 5:00 we'll take a closer look at to why
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prosecutors, perhaps did not pursue the death penalty and two major factors that may have played a big role. live in charlottesville, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we want to get back to that deadly fire in brooklyn park. three people died when flames raced through the home on hilltop road west. this is just across from the united brethren in christ church. maryland bureau chief is live on the scene where the pastor lived with his family. >> the mother ran back in and a neighbor who lives across the street also hearing calls for
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help ran into this home. so three people are in the burning building when firefighters arrived, the three people couldn't get out. firefighters didn't get them out but it was too late. none of them could be saved. so in this neighborhood, we have two families devastated a compound tragedy. we had an opportunity to the man who lost his wife and son. he had the courage and the grace to go speak to the mother of the young man who died trying to save his family. >> i find it difficult to look in the eyes of the woman, chris who died to save my wife and kid. i find it difficult to look in his eyes. >> when we come back at 5:00 accident you'll hear from that woman at 5:00ful you'll hear from that woman who lost her
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son. she says he will always be a hero to her. she did summon the courage to speak to us and we'll tell you what firefighters are saying about all of the things that went wrong here. there are lessons for all of us to be learned. in brooklyn park brad bell abc 7 news. >> this fire comes just a month after one that killed six people in annapolis. don and sandra pyle died with their four grandchildren when their mansion caught fire. investigators believe that the four alarm fire was an accident and was caused by an electrical spark before spreading to a 15 foot tall christmas tree. fire investigators say that there are some keys to getting out of a burning house alive. the first have a working smoke detector. the second is to get out of the house without trying to fight the fire yourself. you should also have a fire safety plan for your family including a meeting place away from the house. >> months of debate came to a vote today in montgomery county. and the result means -- more sleep for all students there. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live in rockville
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tonight with reaction to the new school starts. kevin? >> hey there leon. you know, this has been a hot topic here in montgomery county for more than two years now. the majority of parents here feel that their teenagers including the ones that attend rockville high school where we're standing right now are literally waking up at the crack of dawn because of the school start times and consequently, having to find various means to stay awake in the classroom and so with the vote that was approved today, all 154,000 students here within the mcps system will have an extra 20 minutes to sleep in starting on august 31st. that is the first day of the 2015-2016 school year so high school will now run from 7:45 a.m. through 2:30 p.m. middle school is from 8:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and elementary schools from 9:00 to 3:25 or 9:25 through 3:50 depend on the school's tier. you might recall last summer superintendent joshua starr, he
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nixed a plan that would delayed bell times by 50 minutes. his decision hinged on the extreme cost associated with that idea. mcps admits the timetable approved today isn't perfect but adds it will not cost taxpayers a dime. >> i became convinced in some and some of our other colleagues that we need to give our high school kids a bit of relief. >> academy of pediatrics says no schools should be starting before 8:30. that's no middle schools or high schools should start before 8:30 a.m. and they missed that target by 45 minutes. >> of course that father referring to the fact that high schools will miss the 8:30 threshold by 45 minutes. worth noting that three of the eight board of education members voted against the proposal approved today. if you join us at 5:00 we'll tell you why. for now we are live in
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rockville. i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> thanks, kevin. our question of the day is what do you think of today's vote on later school start times? go to the wjla facebook page and join the conversation under way there. we'll share some of the responses that we get a little later in the newscast here. but some local students went to class a little later this morning. it wasn't because of that vote. it was about the weather. >> it wasn't a good start to the day. doug hill is in the storm watch weather 7 center with a look at what we can expect at the bus stop tomorrow. >> i think the breezes coming in tonight should dry up most of the roadways. not much sunshine outside of the belfort furniture center here in arlington. take a live look at the montgomery county rockville campus. blue sky there and we saw blue sky from brad bell's report south of baltimore and some of that moving into the area this evening and clearing skies later tonight. 41 in frederick right now and in culpepper. 37 at washington dulles and andrews. 40 degrees now at reagan national airport. the winds out of the north, kind of gusty breeze. 12 at dulles and the winds will
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stay up. that will bring in some cooler temperatures but help to clear the skies. if you're heading out this evening, keep in mind temperatures will be dropping through the 30's and into the 20's during the overnight hours. so it will be dry but chilly at the bus stop and heading out to work early tomorrow morning. the latest on the timing of this first of two arctic cold fronts is going to come through our area on thursday and tell you what to expect with that in the weekend coming up in a few minutes. autria. >> see you then. a d.c. man is behind bars after a brazen attempt to abduct a woman in arlington this morning. as brianne carter reports, it happened in the lobby of an apartment building right in front of the building's conceirge. >> the 32-year-old jerome king is charged with abduction with the intent to defile after police say he attacked a woman just inside the front door of her arlington apartment complex. arlington police say it happened around 8:00 this morning here along clarendon boulevard.
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the woman was here waiting for a car service to arrive outside of her building. that's when they say the man grabbed her from behind. >> he was in there, you know pretending to be on the cell phone at the time. kind of in the corner area of that holding lobby. just attacked her from behind. it was more of a bear hug drag her to the ground. >> that's when police say the building conceirge stepped in grabbed king and held him until police arrived. according to on-line records, king is a registered sex offender. convicted of child sex abuse in maryland back in 2004. he's courage being held in arlington. today, police are looking into report of a woman assaulted in georgetown. this happened early sunday morning in the 3300 block of n street. that's the stretch with georgetown cupcake and katie's alley. more on that investigation coming up at 5:00. leon? >> autria, we turn now to a
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developing story. the white house is confirming the death of the 26-year-old american woman held hostage by isis. kayla mueller's family had been waiting for confirmation since friday when the islamic state militants claim she died in a jordanian air strike. in today's white house briefing press secretary josh earnest implied there may still be another american hostage being held by that militant group. here's the latest. >> word from isis confirms fears of 26-year-old kayla mueller's family. isis sent them a private message over the weekend. u.s. officials confirm its awe authenticity saying it offers photos but nothing of how the young woman died at the hands of isis. words of condolences are pouring in to her hometown to the nation's capital. >> she dedicated her life to serving others. >> president obama spoke to mueller's parents and release a statement saying, in part, no longer how long it takes, the united states will find and bring to justice the terrorist who's are responsible.
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>> she's going to have an eternity befitting her beliefs and her actions. and sews to captured her and in my view killed her, i think god will judge them differently. >> mueller was the last known american hostage held by the group. three others were killed in a series of videotaped executions since august. the mueller family is mourning but finally getting some solid answers for the first time in over a year. they released a letter from their daughter that was written while in captivity. her strength and humility evident in her own words. "i have been shown darkness light and have learned that even in prison, one can be free. i am grateful. i have come to see that there is good in every situation, sometimes we just have to look for it." pablo sandoval abc 7 news. >> senate armed services committee unanimously approved president obama's choice of ashton carter as the next secretary of defense. the 60-year-old will replace
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defense secretary chuck hagle who resigned under pressure from the president. the full senate is expecting to vote on that decision tomorrow. >> maryland governor larry hogan is taking steps to carry through on a campaign promise. today in annapolis, he unveiled his plans to repeal the so-called rain tax. the stormwater regulation bill was passed in 2012 and requires 10 of the state's largest counties to impose fees to cut down on runoff in the chesapeake bay. reporters say that the bill helps keep pollution out of the waterway but critics say the cost of doing so should not be passed on to residents. >> all right. now, you may have heard about plans to widen interstate 66. but what about interstate 395? >> a little later in the wake of that deadly smoke incident on the yellow line a glimpse inside the facility where metro employees trained for fire. >> and tracking the spread of measles. it's getting closer. tell you where the newest cases are. >> but first -- >> everybody is scrambling and
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working enormously hard to deal with all the issues this creates. >> digging out. we will take you to new england for latest on their historic i know grandma's house isn't the
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>> down she goes. an elevator shaft withstood a more than two ton explosive punch meant to implode this hotel and casino off the vegas strip. most of the 12 story hotel crumbled in a predawn demolition but crews will have to get back out there to finish the job. site is being cleared to make way for new construction. >> six or seven feet of snow in 14 days. that's all. and now people all across new england are digging out after some historic numbers up there. as marcy gonzalez reports, the national guard is now coming in to help out with that snow that's brought boston to a stand still. >> boston the snow has finally stopped falling for now. but this part is far from over. >> not even 9:00 in morning, shovelling. yea boston. >> the city was hit with two feet of snow yesterday bringing the total to a record-breaking 74 inches so far this winter. that's more than d.c. baltimore, philadelphia and new
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york city combined. crews in boston and across other parts of new england are still trying to figure out where to put it all. >> we can handle snow. but we're running out of room to push it and the problem is we keep having storms. >> the three consecutive winter storms leaving this home buried. snow and ice also covering train tracks here boston forcing officials to shut down commuter train service today and there are big problems on the roads, too. on the turnpike in new jersey one person died in the 15 car pile-up. around the same time tractor-trailers and a passenger bus crashed on the icy roads nearby. >> now at a complete stand still. >> and now with arctic temperatures in the northeast, it's another dangerous day for driving and shovelling out. with so much digging left to do they penned a so-called breakup letter to the snow from the city of boston. writing maybe next winter, we can be friends for but for now, please lose my address. no such luck though. there is even more snow in the forecast for boston later this
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week. marcy gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> the good news is marcy, some people, some folks can find ways to have fun in that snow. this is video we found from massachusetts. this guy just takes a running jump and completely disappears. pile of light there. worcester has seen more snow than any other city in the country this winter. they've hit more than 90 inches so far. 90.1 inches and counting! >> i thought that was a dog at first. no, it's a human. >> oh my goodness. >> there's two more systems. one thursday night and friday and one sunday night and monday, they could get more measurable snowfall to boston and sections of new england. >> those poor people. >> the most we'll get are flurries or snow showers. we'll get the strong winds and arctic air as well. let's get you started here and share with a weather story. start with a time lapse. this is from damascus and notice the cloudy skies. very similar scene all across the area today. and if we wait on it and be
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patient through midday now and then the early afternoon, here we come up with late afternoon, some blue skies and sunshine. so you may be lucky. get glimpse of the sun before it goes down. it's plenty chilly out there. 34 degrees in ocean city right now. they had a gust of 30 miles per hour and gust in the upper 30's like children's hospital in manassas and laurel as well. 36 degrees right now. so we're above freezing and the sun coming out and the winds, i'm thinking all the wet roads this morning will all dry off fine. we shouldn't have any travel problems tonight or tomorrow morning related to the weather. just a chilly start at the bus stop. all the moisture that came through is consolidated along an area of low pressure developing off shore. that should pretty much kick out to sea and give boston a break. there's a potent cold front and arctic cold front that will be coming to town on thursday. this is the futurecast and we'll see decent weather tomorrow and a little sunshine thursday morning. that's when we see the actual front will pass through with the falling temperatures.
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40's tomorrow. 40's again thursday. and then the colder air comes in several hours behind the frontal passage. with that, there could be some snow showers or flurries. as this system goes off to the east, that's when boston could wind up with more snow and much of new england. and then a second cold front coming through here late saturday and sunday. that could mean some late sunday monday snow up north. just a terrible mess. at least we'll stay on the windy and cold side with very little snow. here's the forecast. maybe some snow showers on thursday with the first front and then on saturday, a little better chance 40% chance of snowshowers with the second and more potent arctic front. look at the temperatures do as they go down. by the time we get into sunday calling for a high of 23 at most. wind chills may stay in the single digits throughout the day on sunday and another chance of light snow or snow showers here on tuesday. maybe punxsutawney phil knew something. >> want to give him credit? >> knew what he was doing.
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>> street cred yeah. >> time for a check on the traffic situation, bob emler is in the wtop traffic center with the details. how is it looking tonight? >> autria, pretty quiet rush hour so far. southbound i-95 lanes are open. brief slowdowns getting over the occoquan through woodbridge. that's really about it. beyond, that the pace is pretty good and about the same on 66 to the west. 270 north through montgomery village does bog down most of the way out past middlebrook road and through clarksburg passing 121. take a look at some cameras and see what it looks like right now on the beltway in bethesda on connecticut avenue in the inner loop headed towards silver spring. volume delays through there. beyond, that the pace is pretty good. 395 south coming down past seminary road slows down a bit with all lanes open. i'm bob emler with wtop radio. >> thanks. virginia department of transportation wants to add a lane to interstate 395, maybe could help with some of that traffic. a southbound lane between duke street and edsall road.
4:21 pm
vdot plans to hold a public hearing tonight at holmes middle school on montross street in alexandria. get ready for some lane closures on i-66 tonight. starting at 8:00 the two right eastbound lanes will close beyond the overpass for route 50 at exit 57. then, all the regular lanes will close between 10:00 and midnight. the right shoulder will stay open and then starting at midnight all lanes could close in both directions for up to 30 minutes at a time while some new sign holders are put in place. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 -- >> how many does it take to get through the tootsie pop? >> i don't know. >> a mystery of the ages finally solved. we'll bring down the science behind it. >> finally! plus the ear catching amount some incoming freshmen will be paying to go to class this fall. >> but first, why you may want to stay on line in the bedroom. especially if you're trying to get pregnant. stay with us.
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>> february as you all know is black history month. today, i had the honor to moderate a panel discussion of the day in the life of an african-american. this great program this afternoon in arlington where we had them share their experiences and we got a chance to know each other a whole lot better this afternoon. >> looked like you had a packed house there. >> we did. they all had some great comments. thanks, folks. great discussion. these days it seems like there's an app for everything.
4:25 pm
>> how about this? even trying to get pregnant is no exception. >> >> 3-month-old baby marcello is too young to know he came into this world with help from a smartphone app. his mother veronica suffered from an irregular menstrual cycle and used the app i period to help with the process. >> through the whole day, i was recording what was going on with me what i felt. >> recently, a growing number of apps and products have hit the market claiming to help women improve fertility. some of the newest include the apps ovia, and clue. some of these apps track everything from body temperature to blood pressure and even ovulation. >> i realized that being in practice about it and having information ready when it was time to have my baby was going to be key. >> dr. eric levins agrees. >> i think they're helpful.
4:26 pm
still do that the paper and pencil way. it works. it provides reminders and other things as well. >> smartphone addict hopes to become pregnant soon and is debating using the ovia app she recently downloaded. but one of her big concerns is the price of some of these products that go along with the app. the wink wireless oral fertility thermometer costs $130. the saliva fertility monitor is $60 and the basal thermometer costs $75. >> a lot of things are free nowadays. so i don't necessarily think that i would pay for it. >> for this hopeful mother it's all a matter of trust. >> it's the same thing with any product, i guess. they're all claiming something. >> an app for that.
4:27 pm
for everything. finder keepers. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00 you'll meet that man. he made a pretty spectacular find during a walk he took in the park. >> and while diamonds may be a girl's best friend man's best friend is getting a make-over. we'll show you how.
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>> maryland senator barbara mikulski is calling for mandatory evacuation training for police and firefighters. >> this is after the metro train filled up with smoke at the l'enfant plaza station. >> these are actual metro rail cars which were involved in an accident back in 1996. now, metro invited the media here to this training facility to give us the -- a real view of what kind of training first responders go through when they are confronting a serious incident on metro. >> we tried to get it as close as we could to a metro tunnel as we can. we tried to simulate the lighting in the tunnel and the wiring on the tunnel walls, the trip stations that we have in the tunnel. this is actual real rail. that's actual real third rail and not hooked up but simulates what the jurisdictional respondents would come into.
4:31 pm
>> hundreds of first responders come through this facility every year to train mostly from around the metro area. those who would actually be dealing with an incident on the metro system. now, metro officials here say they didn't open up this facility just to reassure the public after the incident at l'enfant plaza last month. but certainly, they want people to know that there is training -- serious training going on here in the event of serious incidents. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> winter's bitter chill ready to nip at your toes around here once begin. >> yeah, chief meteorologist doug hill is in the storm watch weather 7 center with a preview of the bitter cold heading our way. >> we have two arctic fronts in the foreground here as we check the charts the next few days. one on thursday and one on saturday. both will be very, very noticeable. let's get started, though, with a look at what's happening in chesapeake beach maryland. this is on the chesapeake bay. a lot of clouds all day.
4:32 pm
now that the sun has come by this afternoon. 40 degrees at reagan national. by early tomorrow morning, maybe in the low to middle 20's north and west of the metro area. around 30 downtown. mid 20's in most suburban areas. a bit of a breeze in the morning. roadway, sidewalk should be dry by the morning. we should have a fair amount of sunshine and chilly start. 4 of degrees for an afternoon high temperature. as we head through the next seven days there's the two areas highlighted. thursday into friday arctic cold front one and then saturday into sunday arctic cold front two. will there be an arctic cold front three? we'll find out in 15 minutes. back to you. >> all right. doug. see you then. abc 7 is on your side as we prepare to tackle the number one killer of women. heart disease. one of our own reporters jennifer donelan suffered a heart attack at the age of 36 and today she is in new york city preparing to accept a red dress award from "women's day" magazine. jennifer is being honored for her work with the heart truth
4:33 pm
campaign and all that she has done over the past four years to help women by sharing her story of survival. >> like the gig is up. you live in fear. you don't know which day will be your last. >> jennifer returns tomorrow evening for our effort to fight back against heart disease in women. we'll have a two hour phone bank with area cardiologists and heart experts ready to take your calls and answer any questions that you might have. that's tomorrow at 4:30 right here on abc 7. and we should say we are so proud of our girls and for jennifer donelan. she is healthy and happy and we're so proud of her. >> with her story, she's helping so many people out there. we have some help for you. "7 on your side" as we track the spread of measles issue around the u.s. the centers for disease control and prevention now says as of february 6th, there are 121 people in 17 states with the disease. and as ted rollins reports now that makes it the largest
4:34 pm
outbreak in 20 years. >> on capitol hill a senate hearing on the importance of vaccinations addressing the current measles epidemic which has now spread to 17 states with more than 120 confirmed cases. more cases in the month of january than in any one month in the past 20 years. and it's not just children at risk. >> i find it's very worrisome. this is a disease knocked out in 2000 most people think about measles as a disease just of children. that's not what we're seeing here. >> a goal of the senate hearing, increase vaccination rates. >> i'm here today as a father. >> dr. tim jacks who an infant son and daughter with leukemia wrote a now viral blog titled to the parents of the unvaccinated child that exposed my child to measles. herd mentality decades ago to immunize every child needs to return. >> this herd immunity is the only thing protecting my two young children from being
4:35 pm
exposed to measles or whatever the next outbreak is. >> medical experts advise anyone with insurance if they've been immunized to get a blood test to find out or they can get vaccinated again. ted rollins, abc news. los angeles. >> we received word that fairfax county is investigating the possibility of a case of measles there. we'll have more on that coming up here on abc 7 news at 5:00. autria? >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser is not only expand the maryland on -- mayor marion barry's jobs program, she's discussing her request for the d.c. council to a indicate more than $5 million. that would cover the age expansion, wage increase and the associated transportation costs. >> speaking of increases, hold on to your wallets, folks. tuition at the george washington university in d.c. will jump to $50,367 for incoming freshmen. now, when you factor in the
4:36 pm
fees, the room and the board, that brings the total $62,285 a year. according to the g.w. hatchet, the school's board of trustees says that money from the 3.4% hike will go towards increasing mental health resources on campus. >> it is finders keepers at an arkansas state park and a louisiana man made quite the find. dean sopollo found a two carat diamond ring last week. what are the odds? craters of diamonds the area is the only public site in the world where for a small fee, you can dig for diamonds and keep them. he found this rock after digging for three hours and he had a choice to sell it keep it for sentiments or give it to someone special. >> without a doubt, i wanted to sell it. if there was ever a perfect time not to be in a relationship, this is probably it. >> happy valentine's day. >> i was going to say and his honesty makes him a winner. no word on how much he can get for the diamond but he was able
4:37 pm
to name the diamond murph after his mother's initials. the park spokesman said it's the largest diamond of the 20 found so far this year. i just love his honesty. i don't have a girlfriend. i'm not giving it to anybody. i'm cashing this puppy in. >> happy valentine's day to you! >> to me! good for him. good for him. >> they're considered in high favor but find out why it's tough to find a welsh corgi for your pups if you're looking for one. >> how you can make your shots a bit more comfortable for your kids. >> the measles outbreak is taking a toll on hospitals around the country and leaving some emergency rooms shortcoming up next.
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there are lots of reasons to finish college. at devry university we can help... by maximizing qualifying transfer credits so you can graduate sooner. all you need... is a good reason to finish now. okay, i need a better pizza.
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one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. >> "7 on your side" health matters report now on a saline shortage impacting hospitals nationwide. it's used for things like i.v. fluids chemotherapy treatments and surgeries. officials say there's been a shortage since 2012 but with a spike in cases, there's a shortage. >> the flu has added to that shortage this year because as
4:41 pm
you well know, people typically need to be hydrated. >> in some cases, hospital officials are able to use alternative fluids without affecting their patients. concern remains if this shortage continues. it could end up delaying surgery. >> corgis are listed as a vulnerable dog in the united kingdom, this is after a week that they said that queen elizabeth wouldn't introduce the dog into the household. the lack of breeders in the u.k. is what to blame. there has been a 16% drop of corgi breeds since 2013. can't get a corgi you can maybe soon have a robotic pet. a company in boston is creating robo dogs. this four legged creation called spot is designed for indoor and outdoor operation. it is electrically powered, moved with hydraulic motors and weighs about 160 pounds. do you have to take it out? that's my question. >> don't have to worry about house training.
4:42 pm
>> will i still be allergic to it? >> all right. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00 looking to the stars. >> what scientists say they see in the newest pictures from the hubble space telescope.
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>> "7 on your side" for a consumer alert this afternoon. jet blue airways will be the first airline to accept apple pay in flight according to reports from "usa today." jet blue passengers will be able to buy food drinks and some on-board amenities using an iphone 6 or 6 plus. the service will roll out on limited flights next week and then extend to all jet blue flights by june. hackers have done it again. this time breaking into newsweek's account and threatening the president. >> now this happening as the white house tries to step up its efforts to protect you and your personal data. senior political reporter scott thuman is at our live desk taking a look at this tonight. how does the white house plan to do this? >> the white house announced today it's introducing a cyber
4:46 pm
threat integration center. what does that mean? after 9/11 it was realized that counterterrorism agencies like the f.b.i. and c.i.a. needed to sharework together. that's what needs to happen to fight these data breaches. we've seen hackers to customers like target or home depot and today even newsweek's twitter account which was then used to issue a threat against president obama and the first family. now, government will start really coordinating how it handles this cyber threat especially by partnering up with large private companies who do regularly get hit. >> it is a good reminder of how important it is for congress to act on the cyber security legislation that the president put forward just last month. that there are some commonsense things that we can do to better protect the american people and their data and better respond to these incidents. >> all right. in the meantime the new agency which, by the way is going to be modelled after the national counterterrorism center should
4:47 pm
streamline the sharing of information and get rid of some of the bureaucracy as they try to stop some of these attacks. leon? >> all right. thank you, scott. now, that same group that claimed responsibility for that newsweek hack says it hacked a maryland television station as well. wboc in salisbury says the hackers sent out text alerts this morning claiming cyber caliphate is "coming for you." as many as 37,000 subscribers may have seen them, the same station that was hacked by the group last month. website and twitter feed was hijacked with messages supporting the islamic statehood. >> tonight, space x is planning to give the latest mission another go. they are planning to launch an observatory into deep space. with a leftover booster from the unmanned rocket will try to land at sea about 10 minutes later. it's to be the second time in thee days that space x attempts this launch. rain scrubbed sunday's attempt. check this out from the new
4:48 pm
picture from the hubble space telescope. scientists say the galaxy cluster looks like a smiley face to them. i'll agree with that. the eyes are actually two distant galaxies and the smile is caused by something called strong gravitational limbing and that happens when the pull between two galaxies is so strong, it distorts space and bends light to create that effect. >> like frosty the snowman is watching us. doesn't it? >> eyes are always on you. today the montgomery county board of education voted to change the start time for students in elementary, middle and high schools. >> our question of the day here is asking what do you think of that plan. all of the responses we got don't like the idea. don writes -- i don't think the time needs to be changed. we went to school early back in the 1960s and 1970s and we turned out all right. make the kids put down the video games and phones and go to bed earlier. >> laura says i don't believe it will mean more sleep for kids. they will stay up later and get
4:49 pm
the same amount of sleep that they do know. everybody is on the same page on this one. you can join the conversation on the wjla facebook page. >> we went to school late early, against the wind. uphill both ways. >> in the snow. barefoot. >> there you go. we're ok. we made it out alive. well we'll be ok here at 5:00. here's what we have coming up for you this evening. the new push to fight a heroin epidemic in maryland. the new legislation that one mother is helping parents from going through what she calls the worst thing. >> remember the target worker teaching a young man how to handle a job interview and tie a necktie. tonight, those two are reunited for the first time since becoming instant celebrities. he's still waiting to find out about that job. trending right now, how many licks did it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? that's the question since the popular ad campaign in the 1980s. now scientists think they have the answer. someone did this.
4:50 pm
mathematicians at new york university conducted an experiment and say the answer is 1,000. graduate students were actually studying the effects of dissolving materials with fluids like pills but they took the lollipop angle to have a little bit of fun and they found they could simulate about 1,000 licks to dissolve a centimeter's worth of material. but they said they couldn't really put it into practice because everyone was too tempted just to take a bite. >> like the owl. >> exactly. one two, done! >> that's the way it works. now we know if you have the time, 1,000 licks. >> absolutely. well, give it a try sometime here. try -- >> no easy way to turn to weather from this. >> i'm just trying to think about sunny. i'm talking about how cold it's going to be. imagine a day where the high is 20 degrees in most of the area here. >> i don't think we'll have to imagine too hard. it's coming. >> no. sent out a tweet about that. did i really say that? yeah. >> talking about wind. >> single digit wind chill. let's get started with a little time lapse here. this is from big meadows up at
4:51 pm
shenandoah national park and they were up in the clouds. there's a lot of drizzle and mist and if you notice during the day look at the trees on either side of the frame there and the trees started to accumulate or create ice throughout the day. kind of hard to see. if you look you can see the ice accumulating on the branches there just nasty at higher elevations. fortunately here at lower elevations we warmed up and any of the ice that we had earlier this morning has melted away and now the wintry scene has stayed out. but even tomorrow at higher elevations, temperatures will melt stuff away as well. 37 at b.w.i. marshall and washington dulles. 37 at manassas. 36 degrees in gaithersburg. we'll see our temperatures drop tonight through the 20's and i don't think we'll have any problem. no wintry mix tonight. they'll be partly cloudy skies. first batch of cooler air. not saying it's so much colder and a little cooler for the season that we'll move in tonight. warm up to the 40's tomorrow and for the day on thursday until thursday afternoon when an arctic cold front i mean, this is fast moving air mass. way up here in canada. it will come plowing down the
4:52 pm
road here thursday and give us the first taste of cold stuff and then a reinforcing front will come through on saturday. tomorrow night 46. partly cloudy skies. but then we'll see the changes begin on thursday with arctic front numero uno and that's going to bring us a chance of sprinkle or flurries with falling temperatures later in the day. friday, only in the 20's. feeling colder with winds with sunshine. second arctic front on saturday with a 40% chance of snow showers as the cold air and winds whip in and there we go. maybe reagan national hit 23. many areas won't get above 20. despite the sunshine, the strong winds will keep wind chills in the single digits and we won't warm up that much early tomorrow morning either. >> when i was here, we had a low of 13 on sunday and now you're dropping down to 11. it will keep going down. >> maybe drop it down to 9. >> like it matters. >> no. >> yeah. >> 14 is and 11? oh, my goodness. >> good point. >> thanks doug. >> see how things are looking on the roads around here in the evening commute. bob emler in the wtop traffic
4:53 pm
center. not looking too bad. >> not so bad coming out of tysons headed to 270 or through bethesda or silver spring volume delays there and headed out past nutley street off and on out to centreville. lanes are open. 95 not doing to bad headed south. over the occoquan slow past 123 and briefly here and there trying to head towards stafford. we have a bit of a problem on the beltway in springfield. this is on the iner loop of the beltway, there's a crash before van dorn street. so delays are starting at the woodrow wilson bridge already as only one lane is open headed to springfield on the iner loop. 270 headed up through montgomery village and germantown but with the lanes open. >> see you next hour. >> coming up here on abc 7 news at 4:00 easing the pain. >> some ways that you can help take the sting out of your children's vaccinations. coming up next
4:54 pm
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>> talk about measles and vaccinations. tonight, we take a look at how to take the stress and some tears out of your child's vaccine experience. >> how to make the experience a positive one for you and your kids. >> when children go to the doctor, the first question they usually ask will i get a shot. so what's the best way to prepare them for a vaccination or other shot. using the word like shot or a pinch have been proven to increase anxiety. who works better is to use words like "bother" and "uncomfortable." like we have ways that this won't bother you. stress is not just pain. it's fear it's pain and it's how much attention you're paying to the shot. >> to address that pain you can give your child ibuprofen or acetaminophen before they get a vaccination.
4:58 pm
>> another way to decrease the distress of the injection is to have somebody focus on something else. when you're playing and looking at something else you're not able to pay as much attention to the pain and it decreases fear. >> it's also important to praise children and leave them with a positive memory. even if it didn't go so well. >> let them know that every time they go through something like this they get stronger and better. >> for today's health minute, i'm holly firfer. >> to save my wife and kid. >> hero. >> two families forever linked by tragedy after a father of two plunges into thick smoke to save his neighbor. the school bell time debate settled. local students find out whether they get to sleep in or not and the measles outbreak moves into four more states. as local health officials investigate a possible case in our area. >> we are learning now details
4:59 pm
about the two families forever impacted by that devastating early morning fire that left three people dead. >> tonight we hear from the pastor who lost a wife and child when his home caught fire in the brooklyn park community. he was just across the street from the church where he ministers. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live on the scene tonight with our top story. brad? >> well tremendous sense of grief, sadness in this community tonight. this is the house that caught fire. this is where the people were trapped. and i want to show you something as well. take a look across the street. you can see that house with the flag. well that is where a neighbor spotted the fire and ran across the street right into the burning building. he, too, lost his life. in this cell phone video, you can sense the air of panic as firefighters break windows and scramble to get to those inside. the urgency heightened by a plea from resident samuel sinnah that three lives hang in the balance. >> when he came out, three
5:00 pm
people are there. and they will die. just save my family. >> it was too late. none of the three would get out. dead are samuel sinnah's wife their son, sundima and a neighbor, chris rickman. it is a nightmare story. the fire starts at 2:30 a.m. in an upstairs bedroom. samuel and lettitia and an older son get out but realize the 17-year-old is trapped upstairs. lettitia runs back in. samuel calls out for help and across the street christopher rickman woke up. >> he runs over there. >> rose rickman watches in horror as her 45-year-old son runs straight into the burning home. >> don't think about the danger of it. >> went in straight. he couldn't make it. >> he died to try to save somebody and my son will always be a hero. >>


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